The ECO Foundation works collaboratively with the people we serve to provide creative education, healthy food, and employment opportunities, so they can meet their needs today and thrive for generations to come.



Edutainment is the art of making learning fun, engaging, and impactful, so students learn winformation that can be used both in and outside the classroom. We utilize this innovative pedagogical method for three reasons... 

For Students... 

We have several workshops and projects that can support the development of youth personally and academically. Here are a few of our favorites...

Cameras Converting Communities

teaches youth the process of conceptualizing and developing their ideas into videos that add value to society. We’ve created PSA’s, social media challenges, and music videos to raise awareness on relevant topics they choose.

Keep Your Crown Up

is a series of workshops that reminds young people of their royalty, and the responsibility that comes with it. This program infuses performing, visual, and language arts with social emotional learning to support students in discovering their superpowers so they can be the heroes we know them to be, and not the villains that society will try to make them.


is the "business of hustling and economics" where we teach young people to set financial goals by developing a product or service to help them get there. They will develop, produce, and sell products to help them exceed their goal. We encourage our Bustlers and Bustlesprouts to start building their empire one campaign at a time.

For Educators...

For Schools...

The Young B.U.L. (Bold Unstoppable Leader)  Program

We are always looking for organizations to sponsor a day of service. Here's how you can help... 

Email our program manager, Brotha Garid, at or sign up to volunteer here

 Big Old Kids Party & Inner Child Therapy Workshops

This event helps us heal by bringing out our inner child and celebrate life before the BillS! We believe if we're better to the kid inside of us, then we will be better to the kids around us. Dr. Scott G. Eberle said “play can even facilitate deep connections between strangers and cultivate healing”.  In other words, if we play together, then we stay together. 

Educators & Families

College Students

Grown Folk

We have curated several workshops that support adults in tapping into their inner child. These experiences serve as a way for us to introduce inner child therapy in an edutaining way. Ideally these workshops take place before The Big Old Kids Party. 

Visit for more info or click here to bring this experience to your space!


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Keep Your Crown Up!