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Join us in each episode to hear some tech news, IT support, and advice/education from those who do this for a living.

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Who are we?

Kim -

Graduating from college in 2004 with a degree in English and secondary education, I never thought I would be working full time as a computer tech. The road between English teacher and tech guru is paved with malware battles, long hours on the phone with other tech people, and generally amassing enough how-to knowledge to be that “techie” friend to others. I was inspired to start this podcast by many users who seem to want to know more than I have time to instruct them on during a normal work day. Other than computer geekery, I like to read, sing, play D&D, play piano, bake, and generally hang with my family.

Andrew -

Graduating from university back in 2013 with a degree in Computer Information Systems, I started my career focused on the direction of IT work. Part of what I find enjoyable is speaking with and relating with the users I support daily, and I'm excited to reflect this in our podcast! I enjoy the typical nerdy things, video games, photography, traveling, long walks on the beach...