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Tick Control, LLC is a tick spraying company offering service to Greenwich, CT 06830

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Tick Control, LLC services Greenwich: Riverside, Cos Cob, Belle Haven, Back Country, Old Greenwich, Pemberwick, Byram, and Glenville

Tick Control, LLC of Greenwich and also offers tick prevention in the following towns in Fairfield County: Stamford, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Westport, Fairfield, Weston, Wilton, Redding, Easton, Trumbull, Shelton, Monroe, Stratford, Newtown



1721 Huntington TpkeTrumbull, CT 06611


(888) 910-8425






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The city of Greenwich, Connecticut is one of the largest towns on the Connecticut coast. With 61,000 residents, this city offers beautiful nature and noteworthy landscape. Greenwich is renowned for being the home of rich New York businessmen and their families. Accordingly, it is among the wealthiest towns in the USA. Those that live in Greenwich appreciated the serenity of the town as a departure from the bustling New York way of life. What is especially appealing it is only an hour drive away from New York.

Be that as it may, beautiful houses and high pay scales aren’t all Greenwich is known for. It also has some great scenic attractions. For example, the Mianus River State Park. This 391-acre stretch of land straddles the edges of Greenwich, and Stamford. It is the home of the well known Mianus river, which is without question, the highlight of the recreation area. What’s more, Mianus River State Park additionally offers a wide variety of bicycle trails, wildlife, and striking woodland views.

In addition to parks, Greenwich is home to beaches that rival any others in the region. So if the sandy coast of the Long Island Sound intrigues you more than the rich backwoods greenery, Greenwich will suit you. Greenwich Point Beach and Greenwich Point Park are a great spots to get out and appreciate a day in Southern Connecticut. You'll discover the ideal spot to sail, swim, and unwind on the beach away from the weights of life.

In any case, be cautious when enjoying the outdoors in Greenwich. There have been significant occurrences of ticks, Lyme Disease and tick-borne illness in Connecticut. Tick control in Greenwich will ensure you are protected against the potential risks of ticks while exercising or simply enjoying the outdoors in Greenwich! It is no fun discovering a tick latched on to your skin at the end of a great day. Contact Tick Control, LLC, Greenwich for yard and home tick prevention.

Tick Control, LLC is Greenwich's top choice for tick prevention. Call today (888) 910-8425
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich Tick Control, LLC offers the community tick prevention for yards.
Tick Control, LLC of Greenwich services Lake Ave.
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Old Greenwich enjoys tick-free yards with the help of our pet safe tick products and pesticides. Organic tick control also available.
Tick Control, LLC is a tick spraying company offering service to Greenwich, CT 06830
Tick Control, LLC is a tick spraying company offering service to Greenwich, CT 06830
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Tick Control, LLC is a tick spraying company offering service to Greenwich, CT 06830
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Tick Control, LLC, Tick Spraying, Trumbull, CT Protect the Ones You Love.
Tick Control, LLC, Tick Spraying, Trumbull, CT Protect the Ones You Love.
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