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Mr. Coniglione is the Next Assistant Superintendent

By Grace Torgersen

Mr. Coniglione is leaving his position as High School Principal by the end of Spring 2019 in order to be the next assistant superintendent of Comsewogue.

He first came to Comsewogue as Assistant Principal in 2006. Born and raised on Long Island, he has dedicated his career to education, although his childhood dream was to become a professional athlete. He was a successful student in school but disliked the structure of a larger school, which made him feel invisible. Based on this experience, he spent his years as a principal focusing on creating a more personal, family-like culture within our school. The news of his leaving came as a shock, and all students are all saddened to see him go.

Mr. Coniglione spent all his life on Long Island. Growing up in Holbrook, he went to Sachem school district. Upon graduating high school, he did his undergraduate and graduate studies at Dowling College. He holds two masters degrees, a professional diploma and an administrative degree, all from Dowling. Prior to coming to Comsewogue, he taught at Brentwood High School as a special education teacher for ten years. Becoming a special ed teacher was not what he had in mind growing up; however, a turning point came when he first taught disabled adults. He was so happy to do it that he decided to go back to school to be certified.

After Brentwood, Mr. Coniglione came to Comsewogue in 2006. He became a Principal in 2010. His philosophy stems from his own experience in high school: “I did well in school, well enough to be successful, but I didn’t always love the structure of it. I came from a school where it had about 1500 students, so you were kind of just a number. You really didn’t get to know anybody.” He was fortunate enough to get to know an assistant principal personally, and that changed his outlook on school. “So, when I had the

Image of Principal Joe Coniglione

opportunity to become an administrator, the things that I didn’t like about school, I wanted to change for you guys so that it was better for you guys. I wanted it to be more personal, and high school should be very personal.”

One of such efforts in making high school more personal is the walk-in policy. If students want to speak with him, they can just walk in to the Principal’s office at any time, no appointments needed. Students are sure to feel better after speaking with him: he clearly cares about the students. "...we’re kind of a family here. If you think about it, you guys are my kids. And that’s the best part of the job. It’s also the most difficult sometimes. You know, it’s hard to have 1300 kids. And it’s hard to care for every one of them and take care of them, and you take that stuff home with you."

So, what will he miss the most about the High School? “The students, one hundred percent,” he responded immediately. “There’s no question about it. When I’m having a bad day, I pick up my stuff and go sit in the cafeteria with the students. And no matter how bad your day is, you just need one smiling student to change your whole outlook on life. It’s the greatest part of my job.” Although there are thousands of wonderful memories at Comsewogue, one of the most memorable moments came in his first year as a Principal: “When I was handing out diplomas at graduation, the student organised something special for me. The first kid came up and gave me a beach pail, and I had no idea what was going on, so I was holding a beach pail. Every student after that came up to get their diploma had a popsicle stick or a paint stirrer, and they dropped them in the bucket. Every single kid, and every single one had a personal message to me, 300 of them. As a matter of fact, there’s some of them on the wall right there.

(There were 10-15 popsicle sticks hanging in a frame on his wall). It was probably one of the most heartfelt things that I’ve ever had done to me at Comsewogue.”

As the next assistant superintendent, he would like to continue the path he has been on, creating an academic environment where everyone matters. “The goal is obviously to make sure you get the best education possible and provide you the most opportunities but still make it personal--but across the district, where everybody gets to learn, everybody helps everybody. I hope to raise the bar academically but also keep on the path we’ve been taking because if you look around and you talk to people, everybody in this district will tell you the same thing: it’s like a family here. That’s a culture that has to stay.”

We are all sad to see Mr Coniglione leave our school. He has been an amazing Principal that many people in the school loved and appreciated. Yet, with his new position, we hope to see him influence the district further and touch more lives.

At the end of the interview, I asked what his favorite book was. Although it may seem an odd question, a person’s favorite book tells a lot about the deeper side of the person, and I was curious to see what he had to say. He mentioned The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, describing it as the story of life. “Randy was a gentleman who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; he was going to die. It’s really him writing to his two kids because he knows he’s going to be off this earth very shortly. How to live life, and what to appreciate, what to do, and that is essential to anyone in any profession because it’s so important about being human. That’s the number one factor. You have to be human. In any job you do, and that’s the way things go well.”

Saying Goodbye to An Old Friend

by Alex Goodman

Everyone in the Comsewogue community knows and loves him Dr. Rella, and the Comsewogue School District Superintendent is retiring after this passing school year. This is sad to hear, but he has done so much for the community, and he will be missed in the district.

