Wave - EBM - Industrial - Goth - Postpunk
Dance party

Dance with us to the best dark underground music from the past and the present.  

We will play you a mix off  Wave - EBM - Industrial - Goth - Postpunk &  anything related. 

First Party

The first edition of The Underdark will be on friday 22 december 2023. Join us and bring your friends to dance the night away!

Bands you can expect to dance to this night are:

Boy Harsher, The Cure, The Soft Moon, Covenant, Combichrist, Molchat Doma, Shad Shadows, Hapax, Ultra sunn, Depeche Mode, Buzz Kull, Ash Code, Diorama, Placebo, New Order, Sisters of Mercy, Suicide Commando, Wumpscut, Das ich,  ESA, This morn omina, Hocico, Mesh, Soman, Noisuf-X, She wants revenge, She past away, TRAITRS,  Feindflug, The Agnes circle, Actors, Wingtips