Tibetan Proper Name Index

Compiled by Dan Martin

between the years 1983 and 2018


Share freely, but please, it should not be put up on the internet by anyone but myself for even a moment for any reason. The reason I ask this is: It is my intention to release it in a better condition before too long. Also, you may not charge money for this in any form for any reason (including websites that charge for subscriptions such as Scribd). It was produced without payment and must be offered without payment. Forever free!

This is a cumulative index of Tibetan person and place names. I first began entering it into the computer in 1994, initially on the basis of several long boxes of index cards, which had been started in the early '80's. At the time, as a intermediate-level learner of Classical Tibetan, I was frustrated at the difficulty of even recognizing that proper names are proper names.* This has been about thirty-seven years in the making, and is still being made.

*For those not familiar with the language, I had better say that Tibetan is written as a series of syllables, each syllable divided from the next by a dot. (And no, it is not the case that a syllabic writing system equals a monosyllabic language... Most words are bi-syllabic and there are many trisyllabics.) The syllables of proper names are in no way marked as any different from the syllables of any other words (in contrast to English etc. where proper names are signaled by capital letters). As the years went by and I kept accumulating data, I was more motivated by the need to identify who and where these persons and places were. That makes this somewhat more than an index, even if somewhat less than a dictionary.

This work is intended to be used by all who find it useful. I doubt it will be of very much use to people who are not Tibet specialists, since it presumes and requires familiarity with the Tibetan language. (It would certainly be much easier for Tibetan-speakers to use if it were in Tibetan letters, and perhaps a Tibetan-letter version could be made in the future.) I ask that it not be distributed or referred to under any title or compiler than "Tibetan Proper Name Index" (TPNI is the suggested acronym, even if, and even especially if, this might also be short for Third Party Non-violent Intervention, while "TibProp" is also proper to use in the internet environment) and Dan Martin. This work should remain free and freely available, but should not be posted on the internet by anyone but myself. It is intended to include place names and personal names from all periods of Tibetan literature from the 7th century to the present, although it is true that the 7th through 10th centuries and the late 20th century are not as well represented here as they could and anyway should be.

I recommend that if you want to add any changes or additions of your own to this file that you clearly mark it with a personal symbol to avoid later confusion (I suggest attaching bulletted initials [•PHC, for example] or some other unusual combination of characters; and you might also want to use letters of a different color, although not especially recommended as there would be some danger of the color getting lost).

A "Key to Abbreviated Bibliographical References," supplying the complete references to the works indexed wholly or in part herein, may be found here in a separate file. Although more than 800 items were used in the making of this index, I do not intend to imply that it is a complete index of any of those works. I also do not intend to imply that the person or place name that interests you will necessarily be found here.

This work is in the standard alphabetic sort order used in Tibetan dictionaries. It makes use of the Wylie transcription system, without dashes. I do believe in using dashes (generally following the Library of Congress system), but worked very hard to remove them with the idea they might impede computer searches (but in reality this work was unnecessary, since Google searches are not in the least affected by dashes). Add dashes before every Tibetan syllable (of a proper name) that contains no capitalized letter. (Following Library of Congress practice, regardless of their length, given names ought to be dashed all the way through — examples: Tsong-kha-pa Blo-bzang-grags-pa, Blo-bzang-chos-kyi-seng-ge.)

I had originally placed clan/locale/title specifiers in parentheses before the main entry given names (I call them 'specifiers' because they make more clear which Seng-ge-rgyal-mtshan or which Chos-kyi-blo-gros or which Chos-'khor-gling is intended). But I removed these parentheses in the entry headers in order to make computer searching more efficient. These specifiers (except for the commonplace ones that are not especially specific, like Bla-ma, Mkhas-pa, Dge-bshes and the like) are generally supposed to be cross-referenced, but I became less diligent about doing this as time went by. (Computer searches will find things regardless of old style cross-referencing.)

Dates, whether “exact” or approximate, whenever available are supplied immediately after the main entry given names and enclosed within parentheses (all dates are CE unless otherwise specified). Most dates are likely to vary by one year or so, except in those rare instances in which someone has troubled to calculate the corresponding dates in a western calendrical system (or checked against the tables in Dieter Schuh's book...* such efforts are in practice seldom undertaken.

*Dieter Schuh, Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der tibetischen Kalenderrechnung, Franz Steiner (Wiesbaden 1973).

Abbreviations used


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A Key to bibliographical references will be given at the end (or rather supplied separately for the time being). Every bibliographical reference includes an underlined element (in fact, underlinings are never used here for any other purpose; if there is no underlined element, you should not expect to find it in the key), and immediately after it comes a volume number, whenever relevant (in Roman numerals, generally), immediately followed by the page number. Sometimes, even though some will consider this excessively pedantic, line references are also given immediately after the page no. divided from it by a decimal point ("VI 66.2" means vol. 6, p. 66, line 2). Be aware that some bibliographical references are numeric, using underlined numbers to stand for the bibliographical item. A key to these will also be included. I am aware that a few bibliographical references have been lost over the years, so if a reference does on occasion leads nowhere I must beg your forgiveness.

NOTE: 'Phrin las is read as phrin las for the sake of alphabetization (the two are not distinguished; in modern Tibetan, there is a tendency to spell things in the shorter way). Skal ldan and Skal bzang are read as Bskal ldan and Bskal bzang (even though the former spellings are in reality more correct in the context of personal names). Genitive case endings are ignored for the purposes of alphabetization, as are all vowel dipthongs formed with 'a chung (ex.: bye'u is alphabetized immediately following bye). Long vowels in transliterations from Indian languages are alphabetized under the corresponding 'normal' Tibetan vowel (ex.: Au di yā na is alphabetized as if it were O di ya na). The reversed Tibetan letters used to represent Sanskrit retroflexes are also treated alphabetically as if they were the ordinary unreversed forms of the letters. The main entries are in ALL CAPITALS and without any hyphenation (this makes it easy to limit word searches to main entries only).

Generally speaking, if we have a name like Sgam po pa Bsod nams rin chen, the main entry will be the 'given' name "BSOD NAMS RIN CHEN." Still, a cross reference to the main entry ought to be found under "SGAM PO PA." Likewise, there should be a cross reference given under the alias "DWAGS PO LHA RJE." There are very few exceptions. In any case, one may use computer-assisted searches that are not 'case sensitive' to search for the complete name "sgam po pa bsod nams rin chen," and this approach ought to be effective most of the time.

This file is (or was) entirely in Gentium, a Unicode font. That means that the diacritic marks ought to display properly with Gentium or any other Unicode font (but do make sure your word processing system is up-to-date and equipped for displaying Unicode). Now the fun begins.


KA KA — BA 302. Pl. n. in Nyan (q.v.) region. N. of a Zhing skyong gi Mkha' 'gro ma met by Nā ro pa. 17 II 257.6.

KA KA NI SGO BZHI — A famous chorten in Lhasa. Spelled Kakni sgo bzhi. History in Dung dkar 19‑21. It had doors, and was meant to geomantically 'join' Lcag po ri with Dmar po ri (but it also supplied a heavily symbolic entry point to the holy city proper, as it does to this proper name index).

KA KA LA — See Ka la ka.

KA KA RI — Das 865. Snow mountains mentioned in guide to Shambhala.

KA KHOL MA — See Das 6. See Bka' chems.

KA CAN — Tibetan pl.n. Das 3.

Rgya'i Mkhar KWA CU — Kua chou. OTC 11.3‑.4. ISTS 314.

KA COG ZHANG GSUM — The famous three translators. See Dung dkar.

KA LCOG — 132 89.3.

KA CHING ZI — Guoqing Si, 'National Purity Monastery.' Thuken 361.

KA CHU — BA 826. "He secured lands for both Blo and Ka chu." A part of Samye compound (?) 17 II 341.1.

Brag dmar KA CHU — BD of T & TB I 544.

KWA CHU — BA 75, 77, 78. Firstly, name of a district capital of Kansu called Kua-chou. Secondly, near Bsam yas and to the E, Mes 'ag tshoms named a place after the Chinese capital to commemorate the Tibetan victory over the district of Kansu/Gansu. This place was later taken over by Klu mes. See OTA 727. See Dung dkar. Baumer, Tibet's Ancient Religion Bon 114‑5.

KA CHEN BZHI — Four great disciples of Mar pa. See Dung dkar.

KA JU — Pl.n. in presentday Gansu. See Dung dkar.

Grong khyer KANYTSI — In E India. 120 51.6, 75.6. An area (yul). 120 176.10. =Kāñcī in southern India. BD of T & TB X 25.12‑.16. ka nytsi'i yul zhes pa'i ka nytsi ni gsal ba 'dzin. Eimer, Dbyangs 56. See Dung dkar 21. Jamspal, Treasury 85.

KANYTSI PU RA — See Dung dkar 21.

KA ṬA KA — BA 762. =Orissa. BD of T & TB I 780. Cuttack.

O i sha'i Grong khyer KA ṬA KA BHA NA RA SI NA — BD of T & TB I 913.

KA ṬA KI LA — Kaṭakila, n. of city in ancient Sind. Lit., 'pillar of grass'. Das 4.

KA ṬA BO ṬA — Indian n. for Paro in Bhutan. Das 4.

KA TA YA — =Katya. N. of a cave at Snyi shang gur rta (q.v.). 4 124A.3. Mon yul Snyi shang gi Ri Katya'i Phug na... 4 130B.1, 131A.2. Bal po Ka tya'i Phug pa ru. 4 134A.5. Katya'i Shel phug Chu shing Rdzong. 4 172B.2. Also, pl. in ancient India, prob. country of Gætae. Acc. to Csoma, =Scythia. N. of district in Tibet.

KA TA YA NA NOG CAN — 'With hump on shoulder'. One of 6 heretical teachers who disputed with the Buddha (Das). 413 74.6. Kātyāyana.

KA ṬA LĀ DI NI — Ceylon mon., residence of one Dharmakīrti. 449 18.3.

Sing ga la'i Nags KA TI SHEL PHUG — 4x I 229.7, 234.2. Is ka ti a kind of tree? Ka ti Shel phug Chu shing Rdzong. See Andrew Quintman, Toward a Geographic Biography: Mi la ras pa in the Tibetan Landscape, Numen LV (2008) 363-410, at p. 381.

KA TO RA — ? 115 141.6.

KA TYA YA NA — First teacher of the Gnas brtan Sde, one of the 4 Śrāvaka schools. See Dung dkar 21.

KA THANG KLU TSHES — See Dung dkar.

KA THE SHI — N. of a Chinese minister. Emmerick.

KAḤ THOG RDO RJE GDAN — In Mdo smad. May be considered the most important Nyingma monastery in Khams. Founded by (Kaḥ thog) Dam pa bde gshegs [an emanation of Byang sems Blo gros] in Earth Hare (1059 or 1164??). This mon. had many branches. It fell into decay in 15th & 16th cents. Was renovated by Gter 'byin Grub pa'i Dbang phyug Bdud 'dul rdo rje and (Rig 'dzin) Klong gsal snying po. Propagated Snying thig and especially teachings of Klong gsal snying po. F. in 1059, acc. to Dhongthog 120 and BD of T & TB III 517. Had incarnation of the translator Vairocana. 9 X. "'Bri chu'i 'gram Spom por dang nye bar Kaḥ thog ces pa'i Gnas Mgon." (i.e., gnas dgon?) Das 1‑2. F. 1159. 16 38. See Ma ṇi rin chen. The Kaḥ thog history by 'Jam dbyangs rgyal mtshan, on p. 25, gives the date of initial founding as the Earth Hare of the 3rd rab byung (1159), with date of completion two years later, and this date seems correct. See Dung dkar 4 ff., where we find among other things a listing of early abbots. See Gardner in TJ XXVIII no. 3 (2003) 64‑65, where the founding is placed in 1159, by Ka Dam pa Bde gshegs (1122‑1192). Cuevas, Hidden History 139 ff.

KAḤ THOG — See (— — Mkhan po) Kun dpal. (— — Mkhan chen) Ngag dbang dpal bzang. (— —) Dam pa bde gshegs. (— —) Nam mkha' rdo rje. (— —) Nus ldan. (— —) Byams 'bum. (— —) Ma ṇi rin chen. (— —) Bsod nams rgyal mtshan.

KAḤ THOG RIG 'DZIN — See (— — — —) Padma nor bu. (— — — —) Tshe dbang nor bu.

KAḤ THOG RIG 'DZIN CHEN MO — General name for the head Lamas of Kaḥ thog Monastery in Khams. See Das 2. See Dung dkar, where it is taken as name of Tshe dbang nor bu.

KAḤ THOG SI TU — Splinter of Si tu line that occurred following Si tu Chos kyi 'byung gnas (1700‑1774). IX. Chos kyi blo gros; X. Chos kyi rgya mtsho; XI. Unknown name b. in family of Rgya nag Tshang of Skye dgu rdo.

KA MTHO DGON — Vai. Ser. 255.

KA DA LI SHA — The first Kushan king. See Dung dkar 7.

KA DAG — Pl.n. ISTS 311.

Rig 'dzin KA DAG MTHONG GROL — (19th-20th cent.?) Author 474 (aliases listed). Disc. of (Chag ri) Nyi ma grags pa.

KA DAG RANG BYUNG RANG SHAR — Rgod kyi ldem 'phru can, Rdzogs chen Ka dag rang byung rang shar, pub. in Paro, 1979.

KA DANG — Military regiment (one of 5) charged with guarding the Dalai Lama. Goldstein, Hist. 67.

KA DAM PA 'KHOD PA NYID — Das 423, no. 16.

KA'U DINYA — One of 5 first followers of Gautama Buddha. 413 19.2.

KA DRUG — Pl.n. BA 631, 634.

Gtsang lung KA MDA' DGON — Gelugpa mon. in Nang chen? Vai. Ser. 240. 473 29.

KA ṆA — A yul in the west inhabited by Turkic king. BD of T&TB I 577.

Dza landha ra'i Rgyal po KA NA KA — Kaniṣka. 413 73.6.

KA NA KA BRO TAM — River near Bodhgaya. 449 27.6.

KA NA KA WARMA — N. of Indian pundit who visited Tibet. Das 5. BA 342. 17 II 384.6. In Tibetan, Gser mdog, he was invited by Pa tshab Lo tsā ba, and together they fixed the translation of the Yum at Ra mo che. Mtshan tho no. 81.

KA NA KA SHO TI — N. of a river. BD of T&TB I 896.

KA NA KRA SHO TAM — BA II 798; N. of Indian river. Ka na ka shro ram in 17 II 310.5.

KA NA KA SHRĪ — Disc. of Nā ro pa. 17 II 286.3, 408.3. BA 382. 17 II 409.2. BD of T&TBI 810‑811...

KA NA KHA LA PA — Mahāsiddhā. Tib.: Zegs ma'i g.yul. Bio. in 120 166. Younger sister of Me kha la. BD of T&TB I 738.

Ba lang gi Brtul zhugs 'dzin pa KA ṆA DA RO RU — =Gzeg ma sgra sgrog. BD of T&TB I 453.

KA NA DZU — Newari craftsman. 17 III 481.5.

Rgyal po KA ṆA RI PA — BD of T&TB I 416.

KA NA RI ZHANG 'DZIN — =Karna ri pa, q.v. 120 205.

De wi ko ṭa'i Ḍā ki ma KA NA SHRĪ — Teacher of Khyung po Rnal 'byor in Nepal. 17 II 427. BA 729.

KA NA SA TA — N. of a grong khyer,'town.' 120 9.1.

KA NAM — (sp?) Mon. at Zangs dkar. 188 8. Ka nam, in Nga ra (in bio. of Rin chen bzang po). Klimburg-Salter in TS9 VII 4.

KA NI KA — Also, Ka nis ka. Kaniṣka. N. of a Turuṣka king who ruled Pahlava, Kashmir and Jalandhara, said to have held the third and last Great Council for the compilation of Mahāyāna scriptures in 1st cent. B.C. Das 5. See Dung dkar 6‑7.

Mchod rten KA ṆI KA — 406 8v.2.

Dza landha ra'i Rgyal po KA NI KA — Patron of 3rd canonical council. BD of T&TB X 39.8. 211 27.6. A letter to a king Ka ni ka from Ma ti tsi tra is preserved in Tanjur. See Bu ston, Collected Works XXVIII 549.5. See also index to Emmerick.

KA ṆI SGO BZHI — See Essais 160.

KA NYA KU PA JA — A country. KB 117.5.

KA GNAM — Province NE of Kong po. Das 5. See Lazcano in RET 7 (2005) 42 notes 11, 43.

KA GNAM — See (— —) Srin po rdzong.

KA GNAM SDE PA — Don grub rgya mtsho, An Account of the History of Spo smad Ka gnam Sde pa, Tibetan Studies: Journal of the Tibetan Academy of Social Sciences, 1 (1989) 83‑89.

Khu nu KA GNAM LHUN GRUB DGE 'PHEL — Vai.Ser. 226.

*KA RNA SU WA RNA — Karṇasuvarṇa. Together with Puṇḍravardhana, one of the leading Buddhist intellectual institutions during the visit of Hsüan–tsang. Dasgupta, ORC 10.

Dge slong KA PA YA BA — (=Ka pa ya pa). Ordination n. of Ti lo pa. 116 75.2 ff.

KA PĀ LA — Or: Ka pā li pa. Tib.: Thod pa can. A Mahāsiddha. A common laborer with five children, his wife died and then all his children. He was mourning them in the graveyard when Nag po spyod pa came and initiated him. He made bone ornaments from his children and a skull cup from his wife's head. BD of T&TB I 744‑745.

KA PA LA BHO LJON — 115 65.4.

KA PI KA — An area (yul) in India where Mai tri met Shānti pa. 17 II 288.2.

KA PI TA — See Ka pe stan. Ka pi. Das 5. Evidently Kapisha in area of Gandhara, presentday Begram, west of Peshawar (now in Afghanistan). Titles of Bon scriptures are quite often given in a Ka pi ta language (Ka pi ta Lha yi Skad), but it is not known what language this would be. For examples, see the Gal Mdo (p. 48), the 'Dul ba Rgyud Drug, and so forth. Sylvain Lévi, Note rectificative sur le Ki pin, Journal Asiatique (Jan-Feb 1896) 161‑162, shows how Chinese Ki pin is correct Chinese form for Kapiśa. Kāviśa occurs as country name in Mañjuśrīmūlatantra, chap. 10 (discussion in Decleer, Tragkar verse VII.2).

KA PI NA — S Indian king. See Das 5. King of Singa la'i Gling. 120 37.6. Ka bi na inBD of T&TB I 648.

KA PI LA — [1] N. of a Deva. [2] N. of a Yakṣa. Emmerick. [3] Pl.n. NMH 117.1.

KA PI LA — See Dung dkar.

KA PI LA BASTU — See Ser skya'i gzhi. See Dung dkar. (Btsan po No min han was evidently aware of the relative locations of Buddha's birthplace and the palace of Kapilavastu... This was long before its 'discovery' by Westerners [who after all partly based their search on what they learned from Tibetan sources!])

KA PI LA MU NI — Das 6.

KA PI LYA — TPS 505.

KA PU TI — Das 6.

KA PE STAN — Kapistan. Wylie 53. Ka be si stan, =presentday Kabul. NMH 116.2.

KA PE RDZOGS GSUM — BA 158. Collective n. for the 3 great monasteries of the Rnying ma Sect, including Kaḥ thog.



KA BA — See (— —) Shākya dbang phyug; (— —) Dpal brtsegs; (— —) Dar seng.

Ha shang KA BA — Lde'u2 155.

KA BA KHRA MO — Site of Bon redisc. Kvaerne no. 63.

KA BA CAN — BA 197, 892. Dgyer meditated at a cave here.

Bla ma KA BA CAN — 458 I 270.4.

KA BA NAG PO MAN NGAG RTSA BA'I RGYUD — Bonpo tantra in 258 IV 1‑100. Listed in Everding's Bon catalog, no. JS 1991.

KA BA SPRUL SKU — Sardar-Afkhami, Account, p. 9. Elsewhere spelled Kha ba Sprul sku, which seems to be the correct spelling.

KA BA BUM PA CAN — N. of a pillar. See Dung dkar.

KA BA SBRUL MGON CAN — N. of a pillar. See Dung dkar.

KA BA SHING LO CAN — N. of a pillar. See Dung dkar.

KA BA SA — Native place of Tshul khrims mgon po. BA 304.

KA BA SENG MGO CAN — N. of a pillar. See Dung dkar.

KA BI NA — See Ka pi na.

Grong khyer KA BI LA SA KRU — 120 98.16, 100.9.

KA BE LA — =Kabul. Wylie 58. Das 7.

KA BO KA — See Ka 'o ka.

KA BRAG — See (— —) Dkon mchog 'byung gnas.

KA SBUG — =Kalimpong. Goldstein 32. Short for Ka ling sbug.

KA MA GHU PA — A sgrub gnas at Mt. Ka ma do ka. 115 64.7.

KA MA CHA — =Ka mu tsha. Kāmakṣā in Assam. Das 8.

KA MA TA — Sngon gyi Rgya gar ba'i yul zhig. Dagyab. 5 166.4, 298.5. King named Ma la ko shan circa 1564. 17 III 522.4. grong khyer gyi ming, 'name of a city.' Utpal12.4. See Dung dkar, where he describes its special script. See Stearns, King 466-7.

KA MA DO KA — Mt. W of Dhu ma tha la. 115 64.5, 64.6, 67.3.

KA MA PA — See (— — —) Shes rab 'od.

Zhang KA MA BA — See under (Ka ma pa) Shes rab 'od.

KĀ MA TSANDRA — See Dung dkar 18.

KĀ MA RŪ PA — 'Dod pa'i Gzugs (tr. into Tibetan). BA 693. In E India (Assam). 87 I 66.2, 254.5, 257.2. 120 125.15. See Wilfried Nölle, Kāmarūpa, contained in: Śata-piṭaka series, Indo-Asian Literatures Volume 37 (New Delhi 1965), pt. 1, pp. 125-128. Kenneth Grant, The Magical Revival, p. 76. Bhattacaryya, Studies 8. BD of T&TB X 9.15, 24.6‑10. It has a Chos 'byung as high as a man marked with the stone symbol (linga) like an mchan khung (armpit). NMH 67 ff. Kakati. BD of T&TB I 539, 912. 115155.2. LGCM 624.1. As rare as the stone of Kamarupa (ka ma ru pa'i rdo ltar dkon pa'i). 601 37v.6. See Dung dkar 10, 18.

Chang tshong ma KA MA RU PA SIDDHI — BD of T&TB I 336.

KA MA LA — Mahāsiddha. Picture in 128 32A, 39A.

KA MA LA GUPTA — See Dung dkar. An obscure teacher of Lo chen Rin chen bzang po.

KA MA LA TA — N. of the minister whose son was killed by the spear of Padmasambhava. 87 I 11.3.

KA MA LA RAKSHI TA — 17 II 352.1. BD of T&TB I 577‑8. Teacher of Khyung po rnal 'byor pa. A Bhairava expert, he failed to attain Rainbow Body because of the taint of his practice of mngon spyod. 12th abbot of Vikramaśīla. See Dung dkar.

KĀ MA LA SHĪ LA — 17 II 328.2, 329.2. Invited from China to Tibet by Khri srong lde btsan. 87 I 104.2, 105.5, 108.3. Disciple of Śāntarakṣita. BD of T&TB I 523, 558‑61. Mtshan tho no. 14, gives the Tibetan tr. of the name as Padma'i ngang tshul; he composed the three Sgom rim and the Dbu ma Snang ba. See Dung dkar 10‑12.

Paṇḍi ta KA MA LA SHĪ LA — N. by which Pha dam pa was known in India. 124 434.2.

KA MA LA SHRĪ — [1] See Karl Jahn's CAJ article on Rashid al Din. [2] This is also one of the names of Pha dam pa.

KA MA LA SA RA — Large lake in North Kashmir (Kha che). 115 69.7.

Slob dpon KA MIN CHEN PO — See under Lo chen Sprul sku.

KA MU TSHA — See Ka ma cha.

KA MED RTA RA — A stable near the Jo khang, used by Srong btsam sgam po. SeeDung dkar 12.

KA TSA RA — ISTS 11. Aris, Discourse 25. Heller, Tibetan Art 139. See discussion of this word, which generally refers to mixed Nepali-Tibetan people (and has a derogatory meaning in Nepal), by Amy Heller in Orientations 33 no 10 (Dec 2002) 61.

KA TSAN — An abbreviation. See BA 786.

KA TSAN DBYANGS GSUM — A way of abbreviating the names of the three main schools of Sanskrit grammar considered important in Tibet. See Smith, Philology18.

KA TSI LI BAN — See Das 9.

KATSTSHA — An area (yul) near O rgyan. 87 I 257.5 ff. BD of T&TB I 494.

Slob dpon KATSTSHA PA — Contemp. of elder Indra bhu ti. BD of T&TB I 455.

KA TSHAL — =Ska tshal, q.v. Das 9. 458 I 192.5. =Bka' tshal. See Hazod in TS9 I 41. See Dung dkar.

KA TSHIGS CHEN PO — N. of a book. See Das 9.

Kla klo'i Ston pa KĀ DZI — BD of T&TB I 882, 883.

KA BZHI — KTDN 65.6, 66.2.


KA BZHI GDUNG BRGYAD — N. of the Mkhar (manor house) built by Mi la ras pa's father. 4C 24. 4A 11B.5. Also refers to a group of Mi la ras pa's chief disciples: "Gnyal la Ka Bzhi Gdung Drug." KTDN 65.6.

KA BZHI PA — Tshogs chos lung pa'i Mkhan chen. 17 II 344.5. BA 80.

KA 'O KA — N. of one of the 'four doors' of O rgyan. 115 52.6, 55.7. Ka bo ka. 17 XX 286.6. Das 7.

KA 'OG SNGAGS — Cuevas, Hidden History 185.

KĀ 'U RA BA — BA 13.

KA YA GA'U RI — Gayāgauri. See Das 9.

Slob dpon KA YA TA PA — A teacher, in bio. of Lu yi pa. 24 I 45.1‑45.2, 46.6. 145 V 279c.4 ff.

Bal pa KA YA SHRĪ — Pundit listed with no further info. in Mtshan tho 105 (apparently belonged to 12th cent.).

KĀ YA STHĀ — Author of comm. on Saṃ pu ṭa. KB 42.4.

Nyi grags pa KA YOG SNGAGS PA — See (— — —) (— — — —) Bdud 'dul.

KA RA — As the last element of a name, it shows that a monk belongs to the Phal chen Sde. See Dung dkar 12‑13.

Mu zu KA RA 'PHAN — N. of Dgongs pa rab gsal. Lde'u2 154.

Yul KA RA BĪ RA — 120 90.5.

KA RA HA — N. of a trade center (tshong dus, i.e., tshong 'dus) where Klu sgrub (the tantrika) was born. In the S district called Bhe ta'i Yul. 24 I 53.4.

KA RAG BSAM GTAN — A 'meditation grotto'. See Uhlig, On the Path to Enlightenment, p. 70.

KA RI — An area (yul). BD of T&TB I 686.

KĀ RI KA LNGA BCU — See Dung dkar 18. A vinaya text of disputed authorship.

KA RI TA — Spyan ras gzigs Bsgrubs pa'i Brag phhug (a rock cave for performing the Avalokiteśvara practice) 5 179.4, 219.2.

KA RI'I BU MO — Das 10.

KA RING DKA' BCU PA — See (— — — — —) Phun tshogs rnam rgyal.

A mdo KA RING BA — See (— —) (— — —) Blo bzang chos dar.

KA RING LHA KHANG — 332 preface 17.

KA RU — See Dmag gi Ka ru.

KA RU — Identified with Karma shar in Lhasa. Dung dkar 140.

Sku gdung KA RU — BA 691, 954.

KĀ RU — Ancient temple which was later made a Dge lugs pa mon. Vai.Ser. 121.

Rgya nag gi Mchod rten KA RU — 253 II 225.3.

Mu stegs KA RU — Zhi byed Coll. IV 162.5.

KA RU NA SI TI — Karuṇasiddhi (*Thugs rje dngos grub?). A rare name for Pha dam pa, given in a list of names in Peacemaking Collection IV 91.6.

KA RU PA — Mahāsiddha. Picture in 128 45a.


KA RUB (sp?) — Site of Neolithic remains. Precious Deposits I 18 ff. In Chab mdo.

KA RU 'DZIN PA — 394 II 60.1.

KA RO NGA — See Mjal mo ka. Emmerick.

KA RO PA — Disc. of Mai tri pa. BA 843, 847, q.v. 17 II 430. Bio. BD of T&TB I 791‑794, 837. Alias Bi ta karma, Pītakarma.

Gnod sbyin KA LA — BD of T&TB I 873.

KA LA KA — Or, Ka ka la. In O rgyan. Kālakavana (Chattopadhyaya, Reflections on the Tantras, p. 69). 115 62.2, 62.5.

KA LA KA BA — Tib.: Ku co can. See Ki li ki li.

KA LA KI — Evidently the Kalkin incarnation is meant. See Dung dkar.

KA LA DA GE — Mahāsiddha. Picture 128 60a. Also, Ka la le dhe (in a tangka reproduction).

KĀ LA DUNG MTSHO — In Tsari. 17 IV 226.3, 229.5. BA 719, 720.

KA LA PA — Mahāsiddha. Tib.: Smyon pa'i zhabs. Ka la pī. Bio. 120 82‑83. BD of T&TB I 670‑671.

KA LĀ PA — [1] Capital city of Shambhala. 243 I 595.3. [2] N. of a famous grammar of Sanskrit. A Legs sbyar Sgra Mdo Ka la pa'i Legs bshad Rab Gsal Snang ba was published in Manali in 1979. For another commentary, see SBTD I 15. See Dung dkar 14‑15.

KA LĀ PA BYĀ KA RA ṆA — See Dung dkar.

KA LĀ PAR 'JUG PA'I SMON LAM — Dennison, India Office no. 4.

KA LA SPUR — See Ka la sur.

Dge slong KA LA BA — Monastic n. of Telopa. 73 36.6.

KA LA BU — Das 10.

KA LA MI TRA — Tib. Dus kyi bshes gnyen, he came to Tibet in 9th cent., time of Ral pa can more or less. Mtshan tho no. 16.

KA LA TSANDRA — BD of T&TB I 870. In Tibetan, Dus kyi zla ba. He was skilled in Kālacakra. One of the 9 lesser pundits who came with Shākya shrī. Mtshan tho no. 97. See Dung dkar. Smith, Philology 12.

Srin po KA LA RA TSA — 491 26.5.

KĀ LA RI'I DGON BKRA SHIS LHUN GRUB — A monastery. See Dung dkar 19.

KA LA RO ZAN — Das 10.

KA LA LANG KA — Mahāsiddha. 128 57a.

KA LA LE DHE — See Ka la da ge.

KA LA SUR — A city. Also, Ka la spur. 115 54.7, 55.1.

KA LANG RMAL — Also, Ka lan, or, Ka len. A king of Gu ge. 28 54, 56, etc.

KA LAN DA KA — Das 11.

KA LAM PĀ TSHA — See Me pā rā dza. NMH 392.1.

Lha btsun KA LI — Disc. of 'Brog mi. BA 208. 17 II 398.4.

KA'U LI — Korea. BA 502. Kapstein, Assimilation 233 n 2 (Ka'u hi, = Ka'u li, in Deb ther Dmar po; spelled Kwo le by Btsan po No mon han; Ku'u li by Sum pa Mkhan po).

KA'U LI DKAR PO — Ko ri ya (Korea). Dung dkar 44. Gendun Choempel says its ancient name was Ka'u cus li, and this was later contracted to Ka'u li.

KĀ LI KA ṬA — Calcutta. NMH 64.6. Aris, Discourse 29. See Dung dkar 15.

KĀ LĪ DĀ SA — See Dung dkar 19. Tibetan name: Nag mo khol.

KA LINGKA — Kingdom of the south. 17 II 310.3. In SE. BD of T&TB X 10.11, 25.3‑8. Das 11. KB 135.4. 449 21.6. See Dung dkar 2, 15.

KA LING KA'I BDAG PO — See Dung dkar 15‑16.

KA LING SPUG — =Ka sbug. Kalimpong. TS5 812.

KĀ LINDA'I BU MO — N. of Yamunā. Das 418.

KA LIB — Caliph. See Dung dkar.

KA LIB KYI RGYAL KHAMS — See Dung dkar, where many of the Islamic ruler's names are given on pp. 16‑17.

Slob dpon KA LU KA — 449 40.5.

KA'U LE — Korea. Dung dkar 45. Also spelled Ka'u li. See Kuijp, KPTB 52.

KĀ'U SHĀ M BĪ — BA 21. See Ke'u shan byi.

KĀ SHI — District near Benares. Emmerick.

KA SHI'I GRONG — See Dung dkar.

KA SHI BHA BHU — A person in Calcutta. Aris, Discourse 29.


KA SHI RU — Pl. in Indian Ocean. Das 11.

Rgya nag KA SHING KA — KTDN 135.3.


Bal po KA SHRĪ MIN — BD of T&TB I 810.

KA SAN KA RA — Das 11.

KA SĪ KĀ RĀ — =Kashgar. Wylie 67. See Petech in T'oung Pao, n.s., L 340.

Rnal 'byor ma KA SU RI — 115 64.3.

KA SE RU — N. of an island. TPS 460.

KA SO RI PA — A vaiśya among the 3 chief discs. of Tilopa. 57 IIB 343.4. 75 96. 17 II 449.3. 116 77.7. BD of T&TB I 850. See Dung dkar.

KA HA RI — An area (yul). 120 100.12.

KA'U HI — A general in the T'ang army. Dung dkar 44.

KA HO RA — Pl.n. A part of Kanytsi, birthplace of Nāgārjuna in E India. 120 51.6.

KAG LA BONG — Nan-chao (Mywa) King. Beckwith, Tibetan Empire 65. Baumer,Tibet's Ancient Religion Bon 114. He should be Ko-lo-feng, who ruled from 748-779. Dotson, Note 78. Takata Tokio, A Note on the Lijiang Tibetan Inscription, Asia Major19 nos 1-2 (2006) 161-170, at p. 166.

KANG KA'I RIGS GROL — See Tshe dbang bde chen snying po.

Lho phyogs KANG KA SHA RA — 17 IV 322.5.

KANGKAR MA — An area (yul). 120 88.3.

KANG KING — Wrathful (khro bo) deities. See King kang. 115 56.7.

KANG GRĀ — Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. BA 669, 682, 700, 745, 845.

KANG DANG KING — See King kang.

Spu rang KANG TSE PHU — 253 II 567.5.

KAN KA RA MA — An area (yul). BD of T&TB I 675.


KAN CI — See Kanytsi.

KAN CHEN DGON THAR PA GLING — 332 preface 18. Vai.Ser. 268.

KAN JI — Luczanits in TS9 VII 117.

KAN TA PA — Mahāsiddha. 128 29A.

Dri KAN TA RO HI — See Dri kan ta ro hi.

KANTA LI PA — Mahāsiddha. Or, Ka nā li pa. Tib.: Gos hrul can or Tshem bu pa (q.v.). His guru was the Ḍākinī Bai ta li. Bio. 120 168‑169. BD of T&TB I 740‑741.

Rgyal ba Byams pa KWAN TING TĀ'I SI TU — Title of Si tu Rin po che in 12 IX 83.3.

KWAN TING TĀ GU SHRĪ — Kuijp in TH&L 293, 294. Bkwan ting Gu shri in Dung dkar 185.

KWAN THA'I YES — Jackson, Patron 238.

KAN DRU'U SHRĪ — See Dung dkar 21‑22. An ancient fort in presentday Gansu. Its history is told in the A mdo Chos 'byung.

KANDHA PA — Disc. of Nā ro pa. =Kandha ri. 17 II 285.2. BD of T&TB I 795.


KAN DZI — In the NW. BD of T&TB X 10.15.

KAN YA KUB DZA — See Dung dkar 6. A city in ancient India.

KANHA — Or, Kahna. Tib.: Nag po zhabs. Bio. 120 57‑63. Also called Nag po spyod pa. His guru was Dza landha ra pa. His primary fault was pride in his miraculous powers. See the masters thesis by Dr. Paul Draghi (Indiana University). See Karna pa.

KAM — See (—) Chos kyi ye shes.

KAṂ KA TA — BA 730.

KAM KA NA — See also Kaṃ ka ni and Kaṃ ka pa. Tib.: Gdu bu pa. "Kangga ni rlung rtag pa rkang gdub zhabs." Mahāsiddha. Bio. 120 85‑88. He was a king who attained siddhi by concentration on his shining bracelet. See Govinda, Foundations59 ff. =Kaṃ ki na. BD of T&TB I 672‑674.

KAM KA RA — Country of NW India, unidentified. Wylie 56, 120 (n. 55).

KAṂ KA RI PA — =Kaṃ ka li pa. BD of T&TB I 635. A worldly man whose wife died just as he was to marry her, he was met by a yogi as he was weeping by her corpse in the cemetery. =Kangka ri pa. A Mahāsiddha. Bio. 120 25‑26. Tib.: Keng rus zhabs.

KAM KAM — F. by Khrom bzher. See Skam skam. BA 305, 306, 307. Vai. Ser. 141. SeeDung dkar (also at p. 104‑105).

KAM KAM PA — See (— — —) Don grub dpal.

KAM KO NA — BA 368.


KAM BCU — Gansu. Also spelled Gan cu. Bailey in AM 11 no.1 (1964) 10.

KAM CHU — Kan chou. BA 503‑504. =Kam ju. 170 126.6.

KAM CHU — See (— —) Gu rub.


KAṂ ṆI — "Kaṃ ni sgo bzhi." 5 105.2, 163.6. A Chörten in Lhasa. Stearns, King 70.

KAM PA — See (— —) Shes rab 'od.

KAṂ PA RI PA — Mahāsiddha. Tib.: Mgar ba or Rigs 'dzin zhabs. Bio. 120 122.3 ff. A smith who was taught yoga by analogy of bellows, embers, fire and iron. BD of T&TB I 698‑700.

KAM PA LA — BA 849.

Khams KAṂ PO'I GNAS — F. by Dus gsum mkhyen pa in 1164. Dhongthog 120. Kaṃ po Gnas nang. 12 IX 85.4. Mt. chain. ISTS 98.

KAM PO TSE GLING — See Dung dkar, p. 22, but note that he identifies this, and the more usual spelling Kam po dza, as referring to Cambodia (in fact, it's Kamboja, a kingdom in NW Indian sub-continent).

KAM BHA LA — =Kamba la, Shri pra bha ta. Tib.: Wa ba pa, Lwa ba pa. Mahāsiddha. Bio. 120 88‑93, 105.7. He got his name because he dressed in black wool (wa ba, goiter?). BD of T&TB I 675‑679.

KAM TSA RANG GA — An area W of Assam. See Dung dkar 18.

KAṂ TSHANG BKA' BRGYUD — =Karma pa. One of 4 main branches of Bka' brgyud lineage. F. by Dus gsum mkhyen pa. See Richardson in JRAS (1959) 1‑18. See also Skam rdzong. See Dung dkar 23‑24.

KAM LĀ SHA — A great snow mt. (gangs ri) near Spa sde called Bai ḍurya tha ka by the Kla klo. Wylie 61. See Petech in T'oung Pao, n.s. vol. 50, p. 339.

KAM LO TSĀ BA — A disc. of Rwa Lo. BD of T&TB III 330.

KAM LOG — See Bka' ma log.

KAM SHENG — Pl. in Khotan. =Skam sheng. Emmerick. See Gam shang. In Tibetan works on Khotan, n. of an eastern province of Khotan. 82 88.

KARTI SGANG — N. of a pl. in Tibet. Das 14.

KAR ṬIK — Works, SBTD I 7‑8.

Rgyal po KAR DA — BD of T&TB I 801.

KAR SDE — A term sometimes used by non Karma pas to refer to the Karma Bka' brgyud. Dung dkar 45.

KARṆA — N. of an old Indian kingdom in the western parts. See Dung dkar 22.

KARṆṆA TA — a Yul 'khor Chen po in Kālacakra literature. Derge vol. 77, p. 276.7.

KARṆA TA KA — An area (yul) in S India. BD of T&TB I 418. Karnataka.

KARṆA ḌA — BD of T&TB I 443.

KARṆA PA — See Kānha. Also called Kṛṣṇa. =(Brtul zhugs) Nag po spyod pa. Disc. of Dza landha ra pa. BD of T&TB I 443‑451.

KARNA PA — Mahāsiddha. Picture. See 128 49A.

KARNA RI PA — N. of a person. Successor of Shing lo pa, and succeeded by Tilli pa. See under Bka' babs Bzhi. =Rdo rje dril bu pa (q.v.). Bio. 24 I 67‑72. 53 II 306.3. Named after a rock on which he meditated which was shaped like a lion jumping into the sky. 24 I 71.7. He transmitted to Ti lo pa especially the Bde mchog and 'Pho ba/Bar do teachings. Bio. 120 63‑67. In 120 205 he is identified with Ārya de ba and has Tib. n. Ka na ri zhang 'dzin. A disc. of Klu sgrub (the alchemist Nāgārjuna).

KARMA — As initial part of a personal name, it is (usually) the first part of the ordination name of all teachers belonging to the Karma Kaṃ tshang tradition. 2356. A pl.n. BA 490, 492, 494, 500, 505, 506, 507, 510, 512, 514, 550. For a 'guidebook' (gnas yig), see 239 XXX 161‑172.

Snye mo KARMA — Artist in time of DL V. Essais 143.

KARMA KUN DGA' RNAM RGYAL — (1555‑1628). 35 II 299‑302.

KARMA BKA' BRGYUD — Subsect of Bka' brgyud pa. F. by Dus gsum mkhyen pa. See11 4 ff. Main incarnations besides the "Karmapas" (the Zhwa nag and Zhwa dmar, q.v.) are the Si tu, Dpa' bo, and Rgyal tshab. Also, Tre ho (?) Rin po che. 11 4. The old head monastery of the sect was Mtshur phu, while the head monastery in exile is Rumtek Mon. in Sikkim. See articles by H. Richardson. Karmapa prayers in 203.

KARMA BKA' BRGYUD BKRA SHIS — See (Rgyal sras) Gzhan phan chos kyi grags pa.

KARMA BKRA SHIS — Important artist of Sgar bris school, a contemp. of Si tu Paṇ chen. F. a school of art at Kar shod in Khams. 23 45. For a self-portrait, see Jackson,Patron 16, etc., esp. p. 167.

KARMA BKRA SHIS CHOS 'PHEL — Author of bio. listed in BLP no. 0050.

Mkhan po KARMA BKRA SHIS 'OD ZER — Helped compose text in 239 XXX 257‑270. Work in 239 IX.

KARMA KHYAB BDAG — =Grub mchog dbang po.

Mkhan rabs XI Ba le Rab 'byams pa KARMA MKHYEN BRTSE — Eleventh abbot of Yangs pa can. Bio. in 35 I 628.


Zhwa phug Sprul sku KARMA GAR DBANG DON GRUB — For whom Tshe dbang nor bu wrote down songs in 1728. 10 556‑560.

KARMA GU RU — A gter ma cycle of Bkra shis stobs rgyal (q.v.). Chos rje Karma gu ru. 210 46.3. Alias Chos rgyal dbang po'i sde. 410 140A.6. Dung dkar 26. Alias Byang bdag Bkra shis stobs rgyal. Cuevas, Hidden History 147.

KARMA GO RA ṆA — Indian king. See 5 325.3.

Rgyal tshab XII KARMA GRAGS PA BSTAN PA YAR 'PHEL — Alias Bstan 'dzin phrin las chos kyi nyi ma. The present Rgyal tshab Rin po che. 35 I. BD of T&TB VII 301‑302.

Btsun pa KARMA GRAGS PA YONGS 'DU — Mentioned in 78 9B.1.

Zhu KARMA GRUB SKYES — (b. 1948) Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 466.

Gter ston KARMA GLING PA — (14th cent.) He redisc. Zhi khro Dgongs pa Rang grolcycle at Sgam po Gdar. 16 37. Comm. by Kong sprul in 12 V 99‑179. BD of T&TB III 523. Bio. 210 182.6 ff. 413 388.3. 217 388.7 ff. Lived in 6th rab byung. 383 219.5. 410124A.3. 411 288B.2. His Zab chos Zhi khro Dgongs pa Rang grol in 87 IV 1‑281. He was eldest son of Grub chen Nyi zla sangs rgyas from Sgam po. Bio. in Cuevas,Hidden History 93, with discussion of the undecidable date of his birth.



KARMA DGE LEGS RAB BRTAN — Evid. n. of a son of the Sa thang King, his name appears on an inscribed conch illus. in Precious Deposits III 231.

KARMA'I DGON PA — Built by Dus gsum mkhyen pa in 1186. Dhongthog 120. 471121.2. A manuscript history of its abbots penned by Karma ratna: 'Og min Karma'i Gdan rabs Lo rgyus Khu byug Gzhon nu'i Mgrin glu, photocopied from library of Tashi Tsering (McLeod Ganj). Its library was said to be the 3rd largest in Tibet. Jackson,Patron 3.

KARMA DGON GSAR — F. in 1503. See Dung dkar 26. Aka Thub bstan chos 'khor.

Dpal yul Mchog sprul KARMA 'GYUR MED — 383 472.1.

KARMA 'GRO DON MTHAR PHYIN — See Dri med gling pa.

Khams KARMA'I RGE RU — See under Rge ru.

KARMA RGYAL MTSHAN — Head Lama of Sham tr'ak Mon. in Nepal. Snellgrove,Asian Commitment 170.

Skyo brag KARMA RGYAL MTSHAN — Met Zhwa nag IX (1556‑1603). Met Zhig po gling pa (1524‑1583). Died at age 78. Bio. 467 II 220.1.










Ri pa Karma Bag yod VII KARMA SGRUB BRGYUD 'PHRIN LAS RAB RGYAS (1876‑1942) His works have been published in 1994, in 1063 pp.






Li thang Spang phug Bla ma KARMA NGES DON — (circa 1839) 471 141.4.



Sman Sdong Mtshams pa Rin po che KARMA NGES DON BSTAN RGYAS — Coll. works in 3 vols., pub. in 1975. Cited by Kapstein in Soundings 371. A biography and list of works has appeared in 'Bo dkar Sprul sku, Dpal ldan Bla ma'i Mdzad rnam Rags bsdus Mos ldan Yid kyi Sgron me zhes bya ba dang Gsung 'bum dkar chag bcas,Zhang zhung Rig gnas, inaugural issue (n.d.) 58-61. Here the full name is given as Stod Sman sdong Dgon gyi Mtshams pa Rin po che 7Karma nges don bstan rgyas smra ba'i seng ge dpal bzang po'i sde.

Zla bzang Sprul sku I KARMA NGES DON BSTAN PA RAB RGYAS (1808-1864) Work in 239 XVII. See Nges don bstan pa rab rgyas.










Si tu Dbon KARMA NGES LEGS BSTAN 'DZIN — (b. 1770) Aka Karma nges don bstan 'dzin 'phrin las rab rgyas Author of astro. work in 105 q.v., which has been dated to 1732 (1792?); see Dung dkar 27. Med. work, see DD 717. (See also, Smith, Washington Catalog [reel A3‑8].) Sobisch, Dissert. chap. 12, has dealt with a few notes on his biography. His early teachers were Karma pa Bdud 'dul rdo rje (1733‑1797), Si tu Paṇ chen Chos kyi 'byung gnas (1699/1700‑1774) and Kaḥ thog Rig 'dzin. His disciples included Rdo rje grags pa, Rta mgrin mgon po and 'Tsho byed Tshul khrims 'od gsal. Sobisch makes use of his unpublished work on the Three Vows: Sdom gsum Rnam par Bstan pa Nyer mkho'i Bum bzang zhes bya ba Rang 'dra'i Rgyud la 'Tshams par 'Khril ba'i Bstan bcos. Aka Karma rin chen nges don bstan 'dzin, Karma nges legs. Bio. told in Dung dkar 26‑27, 41. His birth is given as 1732 by Ehrhard in Lungta XIII (2000) 29.

Gnas mdo ba KARMA CHAGS MED — (17th cent.) Alias Rā ga a sya (a Sanskritic form of his name with which he often signed his works). He is known for incorporating folklore and folk belief into Khams pa Buddhism. 42 7. Rnying ma/Karma pa. Bio. in 35 II 344‑347. Gcod works in 36 IX; 233 273 ff. Works in 6 vols. pub. in 1974. He was a gter ston. He tells his own literary history in 331 619‑39. Disc. of Zhwa nag IX and Zhwa dmar VI. 12 IX 84.3 ff. His chief residence was Gnas mdo. See also Gnas mdo Bka' brgyud. Lived in 10th rab byung. 383 220.6. BD of T&TB IV 245. 410211a.6. His Rin chen Brtag Thabs, see DD 717. Acc. to TS7 II 894, he lived from 1613 to 1678. Bio. listed in BLP no. 1819: Ra ga a shye'i Rnam thar. See Cuevas, Hidden History153‑157.


1. Zab mdo'i zin bris (1970).

2. Gnam chos Thugs kyi Gter kha Snyan brgyud Zab mo'i Skor las Bde chen Zhing gi Sgrub thabs 'Don cha (1970).

3. Rnam dag Bde chen Zhing gi Smon lam (1970)

4. Collected Works in 6 volumes (1973‑4).

Sprul sku KARMA CHOS SKYONG — Karma pa. 35 II 348.

Ma pham KARMA CHOS GRAGS RGYA MTSHO — =(Zhwa nag VII) Chos grags rgya mtsho.


KARMA CHOS RGYAL — Author of Gso rig Man ngag Gces Btus Rin chen Gter Mdzod, pub. 1975.

Mkhan rabs X Dbon Go shri KARMA CHOS RGYAL — Abbot of Yangs pa can. Bio. in 35I 628. Dbon Gu shri. Jackson, Patron 102.

KARMA CHOS 'PHEL — See Mkhyen brtse klong grol.




Mkhan rabs XII Chos rgyal Pho brang pa KARMA 'JIGS MED — Abbot of Yangs pa can. Bio. in 35 I 628‑629. Author of bio. of Dbang phyug rdo rje listed in BLP no. 1542.


Mkhan rabs XV KARMA NYI MA — Abbot of Yangs pa can. Bio. in 35 I 630.

Hor KARMA NYI 'OD — (ca. 1839) 471 141.2.



KARMA SNYING THIG — Text revealed to Zhwa nag III. 87 vol. 86. Dung dkar 27.

KARMA BSTAN SKYONG — Of Gnyags family. Took Gshis ka rtse in 1565 and supported the "Red sects." Ferrari 144. Sde pa Gtsang pa ruled in Gshis ka rtse from 1620 to 1642 when he was killed by soldiers of Gushri Khan. Ferrari (ref. above) was confusing him with (Zhing bshag) Karma tshe brtan q.v. Wylie 138, no. 209. TPS39‑66. Aka Karma bstan skyong dbang po, he was the king of Gtsang from 1621 to 1642. 210 123.1. He composed the Khrims yig Zhal lce Bcu gsum (listed in BLP no. 0223) and the Khrims yig Zhal lce Bcu drug (no. 0225). His bio. by Sangs rgyas rdo rje listed in BLP no. 1663. Thuken 379.

Sde pa KARMA BSTAN DRUNG — See Rdzong rtse Byams pa thub bstan's history of Bsam 'grub rtse, p. 12.

KARMA BSTAN PA'I NYIN BYED — Autobio. listed in BLP no. 0016.

KARMA BSTAN PA'I NYIN BYED GTSUG LAG CHOS KYI SNANG BA — Alias of (Si tu) Chos kyi 'byung gnas.

KARMA BSTAN PA MTHA' RGYAS — N. of Tshe dbang nor bu. 383 455.6.

KARMA BSTAN 'PHEL — The first Khams sprul Rin po che. Schwieger in Kailash 18 (1996) 86 ff.

Bla ma KARMA BSTAN 'DZIN — (late 18th cent.?) Came to Zangs dkar from Sde dge where he had been a disc. of Zhwa nag XIII (1733‑1797). 171 preface. Bio. w/ coll. songs & instructions. 171 225‑299.

'Brang sprul KARMA BSTAN 'DZIN — 346 97.4.

Tre ho Sprul sku III KARMA BSTAN 'DZIN DAR RGYAS — (1653‑1730/1). =Tre ho Zhabs drung III. Bio. in 35 II 638‑664. Jackson, Patron 32.

KARMA BSTAN 'DZIN 'PHRIN LAS — Bio. in 410 218B.2.

KARMA BSTAN 'DZIN PHRIN LAS RNAM RGYAL DPAL BZANG PO — (b. 1932) Tenga Rinpoche. Jackson, Patron 138.

Dpal spungs Dbon KARMA BSTAN 'DZIN 'PHRIN LAS RAB RGYAS — Med. works, seeDD 717.


Gru tsha Sprul sku KARMA BSTAN 'DZIN RAB RGYAS — 346 97.1 ff.

Mkhan rabs XX Go shri KARMA BSTAN SRUNG — Abbot of Yangs pa can. Bio. in 35 I 632.

KARMA BSTAN SRUNG DBANG PO — King of Gtsang who reigned until 1611. SeeDung dkar 29.

Tshab tsha Mkhan po KARMA THUB BSTAN — 346 149.6.



Dbon Rgan KARMA THEG MCHOG BSTAN 'PHEL — (d. 1842) Participated in the ordination of Kong sprul. 23 55.

Mkhan rabs XVI KARMA THOS PA RGYA MTSHO — Abbot of Yangs pa can. 35 I 630‑631.

KARMA MTHA' YAS — A disc. of Karma nges legs bstan 'dzin. Sobisch, Dissert. chap. 12.

KARMA MTHU STOBS RNAM RGYAL — Bio. note in Dung dkar 29. Dates given as 1543‑1589 in Cuevas, Hidden History 124.

Mkhan rabs XXIV Go shri KARMA DON GRUB SNYING PO — (1664‑?) Bio. 35 I 633‑634.


KARMA DRAG PO — "Dbu ru byang phyogs su skyes pa'i Rlangs rigs kyi Sngags ban." Author in colophon found in 87 XXVI 621.3.

KARMA GDAN SA — Mon. f. in 1147. 16 33.

KARMA BDUD RTSI — Image in Rhies & Thurman 253. Portrait bronze pictured inOriental Art 46 no 2 (2000) 22.

Sga Lo tsā ba KARMA BDUD RTSI — 378 II contents page.




Mkhan rabs XXII KARMA BDE MCHOG — Abbot of Yangs pa can. Bio. in 35 I 632.

Mkhan po KARMA BDE LEGS PA — (recent) 348 211.6.





KARMA RDO RJE — David‑Neel, Magic & Mystery 184.

KARMA RDO RJE — "Dpon bla'i gdung sras." Nomads 31.

KARMA RDO RJE — A contemporary 'Brug pa lama. CFMS 13.

Khu nu Bya bral KARMA RDO RJE — 129 V 341.3.

Grub thob KARMA NOR BU — Teacher of Kong sprul. 470 8.

Mkhan rabs XVII KARMA GNAS BRTAN — Abbot of Yangs pa can. Bio. in 35 I 631.

Mkhan rabs XVIII Ding ri ba KARMA RNAM GROL MCHOG GI SDE — Abbot of Yangs pa can. 35 I 632‑633.

KARMA RNAM RGYAL — Student of Mchog gyur gling pa, author of 233 416‑420.

KARMA PA — See Karma Bka' brgyud, OR Kaṃ tshang, OR Zhwa nag & Zhwa dmar & Si tu & Dpa' bo incarnates who may all be called "Karma pa", even though "the Karmapa" has come to mean the Zhwa nag only. F. by Dus gsum mkhyen pa (q.v.). TPS 91. BA 473 ff. Waddell 66‑67. The seal of the Karma pa is illus. in Precious Deposits III 197‑9.

KARMA PA NO MON HAN — Someone by this name was apparently a near-convert of the Capuchins in Lhasa in early 18th century. See Engelhardt, Between 70.

Zhwa nag II KARMA PAG SHI — (1204‑1283, 1206‑1282?) His birth n. was Chos 'dzin. Ordination n., Chos kyi bla ma. One of his nicknames is explained by the fact that he wore 'sideburns'. Bio. by Zhwa dmar II in 121 II 1‑87. Autobio. works in 170 1‑136. Bio. 35 I 75‑159. 57 II B 360.4. Huth 136‑7. BA 485 ff. TPS 682. Ferrari 169. 17 II 533.1 ff. Beyer 418‑419.

KARMA PAKSHI — Biographical sources, see TS5 748. Kuijp in CAJ (1995) 280, dates him to 1204/06‑1283. Portrait sculpture in Weldon & Singer, Sculptural Heritage p. 166‑7. Depiction in Essen & Tingo, Die Götter des Himalayas 113 and especially 145.Dung dkar 30‑31.

KARMA DPAL — (16th cent.) Mongol in Tibet. TS5 741, 745.

KARMA PHUG — 116 309.3.

KARMA PHUN TSHOGS — Medicine teacher of Kong sprul. 23 29; 471 104.5.

Mkhan rabs V Chos rje KARMA PHUN TSHOGS — 5th abbot of Yangs pa can. Bio. in35 I 625‑626.

KARMA PHUN TSHOGS RNAM RGYAL — King of Gtsang, reigned from 1611 to 1621. Patron of Yol mo ba III. Has title of Sde srid Gtsang pa, or Gtsang Rgyal po. 373preface. Schwieger in Kailash 18 (1996) 102. Called Karma phun tshogs phyogs las rnam rgyal in Dung dkar 40, where his dates are given as 1550‑1620 (he died of smallpox or epileptic fit).

KARMA PHRIN LAS — Bio. by Karma mi bskyod bzang po listed in BLP no. 0017.

KARMA 'PHRIN LAS — (1456‑1539) Work on vinaya vows pub. in 1977. He is known by the names Karma 'phrin las phyogs las rnam rgyal, Dpal sgang Lo tsā ba, and Karma 'phrin las II. Bio. in Dung dkar 40‑41 (with a list of his more famous works, as well as ref. to a manuscript biography in 20 fols.). Smith, Philology appendix II, gives his name as Dpal khang Chos mdzad Lo tsā ba Karma phrin las, and his literary name as Ngag dbang chos kyi rgya mtsho dbyangs can snyems pa'i sde; says he was a student of the Zhwa nag Karma pa Mi bskyod rdo rje. Apparently he is depicted as a teacher of the Zhwa dmar V in Jackson, Patron 207.

KARMA 'PHRIN LAS — (modern) Aziz 19.

KARMA 'PHRIN LAS II — =(Dpal ston Lo tshā) Ngag dbang chos kyi rgyal po, q.v.

Mkhan rabs XIX KARMA PHRIN LAS III — (1631‑1700?) Abbot of Yangs pa can. 35 I 631‑632.

KARMA 'PHRIN LAS IV — B. in E Tibet, trained in the Bka' brgyud school. He was recognized as the 4th incarnation of the Karma 'phrin las by the late Karma pa. He has been especially active in the Toronto area, and is building a new monastery close to Bodhanath in Nepal. Author of H of SK of T.

Gcod Sprul KARMA PHRIN LAS DGE LEGS — 346 125.2.

KARMA 'PHRIN LAS PA — (1456‑1539) Karma pa. He was born in eastern Gtsang to the house of Dpal khang. His paternal lineage was Dgyer. He was paternal nephew of the 2nd abbot of Na lendra Mon., Bkra shis rnam rgyal (1399‑1458). His songs and answers to inquiries pub. in 1975. Sometimes his name is given as Karma 'phrin las pa Phyogs las rnam rgyal. Bio. in 35 I 649‑654. Full n. is Karma phrin las pa dpal phyogs thams cad las rnam par rgyal ba'i lha. Sometimes called himself Dwags po Paṇ chen Gsum pa. Kuijp in BIS I (1985) 96. A brief resumé of his life and works appears near the end of a forthcoming paper by L. van der Kuijp on the authorship of the Blue Annals (in the colophon to the latter, his name is given as Shar Dwags po pa Dpal phyogs thams cad las rnam par rgyal ba'i lha; one of his other aliases being Dwags po Paṇ chen III).


'Dzi sgar VIII KARMA 'PHRIN LAS SHING RTA NGES DON KUN KHYAB — =(Rig 'dzin) Lha mchog rdo rje, q.v.

KARMA BADZRA — Karmavajra, in Tib., Las kyi rdo rje. An Indian pundit invited to Tibet by Zangs dkar Gzhon nu tshul khrims in the early 11th century.

KARMA BAG YOD — See Ri pa Karma Bag yod.

KARMA BI DZA — Of the Smyos clan. 453 237.3.






KARMA BLO BZANG — Subject of a bio., title listed by Mathes in JNRC 12 (2001) 186. At least two versions are in NGMPP, reel nos. L966/2 and L1013/1.

A lags KARMA DBANG 'DZIN — A 'das log. 404. For sources on this figure, see Epstein in TJ 7 no 4 (Wint 1982) 79. See also St. Petersburg collection, no. B9217/6.

Ku sā li KARMA 'BYOR LDAN — Teacher of Gter bdag gling pa. 458 I 328.2.

KARMA MA LE — Tantra in 320 XVII 470 ff. 348 34.4.

KARMA MI BSKYOD BZANG PO — Author of bio. of Karma phrin las listed in BLP no. 0017.

KARMA MI 'GYUR RDO RJE — (fl. ca. 1650) Abbot of Zab bu lung & author of 210. See Mi 'gyur rdo rje (?). =Karma mi 'gyur dbang rgyal.

KARMA MI PHAM MGON PO — Answers to his questions in 226 IV 155‑320.

KARMA MI PHAM BSOD NAMS RAB BRTAN — (1587‑1646/7). Took throne of 'Jang in 1597.

Se bon KARMA MU PHYO — 253 II 221.1. Se bon Skar ma mu cho. ZZFC 237.

Dmar ril ba Grub thob KARMA BRTSON 'GRUS — 363 116.1.

Mkhan rabs VIII Chos rje KARMA TSHUL KHRIMS — Abbot of Yangs pa can. 35 I 627.

Ri mgul Sprul ming KARMA TSHUL KHRIMS 'GYUR MED PHRIN LAS (b. 1952) Author of a book of Tibetan folk tales, Bod kyi gna' ba'i shod sgrung, pub. in Gangtok in 60 pp. For bio. and photo, see Rigpawiki on internet, under "Ringu Tulku Rinpoche." His book on the history of Ris med has been translated into English and published.

Mkhan rabs XIII KARMA TSHUL KHRIMS PHYI MA — (Phyi ma means 'the later') Abbot of Yangs pa can. Bio. in 35 I 629.

Ri pa KARMA TSHE MCHOG — (Ri pa means 'retreatant') Teacher of Gter bdag gling pa. 458 I 328.2.

Zhing bshag KARMA TSHE BRTAN — In 1565 he conquered the manor (Gzhis ka) of Bsam grub rtse, taking over the rule of Gtsang province from the Phag mo gru dynasty. Wylie 138, n. 209.

Ras chung Bla ma KARMA TSHE DPAL — (d. ca. 1928) Wrote commentary on Spyod 'jug. 42 11.

Rje KARMA TSHE DBANG — (1887‑1957) Rnying ma pa. Bio. in BD of T&TB IV 555.

KARMA TSHE DBANG KUN KHYAB — Evid. the same as 'Be lo Tshe dbang kun khyab, he is given as editor of a collection of Sa skya biographies in BLP no. 1979.

KARMA TSHE DBANG KUN KHYAB NGES DON BSTAN 'PHEL — Full n. of (Be lo) Tshe dbang kun khyab, q.v.

Chags med Sprul sku V KARMA TSHE DBANG KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — Work in239 XI. Prob. the Chags med mentioned in BD of T&TB VII 271.

Mdo khams smad Spom rags KARMA TSHE DBANG DPAL 'BAR — (first half of 19th cent.) Works in 378 II.

Sngags rams pa KARMA TSHOGS GNYIS — (ca. 1668) 458 I 101.6.

Zur mang Mkhan po KARMA TSHOGS GNYIS RGYA MTSHO — Author of Grub dbang Bde chen rdo rje'i Rnam thar Bsam gyis Mi Khyab pa las Sa bon Tsam Spel ba Zhing khams Rgya mtsho'i Rgyan, the bio. of (Dpal me) Mkhyen brtse kun bzang 'gro 'dul, pub. in 1974. 341. He wrote this in 1945‑1948. He was a wellknown abbot of Zur mang Mon. Alias: Mtsho byung dgyes pa'i blo gros sgra dbyangs rgya mtsho'i zla ba.

KARMA GZHAN PHAN 'OD ZER — Successor of (Mchog gzigs) Karma lhag mthong in the Jo nang pa lugs (q.v.), no. 29.

KARMA ZLA GRAGS — (modern) 415 XI 81.5.

KARMA BZANG PO — 210 121.6.

KARMA BZOD PA RAB BRTAN DPAL BZANG PO — =Bkra shis 'od zer (1836‑1910), q.v.

Khyung po Dge bshes KARMA 'OD ZER — 346 49.3.


Skyo brag KARMA YE SHES — Met Zhwa nag IX (1556‑1603). Bio. in 467 II 222 ff.

Ldan KARMA YE SHES — 365 434.2.

KAR MA YO LDE — Lde'u2 101.



Hor dpon KARMA G.YUL RGYAL — TS5 749.

KARMA RANG BYUNG KUN KHYAB 'PHRIN LAS — Called "Khenpo Kalu." Author ofGling Ge sar Skyes bu'i Rnam thar las Dbus 'Chi bdag Cham la Phab pa'i Blo rgyus (sic!) in 2 vols. (1975).

'Og min KARMA RATNA — Evid. a pl.n. (? But see following entry.) 239 IV contents page.

Mkhan po KARMA RATNA — (recent) Author of texts in 239 XXX 69‑73, 419‑422, 427‑443, 507‑14. Author of works (in 1893) in 239 VIII. Prob. =Karma rin chen. Author of a history of Karma Mon.

'O phug KARMA RAB RGYAS — Author of Mkhas pa'i Rgyan, a grammatical work. Das183.

Mkhan rabs XXI KARMA RAB 'BYOR — Abbot of Yangs pa can. Bio. in 35 I 632.

KARMA RI GLING — One of the chief headquarters (gdan sa) of the Karma pa school. 46 59. 12 IX 85.3.

KARMA RIG 'DZIN — 210 122.6.

Che tshang VI KARMA RIG 'DZIN — Teacher of Tshe dbang nor bu. 384 III contents.

KARMA RIG 'DZIN RNAM PAR RGYAL BA — Alias of (Rtse le) Sna tshogs rang grol, q.v.

KARMA RIN CHEN — ? Reconstructed from Jialinzhen. Kuijp in TH&L 306.

Dbon sprul KARMA RIN CHEN — Jackson, Patron 221. I think this must be the nephew of Si tu; see just below.

Sa tham Lha btsun KARMA RIN CHEN — Karma pa. Bio. in 35 II 348. Disc. of Zhwa nag X. An artist. 23 40. His very remarkable silver portrait of the Karma pa IX, made in 1601, is illustrated in Heller, Tibetan Art 188, as well as in P. Pal, et al., Tibet: Tradition & Change (The Albuquerque Museum 1998) 64‑65 (plate 32), where it is said to have been made in 1598 at order of king Bkra shis phun tshogs.

KARMA RIN CHEN NGES DON BSTAN 'DZIN — A skilled astrologer, nephew of Si tu Chos kyi 'byung gnas. Named Karma nges legs. Dung dkar 41. Composed astro. work in 1732.

Mkhan po KARMA RIN CHEN DAR RGYAS — Work in 239 IV, X. Work (from 1870) in239 VII. Work (from 1875) in 239 VIII. Probably same as Karma ratna.

KARMA RIN CHEN 'PHRIN LAS RGYAL MTSHAN — Author of short work in 137571‑580.

Phur pa KARMA LAS KYI RGYUD — Tantra in 320 XXVII 351 ff.

KARMA LI SHI'I MCHOD RTEN — A chorten in Lanzhou. Some believe Karma Pakshi's remains are there. Thuken 373.

Ro snyoms Sprul sku VI KARMA LUNG RIGS ZLA BA — 346 101.2.



KARMA SHA TA KAM — Vinaya work discussed in Dung dkar 41.

KARMA SHAG — N. of a house in eastern Lhasa, named so because some of the Karma pas stayed there. Evidently the same as Karma shar, the protector temple. See Alexander, Temples 183.


Mi nyag Gangs dkar KARMA BSHAD SGRUB CHOS KYI SENG GE — A famous Karma pa. According to a Dagchen Rinpoche interview, this person was his main teacher of Bka' brgyud subjects.

KARMA BSHAD SGRUB BSTAN PA'I RGYAL MTSHAN PHRIN LAS KUN KHYAB — 346103.3. This is the novice ordination name of Sangs rgyas mnyan pa IX. See following.

Sangs rgyas mnyan pa IX KARMA BSHAD SGRUB BSTAN PA'I NYI MA — (1897‑1962) See 419. Bkra shis dpal 'byor, Sangs rgyas gnyan sprul Dgu pa'i Rnam thar Mdor bsdus Dad pa'i Sa bon, pub. in Gangtok, 44 pages in short format (LTWA KA 3/32/2079). At his tulku recognition he was named Karma dge legs grub pa'i nyi ma phrin las 'od zer kun khyab. His novice ordination n. was Karma bshad sgrub bstan pa'i nyi ma phrin las kun khyab. His bodhisattva vow name was Rgyal sras 'jam dbyangs blo gros phrin las rab rgyas.


KARMA SANGS RGYAS CHOS 'PHEL — =Karma sangs rgyas chos 'phel rgya mtsho. Alias Padma dri med blo gros gzhan phan chos kyi snang ba, q.v. Author of work (in 1866) in 239 XXX 215‑229, and also in vols. III and XXIII of the same.

KARMA SRI THAR — 420 I 66.5.

Dwags po Sgo pa Zhal ngo KARMA SRID BRAL — =Sgo smyon. A famous Karma pa artist, and attendant of the (Dwags po) Sgo pa. 35 II 65. 23 40, 51.

KARMA GSANG SNGAGS RNAL 'BYOR — 210 122.5. 458 I 327.5.

KARMA GSAL BYED — Karma gsal byed Rnam thar Dad pa'i Gsal 'debs, title listed in BLPno. no. 0020.

KARMA BSAM GRUB — =Mi 'gyur rdo rje drag po nus ldan rtsal, q.v.

'Bri gung 'Pho lung pa KARMA BSAM GRUB — Of Bar khams. Cuevas, Hidden History185.

Lho brag Lha lung Mkhan po KARMA BSAM 'GRUB — Author of med. work mentioned in DD 716.

Zur Bla ma KARMA BSAM GTAN — 346 150.1. =(Gling khog pa) Kar bsam. 363 125.3.

Dam pa KARMA BSOD NAMS RNAM RGYAL — (fl. 1767) Jackson, Patron 16.

KARMA BSLAB GSUM RGYA MTSHO — Ordination n. of Tre ho II Dpag bsam dbang po.

Mkhan po KARMA LHA — Work in 239 VIII.


Mchog gzigs KARMA LHAG MTHONG — Successor of (Grub mchog) Bka' brgyud bstan 'dzin in the Jo nang pa lugs (q.v.), no. 28.

Khyung po Rgyal ston Rin po che KARMA O RGYAN 'JIGS MED CHOS KYI SENG GE — (1908-1970) Aka Bla ma Gsal stong Shwa sgom (i.e., Sho sgom, Shor sgom). A Bka' brgyud teacher originally from Khams who stayed at the Palace Monastery in Sikkim, sent there by the Karmapa. A substantial biographical sketch, with a photo, may be found under "Gyaltön Rinpoche" at the Rigpawiki on the internet.

KAR MO DGON — 363 120.4.

KAR TSA — See (— —) Bsod nams blo gros.

KAR SHOD — In Khams. 23 45‑46. See Dkar shod?

KAR SHOD GONG DGON — Vai.Ser. 261.

KAR SRAS KONG SPRUL — See (— — — —) 'Jam dbyangs mkhyen brtse'i 'od zer.

KAR SRID PA — An important family in Kong po. See discussion in Dung dkar 45.

KAL RGYUD — Branch of 'Gos family. 73 415.2 ff.

KAS DKAR — Evid., =Kashgar. Probably it is the principle town of what is called Shu lig in Tibetan sources. See 82 91.

Dur khrod Chen po KI KA'I TSHAL — Cemetery visited by Ḍing gi pa. It was here that Ti lo pa met him... Must be equivalent to Kī li kī lir Sgra sgrog, q.v. 24 I 51.6.

KI KA RI PA — See Kaṃ ka ri pa.

KI KANG ROG TI — In title found in 320 XXXIII 249.

KI MA — ? See Rdo rje ki ma.

KI 'ANG SI — =Ko'ang shis. Translator in time of Qianlong Emperor. Dung dkar51‑52.

KI YA HA SHANG — See Kim Hwa shang.

KI YO'U MIN — Ch. Jiaomen, 'explanatory/exegetical lineage.' Thuken 366.

KI RA TA — Kirāta. A people in Nepal. See Das 160, under Khyi ra pa.

KI RA BA LA — Mahāsiddha. See Kir ba la. BD of T&TB I 746‑747.

KI RI LI — Pl. visited by Ti lo pa. See Ko ri li. 116 44.5. 234 I B 23.5.

KI LA PA — See Ki li ki la.

KĪ LA YA — Picture in 128 1120. Another picture in 320 XXIX 2.

Bla ma Drag po KĪ LA YA — A bsnyen thabs (retreat method) by Padma dkar po commented on in 452 341‑399.

KI LI KI LI — Mahāsiddha. Also, Ki la pa. Tib.: Ku co can, 'Noisey'. =Ka la ka ba. Bio. in 120 166‑168. BD of T&TB I 738‑739.

KĪ LI KĪ LIR SGRA SGROG — One of the 'eight great cemeteries.' Das 630.

Rgyal po KI LI BYI — 472 130.1.

KI LUNG — A monastery f. by 'Jigs med ngo mtshar, a disciple of 'Jigs med gling pa, in Rdza chu kha. The full name seems to be Kiḥ lung dgon 'Og min rig 'dzin 'phel rgyas gling.

KING NAN — Jiangnan, a place in southern China important in the account of the introduction of Buddhism to China. Thuken 355, 362.

KING ṢHI TSUN CE — Venerable One of Jingqi (711-782). Thuken 362.

KIM HWA SHANG — Sba Sang shi ta met this probably Korean monk in China (identified as the 3rd prince of Korea [680‑756] by Kawaguchi). See Jampa Samten Shastri, Origins of the Tibetan Canon 763. Khangkar also wrote a chapter about him in his history of the Snga dar. See Dung dkar 53, aka Ki ya Hā shang, Nyi ma Hā shang. In Ch. called Jin Heshang. Kapstein, Assimilation 71 ff.

KIM HUN — Kim hun Shen shi, Kim hu. Kapstein, Assimilation 72.

KIṢMI RA — Kashmir. 17 II 250.6.

KING KANG GNYIS — From Chinese "Kin Kang" for 'Vajra'. N. of a Ḍākinī whose image was on middle floor of the principle building of Bsam yas. KTDN B XI 51B.4. But, see Das (and above) under Kang dang King. Laufer, Loan Words 524.

KING KA RA — Skt. for 'robber' (and still other meanings). Dung dkar 45.

KING CAN HUR — Also, Kun cang hur, Kun cang hu, Kin cang, King cang. Names for Chang‑an (Khrang an). Dung dkar 45.

KIN BYANG HU — Chin ch'eng fu. BA 54.

KIRTI — See (— —) Blo bzang 'phrin las.

Bi dza ya KĪ RTI — Khotanese king. Emmerick.

KIRTI DGON — History told in Dung dkar 50. It was founded by the Kirti Sprul sku V in 1748, when it was named Rnam rgyal bde chen gling.

KIRTI PAṆḌI TA — A pundit of about early 13th cent., listed with no further info. given in Mtshan tho no. 120.

KIRTI SPRUL SKU — See (— — — —) Blo bzang bstan 'dzin 'jigs med ye shes rgya mtsho (b. 1942). Biographies in BLP nos. 0021‑0024. Author of bio. of Dge 'dun chos 'phel listed in BLP no. 0449. Incarnates listed in Dung dkar 45‑51:

1. Dge 'dun rgyal mtshan (1374‑1450).

2. Bstan pa rin chen (1474‑1558).

3. Bstan pa rab rgyas (1564‑1643).

4. Blo bzang 'jam dbyangs (1656‑1708).

5. Blo bzang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan (1712‑1771).

6. Dge 'dun chos kyi dbang phyug (1773‑1796).

7. Kun dga' chos 'phags thub bstan nyi ma (1797‑1748).

8. Blo bzang 'phrin las bstan pa rgya mtsho (1850‑1905).

9. Bskal bzang blo gros kun dga' lung rtogs rgya mtsho (1905‑1919).

10. Ngag dbang blo bzang bstan pa tshe ring (1919‑1939).

11. Blo bzang bstan 'dzin 'jigs med ye shes rgya mtsho (1942‑present).

KĪ RTI PHA LA — Newari artist. 17 IV 146.2.

KIRTI BA DZRA — Author of a ms. entitled Jo bo Yab sras Sprod pa'i Skyes bu'i Bstan rtsis(or, Jo bo Yab sras las 'Phros pa'i Skyes bu Dam pa 'Ga' zhig gi Byon pa'i Tshul Bstan rtsis, manuscript cited by Vitali in his Tho ling book. Vitali dates him to the 15th cent. Perhaps the Tibetan name Grags pa rdo rje is hidden here?

KIR RNA — See (— —) Gzhon nu 'byung ldan.

KIR BA LA — Mahāsiddha. Also, Kir pā la pa. Tib.: G.yengs byed zhabs, or Sna tshogs sngags pa. Bio. 120 174‑176. A king who plundered neighboring kingdoms, but once felt remorse when, on one expedition, he heard the laments of the women who had been abandoned by their husbands on the approach of his army. He decided to practice religion. A yogi came who instructed him in the Four Immeasurables and initiated him into Cakrasamvara. =Ki ra ba la in BD of T&TB I 746.

KIR MI RI — Derge vol. 77, p. 276.1.

Sa bdag KU KU — Vai.Kar. II 307.

Lce KU KU RA TSA — Translator in colophons in 320 XXIII 323.1, XXIV 328.4, XXVII 256.5.

KU KU RA DZA — 132 48.1, 55.2 ff, 81.3 ff. Also called Khyi yi Rgyal po Snga ma (The Earlier Dog King). Picture in 320 VII 583. Teacher of Rgyal po Dza. BD of T&TB I 157, 257‑262, 952, 954. Also called Ku tā ra dza. Kvaerne, Mongols 101. Secret name: Rdo rje bde mchog rtsal. 413 59.3, 61.5. Pundit in W India. 413 97.2. See Dung dkar.

KU KU RA DZA BAR MA — 'The Middle Kukurāja.' Son of King Be ta. 413 146.6.

