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A non-profit division of Ripefruit Creative, design agency, that is  dedicated to identifying and strengthening peripheral skills as they appear along the spectrum of neurodiversity. 

Our mission is to infuse mainstream learning environments with curriculum, lesson plans and creative systems that foster comprehensive learning, enthusiasm, and confidence for ALL students.

2024 Season of the DEI+N Talks

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In Memoriam

We are honored to have received the support and commitment of the amazing Lori Stokes, Occupational Therapist, while she lived. She was very intregal to the Emotional Transparency Tags foundational conversations. 

We honor her postumously and will continue to hold the standard of inclusivity and innovation that she championed. 

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Artists, Parents, Children, Teachers, Supervisors and Neurodiverse themselves come together to learn, share their stories and enhance learning for themselves and othes diagnosed as neurodiverse. Ripefruit.orgs work will empower the Neurodiverse to share their stories host support meetings, and work with artists to create what lessons. Best of all we plan to create quantitatives to gauge neurovariance and advocate for industry change in the area. 

2022 Community Efforts

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Please Note: Proceeds go toward lesson development, DEIN Talks speaker and Artist Compensation.