Clachan Sillar
Here are some extracts from last Saturday's practice (9 Oct). The tunes are from the Aird's selection I posted
during the lockdown as part of my Tune of the Week series.

Aird's Medley - 9th October 2021
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Aidan Crossey has release the second edition of his 'The Irish Mandolin Tunebook' which is a great resource for the budding trad player. Indeed, the whole site is vital for anyone interested in the mandolin in Irish music. LINK HERE


The version of this site isn't mine. Please avoid. It's dodgy! They want me to pay lots of money for the .com - not going to happen.


Might start this again soon.

(click to play)Someone asked me about this track. I played it on a south american instrument, the cuatro. The 'tune', a reel, makes a brief appearance and refers to an Irish tune (I can't remember the name). The rest is a 'jam'. Remember that, jamming? This isn't something that happens much in our tradition but some people are dabbling in it.

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This is the four polkas I posted recently. If they are too fast just use Windows Media Player to slow them down It's easy to do and there's no change of pitch.

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