The Great Fire of 2009

I wanted to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the reopening of Georgia Theatre by sharing my memories and photos of the rebuilding process after the fire. The fire and the rebuilding naturally is common knowledge for Townies and fans of Athens Georgia. The fire made the CNN main page as a local interest story and was well covered by the Flagpole and all the regional papers and news operations at the time. You can view the video that aired below.

What's not common knowledge is the post-fire efforts to rebuild, and the design and construction processes. All the work that went into it. I had a pivotal role as the A/V designer-Integrator. This is the story about that time and those efforts!

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A lot of the photos in the presentation are B quality or de-rezed on purpose because you savages will steal them otherwise!! Contact me, for re-use of better quality.

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(L)Roger Levine and myself (far R) installed every piece of audio gear in the new GATH. We soldered every single wire and hand made every cable, AV box, and power connection in the entire audio and lighting system. We are talking thousands of connectors and cables! Josey Hunt (Center) helped me greatly with the installation and programming of the performance lighting system. The three of us spent those final 8 weeks before the grand opening putting the A/V systems all together and programming everything to work. It was a super intense time with tight deadlines. These guys were instrumental in helping me achieve those goals. And just to be fair, there were other folks involved in the design, some installation stuff, and helping us in a myriad of ways. Far too many to go into detail without writing a book. You know who you are and I will always be thankful for your help!

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