Dr.Rella has worked in the district for 24 years, and in that time, he has done so much for us. Dr. Rella never took sides, he always listened to the parents, the students, and the teachers. He always made everything a team effort. Mrs. Kinane, a teacher in the High School, stated, “he is very supportive and very patient. When I first met him, he always wanted to know more about me;

he would listen carefully and made me feel welcomed.” Mr. Coniglione, the High School Principal exclaimed, “he is extremely genuine to everyone.” “When he first interviewed me, he made me feel like I knew him for a long time; he treats you like an old friend.” Lastly, he noted that if he could say one last thing to Dr. Rella, he would say that, “he was extremely influential to me, and we became so close that we were almost like family.” These are only a couple of his lovable characteristics.

We all love Dr. Rella and everything about him. High- school freshman Stephen Larsen said, “He was very welcoming and kind to me and my family when we came into the school.” Another High School Freshman, Caleam

Image of Dr. Rella

Pilkington added, “I am sad to see him go; I will miss him.” He is not just nice to new people; as I am making my way through the district, he has supported me and my family. His job to us as a community was to make our lives easier, and not only did he do that, he made it fun. He has the greatest personality and can cheer up anyone's day.

We bid you farewell and hope that retirement treats you well. Have fun, and we will miss you; we hope to see you again, and we will never forget you.

School News

Rotunda Still Under Construction

by Kelly Chen

For the past couple of years, Comsewogue Art Honor Society members, headed by Mrs. Melton, have been working on an extremely big project that is hoped to be done before 2021 school year—this idea was introduced by Mr. Coniglione, Principal of Comsewogue High School. Mr. Coniglione noticed the the rotunda was becoming dangerous to walk on, so they decided to fill it in and make a level floor. This proved very tricky. Working

Image of rotunda
image of rotunda

with Mrs. Melton, the concept of a mosaic was brought up. Mrs. Melton wanted to do something different; instead of painting the floor, Mrs. Melton decided that they would make the Rotunda out of stained glass pieces and tessa rae (ceramic pieces). As the filled in ground settled, it made it difficult to work with.

The picture that they decided to put on the Rotunda was originally thought of by Mr. Coniglione: "I'll be extremely excited once it is finished; it'll be a beautiful piece of artwork that students created and left for other students to appreciate." The Rotunda includes the Comsewogue tree of knowledge to symbolize that there is a lot of opportunities of learning in this school. In addition to the tree, there is also a symbol of the Comsewogue Warrior logo, which symbolizes the Native Americans that walked on Long Island many years ago. The National Art Honor Society wanted to make the logo bigger. They wanted to include other features to represent the community and the natural surrounding of Port Jefferson Station. As Ericka Marrero put it, “Art can be shown in anything and you can make it become anything.”

As for right now there are approximately 20 to 25 people working on this project. Assistant Principal Mr. Dornicik added, “It’s nice to have students put effort on this project.” They hoped that when completed, everyone would be able to walk on this beautiful Rotunda. “Hard work pays off,” said Nikky Hernandez. Like every big project, it is also in need of money, so the art club members are raising money to buy materials, such as floor tiles and grout, to finish off the project. As Richelle Genao put it, ”It is truly amazing that students from Comsewogue did not give up on this project.”

Warriors, Watch Your Attendance!

by Lia Puleo

Back in 2013, the New York State Government declared eighteen absences chronic absenteeism, and only since October of 2018 ( now ) is it beginning to be enforced due to the low attendance rate in the state.

The law has always been compulsory attendance, meaning it is illegal for people not to send their children to school. The latest update to this law avowed that eighteen absences equaled chronic absenteeism. Chronic absenteeism is defined as having missed ten percent of the school year, or at least two days a month. New York State wants all students under this mark, and the answer to why is quite sensible. Attendance is crucial in what will guarantee a student future success—pupils can only work and educate themselves by showing up to class.

New York State wants to begin to truly enforce this law due to the dropping attendance rate in the past five years. According to one, Mr. Dornicik, Comsewogue High School’s attendance rates are middle-ranged compared to other schools. Some schools have better rates, and some have worse, but the school does whatever it can to improve attendance and keep students in class. When asked what initiatives the school takes to keep students in class, Mr. Dornicik replied with “We monitor students’ attendance, open up conversations with families, and do what we can to ensure that kids who cut class are dealt with so that they attend class. In other words, we do what we can do help improve attendance.”

After speaking with a few students, I found that their opinions on the the subject were vastly variant. Ava Tulimiero, who disagreed with the law, spoke out by saying “Students may have personal reasons that they cannot remain under the eighteen absence rule and can easily make up the work by going to x-time or completing it from home.” On the other hand, students such as LeeAnn Grizin, who agreed with the law, argued “Attendance is a very important part of doing well in classes.”

