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Marketing & Community.

Let’s talk about what community management REALLY entails for an indie studio (and how to budget for it).

Breaking down over 15 million likes, 2 million followers, and what worked (…or didn’t!)

A deep dive into the thoughts behind a community director’s social media work.

Make joyful moments with your game communities — what, why, and how.

Unpacking some marketing strategies our indie studio has used for over 3 profitable games — and counting!

A database of things I've personally found helpful or influential during my career in games.

How to better set up your (game) communities for kinder user experiences.

For GamesIndustry.Biz - Compassion is at the heart of good community management.

For GamesIndustry.Biz - Community management during times of stress and upheaval.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Also, do the same to your content.

An indie game studio’s guide on finding the perfect fit.

An exploration into the customer value proposition.

A look at what worked, what didn’t, and what we learned.

How much did a streamer with 250k followers impact the sales of Six Ages, five months after release?

Figuring out social media so it feels less like a butt.

What we require for the game demos we show at conventions.

A look under the hood at how the Kickstarter performed.


Tips on speaking for Frightened game developers from another Very Frightened Person.

A lot of game development involves actually talking to people. In real life?! Whew. Let’s try and break it down.

For The Guardian - Millions of people play games every day, and how they dress in those games matters. So why is talking about fashion off limits?

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