KU KU RA DZA PHYI MA — 'The Later Kukurāja.' BD of T&TB I 256. 413 149.3.

KU KU RI PA — Mahāsiddha. Pictured with dogs in 128 25A. Hoffmann, Religions149. 5 60.3. Revealed the Mahāmāyā Tantra. 211 43.2. Tib.: Khyi mo can zhabs. 242III 267.1. Bio. in 120 98.15‑100.11, 161.13. Thangka illustrated in Christie's New York catalogue (March 2000), no. 141.

KU CO CAN — See Ki li ki li.

KU COR — Clan name. Kuijp in TH&L 298.

KU COR — Pl. in Tibet. Das 17.

KU COR RTOGS LDAN — 17 IV 449.4. Author of bio. of Tsong kha pa listed in BLP no. 0912.

KU COR RTOGS LDAN — See (— — — —) Sangs rgyas dpal bzang.

Rig 'dzin KUNYDZA RA — 413 137.3.

KU TĀ RA DZA — N. of (Rgyal po) Ku ku ra dza. BD of T&TB I 257.

Mtsho KU TRA — In O rgyan. 132 41.4, 110.6.

KU THANG — Ku thang gi Phug pa. 4 39A.1. Ku thang gi Sngags pa. 4 41B.2, 44A.3. Ku thang gi Brag skya Rdo rje rdzong. 4 102A.3, 106B.6. See Sku thang. TS7 I 146, etc.

KU THANG SPRUL SKU — See (— — — —) Ting 'dzin dbang thob.

KU NA — N. of a king. Emmerick.

Btsun pa KU NA LA — BD of T&TB I 1000. TPS 496. Son of Aśoka. Dung dkar 54.

KU NE RA DZA — Kvaerne, Mongols 102.

KU PA JA — BA 369.

KU PA TSA — Mahāsiddha. Pictured in 128 57A.

KU SPYI SER BZHI — Karmay, Confucius 576. Stein in McKay, History of Tibet I 563.

KU BA TSHAL — In India near Kha sar pa ṇi. 17 II 395.1.

KU BA DZA — Forest near Bodhgaya. 413 397.4.

Rdzu 'phrul gyi Lha KU BYI MANG SKE — =Ku bya mang ke. There are other possible spellings, and one should note the similarity of Khu byung ma skye. One of the Mgon po rnam gsum (the three Lords, protectors) of Mt. Ti se. Tucci, Religions220, 243. 283 preface. Karmay, Confucius 576. 485 II 14.6. Bellezza, Divine Dyads 298 etc.

Slob dpon KU MA TI — BD of T&TB I 305.

Kha che'i Yul KU MA NA — 413 73.6.

KU MA RA — Mahāsiddha. Pictured in 128 42.

KU MA RA — A pundit listed, without further info., in Mtshan tho no. 107.

Rig 'dzin KU MĀ RA — 17 IV 475.5. =Ku ma ra tsa. 17 492.5. Teacher of Klong chen pa. Bio. by 'Jigs med gling pa listed in BLP no. 1850. Teacher of Me long rdo rje (1243-1303).

KU MĀ RĀ KṢE TRA — City in O ḍi bi sha. BD of T&TB I 403.

Ra sangs KU MA RA TSA — 248 15.6.

KU MA RA DZA — See Gzhon nu rgyal po.

Rig 'dzin KU MA RĀ DZA — 210 231.1. See above. Rig 'dzin Ku mā ra dza'i Rnam thar, by Bi ma[ la] mi tra, listed in BLP no. 1849.

Bram ze KU MA RA LI LA — =Gzhon nu rol pa. BD of T&TB I 453.

KU MA RA SHRĪ — (344‑412) Indian translator in China. 488 466.2 ff. His story told in Dung dkar 55.

G.yog mo KU MĀ RĪ CHU LEN — Perhaps not a proper name. See 87 I 18.1.

KU MA RI PA — Tib.: Rdza mkhan, 'potter'. See Kum bha ri pa.

Rgyal po KU MA SHA DU LA — 132 109.3.

Gu ru KU TSI PA — Mahāsiddha. Tib.: Ku ba, or Skur po zhabs, or Ltag wa can ('goitered'). His guru was Klu sgrub who taught him to use the growth of his goiter as an aide in his sādhana. BD of T&TB I 686‑687.


KU RA — See (— —) Dge 'dun seng ge.

KU RINGS SDE LNGA — Dung dkar 55.

KU RU — A region of north India, in Tibetan the name means sgra ngan and sgra mi snyan. Dung dkar 55.

KU RU KU LLA — BA 869. Beyer, index. N. of a mt. BD of T&TB I 852.

KU RU KU LLA PA — Kurukullaka. =Sa sgrags ris kyi sde.

KU RU KULLE'I SGRUB THABS — 145 IV 55B.6 ff. 5‑diety, 349 XVI 144‑184. 374 I 554 ff. Iconographical information in Dung dkar 55‑56.

KU RU KULLE PA — A splinter group in the early Buddhist community, so called because they stayed at Ku ru kulle'i Brag phug. Dung dkar 56.

KU RU KULLE'I RI PHUG — 24 I 73.1, 75.3.

KU RU CHU — In Bhutan. ISTS 20, n. 19.

KU RU BI HA RA — BA 1032.

KU RU LUNG — Pl.n. BA 679. (Mon) Ku ru lung, 5 200.1.

KU LA GANGS RI — N. of a mt. in Bhutan, where it is the highest, at 24,740 feet. See Goldstein, Grammar 365.



KU LA HA RI — See under Phu la ha ri.

Paṇḍi ta KU LI SHA SHEṢTHA — BD of T&TB I 453.

KU LU — See (— —) Ma na li.

KU LU TA — In Apte, Sanskrit Dictionary, appendix III. 115 43.4. Kulūta is valley of river Byas (Bias/Beas) in uppermost part. Now called Kulu (in Kangra district). The Kulinda people lived there. Its capital, Nagarkot. It has a famous pilgrimage place called Trailoknath by Hindus. Hsüan-tsang passed through a "Kuluto". (Hoffmann) In the NW. BD of T&TB X 11.14, 27.10 ff. BD of T&TB I 872. Called Sa 'og na spyod pa'i gnas. See Dung dkar. The people of its neighbor Mnga' ris consider it to be a part of Nyung rda'i Yul.

KU LUNG — BA 621. Ku lung Btsan Bzhi. KTDN 60.1. 377 53B.1.

KU LO — N. of a magician. Beyer 320.

KU SHA — As a name for the Kushans, it occurs in the Mahārājakanikalekha.

KU SHA KA — Pl. in India. 87 I 89.3.

KU SHA NA — Dung dkar 57.

KU SHA'I TSHAL — In back of Bodhgaya. BD of T&TB I 547.

KU SHA LA GU THUG RGYAL PO — Dung dkar 57‑58.

Blon po KU SHA LA NĀ THA — BD of T&TB I 446.



KU SA SMAN PA — Alchemical work in 87 XLVIII. =(Khu tsha) Zla 'od (q.v.) acc. to258 III preface and IV preface. 253 II 192.5 ff. Kvaerne, Canon 39 (n. 116). =Padma skyabs. Blondeau 117 etc. See Sku tsha Ston pa.

KU SA RA — Indian teacher invited by Srong btsan sgam po. 17 II 318.5. BD of T&TB I 432. Slob dpon Ku sa ra. Mtshan tho no. 1.

KU SA LA BHA DRA — In lineage contained in BD of T&TB I 248, 800‑804. Studied Shaivite magic in Kamarupa which he then used against the Shaivites. He reflected that this magic was only a mirage‑like projection and did nothing real. Met Ḍom bi pa (the later) and Nag po spyod pa.

KU SA LI — =Ku su lu, etc. Discussed in BBNP 470.

KU SA LI — ? Pictured in 128 79A.

KU SA LI — Kuśalī. =Ku su lu, Ku su li, etc. See 27 120; BA 361. See (— — —) Kun dga' snying po.

Lhan skyes KU SA LI'I SKOR — 17 IV 327.4 ff.

KU SA LI CHUNG BA — See (— — — — —) Rin chen sde.

KU SA LI CHE BA — See (— — — — —) Rin chen bzang po.

KU SA LI PA BZANG PO — 210 48.2. BD of T&TB I 444.


KU SU LU — Autobiography requested by Bya bral ba Dkon mchog bzang po in form of a long damaged manuscript listed in de Rossi Filibeck, Catalogue II 333 (no. 668).

KU SU LU CHE CHUNG — One (or 2?) of discs. of Nā ro pa. 17 II 285.2.

KU SE — See (— —) Padma dbang chen; (— —) Gser ljongs; (— —) Smugs sangs.

KU SE RDZONG — N. of a fort & also a district in Khams. Das 20.

KU HRUNG — ? A n. for the wild ass, or rkyang. 253 520.6.

KU LHA PAL BZUNG — Mt. 396 preface.


KUNGS DGON PA — BA 483. BD of T&TB VII 93‑94.

Gter ston O rgyan KUN SKYONG GLING PA — (1408‑1489). B. at (Shangs) Lha bu'i bi ji. BD of T&TB III 586. Redisc. Bai ro Snying thig contained in 87 vol. 89. 208 I 226.6. Died at age 82. 210 153.4. Bio. in 210 139.5 ff. 217 425.7. 17 IV 496.2 ff. 383 220.1. 41074B.2. 458 I 18.4 ff. Kun skyong gling pa may be an alias of Rdo rje gling pa (see 413373.6). Rebirth of Rdo rje gling pa; died at age 49. Excavated prophecy cited in DTK5135. Achard, L'Essence 96. He composed a larger and smaller bio. of Gu ru Rin po che listed in BLP no. 0315. Stearns, King 25, gives the dates 1396-1477.

Kong po Rdzogs chen pa KUN SKYONG RNAM RGYAL — 217 503.4 ff.

KUN SKYOB GLING — Mon. Das 21. JTL&CT 57 n. A palace. Wylie 69, 138 n. 208. 3/4 of a mile NE of Shigatse. Residence of Panchen Lama.

Khra legs KUN KHYAB NYI MA — 415 XI 100.3.

KUN MKHYEN — This title, meaning 'allknowing', is not applied to very many persons in Tibetan history. Here are a few: 'Jam dpal bzang po, Chos 'od, Klong chen rab 'byams pa, Stag tshang Lo tsā ba, Bstan pa'i nyi ma, Padma dkar po. The title is generally restricted to those scholars who have written on all the main religious and secular sciences. Sometimes translated 'polymath'.

KUN MKHYEN DGON PA — See Mengele, dGe 'dun chos 'phel 66.

KUN MKHYEN BAR MA — A way of referring to 'Jam dbyangs bzhad pa II. Dung dkar70.

Kha che KUN MKHYEN LHA — Tib. tr. of the name Sarvajñādeva.

KUN GYIS BKUR BA — Saṃmitīya. One of 10 subschools of Sarvāstivadins. Sometimes substitute for A banta ka pa. Dung dkar 74.

Mnga' bdag Rgyal po KUN GRAGS LDE — In song by 'Jig rten mgon po. 476 I 380.5.

Zhig po KUN GROL — (12th cent.) Bka' gdams pa. BD of T&TB V 122.

KUN GROL GRAGS PA — Often called Rig 'dzin. (b. 1700) Kvaerne no. 166. Author of Bstan byung in Three Sources 197‑552. Lam rim work in 250. Bonpo alias of 'Ja' tshon snying po, according to 259 preface (actually, 'Ja' tshon snying po is one of the aliases of Kun grol grags pa, who shouldn't be confused with the earlier Nyingmapa Terton). Work in 298 597‑8. Kvaerne, Canon 20 (n. 11), 28 (n. 48). His sixth incarnation now resides in India. Bio. in 342 88 ff. FM no. 530.00 (Brda'i Bstan bcos Legs par Bshad pa Rin po che'i Za ma tog Bkod pa) is his work, but seems to be based on the grammatical treatise of (Zhwa lu Mkhan po) Rin chen chos skyong bzang po (see B. Laufer, Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft der Tibeter Zamatog, Munich 1898; and Taube catalog no. 2676). This woodblock printed work also has a woodcut picture of him on the verso of the title page. His Gter ston Brgya rtsa is cited in 383 417.2 ff. 239 XXX 61.6. Quite a few of his rediscoveries have been published: 1) Zhi Khro Dgongs pa Kun 'dus and Ma mo Rbod gtong (Dolanji 1979). 2) Rtsa Rlung Mkha' 'gro Gsang Mdzod Cha tshang dang Mgur ma Byang Khrid bcas kyi Gsung Pod (Dolanji 1974). The TBMC possesses photocopies of his lengthy three part autobiographical work. Work in 260295‑319. 261 75‑104.

KUN GROL GRAGS PA — See (— — — — V) 'Chi med bdud 'dul gling pa.

KUN GROL NO MIN HAN — See (— — — — —) Chos grags rgya mtsho.

KUN GROL LAS 'PHRO GLING PA — His rediscoveries in 87 LXIII.

Rig 'dzin KUN GROL GSANG BA RTSAL — An alias of (Gter ston) Bde chen gling pa (q.v.), acc. to 259 preface. Phur pa redisc. in 259 73‑106.

KUN DGA' Disc. of Gautama Buddha. See under Kun dga' bo.

'Gru zhig KUN DGA' — Bio. in 253 II 398.6 ff.

Jo sras KUN DGA' — Disciple of Gtsang pa Rgya ras pa. He must have flourished inca. 1184. 24 I 416.6.

Byang chub sems dpa' KUN DGA' — (1062‑1124) =Byang sems Kun dga'. Disc. of Pha dam pa Sangs rgyas, said to be chief of all his discs. because he received the chig brgyud (the one on one transmission of teachings). BA 913 ff (esp. 920 ff.). 17 II 425.1. 12 IX 93.4. 415 I introduction, etc. Dge ye's history agrees with these dates for him.

Thar rtse Zhabs drung KUN DGA' — Jackson in Lungta 14 (2001) 102.

KUN DGA' BKRA SHIS — Subj. of thangka in Rhies & Thurman 208 ff. Also, of one illustrated in TPS 372.

Mkhan Rin po che KUN DGA' BKRA SHIS — In inscription in Rhie & Thurman, Worlds of Transformation plate 165.

Dge dgon Bla ma KUN DGA' BKRA SHIS — 346 106.1.

Chos rje KUN DGA' BKRA SHIS — (1349‑1425) Kuijp in Lungta 14 (2001) 66. AKA Theg chen Chos rje, Theg chen Chos kyi rgyal po, Kun dga' bkra shis rgyal mtshan. Kurtis Schaeffer makes use of a 20 fol. ms. from Cultural Palace of Nationalities, Beijing: Ta'i Ming Rgyal po Yab sras la Gdams pa. Went to China in 1413. Dhongthog124. Returned the next year with a title from the Ming Emperor to Sa skya'i Chos grwa Chen po. BA 641. Teacher of an abbot of Stag lung who lived 1359‑1424 A.D. See E. Sperling's Dissertation. Da ra kha che. TS5 567. Precious Deposits III 144. David Jackson, Traces of Tāranātha and His Previous Lives, forthcoming paper. Notice the title attributed to Theg chen Chos rje in Drepung Catalog 982.

Rje KUN DGA' BKRA SHIS — A Stag lung pa Lama supposedly living from 1536 to 1605, whose name is inscribed on a cave at Bkra shis do chen, at Gnam mtsho. Bellezza, Divine Dyads 212. He was 16th abbot of Stag lung.

Ldong khams shis pa KUN DGA' BKRA SHIS — Kuijp in Lungta 14 (2001) 68.

Hor gyi Rgyal po KUN DGA' BKRA SHIS — Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 119.

Grwa thang Mkhan chen KUN DGA' MKHYEN BRTSE PHUN TSHOGS — (1715‑) A Sa skya pa. His father was Dam chos bstan 'dzin. Dhongthog 24. Bio. in 383 560.3 ff.

Zhang ston KUN DGA' GRAGS — Belonged to the tradition called Mes lugs. Disc. of Ye shes snying po. BA 405. 57 II B 348.4. 17 II 467.4.

KUN DGA' GRAGS — Western Tibetan royalty. DTK5 72.

KUN DGA' GRAGS — Translator active in 12th cent. Kuijp in CAJ 37 (1993) 190.

Chos rje Ldan ma KUN DGA' GRAGS — 16th cent. 'Bri gung pa teacher who founded Sgang sngon Mon. DTK5 189.

KUN DGA' GRAGS PA — F. of Phyi dbang (q.v.) Mon. 14 123.

Kong po Dkar chen KUN DGA' GRAGS PA — Mentioned in BD of T&TB III 525. (Dkar po) Kun dga' grags pa in 210 127.3, 245.2, 251.1. Tulku b. in Kong po. 116 328.5. 374 II 473.5.

Thugs sras KUN DGA' GRAGS PA — Disc. of Sprul sku Sna tshogs rang grol.

Rtsa ri Rdor 'dzin pa KUN DGA' GRAGS PA — A famous early 20th century astrologer from Rtsa ri who made charts for the rich and famous of his day. A biography by Toni Huber is said to be in the works.

Bsam yas Dkar chen KUN DGA' GRAGS PA — Teacher of Kun bzang nyi zla (b. 1514). DTK5 137.

Jo nang Rje btsun KUN DGA' GROL MCHOG — (1495 or 1507 to 1566) Successor of (Rgya sgom) Legs pa rgyal mtshan in the Jo nang Lugs (q.v.), no. 15. Also 12th of the predecessors of the Rje btsun Dam pa (q.v.). His Bka' 'bum (works) were printed (see E. Gene Smith, Banned Books in the Tibetan Speaking Lands). 17 III 593.3. This may be the author of the comm. included in 141. See 141 17.5. 217 596.6. He had visions of Ni gu ma, beginning the Nye brgyud (near transmission) of the Shangs pa Bka' brgyud pa. 12 IX 90.6. 383 386.5 ff., 575.6 ff. On his bio. of Glo bo Mkhan chen, seeISTS 137 n. 5. His autobiographical work has been published in 1982 in 2 vols. (Tibet House, N. Delhi). TS5 474. His autobios., bios. (and his bio. of Sang gha bha dra) are listed in BLP nos. 0041‑0045. His bio. of Atiśa listed in BLP no. 0796. Bios. listed inBLP nos. 1253‑1255. Bio. of Dpal ldan Bla ma 'Jam dpal dbyangs listed in BLP no. 1328.

Gnas rnying KUN DGA' DGE LEGS — Author of bio. of Tsong kha pa listed in BLP no. 0929.

Rmog lcog pa KUN DGA' DGE LEGS DPAL 'BAR — Successor of 'Brug chen VII in the Jo nang pa lugs (q.v.), no. 25.

KUN DGA' RGYA MTSHO — 463 I 16.5.

KUN DGA' RGYA MTSHO — Disc. of the 'Ba' rom pa teacher Kun dga' snying po. Lived 52 years. 467 II 214 ff.

Rje Mkhan po XII KUN DGA' RGYA MTSHO — (1722‑1772) Abbot from 1769 to 1771. Retired to Bkra shis sgang and died in about 1771. 24 I. Co-author of bio. contained in 159 I.

Bla ma KUN DGA' RGYAN — In Kālacakra lineage. 475 124.5 ff.

KUN DGA' RGYAL PO — Mentioned in colophon in 116 105.7.

Kong po Rtogs ldan KUN DGA' RGYAL PO — See 357 380‑384.

Mi dbang KUN DGA' RGYAL PO — Name in an image inscription. Rhies & Thurman172. Probably a western Tibetan king in centuries neighboring the 15th?

Grub chen KUN DGA' RGYAL 'PHEL — 17 IV 447.3.

KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — A 15th cent. king of Mustang. ISTS 134‑135.

KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — A Bon abbot in 1513. TS7 I 332.

KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — A scribe for Glo bo Mkhan chen (1456‑1532). Jackson in TH&L 235.

KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — (recent). Bonpo. Disc. of Smon lam rgyal mtshan. Bio. in 253 II 491.2 ff.

KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — His son and biographer was the Dalai Lama II. See BLPno. 1836.

Rgyal sras II KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — (1689‑1713) Bio. by Shākya rin chen contained in 435.

Mnga' bdag KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — (d. ca. late 14th cent.) A son of (Mnga' bdag) 'Jam dpal nor bu. Rnying ma pa. Bio. in BD of T&TB IV 142. 210 24.3.

Cha rgan Ho thug thu KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — 438 VI 516.5.

Chos rje KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — (1497‑1568) Took ordination from (Spyan snga) Chos kyi grags pa. BD of T&TB III 722.

Ti shi KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — (1310‑1358) Dhongthog 25. Belonged to 'Khon family and to the Lha khang Bla brang of the Sa skya pa. 27 109. 484 II 603.3. Subj. of autobio. listed in BLP no. 0970.

Rdo gdan pa KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — Bio. listed in BLP no. 1187.

Sde gzhung KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — (1885‑1952) A Khams pa teacher of the Sa skya pa. His collected works have been published in 1976 (his miscellaneous writings in 1977). Alias A 'jam Sprul sku, also ('Jam dbyangs) Kun dga' bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan. A collection of his miscellaneous writings was pub. in 1977. Bio. in 62295 ff., 349‑355.

Snar thang Mkhan po KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — Thuken 222. A teacher of Tsongkhapa.

Ba brtse KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — One of the founders of Bsam 'grub Mon. in Rdza khog in 15th cent. Thar in TS9 IV 164.

Bla chen KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — (1344‑1418) Dhongthog 25. Sa skya pa. Son of 'Jam dbyangs don yod rgyal mtshan.

Bla ma Dkar po KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — Bio. by Rab 'byams pa Skal bzang legs bshad listed in BLP no. 1479. See TBRC.

Sbyor lam pa KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — Also called Bde rgu chung ba. Abbot of Dgon lung from 1693 to 1701. 332 II 22.

Mtshungs med KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — One of the main teachers of Sna tshogs rang grol (1494‑1570). BD of T&TB III 723.

Rdzong pa KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — (1382‑) Sa skya pa. Dhongthog 25. Bio. in62 222.

Yab rje KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — Author of bio. of Dran mchog Don yod rgyal mtshan listed in BLP no. 1145.

Ri brag KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — Transcriber (secretary, yi ge pa) of 57 II B 373.5.

Las chen KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — Author of Bka' gdams Rin po che Gsal ba'i Sgron me in 1494, the best known history of the Bka' gdams pa school (pub. in 1972). 146. 54 preface. 374 I 99.5. Author of bio. of Dalai Lama I listed in BLP no. 0511. A bio. of Rtse dang Las chen gyi Slob ma Kun dga' rgyal mtshan listed in BLP no. 1678.

Sa skya Paṇḍi ta KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — (1182‑1251) Sometimes known as Sa Paṇ. Short English bio. in 86. T.H. 51, 53, 150. Ferrari 144. Grandson of Kun dga' snying po. TPS 9‑12. Nephew of Grags pa rgyal mtshan. His father was Dpal chen 'od po. 17 II 405.3 ff. 76 7. 23 4. For his works, see 145 V. Bio. by (Gung thang gi Btsun pa Zhang) Rgyal ba dpal contained in 145 V 422‑439. Picture in 128 338, 432, 876. His avadāna stories in 243 I 611 ff. Poetic work in 378 1‑39. Works: 1) Dpal ldan Sa skya Paṇḍi ta Rang gis Rang la Gros 'debs Bslab bya contained in: Lugs kyi Bslab bya Legs par Bshad pa'i Gter (Kalimpong 196‑). A thangka with his consecration inscription is found in Kossak, Sacred Visions, plate 35. Bios. listed in BLP nos. 1969‑1978, the authors being 'Phags pa, Paṇ chen Blo bzang chos rgyan, Lho pa Rin chen dpal, Rin spungs Ngag dbang grags pa, Tāranātha, Yar lung Lo tsā ba Grags rgyan [Grags pa rgyal mtshan], 'U yug pa Rigs pa'i seng ge, Btsun pa Grol mchog, & Zhang Rgyal dbang dpal. Bios. in de Rossi Filibeck, Catalogue II 335 (nos. 680.12‑670.13).

Sreg ston KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — (1432‑1506) Father of Dalai Lama II. See 238. Also, Smith 179.

Gser khang stengs pa KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — (1223‑1292) Abbot of Gung thang from age 38 to his death. BA 716.

A 'tsho KUN DGA' RGYAL MTSHAN — 253 II 401.6.


KUN DGA' CHOS GLING — Mon. where Blo bzang rta mgrin founded a tantra college. 224 introduction.

Cha btsun KUN DGA' CHOS KYI RGYA MTSHO — (1432‑1505) 'Brug pa. Teacher of 'Brug pa Kun legs (1455‑1529). Bio. in vol. entitled, Two Rare 'Brug pa Dkar brgyud pa Biographies (1974). Note the (Lha btsun) Kun dga' chos kyi rgya mtsho in 49 preface.

KUN DGA' CHOS 'PHAGS THUB BSTAN NYI MA — (1797‑?) BD of T&TB V 641. Bio. see SBTD I 19 (also, BLP no. 0048).

KUN DGA' CHOS 'PHEL — Sa skya. Work, see 36 IV 846. Subject of bio. by the Dalai Lama V (see BLP no. 0049).

Rgyal rong Rgyal sras Nang po Chos mdzad KUN DGA' CHOS 'PHEL — A prince of Rgyal rong. Sobisch, Dissert. chap. 12.

Sman pa KUN DGA' CHOS 'PHEL — (fl. ca. 1707) 463 I 124.6.

KUN DGA' CHOS BZANG — Author of a 50-folio biography entitled Kun mkhyen Chos kyi Rgyal po'i Rnam par Thar pa Dad gus kyi Chu 'dzin Rnam par Rol pa listed in Drepung Catalog 1508, 1531.

KUN DGA' CHOS LEGS — (early 19th cent.) Disc. of Karma bstan 'dzin. Teacher of Csoma de Körös. His answers to Csoma's questions in 171 301‑441. See 188 7, etc. B in L 3. T&BS II 13 (n. 9).

Bla ma Dam pa KUN DGA' MCHOG GRUB — (b. 15th cent.) Biography by Kun dga' bzod pa bzang po (marginal notation CHI) in Rossi Filibeck, Catalogue II 330 (no. 656.2).

Gdong sprul IV KUN DGA' 'CHI MED DBANG PO — (1309‑1382) Sa skya pa. Dhongthog 26.

KUN DGA' BRJID PA — (15th cent.) TJ 35 no 3 (Aut 2010) 83.

Rje btsun KUN DGA' NYI MA — Active in 1495. Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 119.

Slob dpon Rin po che KUN DGA' NYI MA — Teacher of Gtsang smyon. 234 I A 15.5.

Lha rje KUN DGA' NYI MA — Personal physician of Ge sar. Terrone in TS9 VIII 221.

Ta dben Gu shri KUN DGA' NYI MA'I RGYAL MTSHAN DPAL BZANG PO — Brother of Don yod rgyal mtshan (1310‑1344), q.v.

Kro chen KUN DGA' NYI ZLA — Mentioned in colophon of the Bla med Go 'phangcontained in the 2nd edition of the Bon Kanjur.

KUN DGA' SNYING — Mahāsiddha. Pictured in 128 47A.

KUN DGA' SNYING PO — Ānandagarbha. An Indian from Bengal. 75 12. (Slob dpon) Kun dga' snying po. 17 II 352.5. Hoffmann, Religions 116. Previous rebirth of Dga' rab rdo rje. 413 117.5.

KUN DGA' SNYING PO — (1575‑1634) N. of Tāranātha, the famous Jo nang pa. Waddell 70. Ferrari 154. T.H. 212. His history of Indian Buddhism was written in 1608. On his life and works see TPS 128, 163. See Tā ra nā tha. For his iconography, see David Jackson, Traces of Tāranātha and His Previous Lives, forthcoming paper.

KUN DGA' SNYING PO — A 'Ba' rom pa teacher. 467 II 212.

KUN DGA' SNYING PO — A n. of (Dpyal) A mo gha. 475 118.1.

KUN DGA' SNYING PO — Birth name of Sgam po pa. 57 II B 353.2.

KUN DGA' SNYING PO — N. of a "Sakya Panchen" [Sa skya Paṇ chen] who died in 1882. Das, JTL&CT 240.

Ku sa li KUN DGA' SNYING PO — Thang stong rgyal po met him at (Ri) Bya rkang can. 5 57.2.

Sa chen KUN DGA' SNYING PO — (1092‑1158) Only son of Dkon mchog rgyal po, b. when his father was 58. His father d. when he was 10. Mother was Ma gcig Zhang mo, daughter of Zhang gzhung Gu ra ba. Sa skya pa writer and hierarch. WroteRgyud sde Spyi'i Rnam bzhag on general field of tantra. 2nd abbot of Sa skya Mon. BA211. TPS 134. Had 4 sons including Bsod nams rtse mo and Grags pa rgyal mtshan. Received vision of Mañjuśrī who gave him the famous verse of the Zhen pa Bzhi Bral('Parting from the Four Attachments'), q.v. A teacher of Phag mo gru pa. B. in Phru ma. 17 II 401.1 ff. 16 34. Seems to be his picture in 128 336, 428. Bio. in 145 V 143 ff. (But isn't this rather the bio. of Grags pa rgyal mtshan?). On his meeting Phag mo gru pa, see 17 II 539.5. Portrait bronze, see Uhlig, On the Path to Enlightenment, p. 191. For a magnificent thangka with him as central figure, see TPS 333 (Tucci dates it to 15th century). Another is from Potala collection, illus. in Po ta la 155 (it is surrounded by scenes of 5th Dalai Lama and Potala, however; he holds vajra and bell; actual inscription reads: rdo rje 'dzin pa'i gtsug rgyan Kun dga' snying). Bios. by Ye shes rgyal mtshan, etc., & Bsod nams rtse mo listed in BLP nos. 1966‑1967.


KUN DGA' BSTAN PA'I RGYAL MTSHAN — Kun dga' bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan gyi Rnam thar U dum wa ra'i Dga' tshal, by Karma bkra shis chos 'phel, listed in BLP no. 0050.

'Jam dbyangs KUN DGA' BSTAN PA'I RGYAL MTSHAN — =A 'jam Sprul sku. =(Sde gzhung) Kun dga' rgyal mtshan (q.v.).

Sde gzhung Lung rig Sprul sku KUN DGA' BSTAN PA'I NYI MA — (1906-1987). Author of bio. of (Sa skya) Bkra shis grags pa (pub. in 1980). Probably the author of the work Sga Ldan Sgyur Gsum gyi Byung tshul Nyung bsdus Gtam gyi Sa bon, a manuscript used by Vitali in Lungta 14 (2001). See David Jackson's book A Saint in Seattle. His miscellaneous works in one vol. published in Dharamsala (2005).

KUN DGA' BSTAN PA'I BLO GROS — Kun dga' bstan pa'i blo gros kyi Rnam thar Byin rlabs Bdud rtsi'i Thigs Phreng, listed in BLP no. 0051.

Khams sprul III Ngag dbang KUN DGA' BSTAN 'DZIN — (1680‑1728) His Phyag rgya chen po Lhan cig Skyes sbyor gyi Dngos gzhi'i Khrid yig Zab Don Rgya mtsho'i Lam Tshang Bla na med pa on the foundational practices of the 'Brug pa school (pub. 1974). He was a Gter ston and an artist of the Sman ris style. 23 47. Works on Tshe ring ma in229 35‑71, 77‑135. Author of Phyag chen Sngon 'gro'i Bsgom rim (pub. 1971) and several other books that are available, including the Mchod 'os Yongs rdzogs Bskang bshags Rim Gnyis Zung 'jug (1971), Thugs sgrub Yang zab Dkon mchog Spyi 'dus kyi Phrin las Rgyas Sdebs Sku Gsum Bla ma Dgyes Nor dbang gi Rgyal po Grub Gnyis 'Dod pa'i Char 'bebs(1971). One of his Mahāmudrā works was translated by E. dell'Angelo, et al., L'Oro raffinato dell'insegnamento orale circa la pratica del modo di vedere, di meditare e di comportarsi secondo il Maha mudra, Archidosso (1983), with Tibetan text. Jackson,Patron 7.

Mkhan rabs XVIII Nya ri Bla ma KUN DGA' BSTAN 'DZIN RGYAL MTSHAN — Abbot of Yangs pa can. Bio. in 35 I 631.

Skyi KUN DGA' BSTAN GSAL — Teacher of Gter bdag gling pa. 458 I 328.1.

KUN DGA' DAR PO — (late 15th to early 16th cent.) Helped compile the Yig cha of the Ras chung Snyan brgyud and seems to have been a contemporary of Gtsang smyon. 74 preface. Bio. by Byang chub bzang po in 74 I 293‑312. Name sometimes given in Sanskritic form as (Grub mchog) Ā nanda da ya. Works in 74 I 553‑567, 663‑824; II 95‑158, 183‑206, 549‑688.

Sku zhang KUN DGA' DON GRUB — 27 31. He was Sku zhang of Zhwa lu, beginning in 1333. Contemp. w/ Bu ston. See IT III, pt. 1, p. 90. Ruler of Zhwa lu. Kuijp inTH&L 290 n. 16. Ricca & Fournier in TJ 26 no 3/4 (Aut/Wint 2001) 105.

Rgyud chen KUN DGA' DON GRUB — (1419‑1486) Dge lugs pa. B. in Gtsang. F. Stod rgyud Grwa tshang, the Upper Tantra College, in 1474. Dhongthog 26, 126. Tucci,Religions 112. Pictured in 128 1054. Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 109. After saving Lhasa from flooding, he was awarded with ownership of Ra mo che. Alexander,Temples 78.

Glo mkhar ba KUN DGA' DON GRUB — 'Brug pa. See 20 37, no. 18. 235 introduction 11.

Snye mdo ba KUN DGA' DON GRUB — A teacher of Zhwa nag III. 17 II 536.1. Author of work on O rgyan Bsnyen sgrub mentioned in 17 XX 96.5 and IV 434.5, 437.6. In Kālacakra lineage in 383 328.6. BA 703. In the Ram tradition (Ram lugs). Disc. of Snye mdo Thams cad Mkhyen pa. 17 II 462.1. BA 408, 490, 703. Evidently it is his bio. of O rgyan pa that is listed in BLP no. 0397 with the title Grub chen O rgyan pa'i Rnam thar Byin rlabs kyi Chu rgyun. Bio. by Slob dpon Hūṃ ka ra listed in BLP no. 0962. He was considered a previous rebirth of Si tu Paṇ chen.

Pu rang KUN DGA' BDE BA RING MO — Aka Pu hrang Kun dga' ring mo & Rtsi Bde ba ring mo, members of the Zhang zhung Snyan rgyud lineage. ZZFC 247.

Gnas rnying KUN DGA' BDE LEGS — Bio. by Se ra Rje btsun pa listed in BLP no. 1237.

KUN DGA' RDO RJE — Supposedly a Sa skya monk, who gave a tooth of the Buddha to the Taiwan teacher Hsing Yun. Buescher in Changing Minds 32. No one knows about a person by this name... but he turns out to be a Sa skya monk (not a lama or rin po che) named Kun dga', who was living in Nepal.

Rngog KUN DGA' RDO RJE — (1157‑1234) Founded Gzhung spre'u zhing. Son of (Jo tshul) Tshul khrims bla ma. 17 II 463.5. Ferrari 134. BA 409. Bio. in Shākya mchog ldan, Works, vol. 16 (actually this is not about him, but about a Lam 'bras master from the Rma family, whose father was Nam mkha' mchog grags, mother Dpal mchog Mtsho mo. He was born in a Wood Dragon).

Drung chen Si tu KUN DGA' RDO RJE — (1309‑1364) Alias Dge ba'i blo gros (his ordination n.). Wrote the Red Annals (Deb ther Dmar po) in 1346. Cited in Dalai Lama V, History 106. 21 xi. See 27 21. TPS 140‑1, 630. 83E 479. BA vi, etc. Kvaerne,Mongols 95. Petech (1983) 180. T.H. 26. Beyer 9, 293. For an article on the Red Annals by Sh. Bira, see T&BS I 59 ff. Son of Smon lam rdo rje. Vai.Ser. 128. Also called (Dbon) Kun dga' rdo rje. See ('Tshal pa) Kun dga' rdo rje. A 1353 death date is given in the 3‑vol. dict. chrono.

Dpyal KUN DGA' RDO RJE — Appears in an early thangka; see Kossak, Sacred Visionsplate 21. He is listed in Mtshan tho no. 47, which says that in Nepal he studied with Ha mu, as well as the Indians Phyag na & Stong nyid ting 'dzin rdo rje (the latter he invited to come to Tibet); apparently he never went to India.

KUN DGA' NO'UR — Small lake S of Kokonor. Ho-chin Yang, Annals of Kokonor 86. Kun dga' nor =Kokonoor? See Yu Dawchyan Appendix.

KUN DGA' NOR BU — (fl. ca. 1850) King of Mustang. ISTS 136.

Khro chen KUN DGA' NOR BU — A king of Khro skyab (Cosgiyab) in Rgyal mo rong area. Sometimes named in Bonpo colophons for his patronage of literary works and woodblock prints.

KUN DGA' RNAM RGYAL — A ruler in western Tibet in the 16th century whose domain may have included Ladakh. For a letter to his wife Dkon mchog bzang mo from the Dalai Lama II dated 1540, see Tohoku no. 5580 (97). His name is found in the colophon to an old woodblock print of the bio. of Milarepa found in the Chicago Field Museum.

KUN DGA' RNAM RGYAL — Author of works found in a collection entitled, Khrid Material on the Practices of Gcod (Thimphu 1978).

Mkhar Tshong dpon KUN DGA' RNAM RGYAL — Donor/patron for a group of Padmasambhava thangkas. TPS 540.

Chos rje Thon mi KUN DGA' RNAM RGYAL — Bio. by Rgya ban Byang chub dbang rgyal listed in BLP nos. 0756, 0769. Another bio. by Smin gling Lo chen Dharma shrī listed in BLP no. 0770.

Jo sras KUN DGA' RNAM RGYAL — TS5 802.

Thu ston / Rdo rje gdan pa / Rdzong pa KUN DGA' RNAM RGYAL — (1432‑1496) Belonged to lineage of Gong dkar ba. Student of (Paṇ chen) Byams pa gling pa. F. Gong dkar Chos grwa in 1464. See under Rdzong lugs. For name of his bio., see Tucci, Lhasa 149, 179 n. 54. Ferrari 134. Bio. in 62 223 ff. Picture in 128 1056. His bio. by Rgya ston Byang chub dpal published as Chos kyi Rje Thams cad Mkhyen pa Rdo rje gdan pa Chen po Kun dga' rnam rgyal dpal bzang po'i Rnam par Thar pa Ngo mtshar Rin po che'i Gter mdzod, Then mā Dpe skrun khang (Zhang kang 2001), in 213 pp., acquired by TBRC. This same bio. is listed in de Rossi Filibeck, Catalogue II 340 (no. 703), as well as in Drepung Catalog, p. 1503.

Blo ldan KUN DGA' RNAM RGYAL — Tāranātha's scribe. Templeman, SIL 101.

Zur mang Drung pa KUN DGA' RNAM RGYAL — Belonged to Zur mang sub-school of the Karma Bka' brgyud pa. Short work in 36 VI 306‑314. Evidently to be identified with the author of Gcod works mentioned above. H of SK of T 37. See Cuevas,Hidden History 153 (here identified as the Drung pa IV).

Lha btsun KUN DGA' RNAM RGYAL — Illegitimate (?) son of Rnam rgyal lde. DTK5130‑135. Perhaps to be distinguished from Kun dga' rnal rgyal sde who would then be his half brother? Ruled part of Gung thang from his base in Dge brtan.

Chos rgyal Khri KUN DGA' RNAM RGYAL LDE — (16th cent.) Evidently to be identified with the King Kun dga' rnam rgyal, above. 116 312.6.

KUN DGA' RNAM RGYAL DPAL BZANG PO — Kun dga' rnam rgyal dpal bzang po'i Rnam thar Ngo mtshar Rin po che'i Gter mdzod, by Byang chub dbang rgyal, listed in BLP no. 0052. See also Drepung Catalog 1503.

Nya dbon KUN DGA' DPAL — (14th cent.) Contemp. of Bu ston. Author of Prajñāpāramitā commentaries. Disc. of Dol po pa. His Abhisamayālaṅkāra comm. pub. 1978. 'Bri gung Dpal 'dzin (q.v.) was his disc. BA 340, 345, 777, 780, 1017. 27 XII. 76 6. 17 II 382.1, 418.5. His dates may be found in the biography in the Jo nang Kālacakra history by Byang sems Rgyal ba ye shes, p. 178 ff., where he is b. in a Wood Bird and dies in his 95th year, an Earth Sheep (I think this should mean his dates are 1345-1439).

Gnas rnying Mkhan po Gangs can KUN DGA' DPAL — =Kun dga' 'brug dpal. Passed on lineage to 'Brug chen II. He was a disc. of (Kun spangs) Bde legs rin chen. 17 II 510. 17A VII pt. 2, p. 13B.2.

Tshogs sgom KUN DGA' DPAL — Bio. listed in BLP no. 1696.

Sde dge Dgon chen Shar Bla ma KUN DGA' DPAL LDAN — Author of a Kun rig Rnam bshad pub. in 1972.

Bu chen KUN DGA' DPAL LDAN — 5 326.1. 446 I 565.5.

Bya bral KUN DGA' DPAL LDAN — Subj. of bio. by Dis mgo Mkhyen brtse (see his Collected Works, vol. 1, pp. 307‑314).

Mon rtse pa KUN DGA' DPAL LDAN — (1408‑1475?) 235 introduction 8. Author of bio. of Glo mkhar ba, and of an autobiography. 20 37. =Kun dga' 'brug dpal, q.v. =(Gnas rnying Mkhan po) Kun dga' dpal, lineage teacher of 'Brug chen II. Author of235 q.v. (1408‑1475) TS5 471. Subj. of bio. by Rgyal mtshan dpal bzang listed in BLPno. 0411.

Sman bsgom Chos rje KUN DGA' DPAL LDAN — Franz Karl Ehrhard, The Biography of Sman bsgom Chos rje Kun dga' dpal ldan (1735‑1804) as a Source for the Sino Nepalese War. Paper given at "Tibet & Her Neighbors," conference at Harvard University, April 24‑25, 2004. Rje btsun Bla ma Dam pa Sman bsgom Chos kyi rje Kun dga' dpal ldan zhabs kyi Rnam par Thar pa, NGMPP, reel no. L376/3, a biography in 225 folios (source: Kurtis Schaeffer).

Gzhag bla KUN DGA' DPAL BA — Karma pa. See 35 I 645.

'Brug chen II Rgyal ba'i dbang po KUN DGA' DPAL 'BYOR — (1428‑1476) 14th in 'Brug pa Gdan rabs (q.v.). Knew Sanskrit. Studied w/ (Rngog) Byang chub dpal. 36VII 152. 1 20 ff. Studied w/ Nags kyi rin chen and 'Gos Gzhon nu dpal. For his two vol. coll. works, see 57. His songs, see 222 469 ff. Bio. by (A wa dhū ti pa) Rin chen rnam rgyal, dated 1479, found in 24 and 20 34, and 57 7‑67. For a list of his teachers, see 57 preface. He was active in Bhutan, staying in Bum thang area for a number of years. Received Ras chung Snyan brgyud. 410 203B.6. Met by Sha ra Rab 'byams pa. 116 477.6. His Dkar chag Me tog, written in 1459, found in 129 I 1‑31. Bio. by 'Brug chen III found in 487 I 67.5 ff. Bio. by Rin chen rnam rgyal (1469‑1531) listed in de Rossi Filibeck, Catalogue II 342 (no. 709.1).

Gtsang smyon KUN DGA' DPAL BZANG — Evidently not to be identified with Gtsang smyon He ru ka, this person lived in the time of Tā ra nā tha. 87 I 289.

Mi 'gyur Las 'phro gling pa KUN DGA' DPAL BZANG — 410 133B.6. Rgya ma Mi 'gyur ba (1497‑1568). Cuevas, Hidden History 67, 131.

Tshogs bsgom KUN DGA' DPAL BZANG PO (1210‑1307). Kuijp in JIABS 17 (1994) 177.

Rgyal rtse Dpon chen KUN DGA' 'PHAGS PA — (1357‑1412) TS5 562. Kuijp in Lungta14 (2001) 64. Father of (Si tu Rab brtan) Kun bzang 'phags pa. 160 preface. Bio. inDung dkar 75.

Bla chen KUN DGA' PHRIN LAS RGYA MTSHO — Alias Phun tshogs bstan pa. King of Sde dge. His chaplain was (Ngor) (Phan khang) Dpal ldan chos skyong (1702‑1759). 20 18. 440 293.2.

KUN DGA' 'PHRIN LAS DPAL LDAN — His medical work Gso ba Rig pa'i Lag len pub. in 1977.

Mkha' 'gro ma KUN DGA' BUM PA — A woman Terton. 410 113B.4.

KUN DGA' BO — Disc. of Gautama. Ānanda. 128 30, 32. Picture in Chandra 1778.Dung dkar 75‑76. See Kun dga'.

KUN DGA' BO — A n. of Nam mkha' dpal bzang po (1333‑1379), q.v.

Rmor chen KUN DGA' BYUNG GNAS — (17th cent.?) 3rd successor of Mang thos Klu sgrub rgya mtsho in the Tshar pa branch of the Sa skya pa school. Ferrari 119. Perhaps the author of the continuation of the bio. of 'Jam mgon A myes zhabs Ngag dbang kun dga' bsod nams, covering the period 1652‑1659 (pub. 1978).

KUN DGA' BLO GROS — Pictured in 128 544.

KUN DGA' BLO GROS — Western Tibetan royalty. DTK5 72.

KUN DGA' BLO GROS — Youngest son of Bsam lde (b. 1459). DTK5 139. His son, Kun bzang grags pa rdo rje, was born in 1528.

Grub chen KUN DGA' BLO GROS — Incarnation of Bu ston. Resided at Rtse chen Chos sde. Ferrari 59, 142. Bio. by 'Jam dbyangs dkon mchog bzang po listed in BLP no. 0386.

Sa skya Gong ma or Bdag chen KUN DGA' BLO GROS — (1729‑1783) Work on Phur pa (Phur pa'i Las Bzhi'i Sbyin sreg dang Sri mnan) pub. in 1978. 36 IV 876. 87 I 635.6.

Slob dpon KUN DGA' BLO GROS — Bio. listed in BLP no. 2055.

Bla chen KUN DGA' BLO GROS RGYAL MTSHAN — (1299‑1327) Sa skya pa. B. at Lha khang Bla brang. Dhongthog 26, 122. A teacher of Bu ston. 27 76. Went to China in 1319, returned in 1322, and went again in 1331 (note the impossible dates!). Has also the title Ti shi, but sometimes called simply Kun dga' blo gros. See Kuijp, KPTB 51 for information on an official edict issued in 1317. Thuken 176.

Grub chen KUN DGA' BLO LDAN — B. in Rgyal mo rong. Bio. in 383 577.3 ff.

Bru sha Btsun pa or Bru ston KUN DGA' DBANG LDAN — Bonpo. Work in 251 1‑29. Also, 325 375‑93, 395‑447.

Bhe drang KUN DGA' DBANG LDAN — 253 II 437.4.

Gung KUN DGA' DBANG PO — (1906‑1981) He was the 13th Dalai Lama's younger brother. He served as a prime minister. Jampa Samten Shastri, Origins of the Tibetan Canon 779.

Blon chen Glang mdun KUN DGA' DBANG PHYUG — Goldstein, Hist. 147.

Slob dpon KUN DGA' DBANG PHYUG — (1418‑1462) Sa skya pa. Dhongthog 27. =(Rgyal tshab Dam pa) Kun dga' dbang phyug. Author of Lam 'bras Gzhung bshad Pod Dmar ma (=Lam 'bras Po ti Dmar chung), TBRC (Dolanji 1974). Fourth abbot of Ngor, and disc. of the Ngor chen. 76 2. His dates are 1424 to 1478, acc. to ISTS 134.

Lha lung pa KUN DGA' DBANG PHYUG — F. Shug gseb Mon. Vai.Ser. 145.

KUN DGA' 'BUM — A Rnying ma teacher who in the 6th rab byung (1327‑1386) transformed the Dralag Mon. into a Rnying ma one. He was b. in 1332; d. 1381. Studied with Ye shes 'bum of Kaḥ thog Mon. TS7 II 981‑2.

KUN DGA' 'BUM — A monk of Thang po che who, in around 1347‑49 supervised and corrected the Tshal pa Kanjur. Jampa Samten Shastri, Origins of the Tibetan Canon768. His bio. may be found in the Jo nang Kālacakra history by Byang sems Rgyal ba ye shes, pp. 184-186. Here his dates are given as Iron Sheep through Fire Horse, his 72nd year.

KUN DGA' 'BUM — Kuijp, Rivers 313. He was grandfather of 'Ba' ra ba. From Chabs li grong village.

Mkha' 'gro ma Rje btsun ma KUN DGA' 'BUM — A famous woman gter ston teacher. She was met by the Later Dung mtsho ras pa. BD of T&TB III 506, 528. She often bears the title of Mtsho rgyal Rnam sprul ("incarnation of Ye shes mtsho rgyal"), or Ma gcig. Bio. in BD of T&TB III 516. 217 457.2 ff. Bio. in 210 13.5 ff, 65.4. Rediscoverer of the Gsang ba Lam khyer ('The Secret Expedient') contained in 87 vol. 85. For the rediscovery of this text, see 210 16.3. 239 XXV 511.4.

KUN DGA' 'BUM — Wife of Chos skyong lde. DTK5 113.

KUN DGA' 'BRUG DPAL — Resided at Klong rdol Gling stod 'Od gsal sgang. Author ofYang dgon Gser 'phreng. 20 37. Disc. of (Mon rtse pa) Kun dga' dpal ldan, q.v. Editor of 235, q.v.

KUN DGA' MA — Female initiator of Padmasambhava. 431 I 162.3. See Kun dga' mo.

KUN DGA' MI 'GYUR STOBS RGYAL DBANG GI RGYAL PO — N. given by Tāranātha to the Dalai Lama V. Essais 124.

Dre'u lhas Grub dbang KUN DGA' MI 'GYUR RDO RJE — Compiler of Dpal ldan 'Brug pa'i Khyad chos Man ngag Skor Phyogs Gcig tu Sgrigs pa (pub. 1976). The Rje Mkhan po IX (1710‑1759) was a student of his. 135 preface. See =G.yung mgon rdo rje. Work on Kīlaya contained in 452 341‑399. Other works published.

Dge slong ma KUN DGA' MO — A ḍākinī met by Padmasambhava at Tsan dan Tshal. 87 I 17.6. 132 61.1 ff., 110.2. See Kun dga' ma.

KUN DGA' SMON LAM — Kuijp in JIABS 17 (1994) 178. One of two brothers exiled to southern China. Kuijp, Rivers 310.

Spru lung KUN DGA' SMON LAM — Pictured in 128 538. "Later Shabs-drun Spru-lun-pa [Zhabs drung Spru lung pa], who indulged himself in the practice of the art of life-taking, finally destroyed his own lineage by the reflexive power of his art." Fa-tsun, "Bkah-brgyud-pa" in Encyclopedia of Buddhism, vol. 3, p. 145.

Rnal 'byor KUN DGA' TSHUL KHRIMS — Work in 283 397‑401. He established the text of the Gsang ba Gzungs sde Nyi shu (see Bon Kanjur) in a Fire Tiger year.

Dbon Rin po che KUN DGA' TSHUL KHRIMS RGYA MTSHO — 87 XXVI 580.6. Served as Phyag mdzod in ca. 1712. 453 61.5. Younger brother of Gter bdag gling pa. 458 I 183.4, 215.5, 260.6, 271.6, 350.3.

Rig 'dzin KUN DGA' TSHE MCHOG — 374 II 177.1.

KUN DGA' TSHE RING — (late 19th cent.) Stein, Recherches 86.

KUN DGA' MDZES — Brother of Kun dga' smon lam. Kuijp, Rivers 310.

KUN DGA' 'DZOM — Wife of Shes rab bzang po and mother of Kun dga' dpal 'byor (1428‑1476). 57 preface. Niece of granddaughter of Tshul bzangs Du dben sha.

Bla ma KUN DGA' ZHIG PO — Met by (Bon zhig) Khyung nag. A n. of ('Gru zhig) Kun dga', q.v. Second Rab byung. 253 II 399.3, 466.2 ff. 244 372.5.

KUN DGA' GZHON NU — Dpon chen. Petech (1983) 189.

Rgyus dkar ba KUN DGA' GZHON NU — TS7 I 271.

Zhing skyong KUN DGA' GZHON NU — The main 'earth lord' of the mt. ranges of Tsa ri, Tsa gong and Tsa nang. 5 136.5. Work in 87 LXII. See 216 510.4 ff. 346 172.1. A worldly spirit in bio. of 'Jam dpal bshes gnyen. LGCM 596.4.

KUN DGA' BZANG PO — With inscription in form A na nta bha dra, he appears as the patron for a Kālacakra maṇḍala thangka in Kossak, Sacred Visions plate 47b. Evidently to be identified with the founder of Ngor; see below. This name also appears in the form Kun dga' bzang po on the back of an image of Uṣṇīṣavijaya. See Uhlig, On the Path to Enlightenment, p. 156. Also occurs in a patronage inscription for a Hevajra maṇḍala thangka in TPS 600. Subject of bio. by Ngag dbang grags pa listed in BLP no. 0053. Author of bio. of Grub chen Buddha shrī listed in BLP no. 0407.

KUN DGA' BZANG PO — (d. 1280 or 1281) Born in Stag tshang in Gtsang. His younger brother was Dpon Gzhon nu dpal. He was grand-governor of Sa skya Monastery during the 1270's. Kuijp, Rivers 307 (and see especially p. 309, which details his horrible death). See Dpon chen Kun dga' bzang po below, who must be the same person.

Gram pa KUN DGA' BZANG PO — 383 219.5.

Rgyal bu KUN DGA' BZANG PO — N. of Nāropa. BD of T&TB I 827.

Ngor chen KUN DGA' BZANG PO — (1382‑1456) Works in 36 VI. F. Ngor pa (q.v.) subsect in 1427. Waddell 71. (1382‑1444) F. Ngor Mon. in 1429. Educated at Sa skya. A voluminous author. TPS 124. Singh, Himalayan Art 206, and others have repeated the wrong dates of 1382‑1444. From him came the Ngor lugs Tshogs Bshad (q.v.). A member of the 'Khon family. Dhongthog 27. 16 36. 5 189.6. Nat.Geo. CXXVIII 590. 28 114. Acc. to 28 16, b. 1382, f. Ngor in 1429, d. 1457. A teacher of Kun dga' dpal 'byor. 57 preface. Works listed in SBTD I 365. Pictured in 128 1056. 449 33.3. For artworks apparently patronized by him, see above. His bios. are listed in BLP nos. 0648‑0649, one by Dkon mchog rgyal mtshan, the other by Bya bral Sangs rgyas phun tshogs & Gu ge Dpon po Nam mkha' blo gsal chos dpal bzang po. Bio. by Dkon mchog rgyal mtshan listed in de Rossi Filibeck, Catalogue II 334 (no. 670.11).

Rgya ston Nang po KUN DGA' BZANG PO — BD of T&TB VII 167.

Chos rje KUN DGA' BZANG PO — Bio. listed in BLP no. 0757.

Dpon chen KUN DGA' BZANG PO — Chag xlii. Everding in TS9 I 117. He was Dpon chen from 1270‑1275. He was blamed for 'Phags pa's poisoning in 1280.

Pho rgod KUN DGA' BZANG PO — Great grandfather of Dalai Lama II. F. of Rta nag Rdo rje gdan. Through him the Sreg lineage merged w/ the 'Jag subsect of Shangs pa. 23 8.

Bram pa KUN DGA' BZANG PO — He revealed teachings on the fusion of Mahāmudrā and Rdzogs chen contained in Rin chen Gter mdzod, vol. 92. These were pased on to the Rngog lugs.

Dbus smyon KUN DGA' BZANG PO — (1458‑1532) His bio. written in 1494 by Gnyug la Paṇ chen contained in 72 II 383‑560. Jackson, Misc. no. 1302/1. The continuation by Lha mthong Lo tsā ba in 72 II 561‑660. 235 introduction 9. The meeting of the 5‑6 year old Nam mkha' rgyal mtshan (1475‑1530) with him is related in 602 8v.3 ff. Bio. by Gnyug la Paṇ chen Ngag dbang grags pa & Lha mthong Lo tsā ba listed in BLP no. 1546, with bio. by Zhabs drung Ngag dbang grags pa, no. 1547. Bios. listed in de Rossi Filibeck, Catalogue II 339, 341. Roesler, KSP 60.

Mi dpon or Dpon chen KUN DGA' BZANG PO — He controlled Dbus & Gtang in last half of 13th cent. 115 129.5 ff, 131.4.

Rtse Bla ma KUN DGA' BZANG PO — Shastri in TS9 I 133.

Sems dpa' chen po KUN DGA' BZANG PO — Bio. by Shākya'i Dge slong Legs pa bzang po listed in Drepung Catalog 1513.

Rje btsun KUN DGA' BZANG MO — (b. 1459) 5 310.3. 234 I A 18.6. She was regarded as the rebirth of Chos kyi sgron me, daughter of the Gung thang king Lha dbang rgyal mtshan (1404‑1464). Ehrhard, Corresp. xix.

Rgyal bu KUN DGA' 'OD — 352 547.8. Canzio in Zlos gar 48.

Ngor rje KUN DGA' 'OD — In Guhyasamāja lineage. 17 II 410.4. BA 365. Disc. of (Rngog) Mdo sde. 17 463.3 BA 408.

KUN DGA' 'OD ZER — (16th cent.) Mergen Mañjusrī Paṇḍita. See Heissig 30.

KUN DGA' 'OD ZER — (active, 1628) Bandida Guushi. Uspensky, Prince Yunli 31.

Khyung rtse KUN DGA' 'OD ZER — One of the founders of Bsam 'grub Mon. in 15th cent. Thar in TS9 IV 164.

Slob dpon KUN DGA' 'OD ZER — Served as upādhyāya (mkhan po) at Klong chen's ordination. A disc. of Karma pa Rang byung rdo rje. Gave Vajramāla initiation to Mkha' spyod dbang po. 210 226.3. 115 144.1, 156.7. 52 2.

KUN DGA' RA BA — Skt. ārāma. Generally speaking, in origin, a walled garden. It is defined as 'a place where bhikṣus stay' (dge 'dun bzhugs pa'i gnas) in 171 440.2.

KUN DGA' RA BA — A temple on the back side of the 'Bras spungs Dga' ldan Pho brang. Dung dkar 76‑77.

Gzhu yi KUN DGA' RA BA — F. by (Rngog) Byang chub 'byung gnas in 1014. Dhongthog 117. BA 75, 792. 115 139.7. Vai.Ser. 192. Buston 204.

KUN DGA' RA BA MA — N. of a work. Comm. in SBTD I 358.

Bya bral KUN DGA' RANG GROL — For sources on this 'das log figure, see Epstein inTJ 7 no 4 (Wint 1982) 80‑81. His 'das log story was told by a Ma i pa named 'Gyur med at the Smon lam Chen mo festival held in Washington DC in 2000. LTWA no. KA3 / 24 / 2068 is a ms. in 441 pages, entitled: Dmyal ba Mi yul gyi Sa mtshams Shi Gson Gnyis kyi Bang chen Bka'i 'Phrin pa Bya bral Kun dga' rang grol gyi Dmyal khams Gnas su Byon nas 'Khor 'das Kun gyi Chos rgyal Rin po che'i Dkar nag Dbye ba'i 'Bras bu'i Rnam thar Mdo tsam. St. Petersburg collection has the same title, no. B9217/3 (see also B9217/2), but this is a xylograph in 42 fols. BLP no. 1444 lists a ms. in 42 fols.

Smra dbang KUN DGA' RANG GROL — Author of Rgyal gshen C.hen po'i Rnam rol Nges med Rnal 'byor Rgyal ba Dbang ldan gyi Rnam thar, listed in the bibliography of Namgyal's Zhang zhung dictionary.

Rang 'grub Dpon KUN DGA' RAB BRTAN — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 119.4.

Rig 'dzin Bskal bzang KUN DGA' RIG 'DZIN — An embodiment of Zil gnon dbang rgyal rdo rje. Guru of Kun bzang rdo rje (1738‑1805), q.v. One (Zur) Kun dga' rig 'dzin appears in 458 I 198.3.

Pu rangs KUN DGA' RING MO — In Bonpo lineage. Bio. in 253 II 330.1 ff., where Pu rangs is spelled Spu reng. 206 576.5. 248 56.6.

KUN DGA' RIN CHEN — (1339‑1399) 15th abbot of Sa skya. Brother of Bla ma dam pa.Dung dkar 77. =Tā dben Kun dga' rin chen.

KUN DGA' RIN CHEN — (1517‑1584) Sa skya pa. [Should not be confused with the nearly contemporary 'Bri gung pa teacher by this name.] Practically rebuilt Sa skya Mon. He is subject of a bio. by A myes zhabs (b. 1597) in 76 2. Ferrari 148. TPS 156, 172. Brother of Padma bdud 'dul, w/ whom he split ca. 1775 to form 2 branches of Sa skya school. See also Sgrol ma Pho brang. 84 230. 17 III 482.1. Author of Gdan sa Chen po Dpal ldan Sa skya'i Gtsug lag khang dang Rten Gsum gyi Dkar chag, a manuscript used by Vitali in Lungta 14 (2001). Sgo rum Mkhas chen Kun rin, Sa skya'i Rten Brten pa'i Dkar chag, BLP no. 1955. Bio. by Ngag dbang kun dga' bsod nams (1597‑1662) listed in de Rossi Filibeck, Catalogue II 343 (no. 713).

'Bri gung pa or 'Bri gung Chos rje KUN DGA' RIN CHEN — (1475‑1527) Son of Rin chen chos kyi rgyal mtshan (1446‑1484). Served as abbot of 'Bri gung Mon. from 1494 to 1527. F. Sgang sngon Mon. in Ladakh. Probably author of Lo rgyus (history) cited in 168 preface. Mentioned in BD of T&TB III 525. Imprisoned by the army of Godan (?). 208 I 217.4. Collected works in 357. 116 295.5. BD of T&TB VII 175. His bio. by Rin chen phun tshogs in 490. His life story is told in Khenpo Könchog Gyaltsen (tr.), The Garland of Mahamudra Practices, appendix (pp. 104‑110). His collected works in six volumes published in Delhi (in pothi format) in 2003. Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 116.

Sgom chen KUN DGA' RIN CHEN — Kuijp in TH&L 293 n. 20.

Bdag chen KUN DGA' RIN CHEN — (1517‑1584). DTK5 142.

Shar pa KUN DGA' RIN CHEN — (late 13th cent.). DTK5 111.

KUN DGA' RIN CHEN — Ruler of Bhutan from 1773‑6. Aris, Discourse 3.

KUN DGA' RIN PO CHE — Teacher of C.M. Chen who died before 1959. See C.M. Chen,Discriminations between Buddhist and Hindu Tantras.

KUN DGA' LUGS — ? See Das 21.

KUN DGA' LUNG RIG — Main spiritual tutor of Bsod nams lde. DTK5 143.

Lha dbang KUN DGA' LEGS — Author of bio. of Dpal sgang Lo tsā ba listed in BLP no. 1315 (a Mtshur phu print).

Rje KUN DGA' LEGS GRUB — 374 II 90.4.

KUN DGA' LEGS PA — (1433‑1483) A Phag mo gru pa prince. 39 15. BD of T&TB I 898. 383 444.4

Mkhas btsun KUN DGA' LEGS PA — Hermit of Jangpukpa. In thangka inscription inRhies & Thurman 231.

Sgo rum pa KUN DGA' LEGS PA — A teacher of Mkhyen brtse'i dbang phyug (b. 1524). Aka (Sgom rum) Kun dga' legs pa'i blo gros, and Kun legs. Dates given as 1497‑1544 in BD of T&TB III 721. 374 I 434.4. Bio., see Jackson, Misc. no. 1298. Bio. by 'Jam dbyangs Mkhyen brtse'i dbang phyug listed in BLP no. 0608.

Dbang KUN DGA' LEGS PA — DTK5 114.

'Brug smyon KUN DGA' LEGS PA — (1455‑1529) Most commonly called Kun legs. See20 3 (n.4). Member of the Rgya lineage of Rwa lung. Son of (Nang so) Rin chen bzang po, who was son of Drung rdor ba, who was the younger brother of both Nam mkha' dpal bzang (1398‑1425) and Shes rab bzang po (1400‑1438). His incarnation lineage existed at Dre'u lhas, and a bio. printed there from 1892 blocks was reproduced in 1978. See Stein. There have been several translations of his bio. in French, German and English. See Rikon Catalogue 461. A Ra lung print of the bio. is listed in BLP no. 1260, and note also bio. printed at Mnyal ri lha, listed in BLP no. 1571; 'Brug pa Kun legs kyi Btsog Rnam Le'u Gsum, no. 1572; bio. by Badzra dhi gli bha dra, no. 1573. De Rossi Filibeck, Catalogue II 340 (no. 704) lists three biographies.

KUN DGA' LEGS PA'I BLO GROS RGYAL MTSHAN — Bio. by Bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan listed in BLP no. 0054.

KUN DGA' LEGS PA'I 'BYUNG GNAS — Of Bkra shis chos 'phel. In Thang lugs (q.v.) transmission. 29 7.

Ti shi KUN DGA' LEGS PA'I 'BYUNG GNAS — (1308‑1339) Sa skya pa. Some sources say he died in 1330. Dhongthog 28. Discussion of dates in Kuijp, KPTB 40.

Gnas gsar KUN DGA' LEGS PA'I 'BYUNG GNAS — (1704‑1760) Famous Sa skya pa scholar. His bio. by Ngag dbang kun dga' blo gros listed in BLP no. 1239 (and see also no. 1332).

Dbang KUN DGA' LEGS PA'I 'BYUNG GNAS — (1308‑1336) Sa skya pa. F. mon. in Re mda', to the W of Sa skya. Dhongthog 28.

KUN DGA' LEGS RGYAL MTSHAN DPAL BZANG PO — His seal, given in 1378, illus. inPrecious Deposits III 147.

Mon rtse Rtogs ldan KUN DGA' LEGS BZANG — Contemp. of Gtsang smyon. 20 10.

KUN DGA' LEGS RIN — Sa skya pa. Work in 36 IV 806.

'Jam dbyangs KUN DGA' SENG GE — (1314‑1347) 8th in 'Brug pa Gdan rabs (q.v.). BA671. 57 IIB 367.5. 1 17. Bio. by Bsam rgyal Kha che. 24 II 363‑447. Author of bio. of his predecessor (Bcu gsum pa) Seng ge rgyal po. 24 II 303‑361. 487 I 52.1 ff. See Aris in BSOAS XXXIX (1976) 634.

De ba KUN DGA' SENG GE — Work in 270.

Rtsis pa KUN DGA' GSAL BA — Student & contemp. of Bsod nams rgyal mtshan (1312‑1375). Author of comm. found in 89.

Rtse sdong Bdag chen KUN DGA' BSAM 'GRUB — 210 216.1.

Drung gnas KUN DGA' BSAM GTAN PA — Roesler, KSP 63.

KUN DGA' BSAM 'PHEL — 28 15.

Lcags zam pa KUN DGA' BSOD NAMS — 458 I 45.5.

Sa skya Lo tsā ba 'Jam pa'i rdo rje KUN DGA' BSOD NAMS — (b. 1485) Longer form of name: Kun dga' bsod nams grags pa rgyal mtshan. ='Jam dbyangs kun dga' bsod nams, q.v. Author of a bio. of Glo bo Mkhan chen. 76 2. Perhaps the subj. of the bio. listed in BLP no. 0835 (see de Rossi Filibeck, Catalogue II 344, no. 722, where his dates are given as 1597‑1659, the dates of A myes zhabs) and 347 (no. 742), where he is dated to 17th century. In a forthcoming publication, David Jackson will give his dates as 1485-1533 (tenure as 23rd chair of Sa skya from 1496 to 1533). He is depicted (but incorrectly identified) in Kreijger, Tibetan Paintings, pl. 24, surrounded by his teachers (Rje Dkon mchog 'phel, Bdag chen Chos rje, 'Jam dbyangs shes rab rin chen, Grub chen Phyag rdor ba, 'Khrul zhig Tshul khrims rgyal mtshan, Mkhan chen Kun blo ba, Rje x x dge ba, Sngags 'chang x x dpal bzang, Shākya seng ge, Chos rje Yon tan pa, Gdong skyes pa, Ser chen Chos bzangs pa, Paṇ chen Grags pa rdo rje, & Glo bo Mkhan chen). Author of a bio. listed in Drepung Catalog 1506.

A myes zhabs KUN DGA' BSOD NAMS — See under Ngag dbang kun dga' bsod nams.


KUN DGA' BSOD NAMS CHOS 'PHAGS — Alias of (Rig 'dzin) Bdud 'dul rdo rje.

Yar 'brog Khri dpon Hyentu Shrī KUN DGA' BSOD NAMS LHUN GRUB — Hendu Shrī. Brother in law of Gter bdag gling pa. Bio. written at his request ca. 1689. 458 I 189.5, 352.5.

KUN DGA' LHUN GRUB — Bio. by Gter bton Nyi zla sangs rgyas listed in BLP no. 0055. On a member of the Kar gling Zhi khro lineage by this name, see Cuevas,Hidden History 160.

Kong ston KUN DGA' LHUN GRUB — In lineage of O rgyan Bsnyen sgrub. 17 II 437.2.

Ngor chen KUN DGA' LHUN GRUB — (1497‑1557) His work on Vajrabhairava pub. in 1978. He is most likely the one depicted in upper corner of Rhie & Thurman, Worlds of Transformation plate 139.

Mnga' bdag KUN DGA' LHUN GRUB — 210 24.3. Cuevas, Hidden History 185. He is also probably the Chos rje Kun dga' lhun grub depicted at bottom of Kriejger,Tibetan Painting pl. 66.

Rmor chen Rdo rje 'chang Ngag dbang KUN DGA' LHUN GRUB — (1654‑1726) Sa skya pa. Dhongthog 43. =(Rmor chen) Kun dga' 'byung gnas ? Pictured in 128 450. Bio. in 383 478.2 ff.

Yongs 'dzin II KUN DGA' LHUN GRUB — (1617‑1678) 'Brug pa Bka' brgyud pa. He is the second Bde chen chos 'khor Yongs 'dzin. Author of 176. Collected works in 2 vols., see 8. B. in Dbus near the Gong ri dkar po, 2 days SE of Lha sa. 7. Apparently the lengthy version of his name is Ngag dbang kun dga' lhun grub thub bstan dge legs 'byung gnas bsod nams rgyal mtshan, q.v.

KUN DGA' LHUN GRUB RGYA MTSHO — Successor of (Rmog lcog) Kun dga' dge legs dpal 'bar in the Jo nang pa Lugs (q.v.), no. 26.

KUN 'GRUB BDE DGA' BZANG PO — Initiatory n. of Sa dbang bzang po (q.v.) by which he is known in historical sources. 39 12.

Thel pa Mkhan chen KUN RGYAL — BD of T&TB I 898.

Gtsang ston KUN RGYAL — (1126‑1216) Aka Rgyal tshab Kun rgyal. B. in Gtsang. Went to Kaḥ thog in his 56th year. Dhongthog 88. BD of T&TB III 360‑62.

Bdud 'dul gling pa KUN SGROL GSANG RTSAL — Teacher of Shar rdza. 253 II 502.1. Perhaps this is Kun grol grags pa V 'Chi med bdud 'dul gling pa?

KUN BSGAD — A new name given on completion of Sanskrit grammar course. Dungkar in TJ 8 no 4 (Wint 1993) 43.

KUN CHEN — See (— —) Zur phug Chos rje.

KUN 'CHANG RGYAL PO — ? 253 II 379.3.

KUN SNYING LUGS — A Guhyasamāja school. Dung dkar 78.

Rgyal po KUN TU GO BYED — In Jatakas. Pictured in 128 736.

Rgyal bu KUN TU DGA' — 128 802.

KUN TU DGE BA — N. of Lu i pa. BD of T&TB I 401. N. of the king he served as scribe. Joshi, Studies in Buddhistic Culture 272.

KUN TU RGYAL BA — Father of Thams cad sgrol. TPS 469.

Gnod sbyin KUN TU RGYAL BA — 216 316.1 ff. Emmerick.

A rog KUN TU RGYAL BA — 'Jig rten mgon po, Bka' 'bum (2001) VI 139.3.

KUN TU RGYU — One of the Rtog ge Drug (q.v.) Lang ka pu ri'i Smad tshong ma. A prostitute in KTDN 67.4.


KUN TU 'CHANG — Pictured in 320 XIII 3.



KUN TU 'DRES PA — N. of river in Ba glang spyod. Das 417.

Bde mchog KUN TU SPYOD PA'I RGYUD — Comm. in 145 IV 45D.6 ff.

KUN TU BZANG PO — The Bodhisattva by this n. is pictured in 128 22. A n. of Nāropa. BD of T&TB I 827. For the Rnying ma pa and Bon po, a slightly personified version of the unpersonifiable ultimate Buddhahood, sometimes pictured as a naked, dark blue Buddha figure with or without consort. The 'Total Good' beyond dichotomies. Dung dkar 78‑79.

Rim gro ba KUN TU BZANG PO — Karma pa. 35 II 349.

KUN TU BZANG PO — Pl.n. BA 452. N. of a hermitage associated with Phag mo gru pa. Kuijp in Lungta 14 (2001).

Dpal KUN TU BZANG PO — Pl.n. BA 1092.

Rgyal bu KUN TU BZANG PO — A n. of Na ro pa. 73 53.4. See also above.

KUN TU BZANG PO'I CHE BA LA RANG GNAS PA'I RGYUD — 319 VIII 299‑327. 31 chaps. 320 XII 439‑84.

KUN TU BZANG PO'I MCHOD PA — Dung dkar 79.

KUN TU BZANG PO THABS SHES DBYER MED — Title listed in Everding's Bon catalog, no. JS 1851.



KUN TU BZANG MO — A "slave of Padmasambhava" and a gter ma protector acc. to210 150.1. Generally refers to the consort of Kun tu bzang po. He refers to the enlightened 'subject', the Enlightened Mind (Bodhicitta), while she refers to the enlightened 'object', the experience of the enlightened 'subject,' the Realm of Dharmas.

KUN TU BZANG MO — Woman author of the biography of Mon rdzong ras chen (15th century).

Gsang yum KUN TU BZANG MO — G.yang 'dzom is one of her students. 72 I contents.

KUN BTUS — Shortened title of Asaṅga's Abhidharmasamuccaya. For an outline (sa bcad), see SBTD I 76.


KUN THAR — P.n. Stein, Recherches 160.

Shel grong KUN THAR — Havnevik, dissert. 221.


Bzod thob Dpa' chen Gcan gzan KUNDA'I GZUGS — In Jātaka. Pictured in 128 730.

KUN DAR MA — AKA Kun dar ras ma. Lineage holder of the Nor bu Mthong grol cycle, which she received from the revealer (Bram pa) Kun dga' bzang po.

KUN DHA LI NA'I GLING — 124 440.5.

KUN DHAR LA MA'I GLING — 124 440.6.

KUN BDE GLING — Called Kontialing or Kundeling in Das, JTL&CT 216, 230. One of the four Gling of Lhasa from which the Regents were chosen. Located W of Lhasa on the road to 'Bras spungs. Also, =Brtan bzhugs chos 'khor (q.v.). Waddell 253. Waddell, Lhasa 375. Schulemann 159. Ferrari 93. BA 1093. One Kundaling Kusang la headed the women's protests in Lhasa of 1959; see Palden Gyatso, Autobio. 139. May be abbreviated as Kun gling. Dung dkar 80‑82. Alexander, Temples 207.

KUN BDE GLING BLA BRANG — Location for a printery. 162 206. See Mengele, dGe 'dun chos 'phel 64.

KUN BDE GLING RIN PO CHE — The present incarnation in India said to be in dispute. Barlocher 588, 593, 627, 639.

Rje KUN 'DUL BA — Also called 'Or sgom, and Bla ma Kun 'dul. Bio. in 206 573.6 ff, 575.6, 578.5. 248 53.3. 253 II 334.3 ff. Redisc. in 313 II 89‑110, 207‑218.

Byang sems KUN 'DUS — Text in 320 I 443‑445.

KUN 'DUS GLING PA — See O rgyan 'gro 'dul+.

KUN 'DUS RDOR SEMS PHO BRANG — Sardar-Afkhami, Account 11. See Ian Baker,Heart of the World 191 ff.

KUN 'DUS NOR BU'I LUGS — A style of visualizing the lama alone as representing all the deities. Dung dkar 82.

Byang sems KUN 'DUS 'OD KYI RGYUD — Text in 319 III 365‑85.

KUN 'DUS RIG PA'I MDO — Title in 320 XII 2.

KUN 'DUS RIN CHEN RTSA RGYUD — Bon comm. in 292 II. Comm. in 317 105‑191.

KUN 'DUS GSAL BA 'OD GLING — 253 II 379.6.

KUN RDOR SPRUL SKU — (b. 1953) Presently in Switzerland, he is a Se ra Rje incarnate. Barlocher 407‑411, 765.

KUN LDAN — (1148‑1217) Disc. of Phag mo gru pa. Brother of Rgyal tsha. BA707‑708. =Kun ldan ras pa, q.v. =(Kun ldan Gtsang pa) Ras chung, q.v. Pictured in128 472. 484 I 858.1.

KUN LDAN RAS PA — See under Kun ldan.

'Khrul zhig KUN LDAN RAS PA — Disc. of (Byang sems) Bsod nams rgyal mtshan. In lineage of Gtsang smyon (q.v.). Evidently a woman. She is called Kun ldan ras ma, 'daughter' (physical or spiritual?) of (Byang sems) Bsod nams rgyal mtshan and Ma cig Kun ldan (q.v.). =Ye shes kun ldan. 17 II 510. Bio. in 74 I 207‑214.

Rgyal tsha KUN LDAN RAS PA — F. Khro phu Mon. 12 IX 87.5. Surely ought to be identified with Kun ldan, above.

KUN LDAN SHES RAB — Gave the Dge tshul vows to Zhwa nag III in ca. 1291. BA 489. 17 II 535.6.

KUN NAS DPAL — See under Sa manta shrī.

KUN GYI RNA CAN — N. of Yudhiṣṭhira. Das 98.

KUN SNANG — Pl.n. BA 5, 1039.

Rgyal sras KUN SNANG — 352 602.17.

KUN SNANG KHYAB PA — N. of a Bon 'creator'. Tucci, Religions 214. In center of a group of 5 deities. Nine Ways 261 (n. 59).

KUN SNANG RTSA BA'I RGYUD LE'U RTSA GCIG PA — Bon tantra in 258 I 157‑231.