Although everyone has his/her own view on the law, the New York State government sees pupil attendance as a growing issue and wants to ensure that the rates begin to rise rather than deteriorate as they have been over the years. The reason as to why students are absent from class vary from individual to individual—there’s no single, direct answer. Could this law do what is intended and save New York’s failing attendance, or will it do exactly the opposite?

image of student jumping out of window

New Cafeteria Smoothies!

by LeeAnn Grzin

Last month, the cafeteria started serving new fruit smoothies on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, (with no added sugars) that come in two delicious flavors, strawberry-banana and mango-pineapple-yogurt. These new additions are being sold for two dollars, allowing for a healthy alternative for Comsewogue students.

The Comsewogue School District as a whole has been trying very hard to implement healthy habits and options for its students. Many students enjoy buying these smoothies on the days that they are available. They are served towards the right two lines in the cafeteria. ”I think it's a good idea. They´re healthier than the other options. Sure they're more expensive than the other drinks, but the thing is the cup is bigger," said Alex Di Giovanna. A few of the students interviewed about these new smoothies mentioned that they were surprised by the cost; others said they should cost a little more than your average drink. Emma Papile stated that ¨ Compared to the other drinks, they are more expensive, but overall they are a very good idea because they are healthy.¨ Sophia Quintana said that they were ¨way too expensive,¨ when I asked her what she thought about the new smoothies here at Comsewogue. Many people had drastically different opinions. On the other hand, freshman Olivia Panuccio said, ¨I think it's great they are trying to encourage healthier foods.¨

These smoothies are a great way to help students develop a healthy lifestyle. Students can now buy a smoothie instead of an unhealthy snack or drinks loaded with unhealthy sugars. Emily DiLieto, a Comsewogue student said, ¨I think they are healthier than the food that is normally served here.¨ It is proven that having a healthier diet can help improve your grades. Altogether, the students and staff think the smoothies are a great addition. The best quote was from Keira Kudrzycki (top right picture): ¨It tastes perpendicular to the bisector of my tongue!!!¨ she exclaimed! (She's obviously taking geometry this year).

Overall, the new smoothies at Comsewogue High School are getting very positive feedback. Students like the option to purchase a healthy snack instead of an unhealthy cookie or chips. This new addition will have an overall positive impact on the students here at Comsewogue.

image of student with smoothie

Students Now Allowed to Go to the Weight Room During Lunch and Free Periods

by Emily DiLieto

This year at Comsewogue High School, the administrative staff will be letting people during lunch and free periods go to the weight room to work out instead of going to the library or cafeteria. This alternative could help students become healthier and more energized for their day.

Instead of sitting inside the library or cafeteria during a free period or lunch, students now have the option of going into the weight room to work out.

image of the weight room

Many students had positive things to say about this new addition to school, along with administration. For example, Alexandria DiGiovanna stated, “I think it’s a good idea because not all the people can fit in the library, so it’s a good alternative.” Usually, people would go to the library during a free period or lunch. Now with this new change, people can have the choice of going to the weight room instead of crowding the library. Kaylee O’Neill said, “It’s a good way to relieve stress, and I think that will help students during their day at school.” High school can be very stressful, so having a beneficial and healthy stress reliever could possibly help lots of students. LeeAnn Grzin answered, “It’s a healthier choice because people who don’t do sports can still get exercise they need.” Not everyone can do sports, so being able to go to the weight room can benefit them in multiple ways. In addition to these students, Mr. DeVincenzo, the director of health, physical education, and athletics, also had an opinion on this subject. He said, “I think it’s a great idea that students are able to use their free time in a healthy way. I’m all for it.” Unfortunately, not everyone has been taking advantage of this new addition to the school, so hopefully this article will help spread the word about it.

All in all, this new change to our school can be advantageous for many students, since they can expand their interests and become healthier.

New Lunch Tables

by Emma Papile & Olivia Panuccio

Comsewogue High School recently made a major modification within the cafeteria. The gray rectangular lunch tables were replaced with brand new circular ones. The new lunch tables have yellow and blue benches, and depict the Comsewogue logo on the table surface. The old ones were not a problem in the past, so the turn up of the new tables was very unexpected for students.

Alex DiGiovanna, a ninth grader, said, “I do not like the tables because you cannot fit more than eight people at them without being crowded, and if you do not have enough friends, you have to sit with random people. If you have too many friends, you cannot all sit at the same table.” This opinion seems to be popular among the students.

