I started this solo project titled "The Grey Searchers" in May of 2017. I wanted to create music, and collaborate with others, in a digital space with total freedom to architect music without defined genres, timelines, or limitations other than the limitations I placed on myself. My work as part of "The Grey Searchers" project include originals and covers songs. Generally I played, recorded, and mixed each instrument and song myself.

I post all of my completed work to various social platforms.

I use Instagram for posting most of my content.

Completed full songs are on SoundCloud. Completed full videos on are Youtube.

Sound Cloud

Spotify Playlist

Here is a public Spotify playlist of my favorite songs right now:

Free Music Section

In this section I provide Free Downloadable music and Mix Down stems/tracks from some of my work. All of this work is being provided under Creative Commons Licensing and can be used by in full or in parts (derivatives) by other musicians in creating their own music. Please include partial credit (attribution) to The Grey Searchers in those works. If used for commercial works, please send me an email for arraignments.

Song 32

Full Song: MP3