What Is A Handyman?

A handyman (worker), is a person who’s skilled in performing multiple repairs jobs, that is typically performed around the home. They complete interior and exterior projects including plumbing repair, lighting installation, or repair and maintenance projects. A handyman doesn’t specialize in a specific craft, however, they possess various trade skills. In most regions handymen are paid laborers, but the term also refers to unpaid tasks, fixer-upper projects, or DIY jobs around the home.

What Kind Of Work Can A Handyman Do?

Not all handymen are created equally. The skill sets a handyman possesses, will dictate what jobs you should hire them to perform. The following are a few of the services a handyman will likely perform. Minor plumbing repairs such as repairing a small leak can be done by a handyman. Applying caulking to doors/windows, drywall repair, replacing damaged deck boards, or gutter cleaning and maintenance work, are a few projects a handyman will usually tackle. Touch-ups, general house repairs, and painting are also services handymen can complete. For major repairs, hire a specialist.

Can I call you at any time?

Yes. As part of our comprehensive service we have 24/7 client support to all our customers. This includes weekends and bank holidays.

How do I go about booking an appointment?

There are three ways. You can either use our online response form 24/7, book via our online chat or phone us direct.

What happens if I cancel my booking, is there a charge for that?

As long as you cancel the appointment 48 hours beforehand, there is no charge. If a booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before a booking or our team haven't been provided access to a property, then there is a cancellation fee.

How do you calculate your rates, is there a minimum charge?

We generally charge an hourly rate. However, we have a fixed rate for longer jobs which could possibly last a half day or day etc.

What are the different areas are you available in?

We are available in every Lanarkshire area. Even if you are outside Lanarkshire, we could still possibly provide you with a handyman service. If in doubt, you can call us.

Do I provide the materials necessary for my project?

In some cases we prefer that you purchase some of the items needed for a job. Items such as light fixtures, faucets, toilets, shelves, ceiling fans, tile, laminate flooring, and others that are to our customer's liking or preference. Other items such as drywall (and other pertinent materials related to drywall repairs), wires, cables, junction boxes, and other specific parts for repairs are better purchased by us, so that we get the correct ones. Although in some instances we can give our customers a "shopping list" to allow them to purchase all the materials and parts. Also, any items we purchase will be marked up 35-50% to make up for taxes and delivery, and that is why we also prefer that customers purchase the higher ticket items such as doors, windows, paint (in large quantities), so that they can save money.

What means of payment do you take?

You can pay either by card or cash . In order to confirm your booking, we take your card details beforehand. Once the job is finished, you can then pay for it. Otherwise, you can pay the handyman direct by cash for which you'll receive a receipt between 8AM and 7PM.

Are viewings possible?

Certainly. For jobs that should take longer than a day, a staff member can visit the site or location in order to give an estimate. This quote is for everything, including expenses.

Are you available on weekends?

Our handymen are available every day of the week including weekends.