We believe that professional learning matters.

#TheEduCal is a crowdsourced, searchable map and calendar of education events around the world. Our goal is to help share great learning opportunities for all educators so we can grow together.

The Education Calendar was created by and is maintained by Adam Schoenbart and Dani Kennis.

Contact us at theeducationcalendar@gmail.com or reach Adam and Dani individually with the links below:

The Story of #TheEduCal

#TheEduCal was created because we were tired of spending our time looking for conferences alone. We believe that we could learn more and do better together.

In winter 2015, we started building a Google Sheet, listing all of the conferences in the NY/NJ area that interested us. This grew and grew, until one day Dani had the million dollar idea: Why wasn't there a site that compiled these events?

Dani's original Tweet that sparked the idea is below. If you click it, you'll find a handful of responses from educators who also recognized the great idea. So #EdTechCalNYNJ was born, a crowdsourced calendar of education and #edtech events in the region. From April-November 2015, the site grew, with over 150 events added by dozens of contributors and 2,000+ views. The original site is archived, and can be found by clicking the logo on this page.

In October 2015, we were humbled when participants at EDnado 2, in Pennsylvania, asked if we would consider expanding the calendar. Since our intent was always to help share, collaborate, and promote, we welcomed the idea when bigger inspiration struck: If we were to expand, why stop there? Then came the big shift--the calendar is where we started, but a map is what can make #TheEduCal something really useful, or so we hope. By creating a searchable and geocoded calendar and map of events, users can find the events that are most meaningful to them and in their area. We didn't need to limit it to technology or NY/NJ anymore. After a few weeks of research, coding, and testing, the #TheEduCal is here.

The Education Calendar went live on November 21, 2015. #TheEduCal Blog followed in March, with the goal of sharing the stories behind the events. The site was then relaunched with the new Google Sites in January 2017.

We welcome your contributions, comments, and feedback. Please feel free to reach out on Twitter or through e-mail at the links above.


Thanks to all of our users, contributors, ambassadors, and to everyone who has helped share and promote the site and learning opportunities.

Special Thanks:

#TheEduCal is designed using Google Apps for Education tools and add-ons and scripts. #TheEduCal uses Google Forms, Calendars, and Sheets embedded on the new Google Sites. The map is powered by Awesome Table, created by Romain Vialard & Jean-Rémi Delteil, and the Awesome Table Geocode add-on from François Marceau. The calendar events are created using Event-O-Matic from Amplified IT. Additional features are powered by New Visions Cloud Lab's add-ons like formMule, autoCrat, and copyDown. For more on any of these wonderful tools, check out the Google Communities for Awesome Table and for Apps Scripts for Education Builders & Users or the products' respective web sites.