Kaḥ thog Mkhan po KUN DPAL — A teacher of Ngag dga' (b. 1879). 39 17.

KUN SPANGS — See (— —) Don yod rgyal mtshan; (— —) Bde legs rin chen; (— —) Chos grags dpal; (— —) Thugs rje brtson 'grus.

KUN SPANGS — See under A dhū. BBNP 470.

KUN SPANGS CHOS RJE — In Kālacakra lineage. 475 119.4.

KUN SPANGS RJE — A teacher of Padma dkar po (1527‑1592). 1 27.

Sde pa KUN SPANGS DRUNG — A ruler of Bsam grub rtse. See Rdzong rtse Byams pa thub bstan's history of Bsam 'grub rtse, at p. 11.

Gsi dkar KUN SPANGS PA — Karma pa. Bio. in 35 I 646.


Shu mi dhur KUN SPRUL — A 'Gu log incarnation. 23 32.

Bla ma KUN 'PHAGS — 377 22a.1.

KUN 'PHEL — Or, Kun 'phel lags. Advisor to 13th Dalai Lama, his name is often spelled Kumbela. ISTS xvi. Goldstein, Hist. 147.

Bya btang KUN 'PHEL — 601 16v.5.

Rdzogs pa Chen po KUN BYED RGYAL PO — Text in Rnying ma Rgyud 'Bum. One of the root texts of Rdzogs chen. BA 137, 145, 172. 27 69. 33 231.2. Extracts and comm. in36 I. See also vol. XIV of Gsung Bka' ma. 217 708.5 ff. Its full length title is given variously: Lta ba Nam mkha Ltar Mtha' Dbus Med pa'i Rgyud+ in 319 I 383‑435. Chos Thams cad Rdzogs chen Byang chub kyi sems Kun byed rgyal po in 320 I 1‑220 (contains 84 chaps.). Dung dkar 84‑85.


KUN 'BYUNG GSER MTSHO — Lake in Tsari. 17 IV 226.3.

Zhig po KUN RTSE — SFHB 728.5.

Chos rje KUN TSHANG — Illegitimate son of Bsod nams lde. DTK5 144.

Ri bo KUN 'DZIN — KB 60.3.

KUN 'DZOM — "Where all meet." N. of mt. pass on road to Lahul from Spiti. Das1056.

'Brug chen VIII KUN GZIGS CHOS KYI SNANG BA — (1768‑1822) For a list of his names, see 23 54‑55. Bio. in 1 42. 23 48. Author of 107. Author of Guidebook to Tsari in 122 1‑59. Author of Phyag chen Sngon Bsdus in 129 II 39‑53, and Phyag chen Sngon 'gro in 129 II 55‑151. Works, see 465. Continuation of his autobiography by Yongs 'dzin V contained in 136 365‑389. Author of 414 5‑83. Calls himself Chos kyi snang ba 'gyur med rdo rje'i snying po in 122 59. In his autobiography, listed in de Rossi Filibeck, Catalogue II 348 (no. 744), he calls himself Mi pham chos kyi snang ba.

KUN GZIGS MTHONG BA DON LDAN — N. of 'Jam dbyangs bzhad pa III. Dung dkar 88.

KUN GZIGS PHO BRANG — A palace at Bkra shis lhun po built in 1837. Dung dkar 88.

KUN BZANG — Disc. of Atiśa. 17 II 282.4. Dung dkar 88.

Dpon chen KUN BZANG — Slain by the Mongol army at Bya rog tshang. 208 I 218.3.

Slob dpon KUN BZANG — (12th cent.) Sometimes spelled Kun bzangs. Father of 'Od 'bar seng ge. Disciple of both of the 'Dzeng. Bio. in BD of T&TB III 324. BA 188.

G.yag sde Sprul sku KUN BZANG — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363. 117.1.

Rab brtan KUN BZANG — Chief under whom Rgyal rtse reached its climax of power. Built the Sku 'bum and Dpal 'khor Chos sde. Tucci, Lhasa 41. TPS 665. =Rab brtan pa. 5 254.6. Same as Kun bzang 'phags pa, q.v.

Lha rtse Grub chen KUN BZANG KLONG GROL — 453 160.2.

Rtogs ldan KUN BZANG KLONG GROL — Father of Snang gsal lhun grub, who in 15th century served Bon religion in Reb gong. They descended from Grub chen Khyung dkar tshang ba. See Tsering Thar's paper on Kokonoor tantric practitioners.

Glo bo Bla ma KUN BZANG KLONG YANGS — (fl. ca. 1689) 458 I 314.6.

Rtogs ldan KUN BZANG KLONG GROL — Lost ref.

KUN BZANG KHYAB GDAL LHUN GRUB — N. of a person? In colophon of Nyingma work. FM 221.1.

KUN BZANG 'KHOR LO — SBTD I 155, 252. This is a name for a special type of concrete poetry often found in Tibetan art (on monastery entrance-way walls, etc.). It seems to have been inspired by the poetics of Daṇḍin. It looks like a checkerboard with a single syllable in each square, made in such a way that it can be read in at least 8 directions, usually ending at the center, hence forming a 'wheel' ('khor lo) which reads 'well' (bzang) in 'all' (kun) directions. An old example from Mtho lding illus. in Precious Deposits II 154‑5. Another example studied by Ehrhard in LungtaXIII (2000) 28-32.

KUN BZANG GANG SHAR RANG GROL — N. of Shākya shrī (1853‑1919).

KUN BZANG GRAGS PA — Father of Snang gsal. 453 30.3.

KUN BZANG GRAGS PA RDO RJE — (1528‑1565) Died in 38th year, a Wood Ox. DTK5139, 140. See under Kun bzang rdo rje grags pa.

KUN BZANG GLING — Pl.n. 210 75.1.

Rdzogs chen KUN BZANG DGONGS 'DUS — A redisc. of Padma gling pa. See 12 XII 3 for comm.

Rdzogs chen KUN BZANG DGONGS PA KUN 'DUS — Redisc. of Klong chen pa in 87vol. 89.

KUN BZANG DGONGS PA BCUD THIG — N. of precepts. Lineage prayer in 344215‑216. =Kun bzang dgongs bcud.

U rgyan Thugs kyi Yang tig KUN BZANG DGONGS PA CHIG 'DUS — A redisc. of Thang stong rgyal po. 5 115.4.

Grub dbang KUN BZANG 'GYUR MED KLONG GROL — 384 III contents.

Lha lung KUN BZANG 'GYUR MED MCHOG GRUB — Author in 1725 of a bio. of Klong chen pa. Kuijp in TH&L 289.

Sngags rams pa KUN BZANG 'GYUR MED BSTAN 'DZIN — (19th cent.) BD of T&TB VII 642.

KUN BZANG 'GYUR MED TSHE DBANG GRAGS PA NGES DON GRUB PA'I RDO RJE — (recent) Author of Rdzogs chen work in 239 XXX 515‑519.

KUN BZANG 'GYUR MED LHUN GRUB — Of Rdo dmar family (d. 1767). TS7 I 258.

Rgod ldem VI KUN BZANG 'GYUR MED LHUN GRUB RDO RJE — See 370 preface.

Dpal me Mkhyen brtse KUN BZANG 'GRO 'DUL — (1897‑1946) Subj. of bio. by (Zur mang Mkhan po) Karma tshogs gnyis rgya mtsho, q.v. 341. A vol. of writings pub. in 1975. 344. Aliases: Bde chen rdo rje, Kun bzang mdo sngags bde chen gling pa. One of many reembodiments of 'Jam dbyangs Mkhyen brtse'i dbang po (1820‑1892). He was a 'Universalist' (Ris med pa). His mon. Dpal me in Khams followed a fusion of Dkar brgyud pa and Rnying ma pa practices.

KUN BZANG RGYAL BA RGYA MTSHO — Painting illus. in Baumer, Tibet's Ancient Religion Bön 164.

KUN BZANG RGYAL BA 'DUS PA — Bronze illus. in Baumer, Tibet's Ancient Religion Bön 163.

Sga KUN BZANG RGYAL MTSHAN — Became abbot of Sman ri Mon. in 1464. Kvaerne233 (no. 137). Bio. in A tri 54 ff. 342 65 ff. Kailash I 48. Work in 418. Verses of praise in 333 55 ff.

A mdo KUN BZANG RGYAL MTSHAN — (b. 1837) Kvaerne no. 197. Alias Nam mkha' dbang phyug. Work in Bon Dag.

Rig 'dzin KUN BZANG NGES DON KLONG YANGS — 19th cent. teacher in Padma bkod. Alias, Rdo rje gsang ba rtsal. His autobio. pub. in Two Rare 'Brug pa Dkar brgyud pa Biographies (1974). Author, in 1882, of 433.

Phyag tsha Sprul sku I KUN BZANG NGES DON DBANG PO — TS7 II 982.

Mkhan po KUN BZANG CHOS GRAGS — Collected works pub in 1982+. Also called Kun bzang dpal ldan.

KUN BZANG CHOS GLING — Mon. in Dolpo. Snellgrove, Asian Commitment 148.

Lhas sgang pa KUN BZANG CHOS RGYAL — 458 I 189.2, 295.1, 327.6.


KUN BZANG CHOS DBYINGS DPAL 'BAR — A disc. of Tshe dbang nor bu (1698‑1755), who wrote down instructions for him that are contained in 10.

KUN BZANG 'JA' LUS — Actually spelled Kun bzang 'bya lus in an inscription on a thangka depicted in Rhie & Thurman, Worlds of Transformation plate 75.

Rdo ba Grub chen IV KUN BZANG 'JIGS MED CHOS DBYINGS RANG GROL — (b. 1927) Now residing in Gangtok. Author of 151. 39 4, 11. 167 445 ff. Bio. in Kailash I (1) 11‑12. According to Tulku Thondup's Masters of Meditation and Miracles, there were two incarnations, both born in 1927.

KUN BZANG 'JIGS MED BSTAN PA'I NYI MA — See under 'Jigs med bstan pa'i nyi ma.

Rdzong gter KUN BZANG NYI MA — (1904‑1958) Author of Gling rje Ge sar Rgyal po'i Sgrung Kong The'u rang gi Ra rdzong Phab pa, Si khron Mi rigs Dpe skrun khang (Chengdu 1999). Aka Rig 'dzin Nus ldan rdo rje. See Gter ston Bdud 'joms gling pa dang Rigs sras Dri med 'od zer / Rdzong gter Kun bzang nyi ma bcas kyi Rnam thar Phyogs gcig tu Bsgrigs pa Dad Gsum Gser gyi Snye ma, ed. by Padma 'od gsal, Si khron Mi rigs Dpe skrun khang (Chengdu 2000), in 188 pages.

Chos rgyal KUN BZANG NYI MA — King of Mnga' ris Stod. 40 4.

Khri KUN BZANG NYI ZLA — (1514‑1560) Son of Kun dga' rnam rgyal lde. DTK5 135, 140. Nonsectarian, but especially drawn to Old Tantras. Took throne of Gung thang in his 16th year. He lived until his 47th year, an Iron Monkey, when he was killed.

KUN BZANG MNYAM NYID RGYUD — Bon tantra in 258 III 1‑37.

KUN BZANG SNYING PO — A Torgut. 438 VII 19.5.

KUN BZANG SNYING PO — A n. of the Dpa' bo IV Phrin las rgya mtsho.

KUN BZANG BSTAN DAR — Author of Khregs chod Zin bris contained in Padma rig 'dzin, Chos Thams cad kyi Spyir Brtags (1974), pp. 501‑568.

KUN BZANG BSTAN PA'I RGYAL MTSHAN — (modern) Scribe for index to 414.

KUN BZANG BSTAN PA'I NYI MA — (recent) B. in Mon. 383 478.1.

Phyag tsha Sprul sku II KUN BZANG BSTAN PA'I NYIN BYED — TS7 II 982.

KUN BZANG BSTAN 'DZIN — 346 116.4.

Rig 'dzin KUN BZANG BSTAN 'DZIN RGYA MTSHO — Rebirth of Bde chen gling pa. 365 164.1. 415 XI 74.1.

KUN BZANG THUGS GTER — Cycle of (Byang chub gling pa) Dpal gyi rgyal mtshan (q.v.).

KUN BZANG THUGS THIG — Cycle of Mchog gyur gling pa. 363 25.3. Texts in 239XXX 445 etc.

'Khrul zhig KUN BZANG MTHONG GROL RDO RJE — (modern) 345 10A.2. 377 44A.1. For his various names, see Havnevik, dissert. 84, acc. to which, he died in about 1923.

KUN BZANG DON GYI 'PHRIN LAS — Text in 317 227‑41. Title listed in Everding's Bon catalog, no. JS 1843.

Khro rgyal KUN BZANG DRAG 'KHROS — Also, Kun bzang drag sngags. Texts in 299291 ff.

KUN BZANG BDUD 'JOMS — ='Gro 'dul 'od gsal rdo rje.

Mi dbang KUN BZANG BDUD 'DUL LDESee Bdud 'dul lde, etc. King of W Tibet responsible for the edition of the Milarepa song collection in FM 206, printed in an Iron Mouse year. Note the Bdud 'dul rgyal po in TPS 645.

Se ra Mkha' 'gro KUN BZANG BDE SKYONG DBANG MO (1892‑?) TS7 I 357.

KUN BZANG BDE CHEN — In bio. of Snang sa. Beyer 57‑58.

Chos mdzad KUN BZANG BDE CHEN — 363 116.1.

Gter ston KUN BZANG BDE CHEN RGYAL PO — His Rtsa Gsum Zab mo Kun 'Dus in 87VII 1‑48. =Smon lam rdo rje. Bio. in 410 172B.4.

KUN BZANG BDE CHEN 'OD GSAL GLING — A hermitage in Rin chen brag. 23 72. Retreat centre founded by Kong sprul, one of two such centres associated w/ Dpal spung Mon. A n. of Tsā 'dra Rin chen brag (q.v.).

KUN BZANG MDO SNGAGS BDE CHEN RDO RJE — Alias of Kun bzang 'gro 'dul (1897‑1946).

KUN BZANG RDO RJE — (b. 1151‑?) Achard, L'Essence 30, 31, 40.

KUN BZANG RDO RJE — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 117.1. Alias of 'Phags mchog rdo rje, son of Shākya shrī. 464.

Rig 'dzin KUN BZANG RDO RJE — (1738‑1805) Autobio. in 106. B. near Gting skyes. Padma chos 'phel was his disc. His teachers included (Rig 'dzin) Mthu stobs rdo rje and Bskal bzang kun dga' rig 'dzin (who was an embodiment of Zil gnon dbang rgyal rdo rje). His own reembodiment was (Rig 'dzin) Kun bzang rgyal mtshan (b. 1811). TS5 470.

Grub chen KUN BZANG RDO RJE — Achard, L'Essence 83.

Grub dbang KUN BZANG RDO RJE — (in latter half of 14th cent.) B. in Man log in S Mon. BD of T&TB III 580.

Gsung sprul KUN BZANG RDO RJE — (ca. 1689) 458 I 309.3.

KUN BZANG RDO RJE GRAGS PA — (1528‑1565) A king of Gung thang. Dung dkar88‑89. See under Kun bzang grags pa rdo rje.

KUN BZANG RNAM RGYAL — (1926‑1974) King of Ladakh. TS7 II 670.

KUN BZANG RNAM RGYAL — Author of bio. of Khyung lung ras pa listed in BLP no. 0197.

Kong smyon Rig 'dzin KUN BZANG RNAM RGYAL — A teacher of (Bres gshongs pa) Chos rgyal rdo rje (1602‑1677). BD of T&TB III 790. Probably to be identified with the (Lha btsun Chen po) Kun bzang rnam rgyal, below.

Stag chu Slob dpon KUN BZANG RNAM RGYAL — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 119.1.

'Dzar ka Sprul sku KUN BZANG RNAM RGYAL — (fl. ca. 1890) 470 42. Evidently =(Dzaḥ ka Mchog sprul) (Rig 'dzin) Kun bzang rnam rgyal in 363 98.1. Matthew Kapstein, The Strange Death of Pema the Demon Tamer, in M.K., ed., The Presence of Light (Chicago 2004), pp. 119-156, at p. 139.

Lha btsun Chen po KUN BZANG RNAM RGYAL — (b. 1595, arrived in Lhasa in 1648) Rnying ma pa. Generally considered the founder of Sikkimese Buddhism. See =(Lha btsun) Nam mkha' 'jigs med. Waddell 284‑285. He joined with 2 others at Jo gsum to found the first Sikkimese religious institution. T.H. 61. TR XV (no. 10) 17. 58 940. Pictured in 320 XXIV 2.

Lha KUN BZANG RNAM 'PHRUL — Younger son of Kun bzang nyi zla. =(Lha) Rnam 'phrul. DTK5 138.

Chos rje KUN BZANG PA — Abbot of the Bar khang of Bsam yas. 210 46.3 ff.

Rdo brag Rig 'dzin KUN BZANG PADMA PHRIN LAS [RTSAL] (1641‑1717) Incarnation at Rdo rje brag Mon. killed in Dzungar invasion. B. at Mon Mkhar Rnam sras gling. Dhongthog 28. See under Padma phrin las. Autobio. listed in BLP no. 0059. His Gu ru'i Rnam thar listed in BLP no. 0311. Author of bio. listed in BLP no. 1337.

Phyag tsha Sprul sku IV KUN BZANG PADMA 'PHRIN LAS RGYA MTSHO — TS7 II 982. He may be the 4th or 5th incarnate.

Spang ston KUN BZANG PADMA TSHE DBANG — In Thang stong Snyan brgyud. Bio. in 63 I 170.

Sprul sku KUN BZANG PADMA LEGS GRUB — Contemp. of Smin gling Lo chen. 242 III contents.

KUN BZANG DPAL — Disciple and secretary/scribe of Tre ston Rgyal mtshan dpal (14th cent.), q.v.

KUN BZANG DPAL — Newari in Kālacakra transmission. 475 128.1.

KUN BZANG DPAL LDAN — See Kun bzang chos grags.

Grub chen KUN BZANG DPAL 'BYOR — Mentioned in BD of T&TB III 724. 365 431.6.

KUN BZANG PHUG — 377 49B.3.

Chos rgyal KUN BZANG 'PHAGS PA — 5 172.1. See following.

Si tu Rab brtan KUN BZANG 'PHAGS PA — (1389‑1442) A ruler of Rgyal rtse & founder in 1440 of Dpal 'khor Chos sde, q.v. Bio. by 'Jigs med grags pa phyogs las rnam rgyal, pub. in 1978. Same verse bio. in 378 I 91‑106 (see also 160). See under Kun bzang. Second prince of Rgyal rtse. Founded the main temple at Rgyal rtse in 1418. Founded the Sku 'bum there in 1427. 56 119. Ferrari 141. IT IV pt. 1, p. 79 ff. TPS 665‑668. Wylie 139 (n. 217). Macdonald (1963) 54‑55. Son of Kun dga' 'phags pa. Rgyal rtse Rab brtan Kun bzang 'phags kyi Rnam thar Dad pa'i Lo tog Rgyas byed Dngos grub Char 'bebs, by Bo dong Paṇ chen Phyogs las rnam rgyal, listed in BLP no. 0571.

KUN BZANG 'PHRIN LAS — See Thugs mchog rdo rje hūṃ nag 'gro 'dul.

Rdza mkhrang Bla ma KUN BZANG PHRIN LAS RGYA MTSHO — 377 22A.4.

Skyid rong KUN BZANG 'PHRIN LAS DBANG PHYUG — (1772‑1812) An artist. See Cantwell in TS9 X 361. Perhaps subject of this biography: Mkhas mchog Bla ma Dam pa Kun bzang 'phrin las dbang phyug gi rtogs pa brjod pa, NGMPP reel no. L376/5, a text in 37 folios (source: Kurtis Schaeffer).

Zo lung Rje btsun ma KUN BZANG 'PHRIN LAS DBANG MO — A woman for whom Tshe dbang nor bu wrote a book in 1729 on Rdzogs chen. 10 568‑572.

Phyag tsha Sprul sku III KUN BZANG BYAMS PA SENG GE — TS7 II 982.

KUN BZANG BLA MA — Snellgrove, Asian Commitment 334.

KUN BZANG BLO GROS — A modern teacher of Gzhis ka rtse who composed the 2001 publication Zhang Bod kyi Bstan 'byung Lo rgyus Lha Rgyud Rin chen Phreng ba Ma bcos Gser gyi Yang zhun.

KUN BZANG DBANG 'DU — Unsuccessful candidate in the (PRC) lottery for Panchen Lama. Garratt in TS9 VIII 85.

Jo nang KUN BZANG DBANG PO — Kālacakra teacher of Tshe dbang nor bu. 383454.2, 456.4, 458.6. Essais 141.

KUN BZANG DBANG MO — Mother of Yol mo ba III. 373 preface.

KUN BZANG ME LONG BRAG DKAR — A retreat place in Khri ka. Dung dkar 89. It was founded by Brag dkar Sngags rams pa Blo bzang bstan pa rab rgyas.

Sne'u gdong KUN BZANG RTSE — (Netung) 15th cent. civil capital of Tibet under the Phag mo gru pa rulers. All that remains today is ruins and a monastery. Ferrari123.

Dpal KUN BZANG RTSE BA — Contemp. of Kun dga' dpal 'byor (1428‑1476). 57 II 443.

Gzim shag KUN BZANG RTSE — A family residence in Lhasa. TS7 I 449. Havnevik, dissert. 74.


KUN BZANG TSHUL KHRIMS — (b. 1909) Smith 206.

KUN BZANG ZHI BA'I ZLOG PA — Work in 315 97‑104.

KUN BZANG GZHAN PHAN — N. of 'Jigs med 'phrin las 'od zer, q.v., a name he received from the Zhe chen Rab 'byams pa II. Pictured in 320 XXIV 3.

Lha lung Thugs sprul KUN BZANG ZIL GNON BZHAD PA RTSAL — Appears in colophon of 124 411‑597 as the one who was responsible for the woodblock carving.

Dbus pa KUN BZANG 'OD — 115 23.5.

KUN BZANG 'OD ZER GAR DBANG BSTAN PA'I NYI MA — See Gar dbang 'chi med rdo rje.

KUN BZANG YE SHES — A prior incarnation of Lama Yeshe.

Khams pa KUN BZANG RIG 'DZIN — (fl. ca. 1689) 458 I 362.1.

Dpal yul Rig 'dzin KUN BZANG SHES RAB — Founded Dpal yul Mon. in 1665. A disc. of Karma chags med and Dalai Lama V, at whose request Dpal yul was founded. Author of FM 483.00. Dhongthog 129. Pictures in 128 1066 and 320 XXII 639. See Cuevas, Hidden History 150 ff.

Brag dmar Sprul sku KUN BZANG SHES RAB — 363 115.5.

KUN BZANG SROG GI THIGS PA — Part of title in 320 VII 525 ff.

Sngags ram pa KUN BZANG GSANG SNGAGS — (ca. 1831) 471 110.6.

KUN BZANG GSANG SNGAGS BSTAN 'DZIN — Author of bio. of O rgyan rang grol rdo rje 'jigs med go cha listed in BLP no. 2110.

Mi nyag KUN BZANG BSOD NAMS — (d. ca. 1908) Alias Thub bstan chos kyi grags pa. A Dge lugs pa who became a Rnying ma pa. Wrote comm. on Spyod 'Jug. 42 11.


KUN BZANG A SKOR — A Bon deity. Photograph of image in personal possession. Photo in Baumer, Tibet's Ancient Religion Bön 163.

KU'ANG Ṭ'U — Kong kra'u. Dung dkar 91.

KUN RA — See (Gzhu) Kun dga' ra ba.

KUN RIG — A form and maṇḍala cycle of Rnam par snang mdzad (Vairocana) belonging primarily, but not exclusively, to the Bka' gdams pa school. See 14 30 et passim. 185 219‑308. 349 VI 202‑320. SBTD I 281, 401. Sometimes called Thams cad rig. 'Dul 'dzin Grags pa rgyal mtshan composed a Sarvadurgati work entitled Bcom ldan 'das Thams cad rig pa'i Rnam bshad. Dung dkar 90.

Sgom pa KUN RIG — Thondup, BM 160.

Bram ze KUN RIG — BD of T&TB I 845‑846.

Se ston KUN RIG — Disc. of 'Brog mi. Evidently =Se Mkhar chung ba. BA 208. Kuijp in JIABS 17 (1994) 192. The best source on him is Cyrus Stearn's unpublished work on the Lam 'bras lineages. His b. place was Mkhar chung. Cyrus says he died in 1122, age 98. The chrono. at end of 3‑vol. dict. says he was b. in 1116! He is depicted in a thangka reproduced in Rhie & Thurman, Worlds of Transformation plate 90, where his dates are given as 1025‑1113.

KUN RIG RGYAL PO — 320 I 418.7.

Zhang zhung KUN RIG RGYAL PO ZZFC 248.

KUN RIG LAS BZHI RGYUN LNGA — Bon rites in 301.

KUN RIN — A civil leader (Sgom chen) of the 'Bri gung pa who led a revolt in 1359 which Klong chen pa tried to mediate.

Sngags 'chang KUN RIN — See BLP nos. 0331, 0673.

KUN LA KUN SA — Nepalese disc. of Padmasambhava. 87 I 30.2. Also, Kun la kun sa zhi, or, Kun la kun zhi. KTDN A VIII 20.5, 24.5.

KUN LA 'JUG PA RNAM DAG DON GYI RGYUD — Text in 320 III 606‑631.

KUN LEGS — Common abbreviation of the name Kun dga' legs pa, q.v.





Chos dbyings Sprul sku KUN LHA BSTAN 'DZIN — In colophon to section SA of 334. 363 115.1.

Kong btsun KUN LHUN — Work in 260 511‑514.

KUM BHA RI PA — Mahāsiddha. Tib.: Rdza mkhan zhabs. Bio. in 120 157‑159. Ku ma ri pa in BD of T&TB I 729‑730.

KUL 'CHING RU — Pl.n. BA 354.

KUS PA'I — =Kus byi. See (— —) 'Or myong nag.

KUS PO YEN — In Khotan. Emmerick.

KE KE RU — Wife of King Gsal rgyal (Prasenajit). Khyung sprul 12.

KE KRO DHA — ? See Na ga ra ke kro dha.

Rgya nag KE CU — 170 25.3.

KE JU MKHAR — Yamaguchi in Acta Asiatica 29 (1975) 39.

KE TA KA — 377 32A.5.

KE TA KA'I DRIS BSGOS PA — Das 413 (no. 48).

KE TA'I YUL — A country not too far from the land of the Śākyas in Śākyamuni's time. It's mentioned together with Śākya'i Yul and Gyad yul (Malla). Lde'u 62.

KE TU KA — A cave (brag phug) at Mtsho lnga brag. 253 II 593.5.

Drang srong KE NA'I BU — KB 61.4. Perhaps something like Kenaputra?

KE'U TSHANG — See (— —) 'Jam dbyangs smon lam.

KE'U TSHANG BLA BRANG — Printery. 162 193.

KE'U TSHANG BLA MA — See (— — — —) 'Jam dpal ye shes.

KE'U TSHANG NUB RI KHROD — Dung dkar 92.

KE'U TSHANG RI KHROD — N. of a hermitage near Se ra and another near Bsam yas. Photo in Chapman, Lhasa 206. Ferrari 103. Tsandan gyi Ke'u tshang. 87 I 143.3.

KE'U TSHANG RIN PO CHE — A high lama of Sera. Avedon 5.

KE'U TSHANG SHAR RI KHROD — F. in 18th cent. by Ke'u tshang 'Jam dbyangs blo gsal. Dung dkar 93.

KE'U RI MA — "Ke'u ri ma mo brgyad kyi gzugs rang byung." LGCM 596.1.

KE RU — A chapel at 'On. 'On Lha khang. Built by Khri srong lde btsan. Place and mon. at 'On. Tucci, Lhasa 126. Tucci, Tombs 83. BA 257. Ferrari 119. Is this perhaps the "Skyi ru lha khang" in Zangs ri County mentioned in Precious Deposits I 188. Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 86 n. 2. Previous rebirth of Shākyamuni. Ma ni Bka' 'bum I 40.5.

KAI LA SA RGOD — Dung dkar 91.

KE'U LI'I 'PHRANG — Dung dkar 93.

KE'U SHAN — Horlemann in TS9 I 60.

KE'U SHAN BYI — Kauṣāmbī. City near Allāhābād. Emmerick.

KE'U SHI KA — Sūtra said to be composed in Tibet. 413 581.2. See Ko'u shi ka.

KEG SHI — Said to be a misspelling of Keng shi. Dung dkar 91.

Phywa KENG TSE LAN MED — Karmay, Confucius 576.

KENG RI — BA 849. Pl. where there is a cemetery where Ka ro pa meditated. See following.

KENG RUS CAN — One of the 8 great cemeteries. Das 630.

KENG RUS ME 'BAR — "An Indian cemetery." 5 86.1.

KENG RUS ZHABS — See Kaṃ ka ri pa.

KENG LUNG GI LO — Dung dkar 91.

KENG SHI — Dung dkar 91.


KO KA LI KA — Like Lha sbyin, belonged to Buddha's clan. 'Jig rten mgon po, Bka' 'bum IV 490.4. Lo ras pa, Gsung 'bum IV 501.4.

KO KI — N. of a country in India, discussed in Dung dkar 93.

KO KI LI PA — Mahāsiddha. =Ko ka li pa. Tib.: Khu byug zhabs, 'Cuckoo'. Bio. in 120192‑194. A king who spent all his time in his pleasure garden of A mra trees until a bhikṣu came and informed him that his diversions were tinged with the three poisons. When he meditated, he was diverted by the cuckoo birds, so the bhikṣu gave him precepts based on cuckoo bird imagery. BD of T&TB I 760‑762.

KO KO THUNG MA — N. of a country in the vicinity of Ceylon. Das 34.

KO KHYIM BA 78, 617.

KO KHYIM PA — See (— — —) Ye shes bla ma.

KO GE PA — A (modern) people. NMH 65.2.

Khyung po KO DGON — 253 II 613.1.

KO LCAGS 'GRO MGON — 377 21A.4.

KO NYA — N. of a country (yul). Das 34.

KO ṬA LI PA — Mahāsiddha. Tib.: Tog tse pa. Bio. in 120 119.15. Met Shanti pa as he was hoeing. BD of T&TB I 696‑698.

KO'U DGON PA — Dung dkar 103.

KO'U TAM SDE — A famous temple. 332 preface 17.

KO TAṂ BHA RA — N. of a river. 115 56.6, 64.6, 67.3. N. of a village. BD of T&TB I 455.

Lha mo KAU STU BHA — KB 34.4.

KO STON — See (— —) G.yung drung.

Kun shes KAUṆḌI NYA — Ko'u ḍi nya. One of the 5 first discs. of Buddha. Dung dkar90.

'Bro KO DE LUNG — Disc. of Dgon pa ba. =('Bre) Ko de lung pa. 17 II 376.6.

'Bre KO DE LUNG PA — =('Bro) Ko de lung. BA 266.

KO DRE GRO CHUNG — =Kom 'dre. In the vicinity of Sa skya. Dung dkar 94.

KO'U BA — See (— —) Chos rgya mtsho. (— —) Gzhon nu byang chub 'od zer.

KO BA BRAG — N. of a district in upper Tibet, in Stod lung. Das 33. Evid., also n. of a mon. BA 727. KTDN 60.3, 89.5.

KO'U BA RI PHUG PA — Dung dkar 103.

KO BANG — Chinese monk at ordination of Dgongs pa rab gsal. 17 II 340.1.

KO BO — See (— —) Ye shes rgya mtsho; (— —) Ye shes rgyal mtshan; (— —) Ye shes 'byung gnas; (— —) Yon sgom thar mo.

Gshen chung KO BO — 333 II 497.1.

KO BRAG — A mon. f. by Ko brag pa Bsod nams rgyal mtshan, in the area of Rgyal rtse. Dung dkar 95.

KO BRAG PA — See (— — —) Bsod nams rgyal mtshan.

KO BRAG PA'I LAM 'BRAS — 17 II 400.3.

KO BRAG PHUG — In Ding ri. Aziz 36‑37.

KO MANGS — Pl.n. Snellgrove, Asian Commitment 144.

KO MDZO — Pl.n. 467 II 199.3.

KO RAN — Skya snga rtsa'i Ko ran (q.v.).

KO RI LI — Visited by Tilopa. =Ki ri li. 36 V 252.

KO RU — BA II 992. Where Sangs rgyas ston pa was born. In Sgong ma.

'Bri ldang KO RO — 210 156.2, 156.4.

KO RO SHI — See (— — —) Co ma Shān dor.

KO ROG DAR LUNG — 467 II 194.6.

KO RON — 4X I 148.4.

KO RON MDO — Everding in TS9 I 113.

KO RON SA — Place where Mi la ras pa's father settled. See Skya snga rtsa'i Ko ron. Wylie 130, n. 135. BA 427. See 17 II 472.6. In Gung thang, Skya rtsa'i Ko ron. 4X I 7.3. Ngan tswa'i Kong ron in 4X I 83.2 (but notice Ko ron in 83.7), 121.6.

KO LA SA — City in S Kha che (Kashmir). 57 II 6.

KO LONG BSDOM PA'I LHA DGU — Dung dkar 96.

Spyan snga KO SHAM PA — Name for (Spyan snga) Tshul khrims 'bar.

KO SHAM BI — Kau shāmbhī ni mdzod ldan te yul gyi ming. Utpal 12.3. Buddha stayed there a year at invitation of Blon po Gdangs can. Dung dkar 96, 103‑104.

KO'U SHI KA — 17 II 391.4. Sūtra believed to be apochryphal. Sa Paṇ, Sdom Gsum(1971) 87B.5. ko'u shi ka lha dbang brgya sbyin dang mkhas pa sogs mang po la 'jug. Utpal 12.5. See Ke'u shi ka.

KO SHRI — Prob. =Go shri. See (— —) Ngag dbang bskal bzang.

KO SA — See Ngag phug Ko sa or Ngam phug Ko sa. Ko sa means 'place of hide boats (coracals).'

KO SA LA — Emmerick. ko sa la ni rgya gar grong khyer gyi ming. Utpal 12.4. See Mnyan yod.

Lho KO SA LA — BD of T&TB X 9.20, 24.19.

KO SA LA'I RGYAN — Yogatantra comm. by Śākyamitra. Dung dkar 97.

KO SA LA'I RGYAL PO — Picture in 128 694.

Ri bo Chen po KO SA LI — Mt. name. LGCM 613.1.

KO SENG — =Kong seng.

KOG YUL — A term used by Tibetans for the area of the Bru zha and Gog peoples. See Karl Jettmar, The Gilgit Manuscripts and the Political History of Gilgit, Pakistan Archaeology, vol. 25 (1990), pp. 305-314, at p. 310. Might it have something to do with Gog & Magog?

KOG LANGS MKHAN — See Lu tsi ka pa.

KONG — See (— —) Ni ru pa; (— —) 'Bru la Dgon pa; (— —) Brag gsum pa.

KONG KA ṆA — <<U rgyan Kong ka na'i Lugs kyi Bde mchog bsgrub pa mdzad de/>> 17 II 256.5, 411.2. BA 360. N. of a country (yul) in S India. Sometimes, Kongku na. BD of T&TB I 414, 416, 546, 551, 904, 925. Das 729A. Discussion in Dung dkar 102.

KONG DKAR CHOS GRWA — A large Sa skya mon. f. by Kun dga' rnam rgyal. Near confluence of Skyid chu and Gtsang po. Tucci, Lhasa 149.

KONG GYO — BA 507, 515.

KONG RGYAL PO — Nine Ways 8 (Chapter 58). 'King Kong'.

KONG CO — Emmerick.

KONG CHA 'PHRUL BU — Kvaerne 225 (29).

KONG CHU BRLAG — Dung dkar 97.

KONG CHUNG PA — =Skor chung pa (q.v.). 17 II 430.

KONG CHEN — See (— —) Nam mkha' dpal ldan.

KONG JO — Chinese wife of Srong btsan sgam po. OTA 650. Image illus. in Po ta la(1996) 60. Ma cig Kong jo'i Lo rgyus listed in BLP no. 1592. See Dung dkar, p. 52, under Kim shing Kong jo (the 8th century princess), and p. 1755 under Wun khreng Kong jo (7th century).

KONG RJE — Spirits. <<dkar po dmar po nag po gsum>> <<Kong rje Mched Gsum>> KTDN 67.1, 68.1.

KONG GTER — See (— —) Gung grags.

KONG STON — See (— —) (Gzhung brgya smra ba) Grags pa rin chen. See (— —) Dbang phyug grub pa.

KONG STON CHOS RJE — Subject of an image constructed by his disciple Dngos grub bzang po. P. Pal, et al., Tibet: Tradition & Change (The Albuquerque Museum 1998) 56‑57. Name occurs in a title in Drepung Catalog 901: 'Khor 'das Dbyer med kyi Zin bris.

KONG THUNG — Dung dkar 97.


KONG PO — Sometimes, Kong bu, Rkong po. 'Country of ravines'. Province SE of Lhasa, and E of Rtse thang. Kong gsum refers to three divisions of the province (but also N. of a kingdom in India, evidently). Das 36. BA 181, 198, 200, 278, 481, 491‑494, 505, 515, 524, 529, etc. Province in SE Central Tibet. Goldstein 38. Dung dkar 97‑98.

KONG PO — Its kings have descent from Yum brtan. DTK5 76.

KONG PO — In place names. See (— —) Bu chu Lha khang. (— —) Bha kha. (— —) (Tā) Klu sdings. (— —) Sba la.

KONG PO — In personal names. See (— —) Bstan 'dzin legs bshad; (— —) Bam stengs Sprul sku; (— —) Chab nag pa.

KONG PO DKAR CHEN — See (— — — —) Kun dga' grags pa.

KONG PO CHOS MDZAD See (— — — —) Bskal bzang bstan 'dzin.

KONG PO RTOGS LDAN — See (— — — —) Kun dga' rgyal po.

KONG PO DE MO — Inscription discussed in Dung dkar 98‑99.

KONG PO DPON SPRUG — Stearns, King 234.

KONG PO SPRUL SKU — Jackson, Patron 5.

KONG PO BU CHU — See (Kong po) Bu chu Lha khang.


KONG PO RDZOGS CHEN PA — Achard, L'Essence 96.

KONG PO RAB 'BYAMS PA — In work on Rdel rtsis. 480.


KONG SPRUL — See (— — I) Yon tan rgya mtsho (1813‑1899); (— — I) Blo gros mtha' yas (1813‑1899). See (— — II) Dpal ldan mkhyen brtse 'od zer (1902‑1952). See (— — III) Blo gros chos kyi seng ge (1954‑1992). (— — IV) 'Jam mgon blo gros chos kyi nyi ma bstan pa'i sgron me.

KONG SPREL — N. of an individual who made donations to repair Bsam yas. Das 36.

KONG PHO — BA 550.


KONG MO'I RI — BA 726.

KONG MO SIDDHI — Bio. in 453 33.2 ff.

KONG SMYON — See (— —) Nam mkha' 'jigs med rtsal.

KONG SMYON RIG 'DZIN — See (— — — —) Kun bzang rnam rgyal.

KONG BTSUN — See (— —) Kun lhun; (— —) Bkra dbang; (— —) Shes rab ye shes.

KONG BTSUN DE MO — Unidentified mt. Wylie 116 (n. 24). <<Kong btsun De mo Sman btsun De mo>> KTDN 59.3. Picture of mt. spirit in 128 1150. 210 164.3. Stearns, King 41.

KONG BTSUN DE MO — See (— — — —) Rdo rje bod khams skyong.

KONG RTSE — Confucius. 253 II 176.5. Often called 'Phrul gyi Rgyal po, an epithet also given to the Emperors in OT documents. Author of works in 315 513‑97. Karmay, Confucius. 352 493.19, 800.8 ff., 802 ff. 476 I 418.6. 374 I 35.5. Dung dkar 101, 102. See under Bi rje btsan po.

KONG RTSE — See (— —) Lan med.

KONG RTSER BA — Pl.n.? 438 VI 492.5.

KONG TSHA DKAR PO — One of Sku sras brgyad (q.v.).

KONG TSHA 'PHUL BU CHUNG — One of Sku sras brgyad (q.v.).

KONG TSHA DBANG LDAN — Son of Lord Shenrab and his wife Rkong bza'. See Lhagyal in Karmay, et al., eds., New Horizons in Bon Studies 438.

Dbas KONG BZHER — Last of the Blon chen, he was killed in battle in 866. T.H. 46.

KONG ZA — See (— —) Rin chen.

KONG YUL — BA 495. 5 129.6.

KONG YUL — See (— —) Bres sna; (— —) Spre sna.

KONG RAM 'TSHO — (11th cent.?) 217 710.2.

KONG RAM SMAN BLA — See (Sman bla) Don grub.

KONG RON — See Ko ron.

KONG LI — Korea. Dung dkar 45.

KONG SENG — Region of Khotan. Emmerick.

KON TA LI — Mahāsiddha. Pictured in 128 54A.

KON TI — Kuntī, mother of some of the Pāṇḍava brothers; Roesler in Facets 164.

KON TING GO SHRI — Dung dkar 102.

Rgyal chen KON YUN CHANG — Lo rgyus by Thu'u bkwan listed in BLP no. 0506.

KAUNDI NYA — 'khor lnga sde bzang po'i nang gi de'o. Utpal 12.5.

KON PA KRA — Prince, son of 'Brong gnyan lde'u. 3 14.

KOM 'PHRANG CHOS RJE — See (— — — —) Ye shes dngos grub.

KOM SHING KONG JO — Youngest daughter of the fifth emperor of Tang dynasty. Married Mes 'ag tshoms. Das 37.

KOR KA NA — Mahāsiddha. Pictured in 128 31A.

KOR KOR — 391 V 332.

KOR SHI BI — N. of a shrine. Emmerick.

KOL TI — BA 490.

Mkhan po KOL TI BA — (ca. 1180) 476 I 101.2, 103.3. 484 I 841.2.

KYA LA — =Rgya la. Petty state in Tibet. Chief city is (Rgya la) Seng gdong. Where Gtsang po enters a chasm in the mts. Das 123. Evid. =(Kong po) Rgya la. 5 222.4. DasJTL&CT 123. Gyala Peri (=Rgya la Dpal ri) Mountain; see Bailey, No Passport 124, etc.

KYA LA MKHAN PO — See (— — — —) Chos mchog.

KYAN HE ZIR — N. of a mon. at Ri bo Rtse lnga, where Lcang skya's funerary monument, his gdung rten, is found. Dung dkar 105.

KYI GTO 'BUM NAG PO — Bon sūtra. Das 835. Something appears wrong here, since the syllable kyi surely doesn’t belong to the title.

KYI STON — A Rdzogs chen teacher who travelled to India w/ Ras chung pa. 4191B.1.

KYI NA TSUG — See Khyi na tsug.

KYI NOR — See (— —) Ye shes dbang phyug. The name Kyi nor signifies that he was a Kinnauri.

KYI BAR RIN SGANG — Vai.Ser. 254.

KYI TSHANG — BA 874. Kyi tshang Brag of 'Phyongs rgyas. 24 I 218.1. =Skyi tshang (q.v.).

KYI TSHO — Monastic faction. Dung dkar 105. It included the Khri tsho, Brang tsho, Rgya tsho and 'Dar tsho. It was divided into Kyi tsho Stod pa, Bar pa & Smad pa.

Pho brang KYI'I 'ON LJANG NGO — See 'On ljang rdo. 17 II 330.5.

KYI RI LJON SNGON — An area mentioned among the minor kingdoms in an O.T. text. Dung dkar 105‑106. In later texts called Gyi ri ljongs sngon.

KYI ROG SNANG KHA — Vai.Ser. 254.

KYI HUN — Dung dkar 106.

Pho brang KYA BYU'I GLING — Place of printing of FM 710.00.

KYIN THĀ ZI — Dung dkar 106.

KYU RA — Clan n. See =Skyu ra.

KYU RA — See (— —) 'Od zer rgyal mtshan; (— —) Rin chen rgyal mtshan; (— —) Rin chen 'od zer.

Sprul sku KYU RA — Redisc. in 260 319‑326.

KYU RA RNAL 'BYOR — See (— — — —) Blo gros rgyal mtshan.

KYAI RDO RJE — Hevajra. Many studies in 145 III. Nine-deity. 349 XVIII, XXVI. 374383.5 ff. History and bios., see SBTD I 366. Thangka in Essen & Thingo, Die Götter des Himalaya 167. A 14th cent. brocade thangka (including a Karma pa depiction) illus. in Po ta la (1996) 145. The 10 different traditions & so forth discussed in Dung dkar106 ff.

KYAI RDOR MKHAN PO — See (— — — —) Ngag dbang mkhas grub.

KYE PO — See (— —) Ye rdor.

KYEN KHANG — Dung dkar 109.

KYEN 'UN — Dung dkar 109.

KYEM BU — In colophon to FM 521.02.

KRA KRAG — Pl.n. See 82 90.

KRA CHUNG — ? Uncertain reading. See (Pha rgod) (— —) Chos kyi rgya mtsho.

Dge bshes KRA RA BA — Student of Yol Chos dbang. At Tre ka Brag he taught the Bka' gdams pa teachings to Dus gsum mkhyen pa. 356 58.6. 35 I 5.

KRA'U SHAR MA'I RGYAL RABS — Dung dkar 113.

KRA SANG THAL JI — Mongol king. 208 I 236.1.

KRANG AM BAN — Krang Am ban gyi Phal skad, a work on colloquial language by Chang Keng, Amban from 1888‑1890. Filibeck, CTTF II, no. 1136.

KRAS PO — CHMO 15 14.

Rgyal po KRI KI — <<Rgyal po Khri ka'i rmi lam ltar>> Sa Paṇ, Sdom Gsum 20A.2. 242 III 245.2. 397 V 191.2.

KRI KRI — A personal deity (yi dam). Image in Jo khang Temple. Essais 170.

Rgyal po KRI KRI — =Kring kring? =Kri ki? 413 74.1. 'Jig rten mgon po, Bka' 'bum(2001) VI 196.5. In n. of a sūtra. Dung dkar 109. Kṛkin?


KRI YA — Dung dkar 110.

KRI YA DON GYI LHA DRUG — Dung dkar 110.

KRI YA SA MU TSTSHA — Dung dkar 110.


KRI YOG — Dung dkar 110‑111.

KRI LI KRA NA — A country (yul) in India. 132 108.4.

KRI ṢṆĀ — Mother of two of the Pāṇḍava brothers (but this name should be rather Mādrī); Roesler in Facets 164.

Jo bo KRI ṢṆA — Teacher of Rong zom. (?) 166 12.6.

Paṇḍi ta KRI ṢṆA — In Tibet in 17th cent., working with Tāranātha. Mtshan tho no. 124.

KRI ṢṆA RA DZA — BD of T&TB I 366.

KRI SHNA A NAN TA — Picture and bio. in 373 I 18.

KRING KRING RA DZA — =(Rgyal po) Kri kri? 320 II 460.6.

KRUNG THANG RGYAS DPYAD — Dung dkar 111‑112.

KRUNG THANG CHEN PO — Engelhardt in TS9 I 238.


KRE NAB MA — KB 95.3.

KRE MAṆḌAL — An unidentified area of Mdo khams. Dung dkar 113.

KRE HO — See (— —) Blo bzang 'phrin las.

KRE HOR — See (— —) Blo bzang thabs mkhas.

KRO TI SHO RI — Consort of Yang dag He ru ka. 'Jig rten mgon po, Bka' 'bum (2001) V 380.2.

KRONG SAR — In Lho brag. 363 142.4. 346 89.6.

Dwags po KRONGS KHA — CFMS 79.

KLA KLO — Descriptions in NMH 71 ff. Klo nag, etc. Discussion of several meanings of the name in NMH 138 ff. Story of their origins. 498 IVB 73.2 ff. Dung dkar 113.

KLA KLO MTHA' 'KHOB KYI ZHAL LCE — Dung dkar 113‑114.

Slob dpon KLAG MDA' BA — (after 1170) 476 I 79.7.

KLAG PA LAM PA — See (— — — —) Klu mes Tshul khrims. See also Glag pa lam.

Byang KLAG BRAG — BA 238.

KLAGS — BA 862.

KLAGS GNAS CHEN — =Glag Gnas mo che in BA 95. 124 487.3.

KLAGS MA — See (— —) Brag dkar.

KLANG CHUNG RA GSAR — A town in Go 'jo. See Mengele, dGe 'dun chos 'phel 66.

KLAD DON NOR BU'I BRGYUD 'GREL — Title in 325 277‑293.

Snar KLAS MO CHE — BA 81, 421, 600, 1068, 1069. Spelled Blas mo che in BA 82. 17 II 345.1. Not far from Snar thang, Kha che Shākya shrī taught there. Dung dkar 114.

KLU — Nāga. See Combe 77; Beyer, index under 'Lu'. 8 Nāgas listed in 445 III 32.1. One among the Mgur lha (q.v.). On the klu castes, see Bellezza, Divine Dyads 417.

KLU DKYIL — "Likir." La dwags mon. f. by Lha chen Rgyal po (ca. 1050‑1080). Roerich, Trails 18. 14 28, 106, 118‑121. See Klu 'khyil.

KLU SKAR RGYAL — See (Klu) Skar rgyal.

KLU KHANG — Often referred to as Rdzong rgyab Klu khang. A brief historical sketch given in Dung dkar 114‑115. The murals have been made subject of some studies and a book.

KLU KHANG PA — Photo in 424 229.

KLU KHANG PA — See (— — —) Tshe dbang rab brtan.

KLU'I KHYAB 'JUG — King of Vajrāsana. 413 139.3.

KLU'I MKHAR — A name for Jālandhara. Lobzang Shastri, Jalandhara in the Eyes of Tibetan and Trans-Himalayan Pilgrims, TJ 34 no 2 (Summ 2009) 12.

KLU 'KHYIL GYI DGON PA — DTK5 185. See Li kir. Dung dkar 116.

KLU GAN RKYAL — Nīlakantha. The famous reclining nāga of the Nepal valley. Dung dkar 116.

KLU GONG — BA 310.

Rams KLU GONG PA — See =(Ram) Btsan can.

KLU DGA' — See Lha dga' Klu dga'.

Gshen chen KLU DGA' — (996‑1035) He redisc. Srid pa'i Mdzod phug (q.v.) in 1017 at 'Grig mtshams Mtha' dkar. See 23 6. 348 130.2. Bios. in SFHB 238‑244; and 253 II 184 ff, 538.1. Redisc. in 258 I 157‑231. Work in 260 421‑422. Terma in 270; 261 1‑30. 277129 ff. 286 II 1‑50, 157‑160. 288 1‑368. 301 II 231‑405. Kvaerne nos. 68 & 75. 274 I 193‑196. Kvaerne, Canon 34. Subject of the book Unearthing Bon Treasures, published by Brill (Leiden).

Khyung po KLU MGON — 253 II 230.3. Karmay, Treasury 178.

Smer Blon che KLU MGON — Patron of an image according to its inscription. SeeActa Orientalia 55 (1994) 109. TS7 II 973.

Snyel 'or KLU MGON SGRA — Scribal colophon reproduced in C. Scherrer‑Schaub & George Bonani, Establishing a Typology of the Old Tibetan Manuscripts: A Multidisciplinary Approach, contained in: Susan Whitfield, ed., Dunhuang Manuscript Forgeries, British Library (London 2002), pp. 184‑215, at p. 201 (fig. 25.3b).

KLU RGYAL — Kuijp in TH&L 303, 304.

Bla mchan Bla ma KLU RGYAL — 363 120.4.

Ra sangs KLU RGYAL — 248 15.3.

KLU'I RGYAL PO BRGYAD — See description of the Eight Nāga Kings in 'Jig rten mgon po, Bka' 'bum (2001) V 395.



Cog ro KLU'I RGYAL MTSHAN — F. mon. at Spyi bo of Mchims phu. Bio. info. inLGCM 636.1. Ferrari 115. 9 6. 17 II 325.5, 345.6. BA 344‑5. 87 I 58.6, 60.1, 62.6, 94.6. Picture 128 1028. Achard, L'Essence 66, 96. Listed in Mtshan tho no. 10.

KLU RGYAL GZI CHEN — Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 449.

KLU SGUG — An area of Lhasa, near G.yu thog Zam pa. Also called Klu sbugs. Dung dkar 116‑117.

KLU SGUG SGAR SA — Dung dkar 117.


KLU SGRUB — Nāgārjuna. See Nā gā rdzu na. As part of Rnying ma transmission, see bio. in BD of T&TB III 28. As part of Mahāmudrā transmission, he follows Blo gros rin chen. 57 IIB 342. Names 1) as householder, Dharma dha ra. 2) monastic, Shā kya bshes gnyen. 3) as initiate, Mi bskyod rdo rje. 4) as prophesied, Klu sgrub. 5) Secret n., Badzra ra ka or Gnyis med rdo rje. Those names acc. to bio. in 24 I 52.6 ff. List of works contained in 24 I 56.4 ff. Pictured in 128 69A, 268, 320. His n. is often prefixed with epithets such as 'Phags mchog and Dpal mgon 'Phags pa. Bios. in 165251; and BD of T&TB I 163‑193. As physician, see KB 126.4. K. Yeshi & N. Katz, The Hagiography of Nagarjuna, contained in Kailash 5 (1977), no. 4, p. 269 ff. Klu sgrub Yab sras kyi Rnam thar by 'Brug chen IV Padma dkar po listed in BLP no. 0128. Dung dkar 117‑120.

KLU SGRUB RGYA MTSHO — Student of Rol pa'i rdo rje (b. 1717).

Mkhan po KLU SGRUB RGYA MTSHO — (contemporary abbot at Sa skya) See Loseries in TS7 vol. 2, pp. 587 ff.

Mang thos KLU SGRUB RGYA MTSHO — (b. 1523) 2nd successor of Tshar chen Blo gsal rgya mtsho. Lived at end of 16th cent. Ferrari 156. 374 I 472.2 ff. His collected works in 4 vols have been published in pothi style in Kathmandu in 1999. Autobio. listed in BLP no. 1600.

KLU SGRUB SNYING PO — Evid., an Indian Mahāsiddha in early transmission lineage of Mahāmudrā.

KLU SGRUB PHUG — 115 45.3, 45.7.

KLU SGRUB YE SHES SNYING PO — In ancient Bon Rdzogs chen transmission. 253 II 370.


KLU BRGYAD PA — Reading teacher of Mi la ras pa. BA 417. Also, Klu brgyad or Klu chen brgyad (q.v.).

KLU'I CHAB RAG — N. of a mt. range at source of Klu chu (q.v.).

KLU CHU — (T'ao shui). BA 53. Called T'ao ho in Chinese. Rises in Klu'i Chab rag range and flows N through Co ne, joining the Rma chu. Wylie 119 (n. 45). Dung dkar120.

KLU'I CHU — River in Lus 'phags pa. Das 417.

KLU CHEN BRGYAD — See list in Das 45. N. of Mi la ras pa's reading teacher. 4X I 7.4. Dung dkar 116, 120.

KLU MCHOG DGON — Vai.Ser. 242.

KLU RJE BTSAN PO — Bellezza, L&T 73.

KLU RJE ZING BRTSAN — Bellezza, L&T 75.


KLU YI STOBS LDAN — N. of Bhima, the Pāṇḍava. Das 98.

Nyag rong KLU THOG BSKAL BZANG — 346 46.2.

KLU DA RU GA CHE — Dung dkar 121.

KLU'I DUG BCOM — A cosmological ocean. Das 416.

KLU GDOL PA'I RIGS — "outcaste Nāgas." An order of Nāga (their color is blue). Wylie 26.

KLU BDUD NAG PO — Dung dkar 121.

Glang sgo KLU BDUD RDZONG — Mi la ras pa stayed there. 4 116A.3.

KLU BDUN — ? Dung dkar 121.


KLU 'DUL KHYUNG CHEN PHUG — Here Padmasambhava transformed himself into a Garuḍa and conquered the Nāgas. Ferrari 116.

KLU 'DUL BA'I RGYUD — 320 XXIV 506 ff.

KLU SDINGS — See (— —) Rin chen mi 'gyur rgyal mtshan.

KLU SDING — Village in Kong po. TS5 531.

Kong po Tā KLU SDINGS — Birthplace of 'Brug chen VIII. 1 42.

KLU SDINGS PHO BRANG — One of the 3 or 4 palaces of the Ngor pa. Jackson inLungta 14 (2001) 90.


KLU'I SDE — Nāgasena. An Arhat (Gnas brtan) at Na landa from whom Nā ro pa took Sems tsam teachings. 17 II 251.6. Picture in 128 1086. Picture in Uhlig, On the Path to Enlightenment, p. 178. Pictured in Rossi & Rossi, Beyond Lhasa pl. 19.

KLU PHUG — See Brag cha klu phug (sp?). Cave temple on Chagpori hill in Lhasa, which may have been founded in time of Srong btsan sgam po. Baumer, Tibet's Ancient Religion Bon 111 (Brag lha Klu phug).

KLU PHUG BDE GLING — 253 II 480.1, 625.2. =Klu phug Dgon pa G.yung drung bde chen gling.

KLU'I PHO BRANG — Behind the Potala. A small circular temple in the middle of a pond. F. by the Dalai Lama VI acc. to Desideri. Bell, Religion 130. Das, JTL&CT 216. Waddell, Lhasa 342, 375. Ferrari 96.

KLU'I BUM GTER GYI CHO GA — Tohoku no. 6135.

KLU BON — See (— —) Ba nam.

KLU BYANG — Short for Klu'i byang chub. Das 46. 17 II 310.4.

KLU'I BYANG CHUB Nāgabodhi. Disc. of Klu sgrub who is identified with Ma tam gi (q.v.). BA 361; 17 II 411.4. Pictured in 128 272. BD of T&TB I 487. Also called Klu'i blo. Meditates that a tree grows on his head. 476 IV 384.5.

KLU BYIN — Nāgadina is name of a householder in an inscribed Bodhisattva Image from Mathurā as described by T.N. Ramachandran in Ancient India 6 (1949) 100‑102

KLU BRAG — Pl.n. See Nine Ways 4. Bon monastery. 253 II 618.3 ff.

KLU BRAG PA — See (— — —) Bkra shis rgyal mtshan.

Mkhan po KLU BRAG PA — Bonpo. Bio. in SFHB 468.1. Work in 271 103‑110. Apparently identical to (Klu brag pa) Bkra shis rgyal mtshan.

Ri KLU DBANG — TS5 529.

Sangs rgyas KLU DBANG RGYAL PO — Dung dkar 124.

'Khon ston Lo tsā ba KLU'I DBANG PO SRUNG BA — Student of Padmasambhava. 83A139. One of 7 first Tibetan monks. 17 II 325.4. =Khon Na ga bo rdhi in 73 415.1. Pictured (?) in 128 850. BD of T&TB X 87.14. It's possible that his name is 'hidden' in an official document, in the form Ban de No ge'dradra (Nāgendra?). See Hoernle,Manuscript Remains of Buddhist Literature found in Eastern Turkestan, p. 403.


Ban blon KLU 'BAR — 484 I 852.6.

KLU 'BUM — N. of a book. 326. One of the three kham tshang of Sgo mang Grwa tshang. Das 46. Printery. 162 187.

KLU 'BUM — See (— —) Ngag dbang bstan 'dzin; (— —) Shes rab rgya mtsho.

KLU 'BUM DGE — Father of Tsong kha pa. ISTS 97.

KLU SBUG GLING KHA — See illus. in Po ta la (1996) 140.

KLU SBUG SGAR SGRIGS — Dung dkar 121‑122.

KLU SBUG GI LJONGS — A field between the Jo khang and Lcags po ri. In the past it had various trees. Dung dkar 122.

KLU MES — See (— —) Tshul khrims shes rab.

KLU MES 'BROM CHUNG — TPS 556. See Lo Bue in Skorupski, ed., Indo-Tibetan Studies(Tring 1990), p. 181. He was responsible for importing the cycle of Arhat depictions from China.

Klag pa lam pa KLU MES TSHUL KHRIMS — See (Klu mes) Tshul khrims shes rab.

KLU MO DKAR MO — Bonpo Treasure Protector of Lha sa. 253 II 182.6.

KLU MO SGANG — Havnevik, dissert. 231.

KLU MO RA — Mon. in Mdo stod.

KLU SMAN GDONG DRUG — Baumer, Tibet's Ancient Religion Bön 168‑9.

Btsan rgod Skyes bu KLU BTSAN — See 216 645.6 ff. (Byang bdud) Klu btsan, opponent of Ge sar, also called Khyab pa lag ring. 232 7. Beyer 329. ZZFC 22.


KLU TSHA — 87 I 265.2. Klu tsha Rta po 'Od chen in Stein, Mi ñag 254.

KLU RDZING — 87 I 274.6.

KLU BZHER — P.n. Coblin in TH&L 71.

Zhang KLU BZANG — See A.H. Francke, Tibetische Handschriftenfunde aus Turfan,SPAW (1924), pt. 3, p. 14 ff. Francke says Zhang Klu bzang is a historical figure whose name is found on the famous Lha sa stone inscription as a foreign affairs minister (phyi blon). Called 'Bro Zhang Klu bzang lha bo brtsan in Dotson, Note 86.

KLU BZANG GSHEN RAB — Chayet in Cardonna, Facets 70.

KLU RA DGON — Mon. Vai.Ser. 241.

'Brug KLU RA SPRUL SKU — 415 XI 57.4.

KLU RAB DGON PA — A chos 7.

KLU RAB BZANG TO RE — Bellezza, L&T 72, 73.

Rgyal ba KLU RIGS SGRON MA — 73 405.3, 406.4, 410.1, 410.4. Identified as a former rebirth of 'Jig rten mgon po.

KLU LAS GYUR PA'I RNAL 'BYOR MA — 17 IV 373.1. Dung dkar 123. Thuken 118.

KLU SRAS — See (— —) 'Od 'bar.

KLU GSAS — 'Old earth lord' (gzhi bdag rgan po) of Rdo rje gling Mon. 115 86.6.

KLUNG DGON — 346 104.4.

Kong po KLUNG RGYAS GRONG — 373 preface.

KLUNG STOD — See (— —) Lo ma Dgon.

KLUNG MO CHE — Pl.n.? 476 I 54.5.

KLUNG DMAR — In Dpangs kong. 79 83 (no. 57).

Pho brang KLUNG TSHUGS — 87 I 262.3.

Snar KLUNG RONG — See (Snar) Khung rong.

KLUNG SHOD — The area containing Rwa sgreng, 'Bri gung, Dbus stod, Mal gro, etc. Dung dkar 123.

KLUNG SHOD NAM PO — Dung dkar 123.

KLUNG SHOD RGYAL SAR SGANG — F. by (Glan) Ye shes shes rab in 1016. Dhongthog117.

KLUNG GSER GYI PHYE MA CAN — This is a Tibetan translation of a Chinese name for the Yangtse river, or 'Bri chu. It means 'stream with gold powder.'

KLUNGS DKAR — See (— —) Tshul khrims grags.


KLUNGS SHOD — See (— —) Khri ltags Dgon; (— —) Dpal 'bar sgang; (— —) Spyil bu ba; (— —) Phyugs mtshams; (— —) Byams pa gling; (— —) 'Ba' tshag Chos sde; (— —) 'Od sna Chos sde.



KLUBS DKAR — See (— —) Tshul khrims grags. See Klung dkar, above.

KLUBS DKAR 'DUL 'DZIN — Student of Sha mi Smon lam 'bar. Dung dkar 123‑124. F. Klubs dkar Mon. Identical to Klubs dkar Tshul khrims grags.

KLUM THUGS PO — See Hazod in TS9 I 35 n. 20.

KLUM RO — See Hazod in TS9 I 35 n. 20.

KLO — Also called Lho pa. Dung dkar 124.

KLO NAG — Indians call them Ta pa la (Dafla), and Kamarupa people call them Lo no phos. Described in NHM 71. These hunters and gatherers lived in areas bordering Rtsa ri, Bhutan and Spo bo.

Shar Mon KLO KHA — 5 339.3.

KLO PA — Aris, Discourse 66 n. 21. Various types of these Assamese peoples, from Tibetan perspective, detailed in Huber, Pure Crystal 134.

KLO PA STOD BYAMS KHANG — Dung dkar 124.

KLO RDZONG — Rendered as 'barbarian tribute' in Huber, Pure Crystal 130.

KLO YUL — In SE Tibet. =Glo? 5 143.3‑4, 144.5.

KLO RONG — A place (sa cha). 184 180B.1.

KLOG SKYA — Pl.n. <<De nas Mdog [i.e., Mdo] Klog skyar phebs.>> 5 189.

KLOG SKYA — See (— —) Shes rab rtsegs.

Ldog gi KLOG SKYA — See (— —) (— —) The he lhas Phug.

Dgyer phu'i KLOG SKYA JO SRAS — Also, Sgyer phu'i. One of the four 'karmic' (las can) discs. of Mar pa. 57 IIB 347.5. =(Klog skya 'Byung gnas rgyal mtshan (q.v.). Called (Sgyer phu'i) Klog skya Chen po in 17 II 432.6, 443.1.

KLOG SKYA MA — N. of a Sa skya teaching. See Gzhung bshad Klog skya ma and Other Related Esoteric Sa skya pa Texts, TBMC (Dolanji 1975), in 2 vols.


KLOG CHOS SDE — Vai.Ser. 170.

Gru gu KLOG 'BYUNG — (10th cent.) 217 710.2. Achard, L'Essence 28‑9.

KLOGS — BA 1087.

KLONG SKOR BCO BRGYAD — The 18 parts of the Klong sde scriptures. See Dung dkar 124‑125.

KLONG DGU'I RGYUD — In title of text in 319 III 37‑73.

KLONG DGU BAM PO NYI KHRI — 132 43.1, 43.5, 47.2.

KLONG RGYAS DKYIL 'KHOR — Karmay, Confucius 562.

KLONG CHEN — See (— —) Chos dbyings stobs ldan rdo rje (1787‑1848).

KLONG CHEN SNYING THIG — Contained in 87, vols. 106‑108. Steven D. Goodman, the Klong chen Snying thig: An Eighteenth‑Century Tibetan Revelation. Seen listed in Dissertation Abstracts International 46 no 5 (Nov. 1985) 1282A. See under ('Jigs med gling pa) Rang 'byung rdo rje. Dung dkar 126 misidentifies it, apparently.

Mkhas grub KLONG CHEN THUGS SRAS — 210 245.2.

KLONG CHEN PA — See (— — — III) Ngag dbang bkra shis rnam rgyal.

Bka' 'gyur Rin po che KLONG CHEN YE SHES RDO RJE — (1888‑?) Bio. in BD of T&TBIV 696. A late Lama of Ri bo che. 210 preface. A modern Rnying ma pa, disc. of Rje drung 'Phrin las byams pa 'byung gnas (q.v.). The NGMPP (ID no. 3101) lists a work by Bka' 'gyur Rin po che Klong chen ye shes rdo rje (1897-1975) entitled Lam gyi Gnad Kun 'Dus pa'i Smon lam Rnam mkhyen Zhing bgrod, a cursive ms. in 7 fols.

KLONG CHEN RAB 'BYAMS — Author, Tshad ma'i De kho na nyid Bsdus pa, Si khron Mi rigs Dpe skrun khang (Chengdu 2000), 364 pp. The attribution of this work may not be correct, since there is evidence the text was written before Klong chen pa's time.

KLONG CHEN RAB 'BYAMS RGYAL PO'I RGYUD — Comm. work in 36 I. Tantra in 48 chaps. contained in 320 III 255‑393.

KLONG CHEN RAB 'BYAMS KYI RGYUD — Redisc. by Rdo rje gling pa. Text in 320 IV 175‑416. 413 11.2.

KLONG CHEN RAB 'BYAMS PA — See (— — — — —) Dri med 'od zer; (— — — — — III) Bkra shis rnam rgyal.

KLONG CHEN RAS PA — See (— — — —) Rin chen tshul khrims.

KLONG THANG — Pl.n. Bu ston II 202. Hoffmann, Religions 113. 17 II 341.4. See Gardner in TJ XXVIII no. 3 (2003) 64. See Elliot Sperling, "Further Remarks Apropos of the 'Ba' rom pa and the Tanguts," Acta Orientalia Hungarica, vol. 57, no. 1 (2004), pp. 1‑26, at p. 8.

'Dan KLONG THANG — Place in Khams where Smṛti established his Abhidharma teaching tradition. For spelling 'Dan Rlung thang, see Elliot Sperling, "Further Remarks Apropos of the 'Ba' rom pa and the Tanguts," Acta Orientalia Hungarica, vol. 57, no. 1 (2004), pp. 1‑26, at p. 15.

Khams kyi KLONG THANG SGRON MA — 87 I 135.6.

KLONG THANG SGROL MA'I GTSUG LAG KHANG — TS5 801. Dung dkar 126. See Gardner in TJ XXVIII no. 3 (2003) 85.

Kun bzang KLONG DRUG PA'I RGYUD — In 320 X 610‑669.

KLONG RDOL — BA 668. F. by Gtsang pa Rgya ras pa. 17 II 579. Dung dkar 126.

KLONG RDOL — See (— —) (Gling stod) 'Od gsal sgang.

KLONG RDOL BLA MA — See (— — — —) Ngag dbang blo bzang.

KLONG SDE — Dung dkar 127. See article by Sten Anspal in Acta Orientalia.

KLONG SDE — See (— —) Rdo rje zam pa.

KLONG NAG — 413 151.2.


KLONG RTSE — Pl.n. DTK5 93.

KLONG RTSE BA — Disc. of Sgam po pa & teacher of Khro phu Lo tsā ba. BA 711. 484 I 859.1.

Sprul sku KLONG YANG BDE BA — 210 166.2.

Grub chen KLONG YANGS — (ca. 1662) BD of T&TB III 290.

KLONG YANGS RIN CHEN — (ca. 1700) 463 I 42.3.

Bya btang 'Khrul zhig KLONG YANGS 'OD GSAL — (ca. 1685) 458 I 278.3.

KLONG RONG BA — See (— — —) Padma dbang rgyal.

KLONG LA — A pass. 463 I 116.1. Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 130.

KLONG GSAL RGYUD — In 320 VII 529 ff.

Zab gsang Mkha' 'gro KLONG GSAL NYI ZLA KHA BYOR — A tantric cycle. See 240370‑472.

Rdzogs chen KLONG GSAL SNYING THIG — Cycle of Ratna gling pa. Contained in 87LXXXVIII. See also 91 XI.

Rig 'dzin KLONG GSAL SNYING PO — (1625‑1692) A Gter ston. He and his teacher (Rig 'dzin) Bdud 'dul rdo rje (1615‑1672), q.v., are responsible for most of the special teachings at Kaḥ thog Mon. For his rediscs., see 88 I II. More rediscs. in 87 XXIV, plus work on Amitāyus in 87 XXXI. His Gu ru Drag po Ye shes rab 'bar in 87 XIX. 410148A.2 ff. 383 220.6. Many of his rediscs. have been published recently. For example, his Bka' brgyad Bde gshegs Yongs 'dus Chos skor (1978).

KLONG GSAL DRI MED — A n. of Klong chen rab 'byams pa (q.v.).

'Bras spungs Dge 'phel ba DKA' BCU DNGOS GRUB — Yogi student of Rol pa'i rdo rje (b. 1717).

DKA' BCU PA — One who has mastered the five main Indian texts (pod lnga) and their commentaries. Ngag dbang nyi ma, Works I 20‑21. Petech in T'oung Pao n.s. L 342. Dung dkar 127.

DKA' BCU PA — See (— — —) Sangs rgyas bkra shis.

DKA' CHEN — N. of the highest Dge bshes degree as bestowed at Bkra shis lhun po. Dung dkar 128.

DKA' CHEN — See (— —) Ye shes thogs med; (— —) Blo bzang rgyal mtshan.

Yongs 'dzin DKA' CHEN — See (— —) (— —) Ye shes rgyal mtshan.

DKA' CHEN LNGA — Acc. to Wayman, the five traditional subjects. See 127 19 (and also p. 17).

DKA' CHEN BCU GNYIS — The 12 trials of Nāropa. Dung dkar 128.

DKA' CHEN BZHI — One who has mastered the 3 main monastic subjects, with the addition of either Abhidharma or Vinaya. Dung dkar 128.

DKA' GNYIS SPYOD — See Rgyun shes kyi bu. KB 93.6.

Bram ze DKA' THUB CAN — Pictured in 128 710.


DKA' BZHI PA — See (— — —) Grags pa gzhon nu; (— — —) Shes rab seng ge.

DKA' ZLOG MA — N. of a Ma mo? BD of T&TB I 438. A n. of Goddess Uma. Dung dkar130.

Bran za DKAR SKYID — Mother of Gan jag thang ta. 132 91.4.

DKAR SKYIL — =Kargil. Pl. in valley of an Indus tributary. Has sandy plane with gold. Hoffman, Handbook 35. The Indus tributary is itself known by this same name.

DKAR KHUD MOR — Pl.n.? 24 I 373.6. Same place called Dkar mo in 24 I 374.3.


Myang tsha DKAR RGYAN — See Dkar mo rgyan.

DKAR RGYAL — Alternative spelling for Skar rgyal (q.v.) in 17 II 353.6. BD of T&TB I 828. See Dkar ma'i rgyal mtshan (for which it may be an abbreviation).


DKAR BRGYUD PA — Alternative spelling for Bka' brgyud pa (but not necessarily with exactly the same meaning). This is sometimes considered the proper spelling for the name of the Dwags po Bka' brgyud, but including the Shangs pa Bka' brgyud & several minor traditions which did not pass through Sgam po pa. Has some reference to the 'white' (dkar) cotton meditation garments of the Ras pa (cotton clad ascetics). See E. Smith in 20 2 (n. 2). It is especially used in 'Brug pa Bka' brgyud circles, it seems, and some would seem to want to restrict this to the snyan brgyudteachings. Thu'u bkwan discusses this spelling in his Grub mtha' Shel gyi Me long.

Brug chen VII DKAR BRGYUD 'PHRIN LAS SHING RTA — (1718‑1866). Also called Bka' brgyud+. Some of his works published under the title Rnam thos sras kyi... (1982). Ratna sa mu dra, Ven Khenpo Shedup Tenzin, Shri Gautam Buddha Vihara (Kathmandu 1999). Thams cad Mkhyen pa Dkar brgyud 'Phrin las Shing rta Chen po'i Rnam par Thar pa Dad pa Rgya mtsho'i Gru rdzing.

DKAR CHAG — A genre of literature. Dkar chag to 25 holy places of Tibet in 239 XXX 1‑40 (others follow). Dkar chag for a Chorten in SBTD I 244.

DKAR CHUNG — Chapel (lha khang) on side of Ke ru. Tucci, Lhasa 126. OR the modern Ra ma gang where famous inscriptions were found. BA 94. See also Skar chung. Ferrari 119. F. in time of Mes 'ag tshoms. 132 86.6. Das 51. Kar ch'u in Lho brag valley (Waddell 278). The rdo ring with its founding inscriptions discussed inDung dkar 133 (he says that the Dkar chung temple is now called Sangs rgyas Dgon pa).

DKAR CHUNG RGYAL SDE'I LHA KHANG — Built by Sad na legs. 17 II 330.2. Hoffmann, Religions 79.

Mchod rten DKAR CHUNG BAR MA — Also, Dkar chung Gong ma. See T&BS II 244.

Mchod rten DKAR CHEN — T&TB II 244.

DKAR CHOS SDE — See Rong cha Dkar Chos sde.

DKAR THANG MAR KHU'I MTSHO MO — In Mongolian, represented in Tibetan letters as Bo ro chu 'gag. Dung dkar 133.

DKAR DUNG — Castle f. by 'Khor re. 28 63. Tucci, Santi e briganti 52 ff.

DKAR DUM GNAM GYI KHYUNG RDZONG — A castle in Gung thang, one of 14 built by 'Bum lde, who ruled from 1253‑1280. Dung dkar 133.

DKAR DONG — In Lahul. See 78 80 (no. 40). See M.D. Mamgain, Lahul and Spiti 55. Mon. renovated in 1912 by Lama Norbu. B in L 26.

Gnod sbyin DKAR MDA'I GDONG — ? 132 119.1.

Mtsho DKAR NAG — 406 6B.1.

DKAR NAG KHRA GSUM — A tsa ra Dkar po, meaning Atiśa; A tsa ra Nag po, meaning Pha dam pa; A tsa ra Khra bo, meaning Padmasambhava. Dung dkar 133.

DKAR NAG ZANGS THAL — N. of a teaching. 413 571.2.

DKAR NAG BKRA GSAL — Temple of Kong rtse 'Phrul rgyal. Kvaerne 223.

Kong rje DKAR PO — See Kong rje (?). KTDN 65.1 ff.

Sgrags kyi DKAR PO GONG — Gling ras pa stayed there. 24 I 390.1.

DKAR PO GCIG THUB — See Shākya mchod ldan, Works VII 85.1, where he cites aDgongs gcig text's citation from Sgam po pa in which he says that realizing the nature of one's own mind is like the herb Dkar po gcig thub. Also, Dkar po chig thub. Said to be n. of a teaching of Hwa shang Ma hā yā na. 348 115.3 etc. 484 I 389.6. A teaching said to have been current in the early 13th cent. promising instant (or 'single cause') Buddhahood, especially targeted for criticism by Sa Paṇ in hisSdom Gsum Rab dbye. 359 II 240.5. Mahāyāna says to Kamalaśīla, "Your religious system is like a monkey climbing to the top of a tree from the ground. Ours is like a garuḍa bird alighting from the sky." Reply: "Is the bird fully equipped with wings? And if so, wasn't it born in the rocks where it gradually developed its wings to fly?" The Fifth Dalai Lama said, "Those who know draw the form of a lamp. When children see it they are unreflective and therefore confused. If it is reflected on and examined, the mature without doubt will know that it (the drawing of the lamp) has no power to dispel darkness."

DKAR PO CHOS LUNG — BA 675. F. by Lo ras pa in 1241. 20 33. Dung dkar 134.

Sbas lung DKAR PO LJONGS — KTDN 152.2.

DKAR PO BSTAN 'DZIN NOR BU — Person mentioned in BD of T&TB III 751.

Lo ro'i Mchod rten DKAR PO DON LDAN — For Thang stong rgyal po's visit, see 5203.

Rig 'dzin DKAR PO RNAM GSUM — See under Rig 'dzin.

Sa gtso ba DKAR PO DPAL — DTK5 114.

DKAR PO BRAG — Ancient Bon mon. 253 II 601.5.

DKAR PO BRAG PA — See (— — — —) 'Jam dbyangs bsam 'grub bzang po. (— — — —) Rin chen seng ge.

DKAR PO ZANGS — Foundation of Padmasambhava in Lho Mon. Not located. Ferrari131. 458 I 142.3.

