Tom Meo

Sound Designer / Gamer


Tom Meo (Thousand Island Productions)

Tom Meo is a professional freelance sound designer, specialising in post-production for games, animations, TV and film. With a bachelor of audio and a wide array of audio production skills, Tom’s passion is in creating audio for video games.

“My biggest goal is to work in a small AAA games studio and be apart of the tight-knit family that drive and creates them. Working in games is my passion and my sole pursuit is to work and collaborate with other like-minded artists in a world-class team. Collective talents, synergy and the pure determination for perfection is taken to another level with video games and it's these aspects that I want in my dream work space."

Tom designs sounds, composes music, implements sounds, and most importantly plays tons of games. He will listen to your needs, negotiate what's achievable, and at the end of the day produce the audio your project needs to level up. Audio is not just a service, but an essential part of every story. Sound is the most influential component - it builds emotion, defines the story's character and cultivates obsession; crowning a project as a finished product.

Sound Design

I love doing sound design and recording my own sounds through field recording. Laying freshly produced synth sounds to make my SFX unique and interesting, I love doing sound design and will be doing this with passion for the rest of my life.


Composition is a passion of mine and I love how it can set the mood and feeling of an animation or game. I love composing all different genres of music, with dynamic and interactive elements that enhance the player/viewer’s experience.



Implementing audio into video games using middleware like Wwise with C# makes the whole project run smoother for all teams. I'm continuously learning more about it, keeping up with the current trends to take full advantage of the technology available in team and audio management.

Sound Editing

I have a dedicated passion to edit and manipulate sounds and make them feel and sound exactly how you want them. With both creative and corrective procedures, I know sound and I'm always up for the task.

My Works

2020 Cast Trailer.mp4
2019 GLO-X Logo.mp4
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