Theatre photography - overview

Since 2014 I took several courses in theatre photography at MVHS Munich. They offered acces to general rehearsals where, together with professional photographers, I had the opportunity to take pictures under critical light conditions.

When taking fotos at these extreme light conditions you have to have a zoom lens with at least f 2.8.

Complete sessions - selected

Tango Conexion 04-11-2022

Jazzbar Vogler 06-2019

Improtheater Tatwort 06-2019

Sexteto Milonguero-Schlachthof-23-06-2019

Volkstheater - Martin Crimp -27-06-2019

Theaterakademie 07-05-2018

Kasperltheater 04-05-2019

Kammerspiele-Hochdeutschland 22-05-2019

Esquina al sur - Y nosotros seguimos 28-11-2019

Tango Milbertshofen 14-12-2018

Tango Schlachthof 21-05-2017

Tango Schlachthof 13-09-2015

El Trino del Diabolo - 23-10-2014