DKAR MA — BA 543.

DKAR MA'I RGYAL MTSHAN — Miracle performing Bonpo brother of Zla ba'i rgyal mtshan. 476 IV 374.5.

Rtsibs kyi Lha DKAR MA YOL SDE — Haarh, Yar lun 222.

DKAR MED MA — Queen of the gnod sbyin. Das 52.

DKAR MO — See Dkar khud mo.

DKAR MO — Chinese form is Hu mang. Sato in Acta Asiatica 29 (1975) 12.

Dge slong ma DKAR MO — Pabongka, Liberation in Our Palms, pt. 2, p. 237.

Lha sa'i Klu mo DKAR MO — 253 II 383.1.

DKAR MO GLING — See Lazcano in RET 7 (2005) 54. Temple near Mipi, founded by Rje drung Byams pa 'byung gnas. Sardar-Afkhami, Account 13.

DKAR MO RGYANG GRAGS — N. of conch shell given to Chinese Emperor by the Indian King Dharmapāla, and then given to Sa skya Mon. by Qubilai. TPS 682. Ferrari 151.

DKAR MO BRGYAN — Mother of Rdo rje gling pa. 210 127.4.

Myang tsha DKAR MO BRGYAN — Or, Dkar rgyan. N. of Mi la ras pa's mother. 4C 23. Called also Nyang za Dkar brgyan. 4X I 10.4. 4A 11B.3.

DKAR MO CHEN MO — Could be understood as either Dbyangs can ma or Gos dkar mo or both. Dung dkar 135.

Sbas yul DKAR MO LJONGS — Gnas yig excavated by Gu ru Tshe brtan listed in BLPno. 1589.

DKAR MO NYI ZLA — A goddess. A Dharma Protector (Chos skyong) connected with the 'Khon family. See 83A. BD of T&TB X 90.14, 92.3. Dung dkar 135.

DKAR MO STAG TSHANG — Mi pham spent a 13 year retreat in the last part of his life there. Almogi, MA thesis 10.

DKAR MO RI KHROD — Bon hermitage in Amdo with 15 monks. 253 II 637.6.

Khyung dkar Gdan sa DKAR SMAD BLA BRANG — Also, Dkar stod. 253 II 632.1.

DKAR RTSIS — A long discussion in Dung dkar 135‑139.

DKAR RTSE — Visited by Thang stong rgyal po, 5 162‑163.

DKAR RTSE MGO PA — Pl.n. Sperling in TH&L 458.

DKAR RTSED — Western Tibetan festival. Khenrap in TJ 25 no 4 (2000) 57.

DKAR MDZES — Eastern district. Stein 34. Stein, Recherches 130. SBTD I 16. See Gardner in TJ XXVIII no 3 (2003) 67.

DKAR MDZES PA — See (— — —) Rta mgrin tshe dbang.

Dpon mo DKAR 'DZOM — See under Rong ston Shes bya kun rig.

DKAR YAG — In Eastern Tibet. 239 XXX 62.2.

DKAR YE — TS7 I 258.

DKAR RU — Subclan of Khyung po clan. See 23 29. 471 94.6. N. of an image of Pha Dam pa at Ding ri (also called Ka ru?). BA 816.

DKAR RU — See (— — Grub dbang) Bstan 'dzin rin chen.

DKAR RU DANG DMAR RU — Dung dkar 139.

DKAR RU PHO BRANG — Also, Dkar ru Steng chen Dgon pa. 253 II 608.3, 609.5, 610.5 ff.

DKAR RU BANDE 363 30.2.

DKAR LEGS — See (— — Drang srong) Nyi ma bstan rgyal.

Khyung po DKAR LEGS DGON — 253 II 611.6.

DKAR LEB DRUNG YIG — See (— — — —) Padma rdo rje.


Rgyal po'i bu mo DKAR SHAM — An 'earth lord' (sa bdag). Vai.Kar. II 269.1.


DKAR SHOD CHOS 'KHOR DGON — Dkar chag listed in BLP no. 0070.

DKON MCHOG KUN DBANG — 387 preface 4.

DKON MCHOG BKRA SHIS — An informant of Francke. Stein, Recherches 56.

Ne rings Chos rje DKON MCHOG BKRA SHIS — 116 345.4.

Dbu mdzad DKON MCHOG BKRA SHIS — A 'Bri gung pa. 150 206.1.

Zhabs drung DKON MCHOG BKRA SHIS — Of U cu mu cin. Mongolian scholar, and student of Rol pa'i rdo rje (b. 1717).

DKON MCHOG SKYABS — Name of the artist of a Mahākāla made in 1292. See Heller,Tibetan Art 87.

DKON MCHOG SKYABS — Author of bio. of Dalai Lama II, listed in BLP no. 0512, which was woodblock printed at 'Bras spungs in 161 fols.

Brang ti DKON MCHOG SKYABS — Pictured in 128 560.

Tshal pa DKON MCHOG SKYABS — A physician at Tshal Gung thang with whom Tsong kha pa briefly studied medicine as a youth.

Rog ston DKON MCHOG SKYABS — (ca. 12th cent.) In transmission of Rgyud bzhi. Disc. of (Dbus pa) Dar grags. TR XV no. 2‑3, p. 15A.

Lung steng pa Dge bshes DKON MCHOG SKYABS — See under Ba ri Lo tsā ba.

Gu ge Bdag mo DKON MCHOG BSKYANG MO — Wife of Kun dga' rnam rgyal lde. DTK5 132.

Dge bshes DKON MCHOG MKHAR — Mtshan nyid teacher of Phag mo gru pa. 57 IIB 355.6.

La stod pa DKON MCHOG MKHAR — One of six chief discs. of Khyung po Rnal 'byor (q.v.). Founded earliest subsect of the Shangs pa called Gnas rnying Dkar brgyud pa. 29. Vitali in Lungta 14 (2001) 22 n 7 argues that 1084‑1171 (or 1096‑1183) are his most likely dates. See also Vitali in TS9 I 88, 96‑7.


DKON MCHOG GAR DBANG RGYA MTSHO — Author of Dga' ldan Byams pa gling gi Mchod rten Dkar chag listed in BLP no. 0436 (see also no. 1031). Author of Rig 'dzin Chen mo Skal bzang padma Mchod sdong gi Dkar chag, a title listed in BLP no. 1855.

Jo ldan DKON MCHOG GRAGS — Kapstein, Assimilation 134.

Mkhan po DKON MCHOG GRAGS PA — Author of story in 152 I 213‑244.

Lho Bal A tsar DKON MCHOG GRAGS PA — 253 II 170. 383 417.4.

DKON MCHOG DGE BA'I 'BYUNG GNAS — (1733‑1741) The Zhwa dmar IX.

DKON MCHOG DGE LEGS — Dkon mchog dge legs kyi Rnam thar Thar 'Dod Ded dpon (Stod Smad Gnyis), listed in BLP no. 0074.

DKON MCHOG DGE LEGS RGYAL MTSHAN — 42nd in abbatial succession (gdan rabs) of Bkra shis 'khyil Mon. BD of T&TB V 855.

DKON MCHOG DGE LEGS PA — Dkon mchog dge legs pa'i Rnam thar, by Skal bzang thub bstan dbang phyug, listed in BLP no. 0075.


Mchog gling DKON MCHOG 'GYUR MED — Author of bio. of Mchog gyur gling pa listed in BLP no. 0984.


DKON MCHOG 'GRO PHAN DBANG PO — (b. 1631?) Of Gzhu Snye mo. Disc. of 'Bri gung Rig 'dzin. Author of medical work in 1661 found in 359 II 553‑667. See under ('Bri gung) Tshe dbang brtan pa.

Rtogs pa Mthar phyin DKON MCHOG RGYA MTSHO CHE — Pictured in 128 306.

'Bri gung DKON MCHOG RGYA MTSHO — (b. 1968) Author of a history of the 'Bri gung pa, and a published set of works on the Dgongs gcig. He is also called Ra se Dkon mchog rgya mtsho, and has the titles (and nicknames) Dwags po Spyan snga, 'Bri smyon.

DKON MCHOG RGYA MTSHO — Elder brother of Bsod nams rgya mtsho. Son of Al than. 208 I 236.3.

DKON MCHOG RGYA MTSHO — (1770‑1858) 41st in Gdan rabs of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 843.

'Khon DKON MCHOG RGYAL PO — (1034‑1102) Dhongthog 29. 16 34. F. chief mon. of Sa skya pa in 1073. T.H. 51. Younger brother of Shes rab tshul khrims. Studied under 'Brog mi Lo tsā ba at Myu gu lung. 86 ii. Wylie 133 (n. 161). 17 II 398.4, 399.2 ff. BA 208. May be subject of bio. in 145 V 143‑148. Bio. in BD of T&TB X 91‑102. Beyer 13. Dung dkar 142.

'Phrang 'og gi 'Drang ston DKON MCHOG RGYAL PO — Note: Dbang ston may be substituted for 'Drang ston. Disc. of 'Brog mi. Not to be confused with ('Khon) Dkon mchog rgyal po. BA 208. 17 II 398.3 ff.

DKON MCHOG RGYAL MO — Daughter of Bkra shis dpal 'bar who became a queen in Rgyal rtse. DTK5 139.

Mkhar rtse'i Bdag mo DKON MCHOG RGYAL MO — DTK5 141.

DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — Author of bio. of Tsong kha pa listed in BLP no. 0933.

DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — Marco Pallis studied art under a Tibetan painter by this name at Phiyang Monastery in Ladakh. Jackson in TJ 27 nos 1‑2 (2002) 163.

DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — Dkon mchog rgyal mtshan gyi Rnam thar Ngo mtshar Chu rgyun, listed in BLP no. 0076.

DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — (b. 1453) Wellknown brother of Gtsang smyon. 207. 234 IA 4.7, 16.7.

DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — Someone by this name had erected a tshogs shing of the Dge lugs pa school with Tsong kha pa at the center. See TPS 409. Tucci thought this was the name of the painter.

Grub chen DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — Bio. listed in BLP no. 0388.

Sgom pa DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — (ca. 1179) 476 I 97.1.

Sngags chen DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — (1612‑1687)

Rdzogs chen Stag bla DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — (late 19th‑20th cent.) A 'Das log (one who returned from the dead and told others about their experiences). 440especially p. 282.1 ff.

Rdo rje 'dzin pa DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — (1612‑1687) BD of T&TB V 288. Dge lugs pa. Dhongthog 29. Pictured in 128 208, 218, 352, 392. Bio. in 165 II 242‑255.

Dbal mang DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — (1764‑1853) BD of T&TB V 709. 24th in abbatial succession (gdan rabs) of Bkra shis 'khyil. For his Gdan rabs of Bkra shis 'khyil, see 332 II preface 12. His collected works in some 11 vols. have been published in 1974. 27 27. Sometimes spelled Dpal mang, but this is an erroneous hypercorrection. TS7 I 440. Bio. by Brag sgom Bstan pa rab rgyas listed in BLP no. 1544.

Dbon yig pa DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — Author of bio. of Bo dong pa listed inBLP no. 1428.

Phu ri ba DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — A disc. of Rgod tshang pa (1189‑1258) who f. a monastery at Pha drug. It was at his behest that the Ro snyoms Sgang 'dril of his just mentioned teacher was written. 57 IIB 372.3. BA 686‑687.

Mus chen DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — Also called Mus chen Sems dpa' chen po. (1388‑1469) F. Stag mo gling kha in 1436. Pupil of Ngor chen Kun dga' bzang po, and author of his bio. in 1457. <<Mus Stag mo gling Skyar zhang gi rigs su 'khrungs>> Dhongthog 29. Compiler of Blo sbyong works in 36 I. Prob. subj. of bio. listed in BLP no. 0650. Bio. by Gung ru Shes rab bzang po listed in BLP no. 1632 & another by Go rams pa, BLP no. 1633. Bio. by Go rams pa listed in de Rossi Filibeck,Catalogue II 335 (see also Drepung Catalog 1505).

Smar khams 'Od zer bla ma DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — Author of bio. of Tsong kha pa listed in BLP no. 0913.

Ser li Sprul sku DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — (1773‑1815) BD of T&TB V 916.

A rdo DKON MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — (fl. late 15th cent.) Cuevas, Hidden History131, 145 ff.

DKON MCHOG SGRON ME — N. of Blo bzang thub bstan lung rtogs rgya mtsho ("Lauthang Tulku"). Bio. in Thondup, EL 15.

DKON MCHOG NGES DON CHOS BSGRAGS RGYA MTSHO — (recent) Work in 359 II 407‑451. Disc. of Chung tshang VI (b. 1868). A work of his was written in 1948. Disc. of Dkon mchog chos skyabs. Disc. of Bstan 'dzin chos kyi blo gros. Work in 479425‑469.

Rje btsun DKON MCHOG CHOS SKYABS — B. in Nag shod. 34th abbot of 'Bri gung. 3742 ff. Teacher of Dkon mchog nges don chos grags. 431 contents.

Rnam gling Paṇ chen DKON MCHOG CHOS GRAGS — Grammar work in 451. Disc. of Gter bdag gling pa. 458 I 348.1. Mentioned by Naga in TJ 24 no 3 (1999) 62. Subj. of bio. by Yar klong Lo tsā ba Grags pa rgyal mtshan, listed in BLP no. 0078. Jackson,Patron 6.

DKON MCHOG CHOS KYI RGYAL PO — Bio. by 'Jigs med 'bangs listed in BLP no. 0077.

DKON MCHOG CHOS SGRON — Gung ru Mkha' 'gro incarnate. Chayet in Cardonna,Facets 75.

Dran dbang dam pa DKON MCHOG CHOS KYI RJE — Pictured in 128 566.

DKON MCHOG CHOS KYI NYI MA — N. of Chos grub rgya mtsho (1742‑1792).

DKON MCHOG CHOS 'PHEL — 20th cent. Ladakhi. Snellgrove, Asian Commitment306‑7.

Gling smad Zhabs drung DKON MCHOG CHOS 'PHEL — (time of Dalai Lama V) Essais124. Subject of bio. by the Dalai Lama V, listed in BLP nos. 0079, 0758.

Dbal mang Chung ba DKON MCHOG CHOS 'PHEL — (1767‑1834) 29th in abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 791.

Bde gling Ri khrod pa DKON MCHOG CHOS DBYINGS — Scribe in 476 I 523.4.

DKON MCHOG CHOS BZANG — (? 1673) BD of T&TB VI 163. 39th Chairholder (Khri pa) of Dga' ldan (from 1648 to 1654). Pictured in 128 926.

DKON MCHOG 'JIGS MED DBANG PO — See Ye shes brtson 'grus grags pa'i sde.

'Jam dbyangs bzhad pa II DKON MCHOG 'JIGS MED DBANG PO — (1728‑1817) I have also seen his death dated at 1791. Rebirth of 'Jam dbyangs bzhad pa. In abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 667 (see also p. 683). His complete works have been published. One work on the philosophical schools has been translated by Geshe Sopa and J. Hopkins, 13. He wrote most of the monastic textbooks (yig cha) for Sgo mang Grwa tshang. See ='Jigs med dbang po. See also under 'Jam dbyangs bzhad pa. Portrait bronze in Uhlig, On the Path to Enlightenment, p. 195. Bio. listed in BLP no. 0080. Bios. listed in BLP nos. 0822‑0824 (and following works). Bio. in Dung dkar 64‑65.

DKON MCHOG RJES DRAN — Recitation before the noon meal. Dung dkar 142.

DKON MCHOG NYI MA — (1795‑1857) 45th in abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 866.

DKON MCHOG NYI MA — (1801‑?) BD of T&TB V 909.

DKON MCHOG RTEN — Lay supporter of Chag Lo tsā ba. Chag 102.

DKON MCHOG BSTAN DAR — (1784‑1843) 39th in abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 835.

DKON MCHOG BSTAN PA'I RGYAL MTSHAN — Subject of bio. by 'Jam dbyangs rgya mtsho listed in BLP no. 0081.

A mchog Sprul sku DKON MCHOG BSTAN PA'I RGYAL MTSHAN — Barlocher 165‑166.



Gung thang pa DKON MCHOG BSTAN PA'I SGRON ME — (1762‑1823/4) Dge lugs pa. B. in Mdzo dge area of Amdo. Dhongthog 30. Works listed in SBTD I 246. For title of his bio., see SBTD I 267. Pictured in 128 492. Barlocher 166. Among his many appellations are, Gung thang pa'i Mchog sprul, Nges pa Don gyi 'Jam pa'i dbyangs, etc. He was 21st in the abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 691. Translation of his work the Nor bu'i Gling du Bsgrod pa'i Lam yig done by Olschak and Wangyal. Autobio. listed in BLP no. 0082. Bio. by Thu'u bkwan listed in BLP no. 0370 (see also nos. 0371‑0373). Bio. by Dbal mang Dkon mchog rgyal mtshan listed in BLPno. 0934.

DKON MCHOG BSTAN PA'I NYI MA — (1791‑1854) BD of T&TB V 582.

DKON MCHOG BSTAN PA'I DPAL BZANG — (1807‑?) 52nd in abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 897.

DKON MCHOG BSTAN PA RAB RGYAS — Called a 'Great Pundit.' Teacher of Mkhyen brtse. 12 XV 381.3.

DKON MCHOG BSTAN PA RAB RGYAS — (1800‑?) 49th in abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 892.

Brag dgon Zhabs drung DKON MCHOG BSTAN PA RAB RGYAS — (1801-1866?) Sometimes spelled Brag sgom Zhabs drung. 383 641.6. Author of The Ocean Annals of Amdo. Published in 3 vols in 1975. Published again in 1977. Works in 349 III, etc.

DKON MCHOG BSTAN 'DZIN — See Mchog gyur gling pa.


DKON MCHOG BSTAN 'DZIN 'GRO 'DUL — The Third Che tshang Rin po che.


Thor rgod Zhabs drung DKON MCHOG BSTAN 'DZIN RGYA MTSHO — See Dalai Lama XIII, Works VII 128.5.

DKON MCHOG BSTAN 'DZIN CHOS KYI NYI MA — 27th abbot of 'Bri gung, his dates were 1755‑1792. Called Chos kyi nyi ma for short according to David Jackson in Ingrid Kreide Damani, ed., Dating Tibetan Art, Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag (Wiesbaden 2003), p. 112.

DKON MCHOG BSTAN 'DZIN CHOS DBANG BLO GROS — 30th abbot of 'Bri gung. 3739.

'Bri gung pa DKON MCHOG BSTAN 'DZIN CHOS KYI BLO GROS 'PHRIN LAS RNAM RGYAL DPAL BZANG PO — His handprint was placed on the back of a thangka in 1896 (illus. in Rossi & Rossi, Beyond Lhasa pl. 24).

DKON MCHOG BSTAN 'DZIN CHOS KYI BLO GROS PHRIN LAS RNAM PAR RGYAL BA'I SDE — 34th abbot of 'Bri gung. Author of Dkar chag in 137 437 ff. He might be identified with the Chung tshang Chos kyi blo gros, q.v.


DKON MCHOG BSTAN 'DZIN 'PHRIN LAS RNAM RGYAL — See Bstan 'dzin padma'i rgyal mtshan.


Rgya rgyud DKON MCHOG CHUNG BA — (active ca. 1205) See Elliot Sperling, "Further Remarks Apropos of the 'Ba' rom pa and the Tanguts," Acta Orientalia Hungarica, vol. 57, no. 1 (2004), pp. 1‑26, at p. 17.

DKON MCHOG THAL JI — 208 I 239.4.



DKON MCHOG DAM CHOS YAR 'PHEL — Author of bio. of Dalai Lama II, listed in BLPno. 0517.

DKON MCHOG DAM CHOS YAR 'PHEL — Author of bio. of Paṇḍi ta Chen po Blo bzang 'jigs med listed in BLP no. 1272.

DKON MCHOG DAM CHOS YAR 'PHEL — (1779‑?) BD of T&TB V 615.

DKON MCHOG DAM CHOS YAR 'PHEL — (1797‑1860) BD of T&TB V 840. 40th in abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil.

DKON MCHOG DAR — A teacher of Thang stong at Byang Ngam ring. 5 32.

DKON MCHOG DAR RGYAS — (1775‑1833) BD of T&TB V 643.

Gung thang gi Ti shrī DKON MCHOG DON GRUB — 116 278.3, 364.1.

Nyin rdzong Khri pa DKON MCHOG DON GRUB CHOS DBANG — (19th‑20th cent.?) 'Bri gung pa teacher. Works in 460.

DKON MCHOG DON YOD — (1787‑1859) BD of T&TB V 918.

Dpa' re Sprul sku DKON MCHOG BDE CHEN — BD of T&TB V 689. 19th in abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil.

Gong sman DKON MCHOG BDE LEGS — Author of Gso rig Dgos pa Kun 'byung, a medical treatise published in 1972‑1976 in 3 vols. Author of Pod dmar, acc. to DD 714. Author of medical commentaries contained in vol. 84 in the Smanrtsis Shesrig Spendzod Series published in 1977.

'Ban DKON MCHOG RDO RJE — Disc. of Ko bo Ye shes 'byung gnas (circa 1100) in theMngon pa Kun btus transmission lineage. BA 345. 17 II 346.4.

Slob dpon DKON MCHOG RDO RJE — An early teacher of Kun dga' dpal 'byor (1428‑1476). 57 preface.

Rong po DKON MCHOG RDO RJE — Cuevas, Hidden History 146.

DKON MCHOG RDOR PA — Artist mentioned in Wanla inscription. Vitali, Kingdoms387.

DKON MCHOG LDE — 2nd son of Btsan lde. DTK5 92.

DKON MCHOG NOR BU — (1770‑1839) 35th in abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 823.

Kong po Rab 'byams pa DKON MCHOG NOR BU — Se ra Stod pa Slob dpon. 438 VI 560.1.

Mkhan po DKON MCHOG NOR BU — Teacher of Ngag dga' (b. 1879). 39 17. Studied with Rdza Dpal sprul. Devoted his life to the study of Spyod 'jug.


Rgyud pa Slob dpon Sprul sku DKON MCHOG RNAM RGYAL — 332 II preface 9.

Che tshang IV DKON MCHOG PADMA RGYAL MTSHAN — (b. 1770). He was also the 19th abbot of 'Bri gung.

DKON MCHOG DPAL — Attendant of Chag Lo tsā ba. Chag 111.

'Bro DKON MCHOG DPAL — P.Tib. 849.201. Hackin, Formulaire 37 (he is the author of the work, or at least of the brief appended text).

Zhang DKON MCHOG DPAL — (1250‑1317) Kuijp in JIABS 17 (1994) 178. His biography, entitled: Zhang Dkon mchog dpal gyi Rnam thar, has been photographed by the NGMPP (running no. L8571, reel no. L976/8). Two bios. are listed in BLP nos. 1502‑1503, by Dge slong Dpal ldan (see also no. 1735) & Tshal pa Si tu Dge ba'i blo gros.

Ri pa DKON MCHOG DPAL — Actually spelled Ri pa Kon cog dpal, he occupies the patron/donor corner of a thangka said to date to 13th cent., reproduced in an art company advertisement in the Orientations reprint volume, Art of Tibet (1998), at the end of the volume. This thangka has as central figure "Bla ma Bsdan sa pa" which I read as Bla ma Gdan sa pa. Subsidiary figures include, in top register, and probably top two figures on each side register, a 'Brug pa Bka' brgyud pa lineage, 14 in all, meaning that the patron figure is probably 16th in this lineage (a disciple of the 15th, the central figure). There is a homage verse next to the patron which cannot be read. Eight Mahāsiddha figures are depicted.

Shes phrug DKON MCHOG DPAL — TS7 I 272. Married a daughter (!) of Karma pakshi (1206‑1283).

Sa skya'i Bstan 'dzin Zhang ston DKON MCHOG DPAL — Prob. =(Zhang) Rgyal ba dpal (q.v.). Pictured in 128 434. 374 I 433.4.

DKON MCHOG DPAL LDAN — Sa skya pa author of FM 218.00.

DKON MCHOG DPAL LDAN — (1816‑1852) BD of T&TB V 916. Reincarnation of Dkon mchog rgyal mtshan.

DKON MCHOG DPAL 'BYOR TSHE BRTAN — King of Nang chen. Contemp. of Zhwa nag XIII. 473 45.

DKON MCHOG DPAL 'DZIN — (1765‑1844) BD of T&TB V 613.

Bka' 'gyur ba Chen po DKON MCHOG DPAL 'DZIN Dung dkar 156.


DKON MCHOG DPAL BZANG — 5 172.2. Thugs sras Dkon mchog dpal bzang. 5 304.5, 305.6. 446 II 588.6.

DKON MCHOG DPAL BZANG — A physician who brought people back from the dead ['chi gsos 'tsho byed]. Pictured in 128 568.

DKON MCHOG SPYI 'DUS — Redisc. precepts of 'Ja' tshon snying po (q.v.). See 23 13. For a khrid yig, see 238. Initiation rites and history in 226 VIII 55‑102.

DKON MCHOG SPRIN — Ratnamegha. Its date of translation into Tibetan, see Scherrer‑Schaub in JIABS 25 (2002) 292, 198, with ref. to a Skt. fragment.

Gong sman DKON MCHOG PHAN DAR — Medical works in 374 II 424.6 ff. Author ofNyams yig Brgya rtsa (see DD 714).

Shar phyogs pa DKON MCHOG PHAN BDEFrom E (the Tibetan pl.n.). A famous artist. An easterner (shar phyogs pa). See 23 40. Jackson, Patron 10, 96.

The bung DKON MCHOG PHUN TSHOGS — (1773‑1839) BD of T&TB V 919.

Ngor Chos rje DKON MCHOG 'PHEL — A teacher of Grags pa mtha' yas (1469‑1531). 49 preface. (Yongs 'dzin) Dkon mchog 'phel, the 7th abbot of Ngor. Bio., see SBTD I 371. 76 2.

Rje DKON MCHOG 'PHEL — Kreijger, Tibetan Painting 78, where he is one of the lesser depicted figures.

DKON MCHOG 'PHRIN LAS — (1787‑?) BD of T&TB V 567.

'Bri gung DKON MCHOG PHRIN LAS — Autobio. listed in BLP no. 1566.

'Bri gung Zhabs drung DKON MCHOG 'PHRIN LAS — An incarnate. A student of Rol pa'i rdo rje (b. 1717).


DKON MCHOG 'PHRIN LAS RNAM RGYAL — His notes on the oral exegesis of Rig 'dzin Chos kyi grags pa on the Lnga ldan (Mahāmudrā precepts) contained in 221‑181. 473 40.

Che tshang II DKON MCHOG PHRIN LAS BZANG PO — (b. 1656) Works in 359 II 452‑552.

Dpa' chung Rin po che DKON MCHOG 'PHRIN LAS 'OD ZER — Biography published: Dkon mchog 'phel rgyas, Rdo rje 'chang Dkon mchog 'phrin las 'od zer gyi Rtogs pa Ji bzhin Brjod pa'i Gtam Thar pa dang Thams cad Mkhyen pa'i Lam ston Thub bstan Mdzes pa'i Rgyan, Bod ljongs Mi dmangs Dpe skrun khang (Lhasa 2004), in 263 pages.

DKON MCHOG BLO GROS — 460 809.2.

Sib Rdzogs chen pa DKON MCHOG BLO GROS — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 117.3.

Rje DKON MCHOG DBANG PHYUG PA — (1768‑1833) 31st in abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 806.

DKON MCHOG 'BANGS — See Dkon mchog gsum gyi 'bangs.

Rgyal sras DKON MCHOG 'BANGS — See Gzhon nu rgyal mchog. 128 804.

Zhwa dmar ba DKON MCHOG 'BANGS — Mentioned in BD of T&TB III 724 as a 'successor' of Sna tshogs rang grol (1494‑1570). Mkhas grub Mdo sngags bstan 'dzin (1516‑1568) took ordination from him. BD of T&TB III 752. Author of a guidebook to Mtshur phu, q.v.

Mnga' ris kyi Ston pa DKON MCHOG 'BAR — 17 II 408.5.

Shes phrug DKON MCHOG 'BUM — TS7 I 272.

Ka brag DKON MCHOG 'BYUNG GNAS — Lde'u2 135.

Tā Bla ma Yung dgon Dza sag DKON MCHOG 'BYUNG GNAS — A monk of Yung‑ho Kung who was sent by Chinese Republic in 1930's to try to convince Tibetan government that it should become a part of China. Goldstein, History 381.

De mo I DKON MCHOG 'BYUNG GNAS (1374-1453) First De mo incarnate. Alexander,Temples 210.

Lang gro Lo tsā ba DKON MCHOG 'BYUNG GNAS — Disc. of Padmasambhava. 91preface. 132 89.6. Pictured in 128 636. Mentioned in a Dunhuang document. Meinert in TS9 II 298.


DKON MCHOG BRTSEGS PA — A sūtra collection that forms a major part of the Kanjur, often abbreviated as Dkon brtsegs. F. Weller, Betrachtungen über einen Ratnakūta text, Forschungen und Fortschrifte, vol. 37 (1963) 369 ff. Dung dkar 143 tells how parts of it were destroyed in India, and the translator had to search out chapters from Khotan and China.

Karma DKON MCHOG GZHON NU — Disc. of Karma pa IV. His Rtsod yig would seem to exist. He composed a still-existing biography of the Karma pa IV, with the titleChos rje Rol pa'i rdo rje'i Rnam thar Mkhas pa Dga' byed (see Dung dkar 34). Kuijp, KPTB48. He is cited in Thuken 178.

Grong po lung DKON MCHOG GZHON NU — Teacher of Bu ston. 27 75.

DKON MCHOG BZANG PO — Of the Gtsang mon. Kun dga' chos, mentioned in official document of 1345. Lost ref.

Sna phu DKON MCHOG BZANG PO — 374 II 470.6.

Sde snod 'dzin pa DKON MCHOG BZANG PO — Attended ordination of Bu ston. 27 78.

Dpon chen DKON MCHOG BZANG PO — TS7 I 273.

Lo se ba DKON MCHOG BZANG PO — 475 122.7.

Gu ge ma DKON MCHOG BZANG MO — Wife of Kun dga' rnam rgyal lde. DTK5 135.

Gu ge bza' DKON MCHOG BZANG MO — Wife of Bkra shis dpal 'bar. DTK5 139.

DKON MCHOG BZOD PA — (1856‑?) BD of T&TB V 915.

Gu ge pa DKON MCHOG 'OD ZER — N. of an artist inscribed on a Buddha image. See Uhlig, On the Path to Enlightenment, p. 70.

Rgyal tshab VII DKON MCHOG 'OD ZER — (ca. 1699‑ca. 1765) 35 II 678.

Zhwa dmar V DKON MCHOG YAN LAG — (1525‑1583) Bio. in 35 II 65‑141. Author ofBstan bcos Zab mo Nang Don gyi Gtong Thun Rab gsal Nyi ma'i Snying po, a study of Rang byung rdo rje's treatise on Anuttarayoga Tantra, for which see 200. Bio. by Karma pa VIII, see SBTD I 4. 210 215.6. BD of T&TB VII 171. Two vols. of his 'selected writings' have been published in Gangtok, 1979. Gilt portrait image, with identifying inscription, in Weldon & Singer, Sculptural Heritage p.191. Cuevas,Hidden History 166.

Snyan rgyud Mdzod 'Dzin DKON MCHOG YAR 'PHEL — Pictured in 128 308.

DKON MCHOG RIG PA'I SENG GE — (1838‑?) BD of T&TB V 631.

DKON MCHOG RIG 'DZIN SGROL MA — Gung ru Mkha' 'gro incarnate. Chayet in Cardonna, Facets 76.

DKON MCHOG RIG 'DZIN DPAL MO — See Smith in Linrothe, Holy Madness 74, where her dates are given as 1814-1891.

Jo bo DKON MCHOG RIN CHEN — A contemporary of 'Jig rten mgon po (1143‑1217). 476 I 51.2.

DKON MCHOG RIN CHEN — (b. 1590) 357 contents. 20th abbot of 'Bri gung. 37 33. Author of 'Bri gung pa'i Mantri Bsnyen bsgrub Spyi Spang blang. 22 428‑451. Regarded as rebirth of (Rgyal dbang) Bsod nams rgya mtsho. He received many visionary revelations including the Thugs rje chen po sogs Rtsa gsum. 23 10. His Rin chen 'Phreng ba cited in 168 preface. Work in 359. Regarded as the rebirth of Spyan snga Grags pa 'byung gnas, he is said to be the first Che tshang Rin po che. Because he didn't have offspring, the Skyu ra family died out with him. Dung dkar 143.

DKON MCHOG RIN CHEN — Dge bsnyen n. of Sangs rgyas gling pa. 210 104.6. 413351.5.

Zhabs drung DKON MCHOG RIN CHEN — 410 206A.3.

Gser gling Mkhan po DKON MCHOG RIN CHEN — Las slob at ordination of Padma dkar po. 1 28.

Gtsang po pa DKON MCHOG SENG GE (d. 1218/9) First Ti shih among the Tanguts. Karma pa. Also, Rtsang po pa. A Tibetan active in Tangut land, where his funerary chorten was made in about 1219. See Elliot Sperling, "Further Remarks Apropos of the 'Ba' rom pa and the Tanguts," Acta Orientalia Hungarica, vol. 57, no. 1 (2004), pp. 1‑26, at p. 18.

DKON MCHOG SENG GE — (1836‑?) 25th in abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 728.

Gtsang so pa DKON MCHOG SENG GE — (d. 1218) Kuijp in TH&L 296.

DKON MCHOG SRAS — A n. of (Stag lung) Sangs rgyas dbon. BD of T&TB III 386.

DKON MCHOG GSUM GYI 'BANGS — Disc. of Dignāga. BD of T&TB I 202, 426.

DKON MCHOG GSUM LHA KHANG — At 'Bum thang. See Olschak, Bhutan 45 ff.

Mkhan rabs IX Ma ni pa DKON MCHOG BSAM 'GRUB — Abbot of Yangs pa can. 35 I 627.

Rab 'byams Chos rje DKON MCHOG BSAM GRUB — Successor of Bsod nams chos grub in Shangs pa transmission. 53 preface. In O rgyan Bsnyen sgrub trans. 17 IV 438.2.

DKON MCHOG BSOD NAMS — (1770‑1844) 36th in abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 527.

DKON MCHOG BSOD NAMS — (1785‑1844) BD of T&TB V 920.

Rtogs ldan tshang Yongs 'dzin DKON MCHOG BSOD NAMS — (b. 1911) Work on mons. of Ladakh pub. in 3 vols in 1978 ff.

DKON MCHOG BSRUNG — Tib. disc. of Somanatha. 475 97.4.

DKON MCHOG LHA RGYAL — King of Nang chen. 473 46.

DKON MCHOG LHUN GRUB — See (Rig 'dzin Chen po) Rol pa'i rdo rje.

DKON MCHOG LHUN GRUB — Novice monk name of Sde gzhung Rin po che (1906‑1987).

Mdo po che ba DKON MCHOG LHUN GRUB — Teacher of Gter bdag gling pa. 458 I 328.1.

Ngor chen DKON MCHOG LHUN GRUB — (1497‑1557) Sa skya pa. Works in 36 vol. 4 on Hevajra. Dhongthog 30. Author of a Chos 'byung, title in 63 398.5. Stein,Recherches 34. Quoted in BD of T&TB X 33.2. 374 I 474.1. 10th abbot of Ngor. ISTS134. Works listed in SBTD I 371 (dates given are 1497‑1504!).

DKON PA RJE — See (— — —) Gung stag.

DKON PA BA — (1016‑1082) Teacher of Sne'u zur pa (q.v.) and an abbot of Rwa sgreng. Misspelling for Dgon pa ba (q.v.).

Yon bdag DKON 'BAR — 73 250.4.

DKON ME — Short for Dkon mchog sgron me.

Gtsang rdo DKON BRTSEGS — Name of patron of Maitreya image at Rgyal Lha khang (the dedication text itself refers to the gift of a 'banner', rgyal mtshan). Rahula Sanskrtyayana believed this image to be of Indian workmanship. The inscription is in old orthography. Dge 'dun chos 'phel, Works (1990) I 8.

Rab 'byams Chos rje DKON BSAM — See Dkon mchog bsam grub.

DKOR — BA 278.

DKOR MDZOD DPE HAR GLING — See Dpe dkar gling. Bsam yas Dkor mdzod in 87 I 63.1. Dung dkar 146.

DKOR RDZOGS — N. of a mon. in S Ladakh, 16,000 ft. above sea level. Das 55.

DKOR ZAN RGYA BO — Evid. a name for La yag pa, disc. of Sgam po pa. (I think it's rather a name for Lo ras pa, q.v.)

DKYIL — N. of a mon. in Spiti. 144.

DKYIL KHANG — The n. of the 2nd of 3 Grwa tshang to be built at Bkra shis lhun po. Wylie 137 (n. 200). Vai.Ser. 198. Dung dkar 146‑147.

DKYIL KHANG RAB 'BYAMS PA — See (Dge bshes) Dam chos bzang po.

DKYIL 'KHOR LTA SGRUB — Rock cut cave, near mon. Shel dkar, where Padmasambhava stayed. See Waddell 320 for description.

DKYIL 'KHOR GYI STENG — Dung dkar 148.

DKYIL 'KHOR MTHIL — N. of a statue. Essais 176.

DKYIL 'KHOR SDINGS — Acc. to Das, JTL&CT 151‑154, a n. for the Jo khang. Wylie 153 (n. 361). Jackson, Patron 13.

DKYIL 'KHOR 'OG — Dung dkar 150.

DKYIL ZUR — See (— —) Blo bzang sbyin pa.

DKYEL CHEN — See (— —) Mu thur.

Rgyal khab BKWA RNGOM 'GYUR MED PHO BRANG — Site of printing of Bonpo Prajñāpāramitā text acc. to the colophon of FM 339.00. In the Rab brtan kingdom of Rgyal mo rong.

Dgra lha BKWAN YUN CHA'ANG — See Sprin ring rgyal po. Titled as "Khams gsum Bdud 'dul Rgyal chen." A story (lo rgyus) and Gsol mchod by Thu'u bkwan II in FM140.02.27. Identified with Beg tse and (Zhang blon) Rdo rje bdud 'dul.

BKA'I DGUNG BLON GNYIS — Dung dkar 182.


BKA' DGE DGONGS PA GCIG SGRUB — Dung dkar 152‑153.

BKA' 'GYUR — Dung dkar 153‑154.

Dga' ldan Bstan 'dzin Khyab bdag BKA' 'GYUR BA — Pictured in 128 454.

BKA' 'GYUR BLA MA — Bios. of figure[s] with this name in BLP nos. 0086‑0087. For explanation of this name or title, see Dung dkar 156.

BKA' 'GYUR RIN PO CHE — See (— — — — —) Klong chen ye shes rdo rje.

BKA' BRGYAD — Special doctrines of the Rnying ma pa school, listed in BA 106‑107. Ferrari 116, 135. See Zhi khro Bka' brgyad Bde gshegs 'dus pa. Tohoku 6572. 5 98.1, 164.2. See 27 29 note. Beyer 43. Works in 212 V. Biblio. and history in 17 IV 476.2 ff. History in BD of T&TB I 967 ff. The set of eight teachings relate to 8 categories of gods/spirits/tutelaries, and were found in boxes made of 8 kinds of precious substances (gser dngul lcags zangs g.yu bse mchong gzi). For a remarkable series of eight thangkas, see Po ta la (1996) 157‑163, 170. For a remarkable ms. said to be the personal book of Khri srong lde btsan, see Precious Deposits I 128‑130.

BKA' BRGYAD DGON — In Khams. See map in Beyer 16, and also 238‑240.

BKA' BRGYAD DRAG PO RANG BYUNG RANG SHAR — A gter ma of Rgod ldem (q.v.).

BKA' BRGYAD BDE GSHEGS 'DUS PA — A redisc. of (Nyang ral) Nyi ma 'od zer (q.v.). See =Bde gshegs 'dus pa. Dung dkar 157‑158.

Chos rje BKA' BRGYAD PA — Roesler, KSP 62.

BKA' BRGYAD PHUG PA — Pl.n. Dung dkar 158.

BKA' BRGYAD RDZONG 'PHRANG GI SKOR — Texts w/ lineage prayer in 194 XIV.

BKA' BRGYAD RANG BYUNG RANG SHAR — Cycle found by Rgod ldem. Dung dkar158.

BKA' BRGYAD GSANG BA YONGS RDZOGS — A gter ma of Gu ru Chos dbang (q.v.).

BKA' BRGYUD — See under Bka' brgyud pa.

BKA' RGYUD RGYAL MTSHAN — 116 307.4, 309.7.

BKA' BRGYUD SGRON ME — In Bde mchog Snyan brgyud trans. 397 VII 17.5.

BKA' BRGYUD SNGAGS MDZOD — One of the Five Treasuries (Mdzod Lnga) of Kong sprul. See 90 .



BKA' BRGYUD BSTAN PA'I RGYAL MTSHAN 'GYUR MED YONGS GRUB DAM CHOS NYI MA — Upāsaka n. of 'Brug chen VIII (1768‑1822). 23 54. See n. in colophon of 337137.5. Appears as author in colophon of work in 129 nos. 39‑53.

Grub mchog BKA' BRGYUD BSTAN 'DZIN — Successor of Kun dga' lhun grub rgya mtsho in the Jo nang pa Lugs (q.v.), no. 27.

BKA' BRGYUD PA — A major school of Tibetan Buddhism. For an explanation of the difference between the terms Bka' brgyud and Dkar brgyud, see 235 2 (n. 6), also for main divisions. For example of a Gser phreng, see 405. The various sub-divisions listed in Dung dkar 158-159.

BKA' BRGYUD PA'I RNAL 'BYOR BZHI — Four yogas of Mahāmudrā listed in Dung dkar 159‑160.

BKA' RGYUD PADMA — N. of ('Khrul zhig) Ngag dbang tshe ring. B in L 21.

BKA' BRGYUD 'PHRIN LAS RNAM PAR RGYAL BA'I SDE — Alias of 'Dzi sgar IV. 'Khrungs rabs Gsol 'debs contained in 465 IV 151 ff.

BKA' BRGYUD 'PHRIN LAS DBANG PHYUG — Teacher of Bde mchog Snyan rgyud to 'Jam dbyangs mkhyen brtse. 397 VII 74.2.

'Brug chen BKA' BRGYUD PHRIN LAS SHING RTA — 383 469.6. Dung dkar 160, says he was b. in Kong po O rong, and died in 49th year.



Skyabs rje BKA' BRGYUD RANG GROL — 377 19B.3, 34A.1.

BKA' 'GYUR — Kanjur. SBTD I 339. In 1550's and 1565; see 17 505, 573.4 ff, 589.1.


BKA' 'GYUR RIN PO CHE — See (— — — — —) Klong chen ye shes rdo rje.

BKA' YI SGROM BU RNAM GSUM — Dung dkar 180.

BKA' LNGA PA — See (— — —) Dpal 'byor shes rab.

BKA' BCU PA — See (— — —) Rgyal mtshan bzang po; (— — —) Nam mkha' 'od zer; (— — —) Nam mkha' legs bzang; (— — —) Blo gros rgyal mtshan; (— — —) Yon tan snying po; (— — —) Sangs rgyas seng ge.

BKA' CHIMS PHU BA — =Man ngag brgyud. N. for Rnying ma lineage stemming from (Zhang) Rgyal ba'i yon tan. BA 108. Dung dkar 160.

BKA' CHEN — Degree at Bkra shis lhun po. TS5 204.

BKA' CHEMS — Last will and testament.

BKA' CHEMS KA KHOL MA — See Eimer article in Velm I 45‑51. Work attributed to Srong btsan sgam po in 15 chaps called Bka' chems Ka khol ma. 378 I 363‑481. Also published under title Ma 'ongs Lung bstan Gsal ba'i Sgron me (Leh 1973). See Eimer inPCKS I (Vienna 1983).


BKA' GTER ZUNG DU 'BREL BA — Dung dkar 160.

BKA' RTOG — (Kartok) Sikkim mon. f. in 1840 w/ 20 monks. Waddell 285.

BKA' RTOG PA — Or, Bka' rtogs pa. Rnying ma sect which adopted the revelation of Klong chen Rab 'byams found in Sgra mda' Mtsho. Its chief mons. are Byang chub gling and Sde dge. (All this according to Waddell 73.)

BKA' STOD — See (— —) Ye shes snying po.

BKA' THANG SDE LNGA — Dung dkar 161.

BKA' THANG ZANGS GLING MA — Dung dkar 161.

BKA'I THANG YIG CHEN MO — Dung dkar 182.

BKA' THANG SHEL BRAG MA — Dung dkar 162‑163.

BKA' DRUNG — See (— —) Bhrum pa sras.

BKA' GDAMS SKU MCHED GSUM — Dung dkar 163‑164. Collective n. for Po to ba, Spyan snga ba & Phu chung ba, chief disciples of 'Brom ston. Roesler, KSP 56.


BKA' GDAMS 'KHYIL BA — Dung dkar 164. Residence of successive Dalai Lamas.

BKA' GDAMS GONG MA — Might refer to the early Bka' gdams pa (or the predecessors of the Dge lugs pa). Dung dkar 164.

BKA' GDAMS GONG 'OG — Here the 'lower' Bka' gdams pa refers to the lineage of Dge bshes Rong pa Phyag sor ba, since his headquarters were 'below' Rwa sgreng. Dung dkar 164.

BKA' GDAMS GLEGS BAM — Important collection of early Bka' gdams pa works which has been published several times. For xylo., see Welcome Institute, no. 35 (p. 43 in catalogue). Dung dkar 164 says it was first arranged by Rngog Legs pa'i shes rab.

BKA' GDAMS BRGYUD PA GSUM — Bka' gdams Gzhung pa (from Dge bshes Po to ba), Bka' gdams Man ngag pa (from Spyan snga ba), and Bka' gdams Lam rim pa (from Dgon pa ba). Dung dkar 164, 168.

BKA' GDAMS CHOS SDINGS — F. in 1926 by Blo bzang rta mgrin. 224 intro.

BKA' GDAMS GDUNG RTEN — Style of early chortens. Dung dkar 167.

BKA' GDAMS PA — For names of histories see under (Las chen) Kun dga' rgyal mtshan and 54. For division into Gdams ngag pa and Gzhung pa, see BA 314. There is a Bka' gdams Chos 'byung (ca. 1495) by Paṇ chen Ye shes rtse mo. 146. For Lha chos, Pha chos and Bu chos literature, see 374 II 86 ff. According to BA 269, the high sounding name of Bka' gdams became famous during the time of Po to ba Rin chen gsal. Similar statement in Dza ya, Thob yig II 568.2. Dung dkar 163, 167.

BKA' GDAMS PHO BRANG — Palace where Panchen Lama resides at Tashilhunpo. Das 64.

Grwa pa BKA' GDAMS PA — Disc. of Dus gsum mkhyen pa. 57 IIB 359.7. Also, BA 482.

Myang BKA' GDAMS PA — LGCM 651.2.

BKA' GDAMS GZHUNG DRUG — 1) Mahāyānasūtrālaṃkāra of Maitreya & Asaṅga. 2) Bodhisattvabhūmi. 3) Śikṣāsamuccaya of Śāntideva. 4) Bodhicaryāvatāra by same. 5) Jātakamālā of Āryaśūra. 6) Udānavarga. See BA 268. 17 II 375.1 ff. 127 7. Dung dkar 168.

BKA' GDAMS GZHUNG PA — Dung dkar 168.

BKA' GDAMS 'OG MA — A way of referring to the lineage from Phag sor ba. Mkhas pa'i Dga' ston [PRC] 723.

BKA' GDAMS LI RNYING — Dung dkar 169.

BKA' GDAMS LO RGYUS — The title Bka' gdam gyi lo rgyus [sic] occurs in Drepung Catalog 1513.

BKA' GDAMS GSAR MA — Dung dkar 169.

BKA' GDAMS LHA CHOS BDUN — See lha chos bdun.

BKA' MDO RGYUD — Dung dkar 169.

BKA' 'DUS CHOS KYI RGYA MTSHO — A gter ma of O rgyan gling pa (q.v.).

BKA' SDOM — Chang translates as Bka' gdams in his translation of Mi la'i Mgur 'bum, but he is mistaken.

BKA' GNAM — Mon. in Kinnaur. B in L 47.

BKA' POD LNGA — The five main texts studied in Mtshan nyid institutions. See discussion of their history in Dung dkar 172‑173. DCD 47-48.

BKA' PHYAG CHU BO GNYIS 'DRES — Dung dkar 173.


BKA' BABS BDUN LDAN — Dung dkar 174.

BKA' BABS BZHI — In 73 17 (q.v.... here "Rka babs" is of course Bka' babs) they are called, 1) 'Pho ba'i Rka babs received by Ti lo pa from Tsa rgyal pa. 2) Rmi lam gyi Rka babs received from Klu sgrub. 3) Gdam ngag Gtum mo'i Rka babs, received from (Dha ki ma) Skal ba bzang mo. 4) 'Od gsal gyi Rka babs received from La ba pa. Also, 38 I 52. 116 50.5 ff. 17 XXII 9‑11. 15 3. 75 37. Biographical materials in 24 I 41 ff. 57 IIB 342. One biographer of Tilopa harmonizes the two main conflicting accounts of the Bka' babs by calling the one thun mong and the other thun mong ma yin pa. See 130 60.5 ff. Dung dkar 174. In Bka' gdams pa tradition, this expression is used to refer to four disciples of Sha ra ba Yon tan grags. See Roesler, KSP 57‑58.



BKA' BLON — See (— —) 'Chi med bla ma. (— —) Don grub rdo rje.

BKA' BLON SPUNGS — A possible spelling for the n. of Kalimpong (Ka ling spug). Dorje Wangchuk gives the spelling Bka' blon spong.

BKA' MA — In Rnying ma school, refers to oral transmission as distinguished from gter ma'rediscoveries'. The six principle transmissions were called (after family names) So, Zur, Nub, Nyag, Ma and Rong (CM IV 113 ff.). Also divided according to the means of transmission into three: 1. Rgyal ba Dgongs pa'i Brgyud pa. 2. Rig 'dzin Brda'i Brgyud pa. 3. Gang zag Snyan khungs Brgyud pa. 17 II 195.

BKA' MA LOG — A clan. Petech (1983) 188. Bka' mi log in Vitali in TS9 I 84. For the Bka' ma log Monastery Bsam gtan gling, see Dung dkar 23. Qubilai's interior minister Saṃgha belonged to this tribe, descendents of soldiers sent to Amdo by Khri srong lde btsan. They said they wouldn't return home until they received the order, bka' (hence their name). See Dung dkar 178. Schaik, M&T 63.

BKA' BZHI — Often for Dka' bzhi (?). Thuken 178, and note 747.

BKA' BZHI GRWA SKOR — Thang stong went there. At Sa skya. 5 32.

BKA' BZHI PA — See (— — —) Nam mkha' 'od zer.

BKA' YANG DAG PA'I TSHAD MA — N. of a work by Khri srong lde'u brtsan studied by Stein. 484 I 397.7. Dung dkar 180.

BKA' YANG DAG PAR TSHAD MA MKHA' 'GRO'I MAN NGAG — See Chandra. A basic work of the Bka' brgyud school, it seems to actually be composed by Tilopa, whose written works are few. Guenther mentions it; see 75 54, 57, 77, 115. The root of all works on the Nā ro Chos drug. 17 IV 13.2, 383.2. For comm., see 386 and 17 XXII.

BKA' RAMS DGE BSHES — Dung dkar 181.

BKA' LUNG NYAN BSHAD SDE — 253 II 568.3. See Das 807.


BKA' SHAG — The council of the 4 Bka' blon in Tib. government instituted in 1751 by DL VII. Dhongthog132.

BKA' SHAG 'GAG — Dung dkar 181.

BKA' SHAG 'GAG PA — Dung dkar 181.

BKA' SHAG THUGS SPRO — Dung dkar 181. A holiday for officials held in the 8th month for 7 or 8 days.

BKA' SHAG SHOD PA — Dung dkar 181.

BKA' SROL BCO BRGYAD — These 18 streams of teachings are enumerated in BD of T&TB X 52 ff. Branches of Lam 'bras transmissions.

BKA' GSANG LHA MO — Aspect of the goddess Srid pa'i rgyal mo. 270 preface.

BKWAN DONG — Thuken 367.

BKWAN LO'U YE — 'Old Gentleman,' called the 'enemy god of China.' "Rgya yul gyi dgra lha chen po bkwan yun chang ste sprin ring rgyal po / bkwan lo'u yer 'bod pa." Thuken 361.

BKAS BCAD CHEN PO RNAM PA GSUM — Three decrees passed by Ral pa can. One restricted monastic ordination to the Mūlasarvastivādin tradition. Another forbade translations of Mother Tantras (this is perhaps a misreading?), and the third one set standard measures. Dung dkar 184. See Scherrer‑Schaub in JIABS 25 (2002), where the three have solely to do with the new standards of translation, the skad gsar bcad (but see especially p. 281 & 310, where she points to other usages (or understandings) of the 'three laws' term. According to this, the first took place in around early or mid 8th cent., the 2nd in 783 (or possibly 795), the third most definitely in 814.

BKOG SKYID PHYUG PO — N. of a family with a very holy copy of the Prajñāpāramitā in time of Tsong kha pa (the scripture itself was destroyed in cultural revolution, but the binding boards survive). Dung dkar 184‑185.


BKRA CHOS — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 122.4.

BKRA THANG — See (— —) Blo bzang chos kyi nyi ma.

Don gling BKRA THANG SPRUL SKU — 438 VII 426.1.

BKRA GDONG — Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 445.

BKRA PA DPON MO — A n. of a 'dre spirit. See 83E 485.

Gnas gsar BKRA 'PHEL — ='Jam dbyangs chos kyi nyi ma blo gros rgyas pa'i sde. Author of continuation of Kong sprul's autobio. 471.

Kong btsun BKRA DBANG — Popular Bonpo Canonical Texts: A Collection of Eight Texts from the Gser 'Od Nor-bu 'Od-'bar, Dbal-gsas, Klu-'bum, and Sa-bdag Bsangs-'bum Groups Used in Popular Recitations, Tenpa Phuntshog (Dolanji 1976) 578.2.

Gnas chen Ri bo BKRA BZANG — 5 48.6. N. of a mt. in Tibet. Jaeschke 14. 210 53.3. 370 preface 5. Birthplace of Rgod ldem. 481 7.2. Ehrhard in Prats, Pandita 29. Stearns, King 130.

BKRA BZANG CHOS RJE — (ca. 1675) 458 I 149.

BKRA YAG RE'U SKYES — 73 426.1.

BKRA RI GNAM MTSHO — Bellezza, Divine Dyads 343.

BKRA SHIS — See 23 38 ff. Three artists. 23 40, 45. Nam mkha' bkra shis, Chos bkra shis and Karma bkra shis, the greatest painters of the Sgar bris school.


BKRA SHIS — N. of a poor Brahmin in an avadāna. TPS 498.

Gu ru BKRA SHIS — Alias of (Stag sgang) Ngag dbang blo gros (q.v.).

Lce BKRA SHIS — 320 XXXI 192.7. Listed in Mtshan tho no. 51, but with no further information.

Smad stod pa Bla ma BKRA SHIS — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 116.6.

Rim gro ba BKRA SHIS — Depicted in a 1777 gold ink painting. Precious Deposits IV 114.

Mgo gza' BKRA SHIS SKYID — Mother of Khyung po rnal 'byor. 29 61.1.

Yon bdag BKRA SHIS SKYID — Story of this person and Nam mkha' chos grags listed in BLP no. 1796.

BKRA SHIS SKYID TSHAL — LaRocca, Warriors 23.

Shar Rgya yi BKRA SHIS KHRI SGO — 4 140B.3. This place associated with Shrī Sing ha. LGCM 604.4. The place name appears in forms like Ke she Khri sgo, Ka shi khri sgo, apparently all of them Tibetan versions of a name of the capital city of China at the time, Ch'ang-an (Xi'an).



Rtogs ldan Bla brang BKRA SHIS 'KHYIL — Bon mon. in Amdo with 350 monks. 253 II 637.5.

BKRA SHIS 'KHYIL — See (— — —) Khri pa Sde pa Zhabs drung.

Bla brang BKRA SHIS 'KHYIL — In Amdo. Had a printery. BA iii. Work on its guardian deity. 186 I text no. 16. For a gdan rabs, see 332 II preface 12. dkar chags, see SBTD I 18. F. in 1710 by 'Jam dbyangs bzhad pa. Stein, Recherches 123. Dung dkar 187‑188.


BKRA SHIS GONG — Sp.? Fletcher "Tashigong."

BKRA SHIS GRAGS PA — King of Gu ge in 17th cent. See 83E 482.

BKRA SHIS GRAGS PA — (d. 1282) In some lists he is considered the first Zhwa dmar.

Rog BKRA SHIS GRAGS PA — Father of (Rog) Shes rab 'od (1166‑1244) and (Zhig po) Rin chen shes rab (1171‑1245). BD of T&TB III 364.

BKRA SHIS GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (1724‑1785) Stag lung pa of Dbyi shod Ri bo che. 31 II.

Sa skya Sngags 'chang Khri chen Rdo rje 'chang BKRA SHIS GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — Bio. by Kun dga' bstan pa'i nyi ma pub. in 1980. Sa skya'i Sngags 'chang Ngag dbang kun dga' bkra shis grags pa rgyal mtshan gyi Rtogs brjod by Nam mkha' bsam grub, listed in BLP no. 1953.


BKRA SHIS DGA' — N. of Shar rdza's father. Thar in TS9 IV 156.

BKRA SHIS DGON PA — Sato in Acta Asiatica 29 (1975) 10.

BKRA SHIS GLING — N. of a pl. in Khams. Das 69.

BKRA SHIS DGE GLING — At Sna phu. N. of a cave associated w/ Gling ras pa. 15 74, 76.

BKRA SHIS DGE 'PHEL — An ordination n. of Dharma bha dra (q.v.).

Bzhad BKRA SHIS DGE 'PHEL — Vai.Ser. 204.


BKRA SHIS DGRA 'DUL — Mme. David‑Neel, Initiations and Initiates in Tibet 149. N. of Burmiok Athing; see A thing.

BKRA SHIS MGON — =Tshangs pa bkra shis (q.v.). A king of Gu ge. 28 51. Middle son of (Skyid lde) Nyi ma mgon. 81 103.14, 117. 17 II 347.5. He is pictured in Precious Deposits II 9. Dung dkar 195.

Rgya gar BKRA SHIS MGON — Artist in inscription, "Rgya 'gar Bgra shis 'gon," illus. in Heller, Tibetan Art color plate no. 57

Tshangs chen BKRA SHIS MGON — (d. 1489) King of Mustang. ISTS 134‑5. SBTD I 78.

Glu mkhan BKRA SHIS MGON — 115 33.4.

BKRA SHIS RGYA MTSHO — A bio. entitled Bkra shis rgya mtsho'i Slob brgyud dang bcas pa'i Rnam thar Mu tig Phreng Mdzes, by Thu'u bkwan Blo bzang chos kyi nyi ma, listed in BLP nos. 0120, 0414.

Snang gsal Rig 'dzin BKRA SHIS RGYA MTSHO — 410 206A.2. Called Snang gsal ba Bkra shis rgya mtsho in Cuevas, Hidden History 159.

Pog to Cha han Bla ma BKRA SHIS RGYA MTSHO — (d. 1627) See 332 II preface 4.

Bla ma BKRA SHIS RGYA MTSHO — (1789-1874) Reincarnate of A skyabs Bla ma. Garje, Memories 63.

A mye Bla rgan BKRA SHIS RGYA MTSHO — 346 23.3.

Khri BKRA SHIS RGYAL PO SDE — King of Gu ge. 28 63.

Mnyam med BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — 253 II 390.3.

Khu bo BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — Teacher of (Bru ston) Tshul khrims rgyal mtshan. 253 II 469.1.

Khyung po BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — Also sometimes has title Sngags 'chang. 248 18.6. 253 II 231.5. Karmay, Treasury 231. Work in 286 II 521‑530.

Khra rgan BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — Bio. in 253 II 351.4 ff, 357.3, 391.5.

Khra thul BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — 253 II 401.3.

Khra chag med BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — Founder, in 15th cent., of Khra rgyan nyi phug Mon. Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 455.

Mkhan chen BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — (d. 1689) Abbot of Skyid tshal in ca. 1681. 458 I 223.6, 321.4.

Dbon BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — Author of chronicle of (Khams) Yang steng. 332 II preface 15. BLPno. 1771.

Gter chen BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — (contemp.) Terrone in TS9 VIII 220.

Thar po Chos rje BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — Abbot of Dgon lung, from 1657 to 1661. 332 II 20.

Tshong pa BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — See 5 20.1. (Dge bo) Bkra shis rgyal mtshan in 5 35.5.

Zhang zhung BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — Bonpo. 248 21.1, 86.1.

Yang ston BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — Or (Klu brag pa) or (Ya ngal). Founder of Lubra (i.e., Klu brag) Mon. in Dol po. Son of (Yang ston) Shes rab rgyal mtshan. Nine Ways 4. 253 II 618. Work in 327287‑309. Pictured in 280 I 25. 253 II 357.4. Ramble in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 292.

Shar rdza BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN — (1859‑1933) D. in 1938 acc. to 253 II 503.4. Widely known Bonpo known to both Bonpos and Chos pas in the Ris med atmosphere of E Tibet in his day. Best known for his Mdzod Lnga and his A khrid Bka' lung Rgya mtsho. 262. His Nyams Mgur pub. in 1973. His Legs bshad Rin po che'i Mdzod pub. in 1 vol. in 1977. Also called (Shar rdza) Manga wer shi (the Zhang zhung form of his name). 23 14, 36. His Sdom Gsum Skor in 255. See works mentioned in 255 preface. Works in 256538‑618, 641‑2. Kvaerne no. 205. Aka Dri med snying po. His chief teacher was (Dbra sprul) Bstan 'dzin dbang rgyal. 262 preface. His Nam mkha' Mdzod in 274. Works in 279. His '5 treasuries' (Mdzod Lnga) are as follows:

1) Lung rigs Mdzod. 314. On philosophic approach to scriptures.

2) Sde snod Mdzod. 296. On varieties of Bon scriptures and practices. 2 vols.

3) Nam mkha' Mdzod. On 4 empowerments.

4) Legs bshad Mdzod. 506. On history.

5) Dbyings rig Mdzod. 297.

Author of Smon lam in 298 591‑596. A listing of his works in 314. Bio. in 253 II 501.5 ff. His Rdzogs chen Sku Gsum Rang shar gyi Khrid Gdams Skor in 342. His Sdom Gsum Skor on the three levels of vows pub. in 1972.

BKRA SHIS SGANG — Milarepa stayed there. 4 227B.5, 233B.1. A small monastery in Bhutan. Snellgrove, Asian Commitment 249.

BKRA SHIS SGANG GI 'DUS SDE — A small Sa skya mon. in environs of Lhasa, f. by Bla ma Dam pa Bsod nams rgyal mtshan.

BKRA SHIS SGANG PA — Mentioned as presiding at the ordination of ('Khrul zhig) Seng ge rgyab pa. BD of T&TB III 387.

BKRA SHIS SGO MANG — See Sgo mang. N. of mon. in Amdo. Das 69. N. of an island. 124 440.3, 441.3. Dung dkar 188‑189 enumerates the many meanings and usages.

Mchod rten BKRA SHIS SGO MANG — 5 60.3, 168.1. BA 406.


BKRA SHIS SGO MANG MCHOD RTEN — Near Rgyal rtse. The sku 'bum of Rgyang. TS5 571. Stearns, King51. Located at Gcung Ri bo che.


BKRA SHIS NGAG DBANG — N. of Tshogs drug rang grol. 407 2A.

Khri BKRA SHIS DNGOS GRUB MGON — Son of Stag tsa Khri 'bar. See 28 62.

Bsangs chog BKRA SHIS CHAR 'BEBS — N. of a rite. SBTD I 178.

BKRA SHIS CHOS GLING — In Dung dkar. Vai.Ser. 224, 240. BD of T&TB III 289.

BKRA SHIS CHOS GLING — Gdan sa (headquarters) of Pha bong kha pa. Has printery. 162 194.

BKRA SHIS CHOS GLING — Rnying ma monastery. (There may be 2 by this n., one in Mdo smad, the other in Mdo stod, each having about 500 inmates.)

Phyag mdzod BKRA SHIS CHOS 'GRUB — (20th cent.) Barlocher 700, 701.

BKRA SHIS CHOS RGYAL — See Mi pham bkra shis chos rgyal. 377 47A.1.

BKRA SHIS CHOS KYI RGYAL MTSHAN — Alias of Ngag dbang bstan pa'i nyi ma (q.v.).

BKRA SHIS CHOS SDE — (also, Bkra shis chos sding ?) "Tashichode." Great Sa skya mon. at Yar klungs Chu. F. by Ngag dbang kun dga' legs pa'i 'byung gnas (1704‑1760) in 1746. Dhongthog 132. Tucci, Lhasa138. Dung dkar 191.

Mkhan po BKRA SHIS CHOS 'PHEL — Teacher of (Gter chen) Bde chen 'od gsal rdo rje. Terrone in TS9VIII 218.

Gting skyes BKRA SHIS CHOS 'PHEL — Mon., at first Bka' brgyud pa, then Dge lugs pa. Vai.Ser. 218.

Gnas gsar BKRA SHIS CHOS 'PHEL — Editor of Kong sprul's autobiography. 23 59. In 87 vol. 95. 34661.5. 363 98.4.

Karma BKRA SHIS CHOS 'PHEL — =Blo gros 'od kyi snying po. Author of printing colophon (par byang) to the Gdams ngag Mdzod. 36 XII 792.7. Author of dkar chag to works of Mkhyen brtse. 397 XXIV 388.4. Author of a biography of Mkhyen brtse entitled, 'Jam dbyangs Mkhyen brtse dbang po'i Rnam thar, which has been published separately.

BKRA SHIS CHOS 'PHEL GLING — Jackson, Patron 241.


Thim phug BKRA SHIS CHOS RDZONG — See Nat. Geo. CII no. 5 (Dec. 1952), p. 736. In Thimphu valley. One of Bhutan's biggest monasteries, having over 800 monks. N. of a city in Bhutan. Goldstein 61. Summer residence of Bhutanese govt. Das 69. 157 B preface.

BKRA SHIS CHOS RDZONG — N. of a mon. in Miyad Lahul (H.P., India).

BKRA SHIS CHOS LUNG — Mon. f. by 'Phags pa lha. Vai.Ser. 230, 231. Dung dkar 191‑192.

BKRA SHIS CHOS KYI LHUN PO — N. of Bkra shis lhun po, q.v.

BKRA SHIS LJONGS — BA 548. Vai.Ser. 130. Bkra shis ljongs kyi Gnas yig and Bkra shis ljongs kyi Gnas yig Zin thun, in Dis mgo Mkhyen brtse's Collected Works, vol. 22, p. 187ff.

BKRA SHIS LJONGS — Modern 'Brug pa Bka' brgyud mon. not far from Dharamsala, close to town named Paprola. Full name: Bkra shis ljongs khams sgar phun tshogs chos gling.

BKRA SHIS SNYING PO — (ca. 1810) King of Mustang. ISTS 135‑136.

Stag la me 'bar Bcud dril BKRA SHIS GTER RDZONGS — Bonpo tantric cycle. Extracts contained in FM45.00, 46.00, 49.00, 50.00, etc.

BKRA SHIS RTAGS BRGYAD — Eight Auspicious Symbols. See Mynak in Bulletin of Tibetology 5 no. 1 (1968) 41 ff. Dung dkar 192.

BKRA SHIS STONG 'DUS — B. in Khams Mi nyag. 95th Dga' ldan Khri pa (1947‑1953). BD of T&TB VI 222. 128 982.

Chos rgyal BKRA SHIS STOBS RGYAL DBANG PO'I SDE — (1550‑1602) BD of T&TB III 714. Aka Byang bdag or Bdag po. 33 478. Also called just Bkra shis stobs rgyal. Aka Bkra shis stobs rgyal mkha' 'gro yongs grub rtsal. Aka Dbang po'i sde. Aka Karma gu ru. 208 II contents. His Sku gsum Rigs 'Dus in 87 XI 355‑514. Redisc. Ma rgyud Snying po Don Gsum in 87 VI 409‑465. His Karma Gu ru cycle in 87 XVIII. Commentary on his verses in praise of gter ston, see 210. Pictured in 128 570 and 320 XX 671. Blondeau82, etc. Father of (Rig 'dzin) Ngag gi dbang po (1580‑1639). 210 preface. Alias Gu ru Ral pa can. See bio. in 210 321 ff. Work in 307 II 413 ff. Essais 141. He appears on a thangka; TPS 549. Another inscribed depiction in Kreijger, Tibetan Painting 178 n. 35.

Khri BKRA SHIS STOBS BSTAN LDEKing of Gu ge. 28 63.

BKRA SHIS BSTAN 'PHEL — Lama of Stag rna. 179. 387 preface 2. Active in late 19th cent. See A.H. Francke, Antiquities of Indian Tibet, vol. 2, p. 142, note.

Rig 'dzin BKRA SHIS BSTAN 'DZIN — Father of Dalai Lama VI. ISTS 12. See the work by the Dalai Lama VI, O rgyan gling gi Dkar chag, p. 227.3.

'Ol kha BKRA SHIS THANG — BA 516, 548.

Byang dmar BKRA SHIS THANG DGON — Vai.Ser. 245.

BKRA SHIS THEG CHEN GLING — Bkra shis theg chen gling gi Dkar chag, by Blo bzang tshul khrims, listed in BLP no. 0121.


BKRA SHIS MTHONG SMON — Place f. by 'Brug chen III. 1 25, 26. 174 4A.2. See Skyid gter. Subject of work in 17 IV 281‑292, also, 19.6. In final colophon in 414. At Lo ro. Essais 146. 458 I 171.5. BLP no. 0122.

BKRA SHIS MTHONG SMON BA — See (— — — — —) Rnam grol bzang po.

BKRA SHIS MTHONG SMON DBU MDZAD — See (— — — — — —) Rgyal mtshan yongs 'dus.

BKRA SHIS DAM 'PHEL — Ladakhi teacher of 18th–19th cent. B in L 12.

Rkang tsha BKRA SHIS DAR RGYAS — Bio. in 253 II 341.5.

Ja pa BKRA SHIS DAR RGYAS — 234 IA 18.6. Bya'i Sngags 'chang. 374 II 471.4. See following.

Byang pa Khri dpon BKRA SHIS DAR RGYAS — 5 336.3.

Sde pa Bya pa BKRA SHIS DAR RGYAS — Prince of Bya yul. ISTS 11. These last three are probably the same person, an author of a Brtag thabs text.

Lha btsun BKRA SHIS DAR RGYAS — Of Har chin. Mongol scholar, student of Rol pa'i rdo rje (b. 1717).



BKRA SHIS DON 'GRUB — (1899‑1961) A famous Lha mo actor, his life is told in Dung dkar 193‑4.

BKRA SHIS DON 'GRUB — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 117.2.

G.yu thog BKRA SHIS DON GRUB — (1906‑1983) Photo in 424 26. His biography has been published: G.yu thog Tshe ring sgrol dkar, Yab gzhis G.yu thog Sa dbang Dam pa Bkra shis don grub Mchog gi Sku tshe'i Byung ba Che long tsam Ma bcos Lhug par Brjod pa, ed. by Tashi Tsering, Amnye Machen Institute (Dharamsala 2002), in 204 pages, with illustrations.

Rdza stod pa BKRA SHIS DON LDAN — 363 117.2 ff.

BKRA SHIS BDE RGYAS — Mon. in Stod. Vai.Ser. 222.

BKRA SHIS BDE CHEN — Vai.Ser. 182.

BKRA SHIS BDE 'PHEL — Formerly a Bon mon. at Skyid gzhong, it was made into a Dge lugs pa monastery. Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 444.


BKRA SHIS BDE LEGS — (19th cent.) Thondup, EL 10‑11.

BKRA SHIS RDO KHA — "Tashetokha." A place where Tsong kha pa stayed, spending 2 months there in 1415. Tucci, Lhasa 126, 178. BA 589, 1077. Ferrari 119.

BKRA SHIS RDO KHA MA — A famous statue of Tsong kha pa. Dung dkar 194‑195.

Zhang ston BKRA SHIS RDO RJE — (1097‑1167) Dhongthog 31. BD of T&TB III 295. B. in Yar 'brog Do nang. One of earliest Gter ston. He redisc. the fundamental text of the Snying thig of Bi ma la mi tra (Vimalamitra) at Mchims phu in 1037, acc. to 16 37, but the actual date would be closer to 1157 (see BD of T&TB III 295). Nyi 'bum was his son, and his personal disc. was Lce sgom (1158‑1213). Bio. in 193 I 219.4 ff. Pictured in 128 676. Author of LGCM. 383 218.2.

BKRA SHIS LDING — F. in 1716. Sikkimese mon. Bernbaum 69. T.H. 61. Waddell 284‑285. (Brag kar) Bkra shis lding in 58 930.

BKRA SHIS LDE(d. 1365) A king of Gu ge later than Bkra shis lde mgon. Also n. of an even later king. His queen was Bsod nams 'bum. 28 53. Pictured in 128 526.

BKRA SHIS LDESon of Chos skhong lde. Patron of Rgod ldem. Took throne in 1352. Died in 1365. DTK5 71, 114.

BKRA SHIS LDE MGON — =Bkra shis mgon, king of Gu ge. 28 52.

Gro tshang BKRA SHIS LDENG KA — F. in 1624. 332 preface 17.

BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — An abbot of Rgyud stod Monastery, he reincarnated as Gelek Rinpoche (b. 1939).

BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — Subject of a bio. by Karma phrin las. BLP nos. 0123, 0874.

BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — King of Mustang. See Bstan 'dzin rnam rgyal.

BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — A 16th cent. ruler of La dwags. 14 index under 'Tashi Namgyal'. Dung dkar195.

BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — Modern Mahārāja of Sikkim (1950's). He was a well known painter. Father of (Dpal ldan) Don grub rnam rgyal. 58 926. Met by Zhwa nag XVI. BD of T&TB VII 301. Died in 1963.

BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — (ca. 1555‑1575?) DTK5 189.

BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — Subject of bio. entitled Kun mkhyen Bkra shis rnam rgyal gyi Rnam thar Ngo mtshar Rgya mtsho, by Karma phrin las, listed in BLP no. 0025.

Klong chen Rab 'byams pa III BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — Author of 394 II.

Rgyal tshab II BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — (ca. 1490‑1518?) B. in Snye bo. Became regent at age of 17 upon the death of Chos grags rgya mtsho (in 1506). SBTD I 15. Bio. in 35 I 594. Dates given as 1513?-1587? in 36 V 547 ff. Met by Zhwa nag VIII (1507‑1554) in his youth. BD of T&TB VII 166.

Sgam po pa BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — Author of Sgam po Mangga la'i Mtshan can gyi Rnam thar, listed in BLP no. 0599 (it was once printed at Yangs pa can).

Ta'i Si tu pa II BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — The following quote is from internet: "The second Tai Situpa, Tashi Namgyal (1450‑1497), was recognized and enthroned by the sixth Karmapa, who later gave Karma Gon Monastery to him. Karma Gon (founded ca. 1185) was known for its library, which contained many Sanskrit texts, as well as for the exquisite art that embellished it. Until its recent destruction it provided a unique example of the best of Tibetan caning, sculpture, painting, and scholarship. It was the original seat of the Karmapas, founded by the first Karmapa, Dusum Khyenpa (1110‑1193)."

Thams cad mkhyen pa BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — Met at Na len dra by Sha ra Rab 'byams pa. 116466.6.

Dwags po Paṇ chen BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — (1512/1513‑1587). Author of Dpal Kye'i rdo rje zhes bya ba'i Rgyud kyi Rgyal po'i 'Grel, pub. in 1977. Author of Nges don Phyag rgya chen po'i Sgom rim Gsal bar Byed pa'i Legs bshad Zla ba'i 'Od zer, pub. in 1974 and 1978, and in 129 III. One work translated by Chang in Teachings of Tibetan Yoga. Works, see 102. Several works in 36 V 547‑707 (including the one partially translated by Chang). Most famous works are the commentary on Hevajra (mentioned above, 99) and 'Od zer Skor Gsum (on Mahāmudrā). His Phyag chen Gnyug ma'i De nyid Gsal ba in 452 1‑113. Story of his return from death in 459. One of his Mahāmudrā works has recently been translated by Lobsang P. Lhalungpa (see especially the review by Kapstein in JIABS where the identity of the author is discussed in much detail). His work Zab Lam Chos Drug gi Khrid yig Chen mo Gsang chen gyi De nyid Gsal ba, a woodblock in 40 fols., LTWA GA/2/22/16076 (here his name is signed Sgam po pa Mangga la'i ming can). Kuijp, On the Composition, p. 23, gives his dates as 1398-1458.

Dwags po 'Brum mda' pa BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — Bio. listed in BLP no. 1108.

Pad bkod BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL (spelling uncertain) — Peykoe Tashi Namgyal, a Tibetan scholar who specialized in the art of manufacturing icons and musical instruments. See Rinchen Sandhutsang, 'Tibetan Porcelain', Tibet Soc. Newsletter no. 12 (Fall 1984).

Spyan snga Rin po che BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — (ca. 1586) 17 IV 67.5.

Bya pa BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — Called Chos lung Tshogs pa'i Mkhan chen. Mkhan po at ordination of Padma dkar po. 1 26‑28.

Byams gling BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — (ca. 1689) 458 I 321.6.

Sha gzugs pa BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — Dargyay 73.

Si tu II BKRA SHIS RNAM RGYAL — (1450‑1497) See under Ta'i Si tu pa Bkra shis rnam rgyal, above.

BKRA SHIS PA'I RGYUD — Variant of a title in 320 I 526‑544.

BKRA SHIS DPAL — 115 83.7.

Stag lung thang pa BKRA SHIS DPAL — (1142‑1210) Disc. of Phag mo gru pa, and founder of Stag lung branch of the Bka' brgyud pa. F. Stag lung Mon. in 1180. B. in G.yang shod Bong ra stengs. See under Ngag dbang rnam rgyal. Works in 36 IV 454, VI 511 ff; 117 271‑313. Short bio. in 46 63. T.H. 157. Ferrari82. 57 IIB 361.4. BA 610 ff. (17 II 546.4 ff.). Pictured in 128 1040. 484 I 852.5 ff. Thangka portrait in Kossak, Sacred Visions plate 18. Woodblocks for his biography (rnam thar) in 115 fols. existed at Stag lung, acc. to a dkar chag. Bio. listed in BLP no. 1020. According to a website ("Tiger Valley Sacred Texts"), his works have been recovered (no details given), and will be reprinted in due course. See Elliot Sperling, "Further Remarks Apropos of the 'Ba' rom pa and the Tanguts," Acta Orientalia Hungarica, vol. 57, no. 1 (2004), pp. 1‑26, at p. 5, where Sperling argues that his date of death was December 16, 1209.

