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Not in my Government!

The California Dream is being STOLEN!!!

By Jade McLove

Hello Californians it’s another blistering hot day in the Valley. As I sit here I wonder who's next? Most of you in reader land don’t ponder serious questions like that but I do. Wonderment of wonderments...I digress, let's get to the point, shall we. There is a saying: First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” source

The above saying is describing what is going on in an outskirt community in California called Antelope Valley. I guess the State of California wants these peoples homes, and they have a group which is enforcing Nuisance laws; that’s a law where the richy-rich who doesn't like the way that your house looks can make a complaint against you. Now our gestapo style’d Democratic city officials in California harass the most vulnerable citizens amongst us which are the poor, the elderly, veterans, and the disabled, but this isn’t just happening in California it’s happening in other major cities in America.

Here’s how they do it; so in this desert community in Antalope Valley there is a small community of homeowners who like living in the desert, and some are living off the grid. Now many of these folks are elderly or living below the poverty level. Does this sound hauntingly familiar to the Halocaust? How you say? Well didn’t the Nazis pass laws to victimize certain individuals to raid their houses and take their property? Let me get to the point so this group of county surveyors who drop by unannounced when a person least expects it. Whent to many of these Homeowners who live there...and started fining them for things that shouldn’t be fined while stating; “did you know that shed that you have on your proberty is illegal?” So if the Homeowner asked; “who complained about me having a shed on my property?” The reply was always the same, your next door neighbor that’s who! Yet, most of the Homeowners live 10 miles away from each other.

WOW! This is exactly what the Nazis did because they were nothing but criminals as well. So these poor people who live in Antalope Valley kept getting fined and fined and fined with their fines going through the roof. Many have lost their homes with Pensalvania being the worst city in America who does this, they have cost thousand upon thousands of people to lose their houses and Cars over stupid fines. One Homeowner in Santa Clarita asked; “what do I have to do to get you to leave me alone?” The county surveyors told him: “tear everything down until there is nothing on your property!” One of the homeowners had built His own house in Antalope Valley and was imprisoned for not paying the cities outrageous fines, for not having the proper building permits. He received 3 months in jail and was forced to tear down his beautiful House.

I believe that all of the high ranking Democratic Officials in California know about this and don’t want their citizens living in Houses because they believe in Agenda 21 where Democratic Officials love the land more than the people they serve. So what's their end came? I believe that they want to build Agenda 21 styled housing with a High Speed transit system running through it which will make even more people homeless, because their supper small Apartments will still cost over 1500 dollars. The other reason for the forced evictions off the land is that they don’t want to pay the people who live there, they just want to steal their property while fining them out of existence by fining them to death to stuff even more money in their greedy pockets. When the fuck will the Democratics in California wake up and realize that these so called Democratic Officials could care less about the people because with them it’s all about controll and money! They want to take all of our freedoms while taking our property, raiding our Bank Accounts, and finning us to death to furnish their lavish lifestyles and Utopian Agendas. I guess their slogan is “LET THEM EAT CAKE!”

And as if all of this isn’t bad enough the Democratic Politicians in California have created the Homeless problem while acting like they have NO IDEA HOW THE PROBLEM STARTED…? Let me tell you poor people out there how they started this; again with the Housing authority, they gave corporate management Companies the go-ahead to buy up all of the affordable apartments, while also giving them the OK to throw those tenants who lived there out, and they only had 60 days to find another affordable Apartment which has left many Californians homeless. While giving those same greedy landlords the ability to sue them if they tried fighting back, and if the people who are losing their Apartments lose their case they’ll also be fined. I watched one woman and her 3 kids and Husband just standing there and crying because they had NOWHERE TO GO!

The Deomcratic Politicians in California ARE NOT ARE FRIENDS...they also made sleeping in your Car a crime, so they can take your car...leaving you sleeping in a TENT but they don’t like that either because their virgin leftist eyes can’t stand seeing the hopelessness and B.S they’ve created in their never ending mission to bring about a Utopian Society. Guess who the last leader who tried that was? Can you say ADOLF HITLER, and look what that got him.

I believe that once the average citizen who is a Democrat begins to realize that the Democratic Politicians in California and America in Office are only out for their Agenda 21 styled fantasies about a Utopian Society off the backs of most Americans wealth and property, and when it really touches home when their mothers or fathers lose their houses. As one black woman in America who had to get 4 loans to pay all the fines that she received from the state that she lives in. I believe that people will rise up in the streets over something real, which will probably lead to a revolution if those same Democratic Politicians don’t steal our guns to stop us.

