Short Term Missions

Did you know that effective pre-field training greatly increases your impact as a missionary?  Did you know that effective pre-field training allows you to have a more full and rewarding missionary experience?

Here at MM4H, we specialize in short term international mission trips and training - especially for first timers!  We take a holistic approach to missionary preparation.  We prepare you spiritually, physically and mentally.  Our certification training is provided Global Impact University Consulting, LLC's accredited online courses.  The 15-18 week course is taught live.  It will be available on demand soon. 

Academic Level: Certificate; Certificate of Short Term Missions - Certified International Missionary

Duration: 15-18 weeks

Assessment:  Yes

Study Method:  Online

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spiritual Prep

Spiritual preparation is key for a spiritual mission.  The objective is always to advance the Kingdom of God. It is important that missionaries have a deep relationship with Yeshua, how to share their testimony, know their spiritual gifts and how to use them in coordination with other missionaries to win souls to the Kingdom.

Physical Prep

It may not seem like it, but missionary work is physically demanding.  Missionaries must be able to walk 5-6 miles per day. They must be able to be on their feet for extended periods of time and/or serve for long hours.  Missionaries are taught how to physically prepare through food, supplements, exercise, proper sleep, and self care.

Mental Prep

Serving in the Kingdom does not come with out its challenges.  Spiritual warfare is not optional.  Missionaries are prepared to handle these challenges both in the physical and in the spiritual. Challenges can include being away from home extended periods, navigating a different culture, worries about performance, and more.

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