Bla ma Gser gling pa BKRA SHIS DPAL — (1292‑1365) B. at Gser gling in Yol phu. Short bio. in BA. A Shangs pa Bka' brgyud pa of Nyang smad Bsam sdings. 29 7. Ferrari 78.

BKRA SHIS DPAL GRUB — (17th cent.) Stag lung Bka' brgyud pa. According to a website ("Tiger Valley Sacred Texts"), his works have been recovered (no details given), and will be reprinted.

'Jam dbyangs Chos rje BKRA SHIS DPAL LDAN — (1379‑1449) A Dge lugs pa. 10th in line of predecessors of Rje btsun dam pa. Disc. of Tsong kha pa. 1st abbot of 'Bras spungs. Ferrari 98. 5 161.2. BD of T&TB V 176. B. in Bsam yas. Dhongthog 55. BA 412. 17 II 465.2. 128 984. Bio. in 165 I 833. Bios. listed in BLPnos. 0815‑0816. Biography listed in Filibeck, Catalogue II 333. It is said that his collected works were kept on an altar at 'Bras spungs, but were not permitted to be opened, his works being thus effectively banned (see E. Gene Smith, Banned Books in the Tibetan Speaking Lands).

BKRA SHIS DPAL 'BAR — BA 631. N. appearing in title of text in 230 84.

Khri BKRA SHIS DPAL 'BAR — Son of Bsam lde (b. 1459) who succeeded Kun bzang nyi zla to the throne of Gung thang in about 1550(?). DTK5 137, 139.

Gsas khang BKRA SHIS DPAL 'BAR — 352 800.12?

BKRA SHIS DPAL 'BAR KHYAB KYI MDO — 300 preface. Bkra shis dpal 'bar khab Mdo. 253 II 407.3.

BKRA SHIS DPAL 'BYOR — Father of Dri med lhun po. 210 246.1.

BKRA SHIS DPAL 'BYOR — (15th cent.) Usually his name is given as Bkra shis dpal bzang (which could be an abbreviated form of Bkra shis dpal 'byor bzang po). Author of Gso ba Rig pa Rtsod spong. TR XV nos. 2‑3, p. 15A. This work is published in Bzo rig kha shas kyi pa tra lag len ma & other texts on the minor sciences of the Tibetan scholastic tradition "reproduced from a collection of rare mss. & blockprints from the library of Burmiok Athing Rai Bahadur T.D. Densapa," LTWA (Dharamsala 1981), pp. 111‑152. [IASWR microfiche no.] LMpj 014,775. Here his name is given as Byang pa Bkra shis dpal 'byor bzang po ye shes mchog ldan gyi sde. Byang pa Bkra shis dpal bzang. Title of his med. work in DD 715. =Bkra shis dpal 'byor bzang po ye shes mchog ldan gyi sde. Med. work in 480.

BKRA SHIS DPAL 'BYOR — Alias 'Od gsal sna tshogs rang grol rdo rje theg mchog rtsal. Author of Rdzogs chen text in 239 XXX 445‑505.

BKRA SHIS DPAL 'BYOR — Rnying ma pa. (1910‑?) BD of T&TB IV 703.

Sangs rgyas mnyan pa I Grub thob BKRA SHIS DPAL 'BYOR — Also called Mnyan sprul. Karma pa. Bio. in 35 I 676‑681; 111. Acc. to 11 70, =(Si tu) Bkra shis dpal 'byor. Teacher of Mi bskyod rdo rje (1507‑1554) and pupil of Zhwa dmar IV (1453‑1524). Bio. by Mi bskyod rdo rje in 153 88‑107. D. in Hare year (1519?) acc. to BD of T&TB VII 170. He was a disciple of Zhwa nag VII Chos grags rgya mtsho (1454‑1506) and was initiator of Mi bskyod rdo rje.

Si tu III BKRA SHIS DPAL 'BYOR — (1498‑1541) Bio. in 35 I 636. Probably identical to preceding entry. The following is quoted from an internet site: " The third Situpa, Tashi Paljor (1498‑1541), and the fourth Situpa, Chokyi Gocha (1542‑1585), continued the beneficial work at Karma Gon and other monasteries within its sphere of influence in Eastern Tibet. Situ Tashi Paljor discovered the eighth Karmapa, Mikyo Dorje (1507‑1554), and was one of his principal teachers. He in turn became the teacher of the fourth Situpa."

BKRA SHIS DPAL BRTSEGS — (1359‑1379) Became abbot of Stag lung. BA 638. Full monastic n. was Bkra shis dpal brtsegs nyi ma'i dbang po bsrung ba'i go cha. 484 I 855.6. Kuijp in Lungta 14 (2001) 66. Author of Stag lung History listed in BLP no. 1019. Subject of painting at Himalayanart.com, item no. 65168.

BKRA SHIS DPAL BZANG — See under (Byang pa) Bkra shis dpal 'byor.

BKRA SHIS PHUN TSHOGS — See Rtsa gsum gter bdag gling pa.

Gcing dgon pa BKRA SHIS PHUN TSHOGS — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 116.2.

Sa skyong BKRA SHIS PHUN TSHOGS — A statue illus. in Heller, Tibetan Art 188, was made in his memory, so he must have died in 1601 or shortly before. See also P. Pal, et al., Tibet: Tradition & Change, The Albuquerque Museum (Albuquerque 1998) 64‑65.

Lhab Chos rje BKRA SHIS PHUN TSHOGS — Abbot of Dgon lung (1617‑1621).

Chos rje BKRA SHIS PHUN TSHOGS GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (b. 1574) An abbot of 'Bri gung. 357contents. In 'Bri gung lineage, with dates 1574‑1628 according to David Jackson in Damani, Dating 111. See Dungkar, Dictionary 1196 for a bio. Here he is called Nā ro Gnyis pa.

BKRA SHIS 'PHAGS — Pictured in 128 302.

BKRA SHIS 'PHAGS PA — (fl. 1434) TS5 562.


BKRA SHIS PHYUG MO — Site of Bon redisc. Kvaerne 232, no. 116.

A khu BKRA SHIS BA TUR — (1632-1714) Became ruler of Kokonor in 1660. Thuken 379.

BKRA SHIS BYAMS SNYOMS — N. of main temple of Khra 'brug. Ferrari 125. Tucci, Tombs 46. Dung dkar 195‑196.

BKRA SHIS BLA MA — (1231‑1297) Kuijp in Lungta 14 (2001) 67. Mangga la Gu ru, 4th abbot of Stag lung. Jackson, MB 107.

Mi pham BKRA SHIS BLO GROS — A 'Brug pa teacher of 'Ja' tshon snying po (1585‑1656). 23 13. BD of T&TB III 774. Also, 231 330.3.

Thar gling pa BKRA SHIS DBANG SDUD — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 119.1.

Dge slong BKRA SHIS DBANG PHYUG — 453 79.2, 97.5, 105.2.

Mgar ston BKRA SHIS DBANG PHYUG — Dgyes pa rdo rje'i 'grel pa nor bu'i sgron me: A Detailed Commentary of Hevajra (Delhi 2005), in 819 pp.

Rnam gong BKRA SHIS DBANG PHYUG — Bio. listed in BLP no. 1258.

'Brug tsha BKRA SHIS DBANG PHYUG — 467 II 209.2.

'Bre ston BKRA SHIS 'BAR — "Brin pa'i Ston pa rus 'Bre yin pa/ sngar Rje btsun gyi snyan pa thos la zhal ma mthong ba zhig yod pa de dad pas Rje btsun gyi zhal bltar byung ba." Story of meeting with Milarepa in 4246A.3 ff.

Dge bshes BKRA SHIS 'BUM — Tutor of present Hor sprul at Se ra rje Mon. in S India. Barlocher 391‑392, 393‑397.

'Brom ban BKRA SHIS 'BYUNG GNAS — See 132 preface. Karmay, Rdzogs chen 149.

BKRA SHIS MI 'GYUR BA GSAL BAR GNAS PA'I RGYUD — Title of text in 320 I 544 ff.

Rin spungs BKRA SHIS SMIN GROL GLING — Bon mon. in Amdo. 500 monks. 253 II 636.6.

Dge bshes BKRA SHIS BTSAN — (9th cent.) DTK5 185.

'Jad BKRA SHIS RTSE — Either n. of, and/or pl. where there was, a bridge built by Thang stong. 5 189.3, 191.5, 258.2. Bkra shis rtse is n. of a village in Stod lung, acc. to Das 70.

BKRA SHIS RTSE PA — Bkra shis rtse pa Nang so Blo bzang rnam rgyal. Dung dkar 176, 196.

BKRA SHIS RTSE MO — Traveling companion of Lo chen Rin chen bzang po when he first set out for Kashmir.

Yon bdag BKRA SHIS BRTSEGS — A patron of Milarepa at (Brin) Lha bron. 4 307A.1 ff. 4X I 209.

BKRA SHIS BRTSEGS PA — A brother of King Skyid lde Nyi ma'i mgon who settled in Mnga' ris. Das 70. Bkra shis rtsegs dpal in 81 103.2, 114. 17 II 347.4. "The sons of bKra sis rtsegs, Glan dar ma's other grandson, settled in Gtsaṅ, gYas ru and Ñan stod." TPS 3. Vitali in TS9 I 91.

Yel pa BKRA SHIS BRTSEGS PA — Founded Yel pa Bka' brgyud (q.v.).

BKRA SHIS TSHAL — One of the Eight Great Cemeteries acc. to Das 630 (q.v.). =Bsil ba'i Tshal.

Lo ro BKRA SHIS TSHAL GRU — 210 155.3.

BKRA SHIS TSHUL KHRIMS — A monk by this name is depicted as central figure in a painting. See Pratapaditya Pal, Desire and Devotion, Walters Art Museum (Baltimore 2001), illus. 142.

BKRA SHIS TSHE RGYAL — N. of Tshogs drug rang grol. 407 2A.

Thog legs BKRA SHIS TSHE BRTAN — A Bonpo of 'Phyongs rgyas mentioned in bio. of the Dalai Lama V.

Sngags 'chang BKRA SHIS TSHE BRTAN — A terton. 410 143B.5 ff.

Dil mgo BKRA SHIS TSHE 'PHEL — 346 32.4.


Nang chen Rgyal po BKRA SHIS TSHE DBANG RDO RJE — (b. 1910) King of Nang chen in Khams. Photo taken in 1950 in 473 frontispiece. See 473 50 ff.

BKRA SHIS TSHE RING — (contemp.) =Josay Tashi Tsering (Jo sras Bkra shis tshe ring). Scholar working for Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, more recently the Amnye Machen Institute. Work in 440.

BKRA SHIS TSHE RING — (ca. 1918‑1966) A Mongolian princess, daughter of Kun dga' dpal 'byor. Nietupski, Labrang 78.

Jo mo BKRA SHIS TSHE RING MA — The principle of 5 sisters of Long Life. 4 149B.3, 260A.4 ff. 115 103.2. Many works in 229. History (lo rgyus) in 239 IX. Depicted in 216A; 320 XXXIII 621.

Mchims mo BKRA SHIS MTSHO — Mother of (Gnubs chen) Sangs rgyas ye shes. 139 preface.

BKRA SHIS MTSHO RGYAL — King of Nang chen (late 17th cent.). 473 43 ff.

BKRA SHIS MTSHO MO — Wife of Bde chen 'od gsal rdo rje. Terrone in TS9 VIII 224.

BKRA SHIS MDZES LDAN CHEN PO'I RGYUD — Or, Nam mkha' Med pa'i Rgyud. 320 X 669‑685 (has 5 chaps.). Achard, L'Essence 85‑9, 91, 99.

BKRA SHIS RDZAS BRGYAD — Subject of text listed in SBTD I 256.

BKRA SHIS RDZONG — Near Ding ri and S of Shel dkar Rdzong. Wylie 66, 133 n. 155. N. of a district under Lhun grub Rdzong. Das 58.

BKRA SHIS ZIL GNON — Samten G. Karmay, A Most Pleasing Symphony, an Unknown Biography of the Fifth Dalai Lama, contained in: Samten G. Karmay, The Arrow and the Spindle (Vol. 2), Mandala Publications (Kathmandu 2005) 106-107.

BKRA SHIS ZLA BA — Modern novelist. See TS7 I 337 ff.

BKRA SHIS BZANG PO — In Kar gling Zhi khro lineage, teacher of 'Od gsal klong yangs.

Drung btsun BKRA SHIS BZANG PO — 116 324.4.

Mar yul ba BKRA SHIS BZANG MO — 5 268.4.

BKRA SHIS 'O MA'I CHU BO — 4 155B.4.

Gu ge Bdag po BKRA SHIS 'OD SDE — (fl. early 15th cent.) Thuken 282.

BKRA SHIS 'OD 'BAR — [1] N. of a minor fierce deity in the retinue of Tsi'u dmar. Nebesky 174‑175. [2] N. of a stūpa in the upper part of Glo bo Don steng. Ferrari 119. [3] An earth lord (gzhi bdag), see Tucci, Lhasa 64. BA 563. N. of a stūpa in Sikkim. TR XV #10, p. 18. As a type of chorten, and as name of a btsan, it is discussed in CFMS 85‑86.

BKRA SHIS 'OD 'BAR — Reliquary of DL VII. TS5 659.

Dbus kyi Rgya ma Rin chen rgang Rdza mkhan BKRA SHIS 'OD 'BAR — A clay artist who made an image of Śākyaśrī. See R. Sanskrtyayana's 1938 article, p. 140.

Ma ni ba BKRA SHIS 'OD 'BAR — 601 51r.1.

BKRA SHIS 'OD ZER — (1836‑1910) Mkhan chen of Dpal spungs. 23 4, 35. Also called Bkra shis 'od zer blo gros rgyas pa'i sde and Karma bzod pa rab brtan dpal bzang po. Disc. of Kong sprul. 345 10A.1. Pictured in 128 1072. 346 170.1. BD of T&TB VII 270. See TBRC Person RID: P1373.

Rje BKRA SHIS 'OD ZER — =Karma bkra shis 'od zer. Bio. in 35 I 656‑657. Work in 36 VII 671.

'Dan chung BKRA SHIS 'OD ZER — Abbot of Dgon lung. 332 II 19.

BKRA SHIS 'OD ZER BLO GROS RGYAS PA'I SDE — See Bkra shis 'od zer.

'On BKRA SHIS YANG DGON — Also called ('On) Bkra shis rdo ring (?). Birthplace of Kun dga' 'bum (14th cent.). BD of T&TB III 516. 210 13.5.


BKRA SHIS RAB BRTAN — Under the name Bkras rab, he was an old monk who was made to play the role of the deceased Fifth Dalai Lama in public audiences. See Jalsan, The Reincarnations of Desi Sangye Gyatso in Alasha and the Secret History of the Sixth Dalai Lama, Inner Asia 4 no 2 (2002) 347‑359, at p. 350.

BKRA SHIS RAB BRTAN — (ca. 1681, 1686) Vai.Ser. 232. 458 I 226.4, 294.1.

BKRA SHIS RAB BRTAN One of 4 great monasteries in Kong po. F. by Rin chen rnam rgyal, disciple of Dalai Lama II. Dung dkar 196‑197.

Sa skyong BKRA SHIS RAB BRTAN — (1531‑1589) Younger brother of Don 'grub rgyal po, this Skyod shod pa ruler ruled from 1568‑1589. Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 126.

Mgar BKRA SHIS RIN CHEN — Also, 'Gar. Disc. of (Rngog) Chos sku rdo rje. BA 408. 17 II 463.3.

BKRA SHIS RIN CHEN — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 118.4.

BKRA SHIS RIN CHEN — Manga Ratna in thangka inscription, where he serves as a donor. Rhies & Thurman 212. See also T. Bartholomew's article in Orientations (Feb. 1987), also in reprint volume.

Slob dpon BKRA SHIS RIN CHEN — Specialist in Lam 'bras system which he conferred on Klong chen pa in 1323. See BD of T&TB III 467. 52 2. It seems quite likely that this same person would be the author of a Lam 'bras texts that was translated from Tibetan into Uyghur (the names Bkra shis and Rin chen occur in the colophon, and may belong to one and the same person), although there seem to be problems. The text was edited and studyed by G. Kara; see Zieme in Akasoy, I&T 185.

BKRA SHIS SHUGS GLING DGON PA — Mon. in Lahul. 75 intro. p. 5.

BKRA SHIS SENG GE — "Potar Tashi Sengé," a king in Derge in 1446 when Thang stong went there. Stearns, King 56.

Dbus pa BKRA SHIS SENG GE — 116 311.7.



Tre shod BKRA SHIS BSAM GRUB DGON — See under Rdza rgyal.

Skyid grong BKRA SHIS BSAM GTAN GLING — F. by Ye shes rgyal mtshan in 1756. Gnas bstod in 225 II 336.1. At present, many of the monks from this monastery have resettled at the old Dge lugs pa monastery, known locally as Samten Ling, close to the Bodhnath stūpa near Kathmandu Nepal.

Khri BKRA SHIS BSOD NAMS SDE — King of Gu ge. 28 63.

Gshen sgar BKRA SHIS LHA STENG — 253 II 627.6 ff.

Slob bu BKRA SHIS LHA DAR — Also called Gzi ba Rtogs ldan. 363 65.3, 116.3.


BKRA SHIS LHA YUL — =Bkra shis byams snyoms (q.v.).

BKRA SHIS LHAG PA — D. 1986, at age of 43. Snellgrove, Asian Commitment 201 etc.

BKRA SHIS LHUN GRUB — Disc. of Mdo sngags 'byung gnas. 376 271.2. Listed as 'author' (actually not) of the Sgra 'grel in Btsan lha 1049.

BKRA SHIS LHUN GRUB GTSUG LAG KHANG — F. by Dge 'dun grub in 1509 (note that this date is impossible!). Dhongthog 127. See under Kā la ri'i Dgon Bkra shis lhun grub.

BKRA SHIS LHUN PO — F. 1447 by Dge 'dun grub. "Tashilhunpo." Waddell 231, 270 ff, 321. Ferrari 144. Dhongthog 125. BA ii, 339. 79. For 4 divisions, see Das 1162. Three Grwa tshang were, in order of their founding, Shar rtse Grwa tshang, Dkyil khang, and Thos bsam gling. Tucci, Lhasa 155‑157. JTL&CT45‑68. TPS 30. Wylie 137 n. 200. The Rdo rje slob dpon of its tantric college have bios. in 147 1‑185 (This same work has been published separately; see also SBTD I 229). Printery, see 162 220. Dkar chag in 162130‑148. Dkar chag of a stūpa there in 243 IV 743 ff. Vai.Ser. 194 ff, 223. A chos spyod has been published separately (Spiti 1978). A large painting of the area of the monastery is found in Precious Deposits III 188‑9 (notice the park with three elephants at the bottom of the picture). For a nice painted 19th-century 'map' of the monastery, also depicting the huge thangkas (gos sku), see Essen Catalog, p. 439. Two mchod rten dkar chag by Paṇ chen Blo bzang chos rgyan listed in BLP nos. 0125‑0126. Dung dkar197‑199. The early abbatial lineage (gdan rabs) of the monastery is as follows:

1. (Paṇ chen) Dge 'dun grub (1391‑1474), abbot 1447 or 1459 to 1474.

2. (— —) Bzang po bkra shis (1410‑1478), abbot 1474‑1478.

3. (— —) Lung rig rgya mtsho, abbot 1478‑1487.

4. (— —) Ye shes rtse mo (1433‑ ), abbot 1487‑1512.

5 (Ta la'i Bla ma II) Dge 'dun rgya mtsho (1475‑1542), abbot 1512‑1516.

6. (Mnga' ris Lha btsun) Blo bzang bstan pa, abbot 1516‑ .

7. (Paṇ chen) Shanti pa.

8. (— —) Don grub rgya mtsho.

9. (Shangs pa) Blo gros legs.

10. (Gnas rnying) Chos kyi rgyal mtshan, abbot 1569‑ .

11. (Shangs pa) Chos kyi rgyal mtshan.

12. (Phyug gzhug pa) Bsod rgyal.

13. (Shangs pa) Bsam grub dpal.

14. (Nyang pa) Dam chos yar 'phel.

15. (— —) Lha dbang blo gros.

16. (Paṇ chen) Blo bzang chos kyi rgyal mtshan (1567‑1662), abbot 1600‑??.

BKRA SHIS LHUN PO — See (— — — —) Smon byed shag.

KBRA SHIS LHUN PO — Another "Bkra shis lhun po" Monastery was founded by Stong 'khor I Zla ba rgyal mtshan in Amdo.

Mda' ba BKRA SHIS LHUN PO — Mon. f. by Shanti pa Blo gros rgyal mtshan (1487‑1567) somewhere around 1539 to 1565. Vitali, Tho.ling 142. It was visited by Tucci (Santi e briganti).

BKRAG — Haarh, Yar luṅ 195. Bkrags, as a clan name. Hazod in Steinkellner Festschrift 263.

BKRAG BZANG — See Ri bo Bkrag bzang.


BKRAS LJONG — Abbre. for Bkra shis ljongs.

BKRAS MTHONG — See (— —) Bsod nams stobs 'byor.

Gzim shag BKRAS MTHONG — Printery. 162 240.

Rag ra BKRAS MTHONG — (modern) See TR XV #10, p. 8.

BKRIS — Common abbre. for Bkra shis.

RKA PHU DGON — Vai.Ser. 239.

RKANG KHRA — A king in ancient India. Das 72.



RKANG MTHIL RDZONG — See Rtsig pa Rkang mthil Rdzong.

RKANG MIG — Pabongka, Liberation in Our Hands, pt. 2, p. 253.

RKANG MIG PA — A protector. lha chen gyis lha mo u ma'i srung mar bzhag pa na drang srong de rkang par mig babs te / brtul zhugs bsrung bas rkang mig pa zhes grags so. Eimer, Dbyangs 54.

RKANG MED RGYAL MTSHAN — Cuevas, Hidden History 126.

RKANG TSHA — See (— —) Bkra shis dar rgyas.

RKUN MO CAN — The name would seem to mean 'He who has a she-thief.' See Tsau rāngga pa.

RKEG — See (—) Gnas rnying pa.

RKO BO — See (— —) Yon sgom thar mo.

RKO BO ZA — See (— —) Dge ma thar.

Ding ri RKONG CHAD — 115 109.5.

RKONG PO — A less usuall spelling for Kong po, q.v. Important clan and area (T.H. 43). 247 I 464.5.

RKONG BU MAR ME — Bonpo. 253 II 137.3 ff.

RKONG BTSUN DE MO — 206 566.3.


Mang yul RKOS KAR PHUG — 115 119.1, 119.5.

RKYA RGYA — A Bon mon. in Amdo. 253 639.1.

RKYANG — BA 722.

RKYANG — Refers to a Mkhan po of Zul phu in 17 II 344.5.

RKYANG CHU — In Rupchu. 79 81 no. 46. Lake in S La dwags where there are many wild horses (rkyang). Das.


RKYANG CHEN — See (— —) Shākya shrī.

RKYANG THANG SGANG — Pl. between Po ta la and 'Bras spungs on NW side of Lcags po ri. Sumpa, Annals 32. 208 I 253.2.

RKYANG THANG NĀ GĀ — See Das 1008.

Gong dpon tshang RKYANG 'THING GI RI — 253 II 627.1.

RKYANG 'DUR — BA 335, 769, 771. =Skyang 'dur (q.v.). 17 II 381.3, 405.5. 475 104.6. Ruegg, JSBO 90. Jo nang Thugs rje brtson 'grus was one of its abbots.

Chos rje RKYANG 'DUR BA — T&BS I 193.

RKYANG NAM PA — See 292 II 133‑142.

RKYANG PO — (— —) Grags pa dbang phyug.

RKYANG SPRUL — See (— —) Nam mkha' rgyal mtshan.

RKYANG PHAN — See (— —) Nam mkha' rdzong.

RKYANG PHU — An imperial age temple at Samada, now completely destroyed, but fortunately documented by Tucci & Maraini. Di Mattia in TS9 III 108. For wonderful old photos, see Li Gotami, Pictures 39 ff.

RKYANG 'PHAGS — Also spelled Skyang 'phags. See (— —) Nam mkha' g.yung drung.

Kong yul RKYANG BU TSHAL — Brandon Dotson, "Emperor" Mu rug btsan and the 'Phang thang ma Catalogue, Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies, no. 3 (December 2007), pp. 1-25, at p. 13.

Rta RKYANG BO — Ge sar's magical horse. ZZFC 71.


RKYANG MO KHA PA — Founder of Bar 'brug Bu chen. 1 14.

RKYANG MO SPANG KHA BA — Disc. of Mes ston Tshon pa. 17 II 530.6. 35 I 7.


RKYANG TSHA — See (— —) Rdor tshul.

RKYANG TSHANG — See (— —) Nub grong Dgon. (— —) Phun tshogs dar rgyas gling. (— —) Shar ma'i Dgon.

RKYANG TSHE — See (— —) Shes rab rgyal mtshan.


RKYANG RI DGON — 253 II 631.2.

BRKOS MKHAS — See (— —) Bya pa Dar rgyas.

LKUGS PA NA GA RA — 116 72.2.

LKUGS LUNGS — BA 737, 739, 740.

LKOG THANG STOD — May not be a real proper name. 4 69A.4, 70B.6.

LKOG 'PHRENG — BA II 492, 496, 543.

SKA BA — See (— —) Dpal brtsegs.

SKA TSHAL — Mon. built by Srong brtsan sgam po on the right shoulder of the supine demoness. Buston 184. In Mal gro. See Ferrari 109‑110. Now Dge lugs pa, although it had long been 'Bri gung pa. 56 78. 17 II 317.6. See Ka tshal.

SKA BRAG — Temple on right knee of the supine demoness. Buston 184. 17 II 318.2.

SKA LA — A 25 mile wide valley w/ lake of same name in S Tibet, North of Dochen. Tucci, Lhasa 34.

SKAGS — On maps, Kāgbeni. In N part of present-day Nepal. See also Skag rdzong. 28 index.

SKAD KYI DBYANGS CAN — Das 414, no. 60.

SKAD GSAR — See Doboom Tulku, A Short Investigation of the Proclamation of New Literary Standards, TJ II, no. 1, pp. 69‑73.

SKAN RDAR BHIG — N. of Alexander Csoma de Körös in 171 301. Also, Sken dhar bhig. 171 302.5. Also, Sa snyan rdas. 171 441.4. He Persianized his name as 'Iskandar Beg.' 188 foreword.

SKABS SBYOR BDUN PA'I RGYUD — 320 XII 627‑662. 319 VIII 87‑119.

SKAM — N. of Zhi byed lineage. See (Skam) Ye shes rgyal mtshan.

SKAM — (—) Ye shes rgyal mtshan. (—) G.yung drung nyi rgyal. (—) G.yung drung bstan rgyal. (—) Gsal ba'i snying po.

Yul SKAM KON — 413 397.3.

SKAM SKAM — BA 90. See =Kam kam (?).

SKAM DGON — BA 316. F. by Dus gsum mkhyen pa. 57 IIB 359.5. Vai.Ser. 132.


SKAM PA RDZONG — On trade route North from Sikkim. Tucci, Lhasa 15. Photo in Mele, Tibet 86. McGovern, To Lhasa in Disguise 130.

SKAM PO GNAS NANG — BA 479. Spelled Sgam po Gnas nang in BA 481. In Khams. 17 II 531.5.

SKAM PO RTSE'I GLING — Zhi byed Coll. V 226.3.


SKAM TSHANG BLA MA — See (— — — —) Rnam rgyal grags pa.

SKAM RDZONG PA — Evidently an eccentric spelling for Kam tshang. 57 IIB 359.2. On the other hand, it may be the more authentic spelling. See Skam Dgon, from which the sect, the Kam tshang Bka' brgyud pa (i.e., the Karma pa) took its name.

SKAM ZHIG — See (— —) Nyi ma rgyal mtshan. (— —) Nyi ma lhun grub.

SKAM ZAM — 'Dry bridge'. Bridge over a ravine in Mnga' ris Skor gsum. See 79 79, no. 38.

SKAM BZANG MKHAS GRUB — Pictured in 128 500.

SKAM LUGS — One of three main schools of Zhi byed (q.v.). Called the Bka' babs Bar pa.

SKAR GIL — "Kargil." Seems to be the area of the 'gold digging ants' of the Indus valley. Perhaps the same as Mkhar dkyil (q.v.). 14 xiii. Ladakh's second largest town. Nat.Geo. vol. 153, no. 3, p. 346.

SKAR RGYAL — Also, Dkar rgyal (q.v.). See Dkar ma'i rgyal mtshan. Survival of Bon religion in Gu ge with cult of nāga. T.H. 139, Hoffmann, Religions 117. Tiṣya, as n. of a person. 73 54.5. Father of Sha ri'i bu. BD of T&TB I 111. Revealer of false teachings. 484 I 535.6. Mkhan po Skar rgyal in Ma ni Bka' 'bum(1975) I 104.7 ff. Rescued an image of Buddha from the nāga realm.

Klu SKAR RGYAL — "Bonpo" contemporary of Rin chen bzang po (958‑1055), said to perhaps be identical to (Gshen chen) Klu dga' (996‑1035), q.v. This acc. to 23 6. Actually, he is neither Bonpo nor identifiable with Klu dga'. Dung dkar 114.


SKAR CHUNG — BA 759. 56 80. (Dbu ru) Skar chung in BA 62. See also Dkar chung.

SKAR CHUNG RGYA SDE — Built by Sad na legs. Buston 196.

SKAR CHEN — May be a place n. but more likely a mistake for Skor chen, 'large pilgrim group'. 5 305.6.

Drang srong SKAR GDA' — A brahmanical sage cited in Sdom Gsum Rab dbye commentaries in the part about relics. He appears in a sūtra.

Gnod sbyin Rig 'dzin Chen po SKAR MDA' GDONG — Pictured in 320 VII 2. 413 93.6.

SKAR RDO — Kardo. The name of the capital of Sbal ti. =Skar mdo. 79 90, no. 101.

SKAR BA — N. of a wild yak. Bellezza, L&T 93.

Bram ze'i Khye'u SKAR MA — Story alluded to by Tsongkhapa in Tantra in Tibet 111. 128 754.

SKAR MA KHYA — Old state oracle. Hoffmann in TJ, vol. 10, p. 12.

SKAR MA DBANG 'DZOM — Modern Bhutanese 'das log. TS5 681.

SKAR MA LA DGA' BA — Astrologer in India. TR XIV no. 10 (Oct. 1978) 18.

SKAR LA MTSHO — Vitali in TS9 I 85.

SKAR GSHEN — See (Skar gshen) Thi'u bzhug.

SKAL LDAN — This and other such words, including Skal bzang, will be found under the spelling Bskal.

SKU SKAD — Language of Sku thang (q.v.).

SKU KHOG — =Lha pa. 'medium.' Hoffmann in TJ X 7. See also sku rten pa, below.

Bla ma SKU RGYAL — Kuijp in TH&L 295.

SKU MCHED GSUM — 'Three brothers,' referring to Spyan snga ba, Po to ba, and Phu chung ba. In Pabongka, Liberation in Our Hands, pt. 1, p. 57.

SKU BSNYEN PA ZHABS — See Su ta li pa.

SKU RTEN PA — =Lha pa. "medium." Hoffmann in TSB X.

SKU STOD PA — See (— — —) Rig 'dzin rdo rje.

SKU THANG — In Nepal. See under Ku thang. See 396. Snellgrove, Asian Commitment 158.


SKU GDUNG KA RU — See Ka ru.

SKU GDUNG 'BAR BA CHEN PO'I RGYUD — Text in 320 IX 600 ff. Similar title in 320 XIII 375.3. Cited in end of bio. of Nyang ral. 477 162.5. As a title of a Bon text, see Karmay, Treasury 293.6.

SKU MDUN — See (— —) Bsod nams g.yung drung.

SKU MDUN RGYA MTSHO — Son of Chos rgyal mtshan pa. Brother of Karma bzang po. 210 121.6.

SKU MDUN CHOS RJE — See (— — — —) Bstan pa rin chen.

Mkhas grub Chos rje SKU 'DA' KA — Shangs pa. Bio. listed in BLP no. 0263.

Rma rgyud SKU BLA BRAG DKAR KHROD — 253 II 638.3.

SKU 'BUM — BA 65, 1073. At Rgyal rtse. See 27 18 for references. Besides the wellknown books by Erberto Lo Bue, there is also Xiong Wenbin, The Kumbum of Gyantse Palcho Monastery in Tibet (Chengdu 2001), all richly illustrated.

SKU 'BUM MKHAN PO — See (— —) Ra kho Dpon slob.

SKU 'BUM THANG — Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 107.

SKU 'BUM BYAMS PA GLING — Also, Sku 'bum dga' ldan byams pa gling. F. in 1578. T.H. 167. Waddell280. F. by Bsod nams rgya mtsho. Dhongthog 127. Dkar chag in 332 II preface 9, 842‑850. Abbots listed in 332 II preface 12‑13. Vai.Ser. 263. ISTS 97. There is one book by Filchner devoted to this monastery. The following list of texts about Sku 'bum was supplied to me by J. Karsten:

1. 'Phan po ba Shes rab dpal bzang (fl. 1624‑1630), Sku 'bum Dkar chag Bsdus pa, which seems to be no longer extant.

2. Paṇ chen I Blo bzang chos kyi rgyal mtshan, Sku 'bum gyi Gnas bshad, which also seems to be no longer extant.

3. Dalai Lama VII, Sku 'bum Dkar chag, which seems to be no longer extant.

4. A kya II Blo bzang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan (1708‑1766), Phyogs Thams cad las Rnam par Rgyal ba'i Chos sde Chen po Sku 'bum Dga' ldan Byams pa gling gi Rgyud pa Grwa tshang gi Byams chen gyi Dkar chag, begun in 1741 and completed in 1762.

5. A kya II and Dkon mchog bkra shis (fl. 1700‑1780?), Lha khang Chen mo Gsar bzhengs kyi Dkar chag Tshangs sras Dgyes pa'i Glu dbyangs, written in 1762. Not seen, perhaps no longer extant.

6. Thu'u bkwan III Blo bzang chos kyi nyi ma, Sku 'bum Dkar chag, probably compiled when he was abbot between 1789 and 1793.

7. Rgya yag IV Skal bzang tshul khrims bstan pa'i nyi ma (1858 to after 1902), Sku 'bum Rgyud pa'i [*Grwa tshang?] Dkar chag, written in 1883. (The title here is reconstructed from Chinese).


SKU 'BUM MTHONG GROL CHEN MO — Residence of Paṇ chen Byams pa gling pa+ BA 776. =Byams pa gling (q.v.) in Grwa. Ferrari 133. Or, Sku 'bum chen mo erected by Dol po pa. 17 II 418.4.

SKU TSHA BTON PA — A gter ston before Gu ru Chos 'dbang. 210 42.5. His Gu ru'i Rtogs brjod listed in BLPno. 0309. See Ku sa Sman pa.

SKU TSHAB GTER LNGA — See Sku gzugs Sde Lnga.

SKU TSHABS SDE LNGA — See Sku gzugs Sde Lnga.

SKU TSHE BLA RGAN SPRUL SKU — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 120.4.

Zhwa lu SKU ZHANG — Family. Jackson in Lungta 14 (2001) 91. Ricca & Fournier in TJ 26 nos 3/4 (Aut/Wint 2001) 104.

SKU ZHANG — See (— —) Tshul khrims rgyal mtshan.

SKU GZUGS SDE LNGA — A mon. in presentday Nepal. See 28 12‑13. Currently it is commonly called Sku tshabs sde lnga . Tucci, JTM 53, 68‑69. The correct spelling would seem to be Sku tshab gter lnga (after some famous relics housed there), as in Kailash VII no. 2, p. 77 ff. Snellgrove, Asian Commitment 151. It was founded by O rgyan dpal bzang, disc. of Bdud 'dul rdo rje (1615‑1672).

Khe smad SKU BZANG RTSE — "Kusantse" in Goldstein, Hist. 102, etc.

SKU YAL BA — See (— —) Rin chen mgon.

SKU YE BLA BRANG — Diemberger in TH&L 140.


SKU LA MKHA' RI — See under Phu la ha ri.

SKU LA THANG LHA — Pl.n. Where Padmasambhava subdued Thang lha yab zhur. KTDN 86.1.

SKU LA HA RI — See under Phu la ha ri (?). See Gzhi bdag Sku la ha ri.

SKU SE — An administrative region of Sde dge, a major source of paper and ink and woodblock carvings. Epstein, Dissertation 45.

SKU SRUNG GI STONG SDE — "Chiliarchy of guards." A military division. See 28 81.

SKU GSUNG THUGS KHROS PA — Mahākala tantra. 320 XXXII 484 ff.

SKU GSUM GLING PA — See under (Nyag Bla) Rang rig rdo rje.

Zab mo SKU GSUM BCUD DRIL KHRID GZHUNG — Title of a volume of 'New Bon' teachings, pub. in 1974.

SKU GSUM JA LOG GI RGYUD — Text in 319 VI 235‑240.

SKU GSUM 'DUS PA — Bon work redisc. by Rdo rje gling pa. 413 363.4.

SKU GSUM GYI SNANG BA GSAL BAR NGO SPROD PA'I RGYUD — Text in 319 III 239‑244. 320 IV 581 ff.

SKU GSUM GZHAL MED PHO BRANG — Depicted in Essen & Thingo, Die Götter des Himalaya 197.

SKU GSUM YE SHES KYI RGYUD — Or, Sku gsum Ye shes Lnga ldan gyi Rgyud. Text in 319 VI 19‑29.

Rdzogs chen SKU GSUM RANG GROL — 344 285‑336.

Rdzogs chen SKU GSUM RANG SHAR — For texts, see 274. 342.

SKU LHA PAL BZUNG — Mt. 396 preface 2.

SKU LHA STAG RI SBUG — 253 II 567.6.

SKUNGS — BA 525.

SKUR STOD — Pl. in E Bhutan. Olschak. TS7 II 1087. This is probably the Kur stod 'Um gling (sp.?), a giant underground stone fort at Lhun rtse in Bhutan, thought to date to 1500 BCE (!). ZZFC 57.

Mal tro SKE BYI — OTA 660.

SKE TSHANG — N. of Rnying ma oral tradition. BA 138.

SKE RAGS CAN — See Me kha la.

SKENG LUNGS — See Skyeng lungs.

SKEN DHAR BHIG — See Skan rdar bhig.

SKEM BYED — =Skanda. KB 39.2.

SKO'I BRONG — A vihāra. Emmerick.

SKO RA — Name of a pass that leads into Glo bo. Ramble in RET XV 490.

SKONG — BA 642.




SKOR — See (—) Ni ru pa.

SKOR SKOR — See Kor kor.

Bsam yas SKOR KHANG MA — Bon rediscoveries. SFHB 748.2.

SKOR CHUNG BA — =Kong chung pa (q.v.). BA 845. (Skor) or (Kong) Ni ru pa took over his body. Lo Bue, Newar Scholars 651.

SKOR CHEN — The great pilgrimage to Lha sa, which was often organized into large groups led by a Skor dpon. Stearns, King 164.

SKOR CHEN — (12th cent.) Pupil of Byang chub dge mdzes who built a stūpa at Stag can. Ferrari 126. BA318.

SKOR CHEN PO — (1200's) Bka' gdams pa. BD of T&TB V 121.

Rdzogs chen SKOR BDUN RANG CHAS — A system of Rdzogs chen. BA 178.

Rdzogs chen SKOR LUGS — A school of Rdzogs chen. BD of T&TB III 334. BA 142.

SKOR GSUM GSUM — 'The Three Trilogies.' Major work of Klong chen Rab 'byams pa composed of 3 parts: 1. Ngal gso Skor Gsum. 2. Rang grol Skor Gsum. 3. Mun sel Skor Gsum. 23 14.

SKOL MDO — See (— —) Dpal brtsegs.

Yar klungs SKYA'O — BA 990.


SKYA MKHAR — Birthplace of Blo bzang bstan 'dzin chos 'phel.


SKYA RNGA RTSA — A village in Mang yul Gung thang where Mi la ras pa's ancestors settled. 4C 22.11. 4A 11A.3.

SKYA SNGA RTSA'I KO RON — La stod Gung thang Khab kyi Skya snga rtsa'i Ko ron zhes bya bar 'khrungs. Birthplace of Milarepa. 57 IIB 348.6. See under Ko ron.


SKYA NAR LDAN MA — Pāṭalavatī or Pāṭalāvatī. River of ancient India. Das 97.

SKYA NAR GYI BU — Pāṭaliputra. Das 97. 17 II 243. 413 73.3.

Yar klungs SKYA DPON DGON PA — 124 513.5.

SKYA PHUD YANG A DGE — I am not certain if it is really a personal name. Hackin, Formulaire 37.

SKYA 'PHAR PA'I SDE — Pl.n. 28 18.

Snyan brgyud SKYA SMUG — Bonpo Rdzogs chen cycle. Karmay, Rdzogs chen. Short for Skya ti Smug ti gnyis? 253 II 364.5.

SKYA TSHO — See (— —) Mu la rad na.

Mdog stod SKYA RA — Also, Mdo stod. N. of mon. in Mdo stod. 5 45.5, 187.3.

Zar gyi SKYA RA BRAG — 253 II 573.3, 583.4.

Mtsho SKYA RENGS — Also, Skya ring. "Tsaring" or "Chaling Nor." SW of Kokonor. Close to Sngo rengs. At source of Rma chu. See Wylie 117 no. 30, 118 no. 43.

Srin po SKYA RENGS KHRAG MED — BD of T&TB X 85.1.

Mtsho SKYA RENGS SNGO RENGS — See Skya rengs. See Sngo rengs.

Rje btsun SKYA SE RTOGS LDAN — Karma pa. Bio. in 35 I 643. He studied under the Karma pa VII, and was involved in the recognition controversies surrounding the Karma pa VIII.

SKYA SENG — Pāṇḍu, mother of the Pāṇḍavas in the Mahābhārata. Roesler in Facets 164.

SKYA SENG GI BU — Pāṇḍava. See Das 98. Skya bseng Btsun mo'i Bu Drug. 253 II 516.4. Roesler in Facets 162.

SKYA SER TSHO LNGA — Five divisions of Ru thog district. They are: Bla brang, Mkhar stod, Mkhar smad, Shar sna and Nub sna. Khenrap in TJ 25 no 4 (2000) 34.

SKYA SRID — BA 1059.

SKYAG PO — N. of pl. in Tibet (evidently marshy). Das 98.

SKYAGS — BA 199.

SKYANG 'DUR — BA 335. =Rkyang 'dur (q.v.).

SKYANG NAG — See (— —) Mtha' yas rgya mtsho.

SKYANG SPRUL — See (— —) Nam mkha' rgyal mtshan. (— —) Tshul khrims nam mkha' bstan 'dzin. (— —) Lung rtogs skal bzang rgya mtsho.

SKYANG 'PHAGS — Also spelled Rkyang 'phags. Bon Mon. Thar in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 420. Sources listed in Berounsky, Lapsed 170, with painting of him as central figure at p. 232 [pl. 2]

SKYANG DBON — See (— —) G.yung drung phun tshogs.

SKYANG TSHANG — Bon mon. in A mdo. Kvaerne, Canon 19.

SKYANG TSHANG — See (— —) Skal bzang mkhas grub. Thar in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 420.

SKYANG RO — In Gtsang near Iwang. See 28 82.

SKYAB PA BZANG PO — N. of a person. Disc. of Thang stong who worked among the eastern Mon peoples and at the Tsa gong Gdan sa. 5 304.4, 339.2. Stearns, King 15, which reads: Skyob pa bzang po.

SKYABS KHRA — Rje Mkhan po IX was imprisoned here. 135 preface.

SKYABS 'GRO — Ritual of taking refuge, synonymous with becoming a Buddhist. SBTD I 121. "Refuge guide" listed in in SBTD I 344.


SKYABS CHE — Dkar brgyud mon. in E Tibet. Tucci, Religions 92.

SKYABS CHE RTOGS LDAN — See (— — — —) 'Jam dpal rgya mtsho.

SKYABS MCHOG DPAL BZANG — A teacher of Dben sa pa Blo bzang don grub (1505‑1566).

SKYABS KYI STON PA — See (— — — —) Rin chen 'od zer.

SKYABS DBYINGS — The 'regent' who rules in the interim period between Panchen Lamas. McKay in TS9 I 264.

SKYABS SBYIN — 128 832.

G.yas ban SKYABS SE — LGCM 650.1.

SKYAM — BA 994.


SKYI — BA 154, 155, 438. Stein, Recherches 118. Macdonald, Lecture 196.

SKYI — N. of one of the Phur pa transmissions of the Rnying ma pa. BD of T&TB III 294.

SKYI — See (—) Kun dga' bstan gsal. (—) Rgyal ba'i gtsug tor. (—) Chos kyi seng ge.

SKYI KHUNG — BA 176, 185.

SKYI MKHAR LHA KHANG — A mon. in Gtsang. Das 100. Skyi mkhar in BA 126, 1005.

Mang yul SKYI GRONG — See Skyid grong. 17 II 320.6.

SKYI RGYAL STAG RI — Stein, Recherches 118.

SKYI CHU — BA 202, 303, 717.

SKYI CHU BA — Vitali in Lungta 14 (2001) 30. A disc. of Mal Lo tsā ba.

Rgyal po SKYI RJE RMANG PO — Dung dkar 105.

SKYI STON — See (— —) 'Khor 'das rang grol. (— —) Gu ru Tshe brtan. (— —) Grags 'bum. (— —) Chos grags. (— —) 'Jam dbyangs. (— —) 'Jam dbyangs grags pa. (— —) Padma dbang chen. (— —) Tshe ring dbang po.

Mi yul SKYI MTHING — TS5 530, 534, 536, 539. This geographical term is discussed in a forthcoming paper by Henk Blezer. Mi yul Skyid sdings and other spellings are known. Hazod in Steinkellner Festschrift 261.

SKYI NAG — A pasture land in Gtsang. Das 100.

SKYI NAM NYAG CIG MA — Bellezza, L&T 38.

SKYI SMAD — BA 288, 289.

SKYI TSHANG — BA 438, 946, 998. In 'Phyos. =Kyi tshang (q.v.).

SKYI YUL LA MO 'JING SNGON — Bellezza, L&T 66.

SKYI G.YOR — Pl.n. 602 16r.1.

SKYI RONG — =Skyid grong.

Mar yul SKYI RONG SHEL RI — A mon. 115 116.5.


SKYI SHOD — The district of Lha sa. BA vi, 294, 373, 384, 590, 591, 668, 693, 695, 734, 911, 912, 944, 1075. 5 156.3, 157.1. 476 I 75.2.

Ston pa SKYI SHOD PA — 73 426.6.

SKYI LHA SBYAR MA — 'Jig rten mgon po, Bka' 'bum (2001) V 401.4.

SKYING DKAR LA — "Tingki La." To SW of Mtsho mo dre btung. Wylie 143 no. 257.

SKYID — A clan divided into upper (stod) and lower (smad) which ruled Zha gang sde gsum. 28 80. Skyid stod and Skyid smad also refer to two of the eight Rgod Stong sde of Dbu ru. 28 81.

SKYID KHUD — Lost ref.

SKYID MKHAR — Pl. where Khyung sprul meditated. 306 chapter 5. The most important mon. of Zhu lineage, it still survives. Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 465.

SKYID MKHAR — See (— —) Ri zhing rtsa phu.

Ru lag Nyang stod SKYID MKHAR BRAG — A 'practice retreat' (sgrub gnas) of Zhu lineage. F. in 1016. 253 II 597.

SKYID GRONG — Also, Skyi rong, Skyid rong. "Kirong." Chief city in Mang yul in S Tibet on the western part of the border with Nepal. Ferrari 154. 5 91. BA 41, 254, 255, 392, 401, 433, 488, 528, 603, 656, 709, 711, 801, 1008, 1064. Wylie 64, 129 n. 126. 17 II 320.6, 372.2. 4 47A.2. 115 116.6. 354 12.2.

SKYID GRONG — See (— —) Bkra shis bsam gtan gling.

SKYID GRONG JO BO — A work (a biography of an image), for which see SBTD I 87.

SKYID SGO — Vitali in TS9 I 85.

SKYID CHU — River of the Lhasa valley.

SKYID 'JO — See (— —) Bshad sgrub dar rgyas bde chen.

SKYID 'JOM — N. of a woman. Stein, Voc. 131.

SKYID GTER DGON — 'Brug pa Bka' brgyud mon. 172 1. Skyid gter Bkra shis mthong smon Ljongs. 1741.3. =Chittre Monastery in Darjeeling. See 172 61.

Spru hreng SKYID THANG — 4 93A.1.

Khri SKYID LDING — A n. of Skyid lde (q.v.), founder of Gu ge dynasty. 28 51.

SKYID LDESee (— —) Nyi ma mgon.


SKYID SDINGS — Hazod in Steinkellner Festschrift 261. Hazod believes it is related to the ZZ word skyi 'dangs.

Stod lung SKYID SNA — Birthplace of the elder G.yu thog pa. Klong rdol 769.4.

SKYID PO DGON PA — See (— — — —) Padma shes rab.

Ra shag SKYID DPAL 'DUS — 253 II 191.1.

Lha lung SKYID SPRO DGON — Vai.Ser. 144.

Byar SKYID PHUG SGRUB SDE — See (—) (— — — —) Rtag brtan 'od gsal bde chen gling.

SKYID PHUG NYI MA'I RDZONG — 4X I 256.5, 262.1.

Brag dmar Spo mtho SKYID PHUG NYI MA RDZONG — Place where Milarepa stayed with his disciples. See Nyi ma rdzong. 4 224A. Brag dmar Spo mtho Nam mkha' rdzong. 4 214A.4.

Ngom chu SKYID BA DGE 'DUN SGANG — Vai.Ser. 261.

Nyang smad SKYID SBUG — A residence of Sog bzlog pa. 208 introduction.

SKYID SBUG — See (— —) Dbang 'dus nor bu. (— —) Bsod nams dbang rgyal.

SKYID SBUG DGON — Rnying ma mon. in Dbus gtsang. A small retreat near Rgyal rtse belonging to the 'Brug pa Bka' brgyud pa. 20 21. An aristocratic family, Skyid sbug, took its name from the place.

SKYID MA — An epithet of Draupadī. Das 98.

Sbas yul SKYID MO LUNG — See Bernbaum 70. 247 514.5‑519 and ff. 396 preface 3 ff. Hidden country opened by Rgod ldem. DTK5 119.

Gzhung SKYID MO GSHONGS — 116 480.2.

SKYID TSHAL — See Skyed mo tshal.

SKYID 'DZOM BDE CHEN DGON — Bon mon. in Amdo with 120 monks. 253 II 636.6.

SKYID GZHONG — Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 444, 464.


SKYID RU — BA 95, 96.

SKYID SHOD — =Skyi shod. District including tracts in lower valley of the Skyid chu, hence the name. Das 101. Sumpa, Annals 32. 253 II 405.1. 21 194.

SKYID SHOD SDE PA — Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 113.

Sa skyong SKYID SHOD PA — Patron of Gter bdag gling pa. 458 I 349.1. Sde pa Skyid shod pa is title of ruler of Lhasa district during the rule of the Gtsang kings. See Aris in BSOAS 39 (1976) 630. See Chayet in Facets 79.

SKYID SHOD ZHABS DRUNG — I. Bstan 'dzin blo bzang rgya mtsho (1593‑1638). Sørensen, Restless Relic867. II. Ngag dbang bstan 'dzin 'phrin las (1639‑1682).


SKYIN THANG 'KHRUG PA — In title in 320 XXI 211.3. 363 76.4.

SKYIN PO RU THOG RJE — Bellezza, L&T 41.

Sum pa SKYIL MKHAR — BA 420.


SKYU PA BLA MA — See Skyu ra, following. The founder of 'Bri gung Thel is sometimes called by this name. ='Bri gung Chos rje (1143‑1217). He belonged to the Skyu ra clan. Ferrari 111. BA 577.

SKYU RA — Lineage (gdung) of the 'Bri gung hierarchs. 20. Clan of 'Jig rten mgon po. BA 596. See BD of T&TB III 743. Called 'Brug rgyal Skyu ra. For story, see 476 I 44.3 ff. It is said to have died out with the death of Dkon mchog rin chen.

SKYU RA — =Cu ra. =Kyu ra.

SKYU RA — See (— —) A skyabs.

SKYU RA YONGS 'DZIN — See (— — — —) Byams pa kun khyab.

SKYUNG 'PHUR — In Kamaon. "Kyungar." 79 81, no. 47.

SKYUR PO CAN DGON PA — Havnevik, Dissert. 171.


Sga SKYE DGU DON GRUB GLING — (Sga) Skye dgu don grub gling. Sa skya Mon. f. by (Bdag chen Rgya gar) Shes rab rgyal mtshan in the eighth 60‑year cycle. Dhongthog 126. Said to have ben founded by Thang stong rgyal po.

SKYE DGU'I BDAG MO — Prajāpatī. Das. Avadāna in 243 I 673 ff. BLP no. 0163.

SKYE DGU MDO — Jyekundo. Stein, Recherches 57. See 482 title page. Also, Skye rgu mdo. TS7 I 478 ff.

SKYE RGU'I BDAG PO MYUR BA — Disc. of Kāśyapa. 3 9. Prajāpati composed 'Phrul gyi Me long. 3 11.

'Khor ba dong sprug SKYE SGO GCOD PA'I MDO — Bon text in 353.

SKYE STON — See (— —) Tshe ring dbang po.

SKYE BDUN RIL BU — A 'medicinal' made of flesh of one who was seven times reborn as a brahmin. History in 413 541.5 ff.

SKYE BA MED PA'I RGYUD — In title in 319 II 41‑55. (Rin po che dang mnyam pa)... 320 I 404 ff.

Rgya gar gyi Mkhas pa SKYE MED — A medical teacher of Sgam po pa. 17 II 512.5.

Bal po SKYE MED — =(Bal po) 'Jig rten (q.v.).


Zhang SKYE MED RTOGS GROL — A sgom chen of Tibet, contemp. w/ Padmasambhava. 87 I 164.3.

SKYE MED BDE CHEN — 75 223 ff. See under (Bal po) A su.

SKYE TSHAL — In 17 II 382.5, =Skyid tshal (q.v.) or Skyed ma tshal.

SKYE RANG SKRAG MED — Ramble in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 292.

Zhu ston SKYE SE CHEN PO — 253 II 413.3. 342 4.3.


SKYEGS RU GSUM — Vitali in TS9 I 84.

SKYENG LUNGS — =Skeng lungs. BA 120, 124.

SKYED MO TSHAL — =Skyid tshal (q.v.), Skye tshal (q.v.). "Kyishong." Sa skya mon. in Rong chung. F. in 1449 by (Byams chen Rab 'byams pa) Sangs rgyas 'phel (q.v.). Sum pa Mkhan po was abbot there for awhile. Ferrari 163. TPS 642. ='Bras yul Skyed tshal (q.v.). 458 I 321.4.

SKYED LHAS — Short for Kha'u skyed lhas (q.v.).

SKYEN — See (—) Nyi ma rgyal mtshan. 115 160.5.

SKYEMS — N. of place in Dwags stod. Known for its manufacture of superior 2 x 6 foot sized paper. Das110. Skyems Stong rdzong and Skyems Sprags lung are located there. See Precious Deposits IV 266, which says this was the source of paper that was used by the Dalai Lama and for currency.

SKYEMS PA — See (— —) Tshe dbang.

SKYEMS MTSHO — Wylie 131 n. 144 identifies this with Mtsho mo dre btung.

SKYER SGANG — BA 738, 740, 743. A school (lugs). 235 introduction 2, n. 7. 374 II 81.5. See Skyer sgang lugs, below.

SKYER SGANG PA — See (— — —) Chos kyi seng ge.

Rta mgrin SKYER SGANG LUGS — Teaching beginning from (Sgyer sgang pa) Chos kyi seng ge. BD of T&TB III 329. Avalokiteśvara lineage of Skyer sgang pa. Jackson, MB, pp. 73-74.

SKYER CHU — N. of a river of Spa gro in Bhutan. Das 110.

'Bum thang SKYER CHU'I GNAS — Das 920.

Lho SKYER CHU LHA KHANG — Temple at Spa gro. 87 I 135.3.

Yar stod SKYER SNA — BA 872, 874, 876. 17 II 423.5. Birthplace of Dam pa Rma of the Zhi byed school.

Dpal SKYER SHING RAS PA — Disc. of Rgod tshang pa. BA 687.

SKYEL CHE DZAR TOG — Also, Skyel che dzar mo. Rock, Nāga Cult I 143.

SKYEL DAR MA — Text cited in 481 49.2.

SKYEL NAG — See (— —) Grags seng.

SKYES RGU SKYES — N. of youngest of five Pāṇḍava brothers. Das 98.

Lcog ro SKYES PA RGYAL GONG — 132 87.1.

SKYES BU BA — Teacher of the young 'Jig rten mgon po. 207 3.6.

SKYES BU PA — Kuijp in JAOS (1994) 611.

SKYES RTSA — Jackson in TS9 I 153.

SKYES BZANG — Scherrer‑Schaub in JIABS 25 (2002) 272. Tibetan minister active in mid 8th century, called Blon Skyes bzang Rgyal kong (d. 757). Takata Tokio, A Note on the Lijiang Tibetan Inscription, Asia Major 19 nos 1-2 (2006) 161-170, at p. 164.

SKYES BZANG — Father of the Kashmiri translator Ananta in late 8th century. He was guilty of a serious crime in India, but being a Brahmin, he couldn't be executed, so he was banished to Tibet. See Sam van Schaik & Kazushi Iwao, Fragments of the Testament of Ba from Dunhuang, JAOS 128, no. 3 (2008) 477-487, at p. 485.

SKYES RABS — History and bibliographical information in 17 IV 486.3 ff. See also BLP nos. 0166‑0173. Roesler in Facets 158.

SKYES RABS SO BZHI PA — By Slob dpon Dpa' bo. Comm. listed in SBTD I 236.

Rdzi sgom SKYES SE — Disc. of Sgam po pa. BA 462.

SKYO — BA 124. Holy place in E Tibet. 239 XXX 44.4.

SKYO — See (—) 'Od 'byung. (—) Shākya ye shes.


SKYO SGOM — Disc. of Sgam po pa. 73 264.3.

SKYO SGOM — See (— —) 'Od 'byung.


SKYI STON — See (— —) Sngags dpal. (— —) Bsod nams bla ma.

Gung pa SKYI STON — See (— —) (— —) Dri med.

SKYI STON GNYIS — 124 490.5.

SKYI STON RIN PO CHE — See (— — — — —) Byang chub rin chen.

SKYO MDA' BA — See (— — —) Chos kyi rgyal mtshan.

SKYO BRAG — BD of T&TB (?vol.?) 276. 239 XXX 45.4. F. by Glang ras pa? 467 II 191.5. F. in 14th cent.? 473 63.

SKYO BRAG — See (— —) Karma rgyal mtshan. (— —) Karma ye shes. (— —) Chos kyi 'od zer. (— —) Bstan 'dzin bzang po.

SKYO BRAG CHOS RJE — See (— — — —) Bsod nams bzang po.



Yon bdag SKYO MA MI CHUNG — Ras chung pa stayed at the place of this donor. 24 I 217.7.

SKYO ZUR — BA 976.

SKYO RA LUNG PA — Contemp. of Bu ston. 27 163.

SKYO RO RO — BA 664.

SKYO LUGS — A particular Yamāntaka tradition. BD of T&TB I 379. 349 X 1‑41. 374 316.2.

SKYO BSOD NAMS — 1st successor of Pha dam pa. Waddell 74. See (Skyo) Bsod nams bla ma.

SKYOG STON — See (— —) Smon lam tshul khrims. (— —) Rig 'dzin rgyal po. (— —) Bsod nams rgyal mtshan.

SKYOG MO — See 'Dre lung skyog mo.

Pho brang SKYOG MO — 17 IV 249.4. 363 86.6.

SKYOG MO'I SINDHU RA'I RGYA MTSHO — In Tsā ri. 17 IV 226.1, 229.5.

Lo tsā ba SKYOGS — See (— — —) (—) Shes rab 'byung gnas.

SKYONG RU SPRUL SKU — See Willis in TJ 8 (1983) 20 ff.

SKYONG LHA — See (— —) Ngag dbang blo bzang.

SKYOB PA LDESon of 'Od lde. DTK5 93.

SKYOBS CHEN — Pass in Tsā ri. Also, n. of a cave. 17 IV 238.6, 239.1.

SKYOBS LDEWestern Tibetan royalty. DTK5 71.

SKYOR DUN RTSE — 87 I 135.5.

Pho brang SKYOR LDEM — Pl.n. 17 II 504.

SKYOR MO LUNG — "Kimulung." "Minchuling?" A mon. on the side of a hill near Skyid chu on S bank of Stod lung river W of Lha sa. Sumpa, Annals 86. F. in 1169 by (Sbal ti Dgra bcom) Dbang phyug tshul khrims. Tsong kha pa studied here under Blo gsal ba. One of its abbots, (Mkhan chen) Chos rgyal ba, became a disc. of Gtsong kha pa. Had 3 colleges: Khyams pa, Phug khang and Mtshan nyid pa. Ferrari167 n. 690. Converted to Dge lugs pa by Tu kyur pa, a disc. of Gtsong kha pa. Wylie 149 n. 320. Tucci, Lhasa 39. TR XVI, no. 10, p. 7C. BA 79, 83, 190, 278, 302, 410, 673. Also, n. of a village with mon. containing estate of (Zhabs pad) Sres chung pa. Das 118. Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 121.

SKYOR MO LUNG — Kuijp in TH&L 298.

SKRA — For Bon 'hair clipping' rites, see 325 499 ff. Skra chog, 'hair rite,' listed in SBTD I 382.

SKRA CAN MA — N. of a river. See Decleer in Lungta 13 (Summer 2000) 53.

SKRA BDUN — In W Tibet. TS5 205.

SKRA MED NYI SHER — See 216 510.4 ff.

SKRAG — KTDN 66.4.

SKRAG MED NYI SHAR — Deity name. See Ehrhard in SCEAR 9 (1996) 44, 45 n. 18.

SKRONG SA — "Tonsa" in Bhutan. Goldstein.

BSKANG BZANG BSTAN 'DZIN — Author of work in 303 113‑170.


BSKANG GSO — Rites for protective deities performed at regular intervals in order to assure their continued benevolence, and to make up for mistakes in ritual performances. 313 I preface. Rites in 313.

SKAL LDAN — See (— — III) Dge 'dun phrin las.

BSKAL LDAN SKYID — Mother of Mar pa. 57 IIB 346.3. 17 II 431.6. Called Rgyal mo 'od zer in BA 399.

SKAL LDAN GRAGS PA — BD of T&TB I 553‑554.

Rong po Grub chen SKAL LDAN RGYA MTSHO — (1607‑1677) Famous Dge lugs pa from A mdo, founder of Reb skong Mon. in A mdo. For his songs (mgur), see 97. These have also been published under the title Shar Skal ldan rgya mtsho'i Mgur 'bum, Mtsho sngon Mi rigs Dpe skrun khang (1994). BD of T&TB VI 587. Bio. by Ngag dbang byang chub bsod nams listed in BLP no. 0388 (but note no. 1885, where the author's name is scrambled). Autobio. listed in BLP no. 1886. Chayet in Cardonna, Facets 75. See Victoria Sujata, Tibetan Songs of Realization: Echoes from a Seventeenth-Century Scholar & Siddha in Amdo, Brill (Leiden 2005).

SKAL LDAN RGYAL PO — Bhavyarāja. An Indian pundit in Tibet in 1076. TS7 II 875. TPS 594.

Lha btsun SKAL LDAN CHOS 'DZOM DPAL MO — 601 55v.5.

SKAL LDAN RDO RJE — Pictured in 320 XVI 3.

Gsang sngags Rnying ma'i Grub thob SKAL LDAN RDO RJE GRAGS PA — Rnying ma teacher of Thang stong. See 5 61.4. 410 128B.1. Stearns, King 24.

SKAL LDAN BYANG CHUB YE SHES — (end of 12th cent.) Teacher of Zhi byed school. CFMS 72.

SKAL LDAN BYIS PA — (?) See BD of T&TB III 389. N. of a Terton active in the 4th sixty-year cycle. 383219.2. 410 112A.3.

Zwa ra ba SKAL LDAN YE SHES SENG GE — Also, Cha ra ba. Disc. of Phag mo gru pa. Bio. in BA 652 ff. =(Mon dkar ba) Ye shes seng ge (q.v.). 484 I 856.3.

SKAL LDAN RIN CHEN GTSO MO — Stearns, King 231.

SKAL LDAN RIN CHEN BZANG MO — She built a residence for Thang stong at Lcags po ri. Stearns, King41, 534 (n. 658). She was also called Dpon mo Shag kha ma (p. 535, n. 669).

SKAL LDAN LEGS PA — Zlos gar 31.

SKAL LDAN SHING RTA — Note that Bhāgīrathī is n. of the Ganges in its lower course. T'oung Pao L 338.

Byang chub sems dpa' SKAL LDAN SHING RTA — BA 315. 17 II 377.5.

SKAL LDAN SHES RAB — F. of A lci Mon. in Ladakh. 14 15 (see index). He belonged to the 'Bro family. He was a wealthy builder of bridge and fort at A lci as well. TS7 II 977. Papa Kalantari in TS9 VII 87.


BSKAL PA 'OD LDAN GYI RGYUD — Text in 319 VI 193‑213.

Dha ki ma SKAL BA BZANG MO — See under Bka' babs Bzhi. =Su ma ti (q.v.). 17 II 435.4. Bon text in 280II 297‑333.

BSKAL MED BUM NAG — Tucci, Religions 215.

BSKAL BZANG — See (— —) Kun dga' rig 'dzin. (— —) 'Gyur med bde chen.

Bla phyag Mkhan chung SKAL BZANG KLU SGRUB CAN — 438 VII 443.6.

Rgya Zhabs drung SKAL BZANG DKON MCHOG RGYA MTSHO — (1896‑1960) Aka Rgya Zhabs drung Tshangs sras bzhad pa'i rdo rje. Rgya Zhabs drung Tshang gi Gsung 'bum, Kan su'u Mi rigs Dpe skrun khang (Lanzhou 1998).

SKAL BZANG KHROGS — Havnevik, Dissert. 189.

Skyang tshang SKAL BZANG MKHAS GRUB — (circa 1800?) Thar in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 420.

Dwags po BSKAL BZANG MKHAS GRUB — A teacher of Pha bong kha pa Bde chen snying po. See Dreyfus in JIABS 21 (1998) 246.

BSKAL BZANG GAR GYI DBANG PO — See Blo bzang chos kyi dbang phyug.

Rgyal Mkhan sprul IV BSKAL BZANG GRAGS PA RGYA MTSHO — =Bskal bzang bstan pa rab rgyas. (1880‑ ) Works listed in SBTD I 324. Bio. listed in BLP no. 0502.

SKAL BZANG DGE LEGS RGYA MTSHO — (1776‑1833) 33rd in abbatial succession of Bkra shis 'khyil. BD of T&TB V 817.

Zhabs drung BSKAL BZANG DGE LEGS RGYAL MTSHAN — Scholar of Peking, student of Rol pa'i rdo rje (b. 1717).

Brgya dpon BSKAL BZANG DGRA 'DUL — Modern general. Photo in 424 249. Words from a speech made by him in Memories of Life 21.

SKAL BZANG MGON — Son of Karma rdo rje. Nomads 31.

Blo bzang BSKAL BZANG RGYA MTSHO — The Seventh Dalai Lama. (1708‑1757/8) T.H. 60. Waddell 233. B. in Li thang. Dhongthog 32. Instituted the Bka' shag (q.v.) in 1751. Collected works in 13 vols. pub. in 1975‑6 (Gangtok). Appears in bio. of Tshe dbang nor bu, 383 467.2. His bio. described in Petech, China2. Pictured in 128 314, 354, 400, 602, 858. Bio. in 165 II 757‑817. Bio. by Lcang skya Rol pa'i rdo rje in 558 folios composed in 1758‑1759. Paṇ chen Dpal ldan ye shes composed the Rgyal ba Bskal bzang rgya mtsho'i Gser sdong gi Dkar chag listed in BLP no. 0556.

Ru shod Bdag mo SKAL BZANG RGYAL MO — DTK5 192.

Khod spungs Mkhas dbang SKAL BZANG RGYAL MTSHAN — Bio. in 253 II 506.5.

Khro chen BSKAL BZANG RGYAL MTSHAN — The one who commissioned Bonpo Kanjur blocks in 1769 (?). 485 I 7.5.

Snye nam pa Rdo ra Bla ma SKAL BZANG RGYAL MTSHAN — 363 119.2.

Rme'u ston Mchog sprul BSKAL BZANG RGYAL MTSHAN — 253 II 625.6.

Mkhar sprul SKAL BZANG RGYAL MTSHAN — 253 II 484.3.

BSKAL BZANG SGROL MA — Mother of Zhwa nag XV. BD of T&TB VII 258.

BSKAL BZANG NGAG DBANG — (ca. 1940) Goldstein, Hist. 511.

Hor BSKAL BZANG DNGOS GRUB — Student of Rol pa'i rdo rje (b. 1717).

Sna nam Btsun pa SKAL BZANG CHOS KYI RGYA MTSHO BSOD NAMS DBANG PO'I SDE — Author of Sangs rgyas Bcom ldan 'das kyi Rnam thar pub. in 1975, a detailed life of the Buddha. Also pub. by Kunzang Topgey in Thimphu in 1976. Listed in BLP no. 1072. Listed in Drepung Catalog 1505 (a woodblock in 197 fols) & 1640.


SKAL BZANG CHOS 'PHEL — 363 117.1.

SKAL BZANG CHOS 'BYOR — (fl. 1939) Peng in TS9 IV 72. His Sinified n. is Liu Jiaju.

Dwags po Bya bral Dge bshes SKAL BZANG 'JAM DPAL — BD of T&TB VI 83.1.


Rgyal sras SKAL BZANG 'JIGS MED RGYAL MTSHAN — Author of a history listed in BLP no. 0289.

Mkhan chen SKAL BZANG NYI MA — (b. 1841) Kvaerne 247 no. 199. Bskal bzang nyi ma tog gi rgyal mtshan, abbot of G.yung drung gling Mon. who ordained Shar rdza. Thar in TS9 IV 156.

Zhwa sgom Sku skye BSKAL BZANG SNYING PO — Karma pa. Bio. in 35 II 347‑348.

Dbra ston SKAL BZANG BSTAN PA'I RGYAL MTSHAN — (1897-1959) Author of a work called 'Dzam gling gi mtha' dbus kyi rnam gzhag nyer mkho'i snang ba. Author, in 1929, of a brgyud rim ('stages in the transmission') text for the Bon Kanjur. It is contained in the 192‑vol. Bon canon, vol. 103. Author of a bio. entitled Rje btsun Bla ma Chen po Dbra sras Kun bzang nam mkha'i snying po'i Rnam par Thar pa Ngo mtshar Ud 'bar Me tog, contained in: Shar rdza Bka' 'bum (Chamdo 1990) XV 599-731. His collected works have been published recently in Tibet.

Mkhan chen SKAL BZANG BSTAN PA'I NYI RGYAN — Lost ref.

Rgyal khang rtse pa Sprul sku IV BSKAL BZANG BSTAN PA YAR 'PHEL — (1746‑1794).

BSKAL BZANG BSTAN PA RAB RGYAS — See Bskal bzang grags pa rgya mtsho.

Phul byung Rgyal sras SKAL BZANG BSTAN 'DZIN — Pictured in 128 500.

Kong po Chos mdzad Bgres pa SKAL BZANG BSTAN 'DZIN — Bio. by Ye shes brtson 'grus listed in BLP no. 0061. Disc. of Yongs 'dzin Ye shes rgyal mtshan & Kong po 'Brug la Mkhan chen Ye shes bstan sgron. Dung dkar 98.

SKAL BZANG THABS MKHAS — Former Drepung Gomang abbot, he died in 1999, after traveling from New Zealand to his birthplace in Amdo. Garratt in TS9 VIII 61, 65.

Rgyal sras VI BSKAL BZANG THUB BSTAN 'JIGS MED RGYA MTSHO — (1743‑ ) =Yongs 'dzin No mon han. 332 preface 16. Works listed in SBTD I 337. Bio. by Hor tshang Khri chen Bstan pa'i nyi ma listed in BLP no. 0828.

Rgyal sras SKAL BZANG THUB BSTAN 'JIGS MED BSTAN PA'I RGYAL MTSHAN — Bio. listed in BLP no. 0577 (probably to be identified with the preceding Rgyal sras?).

Btsan po Hu thog thu SKAL BZANG THUB BSTAN PHRIN LAS RGYA MTSHO — (1839‑ ) BD of T&TB V 551. SBTD I 400. SBKC 693 (no. 20).

Rje btsun 'Jam dbyangs bzhad pa IV BSKAL BZANG THUB BSTAN DBANG PHYUG — (1856‑circa 1916) BD of T&TB V 775. SBTD I 66. Nietupski, Labrang 82. Autobio. listed in BLP no. 0141. Author of bios. listed in BLP nos. 0607, 1159. Subj. of bios. listed in BLP nos. 0819‑0821. Bio. in Dung dkar 66‑67, where his dates are 1856‑1916.

SKAL BZANG DAR RGYAS — (1925‑1989?) Former head teacher of the dGa' mal Monastery.

Rtogs ldan BSKAL BZANG DON GRUB — TR XV no. 10, p. 18.

Rdo rje 'dzin pa SKAL BZANG DON YOD — A teacher of Dga' ldan bstan 'dzin (1741‑1803).

SKAL BZANG NOR BU — (1841‑ ) BD of T&TB V 565.

Dbra khyung Dge bshes SKAL BZANG NOR BU — Bon po. Author of a poetics work entitled Snyan ngag gi 'Grel pa Er sangs Lha mo'i Mgul rgyan, published in 1999, in 681 pp.

'Ba' pa SKAL BZANG RNAM RGYAL — (modern) See Gonkatsang & Willis in JRAS (2008) 43. Director of the Religious Affairs Bureau of the TAR.

Rig 'dzin Chen mo SKAL BZANG PADMA — Rig 'dzin Chen mo Skal bzang padma mchod sdong gi Dkar chag, by Dkon mchog gar dbang rgya mtsho, listed in BLP no. 1855.

Rgod ldem VIII SKAL BZANG PADMA DBANG RGYAL — B. in Lho brag. 370 preface 7. Author of work listed in BLP no. 1768.

SKAL BZANG PADMA DBANG PHYUG — See Rgod ldem V. 370 preface. See Ehrhard in SCEAR 9 (1996) 41. Rdo brag Skal bzang padma dbang phyug gi Rang rnam, listed in BLP no. 1193. His bio. of Rwa Lo Rdo rje brag (i.e., Rdo rje grags?) listed in BLP no. 1833.


Nor gling BSKAL BZANG PHO BRANG — 438 VII 498.6, 501.2.

SKAL BZANG 'PHRIN LAS — (20th cent.) Jackson in Lungta 14 (2001) 88.


BSKAL BZANG BLO LDAN — (sp.?) See 58 929.

Snang zhig Bla ma BSKAL BZANG BLO GROS RGYA MTSHO — (b. 1983) Thar in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 421

SKAL BZANG DBANG 'DU — The Tibetan assistant and Tibetan-language teacher of Albert Shelton in 1908. Here his name is spelled Gezang Ongdu, or Gezong Ondu (reflecting eastern Kham pronunciation, I guess). He was a wealthy trader and former headman under the deposed prince of Batang. Douglas Wissing, Pioneer in Tibet: The Life and Perils of Dr. Albert Shelton, Palgrave Macmillan (NY 2004), p. 100.

Tshes gsum phun khang BSKAL BZANG DBANG PHYUG — (1897‑ ) Velm I 127.

SKAL BZANG DBANG 'PHEL — Bio. by Blo bzang lung rtogs rgya mtsho listed in BLP no. 0145.

Sde yangs Rab 'byams pa SKAL BZANG TSHUL KHRIMS — A co-author of a bio. of the Dalai Lama IX.

SKAL BZANG TSHUL KHRIMS BSTAN PA'I RGYAL MTSHAN — Title of his bio. listed in BLP no. 0146.


BSKAL BZANG TSHE DBANG — Favorite pupil of (Zhwa lu) Rin chen lhun grub who favored him with profound instructions in Kālacakra and also administered him many sound beatings. On account of the beatings, evidently, he ran away to Lha sa and met the Dalai Lama who gave him a position in Rnam rgyal Grwa tshang. He was sent to Peking by request of the Emperor. Later he returned to Tibet and was appointed 30th Mkhan chen of Zhwa lu. 41 I 7.

SKAL BZANG TSHE RING — Leader of a Khams self rule movement in 1932. Peng in TS9 IV 64.

Rab 'byams pa SKAL BZANG YE SHES — Author of bio. listed in BLP no. 0185.

Dgon lung Khri pa Wang Zhabs drung BSKAL BZANG YE SHES DAR RGYAS — (fl. ca. 1790) A student of Rol pa'i rdo rje (b. 1717).

Khri Dwags po pa BSKAL BZANG YON TAN LHUN GRUB — Student of Rol pa'i rdo rje (b. 1717).

BSKAL BZANG RAB RGYAS — Artist who painted a Sa skya lineage thangka illus. in P. Pal, et al., Tibet: Tradition & Change, The Albuquerque Museum (Albuquerque 1998) 68‑69.

SKAL BZANG RIN CHEN DBANG PHYUG — Author of bio. of Ye shes dpal 'byor listed in BLP no. 0950.

SKAL BZANG LEGS BSHAD — (1852‑ ) BD of T&TB V 563.

Rab 'byams pa SKAL BZANG LEGS BSHAD — Author of bio. of Bla ma Dkar po Kun dga' rgyal mtshan (=Byams pa mthu stobs kun dga' rgyal mtshan) listed in BLP no. 1479.


BSKAL BZANG GSANG SNGAGS CHOS RGYAL RIN PO CHE — (1841‑1903) Rnying ma pa. Bio. in BD of T&TB IV 527.

BSKAL BZANG LHA DBANG — Student of Rol pa'i rdo rje (b. 1717).

Dgon lung Byams pa gling Khri zur BSKAL BZANG LHA DBANG — Author of FM 465.00, which was composed in a Water Horse year (1762?).

Dza sag Bla ma BSKAL BZANG LHA DBANG — Replaced Rol pa'i rdo rje as the 'chairholder' (Khri) of Dgon lung. 41 I 9.

Lha rams pa BSKAL BZANG LHA DBANG — Berkeley 182/3.

BSKAL BZANG LHUN GRUB — A modern Tibetan publisher who put out an inexpensive edition of the Rje btsun Bka' 'bum.

