The Mia Foundation Quarterly

Publisher: The Mia Foundation Volume Number: Three

Issue Number: 1 Date: January 2020


As another year comes to an end, we reflect on the past 12 months. We recognize our successes. We recognize our failures. And in doing so, we vow to have a better year. We learned some hard lessons in 2019, but we've also used them to make our organization even better. We've celebrated some incredible milestones, which only motivates us to strive for even bigger and better! Each and every tiny animal that comes into our care teaches us something new. No two are ever alike. That's what drives us to continue learning and in some cases, thinking outside the box. It's our mission to share our knowledge with others- with the hopes of saving even more lives in the process. All of us here at the Mia Foundation wish you and yours a happy new year. We hope that you'll continue to follow along as we look to make 2020 one of biggest and brightest years ever!

Looking Back on 2019

Never Say Never

When I started following the Mia Foundation on Facebook, I loved watching the videos. Sweet, little puppies romping by the fire. How I longed to bring one home! I had 2 chihuahuas, but I also had a boxer and a boxer mix puppy. I knew I could never bring one of those fragile, little pups into the fold. My first trip to the foundation reaffirmed that. I was greeted at the door by Mackenzie. I recognized her immediately, of course, however, she wasn't the Kenzie that I had come to love from pictures and videos. It was like she was a smaller version of herself. I hadn't realized just how tiny she really was! These tiny pups that fit two to a purse- I would never be able to have a Mia baby.

Then one day, I saw her. A sweet little pup named Ariel. She was a 9 week old pit mix with swimmer syndrome. I got frequent updates on her progress and I started to wonder if she might be a good fit. Back on the home front, our boxer began having some health issues. We were at the vet several times a week over the next month. She left us on October 1st, 2018. A few days later, I received a message from Sue Rogers. Ariel was ready to go to her new family. I made the trip up to NY and brought her home. I couldn't believe I got my Mia baby!

Surprisingly, Ariel fit in perfectly. I had to continue her therapy when I got her, so I was spending most of my time with her. She quickly bonded with our 3 year old boxer-mix, which helped with her therapy. Our entire family quickly fell in love with Ariel, but I could tell something was missing. Our boxer was 13 when she passed. She was my husband's dog, and even though he loved Ariel, I could tell he missed having a boxer. So, we decided to start looking for a boxer puppy.

The next morning, I saw a post from our southern director, Susan. Two adorable cleft boxer puppies were ready for their forever home. It was almost like it was meant to be. We would need to arrange transportation, but I was willing to fly down and back. We chose Maggie, made arrangements, and I flew down. Maggie was the perfect addition and I could almost see my husband's heart healing as she snuggled in her new daddy's arms.

A couple of weeks passed, and I noticed that Madison was still available. She was Maggie's sister and litter-mate. Honestly, we had a really hard time choosing one of the girls. Susan and I had actually joked at the airport that I should have just taken them both. I ended up taking another flight down and soon the sisters were reunited. In just two months time, we had not one, but three Mia babies! A lot has happened in this past year. All three of our girls are now grown, happy, and healthy. I guess the saying is true- never say never!

Mojo's Mission

Three years ago we were contacted about a tiny chihuahua named Mojo. Mojo was very loved by his mom. Sadly, his mom was elderly and suffered from Alzheimer's disease. As her disease progressed, she forgot poor Mojo even existed. He was found locked in a bedroom on the verge of starvation. Every effort was made to save the poor pup, but unfortunately his little body was just too weak and he couldn't recover. Perhaps the saddest part of this story is that, although this woman had no family, she did have caregivers coming into her home. Obviously nobody took the time to inquire about Mojo's well-being.

In January 2019, while delivering Meals on Wheels, it dawned on me that shut-in seniors means shut-in pets. I realized that seniors can get rides for doctor appointments and grocery shopping, but they have no way to get their pets to vet appointments. I also noticed that some people were feeding their meals to their pets. In honor of little Mojo, the Mia Foundation launched a community outreach program called Mojo's Mission. The goal of our program is to keep seniors and their pets together as long as possible. Our volunteers provide transportation to vet & grooming appointments, perform pet welfare checks, provide food as needed, as well as plan for care of pets in the event that an owner is no longer able.

Mojo's Mission has been operating in south central Pennsylvania for the past year. We've helped numerous seniors, along with their cats & dogs. We're happy to announce that we're now ready to offer our program to seniors across the U.S. We're currently looking for volunteers in all cities and states. If you're interested in helping, please email us at for an online application. We can only help in areas where we have volunteers, so please feel free to share with friends and family who may be interested! As we expand, so will our need for pet food & supplies. Donations for this worthy program can be made to the Mia Foundation 3177 Latta Rd. #188 Rochester, NY 14612 or through our website Please specify MOJO'S MISSION in the memo. Thank you for helping keep seniors and their pets together!

Wish List

• Pee Pads

• Clorox Bleach

• Purina ProPlan dry dog food

• Tide Pods

• Clorox spray cleaner

• Amazon Gift Cards

Our needs often change according to what pets we have in our care. You can find our current wish list on You are always welcome to send a gift to your “favorite” Mia baby, as well. Our pets LOVE getting mail!

2020 Events

  • August 1 - Mia day

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