The change has prompted much talk among students at Comsewogue. For many, it has been tough to accustom. Students have held many opinions against the new addition. Alyssa Morturano exclaimed, “Circular tables are bad!” Some feel that they should have been given a say in getting new tables, and that the money could have been used toward something else.

Another popular view is that the tables were not worth the amount of money that was spent on them. Sophomore Matteo Schwarzmuller said, “It is a waste of money, and the school should have just spent more money on things like the art department, which lacks funding. There was nothing wrong with the old tables, and I do not think we needed new ones.” Similar thoughts include that the money spent on the tables should have been spent on things like better air conditioning or higher quality soap and paper towels. The tables also create problems for kids who do not have many friends. With long tables, the student could easily find a seat in between a group of people. With circular, more isolated tables, they have to sit with a specific friend group and may feel intrusive.“If someone does not have many friends in their lunch period, they have to sit with someone they don’t know,” said LeeAnn Grzin, a freshman. This situation calls for difficult problems for students who have no friends in their lunch periods.

Despite the many negative comments regarding the tables, many agree that the cafeteria looks more spacious and that, appearance-wise, the tables look much better than the old tables did. The positive outlooks on the tables are overrun by the dislike towards them, however. A junior, Grace Papile, stated “The tables look appealing and were a good idea, but they should have bought more of them. There is not enough seating for everyone in the period, and some people are forced to either find somewhere else to eat their lunch or squish together at a table.”

There will always be positive and negative aspects when adjusting to something new. Although the new tables are not to the liking of many students, various others have had positive opinions on the topic. A recurring opinion among some students is that it is easier to talk to their classmates. With everyone seated in a circle and facing one another, people feel there is more conversation among themselves and others. Although she is unhappy, Keira Kudrzycki claimed, “Now I have to talk to everyone at the table, whether I like them or not.” Many also feel that the modification gives the cafeteria more spirit. According to Jordyn Weaver, “They are a nice addition to the school. They give a lot more spirit and decoration.” Also liking the new tables, Ashley Doxey stated, “I like them because they are very stylish and unique.” As the school year goes on, hopefully all students will adjust to the revamped cafeteria.

image of new lunch table
image of gingerbread house and kid trick or treating

Monster Mash

by Daniela Galvez-Cepeda

On October 26th, 2018, Comsewogue High School was invaded by dinosaurs, pirates, and tiny cookie monsters. This scary event happened on Trick or Treat Street night. During this time, many parents and other family members brought their little ones to our school to have a safe Halloween.

According to the boss and organizer herself, Mrs. Carla Harste, Trick or Treat Street is “a yearly event that we put on for the children in our community where all of the clubs decorate a room and pass out candy” in order to give them the opportunity to enjoy Halloween in a secure and warm environment. Of course it is an intense couple of weeks getting everything ready and perfect for the kids to enjoy— but “seeing the joy on all the children's faces makes all the work worthwhile.”

Apart from providing this service, the proceeds that are collected from the tickets sold that night go to our school-hosted Senior Citizen Prom, which is put on the spring. Furthermore, the families that come through our doors to be part of this experience are also encouraged to bring in food donations, which then our National Honor Society uses to give to families in need during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Trick or Treat Street is truly an important event that contributes greatly to our community.

Interview Features and Reviews

Getting to Know Mr. Schuass

by Alexandria Di Giovanna

This September, a new 9th grade Social Studies teacher, Mr. Schuass, began his first year here at Comsewogue. He also advises the Class of 2022 club. It was decided that he would be interviewed, so that his students and other students could get to know more about the real him.

This first question asked was, how did he like teaching here so far? He responded with “I love it so far; every day is exciting, even though your teaching is planned, it’s so different to do the lesson plan with the

students,” he added. “It is difficult to always have students’ respect, but my students are great, and they respect my passion for Social Studies. It has been good so far.” When asked if he knew that he always wanted to be a History teacher, he admitted that even though he always liked history, he did not think about teaching it until he took AP History with Ms. Mcguiness when he attended Comsewogue. When he attended SUNY Oneonta, which is upstate, he majored in secondary education in history; he also asserted that “It was a real hoot.” He mentioned that the easiest way to get through high school and college is, “Make a good group of friends by joining clubs, since you will have common interests. Pick clubs that you’re passionate about, and join as many things as you can. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; teachers want you to pass, and you’re not alone. Make study groups because they’re effective, and most importantly have fun.” He admitted that it took him until his senior year of High School to get involved and regrets not being more open and not doing stuff that he was passionate about.