SKAL BZANG LHUN GRUB — Author of bio. of 5th Dalai Lama. Rikon Catalogue 478‑479.

SKAL BZANG LHUN GRUB — (20th cent.) TS5 118.

BSKAL PA'I MAR ME — (?) Roesler, KSP 64.



KHA DKAR — See Ka ba dkar po.

KHA DKAR — N. of a mon. of 'Brug pa school in Ru thog. Khenrap in TJ 25 no 4 (2000) 39.

KHA SKONG RJE DBON GNYIS — In bio. of Zhwa nag XV? BD of T&TB VII 262.

KHA SKYON BRAG PA — See (— — — —) Cer sgom Rin po che.

Bsam yas KHA KHOL MA — Bon rediscoveries. Karmay 122‑3.

Ri rab KHA KHYER — N. of a mt. 432 1143.1.

KHA KHRA — See Blo Kha khra, or, Lo Kha brag. N. of tribes of Tibet Assam border area. Das 124. See NMH, 73.3 ff. Indians call them Ghri dho. Mon Kha khra in Aris in BSOAS 39 (1976) 628. Stearns, King137 ("Khatra").

KHA GA DA TA — P.n. =Kha ga drod, =Kha ga ro yang. Emmerick.

KHA GA SA RA NA — Pl.n. BD of T&TB I 530.

KHA GEN DRA — N. of mt. in S India. BD of T&TB I 922.

KHA GENDRA — A country in S India. BBNP 481.

KHA GLING — "mtha' khob yul gyi ming." Das 125.

KHA GHAR — Aris, Discourse 27.

KHA RGYA TSHO DRUG — Equiv. to the A mdo region. Nietupski, Labrang 15.

KHA RGYAL ZHA GDONG — Zhwa mo ('hat'?). KTDN 104.2, 144.4.

Ding ri KHA SGANG — 115 8.3.

'Phyos KHA SGING — BA 720.

KHA CHAR — Temples built by Rin chen bzang po. T.H. 139. F. by 'Khor re (q.v.). =Kojarnāth. 28 54.

KHA CHUL — Aris, Discourse 45. In W Tibet, near Sgar thog. Dung dkar 113.

KHA CHE — N. for Kashmir. Also came to be a name for Tibetan Muslims. See 79 80 no. 41. See description in 115 69.6 ff. On Buddhism and Hinduism in Kashmir, see Pandey 146‑147. "For instance, it would be the greatest of misfortunes if we had been born as a present day Muslim. For even though we might live a long life, we would be unable to accumulate even the virtue of reciting one round of the Mani mantra." Pabongka, Liberation in Our Hands, pt. 2, p. 75. Discussion in Dung dkar 42‑43.

KHA CHE — See (— —) Pha lu.

Dge bshes KHA CHE — See Spyan g.yas Lha khang.

Paṇ chen KHA CHE — See (— —) (— —) (Dpal 'bar) Gyang ti gsas.

KHA CHE PAṆ CHEN — See (— — — —) Shākya shrī.

KHA CHE DMAR PO — Alexander, Temples 196.

KHA CHE'I LA — See 14 81. 81 103.18, 117.

KHA TI KA — Tshe tan Zhabs drung wrote an article on a very early thang ka of Tsong kha pa that is kept today at this place.

KHA STAG ZAM YAG — Shastri in TJ 34 no 2 (Summ 2009) 10. A Tibetan merchant from Khams who left a travel account of his time in India in the 1940's and 1950's.

KHA THA SU — 208 231.2.

KHA THAN — N. of a Mongol tribe? "Kha than gyi dmag." 208 I 244.2, 244.6, etc., 247.3.

KHA THAN BAL DUR — 208 I 236.1.

KHA THI KA — Vai.Ser. 267.

KHA THI LU HANG — ? 466 IV 413.2, 413.3.

KHA THUN — N. of a tantra in 320 XXI 534.5.

KHA THUN NAG PO — Form of Gshin rje gshed. Texts in 194 VII.

KHA DANG — One of 5 military regiments. Goldstein, History 67.

KHA DAN PĀ THUR — =Kha than. TS5 749.

Rong pa KHA DRUG KHA TA'I SMAN KHANG — Has printery. 162 233.

KHA DRO — See under Kha ro. 28 84.

KHA DRON NANG PA — See (— — — —) Blo bzang bstan 'dzin.

KHWA GDONG MA — Precepts for invisibility mentioned in 17 IV 442.5.

KHA ṆA ḌHO — One of the consorts of Saraha. 'Jig rten mgon po, Bka' 'bum (2001) V 365.4.


Gnod sbyin KHA PA RA — SBTD I 70.

KHA PHYAR — Pl.n. Kuijp in TH&L 301 n. 24.


Yar 'brog KHA BA KLUNGS — BA 829.

KHA BA KLO 'DRIL — Unidentified mt. Wylie 115 n. 17.

KHA BA DKAR PO — Mountain and mountain god. See Archiv für Volkerkunde no. 13‑14. Nebesky-Wojkowitz, Tibetan Blockprints 178. See also Nebesky. Work in 12 XIII. =Kha dkar. N. of a religious institution in Khams. Das 131. N. of a mt. in Tsha ba rong. 232 I 18. 363 55.4. See David‑Neel, My Journey to Lhasa 69, etc. In Tsha ba rong. 352 890. First 'opened' by Karma pakshi and later by Rang byung rdo rje. Visited in ca. 1163 by 'Jig rten mgon po. 239 XXX 48.4. 476 I 53.5. Rin chen rdo rje, et al., Gnas chen kha ba dkar po'i bsang mchod dang gnas yig (Beijing 2006), in 118 pages.

Mal KHA BA CAN PA — (1126‑1211) Zhi byed master. Bio. in BA 888 ff.

KHA BA'I BZHIN — In avadāna story. TPS 492.

KHA BAR LAS RGYA MTSHO'I RGYUD — Or Kha bar nag po. 320 XXX 163 ff.

KHA BI — BA 367.

Btsan KHA BO CHE — (1021‑ ) BA 347 ff. 17 II 385.2, 385.6. B. in 1020 acc. to Mtshan tho no. 24, which says he studied in Kashmir.


KHA 'BAR MA — Jvālāmukhī, 'burning mouth'. N. of goddess. Das 132. Kha 'bar in 243 IV 895 ff. Mimaki in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 113, n. 41.

KHA MUS ONG — 208 I 238.2.

KHA MO GDONG — Rnying ma ser khyim mon. near Sgo bzhi dedicated by Gu ru Chos dbang of Lho brag (b. 1222). 458 I 256.3.

KHWA TSE WING GIR — BA 69. Kha tse is Rin chen bzang po's home area in Gu ge.

KHWA RTSE — Ruling family of Spiti. Walter in Lungta 16 (Spring 2003) 22.

KHA ZANGS — One of the 10 rgod stong sde of Sum pa'i Ru. 28 84.

KHA ZAL BA SHI — Pollock, Forms 346.

KHA'U SKYED LHAS — See =Kha'u brag Rdzong. BD of T&TB X 95.8.

Bla ma KHA'U PA — =Gnam kha'u pa, q.v. Ferrari 151 n. 509. Wylie 133 n. 164. BD of T&TB X 93.1, 94.16. Vitali in Lungta 14 (2001) 16. Probably the Gnas brtan Dka'u ba mentioned in Roesler, KSP 63.

KHA BRAG — 239 XXX 47.1.

KHA'U BRAG RDZONG — A day's journey North of Sa skya. Wylie 66. =Kha'u skyed lhas. E of Sa skya. Wylie 133 n. 163. Vitali in Lungta 14 (2001) 40 n. 54.

Stag tshal KHA 'UR — Pl.n. 24 I 346.3, 347.7.

Zhang zhung KHA YUG — ZZFC 259.

KHA RA BYING — N. of a Mongol area/tribe? 208 I 236.6.

KHA RA BYING GI MAG PA — 208 I 238.4.

KHA RA SHWA — N. of a rishi. N. of Khotan. Emmerick.

KHA RAG — BD of T&TB X 49.17.

KHA RAG — N. of a place in Tibet. Das 135. BA 207, 522, 675, 687, 715, 878, 956, 957, 1000, 1004. Spelled Mkha' rag in 57 IIB 364.5. 17 II 397.6. The Gnyos lineage came from Kha rag. 163. Discussion by Thar in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 418.

Rgyal po KHA RAG — 247 I 478.1.

Jo mo KHA RAG — Pl.n. 17 IV 250.6‑251.1.

KHA RAG SKOR GSUM — A blend, by Kha rag Sgom chung, of the A ro system of Rdzogs chen with the Bka' gdams pa teachings from Rwa sgreng monastery. Dza ya, Thob yig II 586.1.

KHA RAG KHA — "Kha rag Kharna yi lo." ? 115 56.4, 57.6.

KHA RAG KHYUNG BTSUN — Birthpl. of Tāranātha (?). Ferrari 155.

KHA RAG KHYUNG BTSUN — See (— — — —) Rdo rje dpal gyi yum.

KHA RAG GRA PA — See (— — — —) 'Dul ba 'od.

KHA RAG GRUB CHEN — See (— — — —) Bsod rgyal ba.

KHA RAG DGON — Bon mon. f. by (Ngo zhu) Tshul khrims rgyal mtshan. 253 II 633.3. Thar in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 418.

Bdud yul KHA RAG MGO DGU — Said to be n. of Tibet when inhabited by demons. 17 II 314.6.

KHA RAG SGOM CHEN — SBKC 706. 'Jigs med bsam gtan, Kha rag Sgom chen gyi Dgag lan Gnam lcags 'Khor lo (in Sku 'bum print of collected works as found in LTWA).

KHA RAG SGOM CHUNG — A lama of Bka' gdams pa. Das 135. See (— — — —) Dbang phyug blo gros. Bio. listed in BLP no. 0183. Roesler, KSP 63 (relics).

KHA RAG PA — See (— — —) Grags pa rgyal ba.

KHA RAG PHUG — BD of T&TB III 239. 210 61.1.


KHA RAG BON DRUG — BA 715. Bka' ma Rgyas pa XLVI 363.5. Seems to be a Tshal pa Bka' brgyud mon.

KHA RAG BLA MA — See (— — — —) 'Jam dpal blo bzang rgyal mtshan.

KHA RAG LA KHA — Meaning "top of the pass at Kha rag." See under La kha. KTDN 70.6.

KHA RAG SHAR — BA 491. (Kha rag Gra pa) 'Dul ba 'od (q.v.) founded a mon. there.


Dge bsnyen Chen po KHA RI — KTDN 63.6.

Lag sor ba KHA RU BA PHYI MA — 499 7.1.

KHA RU LA — A pass on the main route between Rwa lung and Sna dkar rtse, about 16,800 feet high. Tucci, Lhasa 63. JTL&CT 129. Wylie 144 n. 264.

KHA RE'U STENG — N. of a rishi. Emmerick.

KHA REG DGON — 415 XI 133.5, 135.4.

KHA RO — Pl.n. One of the ten Rgod stong sde of Sum pa'i Ru. Probably =Kha dro. 27 130. 28 84.

KHA RO LA — Near Phag ri. 453 99.5.

KHA ROG PA — See (— — —) Ngag dbang rab brtan.

KHA LA KHA CHU — Tibetan transliteration of Chinese form of the name Khri gtsug lde brtsan (=Ral pa can). BA xix. On the surface, it would appear to mean 'spit in the mouth' (which in any case is where it belongs).

KHA LA BYA LA — ? 5 39.4.

KHA LA BRAG RI — 87 I 44.5. KTDN 112.5.

KHA LA ME 'BAR — N. of a king of the Yi dwags. Das 135. The Sage (thub pa) of the Pretas. 502 81.5.

Bse ston Ring mo KHA LA ME 'BAR — Gter ston mentioned in 210 83.2. Khams ston, in 3rd rab byung. 383 218.5.

KHA LA RTSE — Sp? Khalsi. A village in Ladakh. 14 1, 6.

KHA LA RTSE — DTK5 186. Luczanits in TS9 VII 116.

KHA LA RA RTSE'I BSTAN 'DZIN — Author of a work on the invasions of Zoravar Singh. BLP no. 1701.

KHA LA RONG SGO — Pl.n. A dkar chag in 239 XXX 47.1, 173‑182.

KHA LI BA — A Bhutanese lama, in recent times. TS7 I 356. Havnevik, Dissert. 139.

KHA LIN PA — N. of a pl. in Tibet. Das 135.

Rgya gar Gshen po KHA LU SHA — Ref. lost.

KHA SHA — N. of a region. 413 424.2. Perhaps this is the Khaśa that was once a kingdom in the area of western Nepal. Heller, Hidden 17.

KHA SHU RA 'DRA — 253 II 230.5.

KHA SHYA — Mountainous country in NE India (Tā), the Khasya Hills of Assam. Das 136. BD of T&TB I 299.

KHA SA MA DE BA — BD of T&TB I 810.

KHA SA MUN DZA — Text in 319 IV 467‑503. 320 II 352‑399.

KHA SAG — N. of a wild country on Tibetan borders. Das 136.

KHA SAR — Pl.n. Vitali, Tho.ling 146.

KHA SAR PA ṆA — BA 1020, 1030.

KHA SAR PA ṆI — Famous pl. in E India. 17 II 395.1. 57 IIB 345.3. Tatz, LSPM 700‑701, et passim.

KHA SI — N. of a wild hill tribe of India (of the Khasya Hills). Das 136.

KHASYA — =Kha si? 87 I 255.1.

KHANG — See (—) Mang zigs. (—) Rin chen rdo rje. (—) Shin thar.

KHANG DKAR — N. of a mt. and the hospital built on it in Skyid grong area. See TR XIII no. 5 (May 1978) 9 ff.

G.yas ru KHANG KHRI — BA 116.

KHANG RGAN — See Mgo log.


KHANG CHEN NAS — A regent who rebuilt Chos 'khor rgyal. Ferrari 122. 435 98.3. Called "Kang Naji, General Governor in mNgav ris" in Precious Deposits IV 83.

KHANG THOG — Area in western Tibetn that contains the Brag gyam Mon. Vitali, Tho.ling 153.

KHANG GDONG — See ='Khor gdong.

KHANG NE BLA RGAN — See (— — — —) A brtan phun tshogs.


KHANG BU GANGS KYI RA BA — 601 23r.1. In vicinity of Sikkim.

KHANG BU BRTSEGS PA — See K. de Vreese, 'Skt. Kūṭagāra', contained in India Antiqua [Festschrift for J.P. Vogel] (Leyden 1947).

KHANG DMAR — See (— —) Tshe brtan rdo rje.

Grwa phyi KHANG DMAR — BA 154.

Ra la KHANG DMAR — Site of victory of 1679. Vai.Ser. x.

KHANG DMAR BA — Teacher of Klong chen pa. 210 229.4.

KHANG BRTSEGS MGON PO — 375 preface.

Gong ma KHANG ZHI — The Kangshi Emperor. SBTD I 121. Said to be a reincarnation of Grags pa rgyal mtshan. See Dreyfus in JIABS 21 (1998) 239.

KHANG SAR — Listed as one of the eight Rgod stong sde of Ru lag. 28 83.

KHANG SAR — See (— —) Bstan pa'i dbang phyug.

KHANG SAR TSHANG — 23 29‑30.

KHANG GSAR — BA 216. See Mgo log. Vitali, Tho.ling 146.

KHANG GSAR — N. of a temple in Dolpo dating to 11th-12th centuries. Heller, Hidden 33 et passim.

KHANG GSAR — See (— —) Blo bzang tshul khrims bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan.

KHANG GSAR MKHAN PO — See (— — — —) Ngag dbang chos skyong bzang po. (— — — —) Ngag dbang blo gros snying po. (— — — —) Tshul khrims dar rgyas.



KHANG GSAR PA — See (— — —) Nam mkha' 'od.

Dam pa KHANG GSAR PA — See (Bal po'i Paṇḍi ta) Dza ya se na.


KHANG GSAR PHO BRANG — One of the 3 or 4 palaces of the Ngor pa. Jackson in Lungta 14 (2001) 90.

KHANG GSAR BA — In Mar do lineage. 17 II 408.6.

KHAḌ GA PA — Tib.: Ral gri pa or Ral gri zhabs. Mahāsiddha. His name means 'sword man.' Bio. in 12049‑51. He was a robber who met the Yogi Tsar pa tri in a cemetery & was told to meditate at a stūpa. When a snake crawled from under the foot of Spyan ras gzigs, it turned into the sword of Gnosis.

Al than gyi Tsha bo Se chen KHAN CHU — 208 I 236.2.

KHAN JU — 208 I 239.4.

KHAN THES — Area between 'Brug yul (Bhutan) and Kamarupa.

Gu ru KHANDHI — See Dhu khan dhi pa.


KHAB GUNG THANG — BA 260, 321, 338, 436, 1026.

KHAB PA — Everding in TS9 I 113.


KHAM STON — See (— —) Sher seng.

KHAM PA ME ZOR — A terton. 210 97.3. In 7th rab byung. 383 220.2.

KHAM PA LUNG — BA 283. "Hidden country" opened by Padma gling pa. 413 382.5.

KHAM PA LUNG PA — (1232‑1282) Bka' gdams. BD of T&TB V 95.

KHAM BU CAN — N. of nāga. KTDN B XI 52B.4.

Rgyal sras KHAM BU DPAL — Gcod teacher of Nyang ral. 477 131.4.

KHAM BU PA — See (— — —) O rgyan bstan 'dzin.

KHAM BU YA LE — Or, Yal le. Son of Snying po grub pa by Padma mtsho. BA 986. 17 II 426.3. Kham bu Yag lags in 124 497.4, 508.1. His ordination n. was Bsod nams rin chen.

KHAM BRAG SPRUL SKU — See (— — — —) Ngag dbang kun bzang rnam rgyal.

KHAM LUNG PA — See (— — —) Shākya yon tan (1023‑1115).

Dpal gyi KHAM SHAG RDO RJE SNYING RDZONG — Cuevas, Hidden History 188.

KHAM SHENG — See Kam sheng.

KHAMS — The large eastern province of Tibet. The modern usage is not the same as the older, although this is quite a complicated matter to go into with the necessary depth.

KHAMS — A school of Rdzogs chen. BD of T&TB III 294. Perhaps to be identified with the Khams A ro school? See under Khams lugs.

Gtsang KHAMS GRAGS SPRUL SKU — 363 120.1.

KHAMS SGAR — See (— —) Tshab shis Sprul sku.

KHAMS SGAR DGON — In Khams. See map in Beyer 16. Khams sgar Phun tshogs chos gling Phyag srol Gsar Rnying Chos spyod Nyer mkho Khag dang Mgon po Rigs 'Dus Lha Mang gi Sgrub skor Phyogs sdebs (Tashijong 1975).

KHAMS SGOM — See (— —) Drang srong. (— —) Tshul khrims rgyan.

KHAMS BRGYAD — Bonpo version of Prajñāpāramitā. A list of the 'Eight Elements' in 308 preface. Khams bsdus in 291 465‑626. For the classification of the different texts according to their sizes, see 308preface. Khams chung, 'Phyong 'bum, Khams chung, etc. Khams rtsa Nges pa'i Mdo redisc. by Gnyan 'thing Shes rab seng ge, pub. in 2 vols in 1974. 'Bum Nyi ma Dgu Shar redisc. at Brag Yer pa, pub. in 10 vols. in 1974. The Hundred Thousand (Stong phrag Brgya pa) version was redisc. by Gshen chen Klu dga', pub. in 16 vols in 1974.

KHAMS BRGYAD SHOD PA — See (— — — —) Mchog ldan rdo rje.

KHAMS STON — See (— —) Kha la me 'bar. (— —) Yon tan rgya mtsho.

KHAMS DRUG — "khams drug gi don ni / sa'i khams dang / chu'i khams dang / me'i khams dang / rlung gi khams dang nam mkha'i khams / dang rnam par shes pa'i khams ." From Shes rab kyi Pha rol tu Phyin pa 'Bum Bsdus pa (FM 471.30). This text was especially esteemed by Atisha.

KHAMS SDE DGE — Common Tibetan n. for 'Bri chu (?). Das 930.

KHAMS PA — See (— —) Sdom tshang (pl.n.). (— —) A khrung.

Rlangs KHAMS PA GO CHA — (8th cent.) He went to India and memorized the 100,000 Prajñāpāramitā, and translated it from memory after he returned to Tibet. Mtshan tho no. 13.

Sbas yul KHAMS PA LJONGS — 210 254.4.

KHAMS PA RIN PO CHE — See (— — — — —) Ngag dbang kun dga' bstan 'dzin.

KHAMS PA LUNG PA — See (— — — —) Shākya yon tan.

KHAMS PA LO TSĀ BA — See (— — — — —) Gzhon nu grags.

KHAMS PA SENG GE — Author of a very early (pre 13th cent.) work on the religious history of Mdo khams smad. 211 47.3.

KHAMS SPRUL — See (— — III) Kun dga' bstan 'dzin. (— — IV) Bstan 'dzin chos kyi nyi ma (1730‑1779). (— — V) Sgrub brgyud nyi ma (1781‑1847). (— — VI) Bstan pa'i nyi ma (1849?-1907?). (— — VIII) Don brgyud nyi ma.

Rdzong chen KHAMS PHUG — Work on this pl. in 239 XXX 147‑160.

KHAMS BU LUNG — In Rong region, in Rong chung. Place where Byang bdag Bkra shis stobs rgyal found gter ma. Ferrari 163.


KHAMS BYE BSHAD GRWA — (Bshad sgrub dar rgyas gling). Sa skya school f. by 'Jam dbyangs chos kyi blo gros in 1918 at Sde dge Rdzong gsar. Dhongthog 136.

KHAMS SMYON — See (— —) Dharma seng ge.

KHAMS RTSA — A version of the Khams brgyad (q.v.) found in 308.

KHAMS TSHA BA — See (— — —) Blo bzang bstan pa.

KHAMS TSHANG — N. for provincial divisions of large monasteries. Waddell 189.

KHAMS RI BO CHE — See Ri bo che.

KHAMS LUGS — The followers of (Dar rje) Dpal gyi grags pa split into Dbus lugs and Khams lugs. BA108. Germano in TS9 X 257.

KHAMS LUNG PA — Picture in 128 78A. See Kham lung pa.

KHAMS SRAS — See (— —) Chos kyi seng ge.

KHAMS GSUM — BA 77, 568.

KHAMS GSUM KUN SGROL GYI RGYUD — Bon tantra in 258 IV 489‑503.

KHAMS GSUM SGRON MA — Text in 320 I 456‑457.

Khro bo KHAMS GSUM RNAM PAR RGYAL BA'I RGYUD — 320 XXVIII 492 ff. 1037‑deity maṇḍala of Yoga Tantra class. 349 IV 243‑534.

KHAMS GSUM ZHANGS KHANG GLING — N. of a temple in Bsam yas. Das 142 ff. For Khams gsum zangs khang, see BA 62.

Rdor brag Rig 'dzin KHAMS GSUM ZIL GNON — See Smad Rdo rje brag. See =Kun bzang 'gyur med lhun grub rdo rje.

KHAMS GSUM YONGS GROL — "An introduction into the Mahāmudrā system." BA 449.

Rba kha VIII KHAMS GSUM RIG 'DZIN YONGS GROL — He met the first Bhutanese king O rgyan dbang phyug in 1891. See Lazcano in RET 7 (2005) 55.

KHAR — N. of a city in W. Das 142.

KHAR KHA — A Mongol tribe. Sumpa, Annals 61 n. 29.

KHAR CAN — Horlemann in TS9 I 60.

KHAR CHU — =Mkhar chu (?). BA 438.

KHAR CHEN BZA' — Princess of Khar chen & one of the queens of Khri srong lde'u btsan. Das 142.

KHAR TA TA — N. of city or seaport on mouth of Indus, Tata. Das 142.

KHAR RTA — TS7 I 269.

KHAR PA — Karśa? Kaṃśa? Demon killed by Krishna. Das 143.

KHAR BA ṬA — Rich man in an avadāna story. TPS 490.

KHAL KHA — Native n. of Mongolia proper, the country of Chinghis Khan. See also Hal ha.

KHAL KHA — See (— —) Ngag dbang dpal ldan. (— —) Dam tshig rdo rje.

KHAL KHA KHU RAL BLA BRANG — "The sacred enclosure of Khalkha." N. applied to Urga in North Mongolia where incarnation of Tāranātha resided. The Khu ral part is often spelled Khu re.

KHAL KHA MKHAN PO — See (— — — —) Ngag dbang blo bzang mkhas grub.

KHI KHIR — Also, Khi khar. This is Zhang zhung for 'od zer, 'light ray,' and as such occurs in many Zhang zhung language names. See Pradznya khi khir.

KHI THAL THAL JI — 208 I 236.5.

KHI BI DZA LA — Khibijala. N. of city in vicinity of Shambhala. Das 144.

KHU — BA 76. Clan name (in Yar klungs). See 28 79.

KHU — See (—) Khri snya dkru zung. (—) Byang chub 'od.

KHU SGOM — See (— —) Chos kyi seng ge.

KHU 'GYUR — See (— —) Gsal ba'i mchog.

KHU STON — See (— —) Dar ma grags. (— —) Mdo sde 'bar. (— —) Brtson 'grus g.yung drung (1011‑1075). (— —) Bsod nams rgyal mtshan.

KHU THU CHI — Title of Mongolian noblemen. Das 144.

KHU THUG THU THAL JI — 208 I 237.2.


'Bangs KHU NAG BTSAN — DTK5 185.

KHU NU — Kinnaur. The districts of Kunawar and Bissahar (i.e. Bishahr) on the upper Sutlej, bordering Tibet and inhabited in northern parts by Tibetan people. Das 144. Khu nu Ri bo, =K'un lun Mts. Goldstein 130. For travels of a Bonpo there, see 306 chapter 8. Klimburg Salter in TS9 VII 4.

KHU NU — See (— —) Ka gnam lhun grub dge 'phel.

KHU NU PA — See (— — —) Theg chen rgya mtsho. (— —) Bsod nams rgyal mtshan.

KHU NU BLA MA — See (— — — —) Tshe dbang rnam rgyal.

KHU PO — N. of a place & also n. of a Lama of that place. Das 144.

KHU PO GLING — Pl.n.? 53 II 299.4.

KHU BU — Pl.n. 28 51.

Rye shin KHU BUL BU — Person in OTA 677.

KHU BE — N. of pl. W of Lhasa. Das 145.

KHU BO — =Khu bu (q.v.). Perhaps =Kunu, an area of Mon. See 28 75.

KHU BO — See (— —) Bkra shis rgyal mtshan. (— —) Bstan 'dzin bzang po.

KHU BON — See (— —) Mthong grags.

KHU BYIN — See (— — Btsun pa) Mchog gi shes rab.

KHU BYUG — Cuckoo as king of birds. TN 521, 522. =Khri rgyal khug pa, =Khri bzhi nam ting, =Rlung gi 'dab ma can, =Lha rgod thog pa, =Sang po 'bum khri. Gsang mchog Rgyal po'i Rig pa Khu byug Sku. TN523. Ye shes Rlung gi 'Dab ma can. TN 627.

KHU BYUG — Son of Snying po grub pa. 17 II 426.3. 124 497.2.

KHU BYUG — Patron of Milarepa. 4 224A.6, 275B.1, 308B.3. Yon bdag mo Khu byug. 4 309A.6. 4X I 209.2.

KHU BYUG — See (— —) Dben pa Rdzong.

KHU BYUG — Text w/ comm. in 319 V.

KHU BYUG CHE — Picture in 128 74A.

KHU BYUG MCHOD PA — An annual observance at Rwa sgreng Mon.

KHU BYUG GNYIS PA — Picture in 128 75A.

KHU BYUG MANG SKYE — A Deva in a Bon sūtra. 491 85 ff.

KHU BYUG ZHABS — See Ko ki li pa.

KHU DBON — =khu bo dang dbon po. Refers to the uncle to nephew transference of the abbatiate in celibate monasteries, a type of succession meant to keep power over the monastery in the family. Wylie 147 n. 303.

Chos rje KHU DBON GNYIS — 1 15. Collective name for two teachers of Gzhon nu seng ge (1200‑1266). Refers to (Khu ston) Brtson 'grus g.yung drung (1011‑1075) and his abbatial successor (Dbon po) 'Byung gnas rgyal mtshan, acc. to 75 109. Notice the obvious chronological problem here.

KHU 'BYIN PAKSHI — Mongol. 208 I 237.5.


KHU RMANG DAR — N. of a horse. Bellezza, L&T 43.

KHU TSHA — See (— —) Zla 'od.

KHU 'DZIN — See (— —) Mjing nag.

KHU 'OD BZA' — Mother of 'Brom ston. Das 145.

KHU YUR — Pollock, Forms 345.

Gdan sa KHU RAL CHEN MO — 224 I 503 ff.

KHU RIL — Pollock, Forms 346.


KHU LUNG — BA 518, 665. "At Khu lung in Sgro lung Ser chung pa of Lower Myang." A Lha rje Kun rgyal came from there.

Gnubs KHU LUNG — BD of T&TB III 156.

KHU LUNG PA — See (— — —) Yon tan rgya mtsho.

KHU LE — N. of a place in Tibet. Das 146. BA 664, 917. See 17 IV 179.6. In Myang stod. 17 II 572.4. 484 I 861.3. Vitali in TS9 I 93.

KHU LE — See (— —) Rnam rgyal.

KHU SHUN CI — Mongol. 208 I 237.4.

KHU SHUL CI — Mongol. 208 I 237.3.

KHU SA MO NU YON — 208 I 238.1.

KHU SA MO ONG — 208 I 239.3.

KHUG PA — (Dama khu). In Rta nag Lung. BA 360. 17 II 410.4.

KHUG PA — See (— —) Lhas btsas.

KHUG PA LHAS RTSI — =Rta nag Lo tsā ba. Das 146.

KHUGS PA — N. of a dynasty and its area. Das 146. Das takes this from a line in the Rgya Bod Yig tshang, which reads: (p. 16 of PRC ed.) rgyal rabs khugs pa thugs rje chen po'i yang tig las gsungs pa dge.


KHUNG MO NYAG PA — 81 103.3, 115.

KHUNG RTSI — Khung phu'u rtsi. Confucius. Das 147. See Kong rtse.

KHUNG 'UR — Pollock, Forms 357.

Snar KHUNG RONG — BA 160. Almogi, MA Thesis 79. Birthplace of Rong zom pa, located in lower Ru lag in Gtsang.

KHUD KHUR — Pollock, Forms 345, 356.

KHUD KYI RDZONG — See Dpal khud kyi Rdzong.

KHUN DA LA KHAN — 208 I 236.6.

KHUN DA LAM DAL BYING — 208 I 237.2.

KHUN DU LE CHOS KHUR — The Se chen Da'i ching of the Thu med (Tümed). Sørensen, Restless Relic868.

KHUN DU LEN — An Indian from Magadha who visited Tibet sometime in 1655 or 1656. Shastri in TS9 I 140.

KHUM BU — A Hidden Country (sbas yul) in the S. A "mt. barrier/wall". 377 5A.6 ff.

Sma shod KHUM BU — 4 155B.3.

Rje KHUM BU BA — BD of T&TB X 54.11.

KHUM BU STENG PO CHE — See (— — — — —) Gsang sngags theg mchog chos gling.

KHU'U KI HPHA SHI — Kuiji Fashi, a disciple of Xuanzang. Thuken 360.

KHUR CHAGS — In this spelling, it almost seems as if it ought to mean 'cheek whip.' Original spelling is probably 'Khor chags, q.v., since it was supposed to have been founded by 'Khor re. Legends about its founding may suggest different etymologies with different spellings... A Sa skya temple about 9 miles below Taklakot on the bank of the Karnali River. Wylie 127 n. 108. Ngag dbang thub bstan, 'Khor chags Dgon pa, Bod ljongs Mi dmangs Dpe skrun khang (Lhasa 2009), in 150 pages.

KHUR LUG — Pollock, Forms 345, 355.

KHUL BU — BA 907.

KHE GAD — See (— —) 'Khor lo grags.

Dge bshes KHE GAD — One of the 8 chief discs. of Marpa. See =Khyer skad. 46 28. BA 403. 17 II 456.3.

KHE GAN RTSE — N. of a vihāra. Emmerick.

KHE RGAD — For discussion of this ethnonym, see Rona Tas in CAJ 42 no 2 (1998) 323. See also Tsuguhito Takeuchi's book on Old Tibetan contracts, p. 132.

KHE CHEN SPRUL SKU — (ca. 1687) 458 I 304.5.

KHE LJONGS PA — 363 116.6.

KHE MDA' STONG SHOD — Pl.n. 210 81.1.

KHE NANG — BA 498.

Bla chen KHE NAN YO PHYA — ZZFC 250, 255.

KHE BRAG MDO — N. of pl. where Karma pa VIII was born. Das 150.

KHE'U GANG — BA 983.

KHE CHOS NU YON — A Thu mad Mongol. 208 I 236.1

KHE SMAD — A noble family of 'Phyongs rgyas. TS7 I 356. Havnevik, Dissert. 135.

KHE SMAD — See (— —) Rin chen dbang rgyal. (— —) Bsod nams dbang 'dus.

Rtse sgang KHE 'OD BDE BA CAN — Vai.Ser. 238.

KHE LE MON — N. of place in Mongolia. Das 150.

KHE GSUM — N. of a pl. in Tibet. Das 150.

KHENG DMAR DGON — =Khang dmar. TS5 806‑7.

KHENG ZE CHIN WANG — (1697‑1738) See Uspensky, Prince Yunli.

KHEN ZI CHING WANG — 332 II preface 5.

KHEM KHEN CHI — Pollock, Forms 344.

KHER — Clan (sku rus) of Las 'phro gling pa Phyi ma (q.v.), and of Bde chen gling pa. 210 217.4.

KHER KHAD — See (— —) 'Khor lo grags.

Hor Rgyal bu KHER TA — Mongol invader. 484 II 520.6. Khyer khe ta. 484 I 851.2.

KHER LO TSĀ BA — See (— — — —) 'Khor lo rgyal mtshan.

KHEL SGO — N. of a district & a mt. See Das 150.

KHO KHOM — Bhaktapur, =Bhatgaon. 7 miles E of Kathmandu. See Wylie 13. 4 131A.1, 191B.2. 406 6r.5. See Kho bom (?).

Sbu rangs KHO CHAR — Pl.n. 478A I 109.3. The Sbu rangs is just an eccentric spelling for Pu hrang. See 'Khor chags.

KHO TAN — Pollock, Forms 345, 355.

KHO THOG THOR KHAL — Mongol. 208 I 237.3.

KHO MTHING LHA KHANG — N. of a temple in Lho brag. Das 151. 124 492.2. Site of redisc. by Nyang ral. 477 123.7 ff. Repaired by Lo ras pa. 484 I 871.3.

KHO DO CHI — 208 I 238.4.

KHO PO — Tribe name. Das 151.

KHO BO — See (— —) Bya btang chos dar.

KHO BOM — The early Tibetan n. for Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. In E Tibet, Kathmandu is still called Yam bu. See Jaeschke 43. Das 151. But see Kho khom!

KHO DBRA — 'Tribal' name. See Das 151, under Kho po.

KHO MA NE CHUNG — Nine Ways 115.

KHE MEG — N. of a Khotanese minister. Emmerick.

KHO MO NON — Khotanese nunnery. Emmerick.

KHO RTSE — A village in Lijiang. Jackson, Patron 235.

KHO TSHE — See (— —) Bde chen.

KHO TSHE — See (— —) Tshul khrims 'jam dpal dgyes pa'i blo gros.

KHO RĀ SĀ NA — N. of an area (yul). BD of T&TB I 1000. Khorasan.

KHO RE — In 17 II 348.1. See ='Khor re.

KHO LO CI PHYING BAL DUR — A Thu mad king. 208 I 236.1. See 'Kho lo che.

KHO LO CI'I DMAG PA — Mongol. 208 I 237.4, 242.3, 247.3.

KHO SHOS — 208 I 238.6.

Ding ri KHOG SNA — 4 69B.3.


KHOG 'BUGS SBAS PA'I MIG 'BYED — Tantra text in 319 VII 451‑461.



KHONG RA DGE DGON — 253 II 635.1.

Mchod rten KHONG SENG CAN — ZZFC 247.

KHOD PO — Seems to be n. of an area w/ Bonpo monasteries. 253 II 638.4. At the moment I believe it is the general area of presentday Jiuzhaigou.

KHOD PO — See (— —) Nyi ma 'od zer. (— —) Blo gros thogs med.

KHOD DPON — A title, =Khos dpon (q.v.).

KHOD SPUNGS — See (— —) Dran pa. (— —) Blo gros rgyal mtshan. (— —) Blo gros thogs med.

KHOD SPO — See (— —) Blo gros thogs med.

Ra sangs KHOD RAM — Bonpo. Bio. in 253 II 135.1 ff. "Lo Paṇ grub brnyes."

KHON STON — See (— —) Dpal 'byor lhun grub.

KHON BZHER — 56 61.

Ya 'brog KHOB LE — BA 917.

KHOR KHO — 208 I 238.4.

KHOR KHO'I KHA CHAR CI — Mongol. 208 I 237.5.

KHOR KHO KHAGS — 208 I 238.5.

KHOR RE — 17 II 478.4.

KHOL PO PA TI'I MAN NGAG — In 145 IV 35B.6 ff.

Lho Dug mtsho KHOL MA'I GLING — Where Mai tri pa was staying when Mar pa came to find him. 4615. Where Mar pa met Zhi ba bzang po. 57 IIB 347.1.

KHOS DPON — Title of ministers under Khri srong lde btsan. For names of some of them, see 28 76.

KHYA — See (—) Dge legs bshad gling.

KHYA DGE — See (— —) Blo gros rgya mtsho.

KHYA DGE BLA MA — See (Kha dron Nang pa) Blo bzang bstan 'dzin.


KHYAD PAR MKHAR SKU — A temple in Tangut land. Kuijp in CAJ 37 (1993) 191.

KHYAD PAR 'PHAGS PA'I MDO — In 320 I 252 ff.


KHYAD PAR BSHES GNYEN — =Viśeṣamitra, author of Vinayasamgraha, or, in Tibetan, 'Phags pa Gzhi Thams cad Yod par Smra ba'i 'Dul ba Bsdus pa, published in 1976.

KHYAD PAR LHA GSUM — They are Gtsug tor rnam rgyal ma, Sgrol ma, and Rdo rje sems dpa'. See 90 IV 519‑539.

KHYAB 'JUG — Vishnu. Text in 213 211 ff.

Drang srong Chen po KHYAB 'JUG — With nine faces & 4 arms, crowned with Phyag na rdo rje. 'Jig rten mgon po, Bka' 'bum (2001) V 398.4. Surrounded by the 8 planets.

Gza' bdud Chen po KHYAB 'JUG — Title of tantra in 320 XXXIII 321.6.


KHYAB 'JUG SBAS PA — King of Shambhala. 128 1002. Reigned 527‑627 A.D. Kālacakra Studies 67.

KHYAB 'JUG BZHAD PA'I DPAL — N. of Ngag gi dbang phyug (q.v.). 17 II 270.6.

KHYAB BDAG — See (— —) Mgon po rnam rgyal. (— —) Bstan pa'i nyi ma.

Mkhas grub KHYAB BRDAL LHUN GRUB — (14th cent.) Disc. of Klong chen pa. B. in Lho brag. Depicted in Essen & Tingo, Die Götter des Himalayas 118. Achard, L'Essence 82.

KHYAB PA LAG RING — In Gesar epic, he is called (Byang Bdud) Klu btsan. He is of course best known in stories of Gshen rab. 232 7. Rock, Naga Cult I 90, 113. 485 I 17.5. The lag ring element of the name may suggest the name of the chief general of Rāvaṇa, Prahasta, whose name also means 'long handed.' Note his appearance in Prins in ZAS XXXVI (2007) 196, 203 (Cha pa la ring).

KHYAM — BA 786. See under Gyam.

Mkhan rabs III Chos rje KHYAM KA BA — 3rd abbot of Yangs pa can. 35 I 625.

KHYAM MKHAR DMAR — Pl.n., in Nang chen area. See Elliot Sperling, "Further Remarks Apropos of the 'Ba' rom pa and the Tanguts," Acta Orientalia Hungarica, vol. 57, no. 1 (2004), pp. 1‑26, at p. 23, n. 66.

KHYAM MDO — TS7 II 1025.



KHYAMS SGO — F. by Chos dpal ldan pa. Vai.Ser. 228.

KHYAMS LDAN — N. of a river in an avadāna. TPS 513.

KHYAMS PA — Vai.Ser. 132‑133.

KHYAR DGE — See (— —) Blo gros rgya mtsho.

KHYI KLUNG — N. of pl. & valley in Tibet. Das 159.

Bram ze KHYI'U SKAR MA — Tantra in Tibet 111. This ought to be read more like this: (Bram ze'i Khye'u) Skar ma, q.v.

KHYI KHYO — N. of pl., also of a fabulous country to the E of Asia, probably Kamschatka (Dpag bsam ljon bzang). Das 159. But no, it actually means 'dog husband.' Surely Kamchatka has nothing to do with it. Rgya mo khyi khyo can is the complete name of the country. See the Armenian history by Kirakos, which records the words of Het'um: "There is a land beyond Ghatayik' [Cathay, China] where women have the forms of natural women, while the men have the forms of dogs. They are mute, large, and hairy. The dogs let no one enter their land and the dogs hunt from which prey they and the women eat. From the comingling of dogs and women, the males are born in the shape of dogs, the females in the shape of women." (This means, of course, that the men there are real dogs.) Perhaps this work by Sarat Chandra Mitra is somehow relevant: The Dog-Bride in Santali and Lepcha Folklore, Journal of the Bihar & Orissa Research Society, vol. 14 (1928), pp. 322-325.

KHYI KHYON — See 352 740.10. Kvaerne, Mongols 87.

KHYI KHYON — See (— —) Dar ma ra tsa. (— —) Sing nga ra tsa.

Tsang kun KHYI MGO MIG SMAN — An earth lord, sa bdag. Vai.Kar. II 270. The name means 'dog head eye medicine.'

KHYI'I RGYAL PO — See (— — —) Dha hu na.

KHYI'I RGYAL PO SNGA MA — =Ku ku ra dza.

KHYI'I RGYAL PO PHYI MA — Not to be identified w/ (Khyi'i Rgyal po) Dha hu na. 132 120.6.

KHYI DAN — Khitan. 476 I 118.3.

KHYI NA TSUG — =Khyi khyon. Kvaerne, Mongols 87.

Glo KHYI RNA RGYAL PO — Stein, Recherches 46.

Lce KHYI 'BRUG — Known as ancestor of the Lce family. 2 5. 27 9, 32. TPS 565 ff. 17 II 331.5. (fl. 798‑815) TS5 835.

Rngegs KHYI MA RE — N. of a person. OTA 684. The reading Rngegs is uncertain, although we do find it as a clan with its own territory elsewhere in Old Tibetan documents.

KHYI MO CAN ZHABS — See Ku ku ri pa.

KHYI TSHOG CHOS SKYABS — 115 37.2, 39.1 ff.

KHYI RA PA — 'Huntsman'. Acc. to Das 160, =Ki ra ta (q.v.).

KHYI RA RAS PA — Disc. of Milarepa. 4c 10.4. 17 II 511. Very short bio. in 57 IIB 352.5. Story in 4 123B.5 ff. Also called Mgon po rdo rje. 4A 5B.5.

KHYI RONG — A misspelling for Skyid grong in 79 81 no. 45.

KHYI SHO NO — Khotanese nunnery. Emmerick.

KHYU MCHOG RGYAL MTSHAN — N. of Dbang phyug. Das 909.


KHYUNG — An important Bonpo hereditary lineage. For connected monasteries & temples, see 253 II 607.1 ff. Four branches listed (w/ their origins) in 471 94.3 ff. See Khyung po.

KHYUNG — See (—) Rin chen grags. (—) Lha gra 'dul.

'Bro KHYUNG — Jackson in Prats, Pandita 104.

KHYUNG DKAR — BA 684. 686. Fletcher "Chungkar." See Jamyang Norbu's book, Mandala of Sherlock Holmes, p. 242.

KHYUNG DKAR — See (— —) Bstan 'dzin rin chen bde chen snying po.

KHYUNG DKAR BA — See (— — —) Bstan pa rgyal mtshan. (— — —) Bstan pa lhun grub.

KHYUNG DKAR TSHANG — See 253 II 481.4.


KHYUNG DKAR RIG 'DZIN SMIN GROL GLING — A small temple in Khyung po village N of Reb kong. Mori in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 514.


Rdo rje KHYUNG KHRA BO — Tantra. 374 II 15 ff. See Ye shes khyung khra.

KHYUNG GRAGS — A person of Lho brag. Gter ma in 319 IV 159‑190. 320 I 628.7. Rnying Rgyud 1982 VII 961‑999.

KHYUNG GRAGS RDO RJE — Alias O rgyan phun tshogs. 410 167A.5. 239 XXX 47.5.

Dbyil ston He ru ka KHYUNG RGOD RTSAL — Also, Dbyil ston Dpon gsas Khyung rgod rtsal. Born in 1175 acc. to Kvaerne 231 (104). In Bonpo lineage. 206 587.3. Bio. in SFHB 245‑275. Commonly identified w/ Rgod ldem, q.v. Often known as Dbyil ston He ru ka. Rediscoveries found in 249 and 258 III 313‑361; 260449‑467; 261 337‑340, 348‑350, 373‑380, 525‑541; 263 151‑167. 253 II 217.1, 221.4 ff, 233.2, 386.4. Karmay, Treasury 173‑174. Phur pa redisc. in 269 597‑607. 274 I 197‑199. 276 preface. 278. Redisc. in 278239‑359, etc. 280. Son of (Dbyil ston) Rdo rje seng ge. Redisc. in 285. Work in 286 I 69‑185, 187‑97; II 135‑147, 181‑199, 493‑520. Redisc. in 283. Terma in 292 I 501‑509. 301 I 565‑643. 301 II 89‑145, 637‑647. 302 I 119‑127, 147‑164, etc. 313. 316. Redisc. in 325. See under Khyung thog. Acc. to BMBM 120, his treasures were opened in an Earth Horse year, which must be 1198. For a testimony that Rgod ldem is his reincarnation, see Ramble in RET 15 (2008) 490.

KHYUNG RGOD TSHOG — Sub-clan of Khyung po. 23 29.

Bru ston KHYUNG RGYAL — 253 II 191.2, 586.2.

KHYUNG SGOM — A monastery in vicinity of Gnyan chen thang la mentioned in 'Jig rten mgon po's biography.

KHYUNG CHEN — See (— —) Yon tan rin chen.

Byang sems KHYUNG CHEN GYI RGYUD — In 10 chaps., contained in 320 I 475‑495.

KHYUNG CHEN LDING BA — Text in 319 II 357‑70, IV 259‑262. 320 I 419‑423.

Ri bo KHYUNG CHEN LDING BA — 210 217.3.


KHYUNG STON — See (— —) Grub pa rdo rje.

Spa Bon KHYUNG THOG — 253 II 230.1.

Dbon sras KHYUNG THOG — Also, Dpon gsas. Gter ma in 87 XXXI. Said to be the Chos form of the name of Khyung rgod rtsal. 383 412.6. 410 50A.6, 157A.4.

KHYUNG THOG RTSAL — See Khyung rgod rtsal.

KHYUNG DRAG RDO RJE — Terton. 11th rab byung. 383 221.2. Penor Rinpoche recognized Steven Seagal as a reincarnation of this person (a website spells his name Khyung brag rdo rje, which is likely incorrect). Centuries divide their births.

KHYUNG BDUD — Guardian of the Ha valley. Aris in BSOAS 39 (1976) 605.

Has kyi KHYUNG 'DUS — In Bhutan? 5 164.1.

KHYUNG NAG — A deity. SBTD I 232. N. of a Bon monastery in S Tibet. JTL&CT 128. Khyung nag Chos 'byung, by Shar 'bum chung ba Dpal ldan grags pa, listed in BLP no. 0196.

Bon zhig KHYUNG NAG — (1103‑1183) See 244. Bio. in 244 367‑385. 253 II 232.4. Kvaerne no. 91. 253 II 394.5 ff. Snyan rgyud Rig pa Gcer mthong, pub. 1972.

KHYUNG NAG — See (— —) Rgyal ba bstan 'dzin. (— —) Shāk dar.

Chab mdo KHYUNG NAG RTOGS LDAN — 253 II 624.3.


KHYUNG NAG ME'I SPU GRI — Sādhana in FM 318.04 (p. 25v, ff), a work of Blo bzang zhi ba.


Sgra bla KHYUNG NAG RAL CHEN — Nine Ways 59, 109.

KHYUNG PO — A clan (rus). For its history see 23 28‑29. Ruled over Gtsang smad. 28 80. Karmay, Treasury. Gdung rabs in 253 II 309.2 ff. Sha ra Rab 'byams belonged to it. 116 453.5. "Mdo stod kyi yul zhig." Dagyab. The clan (rus) of Milarepa. 4C 17.9. 4A 9A.1. BA 550.

KHYUNG PO — See (— —) Klu mgon. (— —) Bkra shis rgyal mtshan. (— —) Gyer zla med. (— —) Grags bzang. (— —) Grags se. (— —) 'Chal chen. (— —) Stag sgra dun gtsug. (— —) Snang chen grags pa. (— —) Dpal dge. (— —) Spungs sad zu tse. (— —) Bu yal. (— —) Bon zhig. (— —) Blo gros rgyal mtshan. (— —) Dbyig 'od. (— —) Tshul khrims mgon po. (— —) Tshul khrims mthar phyin. (— —) Yid bzhin rgyal ba. (— —) Legs mgon. (— —) Legs blo. (— —) Seng ge rgyal mtshan. (— —) A ba ldong.

KHYUNG PO DKAR PO — Ancestor of Ku tang people. TS7 I 141.


KHYUNG PO DGE BSHES — See (— —) Karma 'od zer.

KHYUNG PO JO SRAS — Ancestor of Milarepa. 4A 9B.4 ff.

KHYUNG PO STENG CHEN — Capital of Khyung po district. Ferrari 122. Stein, Recherches 131. Acc. to Thar in TS9 IV 168, it is a Bon mon. in Steng chen county in Amdo. It shouldn't be confused with the Bon mon. called Steng chen in Rdza khog, associated with Shar rdza. According to Gyurme Dorje's Tibet Handbook, it is also called Rnam dag Padma Klong yangs, and was founded by Shes rab rgyal mtshan & Smon lam Rgyal mtshan in 1110. Other sources say it was founded in 1061 and had the fuller name G.yung drung bstan rgyas gling.

Grub thob KHYUNG PO RNAL 'BYOR — Also has the epithet Mkhas grub, and is sometimes called Brtson 'grus mgon. Of Snye mo Ra mangs. B. in a Tiger year. (978‑1079) Dhongthog 32. (1002‑1064) 11 3. Originally b. a Bonpo, but converted to Rdzogs chen. Founded 'Chad dkar of 'Phan yul 'Jog po. Introduced Ni gu Chos drug into Tibet. F. Zhong zhong (where he died) and '108' monasteries in the Shangs Valley. (b. 990) TPS 91. See Wylie 141 n. 239. Short work in 129 II 1‑2. Called Brtson 'grus mgon in 128 1044 (picture). 484 II 546.4 ff. Bio. in 53 I 417‑465; 17 II 427. BA 728. Ferrari 159. 28 15. 29. TPS 91, 586. 12 IX 90.1 ff. Acc. to Dung dkar, he founded Gzhong gzhong Mon. in 1121. His six main disciples were 1. Rme'u ston. 2. G.yor po Rgya mo che. 3. Rngul ston Rin dbang. 4. La stod pa Dkon mchog mkhar. 5. Zhang sgom Chos seng. 6. Rmog lcog pa Rin chen brtson 'grus. Also, Nye gnas Rin chen rdo rje. 29. Also, BA 733. 17 II 429. He is given the dates 990‑1139 in Mtshan tho no. 17, where it adds that he lived 150 years and had 150 teachers. Bio. listed in Drepung Catalog 1512.

KHYUNG PO PA — Refers to the Rgya sde tribes. Rock, Nāga Cult I 199.

KHYUNG PO PUN ZUNG TSE — See under Spung sad zu tse.

KHYUNG PO DPAL — (11th cent.) BD of T&TB III 238.

KHYUNG PO'I BON DGON — A Bon mon. in Kong po restored by Dalai Lama V. Depiction in Po ta la(1996) 132‑3.

KHYUNG PO RA SANGS RJE — Minister of Zhang zhung under Lig snya shur. 28 106.


KHYUNG PO RAS PA — Havnevik, Dissert. 213.

KHYUNG PO RAS PA — (— — — —) 'Gyur med 'od gsal.

KHYUNG PO LHAS BA — Picture in 128 294, 344. See (— —) (— —) Gzhon nu bsod nams.

KHYUNG SPRUL — See (— —) 'Jigs med nam mkha'i rdo rje.

KHYUNG BYID — See (— —) Mu thur.

KHYUNG BYID ZA — See (— — —) Byang chub sgron.

KHYUNG BLA — See (— —) Tshul khrims nyi ma.

KHYUNG DBANG WANG — Aka Khyung wang. TVS 155.

KHYUNG 'BAR RDO RJE+ See O rgyan khyung 'bar rdo rje+.

Mgyar KHYUNG 'BUM — See Lazcano in RET 7 (2005) 44. Ruled Spo yul during the 2nd half of 14th century.


KHYUNG MO — Bon mon. in northern A mdo, f. in 14th cent. by Sog btsun Ye shes rgyal mtshan. Thar in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 419, 423.

KHYUNG MO SBUG — Bon mon. 253 II 567.3.

KHYUNG DMAR — Bon texts in 260.

KHYUNG BTSUN — See (— —) Blo gros rgyal mtshan. (— —) Mu la. (— —) Bsod nams rgyal mtshan.

Gter srung KHYUNG BTSUN MA — Ritual text in 233 I 413‑418. F. G.yu lung Mon. in 1808. Kvaerne no. 185.

KHYUNG RTSE — See (— —) Kun dga' 'od zer.

KHYUNG RTSE DGON — Mon. in valley of Panam in Gtsang. Das 164.

KHYUNG TSHA ZHABS DRUNG — See (— — — —) Ngag dbang dbang rgyal.

KHYUNG TSHANG — BA 443. Kyung tshang Brag phu. 28 I 361.3. 210 209.5.

KHYUNG TSHANG — See (— —) Ye shes bla ma.

Rtswa phu KHYUNG TSHANG — A holy place in vicinity of Ru thog. Khenrap in TJ 25 no 4 (2000) 44.

KHYUNG TSHANG DGON — F. by (Nang so) Seng ge. Vai.Ser. 239.

Rgyal po KHYUNG TSHANG CAN — See Rgyal ba Khyung tshang can. 73 264.6.

KHYUNG TSHANG PA — See (— — —) Ye shes bla ma.

KHYUNG TSHANG BRAG — BA 443. Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 122.

Ru thog KHYUNG TSHANG BRAG — 253 II 567.6.

Dang ra KHYUNG RDZONG — Pl. where (Gyer mi) Nyi 'od redisc. work in 246. Also, tantras in 258 I 233‑603, VI 562‑666. 253 II 208.5 ff. F. in 1108. Kvaerne no. 92. Bellezza, Divine Dyads 384 ff. Photo in Baumer, Tibet's Ancient Religion Bön 70. For ref. to a dkar chag by Snang zhig 'Dul ba rgyal mtshan, seeZZFC 236, etc.

Rgyal po'i Pho brang KHYUNG RDZONG DKAR PO — In colophon to Mi la'i Mgur 'bum. FM 206. Called Rdzong dkar in 116 284.1, 302.7. TS7 II 1029. In Mang yul. =Rdzong dkar. DTK5 102. Everding in TS9 I 113. Dung dkar 186.

KHYUNG RDZONG DKAR MO — In Mnga' ris. Where blocks of 51 were carved.

KHYUNG RDZONG BLA MA — A teacher of Khyung sprul. 306 chap. 9.

KHYUNG ZHIG — See (— —) Tshul khrims 'od zer.

KHYUNG ZA — See (— —) Mtsho rgyal.

KHYUNG YER DKAR PO — Bonpo. 253 II 142.3.

KHYUNG RAM — See (— —) Rdo rje rgyal po.


Gsas khang KHYUNG RUM G.YU RTSE — 352 787.11.

KHYUNG LUNG — Or, Khyung lung Dngul mkhar. In upper Sutlej valley, described as place of Bon pilgrimage. T.H. 103. Capital of Zhang zhung. Stein 35. Description in Tucci, Santi e briganti. Uray, Narrative 44, with long discussion.

KHYUNG LUNG — See (— —) Gur rgyam.

KHYUNG LUNG — A Bon mon. in Rgyal rong. Thar in TS9 IV 158.

KHYUNG LUNG DNGUL DKAR — Holy pl. of Bonpo. 28 29, 74, 107. Tucci, Santi e briganti 130‑137. Former seat of the Lig dynasty in Zhang zhung. For the stay of Khyung sprul, see 306 chap. 10. Khyung sprul also built a mon. there. 306 chap. 12. 253 II 582.2.

KHYUNG LUNG DPAL RGYAS THUGS BSTAN MDO SNGAGS GRAGS RGYAS GLING — Mon. f. by Khyung sprul 'Jigs med nam mkha' in Fire Mouse year (1936). 253 II 620.3 ff.

KHYUNG LUNG RAS PA — See (— — — —) Dam tshig rdo rje.

KHYUNG SER BA SGOM CHEN — (— — — — —) Smon bstan.

Phyag rdor KHYUNG GSANG BA YANG KHOL — Text in 87 XXXXV.

Mtsho Bon KHYUNG GSAS — Bonpo terton. Bio. in 253 II 214.5 ff.

KHYUNG GSER BA — See (— —) Smon lam bstan pa.

KHYUNG LHAS PA — One of the three "most eminent discs." of Bu ston (1290‑1364). 27 11. He composed the bio. of Bu ston listed in BLP no. 1412.

KHYE — Clan (gdung rigs) of Ma cig Lab sgron. 63 I 12A.

Mtshan ldan KHYE'U CHUNG BZHI — Berounsky, Lapsed 199.

KHYE'U CHUNG LO TSĀ — Disc. of Padmasambhava. Picture in 128 630.

Gzhan gyi gnod pas ji brdzi KHYE'U GNYIS — In Jātakas. Picture in 128 736.

Lho KHYE TOR TSHAL — 253 II 568.2.

KHYE STUG — P.n. Coblin in TH&L 70.

Jo lcam KHYE 'DREN — Mother of Rgod ldem. 370 preface.

Lo ro'i KHYE LAB — Seems to be a pl.n. Note that it is comprised of the 'family names' of Ma cig Lab sgron. 53 II 339.5.

KHYER SKAD — One of the "Mnyes pa'i bu chen bzhi" disciples of Mar pa. =Khe gad, q.v. 57 II B 347.5.

KHYER GRUB — Pl.n. A town in eastern Dwags po. Cuevas, Hidden History 93.

KHRA — N. of a Tibetan tribe. Das 166. Shar Mon Klo Kha khra. 5 339.3. 124 467.4.

KHRA DGON — 346 48.3.

KHRA MGO CHU MIG — See Hazod in TS9 I 38.

KHRA 'GU DGON — See 346 74.5, 92.2, 109.4, 111.6.

KHRA 'GU MA — Jackson, Patron 3.

KHRA 'GU'I RI KHROD — Place of composition of a work by Mi pham, requested by Rig 'dzin A tshang. See Filibeck, Catalog II 71, no. 324.36.

KHRA 'GU RIN PO CHE IX — (b. 1933) See "Thrangu Rinpoche" at Rigpawiki or elsewhere on internet.

KHRA 'GYES MA — A mon. Jackson, Patron 16.

KHRA RGAN — In Ge sar epic. 232 I 15. See (— —) Bkra shis rgyal mtshan.

Mdo smad KHRA RGAN NYI PHUG — A Sgrub sde of Zhu lineage. F. ca. 1446. 253 II 599.5 ff, 632.3. Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 455, 465. F. in 15th cent. by Khra chag med Bkra shis rgyal mtshan.

KHRA CHAG MED — See (— — —) Bkra shis rgyal mtshan.

Zhang zhung KHRA SNYA STAG SGRO — 248 20.4.

KHRA THUL — See (— —) Bkra shis rgyal mtshan.



KHRA SNA — BA 990. OTA 691. Brandon Dotson, 'Emperor' Mu rug btsan and the 'Phang thang ma Catalogue, Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies, no. 3 (December 2007), pp. 1-25, at p. 13.

KHRA SNA KE RU — N. of pl. in Tibet near 'On. Das 166.

KHRA PHU — BA 284. Founded by Stabs ka ba. Roesler, KSP 52. Cuevas, Travels 158 n. 2. May be misspelled Phra phu.

KHRA BO LA — See Grang so Khra bo La.

'Jang KHRA 'BO DGON — 346 114.4. 415 XI 120.1, 134.3. Perhaps a var. spelling for Khra 'gu?

KHRA 'BRUG — "Tandub." One of five great oracles of Tibet. 41 I 8. Mon. built by Srong brtsan sgam po to push down left shoulder of demoness. Buston 184. Das 1130B. Five miles S of Sne'u gdong. Das JTL&CT 302. BA 40, 319, 642, 656, 890. Tucci, Lhasa 136. Tucci, Tombs 70‑71. Nebesky 148, 153. Ferrari124. =Phra 'brug in 27 131. 17 II 318.1. 87 I 136.1. 4 278B.6. 463 I 64.2. The title of a guidebook by Tshul khrims chos 'byor is listed in Tucci, Tombs 84 n. 130. Its founding is dated to 639. CFMS 36. A "Khra 'brug Dkar chag" is listed in BLP no. 0198.

G.yo ru KHRA 'BRUG BYAMS PA MI 'GYUR BA'I LHA KHANG — ...zhes Chos rgyal Srong btsan sgam po'i dus bzhengs pa mtha' 'dul gyi lha khang khyad par can. BD of T&TB III 787. See Hazod in TS9 I 27 ff.

KHRA MO SGAL — Kuijp in Lungta 14 (2001) 68.

KHRA MO BRAG — Not located. Ferrari 122. In Dwags po region. Prob. =Khra 'brug (q.v.). 210 35.4. See Mon Mkha' brag mtha' khra mo (?).


KHRA TSHA — ? In title of text in 261 521‑4.

KHRA TSHA — See (— —) A brag.

Gza' rgod KHRA TSHA — See 292 II 59.1 ff.

KHRA TSHANG — See (— —) 'Brug bla.

KHRA TSHANG PA — 210 23.5. Vai.Ser. 303. Khra tshang pa'i Rnam thar, listed in BLP no. 0199.

KHRA TSHANG PA — See (— — —) Blo gros mchog.


KHRA RIG DGON — 346 103.2.

Ra shul KHRA RUG DGON — Khra rug Bla ma. 346 98.2.

Gsar mda' KHRA LUNG — BA 1042.

KHRA LEGS — See (— —) Kun khyab nyi ma. (— —) Nyi ma 'gyur med.

KHRA LEGS SKYABS MGON RIN PO CHE — (b. 1955) A contemporary Bka' brgyud teacher. A brief bio. sketch at Rigpawiki on internet under "Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche."

KHRA LEGS MKHAN PO — See (— — — —) Bstan 'dzin 'od zer.

KHRA LEGS SPRUL SKU — 346 74.6. 415 XI 105.6.

Bla ma KHRA LO PA — 24 I 372.5.

KHRA ZHU — Pl.n. 354 24.5. A valley containing the town of Sog sde Bon dgon. Ramble in RET 15 (2008) 483.

Mgo log Dmag dpon KHRA SHUS LI NGAN — 440 310.6.

KHRA SHOD — See (— —) Spom brag. (— —) Sbom rag sna.

'Byams pa KHRAG MGO — 489 594.3.

Byang gter gyi 'Gong po KHRAG LCE DMAR PO — 208 I 244.4.


KHRAG 'THUNG RGYAL PO — Secret n. of Gtsang smyon He ru ka which he received from his tutelaries (hence his name He ru ka, Sanskritic equiv. of Khrag 'thung). 20 9.

KHRAG 'THUNG BDUD 'JOMS GLING PA — A bio. by Padma lung rtogs rgya mtsho, or Blo bzang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan, listed in BLP no. 0200.

Rje drung Rin po che KHRAG 'THUNG BDUD 'JOMS NAM MKHA'I RDO RJE — See ='Phrin las byams pa 'byung gnas.


KHRAG 'THUNG RDO RJE — =Si la dhwa dza. See reprint entitled Two 'Das Log Manuscripts from the Library of Lhakhang Lama (Delhi 1978), which contains bios. of Chos kyi dbang phyug and Karma dbang 'dzin.

Rgya gar KHRAG 'THUNG NAG PO — Indian teacher of Gnubs chen. 87 XXVI 344.3. Disc. of Padmasambhava. 413 124.2.

KHRAG 'THUNG DPA' BO — See (— — — —) 'Jigs med rdo rje.

KHRAG 'THUNG MA — 17 IV 449.6.


'Go log Gter bton KHRAG 'THUNG LAS KYI RDO RJE — 420 I 657.4.

KHRAG 'BAB — Epithet of Gtsang po river. Das 418.

KHRANG KHRU — See BLP no. 0495 for a story or history listing.

KHRAB — BA 177.

KHRAB 'BUM BYE MUN LA 'BAR — Bellezza, L&T 92.

KHRAB LA KHA — BA 82, 93, 284.

KHRAM SHING — Or, Khram kha'i shing. Equiv. to the 3k'o 1byu of the Nakhi. Rock, Nāga Cult I 176. See "Talley stick" in index to Beyer. 320 XXX 161.1 etc.

KHRI KAR — Pl. in Amdo? 253 II 639.5.

KHRI SKOR — Myriarchy. For a list of the thirteen myriarchies, see Sumpa, Annals 38. 27 5. 28 71 ff. Vitali in TS9 I 102 (where the division takes place in the last half of the 13th century, but before 1279; here the divisions are different!). See Wylie 129. TPS 251 no. 36, 628. IT IV 84 ff. These divisions came into being in 1268. ISTS 293.

Dbus: 1) Rgya ma. 2 'Bri gung. 3) Tshal pa. 4) Thang po che. 5) Phag gru. 6) G.ya' bzang.

Gtsang: 1) Lho of La stod. 2) Byang of La stod. 3) Gur mo. 4) Chu mig. 5) Shangs. 6) Zha lu. Also, Yar 'brog.


'U ru KHRI SKYABS — From Yar 'brog. Blondeau 91.

Rgyal bu KHRI SKYONG DON BZANG — 352 463.12.

KHRI KHA — =Ch'i ko. Sometimes spelled Khri ga, Khri ka. Petech (1983) 178. In the 9th century, there was a monastery there headed by Spug Ye shes dbyangs. See Heller, Tibetan Art 53. Heller in TJ 27 no 1/2 (2002) 38.

Cog ro KHRI KHA — Pl.n. Located on the Rma chu. See Elliot Sperling, "Further Remarks Apropos of the 'Ba' rom pa and the Tanguts," Acta Orientalia Hungarica, vol. 57, no. 1 (2004), pp. 1‑26, at p. 17.

Rgya ma KHRI KHANG — "Tigang." S of Skyid chu, a region just E of Dga' ldan. See Ferrari 109.

KHRI KHUG RGYAL PO — N. of "Bon creator God." Tucci, Religions 215.

Rgyal po KHRI KHRI — The king Kṛkin, who was patron of the Buddha Kāśyapa. BA 17, 26. A famous statue in the Jo khang. JTL&CT 157. Wylie 80, 154 no. 365. I think Kri kri (even sometimes Tri tri), is a more common way to spell it. Kri ki, which is the most correct form, does occur.

KHRI GA — See also Khri kar? See Khri kha. TS7 I 394.

KHRI GA SHING YONG — I think it's a descriptive name of a famous image in Khri ga, but see Matthew Kapstein, The Strange Death of Pema the Demon Tamer, in M.K., ed., The Presence of Light (Chicago 2004), pp. 119-156, at p. 138.

KHRI 'GA' — See Khri kha.

KHRI RGAN TSHANG — N. of Ngag dbang bkra shis.

KHRI RGYA NAG PA — N. of La mo Khri chen (q.v.).

Be hu KHRI RGYAL — A scion of the Se chen Hor lineage. Work in 286 II 285‑288. 346 126.4. 253 II 625.3.

KHRI RGYAL KHUG PA — The beneficent power (phan byed) emerging from the white egg of Bon cosmogony, also called Snang ba 'od ldan or 'Od zer ldan. See 83C 201. Kvaerne 219.

Zhang Sna nam KHRI SGRA RGYAL — Interior minister (nang blon). Dotson, Note 85.

KHRI BCU BDE CHEN DGON — Large mon. (1400 inmates) in Mdo smad.

KHRI BCU BSAM GTAN GLING — Large mon. (1800 inmates) in Mdo smad.

Dbus mong bza' KHRI LCAM — Mother of Gung ri gung btsan. Image illus. in Po ta la (1996) 60.

Zhabs drung KHRI LCAM RIN PO CHE — 458 I 271.6, 281.6.

Mnga' bdag KHRI CHUNG — Lde'u2 154.

KHRI CHEN — A title applied especially to the hierarchs of Sa skya, but also to others. See 84 230.

KHRI CHEN SPRUL SKU — See (— — — —) Blo bzang bstan pa'i nyi ma.

KHRI CHEN RIN PO CHE — He was a member of the Zhu family, active in late 1800's, who went to Gro mo to look after the Pad mo sgang Mon. Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 465.

'Bri KHRI 'JAM GUNG STON — Dotson, D&L 48.

KHRI RJE LUNG BSTAN MDO — Bon sūtra. 491 1‑84.

KHRI SNYA — With variant readings Khri gnya', etc. A Bon po of Sum pa. ZZFC 219, 220.


KHRI SNYAN — Son of G.yu thog pa who, like his father, was a physician. Das 170.

KHRI TA — Sometimes spelled Khri te or Khrig pa. An area in Mnga' ris Skor Gsum divided into Upper and Lower. Perhaps the Ki li to of Hsüan-tsang, may be identified w/ Kirāta. 28 73, 109. See discussion in Kun Chang's article 'On Zhang zhung', p. 152.

KHRI TANG PA — See (— — —) Ye shes dpal.

KHRI TE — =Khri ta (q.v.).

Klungs shod KHRI LTAG DGON — Vai.Ser. 145.

KHRI STAG BU — Mentioned in a fragmentary Dunhuang text. See ZZFC 223.

KHRI STENG DGON — Mon. in Mdo smad w/ about 1500 inmates.

KHRI STONG An abbreviation compounding khri skor with stong skor administrative divisions. Vitali in TS9 I 102.

'Gos kyi Mkhas pa KHRI STONG RGYAL PO — 253 II 377.3.

KHRI BRTAN — Country E of Tibet. 473 14. Khitan.

Rgyal bu KHRI BRTAN — 352 581.6.

KHRI BRTAN NOR GLING — Ri rgyal Dgon Khri brtan Nor gling gi Lo rgyus, a ms. used by Dhondup in his article in New Horizons in Bon Studies.

KHRI THA — =Khri 'thang, Khri ta and Khri te [?]. 28 83.

KHRI THANG 'BYAMS PA'I GLING — Kvaerne, Mongols 98.

Se dkar Ston pa KHRI THUNG — 253 II 232.3.

KHRI THO CHEN PO — Discussed in Karmay, Arrow 249. He married a gnyan woman and they had three sons called Ldong, Dbra and 'Gru. He married a dmu woman and had a son Dmu tsha sga. He married a srin woman and had 2 sons: Dbal and Lda. Prins in ZAS XXXVI (2007) 196.

KHRI THOG — Khri Rin po che. Title of Rector or Abbot of Dga' ldan who is chosen (not hereditary or incarnated). Kept chair for 7 years. Ferrari 117. Bell, Religion 184. Waddell 268.

KHRI 'THANG — =Khri tha, etc. Listed as one of the Rgod stong Sde of Ru lag. 28 83.

KHRI DWAGS PO PA — See (— — — —) Bskal bzang yon tan lhun grub.

KHRI DE YAG PA — The spelling Spu de yag pa also occurs. Hazod in Steinkellner Festschrift 268.

KHRI GDUGS SMYON PA — Kuijp in Lungta 14 (2001) 60, where it is something Shākya rin chen was called.

KHRI BDUN — The 'Seven Thrones.' The 1st 7 legendary kings of Tibet.

Gnon KHRI BDUN G.YU SBYIN — He was one of the seven skilful men in the time of Emperor 'Dus srong. Ahmad, Fifth 47.

KHRI 'DU — A county. TS7 I 478. Jackson in Lungta 14 (2001) 98.

KHRI 'DU SKAL BZANG DGON PA — Vitali in Lungta 14 (2001) 40. Jackson in Lungta 14 (2001) 97.

KHRI 'DU SRONG BRTSAN — (676‑704) King after Mang slong mang brtsan & before Mes 'ag tshoms. OTA 676, 677, 685.

Gshen KHRI 'DUL KUN SKYONGS — Work in 313 I 1‑9.


KHRI 'DU DGON — 253 II 632.4.



KHRI LDE — N. of Yum brtan, born to queen of Glang dar ma, but of doubtful legitimacy. See the interesting discussion in Vitali, Tho.ling 75.

Lha btsun KHRI LDE — A disciple of Pha dam pa, one of royal blood, mentioned in the Zhi byed Coll.

KHRI LDE MGON — Son of Yum brtan. DTK5 75.


KHRI LDE GTSUG BRTAN — Son of 'Du srong, & builder of fortress of Lhasa, the Phu gnam sral of "Chim" and the Dar 'phur mkhar ltag, etc. Buston 186. 740‑802 are the (surely mistaken) dates given in Dhongthog 32. Khri lde gtsug bstan. 17 II 319.3 (here certainly =Mes 'ag tshom).

KHRI LDE GTSUG BRTSAN MES 'AG TSHOMS — (704‑755) King after Khri 'du srong brtsan. Ruegg 304. Dunhuang texts only know the spelling Khri lde gtsug brtsan; they do not know of the sobriquet Mes ag tshoms.

Mi bon KHRI LDE ZAM BU — P.n. 206 541.4. 248 21.5.

KHRI LDE SRONG BTSAN — N. of Srong btsan sgam po in 17 II 316.4. N. of Ral pa can in 17 II 330.3. But it really must be the name of Sad na legs!

KHRI LDE SRONG BRTSAN SAD NA LEGS — =Khri lde btsan po. (re. 799‑815) Puppet king for elder brother Mu rug btsan po. See Buston 196. Karmay, Arrow 59 ff, gives him the dates 776‑circa 815.

KHRI LDEM — Khri ldem Lcags kyi bya ru can. ZZFC 249, 250.

KHRI NE KHOD — Uray, Narrative 38. Khyung po Ra sang Khri ne khod. See under Khrin ne khod.

Kha che KHRI GNAD — ? 347 89, picture caption. I imagine Kha che Khri brtan (i.e., Grib brtan) must have been intended.

KHRI PA — Younger son of Rdo rje 'bar. DTK5 75. Emperor of Samye, he is mentioned in a colophon in vol. DU of the Derge Tanjur: rigs sngags kyi rgyal mo rma bya chen mo'i mdo'i 'bum 'grel | gsang sngags chen mo rjes su 'dzin pa'i mdo'i 'bum 'grel | rig sngags kyi rgyal mo chen mo bsil ba'i tshal gyi mdo'i 'bum 'grel zhes bya ba rnams slob dpon mkhas pa chen po las kyi rdo rjes mdzad pa | pandi ta mkhas par grags pa mi mnyam rdo rje'i sras skye ba lnga brgyar sbyangs pa'i 'bras bu lnga rig la ma rmongs shing gsang sngags gdams pa thugs la mnga' ba'i mtshan don yod rdo rjer grags pas bod yul du byon nas | 'dzam gling byang phyogs kyi brag dmar dpal bsam yas su rgyal po khri pa'i gdung brgyud kyi sras lha gcig lha lcam dar sgron gyi pho brang rdo lung dgon par rang 'gyur du mdzad pa rnams bzhugs so.

Rje KHRI PA — An apparent royal blood mentioned in Zhi byed Coll.

Bkra shis 'khyil KHRI PA SDE PA ZHABS DRUNG — See (— — —) (— — — — — —) 'Jigs med lung rigs rgya mtsho.

Zhang zhung KHRI 'PHAN — Bonpo. 206 541.5.

KHRI BOMS — Pl.n.? OTA 684.

KHRI BYANG — See (— — I) Byang chub chos 'phel (1756‑1838). (— — II) Blo bzang tshul khrims dpal ldan (1839‑1900). (— — III) Blo bzang ye shes bstan 'dzin rgya mtsho (1901‑?).

KHRI BYANG BLA BRANG — Printery. 162 238.

KHRI DBANG PHYUG BTSAN — Elder son of Rdo rje 'bar. DTK5 75.

Stag tsha KHRI 'BAR — Vitali in Lungta 14 (2001) 14. Ruled at beginning of 13th cent. in Purang. Vitali, Kingdoms 379. Heller, Hidden 25.

Zhang zhung Mkhan po KHRI 'BAR GTSUG PHUD — 253 II 566.6.

Sog ston KHRI 'BAR TSHUL KHRIMS — Kvaerne no. 57.

Blon chen KHRI 'BRING LHA LOD — KTDN 164.4.

KHRI 'BRING BTSAN BRONG — (Blon) Khri 'bring. OTA 673, 685, 680, 686‑690, 693, 695, 696, 698. Appointed Blon chen on the death of his brother Btsan snya.


KHRI MA LOD — Grandmother of Mes 'ag tshoms. Member of 'Bro clan who ruled in his minority. T.H.43. Scherrer–Schaub in JIABS 25 (2002) 273, 298.

KHRI MEN LCAGS KYI BYA RU CAN — 283 97‑108. Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies456. Khri man or Khri men. ZZFC 251.

Btsan mo KHRI MO STENGS — OTA 688.

Btsan mo KHRI MO LAN — OTA 675.


KHRI SMIN 'KHOR LO DGON — Bon mon. in Amdo w/ 200 monks. 253 II 636.5.

KHRI SMON — 23 33.

KHRI SMON — See (— —) Bsod nams nor bu.

Bka' blon KHRI SMON — See Lazcano in RET 7 (2005) 58. Tibetan governor in Khams in early 20th century.

KHRI SMON RGYAL BZHED — Palace. Kvaerne 223.

KHRI SMON ZHABS PAD — ISTS xvi. Goldstein, History 164.

KHRI GTSUG — N. of Gnubs chen. 320 XXII 82.5.

KHRI GTSUG RGYAL BA'I GSUNG RAB RMA MED NYI MA 'BUM SHAR — Colophon title of Bon Prajñāpāramitā text in 100,000 verses. FM 339.



