Rachel Dickerson -

"We loved the show. So many customers and great vendors. I loved how the staff came around to check to see if we needed anything. That is a huge plus in my book. They didn't stop at those with just one person. It was all booths!! I'm looking forward to next year."

Shane Johnston -

"Atmosphere was awesome! Thank you for hosting a great show and serving the vendors well. So many checking on us and available to help and fill in for breaks and more. Servants hearts."

Alicia McBane -

"I have to say. It was amazing! I had so much fun sitting up front counting people as they came in. For both days there were over 5,300 shoppers!! 1,353 of those were from yesterday! There were over 4,000 shoppers today and boy were they buying things!!! I didn't get to walk around much and shop, because I was busy counting heads. But OMG I saw some pretty stuff leaving! I hope you all did fabulous!"