It seems as California wants to make living in California illegal by not allowing it’s people the freedom to live how they want by choosing to be Homeowners. At least that’s how they feel about people who are poor, because California's Democratic Politicians war is really on anyone who doesn’t have a million dollars in the Bank. The Democratic Officials have even fined some homeowners in America for not having matching drapes, for not having all of the screens on the windows, for having a barbecue in the front yard while one friend was drinking a Beer on their property, for hedges that where bigger than 2 feet, for there being a hole in the wall, for the paint being chipped, and lets not forget for the crack in the walkway, or for walking on the left side of the street. I’m not joking these are really some of the things many American Homeowner's have been fined for, with some fines adding up to $30,000 dollars, and some of those Americans who were fined being Veterans. One was a Vietnam vet!

When one of the Officials in California was confronted with these outrages fines of course He refused to answer because He doesn’t have to answer the questions of an American citizen, because of his Authority He’s above the law. So of course He sicked the court Cops on Him and asked Him to leave. You really need to care about this! because if our property and money isn’t safe from these greedy politicians hands, we will cease to be free. No one and I mean no one should be forced to pay thousands upon thousands in fines for a Utopian pipe dream. You really need to wake up if you have money or a house, because they can fine you for anything if they want to and no one will come to save you...because just like that statement about the Holocaust; “there was no one left to speak for me!”

If this story makes you want to contact the city and ask what is going on you can contact them here; “

Why did YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and most Mainstream Media outlets go After people who believed in PizzaGate?

By Jade McLove

Low and behold it looks like Jeffrey Epstein is finally going to get life in prison for trafficking underaged minors into Lolita Island for the sexual conquest of some of the most famous and powerful sick perverts you could ever imagine. One of those high powered names is Bill Clinton, the Media is trying to put this all on Trump, but Trump was fighting against this guy by helping the side that was trying to put Jeffrey in prison.

I haven’t heard one peep out of all the perverts on the left in Media and or Government who are probably shitting their perverted pants right now...because once that gets out; it’s kind of like being videoed while cannibalizing a relative; “you’re going to shot yourself in the head, because what’s really left of your life after everyone finds out you’ve been rapping little kids?”

I also heard that this was a sick Satanic herd of perverts who would have sex with the poor little kid after beating and yelling at the kid scaring the hell out of him, and totally breaking them as people. After which many of the victims of the most powerful in power would be killed.

Yet everyone tried telling the sane people in the world that what is nicknamed PizzaGate was all B.S..well if it is why is one of the names previously mentioned possibly facing life in prison if he didn’t do anything? Plus, that pervert has videos on all the rich, famous and powerful who went to that Island to do lude and audacious atrocious acts upon the most vulnerable in our society...our kids!

Oh and here’s the kicker on all of this anyone who said anything against the assholes involved in these crimes on YouTube was attacked as a conspiracist. Where’s the conspiracy now douchebags? I guess YouTube and Google's main objective these days is to protect the powerful who commit crimes upon young kids rather than backing the people who make videos against these crimes using their platforms.

Oh, and P.S Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and most mainstream media outlets. I really think most of you who fought against the makers of the outcry videos on YouTube which where trying to protect kids from being rapped; "are straight out EVIL!"

Why are we allowing Business to Over Charge?

By Jade Mclove

Help me to understand just why we only complained after the Northridge earthquake about being ripped off for Batteries and Water? Why aren’t we doing the same now..when you can’t even get your pets yearly exam without your Vet trying to upgrade his pocket by overcharging you for services that your dog doesn’t need...? See, I have Banfield insurance and once a year I have both my dogs looked at for their yearly exam.

I hate this fact because every single time I’ve used it since getting it, the Vet has always tried getting hundreds of dollars of unneeded services done to me Dogs. Like this time; they wanted to pull 1 tooth from one dog and 2 teeth from another. Now my Dogs are eating chews and Bones, with no pain. My dogs are not rubbing their faces or rolling their heads on the floor. Now Banfield wanted $120 for each dog on the x rays and $100 for each dog for the extraction. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there because they also wanted to express my Dogs anal glands stating to me it was $35 bucks each. When I said I just had my groomer do that they said to me; “the groomer doesn’t do what we do, we get all up in there and get all that anal juice out of the your dogs bung hole.” Although it doesn’t stop there, next I asked; so how much is the flea treatment which me dogs actually needed, and she said that the treatment was $56 for each dog.