KHRI BTSUN — Nepalese Queen (Bal bza') of Srong btsan sgam po. 17 II 317.5. Image illus. in Po ta la(1996) 60 & in Precious Deposits I 76‑7.

Dpal bza' KHRI BTSUN — Wife of Dri gum, later chronicles call her Klu btsan Mer lcam. Hazod in Steinkellner Festschrift 263.

Zhang 'Bro KHRI BRTSAN SGRA MGON PO RGYAL — In Old Tibetan Avalokiteśvara dedication inscription found in Gangs ljongs Rig gnas, 2nd issue of 1994 (general series no. 22), pp. 4‑5. Precious Deposits I 172‑3. In the first part of the inscription the name occurs in this form: seng ge zhang chen po 'bro khri brtsan sgra // mgon po rgyal...

KHRI BRTSIGS 'BUM GDUGS — TS5 661. Khri brtsigs 'bum gzugs. CFMS 13.

KHRI TSHO MKHAN PO — See (— — — —) Blo gros bzang po.


KHRI TSHOGS — =Tiktse Mon. in Ladakh. Khri tshogs tshul khrims rnam par dag pa'i gling+ by Blo bzang bzod pa (pub. 1979). 455. See Khrig rtse.

KHRI WER LA RJE — A Zhang zhung king. Tucci, Religions 237. Full name is Khri wer la rje gu lang, the Gser gyi Bya ru can. ZZFC 251.

KHRI BZHI NAM TING — 352 621.8.

KHRI BZHUR 'OD LDEM — A royal woman of Zhang zhung who was abducted by an invading Stag gzig army, according to the story behind Ge khod rites. ZZFC 256, 257.

KHRI BZHER — Or, Khri sher. See (— —) Shang shi.

'Bon Da rgyal KHRI ZUNG — Also, Dbon Da rgyal Khri zung. A 'lord' of the Tu-yu-hun ('A zha), a vassal of the Tibetan state. Died in 694. OTA 675, 687, 690, 694.

KHRI ZUR — See (Zhang) (Khri zur) Ram shags.

Sba KHRI GZIGS — Kuijp, Some Remarks 171, 172. Perhaps same as Bya Khri gzigs.

Dbal gyi Mkhas pa KHRI GZUNG STONG LOD — 253 II 377.2.

'Gos KHRI BZANG — Karmay, Arrow 370.

'Bro Zhang KHRI BZANG KHA CE STONG — Dotson, Note 83.

Rwa KHRI BZANG 'BAR — Also, Rwa Khri bzang. In Mngon pa Kun Btus transmission. BA 345. 17 II 346.2.


KHRI BZANG YAB LHAG — Minister. 87 I 89.4, 157.4. Called Khri bzang yab lha in KTDN 164.4. Vitali in TS9 I 83. Dotson, Note 80. He would have served between 763 and ca. 775 CE.

KHRI BZANG LHA LOD — Minister. 87 I 89.4.

KHRI 'OD KHYUNG RTSE — 253 II 573.2, 583.3.

KHRI 'OD ZUR THANG — 253 II 568.1.

KHRI 'OD RU THANG — 253 II 573.2, 583.3.


Mgon po KHRI RAL CAN — KTDN B XI 51B.2.

Rgyal bu KHRI SHANG — 352 316.21. Karmay, Arrow 370.

Rgyal po KHRI SHI DBANG RGYAL — Kvaerne 222. 352 221.15, 754.13.

Khrom KHRI SHOG — Stein, Recherches 195. Combe 168‑169.

KHRI SHOD RGYAL BA — P.n. 206 541.4. Khri sho rgyal ba in 248 22.1.

KHRI SHOD RGYAL MO'I MTSHO — KTDN 123.1. Stein, Recherches 196.

KHRI SHOR 'BUM RDUGS — Or, Khri shong 'bum rdugs. P.T. Denwood & N.F. Howard, Inscriptions at Balukhar and Char Zampa and Archaeological Observations on the Fort of Balukhar and Its Environs, contained in: Tadeusz Skorupski, ed., Indo-Tibetan Studies: Papers in Honour and Appreciation of Professor David L. Snellgrove's Contribution to Indo-Tibetan Studies, The Institute of Buddhist Studies (Tring 1990), pp. 81-88, at p. 85.

KHRI GSHOG RGYAL MO — Terrifying deity of whom the Kokonoor (Mtsho sngon) is the Bla mtsho. Wylie 131 no. 145. I noticed in a book catalog, Mtsho chen Khri gshog Rgyal mo'i Mtsho Bsang dang Gnas yig Gnas bstod Sna tshogs bzhugs so: Rab byung Bcu bdun pa'i Chu mo lug Lo'i Mtsho Skor Dran rten, by Blo bzang bsod nams snyan grags (no publisher, no date, Tibet), in 92 pages.


KHRI SUM RJE — Discussed by Horlemann in TS9 I 53.

KHRI SE — Spelling for Khrig rtse (q.v.) in Wylie 60.

KHRI SOM — Listed as one of the Rgod stong Sde of Ru lag. 28 83.

Bstan gnyis Mgron por 'bod pa KHRI SRONG RJE — In other words, Khri srong lde brtsan. Picture in 128520, 618, 670.

Chos rgyal KHRI SRONG LDE BRTSAN — Also, Khri srong lde'u btsan. (755‑797) Ruegg 304. "Brag dmar Mgrin bzang du 'khrungs / Yab Khri lde gtsug brtan Mes ag tshom / Yum Gyim shong Ong co." Dhongthog 33. (758‑846) BD of T&TB III 46. 83B 279 ff. 83C 197 ff. Pictured in 320 XV 3. Names of his three queens listed in 87 I 34.2. Kvaerne no. 53. His literary works listed in 484 I 397.7. The Dba bzhedevidence would suggest a death date in 802. CFMS 37. The Zangs gling ma places his death in his 69th year. Dung dkar 162. His name after his birth in 742 was Srong lde brtsan, and the element "khri" was obtained upon his enthronement in 756. His death date is probably around 800 CE at around the age of 59. His activities on behalf of Buddhism are the first such activities to be mentioned in the O.T. Chronicles. Schaik, Prayer 194-201.

KHRI SRONG BTSAN — (ca. 620‑649) Early n. for Srong btsan sgam po. OTA 649. A somewhat similar name, Khri slong brtsan, may be an early n. of Gnam ri slong btsan (q.v.).

'Bro Stag snang KHRI GSUM RJE — 332 II preface 3. I guess the name should be rather, 'Bro Khri sum rje Stag snang. Horlemann in TS9 I 53. In Lde'u 264, 'Bro rje Khri gsum rje Rtags snang.

Rgyal po KHRI BSAL RJE — 491 26.3.

KHRIG PA — Misspelling for Khri ta. 28 73.

KHRIG MO — BA 199.

KHRIG RTSE — Dge lugs mon. in La dwags. "Tiktse." Roerich, Trails 30. 14 4, 102, 114‑117. See Khri tshogs. Picture in Nat.Geo. vol. 153 no. 3, p. 343. It has to be the oldest Dge lugs mon. in that region, founded as it was by a spiritual grandson of Tsong kha pa. Thuken 282.

KHRIG TSE DKA' CHEN — See (— — — —) Blo bzang bzod pa.

KHRID CHEN BRGYAD — A basic text of the Stod 'Brug lineage of Bka' brgyud pa. 17 IV 195.1, 421.5 ff. Root text in 391 (section thi). See 17 XX. 1 22.11. Klong rdol 990.3 ff. 484 I 869.6. Bonpo have their own Khrid Brgyad (see 268 preface). SBTD I 296 ff. See Yonten Dargye & Per K. Sørensen, trs., The Biography of Pha 'Brug-sgom Zhig-po called 'The Current of Compassion,' The National Library (Thimphu 2001) 13. Thuken 148.

KHRID CHEN BRGYAD — Teachings of Tsong kha pa. 374 II 80 ff. "srad rgyud lugs kyi khrid chen drug dang / smad rgyud lugs kyi khrid chen brgyad." Thuken 288.

KHRID CHEN BZHI — 475 123.3.

KHRID DPON SPRUL SKU — (b. 1960) Reincarnation of La dwags Khrid dpon Padma chos rgyal. Picture in Aziz, Frontier.

Sangs po KHRIN KHOD — (6th cent.?) =(Ra sangs) Khrin ne khod, q.v. Clemente in TS6 133, n. 4, 6. See Sangs po Khrin khod.

Ra sangs KHRIN NE KHOD — 248 17.4. See under Khri ne khod.

KHRIM NYER — In Dolpo. Map in Snellgrove, Asian Commitment 141.

KHRIMS KHANG GLING — BA 812, 822, 826, 827.


KHRIMS YIG — 'Law book.' See Sde srid Sangs rgyas rgya mtsho, Blang dor Gsal bar Ston pa'i Drang thig Dwangs shel Me long (Dolanji 1979). Also, Bod kyi Khrims yig Chen mo Zhal lce Bcu drug gi 'Grel pa (Thimphu 1979). For Bka' yi Khrims yig Chen po Rnam drug, six laws given by Srong btsan sgam po, see Dung dkar180.

KHRUNG KHRUNG — Krauñca. A Lha ma yin. Wylie 124 no. 80.

Gtsang sngags KHRUN SMAR WER ZUR — Author of text in 283 109‑140.

KHRUM CHU — S tributary of Gtsang po in Mang mkhar.

KHRUS KHANG GLING — Building at Bsam yas. 87 I 51.4, 107.4.

Lo chen KHRUS KHANG PA — 5 242.4. Khrus khang Lo tsā ba in 17 II 422.6, 465.4. Follower of Kun skyong gling pa. 210 153.1.

KHRUS SGO — At Gnam mtsho. See Bellezza, Divine Dyads.

Byams pa KHRUS MDZAD — Essais 174.

KHRUS GSOL — For a work with an explanation of the origins of the rite, see SBTD I 363.

Glo bo KHRE DKAR — =(Glo bo) Dge dkar. 28 14.

KHRE SRAS RGYAL BA — 248 20.6.

KHREGS CHOD — For a Zin bris to the practice, see 329. See under 'Jigs med dpa' bo. 'Breakthrough' teachings pertaining to the Man ngag Sde of Rdzogs chen.

KHREGS GCOD BSDUD PA — Text in 319 VIII 121‑133.

KHREGS BDUN PA — Text in 319 VIII.

KHREN BU BA — 208 259.3.

KHRES KHANG PA — See (— — —) Don grub rnam rgyal.

KHRO SKYABS — A principality in Rgyal rong. See Khro bcu. 23 32. 253 II 635.4.

Myang stod KHRO GANGS — N. of a Gtsug lag khang. 210 75.4.

KHRO GONG — One of Sde chen Bco brgyad. Nomads 20.

KHRO 'GAB — One of Sde chen Bco brgyad. Nomads 20.


KHRO RGYAL — See (— —) Kun bzang drag 'khros. Khro rgyal as an epithet of Gshin rje gshed appears in 190 II 68.3; 87 XXVI 334.2. =Khrodharāja. Also, Khro mchog.

Gu rub KHRO RGYAL — Father of Dmu shod tram. 206 560.6.

Mgar ston KHRO RGYAL — Also, 'Gar ston. =Khro rgyal 'bum. Bonpo Terton. 253 II 198.5 ff. Follows Khu tsha Zla 'od in a Bon lineage in 317 321.2. 383 419.2.

Gnyags G.yung ston KHRO RGYAL — Magic teacher of Mi la ras pa. BA 427‑428. 17 II 474.6. 4 120B.3. 4XI 15.4 ff, 22.6, 23.4, 97.3, 99.4, 112.5.

Se bon KHRO RGYAL — 206 575.5.

Sgo rigs Sngags 'chang KHRO RGYAL BKRA SHIS — 253 II 479.4.

Skye skya sgang pa Drung KHRO RGYAL RDO RJE — TS7 II 1033.

Sngags 'chang KHRO RGYAL DPAL MGON — 390 442.6.

KHRO RGYAL 'BAR — Son of Zhu Jo 'bar. Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 454. His monastic n. was Ye shes rin chen.

KHRO RGYAL 'BUM — (16th cent.) A western Mongol. TS5 741.

Do khong Phyogs med KHRO RGYAL RIN CHEN — 253 II 221.4.

KHRO RGYAS DAR ONG — 208 I 239.1.

KHRO BCU — A principality in Rgya rong. =Khro chen, =Khro skyabs. Kvaerne, Canon 19. 23 32.

KHRO BCU ROL PA'I RGYUD — Group of 12 tantras ending at 320 XXVIII 508.7.

KHRO CHU DUG GDONG NAG PO — A wrathful form of Yamāntaka. Works in 212 IV. 189.


KHRO CHU DMU RDZONG — A citadel. Nine Ways 61.

KHRO CHUNG — See Sprul pa'i Khro chung.

'Bre ston KHRO CHUNG — Of Nyang stod. Teacher of Zur po che and disc. of Gnubs chen (one of the 'four sons,' bu bzhi). 'Bre ston Khro chung Sher mchog. See =(Myang) Shes rab mchog. BA 110. BD of T&TB VII 98. 33 174.2, 188.6.

KHRO CHEN — See Khro bcu. See (— —) Bskal bzang rgyal mtshan.

KHRO GNYAN — See (— —) Rgyal ba blo gros.

Sprul sku KHRO GNYAN RGYAL MTSHAN — =Khro gnyen rgyal mtshan. =(Be ri Sprul sku). (14th cent.). Bonpo. Oral teachings he received in 267. 267A. 253 II 235.2. Received revelation in 1386. Kvaerne 232 no. 126. Bio. 253 II 433. Lengthy bio. contained in Katen, vol. 200, pp. 159‑221. D. Rossi, Holy Mountains and Saint Immortals in the Bon Tradition, Rivista degli Studi Orientali 78 (2005) 415.

KHRO GNYER CAN MA — Bhṛkuṭī. 128 1110. See Chandra. 4x I 32.4.

Sgo rigs KHRO TA WER ZHI — Work in 286 55‑56. 303 319‑324.

A khu KHRO THUNG — His name means 'short tempered.' Brother of Ge sar's father, a Bon po rival of Ge sar. 232 I 7, 13. Stein, Recherches 185.

KHRO PHU — See (— —) Dga' ldan gtsug lag khang. (— — Lo tsā ba) Byams pa'i dpal (1173‑1225). (— —) Tshul khrims shes rab (1173‑1225). (— —) Sems dpa' chen po. (— —) Bsod nams seng ge.

KHRO PHU — In a gorge on route from Jo nang to Bkra shis lhun po. In second half of 12th cent., Ri bo che Rgyal tsha bought land here & began a monastery. TPS 179. BA 707. Ferrari 157. BA 335, 707, 708, 709, 1034, 1070. 210 26.3. F. by Kun ldan ras pa (No, not him, his elder brother Rgyal tsha!). 12 IX 87.5. Schwieger in Kailash 18 (1996) 105.

Thar pa KHRO PHU — BA 792.

KHRO PHU BKA' BRGYUD — One of eight lesser branches of Bka' brgyud. F. by Rgya tsha Khu dbon. 235intro. 6. Branch connected with Khro phu Lo tsā ba (q.v.).

KHRO PHU BRGYA RTSA — 374 II 164.1 ff.

KHRO PHU'I BYAMS CHEN — BA 600, 709, 710, 1034, 1070. Famous giant image of Maitreya in Khro phu Dga' ldan (q.v.). Consecrated by Śākyaśrī in 1212. TPS 135. Wylie 68, 135. It was 80 cubits in height, just like the visualized Maitreya in the Ajitanāthasādhana text, which was translated by Khro phu Lo tsā ba.

KHRO PHU LO TSĀ BA — The one who invited Śākyaśrībhadra to Tibet. See (— —) Byams pa'i dpal and (— —) Tshul khrims shes rab.

KHRO PHUR GDANGS YIG — Texts in 303 1‑86.




Phu thang gi KHRO BO DGON PA — Visited by Nyang ral. 477 131.5, 133.6.

KHRO BO RGYAL MTSHAN — 14th cent. Dpon chen of Shar kha'i Gling. TS5 805, 806.

Slob dpon KHRO BO RGYAL MTSHAN — Bonpo. Bio. in 248 120.5. 272 preface. Bio. in 253 II 353.5 ff.

KHRO BO RGYUD DRUG — See Khro bo Drug.

KHRO BO SNGON PO — For story, see 115 30.6 ff.

KHRO BO CAN — N. of Dbang phyug. Das 909.

KHRO BO BCU — Chag 113.

KHRO BO DMAR SER — Subj. of tantra in 320 XXIV 414 ff.

KHRO STOBS KYI RGYUD — In 320 XVI 138 ff. A similar title follows.

Yon bdag KHRO BO DAR — 208 I 248.6.

KHRO BO DRUG — 1) Gtso mchog (Gsang ba Bsen thub). 273 II 43‑44. 2) Dbal gsas (Sgyu 'phrul Drwa ba, spyod). 3) Rngam gsas (Ghu ya srog 'dzin, dam tshig). 4) Khro gsas (Gsang ba Dgu 'phar, sgom). 5) Gtum gsas (Dbal mo Las thig, 'phrin las). 6) ? (Thabs kyi Zhags pa Ba ga Yum gyi Rgyud, =Thabs zhags Nyi ma'i Rgyud, =Yum Rgyud). See also SFHB 612.1 ff, especially 612.6. Contained in 258 I and also separately published as 294.

KHRO BO 'DUS PA'I RGYUD — Title in 320 XXII 222.3.

KHRO BO RDO RJE'I RIGS — In title in 320 XII 2.

Bde mchog KHRO BO RDO RJE SEMS DPA' — 51‑deity. 349 XIV 293‑323.


KHRO BO DPAL LDAN — N. given to Thang stong rgyal po at birth. 5 14.2.

KHRO BO 'PHAN — Son of Khro bo skyabs. Said to be identical with Khro thung. TS5 799.

KHRO BO DBANG PHYUG — A chief of Hor. Stein, Recherches 189.

KHRO BO DBU DGU — Mt. in E. Tibet. 239 XXX 47.2.

KHRO BO 'BAR BA — A Bka' brgyad cycle found by Ye shes khyung grags. 210 76.6.

KHRO BO LHA RGYUD — Text in 320 XIII 37 ff.

Tre ston KHRO 'BRUG DAM PA — 253 464.4.

KHRO SMAD SKYA PA'I DGON — A Rnying ma mon. in Mdo smad which had about 800 monks.

KHRO TSHANG — See (— —) 'Brug lha. (— —) Bsod nams rgyal mtshan.

Rdza KHRO TSHANG DGON — 253 II 633.3. Bon mon. in Khams. Thar in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 420. Thar in TS9 IV 159.


KHRO TSHANG PHO BRANG — Stein, Recherches 189.

Dngul chu KHRO RDZONG — Stein, Recherches 130.

KHRO ZHANG — From Ch. Chaoxian. Kapstein, Assimilation 70.

KHRO ZANGS KHA — Bu ston went there. 27 79.

KHRO RI — See (— —) Rdo rje zil khrom.

KHRO RU — See (— —) Tshe rnam.

Yid lhung KHRO SHUL — 383 633.5.

KHRO GSAS — See under Khro bo Drug.

Gyer ston KHRO GSAS — Bonpo. 253 II 183.1. Achard, L'Essence 225.

Rdza bo KHRO GSAS — 253 II 438.6.

KHRO GSAS PADMA — 253 II 381.5.

Stag gzig KHROD TO RGYAL BA — He's the opponent of the Zhang zhung kingdom in the story behind the Ge khod ritual cycle. His residence was at Stag gzig Kho ti. The spellings Khri thog rgyal ba & Khro to rgyal ba & Khri tho also occur. ZZFC 256, 257, 258.

KHROD YUL — See (— —) Sa mdo Dgon.

KHRON STENG — Hermitage. ISTS 11.

KHRON PA'I GLING — BA 868. Thuken 158, where it is Sanskritized as if it were a proper name (which it may well be) as Kūpadvīpa.

KHROM — =Phrom. See Stein 57. BA 159. 'market place'. N. of a province in Tibet. Das. Rgyal Khrom Smad in 4 81B.6. KTDN 64.5. An administrative unit in areas of early Tibetan conquest. See article in ISTS 310 ff. In areas referred to as khrom, direct military rule was established (unlike in Khotan, where the local prime minister [a ma cha] was allowed to keep his position).

Lha lcam KHROM RGYAN — Consort of Padmasambhava. 58 927.

Mar pa KHROM RGYAL — (10th cent.) 217 709.3.

KHROM RDO — Monastery. Jackson in Lungta 14 (2001) 93.

Ma zhang KHROM PA SKYES — Tucci, Religions 4. Gonkatsang & Willis in JRAS (2008) 41.

Sna nam Zhang KHROM PA RGYAN — 132 87.1. 458 189.5.

KHROM BTSUN — See (— —) Tshe dbang rgyal po.

KHROM TSHANG — See (— —) Tshul khrims ye shes.



KHROM BZHER — See (— —) Rin chen seng ge.

KHROM GZHER CHEN PO — Founded Kam kam Mon. Vai.Ser.

KHROM GZHER JO SRAS — See (— —) Rin chen seng ge.

KHROM BZHER DBANG PO — See (— — — —) Rin gzhon.

KHROM GZIGS SGANG — See Essais 160.

Dbu mdzad KHROM YON PA — Contemp. w/ Thang stong. 5 270.2.

Yar stod KHROM SA THANG. Schwieger in Kailash 18 (1996) 87.

KHROS MA NAG MO — In 87 LVII. 413 353.6.

KHROS MA RIGS LNGA — A Zhi byed teaching. 349 XXI.


MKHAN MA GRON LO GSUM — See Yu Dawchyan, preface.


MKHAN PA LJONGS — BA 197. Mkhan po ljongs said to be on the NW boundary. See Das 471. Said to be in the S. 17 IV 276.6 ff. 363 51.3. =Kham pa lung. 413 390.3.

Sbas yul MKHAN PA LUNG — See Khembalung in index to Bernbaum. For a guidebook, see 364 533‑548. 377 6A.2.

MKHAN SLOB CHOS GSUM — There is a tapestry thangka displaying this triad of figures in Precious Deposits V 52‑3.

MKHAN PO LUNG — See Diemberger in TH&L.

MKHA' KLONG MCHOD KHANG — Site of printing of a Prajñāpāramitā text of Bon in FM 339.00.

MKHA' KLONG GSANG MDOS — See 275. Mkha' klong Bskang ba. 313 I 567‑601.

MKHA' SKYONG BYA 'PHUR DGON — Bon mon. in Amdo. 200 monks. 253 II 637.1.

Zhwa nag XV MKHA' KHYAB RDO RJE — (1845‑1924) 11 69. A Me mchod by him in 87 XVI. Author of short astro. work in 105. His long work on Rin chen Gter Mdzod in 87 vols. 100‑103. Author of 202. Works in 239 II, V, VIII, X, XIV, XX, XXI, XXVII. Works in 415. Works published: Ye shes kyi Mgon po Ber nag can Lcam dral gyi Bsnyen sgrub Skor (Paro 1979). Rgyud Sde Bzhi'i Bskyed Rdzogs kyi Rim pa dang Lus Dkyil Dkyil Chog gi Zin bris Sna tshogs Nyer mkho 'Dod 'jo'i Bum Bzang (Delhi 1976). His collected works in 10 vols. were published in 1994.

Bka' gsang MKHA' KHYAB RANG GROL — Visionary teachings of Padma bdud 'dul. 375 preface.

MKHA' 'GYING DKAR PO — Kha 'gying Dkar po. 491 168.5.

MKHA' 'GYING DBAL — Nine Ways 109.

MKHA' 'GYING LHA MO — Form of Srid pa'i rgyal mo. 270 preface.


Mon MKHA' 'GRO GLING — N. of mon. in (Mon) Rta dbang (q.v.) Das 976.

Ga zha MKHA' 'GRO GLING PA — See (— —) (— — — —) Rig 'dzin rdo rje. 363 122.1.


MKHA' 'GRO RGYA MTSHO — Cakrasamvara teachings. 349 XIV 324‑611.

MKHA' 'GRO RGYAL MO — Sister of Shes rab dpal bzang. Wife of Kun dga' rnam rgyal. DTK5 134.

MKHA' 'GRO SGANG LAM — For origin of this trail in area of La phyi, see 4 7B.4.

MKHA' 'GRO SGYU MA'I BDE CHEN — In title in 320 XVI 168.7 ff.


MKHA' 'GRO SNYAN BRGYUD — 4 283B.1. Initiation works in 186 II. 17 II 452.1. History. 383 299.6 ff. A copy of the collection was looted by Waddell during the Younghusband expedition and is now located in Oxford. See Bodleian Catalogue 15-18.

MKHA' 'GRO SNYAN BRGYUD KYI YIG RNYING — Title of a reprint volume published in Darjeeling in 1982. 436.

MKHA' 'GRO SNYING THIG — In 87 LXXXVII. A gter ma of Bde chen gling pa.

Zab Gsang MKHA' 'GRO SNYING THIG — Title of a gter ma in 193 XIII.

MKHA' 'GRO'I THUGS THIG — Title of a gter ma in 193 XVI.

MKHA' 'GRO PHUG PA — 115 128.5.

MKHA' 'GRO DBANG PHYUG RTSAL — N. of (Rgyal sras) Bstan pa'i 'byung gnas (q.v.).

MKHA' 'GRO 'BUM — Lce family member, given in marriage to Phyag na, who of course belonged to the 'Khon family. Ricca & Fournier in TJ 26 nos 3-4 (Autumn-Winter 2001) 104.

MKHA' 'GRO 'BUM RDZONG — 239 XXX 51.3.

MKHA' 'GRO MA — N. Katz, 'Anima & Mkha' 'gro ma: A Critical Comparative Study of Jung and Tibetan Buddhism,' Tibet Journal 2 no 3 (1977) 13 ff.


MKHA' 'GRO RIN CHEN 'PHRENG RGYUD — Bon tantra in 258 I 605‑723.

MKHA' 'GRO RIN CHEN GSANG BSKOR — Bon tantra in 258 III 453‑467.

MKHA' 'GRO'I LAS TSHOGS — Text in 316. 444 123 ff.

'Dzi smad MKHA' 'GRO SHEL PHUG — A gnas yig for this place is in 239 XXX 271‑3.

Ma rgyud MKHA' 'GRO GSANG RGYUD — 413 357.2.

MKHA' 'GRO'I GSANG SGROGS BDE BA CHEN PO'I KHRID YIG — By Padma dkar po. 444 37‑58. 476.

MKHA' 'GRO GSANG PHUG — Has hot springs and Mkha' 'gro ma footprints. One of the 'four great caves of Sikkim' in the south. Waddell 257. In 'Phrag Yul. 5 136.6, 153.6.

Rtsa Rlung MKHA' 'GRO GSANG MDZOD — Of Kun grol las 'phro gling pa, contained in 87 LXIII.

Bhi lung MKHA' 'GRO GSANG MDZOD — Gnas yig in 240 489‑499.

MKHA' 'GRO GSANG MDZOD PHRIN LAS LHUN GRUB — A gter ma of Thang stong. 5 116.5.

MKHA' 'GRO GSANG LAM — A kind of shortcut in the Kailash circuit. Allen, Search for Shangri La, map on p. 141.

MKHA' 'GRO LHA KHANG — 33 234.1, 234.5. Sgro phug Mkha' 'gro Lha khang. 33 235.6.

MKHA' RGYUD — Text title. 253 II 407.

MKHA' MNYAM KLONG GI RGYUD — Text in 319 IV 291‑433.

MKHA' LDING — In Bon mythology, enemy of Khyung. Tucci, Religions 218.


MKHA' SPYOD — Kvaerne no. 55. Khecarī. Pandey.

MKHA' SPYOD — See (— —) Rong mo sdings.

MKHA' SPYOD DKAR DMAR — Shangs pa teaching. 36 VIII. Brown in TJ 27 nos 1-2 (2002) 75.

MKHA' SPYOD DGYES PA'I RDO RJE — An alias of Chos kyi seng ge, given in the colophon to Chos kyi seng ge's biography of Pha Dam pa. This Chos kyi seng ge is of course none other than Khams smyon Dharma seng ge, q.v.

Gcen lung MKHA' SPYOD CHOS SDE — Vai.Ser. 204.

MKHA' SPYOD DRI MED DPAL YE SHES — Identical to Zhwa dmar Mkha' spyod dbang po (1350-1405). Author of Karma pa Chen po'i Rnam thar Bsam yas Lha'i Rnga chen, listed in BLP no. 0007. Author of bio. of O rgyan pa titled Grub chen O rgyan pa'i Rnam thar Rdzogs ldan Bdud rtsi'i Dga' ston listed in BLP no. 0399. Author of bio. of Pra dznya bha dra listed in BLP no. 1321. Author of bio. listed in BLP no. 1864.

MKHA' SPYOD BDE CHEN — 458 I 314.1.

MKHA' SPYOD BDE LDAN DBANG MO — Dpal ldan Lha mo Dmag dang Zor gyi Rgyal mo'i So Khram Nad rkyal Mtshon gru Byad Dmar gyi Las tshogs Lnga'i nang nas Dkar nag la brten nas Rno mthon Sgrub tshul gyi Gdams pa Sngon med Zla ba Gsar pa (On casting of dice for divination, connected with Lha mo), pub. in New Delhi in 1979. Probably =Bde ldan rdo rje.

MKHA' SPYOD DPAL RI — Ketsuperi. Sikkim mon. with 11 or so monks. Waddell 285. This place is, by the way, claimed as a source of mystic inspiration by Eckankar followers (Katsupari, according to them a monastery in N Tibet, repository of texts from some lost continent or another, abbot named Fubbi Quantz). See article by Jain about the modern condition of this holy lake in SW Sikkim.

Zhwa dmar II MKHA' SPYOD DBANG PO — (1350‑1405) Author of short work in 36 V 800, VII 74. 52 2. Bio. in 35 I 398‑434. Author of bio. of Rgod tshang pa; see 50 preface. His Gsung 'bum in 4 vols pub. in 1978. 121. Beyer 172. Work in 36 I. 450 789‑795, 797‑810, 811‑5. Bio. listed at BLP no. 1727. It is reported that the Tsadra Foundation has made a new edition of his collected works available.

MKHA' SPYOD DBANG MO — Recent Bon woman gter ston. She died in 1987. See the article by Span Hanna.

Lho na MKHA' SPYOD RI — 17 IV 237.5, 239.1, 243.2.

Lho rtse MKHA' PHUG — In Dol bu where Padma dkar po stayed for 7 days. 1 31.

MKHA' DBYINGS BSTAN 'DZIN DBANG MO — Yoginī who wrote work contained in 118 313‑361, at Ras chung Phug.

MKHA' YAG G.YUNG DRUNG — Founder of Phug pa Dgon, during time of Dzungar invasion. Bellezza, Divine Dyads 248.

MKHA' RAG — See under Mkha' reg.

MKHA' RI — One of 20 principle mts. of Tibet. Das 212. Mkha' ri Gangs Brag. 87 I 136.5.

Lho brag Sku lha MKHA' RI — Protector. Picture in 216A.

Jo mo MKHA' REG — Pl.n. jo mo mkha' reg 'di sngon slob dpon padmas byin gyis brlabs pa'i gnas chen yin pa dang / gzhan yang mkha' rag sgom chung sogs grub thob mang po'i bzhugs gnas yin pas... 50223v.4.

MKHA' LA GDUG MO — Yum of Khro bo. 270 preface.

MKHAR DKYIL — In Dras, seems to be mistaken for Dkar gil (q.v.). 79 80 no. 42.

MKHAR SKYA CHOS SDE — Vai.Ser. 158. 476 I 51.7.

MKHAR KHA — Older orthography, Mkhar dga'. In Nyang stod of Gtsang near Rgyal rtse. Where Gtsang smyon was born. 20 7. Das 182. 5 255.4. Mkhar dga' in 234 IA 4.4. TS5 561.

Shangs MKHAR KHA BLA MA — (ca. 1686) 458 I 295.2.

Lha sa'i MKHAR GRAG — 132 86.6.

MKHAR MGO DGON — Nyingma mon. in Nang chen. 473 66.

Dge ba'i Bshes gnyen MKHAR SGO BA — 17 II 526.2.

MKHAR RNGA GDONG — Alexander, Temples 93.

MKHAR SNGON — Köke Qota. 332 II preface 4.

MKHAR CHU — A river flowing into Bhutan from Lho brag. BA 196, 197, 199, 606, 667, 668, 676, 682, 686, 895, 948, 953, 958‑959, 963, 974‑976, 1002. Also, n. of a monastery in Lho brag, called Kharchu, Rahar chu. Ferrari 137. 17 IV 73.4.

MKHAR CHU — See (— —) Me ru. (— —) Me long 'od gsal phug.

Lho brag MKHAR CHU — BA 676, 814. 5 200.2. 17 II 505, 328.4. 78 I 71.2, 74.1, 145.2. 4X I 113.1. A place where Gtsang pa Rgya ras pa especially meditated, and where the Ro snyoms Skor Drug was discovered by him.

MKHAR CHU BA — From G.ya' bzangs. 115 118.6. Received O rgyan Bsnyen sgrub from O rgyan pa (1230‑1308). 115 118.6. BA 703. 17 XX 97.1. CFMS 18, 89. See under Chos bzang 'od po.

MKHAR CHU'I BRAG — 5 340.4.

MKHAR CHUNG RAS PA — Disc. of Mi la ras pa. 4 chap XX, p. 90B.4 ff.

MKHAR CHEN — See (— —) Lha bzher 'ches pa.

MKHAR CHEN BRAG DKAR — One of 37 sacred places of Bon. Das 182.

MKHAR CHEN RDZONG — N. of a fort near Tengri Noor. Das 182.

MKHAR CHEN BZA' — See (— — —) Mtsho rgyal.

MKHAR GNYA' DGON — 370 preface. 483 preface.

MKHAR RTA — N. of pl. on confines of Tibet & Nepal. Das 182.

MKHAR RTA CHOS SDE — Diemberger in TH&L 140.

MKHAR LTAG — Abbreviation combining the names of two forts, Mkhar rtse & Ltag rtse. Das 182.

MKHAR STENG — Vai.Ser. 176.

MKHAR STOD LCANG GLING — Shastri in TS9 I 141.

MKHAR THOG — N. of Tibet. Das 182.

MKHAR THOG DGON GSAR — Kuijp in Lungta 14 (2001) 60.


MKHAR DRUNG — See (— —) Bsod nams dpal.

MKHAR MDO — See (— —) Chos kyi rdo rje.

MKHAR MDO GTER STON — See (— — — —) Tshe dbang grags pa.

MKHAR 'DUS YID RAB NYI MA'I SDE — A meditation center f. by Ti shrī ras pa. See Elliot Sperling, "Further Remarks Apropos of the 'Ba' rom pa and the Tanguts," AOH 57 no 1 (2004) 1‑26, at p. 16.

MKHAR RDO — E of Se ra. A Small hermitage. Nebesky 493. Ferrari 103.

MKHAR RDO — See (— —) Padma dga' rdor. (— — Sprul sku) Blo bzang rin chen. (— — Mkhan chen) Bzod pa rgya mtsho.


Zur MKHAR RDO'I MCHOD RTEN — "Chos rgyal Khri srong gis 'gyod tshangs su bzhengs pa Zur mkhar rdo'i Mchod rten." BD of T&TB III 767, 820.

MKHAR RDO BLA MA — Associate of Reting Rinpoche. Goldstein, History 464.

MKHAR RDO BSAM GTAN GLING — Mkhar rdo Bsam gtan gling gi Bla rabs Mgur ma, title listed in BLP no. 0247. Mkhar rdo Bsam gtan gling Chags tshul Rags tsam, by Zhabs dkar Tshogs drug rang grol, listed in BLPno. 0248. Place where blocks of 'Khon btsun's Yamāntaka history were first carved.

MKHAR NAG — A gnyan demon who opposed Thang stong rgyal po. Stearns, King 244.

MKHAR NAG — See (— —) Rdo rje tshe brtan.

MKHAR NAG PA — See Dollfus in J. Bray & E. de Rossi Filibeck, eds., Mountains, Monasteries and Mosques(Pisa 2009).

MKHAR NAG LO TSĀ BA — 463 I 81.2. Author of bio. of Dalai Lama IV listed in BLP no. 0526. Author of bio. of Tsong kha pa listed in BLP no. 0927.

MKHAR SNA — Important Bon mon. in G.yas ru. History in 253 II 62.4 ff, 591.3 ff. Also called G.yung drung phun tshogs Dgon. Kvaerne, Canon 22. Karmay, Great Perfection 218. Baumer, Tibet's Ancient Religion Bön 142, says it was founded in 1838, destroyed in 1969, and not yet reconstructed. Actually, 1838 is not the date of founding, but the date of birth of the founder Shes rab g.yung drung. The founding must have taken place afer 1861. There is a brief history in Bon sgo 7 (1994).

MKHAR PA DRUG — Takeuchi in TS6 855.

MKHAR SPRUL — See (— —) Skal bzang rgyal mtshan.

MKHAR PHU — N. of tombs in Rtsa mda' county. Precious Deposits I 215.

MKHAR PHUG — BA 78, 789.

Yar lung MKHAR 'PHAR — 253 II 573.4.


MKHAR BA RI — Pl.n. Kuijp in TH&L 294.

Brang ti MKHAR 'BUM — See =(Brang ti) Rgyal nye mkhar bu.

MKHAR BRAG — A temple built and destroyed in the course of the 8th century. It's mentioned in histories.

MKHAR DMAR — Old castle & nomad area "beyond Ru mthog." 81 103.6, 115.

MKHAR RME'U — See (— —) Bsam gtan rgyal mtshan.

MKHAR TSAN — Liangzhou. Horlemann in TS9 I 60. Schaik, M&T 46, 163 (Khar tsan, Leng cu Khar tsan). I think khar tsan just means 'strong fort[ification]' and isn't a real proper name. It is subject of an article by Z. Yamaguchi, in 1981 (in Japanese).

MKHAR RTSE — N. of a rdzong in 'Phan yul. Das 182.

MKHAR ZAM LHA KHANG RDZONG — N. of a fort & town. Das 182.

MKHAR YAG DGON — Bon mon. in Amdo with 20 monks. 253 II 637.2.


MKHAR LUNG — Site of Khyung rgod rtsal's treasure. BMBM 114‑5. Site of the Bla chen Monastery in Tangut land. See Elliot Sperling, "Further Remarks Apropos of the 'Ba' rom pa and the Tanguts," Acta Orientalia Hungarica, vol. 57, no. 1 (2004), pp. 1‑26, at p. 9 and n. 29. For Ge khod Mkhar lung, see ZZFC 36-7, where a radiocarbon date of 200 BCE to 100 CE is mentioned.

Slob dpon MKHAR LUNG PA — One of the early teachers of Gtsang pa Rgya ras pa. 1 10. BA 665. 24 I 404.

MKHAR SE MO — TS5 532.

MKHAS GRUB RGYA MTSHO — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 121.1.

Ta la'i Bla ma XI MKHAS GRUB RGYA MTSHO — (1837‑1855) Waddell 232. "Mdo stod Mgar thar phyogs su 'khrungs." BD of T&TB VI 357. 128 862. Story attributed to him in 152 II 261‑417. A jade brush pot, inscribed in three languages as an imperial gift, is illustrated in Christie's New York catalogue (Mar 2000), no. 116 (a verse praising Tsong kha pa is inscribed on the interior part of the rim). 'Phags mchog Thams cad Mkhyen Gzigs Chen po Rje btsun Mkhas grub rgya mtshos Mdzad pa, ed. by Lama Lobzang Migyur (head Lama, Darjeeling High School), 1st ed. in 500 copies, printed by the Rev. G.P. Pradhan (Darjeeling 1909). IIAS Library, Leiden: Kern 883 /Dal13 / 1. "A Story of Birds and Monkeys." Bio. by Rgyal dbang Phrin las rnam rgyal (the subsequent Dalai Lama), is listed in BLP no. 0550; and Filibeck, Catalogue II 350 (no. 758).

MKHAS GRUB RGYA MTSHO — Author of a compiled and illustrated biography of Gshen rab (projected in 4 vols., 1977). This same person has published many Bonpo and other Tibetan books in India.

MKHAS GRUB RJE — See (— — —) Dge legs dpal bzang.

MKHAS GRUB CHEN PO GSUM — Subj. of bio. in 243 I 421 ff.

MKHAS GRUB NYI MA — Contemp. abbot of Srid rgyal Monastery. Baumer, Tibet's Ancient Religion Bön94.

Rigs smra'i Dbang phyug MKHAS GRUB BSTAN DPAL — 128 986.

MKHAS GRUB BSTAN 'DZIN — (1743‑1805)


Tre bo MKHAS GRUB BRTSON 'GRUS — Mkhas brtson. Vitali, Tho.ling 66.

Kun mkhyen MKHAS GRUB BZANG PO — Follower of Rdo rje gling pa. 210 138.6.

Khyung lung Gur rgyam gyi Sngags pa MKHAS MCHOG RDO RJE — Scribe for 273A I 314.

Bdag chen MKHAS MCHOG DPA' BO — Comm. on his work in 224 I 273 ff.

Dri med Lung gi Dbang phyug MKHAS MCHOG ZHABS — Picture in 128 93A.


MKHAS PA'I NYI GZHON — =Ngag dbang dge legs lhun grub.


MKHAS PA MI BZHI — A historical group of four Bonpos who collectively authored a few commentarial works. 292 preface.

MKHAS PA LO PAṆ BRGYUD PA — Bonpo transmission. 253 II 324.5 ff.

MKHAS DBANG — See (— —) Blo bzang rgya mtsho. (— —) Sangs rgyas rdo rje.

Lha lung MKHAS DBANG BSTAN 'PHEL — (ca. 1834) 471 122.1.

Bru ston MKHAS BTSUN RGYAL PO — Bio. in 253 II 347.1.

MKHAS BTSUN CHOS RJE — Name of successor of Nam mkha' bsam grub in Shangs pa transmission. 53preface.

MKHAS BTSUN RNAM DAG — Work in 263 349‑422.

MKHAS BTSUN BZANG PO — Compiler/author of BD of T&TB in 12 volumes. Article on Dalai Lamas in Tibet Journal, vol. 7, nos. 1‑2. See his Mkhas btsun Rgan po'i 'Bel gtam Kun gsal Me long, Nyi hong Rdzogs chen Chos sde (Tokyo 1999), in 121 pp., an autobiographical account.

G.yung ston Chen po MKHAS BTSUN SANGS RGYAS — A teacher of Zur Shākya 'byung gnas (14th cent.). BD of T&TB III 511. Evid. =(Zur mo) Dge 'ba 'bum (q.v.).



Lho brag MKHO MTHING — Temple built on left elbow of demoness. 17 II 318.1. Bon texts redisc. there. 305 preface.

MKHO MTHING LHA KHANG — A temple mentioned in by Padma dkar po in 17 XX 383. A convent in Bhutan. 20 33. 466 IV 191.2.

MKHO NO — ="Konglong." Prins in ZAS XXXVI (2007) 199.

MKHYEN — Aka Mkhyen ris, q.v. A school of painting named after its founder Mkhyen brtse'i dbang phyug. See 23 38 ff. Actually, although the mistake is much repeated, Mkhyen brtse'i dbang phyug was not the founder of this painting school. It was someone else with the name or title Mkhyen brtse Chen mo. See Jackson in Prats, Pandita 100.

MKHYEN LDAN LO TSĀ BA — See (— — — — —) Tshe dbang.

MKHYEN PA RDO RJE — (17th cent.) Macdonald 141.

MKHYEN BRTSE — See (— —) Chos kyi blo gros.

Mkhan chen MKHYEN BRTSE — Bio. listed in BLP no. 0235.

Rig 'dzin MKHYEN BRTSE KLONG GROL — (1832‑1909) See 420. Alias Karma chos 'phel. 420 I 10.4, 31.3. Name received in a vision of Me long rdo rje. 420 I 135.2.

Sgrol Bstod MKHYEN BRTSE DRI MED MA — N. of a religious eulogy of Tārā. Comm. mentioned in SBTDI 113.

MKHYEN BRTSE'I DBANG PO — See 'Jam dbyangs mkhyen brtse'i dbang po.

Gnas gsar ba 'Jam dbyangs MKHYEN BRTSE'I DBANG PHYUG — (1524‑1568) Rnying ma. Bio. in BD of T&TB IV 218. Sa skya gter ston. 23 10. A chief disc. of (Tshar chen) Blo gsal rgya mtsho, & also a student of (Sgo rum pa) Kun dga' legs pa (1502‑1566/7). Gene Smith identified him as the founder of Mkhyen ris school of art (see also under Mkhyen, above). See 23 44. But the actual founder lived several generations earlier, as shown by David Jackson. Bio. 62 267 ff. Mkhyen brtse'i dbang phyug, Bla ma Rin po che Mkhan chen pa'i Rnam thar Ngo mtshar Nyi ma, print in long format dpe cha of Central Tibetan origins [dbus dpar], in 115 fols., listed in LTWA KA3/56/14329. Autobio. listed in BLP no. 0277.

MKHYEN BRTSE'I 'OD ZER — A n. of 'Jigs med gling pa (1729‑1798) q.v. Picture in 320 XXXIV 3.

'Jam mgon Kong sprul II MKHYEN BRTSE 'OD ZER — (b. 1899) Second incarnation of 'Jam mgon Kong sprul. Apparently the same as Zhe chen Kong sprul (q.v.). Picture in 320 XXVI 621. 11 69. Jackson, Patron 221 (here given birthdate of 1899).

MKHYEN BRTSE RIN PO CHE — Title of Rang byung rdo rje. Tucci, Tombs 1. Ferrari 131.

Dge bshes MKHYEN RAB — At Drepung Gomang Mon. in S India. Barlocher 590.

Gnam gang ba MKHYEN RAB — A minister of the Yar rgyab Chos rgyal. 8.

Smon grong MKHYEN RAB KUN BZANG — Shakabpa 249, 264.

Dge bshes MKHYEN RAB RGYA MTSHO — (modern) Assistant of Khri byang Rin po che III. TR XVI no. 10, 7c.

Gnubs kyi sngags 'chang MKHYEN RAB RGYA MTSHO — Mentioned in Padma dkar po's Rdo rje'i Glu.

G.yag sde 'Dul 'dzin MKHYEN RAB RGYA MTSHO — Dargyay 73. Author of 413 in 1557.

Rtse drung Rme ru MKHYEN RAB DNGOS GRUB — 438 VII 428.1.

Zhwa lu MKHYEN RAB CHOS RJE — (1436‑1497) 210 154.3. His work Sems 'Khrid Yid bzhin gyi Nor bu in 234 IB 807‑817. Also called Zhwa lu ba Dge slong Mkhyen rabs. Bio. by Rin chen 'jam dbyangs rgyal mtshan listed in BLP nos. 0278, 1707.

Zhwa lu MKHYEN RAB MCHOG GRUB — Prob. the same as the preceding, a bio. is listed in BLP no. 1714. See also Thurman & Rhie, A Shrine for Tibet, pp. 117-9, for a portrait bronze, inscribed with Rin chen mkhyen rab mchog grub, who is here dated 1436-1497, depicted with vajra and bell on lotus flowers above his shoulders.


MKHYEN RAB 'JAM DBYANGS — (late 17th cent.) Painter of thangka in Rhies & Thurman 212 ff. See also Bartholomew's 1987 article in Orientations.

MKHYEN RAB RJE — ? Picture in 128 448.

Mkhan chen MKHYEN RAB BSTAN PA CHOS 'PHEL — Bio. listed in BLP no. 236.

Blo gling Slob dpon Zur pa MKHYEN RAB BSTAN 'DZIN LHUN GRUB — 438 VI 570.3. Goldstein, History350.

Slob dpon MKHYEN RAB THAR 'DOD — 438 VI 576.2.

Bstan 'dzin Chos rje VIII Blo bzang MKHYEN RAB MTHU STOBS — In Thang stong Snyan brgyud. Bio. in 63 I 173. Stearns, King 16.

MKHYEN RAB DON GRUB — (1909‑1945) Member of A blo family of Labrang. Nietupski, Labrang 77, photo.

Brag g.yab Mdzod zur MKHYEN RAB DRI MED — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 119.3.

Bla sman pa Mkhas dbang MKHYEN RAB NOR BU — (1890‑1962) The famous doctor who founded the Lha sa Sman rtsis khang. "Lho kha khul du 'khrungs." Dhongthog 34. Wrote Rtsis Gzhung Rig ldan Snying thig in 1927 (pub. 1976). 134. His Dpal ldan Rtsa ba'i Rgyud kyi Sngon 'Grems Gso Rig Rgya mtsho'i Snying popub. in 1976, also reprinted in BJZJ 1982. Med. works listed in DD 718. Smith, Washington Catalog 188, for letter to D. McDonald. Bio. by Byams pa 'phrin las listed in BLP no. 1650.

MKHYEN RAB DPAL BZANG — Author of bio. of Sman pa Sangs rgyas dpal bzang listed in BLP no. 1648.

Mkhan chung MKHYEN RAB PHUN TSHOGS — 438 VI 532.6, 561.6. Goldstein, History 57.

Go 'jo Sde pa MKHYEN RAB 'PHEL RGYAS — 365 98.2.

Bco brgyad Khri chen IV MKHYEN RAB BYAMS PA — (1633‑1703) Nalendra'i Lha bsangs Chen mo, coll. of rituals performed at 'Phan po Na lendra.

Rdo rje 'chang MKHYEN RAB BYAMS PA NGAG DBANG LHUN GRUB — (1633‑1703) Dhongthog 34.

Sde drug III MKHYEN RAB DBANG PHYUG — (d. 1872) 440 302.4. Regent during the time the 12th Dalai Lama was a minor. Bell, Religion 158.

MKHYEN RAB DBANG PHYUG GRAGS PA BZANG PO — Bio. in 243 I 685 ff. Title of brief 6‑fol. bio. by Blo bzang chos kyi rgyal mtshan listed in BLP no. 0280.

Lcang rgyab MKHYEN RAB YON TAN RGYA MTSHO — =(Lcang rgyab Khri zur) Mkhyen rab yon tan. B. at 'Bri gung. 88th Dga' ldan Khri pa (1914‑1919). BD of T&TB VI 216. Collected works published in 1976. 128 976.


MKHYEN RIS — School of art founded by Mkhyen brtse Chen po of Gong dkar. He is much mentioned in the biography of his patron Gong dkar rDo rje gdan pa Kun dga' rnam rgyal. See David Jackson's book.

MKHYEN GSOL RNAM DAG CHU RGYUN — Text in 489 409‑428.

MKHAR CHEN BZA' — See (— — —) Gtum mo.

'KHU SGOM — A Zhi byed pa. BD of T&TB I 863.

'KHUN KA MA PA — (?) Jinpa, Mind Training 371.

Phu thang 'KHUN PA SA — BA 975.

'KHO LO CHE — A Tümed Mongol governor, Qoloci, who patronized Skal ldan rgya mtsho (see Victoria Sujata's dissertation).

'KHON — Family lineage originating in Bru sha (Gilgit). Hoffmann Handbook 51. N. of an ancient family of Tibet. Das. One of the first 7 Tibetan monks belonged to this family. N. of the main family lineage of Sa skya. For fuller story of this family, see 86 ii. BA 210 ff. Explanation of the name in BD of T&TB X 85.5.

'KHON — See under Sa skya. (—) Klu'i dbang po srung ba. (—) Dkon mchog rgyal po. (—) Gad pa kirti. (—) Sgyi chu ba. (—) Rdo rje rin chen. (—) Dpal ldan don grub.

'KHON JO SRAS — Member of a lineage stemming from Yang dgon pa. 57 IIB 372.1. A Sa skya pa called 'Khon Jo sras Rtse mo (prob. =Bsod nams rtse mo) mentioned in BA 333.

'KHON STON — See (— —) (Lo tsā ba) Klu'i dbang po srung ba. (— —) Dpal 'byor lhun grub.

'KHON BSDUMS — =Sri gcod 'bum pa.

'KHON PHU — BA 229.

'KHON PHU BA — See (— — —) Chos kyi rgyal po.

'KHON PHU BA LCAM SRING — "Sister of 'Khon phu ba." From her Khyung tshang pa received the Lam 'bras teachings. 17 II 508.


Bro bza' 'KHOR SKYONG — Wife of Skyid lde. DTK5 185.

'KHOR CHAGS — =Kojarnath, Khojarnath. F. by 'Khor re (q.v.). 18 61, 62. See under Khur chags, and Kho char. Kun Chang, in his article 'On Zhang zhung', p. 149 note, lists a title of a guide to Kojarnāth: Lhar bcas 'gro ba'i mchod sdong jo bo dngul sku mched gsum sngon byung gi gtam rang brjod pa'i rin chen ... bai dūrya sngon po'i pi wang. There are various stories to explain the name, and perhaps the story that 'Khor re founded it is just another one of these stories?

'KHOR TO — N. of tribe in Tibet. Das 189.

'KHOR DAG PA RNAM BRGYAD — A group of 8 discs. of Tsong kha pa. List in 165 I contents.

'KHOR GDONG — =Khang gdong. Mon. in Khams, in Tre hor Snyi Yul. F. in 12th rab 'byung by Shes rab me 'bar. 483 preface. See 370 preface.

'KHOR GDONG GTER STON — See (— — — —) 'Gro phan gling pa.

'KHOR GDONG GTER SPRUL — See (— — — —) 'Chi med rig 'dzin.

Skyi ston Sngags 'chang 'KHOR 'DAS RANG GROL — (ca. 1685) 458 I 275.6.

'Brog chen 'KHOR 'DUL — See (— —) (— —) Rdo rje bgegs kyi gtso.

'KHOR RDO — Mon. near Lhasa. Chag 109.

'KHOR LDE — ='Khor re. =Ye shes 'od. 28 52.

'KHOR SNANG LHA KHANG — See Hazod in TS9 I 39.

'KHOR BA KUN 'DREN — Kvaerne 219.

Sangs rgyas 'KHOR BA 'JIGS — 496 1v.4.

'KHOR BA THOG MTHA' GCOD PA'I RGYUD — Text title. 320 V 525‑601, VI 2‑52.

Rgyud Thams cad kyi Snying po 'KHOR BA DONG DKRUG GI RGYUD — Text in 319 VI 1‑18.

'KHOR BA DONG SPRUG — See Cuevas, Hidden History 155 (and note).

Rin chen Sgron ma 'KHOR BA DONG SPRUG — Bon teaching in 254. In title in 320 IV 528.6, V 500.3.

'KHOR BA 'DAM 'DON — A prayer. The title means "Extracting from the Swamp of Saṅsāra." Havnevik, Dissert. 165.

'KHOR BA RTSAD NAS GCOD PA — In titles in 319 II 29‑41, etc. 320 VII 109‑21, VII 387 ff.

Rje btsun 'KHOR BA RLUNG KHYER — Teacher of 'Jig rten mgon po. 476 I 48.7, 51.1, V 267.7. 207 3.5.

'KHOR MO 'JIG — =Wā rā ṇa sī. DG 153.1.

'KHOR MO BZANG — W of Rdo rje gdan. BD of T&TB I 496.

'KHOR RA BA — See (— — —) Dpon tshang dge slong. (— —) Tshe bstan 'gyur med (Tshe brtan 'gyur med?).

'KHOR RE — King of Spu rang. ='Khor lo lde. DTK5 73.

'KHOR RE — Grandson of Skyid lde, a king of Gu ge. T.H. 138. Son of Bkra shis mgon. 17 II 348. BA 37.

'KHOR LO — Pl.n. BA 1059.

Kher khad 'KHOR LO GRAGS — A translator who studied under Abhaya, and translated Dus 'khor Phreng ba Skor, Man snye, and Thub dgongs, etc. Mtshan tho no. 57. He must be the same as Kher Lo tsā ba 'Khor lo rgyal mtshan. Sometimes spelled Khe'u brgad.

'KHOR LO RGYAL PO — Son of (Rme'u) Lha ri gnyan po. 253 II 601.2.

Kher Lo tsā ba 'KHOR LO RGYAL MTSHAN — 210 169.6. See Kher khad 'Khor lo grags.

'KHOR LO RGYAS 'DEBS MA — Dīptacakra. See Mayer in JIABS 27 (2004) 143, where he notes that the Tibetan doesn't translate the Sanskrit.

'KHOR LO SGYUR DRUG — 71‑deity Cakrasamvara. 349 507‑608.

'KHOR LO CAN — King of Shambhala. 128 1020.

'KHOR LO CAN — Ancient Cakravartin type kings parallel to Bya ru can kings. SFHB 559 ff.

Phyag na rdo rje 'KHOR LO CHEN PO — 349 VIII 1‑118. SBTD I 174‑5.

Byang chub sems dpa' 'KHOR LO RDO RJE'I RGYUD — Text in 319 V 369‑381, VII 95‑109. 320 II 299‑312.

'KHOR LO LDE — Karmay in ISTS 150.

Dpal 'KHOR LO SDOM PA — Cakrasamvara. 107. Picture in 128 462. Chandra 2144. A bskyed rim acc. to Lu yi pa Tradition in 243 II 641. SBTD I 170‑172. Works on 5‑deity maṇḍala in 150. Dge lugs lineages in 165 II 963‑965. 62‑deity & 5‑deity in 349 XI, XII, XIII. 374 350.4.

'KHOR LO NAG PO'I RGYUD — In title in 320 XXXII 429.4.

'KHOR LO SNA BDUN — Francke, Antiquities of Indian Tibet, vol. 2, pp. 23, 69, etc., thinks it is the name of a historical text. This is doubtful.

'KHOR LO DBANG SGYUR — N. of a Bon teacher. Das 192.

'KHOR LO 'BAR BA'I RGYUD — Text title. 320 XXVI 58 ff.

'KHOR LO BZHI SBRAG — Bon precepts. 248 446 ff.

Rgyal po 'KHOR LO 'OD GSAL — Nine Ways 133.

'KHOR LO RIN PO CHE SKU LTAR 'BAR BA — Title in 320 IX 212.3.

'KHYAGS STOD — In Dpangs kon. "Kyagtad, Kaktet." 79 81 no. 41.

Ban chung 'KHYAM PO — 320 III 416.1.

'KHYAR BON — Acc. to Chos polemical tradition, the period of Bon history from Gri gum btsan po to Srong btsan sgam po's introduction of Buddhism. Das 379. =Dur bon. Tucci, Religions 224.

'KHYIN LO TSĀ BA — BD of T&TB X 92.9.



'KHRA 'BRUG — See ('Khor gdong Gter chen) 'Gro phan gling pa.

'KHRANG PO SPRUL SKU — 208 211.3.

'KHRI SHING GIS G.YOGS PA — A river in Lus 'phags pa. Das 417.

'KHRUG BCOS — Bon texts in 303 557‑598.

'KHRUNGS RABS LHA KHANG — In Potala. TS5 655. Po ta la (1996) 62‑3.

'KHRUNGS GZHIS — Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 452.

'KHRUL 'KHOR — Skt. yantra in the sense of physical yoga, as well as 'mechanism' in the case of animated figures and the like. Practice of Ras chung Snyan brgyud in 331 97‑104. Rtsa ba Drug, etc. 414. By Marpa. 444 21‑35. 452 415‑423. 476 21‑35.

'KHRUL 'KHOR BCO BRGYAD — Text by Mar pa. 414 395 ff.

'KHRUL 'KHOR NAG PO — In title of tantra in 320 XXI 188.4.

'KHRUL SPONG BA — A maṇḍala of Cakrasamvara. 349 XIII 101‑130.

'KHRUL MED ZHIG PO — In Bonpo lineage. 206 587.3. 248 65.2.

'KHRUL ZHIG — 'remover of illusion.' See Das 202 & BA 960.

'KHRUL ZHIG — See (— —) Ngag dbang tshe ring. (— —) Mdo sngags bstan 'dzin nor bu. (— —) Nam mkha'i rnal 'byor. (— —) Nor bu chos brtan. (— —) Padma chos rgyal. (— —) Byang chub gling pa. (— —) Seng ge rgyab pa.

Zhwa de'u 'KHRUL ZHIG — Incarnation lineage. See 154.

'KHRUL ZHIG DAR MA — 17 IV 450.1.

'KHRUL ZHIG ZHA SPRUL — Aziz 19. Aziz, Frontier.

'KHRUL ZHIG RIN PO CHE — See (— —) Dar ma seng ge.

'KHRUL ZHIG SANGS RGYAS DBON PO — See (— — — — — —) Shes rab rgya mtsho.

'KHREN BRAG LUNG — Bu ston went there. 27 79.


GA SKYA RA RENG — Khenrap in TJ 25 no 4 (2000) 69. A song collection.

GA GA — N. of mother of Chos dbyings rang grol (b. 1918). A chos 6.

Chu bo GA GA — 115 121.5.

Tshong 'dus GA GA — Where Se ban ras pa met Mi la ras pa. 57 IIB 352.4.

Rnal 'byor ma GA GĀ DHA RA — 129 V 77.5.

GA GA NA DHA RA — Nam mkha' 'dzin An Indian pundit who came to Tibet in early 11th cent. Mtshan tho no. 70.

GA GA NE SHWA RA — =Nam mkha' dbang phyug? See under Gha gha+.

GA GA I SHRA RA MA HA — Father of Zhig po gling pa. 210 210.2.

GA GE MO — Pl. in Tibet. Das 203. Go ge mo?

Tshong dpon GA GON — N. of one of the 2 merchants the Buddha met immediately after His six years under the Bodhi tree. Das 203. Ga gon Bzang skyong in 211 53.5. KB 135.4.

Yul GA GON — 491 26.3. Uebach in Daffina (1990) 402.

GA SGROG GI STENGS — BA 507. This is not a place name. See Sperling, Thesis, p. 35 (n. 9).

GA CU — An O.T. transcription of the name Hezhou. Schaik, M&T 162.

GA CU — See (— —) Gtsug phud rgyal ba.

GA CHU — BA 501. OTA 700.

Yul GA JA NI — BD of T&TB I 880.

GA 'JAG — Kashgar. Emmerick. Cambridge History of Iran III 1232.

GA'U TO SHAN — Gośīrṣa. Emmerick.

GA THUNG — Stein, Recherches 186.

GA DANG — One of five regiments, located in Gtsang. Goldstein, History 67.

GA DU — See (— —) Rin chen.

'Brug lha GA PA — Vai.Kar. II 285.

GA PU RĪ LA — Mu stegs pa teacher. BD of T&TB I 194.

GA MA — Mother of A ma dpal. TS7 II 1032, n. 23.

GA MA RDO SE — TS5 804.

GA DZA NI — (?) Country near Kashmir. BD of T&TB II 197.

GA ZHA — =Gar zha. See (— —) Mkha' 'gro gling pa.

GA ZI — A hereditary religious lineage of Stag lung and Khams Ri bo che. 20 2. A bone lineage (gdung) to which Sangs rgyas Dbon (q.v.) belonged. 235 intro. 6. A part of the Dbra clan to which Stag lung thang pa belonged. 484 I 852.5. See the article by P. Schwieger in Kailash (1996).

GA ZI YA MTSHAN BCU BDUN — Title of text in 50 folios in Drepung Catalog 1726.

GA YĀ — BA 22. NMH 35 ff.

Gnas ri GA YA — Lde'u 65.

GA YA GAU RI — See Ka ya ga'u ri.

GA YA MGO'I RI — Gayāśīrṣa, the holy hill of Gayā town. Lde'u 65 has Gnas ri Ga ya, evidently meaning the same place.

GA YA DHA RA — (993‑1343) (?!) BD of T&TB I 877‑878. Famous Kashmiri pundit who died in Tibet, contemporary and teacher of 'Brog mi (q.v.). BA 207. Father of Ti bu pa. 17 II 298.4. 17 II 502, 396.4 ff. BD of T&TB X 4.5, 47.4 ff. Picture in 128 1026. 33 190.1. He was invited to Tibet at the age of 289, which, according to above 993 CE date of birth should be 1281, but Mang thos dates this event to 1041. Subj. of thangka in Rhies & Thurman 206 ff. Mtshan tho no. 59, gives the Tibetan tr. of his n. as Sprin 'dzin, and says he came to Tibet in the 11th century. He remained a layperson, and was student of Nāropa, Maitripa, etc. Here he is identified with A tsarya Dmar po and Gsang ba shes rab (Guhya pradznya; Guhyaprajñā).

GA YA DHA RA'I LHA KHANG — Near Lha rtse. Ferrari 152. TPS 205 (description).

Rgyal po GA YA PŪ — BD of T&TB I 963.

GWA G.YE NYAL — Evid. missp. for Grwa phyi ba. See (— — —) Rdo rje 'od.

GA RA KHA CHE — N. of a guest house where Milarepa stayed in Gtsang G.yas ru byang. 4 65B.4.

GA RA GO JO — Qara Qoco. Uighur capital. ISTS 291.

La stod GA RA NGO MONG — Mon. of Bru family. 253 II 585.6. Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 448.

Mkhas mchog Phyi bo GA RA DMAR PO — 253 II 376.5.

GA RING RGYAL PO — 145 IV 104.6.

Ka gnam Sde pa Dpon chen GA RIS — Follower of Thang stong rgyal po. See Lazcano in RET 7 (2005) 45.

GA RU — Bon mon. in Rgyal shod. Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 467.

GA RU ḌA — N. of a city in Kamarupa. BD of T&TB I 913.

Mon Rgyal GA RUNG — Patron of Zhwa nag I. 356 63.4.

GA RE'I DGON — 253 II 631.1.

GA RE'I G.YU MTSHO DGON — 253 II 631.2.

GA RO — "Rgya gar na yod pa'i yul zhig gi ming." The Garo Hills. A people of the Kha kanta hills. NMH 74.3.

GA ROD LO TSĀ BA — See (— — — — —) Tshul khrims 'byung gnas sbas pa.

GA LU GSER KHANG G.YU GANG — See Thomas, "A Chinese Buddhist Pilgrim's Letters," p. 552.

GA LE NOS — Galen. From Stag gzig gi Khrom. 484 II 698.1.

Ra tsa GA'U SHA — N. of Indra bo dhi (q.v.).

GA'U SHA RA — Daughter of Hu ron ga. =Ga'u shu rya. Emmerick.

GA SHEL KHRI CHEN — See (— — — —) G.yung drung rgyal mtshan.

GA SHEL SHA 'DRA DGON — 253 II 630.6.

GA'U SHOD — In U rgyan. 87 I 13.6.

GA'U LHA SDINGS — A hermitage in Gung thang, where Tshe dbang nor bu had discs. 10.

GAG KAR — Macdonald, Lecture 196 n. 21.

Dol pa GAG STON — BA 403. =(Dol ba) Grags ston (q.v.). 17 II 456.3.

GANG GA — When the name of the Ganges is translated, it means 'Gro ldan ma. ga nggā ni bsgyur na 'gro ldan ma zhes pa yin. Eimer, Dbyangs 56.

GANG GĀ 'DZIN — N. of Dbang phyug. Das 909.

GANG GĀ 'I LHA MO — Picture in 128 1096.

GANG CHEN MTSHO — This is the more authoritative spelling for gangs chen mtsho, q.v. However, it is clear that some Tibetans have understood it with the other spelling to mean Great Glacial Lake. This might very well represent a "Tibetanizing" spelling.

Bla ma GANG 'DUD — Havnevik, Dissert. 137.


Ltas ngan gyi Rgyal po GANG PAR GE BER — Bellezza, L&T 48, 66.

Gnas brtan GANG PO PA — Disc. of Gautama. Pūrṇa? Picture in 128 38.

GANG BA SPEL — BD of T&TB I 934.

GANG BA BZANG PO — Pūrṇabhadra. N. of a serpent demon. Das. N. of a Gnod sbyin. 5 163. 53 162.1. "Gnod sbyin Gang ba bzang po'i Ri mgul." 44 39.4.

GANG BYANG THANG GI RAB BTSUN — A Lha khang. 27 131.

Ding ri GANG MA — Protective deity of Ding ri. Aziz 32.

Ding ri GANG DMAR — Name of a mountain considered to be a protective btsan spirit for the king of Gung thang. See Todd Gibson's dissertation (1991) 206.

Slob dpon GANG ZHUG THOG RGYAL — The Bon master who excavated the 'Dul ba Gling grags. Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 435. See Dpal tshul's Bon history (PRC ed.), p. 336 (last line), where one Ga zhugs Thog rgyal is said to have excavated the Rin chen Gling grags at Mang mkhar Lcags 'phrang.

GANG ZAG SNYAN KHUNG BRGYUD PA — Bon transmission. 253 II 323.2.

GANG BZANGS — BA 743, 953, 976.

Lde GANG RAG MA — Macdonald, Lecture 196.

GANG RANG — Area around Poo (Spu) and lower Spiti. Klimburg–Salter in TS9 VII 4.

GANG SHAR DAG SNANG — A name of Sha ra Dgon pa. Roesler, KSP 56.

Mkhan po GANG SHAR DBANG PO — (b. 1925) A teacher of both Trungpa and Thrangu Rinpoches. He probably died in around 1980 after many years in prison. I recommend searching the internet for "Khenpo Gangshar."

GANG SHAR RANG GROL — An alias, with Nyingma inspiration, of Dalai Lama V that is found in 307 II 205 contents. 469 120.5.

GANGS DKAR — BA 478, 492, 522, 1040. 87 I 265.1.



GANGS DKAR RNAM GLING DGON — In Khams. Shakabpa, History II 141.

GANGS DKAR RIN PO CHE — Or, Paṇḍi ta. Teacher of Zhwa nag XVI. BD of T&TB VII 294‑295. Evidently the subject of a forthcoming article by Carmen Meinert.

GANGS DKAR SHA MED RDO RJE SPYAN GCIG MA — N. of E ka dza ti after her conversion. (??) Waddell 382. Also, Gangs dkar Gnam sman dkar mo. See Ferrari 168. =Gangs dkar ma in 17 II 533.5. Tucci, Religions 166.

Yar 'brog GANGS KHYIM KU RINGS — One of 18 dbang ris. 28 79.

GANGS CAN — [1] Emmerick. Translation of Himavat, "Snowy" (which may mean the Himālayas or may be a more specific epithet of Kailāsa/ Kailash). [2] Snowland of Tibet.

GANGS CAN MKHAS PA'I GTSUG RGYAN — Also, Gangs can shing rta. Honorary names for Tsong kha pa. Das 211.

GANGS CAN CHOS 'PHEL GLING — See Ferrari 156 for references. SW of Bkra shis lhun po, and near to Shab chu. F. by (Paṇ chen) Bzang po bkra shis (q.v.). 185 contents.

GANGS CAN MTSHO — N. of a deity. 17 II 310.3. Vision of this deity in work by Nags kyi rin chen. Mistaken spelling for Gangs chen mtsho, q.v.

GANGS CAN RIN PO CHE — Photographs of him may be seen in the front of Paṇ chen Bzang po bkra shis kyi Gsung 'bum, Mi rigs Dpe skrun khang (1999), including one of him together with Kofi Annan. He drew fire for publicly accepting the PRC's Panchen Lama. Garratt in TS9 VIII 85.

Bde gshegs Rnam snang GANGS CHEN MTSHO — Picture caption in 320 I 651. A form of Buddha seen by Nags kyi rin chen. BD of T&TB I 896. Davidson in Lungta 16 (2003) 68. The true form, testified hundreds of times in the Kanjur, is Gang chen mtsho, a stock expression that seems to refer to a pleroma, or more literally, an overflowing lake.

GANGS CHEN MDZOD LNGA — Kanchenjunga Mt. in Sikkim. Das 211. High god of Sikkim with annual dance & feast. T.H. 95. 58 925. 79 80 no. 39. TR XV no. 10, p. 18.

GANGS LDAN — See Bernbaum 177.

GANGS PA'I CHOS BCU — 478A I 116.2.

GANGS PA RMUG SENG — 124 482.5, 483.2.

GANGS PA SHE'U — Disc. of Rngog Legs ldan shes rab, learned in Logic. 17 II 379.6. BA 326.

GANGS PAR — BA 179, 187. Gangs par Lha khang.

GANGS PAR — See (— —) Spel cig ma.


Lha GANGS PO SHON GANGS — Dotson, D&L 22.


GANGS PHUG GANGS — Mt. in N Lunana, Bhutan. Olschak.

GANGS BA — ? N. of an early 'Brug pa, prob. =Gangs pa. 57 IIB 372.5. BA 703.

Nor sbyin GANGS BZANG — A yakṣa deity or n. of a range which takes its name from the deity of the Rnam thos sras cycle. Tucci, Lhasa 53. See Gnod sbyin Gangs bzang. Nebesky 69. KTDN B XI 263.6.

Gnod sbyin GANGS BZANG — 23,794 foot peak North of Karo Pass. =Ha se. Also, Nor sbyin Gang bzang. See Wylie 115.

Klu mo GANGS BZANG BU MO 'OD ZER — Cuevas, Hidden History 86.

GANGS YOD PA — Das 413 no. 41.

GANGS RA NGES GSANG RDO RJE GLING — See (— — — —) Rdo rje gling.

GANGS KYI RA BA — [1] Pl. in proximity of Yar lha sham po. Ferrari 126. [2] Means generally, 'wall of mountains', or mountain range. Tibet as a 'glacier-walled enclosure' or 'snow corral'?

GANGS RI PA — N. of a Sthavira School. Gnas brtan pa. BA 27.

GANGS RI SPRUL SKU — 363 88.1.


GANGS RI'I GSER LUNG — 253 II 567.3.

GANGS LA — TS7 I 269.

GANGS LA — Mon. Diemberger in TH&L 147.


GANGS LUNG — Bellezza, Divine Dyads 388.

GANGS LUNG — See (— —) Nam mkha' rgyal mtshan. (— —) Smon lam seng ge.

GANGS LUNG LHA PHU — 253 II 567.4.

GAD — See (Gad kyi) Byi ba mkhar.

GAD DKAR — A Rnying ma temple near Charkā in Nepal. 28 34.

GAD BKRAM — =Gad pram, q.v.

GAD DKAR — Snellgrove, Asian Commitment 167.

GAD KHA SA — N. of a family. See Dreyfus in JIABS 21 (1998) 237.

GAD THOG PA — Jackson, Patron 3.

'Khon GAD PA KI RTI — A disc. of Mtshur ston. 57 IIB 348.1. (Mgon) Gad pa ki rti. BA 416, 418. See under Gsang 'dus. 17 II 468.3. Picture in 128 284.

Gcung gi GAD PA GLE GSUM — Gle, acc. to Das, means a small uncultivated island or grove (=tshal, gling ka).

GAD PA STENGS — BA 77. In Yar klungs. 24 I 218.2.



GAD PRAM — =Gad bkram. Listed as one of 8 rgod stong sde of Ru lag. 28 83. Spelled Gad sram in Lde'u 257. Gad khram gzigs Dgon. 346 119.1.

GAD KYI PHUG RI — In Yar klungs. See 133 preface.

La ru'i GAD RDZONG DKAR PO — DTK5 108.

GANG JAG THANG TA — The 'Great Translator' (Lo chen). 132 91.4. 239 XXX 251.2. 415 IX 377.2. Ba gor Gan jag than. Achard, L'Essence 38.

Karma GAN DKAR — Ming period porcelain that survived into modern times, given to the Karma pa. Dung dkar 25.

Mkhas grub GAN DKAR — Active at beginning of 9th rab byung, he made pottery. Dung dkar 139.

GAN CU — See under Kam bcu.

Chu bo GAN TI — BD of T&TB X 24.15.

Karma GAN DRIL — Ming period bells given to the Karma pa. Dung dkar 26.

GAN DRU — Stein, Mi–ñag 238.

GAN DHA RA — Emmerick.

GANDHO LA'I GTSUG LAG KHANG — Pl. where Gsang sngags kyi rgyud sde rnams were hidden by the Ḍākinīs. 211 41.4. For Gandha la, see Ghan dha la.

Lho GAN DHO LI'I RGYA MTSHO — Pl. of origin of Father Tantras. 413 312.6.

Ha shang GAN 'BAG — Lde'u2 155.

GAN MO RI — 132 96.4.

GAB TOG SHA BA — Mt. in Rgyal mo rong. Kvaerne, Treasury 141.

GAB PA DGU SKOR — N. of texts in 284. Comm. in 317 243‑311. Bon tantras in 328. Comm. in 328 B 195 ff.

GAB PA GNAD KYI LDE MIG — Text in 319 II 92‑100.

GAB PA GSANG BA'I RGYUD — In title in 320 XXVII 225‑56.

GAB SBAS GSAL BA'I SGRON MA — Bon tantra in 258 III 113‑119.

GAB SHIS — Acc. to 27 22, stands for Pakshi.

GAM — A part of Spo bo. See Lazcano in RET 7 (2005) 45.


Kha che GAM BHI — Disc. of Dus zhabs chung. BD of T&TB I 814.

Slob dpon GAM BHI RA MA TI — BD of T&TB I 894‑5, 923. One of 2 chief discs. of Zhi ba sbas pa, and a teacher of Tā ra nā tha.

Hor GAM RTSE — City in Hor khog region. Kandse, Kanze, Ganze. Wylie 118, n. 4. I think the spelling questionable. Dga' mdzes is nicer.

GAM TSHE DGON — Vitali in Lungta 14 (2001) 36 n. 40.

GAM PA LA — Kampa la. Pass at N end of Yar 'brog Mtsho. 5 171.4.

GAM SHANG — Acc. to 82 88, =Kam sheng.

Gnod sbyin GAR MKHAN MCHOG GI RGYUD — In 320 XXII 102‑112.

GAR CHEN GSAS YUL — 352 787.5 ff.

GAR MCHOD DGON — Mon. in Mdo smad (405 monks).

GAR THIG PA — 17 IV 446.4.

GAR THE CHOS BU — Dotson, D&L 23.

GAR PHU DGON — Vai.Ser. 258.

'Ol dga' GAR PHUG — Vai.Ser. 163.

GAR BA PRA TI — 253 382.2.

GARBHA RI PA — Disc. of Ḍombi He ru ka. BD of T&TB I 420, X 5.6.

GAR BABS BTSAN PA — Tucci, Religions 230.

Zur mang GAR DBANG — BD of T&TB VII 284 ff. The 9th was Dge legs 'od zer, q.v.

GAR DBANG VIII — 346 112.3. The Gar dbang incarnates stayed at Brag dkar Rta so. 396 pref. 3.

GAR DBANG 'GRO 'DUL GLING PA — Alias of Nyi ma grags pa.

GAR DBANG CHOS RGYAL — =(Gter ston) Chos rgyal gling pa.

Stag phu GAR DBANG CHOS KYI DBANG PHYUG — Autobio. listed in BLP no. 1028.

Zhwa dmar VI GAR DBANG CHOS KYI DBANG PHYUG — See under Chos kyi dbang phyug.

GAR DBANG 'CHI MED RDO RJE — Gter ma. 87 XXXI. =Kun bzang 'od zer gar dbang bstan pa'i nyi ma. Bio. in 410 174A.5.

