Connecting Science and Providing New Value

Through Innovative Sensor Technology

We are an interdisciplinary sensor innovation team of scientists and engineers at SKKU 

(1) Our team is committed to tackling the multifaceted challenges inherent in conventional analytics, diagnostics, and therapeutics by employing state-of-the-art sensor engineering and nanotechnology. As sensor engineering specialists, our mission is to bridge the significant gap between existing biological and chemical sensor systems and multiscale real-world monitoring. Our ultimate goal is to introduce innovative analytical tools and scientific insights to society, built upon the foundation of diverse and multivariate data.

(2) To fulfill these objectives, we explore scientific questions that what optoelectronic material, instrumental, and data analytic interfaces can be combined into a powerful sensor system. Our major research scope encompasses all elements of the sensor system, including molecular recognition design, signal transduction modeling, hardware interfacing, and AI data analysis and statistics. 

Cho Lab Values and Culture

If you are interested in our research or want to join the team, feel free to reach out (sooyeonc@skku.edu)!


Sooyeon has been awarded a POSCO Science Fellowship from POSCO TJ PARK FOUNDATION. Congratulations!


Seongcheol, Inyeong, and Sangyeong have joined our team! Welcome guys!:)


Yullim won a Best Poster Award at 2023 Korean BioChip Society Spring Meeting! Congratulations Yullim! :)


Changi has joined our team! Welcome Changi!