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Announcment!!! 4-12-19

(Mini Hitabus Warning: I'll be inactive on all my accounts for a short while. The reason will not be shared at this time. I hope to be back in a little bit, but for now... See ya all when I come back. >w<)

Announcement!!! 4-10-19

Introducing My New Channel!!

Some funny Animations and My first attempt of becoming a Big Shot. Support my channel so I can continue to make funny content and make this a future career of mine.


Story Mode is officially FINISHED!! It will still be in the Archives of both Tapas and Webtoons, but don't worry much. I will be publishing more stories in the future. The planned date for the next one is Summer of 2019. I'm going on a mini vacation from web comics and will be back then. TazD Featured Comics and the TazD Blog will still be up on Tapas so check it out on my Wall <----- Link here!