The Time Is NOW! Fund Our Schools!

also known as "The Bartlesville Plan"

The legislature must PASS legislation to fully fund a SIGNIFICANT teacher raise PLUS additional funding for school operations by April 2 or schools statewide will be shut down by the OEA's teacher walkout, Our plan could avert a walkout.

We're tracking legislation and proposals on pay raise and revenue measures.

The Bartlesville Board of Education asked Rep. Earl Sears, Rep. Travis Dunlap, Sen. Julie Daniels, and the Bartlesville Education Association to review this plan and respond by Friday, 3/16. We have posted and critiqued their responses.

We challenge ALL Oklahoma legislators to review it as well and take our plan to your leadership and ask them to act.

Thus far, the Oklahoma legislature has failed to properly fund the state's public schools.

The Time is NOW to pay our teachers, fund our schools, and protect core services!


  • We have the lowest teacher salaries in the nation, so we are losing our best teachers to surrounding states and other professions, creating the worst teacher shortage in state history.

We must pay our teachers more.


  • For years our state has not paid for textbooks, either physical or electronic, for its schoolchildren. We need to give them the tools to learn.
  • Over the past decade, we've cut per pupil funding far more than any other state.

We must invest in the future of our state.


  • Even as the economy finally improves, our state faces yet another huge budget hole because the tax base has been eroded.
  • More cuts to core services will hurt our most vulnerable citizens and further harm economic development.
  • Due to years of agency cuts, we have fewer state workers now than in 2001, even as the state's population has grown by over 500,000.

We must fill the budget hole and protect core state services.

The Time is NOW Plan

We must save our schools to save our state.

The Time is NOW!

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