Chab mdo Sis Bla ma GAR DBANG BDE CHEN DBANG PHYUG — Disc. of Shākya shrī. 363 117.2, 142.5.

Mnga' ris Gter ston GAR DBANG RDO RJE — (1640‑1685) Zab tig Chos dbyings Rang grol gyi Sgrub Skor, pub. in 1979+. 10th rab byung. 383 220.6. TS7 I 147. Two biographies listed in Filibeck, Catalogue II 345 (no. 728). His gter ma were approved by the Dalai Lama V (see E. Gene Smith, Banned Books in the Tibetan Speaking Lands). Also called Zla ba rgyal mtshan. 228 105.3. Work on Amitāyus. 87 XXXI, XXXV. B. 1580. 396 preface 3. Cuevas, Hidden History 189. Ehrhard, Register 153.

Rig 'dzin GAR DBANG RDO RJE'I SNYING PO — Autobio. listed in BLP no. 1851.

GAR DBANG GNAM LCAGS RDO RJE — Alias of Rtsa gsum gter bdag gling pa.

GAR DBANG PADMA SHWA RA — =(Stag phu Sprul sku II) Blo bzang chos kyi dbang phyug.

'Khrul zhig Gar dbang Rin po che GAR GYI DBANG PHYUG — (late 19th) Allione, Women of Wisdom 249.

Rdzogs chen pa GAR GYI DBANG PHYUG RTSAL — Compiler of Bde mchog work in 87 LXXXII 155 ff.

GAR DBANG 'PHRIN LAS RNAM RGYAL — Bio. in 228 262.3 ff.

GAR DBANG BLO BZANG TSHUL KHRIMS DPAL 'BAR — (fl. 1736). Second embodiment of Bon lung pa. 384 II contents.

GAR GYI DBANG MO — N. of a Mkha' 'gro ma. BD of T&TB III 392.

GAR DBANG ZLA BA RGYAL MTSHAN — =Padma gar dbang rtsal (q.v.).

Mnga' ris Gter ston GAR DBANG ZLA BA RGYAL MTSHAN — TS5 422 n. 12.

Go 'jo Chos rje GAR DBANG 'OD GSAL BSTAN 'DZIN — 208 II contents.

GAR DBANG YE SHES MCHOG GRUB — Bio. in 228 305.5 ff.

GAR DBANG YE SHES ROL PA THEG MCHOG RDO RJE — See O rgyan kun grol gling pa.

GAR DBANG RIN PO CHE — 482 13.1.

Gling Gter ston GAR DBANG ROL PA RTSAL — TS5 820.

GAR MA LI SHO — Nine Ways 133. See discussion in R.A. Stein's Zhang zhung article, at pp. 242‑3. He believes it is a deformation of Tibetan form Bi sho karma, in turn a deformation of Viśvakarman

GAR MI — See (— —) Yon tan g.yung drung.

GAR TSA — N. of a clan (gdung rus). 253 II 348.5.

GAR TSA — See (— —) Bsod nams blo gros.

GAR TSHA — See (— —) Bsod nams rgyal mtshan.

GAR ZHA — =Ga zha. Local name for Lahul (Lahoul). Das 217. Gar sha in BD of T&TB X 27.11. Gar zhwa in 334 title page, where Kerdang temple is mentioned. See Lho yul. FM 902.00 contains a basic geography of the area. For a praise of a miraculous alabaster image of Avaloktesvara in Trailoknath form to be found in Lahul, see O rgyan 'chi med padma gar dbang 'gro 'dul gling pa, Stag tshang ras pa V, Gar zhwa'i 'Phags pa 'Gro ba drug sgrol gyi Gsol 'debs Byin rlabs Sprin Phung (Chemre 1968), and see also B in L 33.

GAR RI DGON PA — A nunnery in Lhasa. Alexander, Temples 94.

GAR LOG — Qarluq. The Qarlughs (Kharlukh, etc.) were rulers of Turkish origin who started adopting Islam already in 799 CE (although this was a long process). They ruled the areas of Bīnbān and Koh-i-Jūd, roughly the area east of Ghazna that falls on either side of the Indus and north of the Jhellum River. 17 II 330.5, 339.1, 356.2. Hoffmann, Religions 112. Ref. to them in circa 1203 in 476 I 112.3. The Muslim invaders of India in the 12th century. 476 II 250.7. 484 I 680.1. Border with Tibet in 13th cent. at Gnye gong. 478A I 109.4. BD of T&TB IX 230‑237. Sher 'byung goes to Byang Gnye gong, border between Gar log and Tibet, and meets the Gar log gi Gung blon Sin wig bho gi. Also, Gar log envoys visited Khri lde srong btsan in early 9th century. See, for more refs., Kapstein, Assimilation 219 n. 55.


GAR SHA BA — See (— — —) Thogs med rdo rje.

GAR GSAS BTSAN PO — Rock, Naga Cult I 60, 151. Nine Ways 73.

GAR BSAM — A country (yul). LGCM 630.3.

GWAL GWAS — The royal line of Qosūt Mongols.

GAL MDO — 246.

Khrag 'thung Rtsa Rgyud GAL PO — He ru ka Gal po. Title in 320 XXV 395.5. 397 XXIV 98.2.

GAL PO CHE — See Khrag 'thung Gal po che.

GIRTI SPRUL SKU — In incarnation lineage of Rol po Lce nag pa, student of Rol pa'i rdo rje (b. 1717).

GI'U THEN PO SA YI LHA — Vai.Kar. II 257.

GI RI BHAN DHA — A mountainous country. Das 218.

GING — See 216 324.4 ff. Ging Lnga in 307 II 83, etc. Zlos gar 24, etc.

GING KA RA — Beyer 50. N. of a slob dpon. BD of T&TB I 305.

GING CHEN — Wife of Sa tham. Rock, Nāga Cult I 143.

GING GI GTSO — 'Chief of the Ging,' an epithet sometimes given to Rdo rje legs pa (q.v.). On the Ging, see Nebesky 278‑80. Dkar po Ging. 87 I 129.5.

GIM MI SHAN — Mt. Jiming, near Dadu. Kuijp, KPTB 32.

GU KHROM RDO GSUM SKOR — A tribal group. TS7 II 983.

GU GUM — A 'bridge' said to connect Rtsa rang Rdzong with India. TJ XXIII (1998) 108.

GU GE — District in W Tibet in Mnga' ris province. N. of section and school of Se ra Monastery. Old center of Zhang zhung empire. T.H. 50. BA 37, 643. 14 xii. Lost independence completely when absorbed into central Tibetan government in 1683. See 28 129, etc.

GU GE — See (— —) 'Dam grogs mkhar. (— —) (Khri thang pa) Ye shes dpal. (— —) Shang rtse gzhung.

GU GE PAṆ CHEN — See (— — — —) Grags pa rgyal mtshan (1433‑1474).

GU GE YONGS 'DZIN — See (— — — —) Blo bzang bstan 'dzin.

Yon bdag GU CHUNG PA — 115 136.4.

GU TAN — Elder grandson of Jen gis khan. Das 219. He invited Sa skya Paṇḍi ta to Mongolia to teach Go dan. 17 II 406.4. 208 I 217.3.

GU DHU RA — Or, Gu dhu ri pa, or, Gu dhi ra. See Go dhu ra.

GU ḌHAṂ RA — 383 318.2.

GU ṆA — Sanskrit for yon tan. Kong sprul sometimes signed his works with this shortened Sanskritized version of his name. 23 56.

Za hor GU NA — BD of T&TB I 534.

GU ṆA PHA LA — Cuevas, Hidden History 123.

Gser khang Chos rje GU ṆA MA TI — Bio. listed in BLP no. 2026.

GU ṆA RAKṢI TA — BD of T&TB I 814, 848.

Bla ma GU ṆA A KA RA NA — BD of T&TB I 562.

GU NE — N. in epic literature for the Mon. Stein, Recherches 186.

GU NE RU — Indian yoginī. Das 218. BD of T&TB I 546.

GU PHU BA — See (— — —) Chos dpal rgya mtsho.

GU PHU BLA RGAN — See (— — — —) Chos dga'.

GU MA — In Mang yul. Hoffmann, Religions 117.

Tshong dpon GU MO — ? 128 1096.

GU WER RGYAL PO — In Gzi brjid. See 276 preface. For Gu wer ra tsa, see Kvaerne 222.

GU WER — See (— —) So'u ra tsa.

GU ZAN — =Guchen? Emmerick. =Kucha. Beckwith, Tibetan Empire 50. =Kushana? F.W. Thomas, Matriceta and the Maharajakanikalekha, Indian Antiquary, vol. 32 (1903), p 349, cites from Li yul Lung bstan pa. See Sylvain Lévi, "Problèmes Indo–Hébraiques," contained in: Mémorial Sylvain Lévi 314‑318, where he discusses the place name Gozan.

GU YANG — Area of Hor. Stein, Recherches 49.

GU YANGS — Teacher of Bkra shis rgya mtsho (d. 1627). 332 II preface 4.

GU RA BA — See (— — —) Tshul khrims rdo rje.

Zhang zhung GU RA BA — A sa bdag. BD of T&TB X 93.18. A clan? Cassinelli, Tibetan Principality 12.

Zhims kyi GU RAN — OTA 675.

GU RAM DGON — 253 II 632.5.

GU RIB — =Gu rub? See (— —) Dpal bzang. (— —) Shing slag can. (— —) Gsas dga'. (— —) Lha sbyin.

GU RU'I BKA' THANG GNAM SKAS MKHAR CHU MA — A gter ma of Gter ston Chos kyi dbang phyug listed in BLP no. 0301.

GU RU GYAMS — See 275 title page. Bon mon. near Mt. Kailash. 282 preface. It is mentioned in Swami Prabhavananda's book on Kailash. Baumer, Tibet's Ancient Religion Bön 145, has a photo. See Gur gyam.

GU RU CHOS DBANG — Mon. in Lho brag bordering on Bhutan. Built on model of Nalanda. Waddell 277. See also JTL&CT 91, note, which mentions a famous stuffed horse kept there.

GU RU CHOS DBANG — (1212‑1273) A famous Gter ston. Ferrari 136. BA 445. TPS 259. (1212‑1270) Dhongthog 34. (1212‑1270) BD of T&TB III 391‑406. See under (Gu ru) Chos kyi dbang phyug. 128 846. 383 413.5. Gter ma in 87 XVII. His Bka' brgyad Gsang ba Yongs rdzogs in 87 XXII, XXV. Work on Yamāntaka in 87 XXVII, XXXIV, XLII, XLIII. He rediscovered, among other things, works by Mar pa. 413 348. 17 IV 446.5 ff. Bibliography in 374 II 622 ff. Bio. in 413 343.6. 410 52A.4. 411 263A.1. His Bla ma Gsang ba 'Dus pa in 87 VII 461‑614. His 'Chi med Tshe Sgrub in 87 VIII. [See also (Bu ston) Gong khug ma] 320 VI 608.3. 208 I 219.2. Bio. in 210 27.2 ff. See 217 166.4 ff. See 321 . Pictures in 321; 320 XX 3. His Bka' brgyad Gsang ba Yongs rdzogs in 4 vols. pub. in Paro 1979. His Ma ni Mchod pa 'Dham Dbyangs Rgyas pa pub. in Thimphu, 1979.

GU RU CHOS KYI DBANG PHYUG — One Gu ru Chos kyi dbang phyug (in this case not the famous Gter ston) is subject of a 'das log story, for which see 50 529‑605. For sources on this 'Das log figure, see Epstein in TJ 7 no 4 (Wint 1982) 80.

GU RU JO TSE — See =Tshe dbang dar po.

GU RU BSTAN 'DZIN — 375 preface.

GU RU THAL JI — 208 I 236.3.

GU RU DRAG PA — See (— — — —) Ye shes rab 'bar.

GU RU DRAG PO — MBKP 137 has a very remarkable painting.

GU RU DRAG PO KI LA YA — A dag snang of Padma dkar po (q.v.).

GU RU DRAG PO CHE — Kreijger, Tibetan Painting pl. 45.

GU RU DRAG PO MTHING GA — Picture in 320 XXX 619.



GU RU DRAG PO DBU DGU — A gter ma of Legs ldan rdo rje (q.v.).


GU RU DRAG PO DMAR NAG ME PHRENG CAN — A form of Padmasambhava Picture in 320 XV 649. Myang lugs Gu ru Drag Dmar Me yi Phreng ba can. 349 I foreword.

GU RU DRAG PO YE SHES RAB 'BAR — A gter ma of Klong gsal snying po (q.v.).

GU RU DRAG DMAR — Gter ma of Gter bdag gling pa (q.v.). Kreijger, Tibetan Painting pl. 46; holds vajra in right and scorpion in left hand.

GU RU BDUD 'DUL DRAG PO RTSAL — Depicted in Essen & Tingo, Die Götter des Himalayas 113.

GU RU SPRUL SKU — ISTS 18. n. 9. See (— — — —) Bstan 'dzin 'phrin las rnam rgyal.

Sde dge'i Drung yig GU RU 'PHEL — Alchemico medical work. Kolmas, Catalogue, no. 1231. Med. works, see DD 717.

GU RU 'BUM PA — A stepped-pyramid structure (rather chorten-like) in Pu rang, the village of Sdod yod. ZZFC 145.

Skyi ston GU RU TSHE BRTAN — Disc. of Yol mo ba III (1598‑1644). 373 preface. Rediscovered a guidebook to the hidden country Dkar po ljongs contained in 504 203‑215, in a Water Pig year (1623?-1683?).

GU RU TSHOGS PA — Temple near 'Byams pa gling. Tucci, Lhasa 148.

GU RU 'OD ZER Bellezza, Divine Dyads 394.

Yar 'brog pa GU RU YANG DAG — BA 156. BD of T&TB III 316.

GU RU RATNA — N. of author of Dgongs gcig Bsdus Don. 479 471‑529.

GU RU GSANG PHUG — ? See under Chu mig Brgya rtsa. Kailash VII 81, etc.

'Brog smad brgyud GU RU LHA KHANG — Pl.n. 5 198.5.

La yag GU RU LHA KHANG — Waddell 277. Ferrari 140. Conn. w/ successors of Gu ru Chos dbang. 210 45.2, 46.1. (Lho brag) Gu ru Lha khang. BD of T&TB III 289.

GU RUB — N. of a country? 206 556.6. Gu rub kyi mi sde Zhang zhung du bos te.

GU RUB — See (— —) Khro rgyal. (— —) Gyer rgyung. (— —) Stong rgyung nge. (— —) 'Bum me. (— —) Dmu tso ge. (— —) Tso tang. (— —) Btsan dor mi sad. (— —) Rtsu gu. (— —) Ye shes tshul khrims. (— —) Sa snang sna sgron. (— —) Gsas dga'.

Kam chu GU RUB — Also spelled Kaṃ chu Gu tub. Monastery founded by Ti shrī ras pa in his 35th year. See Elliot Sperling, "Further Remarks Apropos of the 'Ba' rom pa and the Tanguts," Acta Orientalia Hungarica, vol. 57, no. 1 (2004), pp. 1‑26, at pp. 9, 15.

Bla ma GU RUM — Kuijp, KPTB 38.

GU LANG — BA 729. 17 II 427.6. Known for gold mines (gser kha). KTDN A VIII 23.3. 115 80.1, 80.2. In Nepal, means the golden lingam at Pashupati. 406 5B.6. See following.

GU LANG DBANG PHYUG — N. of Pashupatinath. Das 777. =Gu ling. NMH 12.1.

GU SHI — See also, Gu shri, Go shrī, etc. As a title, see 27 119. See (— —) Nam mkha' rgyal mtshan.

GU SHU — Pelliot, Notes on Marco Polo 687.

GU SHRI DKA' BCU PA — See (— — — — —) Blo bzang tshe 'phel.

GU SHRĪ HAN — Thu'u 456.

GU SE — See 'Gu zi.

GU HYA KA — Indian depicted in mural illus. in Precious Deposits 288.


GU HYA TSANDRA — Picture in 320 IX 645.

Rgya gar gyi Mkhan po GU HYA GSANG BA — 320 XXX 619.5 etc. Achard, L'Essence 50.

GUG GE — Also, later, Gug. One of the four Rgod stong sde of Zhang zhung Smad. 28 83. Lde'u 274.

GUG COG — Lde'u 274.

GUG SHI PAKṢHI — 208 I 237.6.

Dge bshes GUG SHRI — 476 IV 301.1 ff.

Kong gter GUNG GRAGS — 253 II 230.1.

'Ban GUNG RGYAL — See (—) (— —) Tshul khrims rgyal ba.


GUNG CHUNG — Pl.n.? 115 10.5.

GUNG RTON — See Btsan nyen gung rton.

Mgar GUNG RTON — In 695 he was judged to be disloyal and was killed. Dotson, D&L 16.

Dkon pa rje GUNG STAG — A progenitor of 'Khon. BD of T&TB X 85.17. Interior minister for Khri srong lde btsan. He married Glang bza' Ne chung ma, and had 2 sons, the eldest 'Khon Klu'i dbang po, and the younger 'Khon Rdo rje rin chen. Dung dkar 145.

GUNG STON — Emmerick.

GUNG THANG — "Central plain." A part of Mnga' ris Skor Gsum. N. of a monastery in Mnga' ris. N. of pass (la) in Mang yul by which Padmasambhava entered Tibet. Ferrari 91. Yul Gung thang means the district of Gung thang in western Gtsang. Its capital is called Rdzong kha. Near the Nepalese border and birthplace of Milarepa. T.H. 155. BA 130, 207, 245, 366, 432, 435‑6, 496, 498, 786‑7, 802, 855, 916, 1002, 1023. TPS 545. Buston 189. Ferrari 154. For history of Gung thang kings, see ISTS 137, n. 5.

GUNG THANG — See (— —) Dkon mchog bstan pa'i sgron me. (— —) 'Phrang ra (pl.n.). (— —) Blo gros rgya mtsho. (— —) Rtsa'i Ko ron. (— —) Tshul khrims. (— —) Tsher Yul. (— —) Ral pa.

'Tshal GUNG THANG — BA 338, 341, 717. =(Mtshal) Gung thang.

Mtshal GUNG THANG — =('Tshal) Gung thang. F. in 1175. 16 33. Dkar chags by ('Jog ri) Ngag dbang bstan 'dzin. T&BS I 60. 'Jog ri's work is listed in BLP nos. 0369, 1683. Qubilai's son had a vision concerning this place. 484 II 592.6. For artistic depiction of the Dalai Lama III's visit, see thangka illustrated in TPS plate 71.

Mang yul GUNG THANG — BA 916. 17 II 323.6.

Lha yul GUNG THANG — The heavenly fields (not a place on the earth).

La stod GUNG THANG KHAB — Or, Khab Gung thang. Birth area of Ras chung and Mi la ras pa. Khab means 'castle' (or 'wife' or 'needle'). 57 IIB 348.6, 349.7.

GUNG THANG KHRI RIN PO CHE — Subj. of bio. by Snyan ngag mkhan Bsam gtan don grub listed in BLP no. 0368.


GUNG THANG 'JAM DBYANGS — Incarnate lama of Amdo. See Das 221.

Tshal GUNG THANG CHOS 'KHOR GLING — Khungtang. on S bank of Skyid chu near front of Brag Yer pa. F. by Zhang Rin po che in 1175. See Ferrari 105. F. in 1187 by Zhang. Tucci, Lhasa 112. F. in 1187 by Bla ma Zhang. Dhongthog 121. 17 II 528.6.


Khri chen GUNG THANG PA — See =Dge 'dun phun tshogs (Khri pa L).

Dge bshes GUNG THANG PA — One sent to summon Atiśa. 17 II 363.6, etc. =(Nag tsho) Tshul khrims rgyal ba.

Tshal GUNG THANG PA — See (—) (— — —) Gzhon nu bsam gtan.

GUNG THANG PA'I MCHOG SPRUL RIN PO CHE — See (— — — — — — — —) Dkon mchog bstan pa'i sgron me. (— — — — — — — —) Tshangs sras dgyes pa'i rdo rje. The most recent Gung thang Rin po che was b. Feb. 1926 & died at Bkra shis 'khyil on Feb. 29, 2000, aged early 70's.

GUNG THANG BUM PA — Large mchod rten of Yar klung Chu. Tucci, Lhasa 143.

GUNG THANG ME SHOR — N. of a statue. Essais 176.

GUNG THANG GTSUG LAG KHANG — Gung thang Gtsug lag khang Byung rabs dang bcas pa'i Dkar chag, by Sprul sku Phrin las rnam rgyal listed in BLP no. 0376.

GUNG THANG GI BTSUN PA — See (— — — — —) (Zhang) Rgyal ba dpal.

GUNG THANG RAS PA — Disc. of Ngam rdzong. 17 IV 411.2, 443.5. 484 II 798.4.

GUNG THANG LA — "Thung la." A mt., residence of the twelve Brtan ma. Wylie 65, 132 n. 149.

GUNG DU THA BU NONG — Mongol. 208 I 237.3.

GUNG SNANG PA — See (— — —) Mdzes pa'i dbang phyug.

GUNG PA — One of the four great bla brang allied with Sa skya Mon. 76 7.

GUNG PA — See (— —) Skyo ston.

GUNG PA TSHANG — See (— — —) Bstan pa rgyal mtshan.

GUNG BU — BA 120.


Phywa lcam GUNG MA RONG — Karmay, Confucius 576.

Ma Ne ne GUNG SMAN RGYAL MO — "Queen Fairy of Heaven." A guardian of Ge sar. 232 6. Tallystick 174.

GUNG RI GUNG BTSAN — (669‑686) Father was Srong btsan sgam po, mother Mong za. Dhongthog 34. Image illus. in Po ta la (1996) 60.

Blon GUNG BZHER — A member of the Sba (perhaps 'Bal?) clan, he had been an administrator of the territory around Dunhuang where he led a kind of separatist movement. He was killed in 866. Davidson, TTBR 67-68 (and references given there). Later sources spell his name Kho byer lde srong sbas, Kho bzhir stong sde sbas, Dba's Kho bzher legs steng. In Chinese Shang Kong zhe. Schaik, M&T 63.

GUNG RU — See (— —) Rgyal mtshan bzang po. (— —) Snang nga Dgon.

'Bras spungs Sgo mang GUNG RU KHAMS TSHAN — Printery. 162 187.


GUNG RU CHOS SDE — See (— — — —) Pus ti ma.

GUNG RU DPAL 'BAR — Vai.Ser. 251.

GUNG RU BA — 210 23.5.

Gtsang GUNG RU BA — In a leaflet put out by the Lhasa Archives, there is a photograph of a red–page book they explain as Dmag gzhung (Tibetan book of the art of war). The title seems to read: Gtsang gung ru bas rnol zil gnon gyi deb bar ma.

GUNG RU YE SHES MKHA' 'GRO MA — A biography in 18 folios is listed among the works of Zhang ston Bstan pa rgya mtsho (1825‑1895).

GUNG SHING — See (— —) Brtson 'grus rgyal mtshan.

GUNG SRONG GUNG BTSAN — Son of Mang srong mang btsan.

GUN CI RGYAL MO — See illus. in Po ta la (1996) 119.

GUR KUM — ? 17 II 271.3.

GUR SKYONG — Disc. of Ti shri ras pa. 467 II 108.5.

GUR GYAM — Mon. in Khyung lung. 269 preface. See Gu ru gyams, Gur rgyam.


GUR MGON — A Dharmapāla. Sādhana in 87 LX. TPS 91. Nebesky 49‑51. Tucci, Lhasa 65 (?). Wylie 74, 145 n. 278. 349 XXI, XXVII. Picture in 216A. 374 I 598 ff. Depicted in Essen & Thingo, Die Götter des Himalaya 209. Kreijger, Tibetan Painting pl. 56.

Khyung lung GUR RGYAM — 373A title page. See Gur gyam.


GUR SGOM — See (— —) Smon lam rgyal mtshan.

Zhogs GUR SNGON — Vai.Ser. 145.

GUR CHUNG DGON PA — Bellezza, Divine Dyads 232 ff.

GUR CHUNG RIN PO CHE — See (— — — — — VI) Padma theg mchog zil gnon rol pa. (— — — — — VII) Blo gros dpal 'byor bzang po (b. 1927).

GUR STON — See (— —) Dpal mdzes rgyal mtshan.

GUR DRAG — See (— —) Gu ru drag po. See Das 222.

GUR ṆA WA TRA — Land between India & Persia from which a Bonpo 'A zha came. Khetsun Sangpo, History 88. See Ghurna parna. I imagine that here 'A zha may very well mean Hazāra, Mongolic peoples who had settled in mountainous areas of central Afghanistan (but in fact a very mixed population, although it is true their language does include Mongolian words). I've had other ideas about this.

GUR PA GRWA TSHANG — A Sa skya college at Dpal 'khor Chos sde (q.v.).

GUR MO — A khri skor (q.v.) of Gtsang.

GUR ZHI'I TSHO KHANG — 253 II 632.2.

Shangs GUR ZHOG DGON PA — F. by (Rme'u ston) Lha ri gnyen po in first rab byung. 253 II 600.6 ff. Gur zhog is n. of a mt.

Co ne GUR YAG PA — Co ne Gur yag pa Yab sras kyi Rnam thar, by Dbal mang Dkon mchog rgyal mtshan, listed in BLP no. 0688.

GUR LA — "Tent Pass." In Mnga' ris Skor Gsum. Lat. 30 degrees, long. 81 degrees. See 79 77 no. 30.

Yul GUL GUL — In colophon of FM 361A.50.

GUS GUM — See (— —) Rin chen rgyal mtshan.

GUS RGYA DGON — 253 II 633.6.

GUS TIG — Pl.n. In Tarim. See Pelliot, Notes on Marco Polo 714. See also Nattier, Once Upon a Future Time 195‑196. Beckwith, Tibetan Empire 131. An unidentified city along the northern Silk Route.

GUS SDE RE MA — Nunnery. Emmerick.

GE KAR — In Glo bo. A temple associated with Padmasambhava. Ramble in RET XV 496.

GE KHA BRAG — BA 1042.

Dbal chen GE KHOD — Also sometimes, (Sbal chen). Iconography in Tucci, Religions 243. One of 5 great deities of Spyi spungs. 275 preface. See 283. 260 deities who live at peak of Mt. Kailash. May equal Wer ma. T.H. 106. 56 38. 4 96A.5. In titles in 299, 313 I 361 ff. Thangka illustrated in Christie's New York catalogue (Mar 2000), no. 133. Descr. of a rite in Baumer, Tibet's Ancient Religion Bön 47.


Mchims phu'i GE GONG — 124 491.4.


GE TAN — =Ge tang. Kvaerne, Mongols 100.

GE THUNG — Stein, Recherches 185.

GE THO — ? (Zhabs dkar) Sna tshogs rang grol (q.v.) went there. =Dge tho, n. of a mt. Stein, Recherches 185.

GE MUN — N. of Gri gum in Tucci, Religions 223.

GE 'DZO — Or, Ger dzo, Sger mtsho, etc. 232 6. Stein, Recherches 129, 184.

GE YA — BA 13.

GE RA — N. of a country. Das 223. =Rgya ri. ISTS 163.

GE RA LHA PA — N. of a Tibetan chief said to have descended from Srong btsan sgam po. He belonged to a place called Ge ra lha to the E of Lhasa on the Gtsang po beyond Chethang. Das 224.

GE RI'I BRAG — See Hazod in TS9 I 30.

GE RU — See Ke ru.

GE RE BKA' PA — See (— — — —) Rin chen rgyal mtshan.

GE RE LHA KHANG — Built by Sher 'byung. 57 IIB 358.7.

GE LU — See Ghi lu za zi.

GE SAR — Might be a pl.n., referring to Turkic Shahi kingdom. 253 II 642.2. Emmerick.

GE SAR — Houston article in TJ V no. 4. Poppe, Geserica, in Asia Major III (1926). This is the hero of the Tibetan national epic. 232. See under Theg mchog dbang rgyal. The many different episodes and versions have been published in an edition by Lopon Pema la in 25 vols. (Bhutan, Thimphu 1979). Karma rang byung kun khyab phrin las (Khenpo Kalu), Gling Ge sar Skyes bu'i Rnam thar las Dbus 'Chi bdag Cham la Phab pa'i Lo rgyus (1975), 2 vols. Ge sar Stag gling Sgrung (Khasdub Gyatsho Shashin, N. Delhi 1976). 'Dan Bla ma Chos kyi dbang phyug, Dmyal Gling (revealed by Rig 'dzin Drag rtsal rdo rje), Damchoe (Thimphu 1979). Skyes Mchog Ge sar Rgyal po'i Rnam thar Sog gling Bsam Don Kun 'Grub Dgos 'dod Rin chen Bang mdzod Khams Gsum Dbang du Bsdus pa'i Lcags kyu (Dehra Dun 1978). Gling Seng chen Rgyal po'i Sgrung Byung Bdud dang Hor 'Dul ba'i Le'u Byon tshul dang bcas pa Shin tu Bsdus pa (Delhi 1979).

GE SAR — His family held 'upper' Ladakh in 9th cent. DTK5 184. This does seem to correspond to the Turkic Shahi kingdom (see an earlier entry, just above).

GE SAR — See (— —) Ngam pa lce rings.

Gling rje GE SAR — (1038‑ ) Dhongthog 34. Texts for his cultus in 212 V. 239 XXVI. 81 103.9, 116. 128 822. Beyer 304, 56. 206 551.3. See discussion in DTK5 69.

Phrom GE SAR — A country to the north of Tibet, renowned for its violence.

GE SAR RGYAL PO — (1038‑1124) Bio. in BD of T&TB IV 97. Also called Seng chen Nor bu dgra 'dul. 232 7.

GE SAR NOR BU DGRA 'DUL — In Gling tshang royal line. TS5 810.

GE SAR LHA KHANG — Waddell, Lhasa 331, 334. Temple at top of Bong bo Ri. Picture in Bell, Tibet Past and Present 20. Built in Chinese style by Chinese. Ferrari 92.

Rngog Dbus pa GE SER — BA 364. =(Brdog) Ges ra in 17 II 412.1.

Gsas khang GE SER 'BUM GLING — 352 773.17 ff.

GER MDA' — Ferry launching place. 458 I 243.6.

GER DZO — See Ge 'dzo.

GES DUM — See L. Hambis, Kästim et Ges-dum, JA 246 (1958) 313-320.

Brdog GES RA — 17 II 412.1. See =(Rngog) (Dbus pa) Ge ser.

GO KU LA NĀ THA MISH RA — Gokulanāthamiśra. An Indian pundit at the court of Dalai Lama V. Smith, Philology 22.

GO KOG — Discussion of this Turkic tribal name by Zieme in Akasoy, I&T 178-179.

GAU KSHU LA NA THA MI SHRA — 17th‑century pundit in Tibet. Mtshan tho no. 128. See the entry just above.

GO KHA — N. of a country (yul) in Kālacakra lit. Derge vol. 77, p. 276.7.

GO GE PA — Native of Gu ge.

GO GOL 'KHRUL ZHIG — See (— — — —) Ldum bu.

Khams pa GO CHA — See under Khams pa Go cha.

Tre ston GO CHA — 253 II 414.2, 464.2.

Mtshams ston GO CHA — Contemp. of Rong zom. 205 preface.

GO CHA GNYIS MA — Phyag chen teaching. 17 IV 379.6.

GO CHA MA — Disc. of Mai tri pa. BA 843.

GO CHE — See (— —) 'Brog sgar Sprul sku.


GO CHA RNA BA SPRUL SKU — 346 99.5, 114.2.


GO 'JO — A Dge lugs mon. in Khams. 23 33. N. of an area. See Beyer 16. See Sperling, Dissertation 198.

GO 'JO — See (— — Chos rje) Gar dbang 'od gsal bstan 'dzin. See (— —) Rgya ra Dgon pa. (— — Bla ma) Shes rab 'od zer. (— — Bla ma) Shes rab dbang phyug.

GO 'JO A PHO BLA CHUNG — A name for Shes rab rgya mtsho (b. 1905).

GO TA BI RA'I GTSUG LAG KHANG — KTDN A VIII 24.6, 33.4, IX 35.5. In Bal yul. KTDN 148.1. BD of T&TB I 525. Godavarī?

GO ṬA LI PA — In vision of Sa chen. BD of T&TB X 59.16.

GO ṬA'I RGYAL PO — N. of a king. rgya gar shar phyogs bham ga la'i yul gau rī dang gau ṭa zhes 'byung bas gau rī dang gau ṭa ni dkar mo zer ba yin pas yul de'i rgyal po zhig gi ming yin nam. Eimer, Dbyangs 57.

GO TAN — Or, Go dan. See Gu tan.

GO TAM SDE — See under Gro tshang Rdo rje 'chang.

GO STA NA — See Sa nu.

GO STOD — See (— —) Rin chen rnam par bkod pa.

GO ḌA — Skt. Gauḍa. Jamspal, Treasury 133.

Rgyal po GAU ḌA — BD of T&TB I 355.

GAU ḌA PAṆḌI TA DĀ MO DHA RA GRI DZA — Mentioned in 152 I contents.

GO ḌA BA — N. of a pl. in India. 17 II 255.2. BD of T&TB I 825.

GO DA WA RI — Said to be in the southeast. BD of T&TB X 9.6. BD of T&TB I 440. Sircar, Śākta Pīṭhas. 406 7B.4.

GO DHU RA — Or, Gu dhu ra, or, Gu dhu ri pa. Tib.: Bya rngon zhabs. Mahāsiddha. Bio. in 120 145‑6. See also Bya da li pa. Gu dhi ra in 17 IV 373.5.

Dge bshes GO 'DUL — (ca. 1181) 476 I 101.2.

GO LDE 'PHAGS PA — See (— — — —) G.yung drung ye shes.

GO NUB — Khenrap in TJ 25 no 4 (2000) 39. A Dge lugs mon. in Ru thog.

Rgyal po GO PĀ LA — Go po la, Go pe la. 17 II 258.4, 534.1. =Qubilai in BA 702, 487. 247 I 540.1. Sometimes refers to the first Pāla king of India.

Bhra wa ma GO DPAL — "Brahmin." 373 I 24.2.

GO 'PHANG — N. of a king. Stein in McKay, History of Tibet I 535.

GO BI TSANDRA — N. of a mon. in Nepal Valley. BD of T&TB I 899.

Rgyal po GO BI TSANDRA — BD of T&TB I 436, 459, 463.

GO BIN DA TSIṆḌA — King of Benares. BD of T&TB I 333.

Blo gsal gling GO BO KHAMS TSHAN — Printery. 162 189.

Rdza stod GO BO KHYUNG PHUG — 363 108.6.

'Bras spungs Blo gsal gling Bla ma GO BO 'JAM DBYANGS PHUN TSHOGS — Student of Rol rdor (b. 1717).

GO BO RAB 'BYAMS PA — See (— — — — —) Bsod nams seng ge.

GO BO RONG — See (— — —) Rin chen sgang.

Mtsho GO MA DE BA — 406 3A.2.

GO MA DE BYI — 132 53.6 ff. Pictured in 320 V 3, 30.4. Daughter of U pa rā dza. BD of T&TB I 261.

Sras mo GO MA PĀ LA — BD of T&TB I 955.

GO MA SA LA GAN DHA — Stūpa in Li yul. 406 1B.4, 2A.4. Go ma swa lag ddho; ='Phags pa shing kun. 363 140.2. Emmerick. The name explained (in a 'Tibskrit' kind of way) in Ehrhard, Old & New 111 n. 8.

Yul GO DZI RA — BD of T&TB I 881.

GO ZA PAṆḌI TA — (ca. 1165) 476 I 57.2.

GO RA — Mon. in Tangut land, or in Tsong kha. 484 I 825.3. See Elliot Sperling, Further Remarks Apropos of the 'Ba' rom pa and the Tanguts, AOH, vol. 57, no. 1 (2004) 1‑26, at p. 9.

GO RA GDONG — A mon. subsidiary to G.ya' bzang. CFMS 16.

GO RA ZAM PA — In the Chamdo area. Tsarong in TJ XXIII no 3 (1998) 31.

Gu ru GO RAKSHA — Mahāsiddha. Tib.: Ba glang srung. Bio. in 120 29‑33. JTM 28, 31. BD of T&TB I 440, 454, 640‑644. NMH 43.6.

GO RA BA RI — =Go ra wa ri. "Ba'i mchog sbyin." BD of T&TB X 23.5‑23.10.

GO RAM — See (— —) Bsod nams seng ge.

GAU RI BRGYAD — "Gau ri brgyad la sogs bran du 'khol." 33 196.4.

GO RI SHWA RI — In bio. of Tilopa. "Go ri shwa ri Rgyal po'i khab tu." 116 54.7.

GO RIN — 115 161.6.

GO RU RA — Mahāsiddha. BD of T&TB I 716‑7.

GO RUB LO TSĀ BA — See (— — — — —) Chos kyi shes rab.

GO RO SHI SHA — ? KTDN 100.3.

GO RONG — BA xvii, 64.

GOR SHA — =Gorkha, Gurkha. A mt. village in Nepal, "original" home of the Gurkhas. Wylie 127 n. 117. About 45 miles NW of Kathmandu.

GO LA — BA 21.

GO LAM — A gdung rus. 253 II 355.1. See (— —) Tshul khrims rgyal mtshan.

Hor chen GO LU SU SHOG SNGAGS DGON — 438 VII 415.5.

GO LUNG — BA 698. (Pha drug gi) Go lung. 4 84B.2. 115 8.2. Go lung Dgon pa. 115 109.7, 110.1.

GO LUNG — See (— —) Mdo sde dpal.

GO LUNG PA — See (— — —) Nam mkha' rgyal mtshan. (— —) Gzhon nu dpal.

GO LUNG PHU — BA 698. 115 13.6.

GO LEN NĀ THA — Tib.: Rdza ma'i mgon po. Disc. of Nā go pa. BD of T&TB I 416, 423. Teacher of O ko ra nā tha. BD of T&TB I 423.

GO SHA — See (— —) Tshe ring.

GO SHĀK — Abbreviated form combining the names of two famous Sa skya teachers. See (Go bo Rab 'byams pa) (Kun mkhyen) Bsod nams seng ge and Shākya mchog ldan.

GAU SHAN TING — In O rgyan. KB 92.1.

GO SHRI — National preceptor. Guoshi. Sperling in Lungta XIII (2000) 23.

GO SHRI — See (— —) Karma chos rgyal. (— —) Karma bstan srung. (— —) Karma don grub snying po. (— —) Chos kyi rgyal mtshan. (— —) Bstan 'dzin chos rgyan (17th cent.). (— —) Dpal 'byor don grub. (— —) Blo gros rgyal mtshan. (— —) Blo bzang mi 'gyur rdo rje. (— —) Shākya bzang po.

GAU SĀN — Gosain. Wylie 63. NMH 74.2.

Bha ha ma na GO SAL — Picture in 373 I 24.

GAU HA RI — An area west of Assam. See Dung dkar 18.

GOG — Or, Kog. Wakhan. Scherrer‑Schaub in JIABS 25 (2002) 273. See ZZFC 184. Dotson, OTA 129. The Wakhan Corridor is over 200 kilometers long, joining Afghanistan to China. It certainly does resemble the Gog in Gog and Magog, doesn't it? (I think this has already been picked up on by some prophecy mongers.)

GOG DOR — BA 449.


GONG DKAR — BA 338, 799. 5 209.5. 458 I 44.6. "White Collar," name of a dog, in Jinpa, Mind Training 394.

GONG DKAR — See (— —) Nges gsang rdo rje gling.

GONG DKAR CHOS GRWA — Or, Gong dkar Chos gling, or, Gong dkar Rdo rje gdan gyi Chos grwa. On Gtsang po near confluence with Skyid chu. Sa skya Mon. f. by (Rdzong pa) Kun dga' rnam rgyal in 1464. JTL&CT 308. Tucci, Lhasa 149 ff. Ferrari 134. Dhongthog 126. This mon. preserved doctrines of Zha lu pa and Bu lugs into modern times. 27 179. F. in 1469. 76 8. Jackson, Patron 5.

GONG DKAR RDO RJE GDAN PA THON MI — See (— — — — — — — —) Kun dga' rnam rgyal.

GONG DKAR BA — A branch of Sa skya pa. Ferrari 164, 134. N. of a lineage, also called Gangs dkar. 12 IX 92.2 ff.

GONG DKAR BA — See (— — —) Lha dbang dpal 'byor.

GONG DKAR BLA MA — An important Rinpoche of Kham in the first half of the 20th century. He evidently belonged to Karmda (Skar mda'?) Monastery. He is mentioned quite negatively in Loup, Martyr in Tibet, p. 221 ("Kongkar Lama") et passim.

Rgya Lcags ri pa GONG KHA PA — Bka' gdams teacher of Sgam po pa. BA 453. 57 IIB 353.3. 73 246.4. His tomb in the 'Phan yul valley is especially venerated. See Roesler, KSP 61.

Bu ston GONG KHUG MA — N. under which the 'Chi med Tshe Sgrub teachings by Gu ru Chos dbang passed into the Zhwa lu and Sa skya traditions. 87 VIII preface. Bi ma la'i Gong khug ma. 210 63.1.

GONG RGYAL — Bon mon. in Nyag rong. Thar in TS9 IV 167.

'U yug GONG SNGON — Thang stong met Rdo rje legs pa there. 5 190.4.

GONG PA RI — BA 279. Gong po Ri. KTDN 132.1.


GONG BU — BA 124.


GONG BO — BA 937.

GONG SMAN — See (— —) Dkon mchog bde legs.

GONG RA LO CHEN — See (— — — —) Gzhan phan rdo rje.

GONG RI DKAR PO — Two days SE of Lha sa in Dbus. Birthpl. of Bde chen chos 'khor Yongs 'dzin II. 8.

GONG GSUM BDE CHEN PA — Or, Gong gsum pa. See (— — — — —) Chos kyi dpal.

GON GYO — Spelling for Go 'jo. TS5 803.

GOR — ? "Gor Bod Zhang gsum." 253 II 581.1.

GOR KHA — =Gurkha. 363 144.2.

GOR NUB RI BA — See (— — — —) Dbang rgyal.

Rgya gar GOR BU RI — Prob. missp. for Gong bu Ri? 57 IIB 369.6.

GOR ṢHA — Gurkha. DTK5 142.

GOR ṢHA ṬI — Pl.n. 177 1B.5.


GOL SGRIB STON PA'I MDO — Text contained in 320 I 260 ff.

GOS DKAR CAN — Śvetavastrin. In Kālacakra, =Mani? Refers to physicians. KB 98.5.

Drang srong GOS DKAR CAN — Thought to be =Gshen rab in Sim ha pu ra (?).

GOS 'KHRUD ZHABS — See Dho bi pa.

GOS SNGON — Valley in 'U yug. N. of village near confluence of tributaries of 'U yug Chu w/ temple of same name on other side of river. Ferrari 160. History of temple in 383 630.2.

GOS SNGON CAN — With Blue Raiment. See under Byang chub rdo rje.

GOS DMAR BA — Tāmraśatīya. Branch of Sarvāstivāda. BA 29.

GOS SER CAN — With Yellow Raiment. N. of Vishnu. Eimer, Dbyangs 55. Jamspal, Treasury 10.

GOS HRUL CAN — With Tattered Raiment. See Kanta li pa.

GOS LHA PAṆḌI TA — Subject of an article by Khu byug in Krung go'i Bod ljongs 5th issue of 1998.

Snye mo GYA PA'I RU BA — ? "Rotten tent"? 17 II 534.3. Seems not to be a proper n., actually.

GYA BA — BA 519.

GYA BAR — BA 518.

GYA TSHOM CAN — "One in doubt." Kīṭaka. A bard of Māgadha.

GYA LA BA — A group of heretical wanderers, mentioned in words of advice to a minor king. 'Jig rten mgon po, Bka' 'bum IV 468.3 ff.

GYANG CHU — Ch. Jiangzhu. A Chinese teacher of Mchog ldan legs pa in about late 13th century. Kuijp, KPTB 57.

Paṇ chen Kha che Dpal 'bar GYANG TI GSAS — 292 preface.

GYANG STONG — Vai.Ser. 249.

Lha ri GYANG DO — Macdonald, Lecture 199.

GYANG PA — BA 298. Of Mar snon.

Lha ri GYANG MA GYANG MTHO — 239 XXX 234.1.

GYANG TSE — BA 732, 791, 799, 1073.

'Ol kha GYANG SAR — Also, ('Ol dga') Gyang gsar. Pl.n.

GYAD — BA 849. N. of a people. Jaeschke 74. N. of Mallā region. Emmerick. Banerjee, Sarvāstivāda Literature 95. See Gyad yul.

GYAD DO — N. of a tribe. Das 235.

GYAD KYI NOR BU — In bio. of Tilopa, "Gyad kyi Nor bu'i grong du." 116 57.5.

Shangs kyi Phu ru GYAD PA — 115 135.2. Kuijp, Rivers 314.

GYAD BU THUNG — 352 5.5.

GYAD 'BUM BSAGS — Sp.? 58 929‑930.

Lho phyogs GYAD KYI YUL — Samdo A I 8v.5. Gyad yul. Lde'u 62.

GYAM — Pl.n. in Mang yul. DTK5 94, 112.

GYAM — BA 726. The Gyam in 17 II 421.3 is equivalent to (La stod) Khyam in BA 786.

GYAM PA'I RDZONG — Bellezza, Divine Dyads 383.

Rgyal po GYAM RING PO — 122 82.4.

GYAM RIM — BA 726.

GYAM SHER — Pl.n. BD of T&TB VII 393.

GYAR — See =Dgyer. See Sgom chen po.

GYAR RI — Bon mon. in Amdo. 253 II 639.2.

GYI GLING — Kulti, n. of a place. Das 235.

GYI JO LO TSĀ BA — See (— — — — —) Zla ba'i 'od zer.

GYI LJANG — N. of pl. in Tibet. Das 235. Beyer 320‑321. 413 424.2. 502 79.3.

GYI LJANG — See (— —) Dbu dkar.

GYI THAN — Or, better, Gyi thang. N. of pl. and tribe in E Tibet ("smad na.").

GYI BAN — Chinese monk serving at ordination of Dgongs pa rab gsal. 17 II 340.1.

GYI RI — While this is easily confused as "the mountain of," it may also stand for the Sanskrit giri, "mountain."

GYI RI LJONGS SNGON — Dung dkar 105.

GYI LING GSI — Kuilinsi, in Lijiang. Jackson, Patron 244.

GYING — See Jaeschke 74. Laufer, Loan Words 484.

GYING THANG — Pl.n. See Elliot Sperling, "Further Remarks Apropos of the 'Ba' rom pa and the Tanguts," Acta Orientalia Hungarica, vol. 57, no. 1 (2004), pp. 1‑26, at p. 15; and note Zla Gying thang at p. 23, n. 66.

Spug GYIM TANG RMANG BU — A figure that is named three times in Dunhuang document PT 1287. The clan name is given as both Spug and Spung.

GYIM PO — Kvaerne, Mongols 99.

Co bon GYIM BU — 253 II 139.6 ff, 378.1.

Lde bon Mkhas pa GYIM TSA RMA CHUNG — 253 II 133.2 ff, 371.6. Colophon to FM 364.01.

Lte bon Mkhas pa GYIM TSA RMA BO — 253 II 375.6.

GYIM SHANG — Of Hor. See 82 88. "Byang Gring sham Hor gyi rgyal sa na." 4 140B.4. Gyim shang Nag po. Kvaerne, Mongols 88. Gyim shang is a religion of China which said all life came from a golden turtle. SBKK II 347. See A.H. Francke, Tibetische Handschriftenfunde aus Turfan, SPAW (1924), pt. 3, p. 17 for a discussion.

Spa GYIM SHANG GONG GONG — Kvaerne, Mongols 99.


GYIM SHING KONG JO — Same as following. Sba 2.

GYIM SHONG ONG CO — Wife of Khri lde gtsug brtan Mes ag tshoms, and mother of Khri srong lde'u btsan. 17 II 319.5. Or, Gyim shang bza' Ang cung. 87 I 33.1 ff.

GYIM SHOD — N. of a mt. See 23 29. 253 II 573.6. For an attempt to interpret it as meaning 'Gold Country,' see Yasuhiko Nagano, Zhangzhung and Gyarong, contained in: Y. Nagano, ed., Issues in Tibeto-Burman Historical Linguistics, National Museum of Ethnology (Osaka 2009) 131-149, at p. 133.

GYIL KYANG — =Gyil yang. Pl.n. Emmerick.

GYUR PA — See (— —) 'Od zer rgyal mtshan.


GYE KHOD GNYAN LUNG GANGS — 253 II 567.6. See under Ge khod Gnyan lung. In Ru thog. ZZFC 249.

GYE RE — Pl. on Gtsang po SE of Lha sa. Gye re Lha pa, an old noble family. Das 236. BA 991. 5 103.5. Ahmad, Fifth 97. On Gye re Monastery, see Dungkar, Dictionary 554.

GYE RE — =Rgya ri. ISTS 163. BD of T&TB VII 179.7. See Hazod in TS9 I 30‑31.

GYE RE — See (— —) Mchog skyor.

Gtsang pa GYE RE BA — Chag 57.

GYE RE YAR 'PHRANG — Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 103. The spelling Gye re Yar 'phreng also occurs, although it would seem less correct.

GYED BUM GSAR — Sp? N. of a rāja of Sikkim. 58 928.

GYEN THO CHEN MO — Vitali in TS9 I 82.

GYER — See (—) Thogs med. (—) Sangs gtsug phud.

GYER GLING NYI SHAR — Pl.n.? 5 170.3.

Gu rub GYER RGYUNG — 206 559.3.

GYER SGOM CHEN PO — (1090‑1171) F. of Shug gseb Bka' brgyud. 235 intro.? 12 IX 89.5 ff. See Hazod in TS9 I 31 n. 9.

Khyung po GYER CHEN BLA MED — Bonpo terton. 253 II 192.4.

GYER GTO — Ritual in 12 XII.

GYER STON — See (— —) Khro gsas. (— —) Nam g.yung. (— —) Dbang 'grub.

GYER NAM ZU RTSE — 471 95.2.

GYER PA GLING — 5 241.3. "Gyer pa gling gi shan chen." 5 246.6.

GYER SPUNGS — See (— —) Dge 'phen. (— —) Rgyal gzigs gsas chung. (— —) Legs grub.

GYER SPUNGS CHEN PO — See (— — — —) Snang bzher lod po.

GYER MI — See (— —) Nyi 'od.

GYER 'DZOM — =Ge 'dzo. Stein, Recherches 184.

GYER ZA — See (— —) Snang rgyan.

Khyung po GYER ZLA MED — SFHB 731.4.

GYER GSHEN — See (— —) Stag lha.

GRA — One of 6 early tribes. Das 238. BA 96, 352, 654, 671, 715, 822, 937, 943, 966, 970. 24 I 390.5, 217.6. N. of a clan, spelled variously as Rga or Lga, etc. See 82 85.

GRWA — See (—) Rnga yul. (—) Dar rgyas chos lding gi Ri khrod. (—) Bde ba gling. (—) Byams pa gling. (—) Ri bo Rnam rgyal.

GRWA SKOR MKHAN CHEN — See (— — — —) Chos skyabs bzang po.

GRWA SGOM — See (— —) Chos kyi rdo rje.

GRA LNGA RDO RJE — Author of bio. listed in BLP no. 0152.

GRA JANG PA — See (— — —) Nam mkha' 'od.

GRA STAG — See (— —) Rin chen rdo rje.

GRWA STON 'BAR — Founder of Gnas (or, Gnas sgor) Mon. and disc. of Grwa pa Mngon shes. 124 489.4. Also called Bre ston 'Bum lha 'bar, q.v.

GRWA THANG — Tathang. Grwa nang is the name of the valley. On Gtsang po not so far W of Grwa phyi. A valley w/ temple of same name f. by Grwa pa Mngon shes (d. 1091) in 1081, and completed by his nephews in 1093. BA 76‑77, 96‑97, 823, 852, 906, 931, 942, 991. At first it was Rnying ma, but later Sa skya. Ferrari 132. Tucci, Lhasa 147. 27 131. G.yo ru Grwa thang. 124 454.3. Description in 124 492.6 ff, where it is said to be patterned after Bsam yas. Photo of doorway in Precious Deposits II 145, with paintings on pp. 156‑7. Heller in TJ 27 no 1/2 (2002), esp. p. 41, which notes a special chapel in the north part for the drawings of Ma cig Lab sgron related to Prajñāpāramitā.

GRWA THANG MKHAN CHEN — See (— — — —) Kun dga' mkhyen brtse phun tshogs.

Sger pa Rje drung Rin po che GRWA THANG MKHAN CHEN — See (— — — — — — —) (— — — —) Ngag dbang bstan 'dzin phun tshogs.

GRA DOL — Short for Lho gra and Nang dol. BA vi.

GRA LDING CHE — =Grwa Sdings po che. See (— — —) Cung Sprul sku.

GRWA SDINGS PO CHE — S. of Grwa thang. 'Brug pa sect. Ferrari 133.

GRWA NANG — Valley with temple named Grwa thang, q.v. =Dra nang, q.v. Pl. in Lho kha. Das 238.

GRWA NANG — Chayet in TH&L 31.

GRWA NANG — See (— —) Rgyal gling tshogs pa. (— —) Ar dge Dgon.

GRWA PA — NOTE: the name refers to the region, and as such does not mean 'monk', and neither does it seem to have been a family name (Mngon shes belonged to the Mchims family). It was a local name for the Mgos family in Myang stod, a name based on their family origins. Vitali in TS9 I 83.

GRWA PA — See (— —) Mngon shes.

Dge bshes GRA PA — See Spyan g.yas Lha khang. Bio. listed in BLP no. 0452.

GRA PAD — A gter ma. Das 238.

GRA PHU DGON PHUG — Rnying ma mon. in Dbus gtsang.


GRWA PHYI — Drachinang. On banks of Gtsang po W of Bya sa. Home of Skyogs Lo tsā ba Shes rab 'byung gnas. A pl. in Lho kha. Das 238. Ferrari 132. BA 75, 78, 693, 906, 947, 990. Velm I 123. Gra phyi Thar pa gling. 453 39.2.

GRWA PHYI — See (— —) Khang dmar. (— —) Rta lam po. (— —) Tshong 'dus Grwa tshang. (— —) O rgyan smin grol gling.

GRWA PHYI CHU BZANG — 210 240.6.


GRWA PHYI BA — See (— — —) (Gnyal) Rdo rje 'od.

GRWA PHYI O RGYAN SMIN GROL GLING — See under Smin grol gling.

GRA BYAMS PA GLING — Vai.Ser. 188.

GRA BYI LA — City of Magadha where Mai tri pa was born. See 57 IIB 344.6. 17 II 287.1. Tatz, LSPM 696, note 1.

GRWA MA GRU BZHI — Karma Bka' brgyud mon. 12 IX 85.4.

GRWA MA LUNG — Havnevik, Dissert. 193.

GRA MI — Disc. of (Klubs dkar) Tshul khrims grags. 17 II 345.4. BA 82.

Gtsang Gshis GRA SMAD DGON — Vai.Ser. 242.

GRWA TSHANG — One of the 5 families responsible for the administration of Tho ling. TJ XXIII (1998) 108.

GRWA BZHI — Chinese garrison North of Lha sa. See Wylie 158 n. 389. See also Dgra shi.

GRWA BZHI LAS KHUNGS — Dept. set up by the Dalai Lama XIII. Shakabpa 267.

GRA RA RING BRAG DKAR — A Bon mon. TS7 II 981.

GRA RABS — BA 653.


GRWA LO — See (— —) Rnam rgyal rdo rje.

Dbus pa GRWA SUM — =(Dbus pa) Sna drug. BA 364.

GRA'I SO THANG PA — Jinpa, Mind Training 316.

GRA HA BAD TA — Khotan protector. Emmerick 'Gra ha bad ta.

Grong khyer GRA HA RA — 120 174.7.

GRA HE MI BO CHE — Sa bdag. KTDN 143.3.

Kha rag GRAGS RGYAL BA — (1186‑1271) BA 687‑688. Pabongka, Liberation in Our Hands, pt. 2, p. 70. Aka Grags pa rgyal mtshan.

Mkhan chen GRAGS RGYAL — Lhagyal in Karmay, ed., New Horizons in Bon Studies 454.

Bla ma GRAGS RGYAL BA — Karma pa. Bio. in 35 I 646.


Spu hrangs Lo tsā ba GRAGS MCHOG SHES RAB — 17 II 408.4.

Dol ba GRAGS STON — One of the mnyes pa'i bu chen bzhi discs. of Mar pa. 57 IIB 347.5. See =(Dol pa) Gag ston.

GRAGS LDAN GLING PA — Secret n. of the Dalai Lama XIII. 438 VI 770.1.

GRAGS LDAN MA — Epithet of Draupadī. Das 98.

GRAGS LDAN MCHOG SKYONGS — Picture in 320 VI 635.

GRAGS LDAN 'OD — A monk whose n. appears in an inscription. Luczanits in TS9 VII 119.

Dgra bcom pa GRAGS PA — In story of Aśoka. BD of T&TB I 279. Dung dkar 170.

Rigs ldan GRAGS PA — Evidently Paṇ chen I composed a story of this Shambhala king, listed in BLP no. 1862. Bio. by Dge tshul Blo bzang bstan 'dzin listed in BLP no. 1863.

GRAGS PA BKRA SHIS RGYAL MTSHAN DPAL BZANG PO — (1376-1421) A teacher of Ri bo che who had a dream of Phag mo gru pa in 1418 and constructed an image. Jackson, MB, p. 138.

GRAGS PA SKYONG BZANG — Father of Grags pa 'od zer (q.v.). 5 5.

Ser smad pa GRAGS PA MKHAS GRUB — Author of a history of Shar rtse Grwa tshang that was published in Materials for a History of Dga' ldan (pub. 1975), vol. 1. He was also known as Ser smad Mkhan zur Thub bstan legs bshad.

GRAGS PA RGYA MTSHO — Subj. of bio. by Ngag dbang rnam rgyal bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan listed in BLP no. 0383.

GRAGS PA RGYA MTSHO — Author of bio. of Zhwa dmar Dge 'dun bstan 'dzin rgya mtsho listed in BLP no. 1733.

Byang sems GRAGS PA RGYA MTSHO — Subj. of a bio. by Rje Mkhan po IX (1710‑1759). 135 I 493‑605.

GRAGS PA RGYA MTSHO — Disc. of (Gtsang Mkhan chen) 'Jam dbyangs dpal ldan rgya mtsho (q.v.). (1646‑1719), alias Sangs rgyas grags pa. 23 48.

GRAGS PA RGYA MTSHO — (1647‑1713) BD of T&TB V 572.

Rgyal tshab XI GRAGS PA RGYA MTSHO — (ca. 1902‑ca. 1959).

Chos rje GRAGS PA RGYA MTSHO — (13th cent.) Rnying ma. Bio. BD of T&TB IV 165. Prob. subj. of bio. in BLP no. 0760.

Chos rje GRAGS PA RGYA MTSHO — (1555‑1627) BD of T&TB VI 155. 33rd Khri thog of Dga' ldan (at age 70). "Gye re Stod du 'khrungs." Picture in 128 920.

Yongs 'dzin GRAGS PA RGYA MTSHO — Bio. of Dme shul Rin po che listed in BLP no. 1640. Bio. of A mchog 'Jam dbyangs mkhyen rab rgya mtsho, BLP no. 2094.

GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — Mentioned in a Mongolian document in 'Phags pa script. See TPS 623.

GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (1830‑1877?) See BD of T&TB V 566.

GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (1900's) BD of T&TB V 576.

Mkhan chen GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — Bonpo. 253 II 389.4.

Sku zhang GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — Became, starting in 1308, up until 1333, the lay leader of Zhwa lu. Ricca & Fournier in TJ 26 no 3/4 (Aut/Wint 2001) 104. He went to China & was awarded with titles of Gu shri and Du dben sha.

Rje btsun Rin po che GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (1147‑1216) Dhongthog 35. 16 35. T.H. 23. Sa skya pa writer and hierarch, abbot starting from 1172. BA 211. TPS 101, 257. Wrote medical works. 3rd son of (Sa chen) Kun dga' snying po. Bu ston met him (in vision) and revised his works. 27 112. 17 II 404.6 ff. Pictured in 128 338, 430. Collected works in 145 III & IV. Beyer, index under "Dragpa Jets'en". Portrait bronze, see Uhlig, On the Path to Enlightenment 188; another in Weldon & Singer, Sculptural Heritage p. 171. Bio. listed in BLP no. 1968.

Gong ma GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (1374‑1432) Father of (Gong ma) Grags pa 'byung gnas pa (q.v.). Died in 1432 at age 59. 208 229.2. Shakabpa 85 ff. 449 34.3. For sources, see E. Sperling, Dissertation, p. 171, note 3. Precious Deposits III 93. Shastri in TS9 I 133.

Glang ras pa GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — Disc. of Stong nag ras pa. 467 II 187.4. Also studied w/ Zhwa nag III (1340‑1383). B. and d. in Tiger year, living to age 73.

Rgyal Mkhan chen GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (1762‑1837) BD of T&TB V 693. 23rd in gdan rabs of Bkra shis 'khyil. Works listed in SBTD I 311. Skyes rabs comm. listed in BLP no. 0173. Author of bios. listed in BLP nos. 0866, 1146.

Chos bzhi Snying ma ba GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — 57 IIB 358.5. See =(Tshes bzhe) (Rnying ma ba) Grags pa rgyal mtshan.

Snyos GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — Also, (Smyos). Disc. of Nyang ral. 413 338.2. 477 136.1.

'Jam dbyangs GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — Author of a comm. on the 1st chap. of Guhyasamāja Tantra, pub. 1977.

'Dul 'dzin GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (1374‑1436) or (1374‑1434) Bka' gdams pa. BD of T&TB V 165. "Dbus Stod Sprad du 'khrungs." Dhongthog 35. Disc. of Tsong kha pa. Pictured in 128 482. Bio. in 165 I 822. Barlocher 445. His 'Dul ba'i Bslab bya Chen mo has been published in 248 folios in 1972(?) in Dehra Dun. I Tib 72‑905163. For a portrait in a 15th‑century thangka, see Essen & Thingo, Die Götter des Himalaya 214. His work on Yogatantra is in woodblock print in LTWA. Its title is Bcom ldan 'das Thams cad Rig pa'i Rnam bshad, with 161 fols. Author of bio. of Red mda' ba listed in BLP no. 1883.

Nang chen Bla ma GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — 23 29.

Sne bo GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (11th cent.) One of 'four great disciples' (bu chen bzhi) of (Gzus) Rdo rje rgyal mtshan. "yul Rang lho tsa ba/ rus Zhang." BD of T&TB III 234, 235. 17 II 342.6 ff. (Sog) Tshul khrims bla ma was his disc.

Paṇ chen Bsod grags IV GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (1619‑1654) He is the human who evidently committed suicide by stuffing a scarf down his own throat, and subsequently became the protective deity Rdo rje shugs ldan. MHTL no. 13499 would seem to be a ref. to a volume of his collected works: "sprul sku grags pa rgyal mtshan gyi gsung pod gcig." He was at first a candidate for Dalai Lama, but was finally recognized as the 3rd reincarnation of Bsod nams grags pa (1478‑1554). He was at the head of the estate known as the Gzims khang Gong ma, while the 5th Dalai Lama was at the head of the estate Gzims khang 'Og ma. See Dreyfus in JIABS 21 (1998) 229 ff.

Paṇḍi ta GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — Bio. by 'Jam dbyangs nam mkha' listed in BLP no. 1271.

Bo dong Mkhan chen Lo tsā ba GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — DTK5 120. His dates were fairly surely 1352‑1405. He is later than Yar klungs Lo tsā ba, but the two of them are often confused in the sources (and there was a Shud ke Lo tsā ba Grags pa rgyal mtshan as well, although he might be identifical with Yar klungs Lo tsā ba??). Dates given as 1352/3‑1405 by Kuijp in JIABS 17 (1994) 184. His biography is included in Bo dong Phyogs las rnam rgyal's history of the Guhyasamāja.

Dbang GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (1374‑1432) Kuijp in Lungta 14 (2001) 60. See Gong ma Grags pa rgyal mtshan, above.

'Be tsha GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — 253 II 409.1, 476.3.

Mar ston GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — 253 II 437.3, 604.1, 604.3.

Tshes bzhi Rnying ma ba GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (1293‑1360). BA 583. Became abbot of 'Bri gung in 1310. A Kālacakra image said to have been found in the stūpa of "Chos bzi pa, Abbot of Densatil and king of Tibet during the late 14th century" is reproduced in Orientations 35 no 4 (May 2004), P. 83 Evidently his name is sometimes given as Chos bzhi Snying ma ba Grags pa rgyal mtshan.

Yar Lo tsā ba GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (1242‑1346) 2 12. Author of bio. listed in BLP no. 0078. Evidently this is Yar lung Lo tsā ba. His name is given as Yar klung Lo tsā ba Grags pa rgyal mtshan in Mtshan tho no. 76, which says he received the 45 initiations of Kriyā from Kha che Paṇḍi ta Bhu mi shrī (Bhūmiśrī), so it would seem he went to Kashmir. He certainly worked on many of his translations in Nepal. According to information from the PRC, his biography has recently surfaced. According to sources there, his dates should be 1242‑1346, meaning he lived for 105 years. He was a student of Sman lung pa (b. 1239) and a teacher of Snye mdo Kun dga' don grub (b. 1268). He was also a teacher of Rngog Chos kyi rgyal mtshan (1283‑1359). He met Sa skya Paṇḍi ta and was an associate of 'Phags pa.

Se'i len dbang GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — Sa skya pa. (1336‑1377). "Stag tshang Rdzong khar 'khrungs/ yab Dbang Kun dga' legs pa'i 'byung gnas." He is called Bailan Wang (1336-1376) in Kuijp, Rivers 308, which suggests the intended Tibetan spelling ought to be Pe'i len Dbang.

Slob dpon Chen po GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (1433‑1474) Sa skya pa. Dhongthog 36. No doubt =Gu ge Paṇ chen Grags pa rgyal mtshan, the disc. and biographer of Ngor chen. 76 2. He's probably the Kirti dhwa dza depicted in lower registers of Kriejger, Tibetan Painting pl. 66.

Co ne Dge bshes GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — (20th cent.) 438 VII 510.1.

Mkhan chen GRAGS PA RGYAL MTSHAN — Teacher of Sangs rgyas bstan 'phel (1817‑1884). 55 preface.

Rgyal tshab V GRAGS PA MCHOG DBYANGS — (1618‑1658) Bio. 35 II 302‑17. Among teachers of (Gsang bdag) 'Phrin las lhun grub. BD of T&TB III 806. Beyer 322.

GRAGS PA MTHA' YAS — 'Brug pa. (1469‑1531) His chief guru was (Lha btsun) Kun dga' chos kyi rgya mtsho. For bio. see 49. From Gtsang; b. in Dpal rnams grong stod in Nyan zhabs (?). Probably the Rnal 'byor gyi Dbang phyug Grags pa mtha' yas whose bio. is listed in BLP no. 1261.

Dpal GRAGS PA MTHA' YAS — (early 15th cent.) CFMS 31 ff. Fuller name is Grags pa mtha' yas mi 'gyur dbang gi sde. B. in 1433.

GRAGS PA MTHA' YAS — King of Mustang in ca. 1520. ISTS 134.5.

GRAGS PA MTHA' YAS — (1469‑1531) Bio. by Ma pham rdo rje, pub. in 1977: Rnal 'byor gyi Dbang phyug Grags pa mtha' yas dpal bzang po'i Rnam thar Mgur 'bum Ngo mtshar Nor bu'i 'Phreng ba, Gonpo Tseten (Gangtok 1977), in 246 pp.

GRAGS PA DON GRUB — 80th Khri thog of Dga' ldan (abbot 1870‑1876). BD of T&TB VI 208. 128 968.

Rgyal tshab IV GRAGS PA DON GRUB — (ca. 1550‑ca. 1617) Bio. in 35 II 141‑146. 373 preface. B. in Snye mo Stod Dbra skor, his father was Tshe dbang nor bu, mother Legs mdzes sgron ma.

Paṇ chen GRAGS PA RDO RJE — Kreijger, Tibetan Painting 78, where he is a lesser figure in a thangka. On Paṇḍi ta Kīrtivajra, who composed a chronological work, see forthcoming paper by Leonard van der Kuijp (now published under the title "On the Composition and Printings of the Deb gter sngon po"; see its p. 14). David Jackson supplies a longer name Mi nyag Paṇḍi ta Grags pa rdo rje (b. 1491). See also under Kirti badzra. Jackson, MB 98.

GRAGS PA LDE — A king of Gu ge. 28 53. Heller, Hidden 25.

GRAGS PA RNAM RGYAL — Subj. of bio. listed in BLP no. 0384.

Rnam grwa Dus 'khor Slob dpon GRAGS PA RNAM RGYAL — 438 VII 501.4.

Dge bshes GRAGS PA DPAL — Thang stong met him at Stag lung. 5 214.1.

Gnyos GRAGS PA DPAL — (d. 1210) Central figure of thangka in Kreijger, Tibetan Painting 72. See the study by Allinger in TS9 VII. See Sørensen in Lungta 16 (2003) 100, which has the dates 1106‑1182/3. See also Jackson, MB 29, with the dates given as 1106-1165/1182.

Gnyos nag GRAGS PA DPAL — BA 601.

Bal po GRAGS PA DPAL — Pundit listed, with no further info, in Mtshan tho no. 106.


Bla ma Cham dgon pa GRAGS PA DPAL LDAN — Karma pa. 35 I 676.

Rgyal tshab III GRAGS PA DPAL 'BYOR — (ca. 1519‑1549). Student of Mi bskyod rdo rje (1507‑1554). Lived 1516‑1546, acc. to bio. in 35 II 63‑65.

Rngog ston GRAGS PA DPAL 'BYOR — He received the revealed cycle of the Nor bu Mthong grol from 'Khrul zhig Kun dar ras ma, who in turn received it from its revealer (Bram pa) Kun dga' bzang po, q.v.

Wang Chos rje GRAGS PA DPAL 'BYOR — Dgon lung Abbot from 1734‑1737. 332 II 24.

Spang khang Bla ma GRAGS PA DPAL BZANG — Pictured in 128 538.

GRAGS PA DPAL 'OD ZER BZANG PO — Ordination n. of Sangs rgyas dbon (1251‑1296), q.v. Jackson, MB 115.

GRAGS PA 'PHRIN LAS — Student of Rol rdor (b. 1717).

GRAGS PA BYANG CHUB — Met by Lha btsun pa (1473‑1557) 116 295.1.

Tshe bzhi Gsar ma ba GRAGS PA BYANG CHUB — (1356‑1386) Also called Spyan snga and Tshes bzhi. Became abbot of 'Bri khung at age 16. BA 585‑596. 127 20. Pictured in 128 478. 17 XX 98.1. Kuijp in TH&L 289. Kuijp in Lungta 14 (2001) 60‑61, 72 n. 22.

GRAGS PA'I BLO GROS — In bio. of Nāropa. 75 8.

GRAGS PA BLO GROS — Novice n. of (Spyan snga) Dpal ldan bzang po ba (q.v.).

Blo gros Chen po GRAGS PA BLO GROS — (1367‑1446) Sa skya pa. Father's n. was Ta dben Kun rin. Dhongthog 36.

Sngags 'chang GRAGS PA BLO GROS RGYAL MTSHAN — (1563‑1617) Sa skya pa. "gdan sa chen po'i nub phyogs gdong kha rdzong ga yang rtser 'khrungs." Dhongthog 36.

Rkyang po GRAGS PA DBANG PHYUG — A gter ston. BD of T&TB III 311.


GRAGS PA 'BUM — A king in La dwags. 14 82.

GRAGS PA 'BUM — Brother of Grags 'bum lde. DTK5 187, 188.

Sngags 'chang GRAGS PA 'BUM — Father of Lha Rin chen rgyal po in the Gnyos family lineage. See the Kha rag Gnyos history.

GRAGS PA 'BYUNG GNAS — Complete ordination n. of Spyan snga Rin po che (q.v.).

Chos rje GRAGS PA 'BYUNG GNAS — Subj. of bio. by Rje Rgod tshang pa listed in BLP no. 0761.

Spyan snga GRAGS PA 'BYUNG GNAS — TPS 366, 726.

Mi'i dbang po GRAGS PA 'BYUNG GNAS — Also, (Bdag po) or (Lha gzigs) (1414‑1445) Appted. in 1433. A Phag mo gru prince. 39 5. BA 799. =(Gong ma) Grags pa 'byung gnas, son of (Gong ma) Grags pa rgyal mtshan pa. 5 117.5, 241.1‑242, ff. See 19 86. 17 II 311.5, 422.6. BA 412. 17 II 465.4. BD of T&TB I 897. "Sa tham gyi Dbang phyug Grags pa 'byung gnas rgyal mtshan." 449 38.2. CFMS 34. Patron of Nags kyi rin chen. Mtshan tho no. 123.

'On pa Rgod phrug GRAGS PA 'BYUNG GNAS — F. ('On) Dga' ldan chos 'khor sdings. =Rgod phrug ras pa. In lineage of O rgyan Bsnyen sgrub. 17 IV 436.5, 489.4. BA 704. Bio. listed in BLP no. 0477.

Nel pa Paṇḍi ta GRAGS PA SMON LAM TSHUL KHRIMS — Author of a Chos 'byung. =Smon lam blo gros (q.v.). BA viii. 242 III 297.1. 488 1‑50 contains the history he composed.

GRAGS PA BRTSON 'GRUS — An attendent of Karma pa III, he was appointed as Tshen dben (Ch. qianyuan), 'secretary' in early 14th century under the Yüan. Kuijp, KPTB 35.

Rgyud smad Mkhan chen GRAGS PA BRTSON 'GRUS — Pictured in 128 408.

Rgyal ba Rin po che GRAGS PA BRTSON 'GRUS — (1203‑1267) Disc. of Spyan snga Rin po che. Bio. BA 579. Became abbot of 'Bri gung in 1235.

Ze'u 'Dul 'dzin GRAGS PA BRTSON 'GRUS — (1253‑1316) 10th abbot of Snar thang from 1305‑1316. For a bio., see Leonard van der Kuijp, "On Some Early Tibetan Pramāṇavāda Texts of the China Nationalities Library of the Cultural Palace of Nationalities in Beijing,' Journal of Buddhist & Tibetan Studies, vol. 1 (1994), pp. 1‑30, at p. 26. See Kuijp in CAJ (1995) 299. See Kuijp, Treatise 408, where his abbacy is dated to 1304‑1314. See also Kuijp, KPTB 4. His work entitled Dge ba'i bshes gnyen mchims pa rnams kyi lo rgyus listed in Drepung Catalog 1726.

Mkhan chen Dka' bzhi pa GRAGS PA GZHON NU — (1257‑1315) Bka' gdams pa. BD of T&TB V 452. "dbu ru stod kyi lha lcang ring mo can zhes pa'i grong grud gsar du 'khrungs/ yab gyad gsar dgos pa." Dhongthog 36. 27 75. Bio. in 165 II 829‑32.

GRAGS PA BZANG PO — (1710‑1765). BD of T&TB V 616.

GRAGS PA BZANG PO — (late 13th cent.) =Grags bzang. Kuijp in Chayet, Edition 452.

Mkhyen rab dbang phyug GRAGS PA BZANG PO — Rnam thar in 243 I 685 ff.

Dge ba'i bshes gnyen GRAGS PA BZANG PO — Subj. of a bio. by Pradznya'i ming can listed in BLP no. 0451.

Chen po GRAGS PA BZANG PO — BD of T&TB I 898.

Smar khams pa GRAGS PA BZANG PO — Bio. by Stag tshang Lo tsā ba & Paṇ chen Chos rgyan both listed in BLP no. 0889. Evidently he was an immediate disc. of Tsong kha pa.

Shar phod Chos mdzad GRAGS PA BZANG PO — The collected works were published (Beijing 2004), in 3 vols, as part of the series Mgo log dpe rnying dpe tshogs, nos. 8-10.

Snying stobs 'gran med Dge slong GRAGS PA 'OD — In Jātaka story. Pictured in 128 732.

GRAGS PA 'OD ZER — N. of a prince, son of Grags pa skyong bzang, about whom story is told in bio. of Thang stong. 5 6. Grags 'od is a former birth of Thang stong. 5 224.4.

Ti shrī GRAGS PA 'OD ZER — (1245‑1303) N. of the 5th imperial tutor of Yüan Dynasty, in the last decade of 13th century. His seal illus. in Precious Deposits 22‑24.

Mkhyen rab GRAGS PA 'OD ZER — (d. 1641) 13th of 13 predecessors of Lcang skya line (q.v.). Also called (Lcang skya) Grags pa 'od zer. Abbot of Dgon lung (1630‑1633). 332 pref. 16, 17.

Rgyal sras Sprul sku GRAGS PA 'OD ZER — (1356‑1409). thugs sras of Klong chen pa. BD of T&TB III 558, 573.


Rgyal tshab IX GRAGS PA YE SHES — (ca. 1821‑1876).

Mdo khams kyi Dpon GRAGS PA YE SHES — Letters to him from Gtsang pa Rgya ras. 447 31 ff, 51.1, 128.4.

Rin po che GRAGS PA YE SHES (1240‑1288) Became abbot of 'Bri kung in 1281. BA 582.

Rje dbon GRAGS PA YONGS 'DUS — Said to be author of 78. Most probably is the same as Karma grags pa yongs 'du, q.v.

Lha rin pa GRAGS PA YON TAN — Also, (Lho Rin po che). BA 592, 595. Disc. of Zhwa nag IV & teacher of Zhwa nag V. 57 IIB 361.2.

Kong ston Gzhung brgya smra ba GRAGS PA RIN CHEN — See 17 XX 452.6. A slob dpon of Spur steng Chos sde.

Rgyal sras GRAGS PA RIN CHEN — (1349‑1367) Kuijp in Lungta 14 (2001) 60.

Mnga' bdag GRAGS PA RIN CHEN — (1255-1328) Kuijp, Rivers 312.

Spyan snga GRAGS PA RIN CHEN — (1250‑1310) Kuijp in TH&L 286 n. 9.

Sme'u ti GRAGS PA RIN CHEN — 478A I 118.4.

Rin po che Gnyis mchod pa GRAGS PA RIN CHEN — Also, (Gnyis mched pa). (1250‑1310). Became abbot of 'Bri khung in 1289. BA 582 ff.

Mi nyag Rtogs ldan GRAGS PA RIN CHEN — Karma pa. Bio. in 35 I 512.

Dkar po GRAGS PA RIN CHEN SENG GE — Author of bio. listed in BLP no. 0955.

Bcu gnyis Gsar ma ba GRAGS PA SHES RAB — (1310‑1370). Became abbot of 'Bri khung in 1360. BA 584‑585. Younger brother of (Tshal pa) Kun dga' rdo rje. T&BS I 61.