Thoughtful and Safe: 

Life Lessons

The Diocese of Rockville Centre is excited to offer these 

“Thoughtful and Safe: Life Lessons” for Grades 1 through 9. 

The Grades 1 through 6 videos, through presentations by a police officer, a deacon, and various Catechetical Leaders from across our Diocese, help us to identify strangers, safety, lures, and human dignity Offered in grades 7 through 9 videos, through presentations given by priests, and lay leaders from around our diocese, are the Church’s teachings on human dignity and how this impacts our ability to create safe and healthy environments. 

Grades 1 - 6

Strangers (Levels 1-3)

In this video, Officer Tony helps us to understand what a stranger is and the different kinds of strangers we might be faced with.  This video will explain the difference between good strangers and bad strangers. Officer Tony highlights the importance of using extreme caution and that safety is more important than manners. 

In this video, Mrs. Grace Marie and Mrs. Lisa help us to see how important it is to train our brains to help us to be safe. Also highlighted is the fact that it is so very important to be kind and respectful not only to others but also to ourselves. Lastly, it is so important for all of us to respect boundaries and to have our boundaries respected. 

Mrs. April and Ms. Amora guide us through the creation story to help us to see that we were created for good.  God created us and saw that we were very good!  God created everything to be beautiful and good but stormy people try to use good things for wrong.  This video helps to identify how lures are used to trap us into making wrong choices.

Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Rita discuss with us the importance of understanding that God created us to be good people with free will.  We have the ability to make our own choices. Kindness, words of respect and nice behavior are important to who we were created to be.  This video identifies the different types of lures and discusses Cyberbullying as well.

Dignity (Levels 4-6)

In this short video, Deacon McKenna introduces us to the topic of Dignity.  He helps us to identify that we are created for good.  Not only that, we are also called to look for the good in others. He reminds us of our Baptismal calling and of the importance of doing for others. 

Grades 7 - 9

What is Human Dignity?  Fr. Chris Sullivan and Gina Hackett explain and discuss this important teaching about how God made each of us good, unique, and unrepeatable- in His own image and likeness.  They will explore how this is an important Truth to understand, and how it affects the way we interact with other people.  Exploring as well, what the world and culture have to say about human dignity and how we as Catholics navigate this reality.

Bullying is a topic that unfortunately has become a major concern around the country today.  Whether it be at school, in a social setting or in the virtual world, it has become an everyday topic requiring our attention.  So many see it as normal to treat others harshly, and how are we to respond as either the victim or the witness to bullying.  In this video, Fr. Joe Fitzgerald and Mary Russomanno breakdown the topic in light of Church Teaching through catechesis, sound advice, and personal witness.

Explored in this video is understanding that boundaries are a good, healthy means of protecting our human dignity. Fr. Sean Magaldi and Ali help the viewer to develop and uncover who God created us to be. They explore what it means when we do not set boundaries and the importance of setting healthy boundaries for ourselves and our relationship with others. You will reflect on if boundaries can truly make us free.

Chastity is a concept that is commonly misunderstood and misrepresented in our society today.

Fr. Daniel Rivera helps the viewer to understand that chastity is a virtue that helps to guide us and frees us live and love the way that God intended. Included in this video, is a discussion between Nolan Reynolds and Laura Domanico that covers Catholic teaching on the following themes: relationships and sexual issues, sexting, and inappropriate media usage as well as further discussion into chastity.