So I’m going to ask you between rent,Taxes, and bills, how are we going to survive when greedy stores are overcharging for everything? With my next question being; “why don’t we do anything about it?”

Aren't you sick of THE Internet telling you what to believe?

Once upon a time in an America not so long ago. There where TABO subjects that no-one dare speaks of. The people who practiced such antiquated practices didn't do it because they had to or where forced to...they did it, because no one, and I mean no one back in our Grandparents time cared about what type of sex people had. Aren't you sick of organizations around America telling you who you are based on what type of sexual conquests you have had, or because of what sex you may or may not identify with? Yet isn't labeling people still labeling people? And if you label a man a woman or a woman a man aren't you still identifying him or her as sexuality and not as an intelligent human being who is an individual...and not a sexuality or a sexual preference or a sexual identity?

In the Holocaust, the Nazis shaved the heads of all the victims to take away their humanity, but today we have people who are doing just that to themselves and not with a gun pointed at them. They are willing victims of a society which indulges peoples fantasies of identifying with sex giving up their God-given sex because they feel uncomfortable in their perceived skin...but how would any man know what it would ever really like to be a woman? He can't possibly, which is the fantasy, not the reality. So many of the victims of giving up one's identity even after mutilating themselves and removing the object of their perceived fantasies which was the thing that was stopping them from being the REAL women they knew themselves to be; many of these identity victims of a heartless propaganda filled state realize that the voices in their heads telling them they where women were wrong, and they usually feel more uncomfortable after having thousands upon thousands of dollars of facial and reconstructive surgeries to feel better. What was wrong with them was coming from the inside, and not from the outside, but the changed the outside and didn't work on what was bugging them, and it wasn't being a man or a woman! It was the kind of nonsense that some organizations keep telling them, and laws and rules protecting them from seeking help for their emotional problems from a trained professional.

Now my name is Jade McLove and I'm sick of backing up such nonsense! I'm sick of this B.S in my workplace because most of these victims are ridiculous looking. We all know it, but because well be labeled as homophobes or worse, we aren't allowed to tell them how bad they look for fear of retaliation or worse. Now what I did on the YouTubes comment section wasn't the worst sin in the world. I just made a point that many of these victims of identity loss called transgendered or transexuals are like any common drug addict because friends and family can't tell them how ridiculous they look, just like you can't tell a drug addict who isn't ready to admit that they have a problem that they have a problem. We are so insane that most American's can't even see what type of laughing stocks we've become around the world.

Oh, and the other comment I made, because my ex-boss who was gay on mothers day said; happy mothers day to all those guys out there. I raised my hand and stated; "MOTHERS DAY IS FOR MOTHERS!" He stated back to me; "my mothers day is for men as well." My thoughts on this and to all the members of You(@whogivesash*t)Tube is many women including myself have had to raise kids by themselves because of homewreckers including most of the men who call themselves gay. Who one day after taking care of their kids for years with their wives find out; "whoops I forgot to mention I was Gay! Plus what about all the women who lost their lives from being abused by men, or all the women who have been raped sometimes repeatedly by men? What about that?

Just because gay men who have always been with us finally get rights. It does not mean that they get to trample REAL women's rights! just because if you are gay you've taken on the role of a woman...that does not make you as such; "you will always be a man! Always and forever!" You will not take over our sports! You will not take over our Holidays, and you will never be real women today, tomorrow or ever! Why? We women have earned the right always and forever to be called WOMEN! And the word woman does not include men anywhere in the word.

Let me try to explain something to the ignorant masses or progressive thinkers out there; God created women so men could beget children. When millions of men Nationwide in a country full of old and older people refuse to beget children; "can you progressive nitwits out there think what could happen in the future?" Did I hear Crickets? Oh, OK, let me explain it to you if every older person were to die right this second, especially in a country full of abortions --- do you think we could still call ourselves America because guess what it takes more than one villager to call yourself a Nation! Gay people are not born, they are created, and need a constant stream of recruits! So, do the math, if everyone or millions if not billions are childless; "how will the next real generation exist!" We eventually as a Nation will stop existing! This is why God said to be plentiful and have many children. Why? Look single-celled thinkers; Wars, disease, starvation, and Natural disasters will keep coming. I'm shaking my head because out of all the generations of people...I believe our generation might be the dumbest!

