University at Buffalo's Award-Winning Lower Voices A Cappella Group

About Us

Founded in 1995, The Buffalo Chips are UB's first acapella group, with a long and exciting legacy of fun, community, and singing memorable tunes from across time and genre. We pride ourselves on maintaining a strong brotherhood of long-lasting bonds.

As a multi-time ICCA finalists, we aspire to bring you jaw-dropping performances and to always reach greater heights. We love to bring the joy of music to our local Western New York community and around New York State. On top of hosting three huge concerts a year, comprised entirely of self-arranged music, we also love to give back to our community by singing at high schools, weddings, retirement homes, and many other public events!


Throughout a typical school year, we aim to host three concerts of our own, one at the end of the fall semester, one around Valentine's day (as homage to the group's first concert in 1996), and one at the end of the spring semester. We love to invite guest groups to come perform with us at our concerts as well, and are always super excited when we have the opportunity to guest for them at their respective schools. For more information about the concerts for the upcoming year, take a look at our Events page

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