A selection of our previous episodes:

In this episode we are very excited to be joined by George Degenkamp from MIGHTY YELL!!

MIGHTY YELL are a video game studio based in Toronto and creators of the 90s inspired non-violent crime adventure game, The Big Con, and the VR title A Knight in the Attic. 

In this episode we talk with awesome friend of the show Chris from Off My Shelves!

Expect all the usual chat and banter but for a change some of it will be with a Welsh accent :) 

In this episode we talk with Sam, Simon and Tim for Sega Mania Magazine. We discuss what it is like starting a print magazine in 2021 and what made gaming in the 90s such a great time. 

In this episode we talk with Comedian, Journalist and TV Presenter Ellie Gibson about her career in the games industry and her new found love of Twitch. 

In this weeks episode we will be turning the spotlight onto ourselves an discussing our 5 favourite things that make up who we are and the stories behind them. 

Well after hours and hours of talking and a few miscalculations we finally did it!!! This Week In Metropolis is 100 Episodes Old!

To celebrate we will be inviting multiple guests to the show to join the conversation for our very own TWIM party 😊 

Ah the good old days, weren’t they AMAZING!!! Or were they?

In this episode we talk about a man who lives permanently in the 90s, one of the best brick phones ever made and Question Marc asks us about the things we loved in the past but might be terrible now. 

In this episode we are very excited to be joined by Jay and Ollie from UK FOO FIGHTERS!

Since 2007 UK Foo Fighters have established themselves and one of the worlds premium tribute bands, leader singer Jay even got to sing with the real Foo’s!! 

In this week’s show we are honoured to be joined by Lauren and Mollie from the Nowt Worse podcast, we will find out what inspired them to start recording their daily gripes and share some of our own. 

In this episode we are honoured to have Simon J Williamson join us for a conversation about his career.

Simon was not only the Puppeteer for Max Rebo in Star Wars Return of the Jedi but also worked in The Dark Crystal, Little Shop Of Horrors and The Muppet Christmas Carol! 

In this episode we talk with Actor and Writer David J. Fieldling best known as Zordon from the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. 

In this episode we are joined by Mark Bernal and David Lujan from Lesser Known Comics! 

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