The Book Nook

Read. Learn. Repeat.

While a movie can be always interesting, reading a book is even better! There's a lot of difference between watching and imagining. When you watch a movie you just grasp that is on the screen, there is no mental exercise you give to your brain. but when you're reading you are giving a good exercise to your brain. Understanding the written word is one way the mind grows in its ability. Listen to the book, for it is the best friend you could ever expect.

Harry Truman said:

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

If you want to excel in life you must be a good reader. History has never failed to prove this. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Shahrukh Khan, APJ Abdul Kalam, Priyanka Chopra, Mark Zuckerberg are just a few famous people who love reading books. It is very important for every individual to know the value of reading and how to make use of it. While reading you, receive information (Listen), immerse yourself in the content (Store the best information), spread it when you need to (apply).

But there's a hitch! choosing the right book is equally important. After all, you are what you read.

Benefits of reading:

  • Strengthens the brain.

  • Increases empathy.

  • Builds vocabulary.

  • Prevents cognitive decline.

  • Reduces stress.

  • Aids sleep.

  • Alleviates depression.

  • Lengthens lifespan.

the way around book nook:

The club has certain constraints which makes sure every member makes a good progress in reading.

  • Members stick to the target of the number of books they want to read the particular year.

  • Respect and appreciate every member's interests and opinions on books.

  • The club will keep a check on every member's progress.

  • After completion of every book, the member is supposed to write a review on Goodreads.

  • Once a book is borrowed it should not be given/lend to others without consent.

  • Every member is supposed to keep the books safe until it is returned to the owner :)

how does this work?

Borrow Book!

Lend your book to someone who wants it. You never know how much it could help the person after you!

The Barter System

Exchange the book you have with someone who has the book you want! A two way profit!

Book Of The Month

Follow the updates to see the book of the month! Thank the e-readers :)

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How to proceed?

  1. Submit a list of the books you have with pictures of the books to the club organisers, through Whatsapp. (details are mentioned below.)

  2. The shelf list will always be updated and the link will be in the Whatsapp group and also on the notice board.

  3. Choose a book you like and discuss about the book with the owner. Once you find it interesting, communicate with the owner of the book and fill the form to claim the book.

  4. There are two ways to borrow:

    • Giveaway: For a certain amount of time period, you can borrow the book by filling in the form and claim the book. Book owner should have a detailed note of the borrower's details.

    • The barter system: If you need a book from a person, you should have a book they need. You can proceed by filling in the form first and keep a note of each other's details.

  5. Make sure you have a good communication with the owner of the book throughout the time period, and by any circumstances the club does not bare expenses if the book is misplaced. If the book is lost the borrower should get a new copy of the same book. This will be scrutinized by the club authorities.