Welcome!  I am the creator and curator of The Cyber Record.

The Cyber Record is a living compilation of fan-made Werewolf: The Apocalypse glyphs, as well as lore that has been compiled and presented for easy reference.

The Cyber Record uses information from all "legacy" Werewolf: The Apocalypse editions, which includes First Edition, Second Edition, Revised Edition, and 20th Anniversary Edition, as well as By Night Studios and Mind's Eye Theater versions.  It does not feature W5 content.

Expect Wyld behavior periodically as I look for ways to improve the format and presentation.

See the footer for information on the current owner of World of Darkness and Werewolf: the Apocalypse IP.
Glyph for Atlas. Arranged from the glyph for Garou Nation combined with glyph for Caern.

Explore the world through the lens of Werewolf: The Apocalypse with "Rage Across Google Maps", an interactive map and official and fan-made Septs and Caerns.  The Atlas contains the Map Companion spreadsheet (including entries that aren't on the map), a form to submit your own Caerns for inclusion, and the list of books sourced thus far.

Glyph for Data. Arranged from the glyph for Put Together or Build combined with glyph for Wisdom.

Answer questions that are based on collated data from the official material; how many Elders are there really, based on what has been written?  Do the stereotypes of which Tribe is good at what really hold up?  Read into the comparative analyses of the hard numbers found in various categories of statistics, demographics, and representation found in Werewolf: The Apocalypse and other World of Darkness game lines.

Glyph for Glyphery. Arranged from the glyph for Story with two additional marks for claws, combined with glyph for Build, and a small glyph for Galliard nested in the Story glyph.

Delve into the glyphs from official material as well as those that fans have put together.  Glyphery contains the list of contributors is organized into several image-intensive subpages: Official Glyphs (with subpages for Umbra & Spirits, Changing Breeds, Bastet Glyphs, and Corax Markers) and Custom Glyphs (with subpages for Hall of Heroes, and Songs & Stories), as well as a spreadsheet index of glyphs.

Water the activist roots of Werewolf: The Apocalypse combining storytelling, roleplaying, and calls to action with Quests that mix game elements with supporting real world causes.

Report issues, give feedback, ask questions, and get help with troubleshooting gremlins encountered anywhere in The Cyber Record's protectorate.

Curation of terminology

Throughout The Cyber Record, replacement terms are being used for all editions 20th and earlier:


On Hiatus!

Due to a deficit of time, I'm on an indefinite hiatus from regular updates!  I will still process custom Sept/Caern and custom Glyph submissions as I'm able to.  In the meantime, if you're interested in connecting with others who think a whole lot about Werewolf and make resources for it, come join us on the Geomid.Network Discord!

Happy Pride Month!

Past Updates

September 2023 

Fixing a broken link snowballed into...

January 2022

44 Custom Glyphs were added to the Glyphery Index.  I was hoping to get more done, but it turned out that between brain-stuff and other projects, I was entirely too busy to do much of anything this month.  It's likely to be that way for February too as we're ramping up to do big events again and figuring out how to translate all the energy and impact they had at in-person spaces into digital space.

I'm going to try to make some time to do some improvements around the Geomid.Network Discord at least, but expect there to not be a February update and to not hear from me again until a March end-of-month update at the earliest.  This is the longest I've done mostly-consistent monthly updates for this project, and I think I may just need a little break, and since I can't really set down my other project, this is the one I have to.  It's awkward timing since I just got the Network together and then immediately felt like I needed a recovery hibernation, but better that I respect the need-signals I've receiving than ignore them and burn out.

In other news, congratulations to Yiodan (Shadows by Firelight) becoming an Onyx Path freelancer!  He has his own channels on the Geomid.Network where you can chat with him, so if you decide to join the server, be sure to give him a congratulatory howl!

December 2021

Happy Solstice! 

Geomid.Network is now live!  This is just the very start and there's lots of room to grow, but the website directory and Discord server are both up, and the invite to the latter can be found on the former.

The core idea is similar to World of Darkness and Onyx Path RPGs Game Play and Media on FB (with a focus on Werewolf: The Apocalypse) in that it will serve to help Werewolf fans share the Werewolf things they're working on, as well as provide a space for them to collaborate with others, and a protectorate for their projects for those who don't have a Discord server of their own, in addition to being another place people can socialize over game in general.