It's kind of tragic that the American Indians had millions of foreigners coming here and forcefully taking the land, but because of homosexuality, transgenderism, old age, and the stupid believe that the newcomers will be friendly to us (which was what the American Indian thought at first too) we will one day like the Dinasour disappear and become like the Middle East. I know you are asking how will we become like the Middle East. Well, there were Democratic places in the Middle East during the Ancient Greek period. But when all those people died off...the nomadic people of the desert who were uneducated brought their backward ways into those places and destroyed them. History lesson 101, being too nice to strangers will make you and me extinct one day.

So because I see the future coming on strong, YouTube has decided to go after me, because I know what they are doing! Their agenda is to erase our individuality just like the Nazis did to their Jewish victims. These uber upper-class idiots are wrecking our country and the world. God didn't give Eve to Adam to be mean to him, or that homosexual feelings aren't real, but for our humanity to survive MEN must one day become fathers, as no man can give birth; "LIKE IT OR NOT!" And the world will be a lesser place without a little of you in get busy people and if your ready give up your perversions and become adults and fathers and mothers. So that America will stay strong...if we go through the losses of World War II today the Worlds Nations might stop existing as the strong places they are.

Crazy People in California...Driving us MAD!!!!

You CAn't say Crazy that's Offensive!!!

You know whats offensive? Crazy naked people sleeping in the street, spreading desease, and suffering; "now that's a real offense to me and to God." Why? Because if every single person in America would shut the F up and get off their sorry behinds and actually give a couple of bucks to people who wouldn't F off the money like our California Mayor/Government has. They got 2 billion and gave it to contractors while homeless people poop and scratch themselves to death in the streets. California is making Ancient Greece look like Heaven. Why? Because they had public bath houses and bathrooms for people. Do you want to know why? To stop the spread of desease!

Now words unlike crazy sometimes very crazy people aren't going to spread antibotic resistant desease like say "the black death!" Look it up if you're to dumb to know what it is. But you'd rather be playing with your fake friends on like with Facebook, twitter, or snap chat or some other such non-sence than really giving a crap about people who might spread a desease that will kill off your whole family. I just can't believe how stupid America has become. And I for one put the blame on Democratic law makers in California. This is my side blog so I don't have to spell corectly because there are no speling Nazis, word Nazis, or justice wariors here who are all people I personally can't stand.

So I was watching a video of a crazy ass liberal woman in England throwing a Milkshake on an old mans head because he liked Trump. Oh My God, that would have been my Kill Bill moment. Remember that part in the Movie where the leading lady pulls the eye out of the Bitch who kept messing with her in one swift move. That ice-cream shake fatty would have been leaving with one less eyeball if it woiuld have been me. Not joking. Seriouisly though I'm so sick of these crazy ass bitches shit...aren't you!!! I don't know about you? But I like normal, I like culture, and I don't like the freak shit I keep seeing on the streets, on the News, in the Movies, on T.V shows. I'm shaking my head because half of that shit back in the day you could only see in strip-clubs.

It used to be a joke that friends made guys do...when a guy would dress like a woman. I even remember seeing a guy in a pink pleather mini skirt and crop top with a full grown beard and hairy legs and pink pumps. I asked him why are you here; "my freiends forced me to do this as a dare!" Now guys dress in womans cloathing because they believe (BELIEVE) themselfs to be women? You know I tried to imagine what it would be like to be a guy, but if I ever told anyone I knew what that shit acutally felt like "I'm freaking lying!" But these assholes have rights? They have rights for lyting? They have more rights then regular guys who are good fathers and love their wifes???? Why the F is that? So for really men are really pissed, and secretly hate gays even more than they did in the 50's except the gay rights people and the people who follow them are too stupid to see that. I'm not --- I see it every time a regular guy goes off on a bloger or a youtuber for speaking anything about gay men. And it's usually other guys calling them fags or worse.

See, secretly most people have a 5 year old traped in their bodies and can't handle when they see their brothers getting something their not! But gay men thought hey if were gay well get protection and rights that other ment don't have and we won't suffer more of the back lash then we were when we were in the closet. Not straight men are secretly seething, they won't say it out loud but they'll go off anytime they hear any mention of GAY MEN. That's how you know what I'm saying is true. It's like when you go to work and someone else besides you is getting bonusus and speaceal treatment all the time.

I don't know why straight men are mad eventually most gays and transexuals wind up commiting sucide anyway. We won't help the homeless but well spend thousand helping gays and even gett men reasignment surgery rather then stoping the next out break of the Black Death. So whose crazy the assholes running California, or the crazy people in the streets? You tell me and well both know,


Once upon a time women were having abortions by hacks with coat-hangers in alley ways. Well, that was once upon a time, and sometimes the very things that were created to help people can be used for the greatest of evils mankind has ever seen.

