The Yeti Club

Who Are We?

The Yeti Club is one of the oldest small mountaineering clubs in the country. Founded in 1956, it has always retained a strong interest in exploring the hills and mountains of Britain and beyond. The club philosophy is to be a friendly group where members know each other and are a compatible group.

Meets are held each month, often based around Waenhir, the club’s cottage which is owned by the members. The club whilst not at the cutting edge of rock climbing has active climbers and walkers who spend time in most mountain areas of the UK.

Many members have travelled further a field, including several trips to Nepal, Ladakh, Pakistan and the Karakoram, Tibet, the Alps, The Rockies, South America and other continents.


The club hut has been owned outright by the club since 1971. It is a remote hut about 1 mile above Capel Curig, and only accessible on foot. It has been substantially renovated and provides a comfortable shelter, with wood burning stove, gas ring cookers and lighting. Only available to club members and their guests, it requires users to carry only their sleeping bag, food and other essentials for a weekend in the mountains.

Get Involved

Membership is open to individuals over the age of 18. If you are interested and require more information, please contact the secretary, T Higginson, email