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Massive alien city to explore. Bundled flight suit skin. 20 objectives. Open world elytra fun!

You are a spy for humanity in the far future. We have built machines to take us to the distant stars but these mechanical tools are now at war with us! You have been sent onto their base to discover what they are working on before humans become just a memory!

(Science Fiction Flight Adventure)

Make fantastic fun fractals in a super colourful math made landscape!

Unlock marvelous machinery and craft huge fractal complexes to admire and explore.

(Creative toolbox and environment)

Zombies on a space station?

Yes please!

Escape the space station and explore the huge solar system in the hunt for safety.

(Timed escape challenge)

Try the optional sky box pack!

Become a master map maker with Mapcademy.

Lots of laboratories for you to test and train on, each with a collectable certificate piece.

(Survival spawn and map tutorial)

Design and generate giant roller coasters, parkour tracks, and castles. Fully customisable style library. The easiest way to theme park fun!

(Creative toolbox and environment)

If skins are your thing, check out these awesome packs:

Beneath the Ground

Ancient civilisations live deep within caverns and chasms. In this exciting skin pack, you can be the ruler of the underground empire, or become a sturdy adventurer seeking fortune in the treasures of the distant past.

Reptilian warriors, flaming nightmares, fungus people, and gem crusted stone monsters are yours to command!

Trick your brain with these fun optical illusion skins! Five mind bending eye twisters:

  • Which Perspective changes depth and direction

  • Up or Down asks which way are the arrows facing?

  • Phantom Point shows gray dots that are not really there!

  • Wiggly shakes and waves while staying perfectly still!

  • Wobbly looks like the lines are curved, but they aren't!


Fly like the wind

Be your favourite alien menace!

Fangs for the memories