I was amazed at my own belief system, and how wrong I was about abortion. Most of us go through our entire existance not paying attention to what is really going on. So I was dumb founded, when I realized that abortion doesn't hurt me, but it really hurts the next generation. Still worse than all that, is that abortion was created to kill minorities, and poor people. Lets be real! How many times has our government said; "we want to help you?" Well, what if that help is meant to kill everything good about you in the future through killing your DNA when your girlfriend has an abortion. I mean you could die in a car accident and that would have been your only kid. A long time ago I met a man who had a daughter who was killed in a Car Acident...she was an honor student, she was perfect in every way, but unfortunantly she was killed in a head on collision while her mother was driving home one day. So this man told me, that His two sons had grown up to be worthless, but that she was His hope and His hope was dead.

Now when we think of the Holocaust, we never think of all the ramifications of 6 million people disapearing all at one time. We never really think how it's dammaged our world. Well I'm going to tell you how it's damaged our world. The Holocaust opened up a Pandora's box of evil, where people come up with horrors, in the name or murder, while using other names to kill inocent people, or to stop people from being born.

After watching a Movie/documentary on YouTube (located above), I realized that our society which started Eugenics in the 1800's, was going to continue the trend of killing inocent people by going after every-race and poor person by telling these people; "hey you're poor! You can't afford to have a Baby! We'll give you option to end your responsiblilities, in a Medical procedure called an abortion." They said it in such a nice way, and they where just giving 'dumped' and 'abandoned' women the right to end a life that they couldn't take care of...and since they hadn't been born, no one would be any lesser if they didn't exist."

Until our elitists special interest groups, which included the likes of the Rockerfellers, stop thinking it would be a good idea to go to other countries and offer steralization to places like "INDIA" and get China to abort most of their female children; "nothing will change, except less people will be born."

Yet, no one did any research to what the disapearence of 175,000 girls would do to countries where poorer people depend on their childrens help when they're older. I never thought about how lucky I am that my mother didn't abort me, but I go to bed thanking her every night now.

Look, to those of you who don't know this, women are more important than men, and always have been! That's why in the past women weren't allowed to fight in wars, because we are the ones who create more people. If even one of us doesn't get to be born, than someone else in the future might not be born. I'm amazed that we have allowed these special interest groups and elitists to distroy the very foundations of society, under the fakery of wanting to help us with abortions, trangenderism, and allowing more people not to have children, which is what the sick elitists want to happen world wide which is called Eugenics...killing some who aren't deemed as worthy to live.

One of the Hindu women was tested everytime she became pregnant, and every time, except for the time she concieved a Boy was she allowed to have a baby. Her Doctor never told her she was recieving an abortion they would give her an injection, afterwhich she would wake up to find she was no-longer pregnant. If that's not evil, than I'm not sure what evil is. Now maybe you can't conect the dots, because you're just so happy that you can kill your unborn baby on demand, and maybe you even support such B.S! But the reality is it's damaged the future of MANKIND.

In India they have guys who will kidnap poor peoples daughters and sell them into sexual slavery or into an arianged mariage. They also kidnap girls in China, because it's to expensive to pay the parents for their daughters hands in mariage. Yet, I don't hear any feminists screaming foul here, I don't hear anyone condeming any of this, and I don't hear this on the local News, and I'm not hearing about any of the longtearm effects of abortion on society and in other countries. Many of the next generation won't have wives or be able to marry, or vis versa in America.

You'd think that after the Holocaust, that America would have learned the horrors of killing, but I guess we didn't, and who the hell are these idiot elitists who are selling abortion to the worlds poor? It screams hate! No one is stoping it! I thought Democrats where for the people, but is down for killing the unborn children of poor minorities...? If that's not racism and classism, then I had better go back to school, because I'm not sure that I know what those two things are.

Oh, and the government says that transgender people who suffer from a known mental illiness have the right to take drugs which make them sterile, so that more people in America won't have the right to have kids. Yet, the government is saying that they are doing all these abortions and drugs to transgendered people that cause sterility, because they want to help us? I have one question; "didn't the Nazi Government do the same thing?" Killing people they deem as undisrable. Let's not forget that homosexuality has the highest rates of HIV (a known killer) and suicide. WOW! Is America becoming the greatest evil to the WORLD?