LC - aka Laura Cotton


Raised in the Lac Lu Delta, LC found herself immersed in the cultural oasis of her surroundings. Marinated in a delicious gumbo of folk, rock, jazz, blues and world music from an early age allowed her to mature her vocals into a savoury bouquet, appealing to a wide range of eclectic tastes. The former front person of Big Boogaloo has enticed crowds across the country and continues to engage audiences with her sultry, soulful sound.

Darcy Ura (MD)

(Drum Doctor/Band Hair Stylist)

Ura's roots are from the most southern tip of Canada but now hangs his hat in the Kenora area. Founder and musical director for the band Big Boogaloo, Ura has been bringing the healing power of rhythm to local inhabitants since 1995. After his pilgrimage to Muzica Latina, his long his stay at AirRnB and his travels on Jazz airline, his new quest is to create sonic mash upz of various rootz based genres.

Cole "The Big" Zabloski

(Destroyer of Guitars/Irish Hot Yoga Instructor)

Cole brings a fresh perspective to any musical project. A native of Kenora and a former member of Big Boogaloo, he dominates the stage with his presence and musical energy. The Dude'z intensity is part of his charm and he always leaves everything on the stage. Audiences love watching the carnage and hearing the vibes!

Matt Haw

(Bass Spanker/Console-iere to the Band)

He plugs in, turns up and then "hawsome" shit happens. His subtle but controlled sound envelops and permeates the band. Once Matt forms his funk face, there is nothing but excitement and a little fear that comes over the crowd and the band. The anticipation of the spank is too much to bear. It must be witnessed to appreciate. He also plays a mean mixing console solo during every sound check!

Kris "The Amazing" Soderman

(Guitar Super Hero/Rap Battler)

A guitar in that boy's hands is like hot biscuits and gravy. (Rex Csuzdi) Kris' musical style can move from slow burning embers to a raging fire in a matter of seconds. He knows how to build a moment in time that will bring down the house. Kris' vibe is best portrayed in these classic lyrics.....

Soderman, Soderman, Friendly neighbourhood Soderman

Blood and sweat will be poured, grooving hard without a word.

Watch out here comes the Soderman!