Hi-Feel Lo-Tech Group Workout

Designed for Mind-Body-Conspicuous Humans Like You

Why Hi-Feel Lo-Tech Group Workout ?

  • Our Hi-Feel Lo-Tech Group Workout (HFLTGW) is all about getting what you want out of your daily experiences living with technology and interacting with other (non)humans in the world.
  • Get fitergized with our easy-to-follow energy-blasting and shape-shifting exercises. There is no right or wrong way to do it as long as you are having fun!
  • From supine belly-breathing to full body cardio-dancing, we offer various formats that mix in the emotional benefits of bodily movements.
  • We offer both online and offline classes including some of which can be followed in the comforts of your own living room or even streamed on the go.
  • The result? Get in touch with your feels resonating from your body and an heightened sense of comfort feeling through moving around your surrounding your technocultural environment.
  • There are no levels and all are welcome -- just bring your curious self!

Activate Your Curiosity

Every “body” has something to say

It is a matter of whether we choose to make ourselves available to compassionately listen

Ignite Your Imagination

Burning sweat in creative ways

Working out alone together has never been more affordable, fun and easier

Discover Your Flow

Get in touch with your feelosophical flow

Become mindfully present in-the-real-life-now through intentional synergistic movements