Mr. Schuass is also the advisor for the Class of 2022 Club, which he was asked to advise and was happy to accept. The club made a float for homecoming, decorated a room for Trick or Treat Street, and is now doing fundraisers at places such as Five Guys and bake sales at school. All the money that is raised is used for the junior and senior proms. When queried if he could advise another club, which one would he want to advise, he admitted “Social Studies Honor Society because the students are passionate for Social Studies.” When questioned what teachers had inspired him, he said Ms. Mcguiness, due to her passion for History and Mr. Karwoski because his passion for music.

Mr. Schuass is widely accepted by the students in his classes and the members of club of 2022. Emily Eichler had this to say about him, “Mr. Schauss is a really funny teacher that does a great job of connecting with his students. I personally don’t have him as a teacher, but he is a great leader of the 2022 club and makes sure everyone is working hard and enjoys being there. He is a 10/10 teacher.” Emily DiLieto approved by saying, “I love Mr. Schuass; he’s already so involved and its only his first year of teaching.” Another student, Hannah Kosak, agreed with the previous opinions, saying, “Mr. Schauss is extremely funny and entertaining, while maintaining to stay on course with what were doing.”

Mr. Schauss’s year so far has gone well and hopes that the excitement that he has felt every day remains for the rest of his time teaching.

Turning Things Around With Matt Colon

by Kaan Kalender

“Going to school everyday is an award and the strongest lesson,” said Matt Colon in an interview with The Warrior. “A person should really keep a good friend group and a small friend group to get the education and good grades they need."

Matt Colon said that his improvement from failing to getting good grades was something that happened in his life that was really bad; he did not want to share it and kept it to himself. He did not want to share it because he did not want anyone to know what happened and start some kind of problem with anyone.

“When I failed I was having trouble in all my subjects, and I was copying off everyone in class,” he said. “ When I got my grades up, and I was doing better, people started copying off me,” he said. ”I improved because I did not want to stay below everyone and have bad grades, which would bring me nowhere in life.” He turned his grades around because he was in a bad neighborhood and did not want to stay there his entire life.

Matt believes past experiences in life were very important and made him who he is today. “ A person who could not stay quiet could not survive for one day,” he said. “ You would just go in your room and not talk about what happened that day." He added at times like that, he would not leave his house, but he would still be studying, so he could get his grades up.

So get those grades up and always keep them up there!

image of the letter F

Max Oak’s Football Odyssey

by Samantha Schwab

“Football has definitely made me a better person,” Comsewogue’s starting football player, Max Oak shared. “It has taught me to trust others and that you can have a bond with anyone. No two people on a team are the same, yet we all mesh as a family.”

Max, who just finished his third year starting on the varsity football team, elaborated on how football has impacted his life, both positively and negatively.

Because training consumes an abundant amount of his life, he admitted that football does take time away from studying and other schoolwork. Although it is not impossible to work around, it requires staying up later to finish assignments and prepare for tests.

Beside the fact that football might be a slight obstacle in his academic career, he emphasized that this sport has taught him about surpassing personal limits: “It made me stronger and faster than I ever thought I could be,” he asserted. “I’m always motivated to be the best I can be… every single practice and every single game I gave it every single bit I got.”

As most know, nobody is capable of success without motivation. For Max, a strong support base stems from his family: “My family was and is a huge support in my football career,” he explained. “They encourage me to always do my best and get me the best equipment they can to make sure I can perform to my best ability to keep me safe.”

Once asked further in depth, he expressed that his main source of motivation comes from his father and grandmother. His dad signed him up for a league when he was in third grade, and from beginning to end, remained his biggest fan by “always encouraging him to try his hardest and do his best.” Along with the great amount of motivation being dealt to him by his father, Max also stated his grandma has been a substantial influence on his football career. “Generally speaking, I’m always motivated to be the best person I can be in honor of my grandma. Everything I do is for her,” he explained. “She influenced my life so much, and it kills me to not have her here anymore. I just want to make her proud.”

Not all athletic careers are a straight path towards success. Unfortunately for Max, he experienced a major setback—early last year in March, he tore his entire left quad. In the midst of missing his junior year of lacrosse and taking 3 to 4 months to recover, he had a massive loss of weight and strength throughout his body. “I had to train hard to catch back up and surpass my previous body composition in preparation for football season,” he asserted. “My motivation to better myself got me faster and stronger and ultimately made me a better player all around.” Consequently, this resulted in the best season he has ever had.

Football has been a noticeable factor on shaping Max into a versatile athlete and student. Throughout his athletic career, he has surpassed many expected personal limits. Although there was never a high probability of playing in college before, he admits there is a high possibility now.