Geomid.Network is disabled+queer run and will be curated to the best of our ability so as to not platform people who engage in behavior that is abusive, harassing, or oppressive to marginalized identities.  We won't be permitting or boosting the projects of people who have a history of being the cause of LARP horror stories, for instance, and removing those who we find out about if they are already listed. 💙

There are some future projects on the drawing board, like potential shared-world Chronicles, but first things first!   You want to be listed on the directory so people can have an easier time finding your podcast, art portfolio or commissions, actual plays, and whatever else?

It may also excite you to know that Amylin (The Werewolf Den), Glyphmaker (Garou Glyph Dictionary), SpreadsheetGarou (@ExcelGarou), The Toering (Lore of the Apocalypse) and Yiodan (Shadows by Firelight) are already there!

If this sounds interesting to you, come perform the Rite of Connection!


The forecast for January updates is focusing on adding Custom Glyphs for the Glyphery Index

November 2021

I wanted to do something vaguely momentous this month, because this time last year was a momentous time for The Cyber Record.  As always, I have to respect my energy and shifting limitations (or they'll will make me) and so I didn't get as much progress done as I would have liked, but I made some strides and finally, in the waning days of the month, I invited some fellow Werewolf nerds and fan creators to preview a Discord server that I have ready for the public on the winter solstice: Geomid.Network.  It's been about year since I actually created the server, although the vast majority of that time was it just been sitting there idle while I hemmed and hawed about it, and had my time absorbed by other projects.  Some conversations I had with other Werewolf folks gave me a push to come back to it, and this seemed to be a good time for it.

The launch of the server will also come with an accompanying directory site, to help people connect with other Werewolf fan creators and resources, so you can still benefit from it even if you don't Discord.  #Vamily has a pretty strong community and connectivity for Vampire, and I want to see that for Werewolf.  It's a lot harder for us to find each other and uplift each other and the spotlight the projects we work on and the crafts we make, and my hope is this will help do that!

Quest: Take Action!



October 2021

A new section called Data has been added!  It features the immense amount of work that SpreadsheetGarou has done collecting data and making statistical analysis on the demographics and representation of statted Werewolf NPCs and templates, and will one day have my own data that approaches these topics from a different angle.  I'm very excited to be able to welcome this honored guest and help give the project the attention it deserves on The Cyber Record! 

Official Glyphs

Glyph Challenge


September 2021

I got waylaid by other things I had to get done so September ended up being a sparse month for updates, and the forecast for October is likely to be busy with other projects, too.  Most of my TCR time was spent poking around and trying to learn how to make apps to improve the project as a whole, but I'm still a long ways off from being able to build anything.  Also coming up: Rage Across Google Maps' creation was on October 8th 2013, which makes also makes it its golden birthday this year! 

Atlas updates included a new map layer specifically for Hives, Pits, and other Wyrm-taken places, so if you want to want to look at just Gaian or just Wyrmish places of power on the map, that's now an option.  Two more Wyrmish places were added, which you can find in the Atlas Change Log.

Another cause to donate to and support in other ways was added to the Quest: Take Action! under Defend Our Mother and to the Quest layer of Rage Across Google Maps: National Indigenous Women's Resource Center.

Earlier this month I talked with SpreadsheetGarou, another data-loving Werewolf nerd, and discovered that we had been working on almost the exact same demographics project but different angles!  The spreadsheets I've been working on are still a ways off from completion and so I had been keeping a lid on them — less for secrecy and more so that I wouldn't blab about them either feel satiated by that or feel like now that I've blabbed about it I have to hold myself to an unnecessary deadline to get it finished.  (Managing feelings of productivity with disabilities that impact it is a balancing act!)  But SpreadsheetGarou's data is basically ready to be released and they gave me permission to host it here!   Since this sort of reference material doesn't fit in the Atlas or Glyphery, I'll be moving making a new section for it from the backburner to the front burner (the good one, we all know the one) and hope to get that done sometime in October, or November at the latest.

August 2021

Finally had time to get a demo of the first Glyph Challenge up!  

Try it out and let me know what you think!  Even if you don't know glyphs, you can give general feedback about functionality.  Don't worry, the scores will be wiped after this testing phase.

This is the first in a series planned.  Each following Challenge should progress in difficulty, and likely also get longer (but not too long!). 

