Last seen August 14th 2005 in Hillsboro, MO.

Giddy, elated, glowing. These uplifting words along with many others of the same were used when describing the young 26 year old Amanda, especially at this point in her life and at this point in her pregnancy. On Sunday August 14th 2005, walking out of church Amanda and family had more than enough reason to feel blessed, and little on their minds other than the buzz of baby fever! Just one week away from her due date, Amanda's parents Hugh and Bertha Propst eagerly awaited the arrival of their newest grandchild; baby Hayden. The soon to be little brother to Amanda's bubbly 4 year old daughter. It seemed impossible that any turn of events could shake or even damper the family and their contagious mood. That is unless, that turn of events should become this particular mystery. Within just a few hours the lives of Amanda's friends and family would be forever changed. This would be the last time Amanda would ever be seen by her parents. Soon Mr and Mrs. Propst would face the reality of explaining to their granddaughter that her mommy would never be coming home and that she would never get to meet the unborn miracl in her mothers belly. In a matter of seconds all of that familiar happiness would be stripped away, taking with it a 4 year old little girls dream title of 'big sister'.