Max Oak reaching to catch a football
Max Oak catching a football

Brian Michalec

by James Mantione

Knowing what roll to take in life is a big question to ask, even bigger when in high school. Most seniors stress over not knowing what path in life to take. In 2010 Brian Michalec was not worried about this subject because he was graduating and knew exactly what he wanted to do: “I always knew what I wanted to do all throughout high school.”

In 2010 Brian Michalec did know what field to go into; after graduating from Comsewogue High School he attended Dowling College on a lacrosse scholarship. He decided he wanted to become a teacher and got his Social Science and Special Education degree. Now he is back at Comsewogue starting his teaching career in room 218.

Mr Michalec has become a big part of Comsewogue teaching in only two years. He became the assistant coach of the JFK football team, assistant coach for the Varsity Lacrosse team, and he has built a strong relationship with a lot of his players.

Mr. Michalec is just starting off his career, and he is hoping to be brought back for many years to come. He believes in no time he can make a dent in the Comsewogue community: “Being surrounded by great people all the time makes my job so much easier.”

Mr Michalec is very excited what this new job will bring; he is hoping on exciting things happening in the next 5-10 years.

image of Brian Michalec and Lacrosse players

Have you Met the Iconic Face of the Beauty Industry?

by Amanda Smith

Jeffree Star is an Internet celebrity, makeup artist and entrepreneur. He is the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which started from three simple lip shades made with the last of his savings and later grew into a company.

The well known, iconic face known as Jeffree Star has had a major impact on the makeup world in recent years. Backing up before his fame, Star grew up in Orange County, California, and says his obsession with makeup began at age 13, when he began experimenting with his mom's cosmetics and recreating looks from popular beauty magazines. After high school, Star moved to Los Angeles and attempted to pursue a music career. This move led to two major career boosts: the first being MySpace fame, where fans went crazy to see his uplifting, hilarious content. As part of the LA club scene, Star impressed club-goers with his makeup skills and soon found himself operating a side business doing their makeup, which led to working behind makeup counters, music video shoots, and teaching makeup classes around the world. There is a lot to be said about how much Star has impacted the beauty industry and how he built his brand from the ground up. Star’s ability to whirl a contour and highlighting brush like nobody's business and differentiate between great and imperfect products were of course spectacular, considering no body has had the amount of dedication he has to make it as a famous makeup icon. He is recognized almost everywhere, and here are a few students' thoughts on Star: “My favorite beauty influencer, hard worker and the true definition of self made”— Justin Dominguez .

Alayna Bieler declared, “He’s an inspiration and an ICON.” Star's obsession with quality formulas, blinding highlighters, and outrageously pigmented lip colors led to the major step of securing his place in the beauty world in 2014, when he started Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

His cosmetic brand has expanded to include everything from an eyeshadow palettes with multiple, highly pigmented unique shades to his chrome collection of vegan, cruelty free lipsticks. This all started from Star YouTube channel made in 2006 by his making makeup tutorials, speaking out for and against cosmetic products, and sharing even more insight into his life. He now has more than 10 million subscribers and is a trusted source because it is pretty obvious he is not bought and sold by any company and is not afraid to speak his mind. Need proof? Witness Star calling out Kylie Jenner on Twitter for not practicing quality control when it came to her lip gloss brand, some of which contained split bristles. Today Star focuses on his makeup line and Youtube channel along with other business ventures. So as of 2018, Jeffree Star's net worth is 50 million dollars. Whether Star is collaborating with huge companies on the Skin Frost highlighter and liquid lipsticks, or helping to put products like Urban Decay highlighters on the map with entertaining reviews you could replay for hours, Jeffree Star is a force to be reckoned with in the beauty world. Love him or hate him, he is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Image of Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star

Who will become the new Gabby Griffin for girls track and field?

by Cynthia Aponte

Comsewogue Girls Track and Field team has many girls ranging from freshman to seniors. Regardless of their age, each girl brings something different to the team in her own way. Most people think of Track and Field as an individual sport, when really it is very much a sport that requires the whole team to work together.

Gabby Griffin, a graduate from Comsewogue High School class of 2018, was a stellar athlete and a great part of the Girls Track Team. She started a running career in 7th grade doing Cross Country. In 8th grade was when she decided to start running track. When she first started track, Gabby was a distance runner and continued as one until her junior year. In her junior year, Gabby wanted to become a sprinter, and she has been ever since. Each time she ran, her time was better than the last. When she got her personal best one year, the next year she beat it: “Gabby works harder than anyone to achieve her goals, and she puts her faith in those who don’t have faith in themselves,” reported Kaitlyn Monroe.

