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Kris and Kristine connected first on Match.com and then met in person at McGregor's Pub in San Diego in June of 2018 and have been inseparable ever since. Kris likes to say that Kristine made the first move, and he would be right. If you ask the two of them they will both tell you that they have become best friends and love spending time together. 

After a year of dating, Kris shared his teenage dream of having his own radio show with Kristine, he always dreamt of making it big in radio as he practiced his DJ skills making mix tapes for his friends. After talking about it with Kristine, in a stroke of brilliance, Kris decided to figure out what it would take to start a podcast and Kristine said "go for it, you will be great!"

 After getting a basic headset and testing it out Kris realized that he didn't want to podcast alone. He wanted a co-host to make the show more lively and interactive. He asked Kristine to be his wing-woman, and in that moment The Kris and Kristine Show was born. 

On August 25th, 2019 Episode 1: Beef and Bitmojis made it's worldwide debut, and this crazy couple had a blast. After week one of recording they looked at each other and decided maybe, just maybe this could become their "thing." 

Over a couple of years in, The Kris and Kristine Show has streamed in over 150 countries on all six of the inhabited continents (sorry not Antarctica), with nearly 60,000 downloads and has inspired their three boys to start up their own podcast. So many memories have been made with special guests, hilarious jokes, and not to forget Kris getting down on one knee and proposing to Kristine. The Kris and Kristine Show started as one man's dream and has become so much more than that. It is about lifting spirits, connecting with other amazing humans, and this best friend duo learning how to navigate life together. 



Chris aka "Kris" is a superhero by day and podcast genius by night. He keeps San Diego running (literally) with his day job hauling gas, and spends all his free time building his podcast empire. 

When it comes to The Kris and Kristine Show, Kris is the brains behind production and operations. He manages all technical aspects of the show, is the audio engineer, website developer, social media manager, and is the funniest guy Kristine has ever met. He is dedicated to making sure that every new episode is the best one yet. He nerds out on all things podcast related and has been known to interrupt date night with stories of the newest audio gadget that should be added to the show's regular rotation. 

When asked what has surprised him about podcasting, Kris says " when I came up with the idea for the podcast I just thought it would be a fun thing to try and didn't really know if anyone would listen, but now we have so many people that enjoy our show and it is really humbling to think that people take time out of their week to listen to us."


Fierce is the word she lives by, and she has the tattoo to prove it. Kristine defines her life by this word and tries to live with her heart on her sleeve on a daily basis. By day Kristine stays busy as an administrator in education and taking the wedding industry by storm as the owner and lead designer of Kristine Smith Designs. When she isn't podcasting she is working hard on putting her doctoral degree to work researching, consulting, coaching, and mentoring. 

When it comes to The Kris and Kristine show, Kristine is in charge of scheduling for the show's guests, co-developing content for episodes, and keeping Kris company during late night editing sessions. You may know her best from the little songs and jingles she makes up during each episode, or from her endless laughs at Kris's antics.

When asked what podcasting has taught her, Kristine says "I never realized how much I overthink saying funny things. Bantering back and forth with Kris has helped me learn how to let loose and exercise my funny bone a bit more."  

The Many Adventures of Kris and Kristine