Haunted Pirates

Halloween Walk Through Yard Display Opens Oct 1
SW 130th and SW Cleveland Bay Ln, Beaverton

Gone to the Caribbean

Pirate Captain Samuel Bellamy and his shipwrecked crew visit us the whole month of October. All 999 of them. Yes, it's free. Join us won't you? There's always room for one more!

Halloween Night There Will Be:
Full size candy bars
Ghost Pirates
k Party at Bellamy Manor

(This is FREE and does NOT have any horror/gore except the skeletons dressed as pirates. Built to entertain young children. Click on Contact if you have any questions.)

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2022 New Builds

Jack is learning to move and speak. There's still a lot of fine tuning to do.

Birds on create build

Inside Structure - Bearing Servo

Upright Tube Servo Test

Electronic Guts and New Servo Mount

Ready to sing

Enchanted Tiki Room (Bar)

My home work station. Stop by for a drink or a Mickey Ice cream bar

Side Project - The Jungle Cruise Shed

Painting a Jungle Cruise Sign

White Lettering Is Done

Main Lettering Done, Just have to add frame, enterance and lights

2021 Pirates

The rocks were left at the display.