The optional submitting of email is a function that I can turn on (but is not currently on for the testing phase of this Challenge).  That should allow me to track the progress of participants across all the Challenges they use that same email for, which in turn will let me tally their total score to put on the planned Challenges page.

I'm going to see how this first Lore Challenge performs before I get too wild with it, but I'm excited to finally be getting the first stage of more interactive components launched, especially since they double as teaching tools for the lore. 

A new Pack Link was also added for a friend who is a photographer, gearhead, and occasional streamer.  You'll likely be seeing some of their work here in the future once we're able to hang out again to do some photoshoots!

July 2021

I mostly took the month "off" from The Cyber Record (making room for my disabilities during Disability Pride and Awareness Month? What serendipitous timing!) so the July update is minimal:

The Auspice and Tribe subpages, previously nested in the Custom Glyphs section, were combined into the main Custom Glyphs page itself, and I made a new table of contents for it.  If this makes it makes that page too big to load or clunky to navigate, let me know!  You can either reach out to me through any of the ways listed in the Chiminage section, or use the new Report Form.  There are a number of limitations with Google Sites and I'm locked into the functions they provide, so I have to figure out ways to make do with what's there.

A new Pack Link was added for a friend and you should definitely check out his voice acting portfolio!

June 2021

Thanks to a donation I was able to get a few improvements done!

The Cyber Record now has a new domain name: thecyberrecord.net.  Nice and simple, easy to remember.  (Unfortunately gw.net, aw.ooo and awoo.ooo were all unavailable.  Sigh!)

A new Help page was made, which includes the Troubleshooting section (which was previously on the Atlas page) and the updated guide for how to turn Rage Across Google Maps off (or back on) on your phone, as well as a new Report Form for reporting errors or other issues.

There was one addition to Custom Glyphs, "Legend" Rank by Feral Noesis, finishing out that series of Rank Glyphs.

I rearranged the additional Werewolf links below the Pack Links, and now it prominently features The Werewolf Den podcast, and Werewolf: The Podcast.

Another three causes to donate to and support in other ways were added to the Quest: Take Action! under Defend Our Mother and to the Quest layer of Rage Across Google Maps: The Indian Residential School Survivor Society, Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society - New Friendship Centre, and Stop Line 3.

Also a number of as-yet-unannounced projects had some progress made on them, but I’m not ready to talk about them until they’re closer to being ready to share.  They definitely involve more spreadsheets and charts, though!

There was more I’d had planned to get done, but the heat dome had other designs so those will have to wait for a later update.  I’ll leave the June update off with this teaser: some interactive aspects beyond submitting your own creations have been planned for a while and some of those are finally in the works!

May 2021

A few Atlas updates for May, which you can find here: Atlas Change Log.

April 2021

Just a couple of Atlas updates for April, which you can find here: Atlas Change Log.

Soon I will be overhauling my set up, which should make it more comfortable for me to work on this project, especially when it comes to cross-referencing multiple sources for Sept/Caern locations and other data.

March 2021

The Garou New Year begins on the first full moon that occurs after the Vernal Equinox. For this year, that means it begins on March 28th. Welcome to the month of Nerigal.


Jackie Cassada, one of the authors of Rage Across the Heavens, which gave us a whole added depth to the Aetherial skies of Werewolf: The Apocalypse and more tools to detail out our characters with, passed away in December 2020 from COVID-19. Nicky Rea, the other author of that book, survived the virus but has been dealing with the long term effects and expenses of that in addition to the loss of her partner.

The GoFundMe that was created by Phil Brucato on Nicky's behalf to help support her has lost momentum; it's been a month since any donations have been made.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate the Garou New Year than to get a resurgence of support going for Nicky. Even if you aren't able to donate, please share and signal boost!

GoFundMe link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-author-and-widow-nicky-rea


New year, new sheet for the Map Companion spreadsheet; there is now a sheet called "Info" to help guide people who might stumble across the spreadsheet before the website.  This "landing page" also contains the current version of the Map Companion so you know if your personal copy is up to date or if you need to make a fresh copy — such as when there were 16 existing entries had additions to the "Location, Indigenous territory" column this month.

You can see the specifics of the updates in the Atlas Change Log. 

As a side note: the updates I do are usually in incremental spurts throughout the month as I have the time, rather than all at once, but the update to the version is made at or near the end of the month.

