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The World Foundry helps Map Makers create fun. Here is a small selection of many projects that have been delivered with creative individuals and teams across the world:


In 2020 the classic Jigarbov Minecraft gaming world Simburbia was rebuilt from the ground up and released for free to millions of players worldwide as part of the 2020 Community Celebrations.

Terra Swoop Force (Remastered)

In 2020 the classic mission-to-the-core-of-Earth challenge was brought to the Bedrock game engine by Noxcrew and released for free to millions of players worldwide. The World Foundry provided technical assistance to help with the process of tuning the ingame performance of the new world.

Untold Stories 7 Nova Arcana

The Untold Stories series by RenderXR is a massive set of gaming worlds filled with exciting challenges. Along with a host of personal talent and skill, Render uses selected tools and techniques from The World Foundry to accelerate development and create interesting environments at scale.

Get Untold Stories 7 Nova Arcana here


Long ago, a cataclysm tore the world apart and shattered the sacred totems that brought us peace. Explore the treacherous remains of the realm to gather resources and rebuild the totems from the blueprints that remain.

Featuring original music by Approaching Nirvana and over one thousand unique totems to rebuild. A survival minigame by The Misfit Society.

Diversity 3

Diversity 3 is a project by QMagnet that has been keenly anticipated by Minecrafters around the world. Under development by a global team of master map makers, this massive custom world combines the best of Minecraft gameplay genres. Download Diversity 3 here.


Totality is an immersive gaming experience by Cold Fusion Maps where the player engages with a hand-crafted futuristic world backed by an engrossing story. Download Totality here.

Exeter in Minecraft is a procedurally generated city created for the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) in partnership with Adam Clarke, Victoria Bennet, James Delaney and Johan Kruger. Read about the project here:

The Abstraction series of Minecraft Marketplace Maps by Jigarbov have been a phenomenal success and are built on the foundation of procedurally generated landscapes by The World Foundry. Read about the series here:

As part of a small tight-knit global team of talented Minecraft map makers, The World Foundry worked with master games designer QMagnet on the Guinness World Record holding Diversity 2. Read about the process here:

Working with studio Blockworks and Adam Clarke, The World Foundry created an expansive scenic landscape of medieval neighbourhoods with thousands of in-game houses to complement a hand crafted City of London for the Museum of London's Great Fire 1666 experience. Read about the method on

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