The Yardarm

Alternative rock with a distinctly North Carolina twang.The Yardarm combines the songwriting and singing talents of Jason Bales and JJ Westfield, with Palmer Smith on bass and John Cowan on drums.

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The Yardarm got its start in 2017 when, in the only documented incident of this going well for anyone, JJ Westfield and Jason Bales were prompted to play together by their wives.  After finding their tastes and skills in music meshed, Jason promptly ignored any conventional wisdom about not $#!{{ing where he eats and enlisted two of his co-workers, John Cowan and Palmer Smith, to play drums and bass.  Since then, the Yardarm has played their twangy rock and roll across the Triangle and as far out as Brevard, NC on stages of all sizes, be they small, intimate, cozy, or cramped. 


Press contact: Jason Bales

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