She is a seven time school record holder for Comsewogue High School. She broke a total of seven school records in the 300m(42.47), 400H(63.9), 600m(1:40), 4x400m(3:57), SMR(4:20) and DMR (indoor and outdoor). Gabby was All-County in her senior season for the 300m and the 400H and also went to states in the winter for the 300m and in the spring for the 400H. She received the Section XI Gold Key Award in her final year, was named Rookie of the Year as a freshman, most improved as a sophomore and junior, and MVP as a senior. Gabby also went to the 2018 New Balance Nationals for the 4x400m and placed 22nd. “Words can’t describe how excited I am to finish off my high-school career at nationals with my amazing team,” said Gabby Griffin.

Gabby has continued to pursue her track and field career as a freshman at Adelphi University in Garden City. She has been training hard in the off season and is looking to add more records to her resume. Will the Girls Track and Field Team be able to fill Gabby’s huge place on the team? Only time will tell, so be sure to follow along!

Image of Gabby running
image advertisement of Burn the Stage

Burn the Stage: The Movie

By Yousma Mohsin

BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. They made their debut on June 13, 2013, with the lead single ‘No More Dream’ on the album ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’. BTS has become very famous over the past few years.

Burn the Stage: The Movie is a great way for BTS fans, ARMY, to get closer to BTS and see behind the scenes of their Wings tour.

BTS is moving from the concert stage to the big screen in its first feature film, set to premiere Nov. 15. Burn the Stage--the Movie follows the Korean boy band during their 2017 “Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings” tour, which drew more than 550,000 fans across 40 concerts and 19 cities. Built from a YouTube series of the same name, the film also features live performance footage and behind the scenes glimpses alongside new interviews with band members RM, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. After rising to international fame in 2016, BTS has undertaken two world tours and dropped many successful albums, including “Love Yourself: Tear,” which became the first K-Pop album to reach number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The single, “Fake Love,” peaked at Number 10 in June. The band also launched its “Love Yourself” world tour this year, during which they became the first Korean artists to perform at New York’s Citi Field Stadium. Additional dates for the tour were also announced, which include more than 40 concerts across 20 cities worldwide.

The fans will see the members' struggles and worries, everything the fans usually do not see unless one goes behind the scenes. BTS wanted to make this in order to get closer to their fans and reveal things about themselves that the fans have never seen. This in turn will create a stronger bond between the fanbase and the group. Freshman Aynur Tariq explained, “The movie is extremely unique. It shows how much hard work the boys put into making the tour perfect for their fans. It shows the struggles that the members had to face, but unlike the YouTube Red series, it focuses more on the joy they experienced throughout the tour. The movie is an emotional rollercoaster. There are times where streams of tears flow from your eyes and also times where you just can't help but burst out laughing. The movie indicates how unique each member is. I got to know more about the members and their personas through this movie, and I was able to witness a side of BTS, which they conceal at times. Overall, the movie was just amazing.”

Directed by Park Jun-Soo, Burn the Stage: The Movie will see a limited release in participating theaters.

The fans cannot wait to see the movie; you can hear the fan chants already. Do not miss it!

Clubs & Sports

One Acts

by Gabrielle Arroyo

Friday, November 9th, in the Comsewogue High School auditorium, student drama performed two one act shows, after rehearsing for a little over a month, and it turned out to be sensational.

On the day of the show, Faith Schlichting stated, “We’ve been working on this play for about five weeks now; it’s two great, wonderful, comedies. One is called Speed Date, directed by Faith Schlichting, and the other is Law and Order Fairy Tale Unit, directed by Tara Healy.” For five weeks, the two directors, Faith and Tara and the cast pulled together two extraordinary plays. Speed Date was about John and Laura, a couple that clearly have some history together, who go on crazy speed dates with obscure people. Law and Order Fairy Tale Unit, was about fairy tale characters and nursery rhyme characters; they make puns and use the justice system to catch and prosecute offenders, like B.B. Wolf: accused of blowing down two pigs’ houses with an industrial fan. Both of the plays were hilarious in different ways.