I accidentally started another spreadsheet project because of a question asked of me, but it's a ways off from completion and not ready for sharing yet, but you can expect to see charts resulting from it in the future.

February 2021

As expected, there are no updates to report for February, as I have been Questing in an Umbral realm that takes the form of the Fenrir homelands!

I am very tempted to see if anyone wants to collaboratively build a Caern in Valheim...

January 2021

The major forecast for January was adding to the substantial queue of locations to be audited and added to Rage Across Google Maps Atlas, and indeed, 20+ more official Septs/Caerns were added to that queue!

A new map marker icon was added to Rage Across Google Maps denote Septs that do not have Caern of their own.  In some cases it is it not explicitly stated one way or the other.  This map marker is used for Septs that are explicitly stated to not have a Caern.  I had considered doing this earlier, but there hadn't really been much of a need to differentiate Septs-with-Caerns from Septs-without-Caerns until recently, when a substantial chunk of the new additions to the queue were stated to be without-Caerns. 

A list of Protectorates and their sources (15 so far) has begun, although it will be some time before they are ready to be drawn on the map.  Protectorates is a project that is at the end of a queue that has over a hundred Septs/Caerns ahead of it, but I wanted to at least start getting it lined up to see how much there is to work with and if it's worth pursuing all the way through.

3 more official Garou glyphs were added to Glyphery, and 1 Sept was placed on Rage Across Google Maps.

December 2020

I've been working on some things for y'all to enjoy with another big update to The Cyber Record:

The Glyphery section has been greatly expanded, to the tune of an additional 263 Garou glyphs, 31 Bastet glyphs, and 7 Corax markers in a new Official Glyphs section, along with a spreadsheet index as a companion guide that lists a source for a given glyph.  The spreadsheet is embedded at the bottom of the "Official Glyphs" page and can be popped out separately, if desired.

There is a massive update to Rage Across Google Maps in queue that I'm plinking away at as I have the time to do so.  There's 116 Septs and Caerns already on the list to be added, and probably more on the way as I try to get my hands on some books I don't have yet.  There's a couple Moon Bridges popping up, and I'm looking at adding Protectorates for those that list any information about them in the future.

As always, you can submit your custom Septs and Caerns — or Hives and Pits, or other Fera-equivalent sacred sites — to be included on Rage Across Google Maps.  There is a form you can fill out on the website for this, or you can copy the template and email it to me if that works for you better.

There is also similar instructions to make it easier for submitting your fan-made glyphs to be included in the Custom Glyphs section of Glyphery.

Starting this month and going forward, there is monthly "Quest" where a certain number of people who donate to causes that are primarily be IBPOC projects, and share tale of their honorable deeds (by sharing their receipt of the donation with me) will earn them an opportunity to have their name picked for glyphifying.  The goal is to raise awareness and help for these causes and have a little fun along the way, getting back to the roots of the call to action that Werewolf has always been.

And finally, all of the spreadsheets now match The Cyber Record's new theme.

November 2020

The Cyber Record has fully migrated from its previous webhost to this Google site to better integrate with the rest of the Google features it makes use of.  The old websites will remain up a time for the purposes of redirecting, but if you have bookmarked any of the The Cyber Record projects, please be sure to update them!

In addition to migrating the website, this update also included a round of improving all of the images (about 280 of them!) in Glyphery.  Some of the contributed glyphs were made a very long time ago and were very small, so I cleaned them up and made them larger and much more visible.

I hope you all enjoy the facelift!

The website is optimized for viewing on desktop but it is automatically adaptive and should be just as legible on mobile.  Please let me know if your experience navigating The Cyber Record on mobile is a chore.  If there is strong feedback about it, I could be convinced to make a version that is optimized for mobile as well.

If you appreciate what I do and would like to support this on-going project, I now have a Patreon and a Ko-fi to accept chiminage.

Pack Links


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Their favorite Tribes are Pumonca, Qualmi, and Older Brother.

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While loathe to pick favorites, when bullied into doing so, it admitted her favorite Tribes are Nuwisha, Red Talons, Black Furies, and Fenrir.

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Dead Mountain - Developer of an edition agnostic Chronicle and Storytelling resource
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Glyph for Chiminage. Arranged from the glyph for Sacrifice combined with the glyph for Help.

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