The cast and directors did an outstanding job, especially considering that they only had five weeks to read, block, memorize, and perform two shows. Usually, Student Drama performs in the black box, a small room behind the auditorium, but this season they got to use the auditorium--which is a great advantage due to the fact they can use stage lights. Hannah Kosak, a cast member, commented, “The show was a lot of fun to rehearse and perform.” Roughly one hundred people attended; Isabel Arroyo, a student who attended the shows expressed, “Having two different shows, I felt like it was funnier, because it switches gears and starts something else.” Having short, funny scenes, like in Speed Date, was the foolproof way to keep the audience laughing, without having to pay close attention to detail--allowing the audience to just enjoy the show. With all of this positive feedback, there may be a bigger turnout in the spring for the next performance by student drama.

image of 2 of the performers

A New Face in a Great School

by Felix Garcia

“I love it; the teachers and the students are friendly,” exclaimed Mr.Cassagne about his experience at Comsewogue so far this school year. This school year, Comsewogue High School has gained a new Assistant Principal, and his name is Robert Cassagne. Mr. Cassagne is the right hand man to Mr.Coniglione and Mr.Dornicik and will help Comsewogue become a better school

Mr.Cassagne said he taught Social Studies at Connetquot High School before arriving at Comsewogue High School. Mr. Cassagne also mentioned that he attended James Madison University in Harrisonburg Virginia, where he earned his degree in Social Studies and Secondary Education

When asked about which member of the staff he enjoyed spending the most time with, Mr.Cassagne said that he enjoys the company of Mr.Dornicik and Mr.Coniglione but said he liked Mr.Coniglione much better.

When asked about his favorite hobbies, Mr.Cassagne said he enjoyed staying active, playing sports, reading, going to the beach, and spending time with his daughter.

“...glad he joined the Warrior family’’-said a junior in the cafeteria when asked about the arrival of Mr.Cassagne. James Mantione added, "...great time to be a Warrior. With Mr.Cassagne at Comsewogue, it will become a better school and a better place.

Comsewogue Football 2018

by Thomas Heyder

It was a pleasurable 2018 season for the Comsewogue Varsity Football Team and the Warrior community. After an empty and sorrowful 2-6 season in 2017, it was clear to Head Coach Sean Tremblay that changes had to be made, from the players to the coaching staff, both on and off the field.

With no November football to be played in 2017, the returning varsity players got in the weight room immediately with new attitudes, and in 2018, hard work turned into success. A huge upgrade was new assistant coach and offensive coordinator Craig Blatter as well. Blatter is an offensive guru that was brought in by Tremblay over the offseason and had made an immediate impact as his Warrior offense was top 10 in Suffolk County in scoring, when in 2017, that was nowhere near the case. He definitely had the tools to work with, toying with an offense with many weapons and a lot of potential. Some key components to this high powered squad included senior quarterback Tom Tomasso, a member of the Golden 11 which recognizes the top scholar football players in the county, and the top running back in Suffolk County in senior running back Reno Molina. Molina finished off his memorable season with 18 touchdowns and 1,300 yards rushing, a county best for all running backs. On the other side of the ball, the Warrior defense was a forced to be reckoned with during their 2018 campaign. Led by the team leaders in tackles in senior inside linebacker Sean Ronan and junior outside linebacker Pat Konopka, Comsewogue hosted four shutouts and held an impressive 16.3 points allowed average through 9 games. The defense was coached by Rich Russo, the 4th year defensive coordinator for the Warriors.

Comsewogue finished the year with a respectable 5-3 record, the best yet under Tremblay in his 9th year as head coach. Even with back to back losses to Kings Park and regretfully to a 3-5 Miller Place, the Warriors were nothing short of hungry going into their underdog playoff matchup against the defending Long Island Champion West Hampton Hurricanes. The Warriors came out hungry in the first half holding the Hurricanes to a slim 13-7 lead at halftime until they finally pulled away to host a humbling 41-13 West Hampton victory. As the goal of a return to the Suffolk County Championship for this senior squad was not accomplished, Tremblay believes his program has a lot to look forward to for years to come.

With a knowledgeable and experienced Warrior coaching staff fostering a variety of promising talent coming through the system here at Comsewogue, it is hard to disagree with him. As a lifelong Comsewogue fanatic and student, it is nothing but sweet to say that Comsewogue Football is back.

A Season to Remember

by Claire Clarke

From start to end, the Comsewogue Girls’ Volleyball team never ceased to endeavor for greatness. Experiencing both victories and defeats taught the athletes each valuable lessons, and the season was one to remember.

Through each and every game, both Junior Varsity and Varsity stuck together and always radiated positivity. They all had each other's backs. This does not mean there were not moments when girls were discouraged, however. In times of hardship, the feeling of hopelessness took over the court. A Junior varsity captain, Seyma Ikizoglu, noted “I think that even though we only won one game, we all had a good time working hard and it was worth it.” Nevertheless, those very moments were what inspired them to improve and work harder.

Equally, the coaches--Mr. Sutherland and Mr. Valerio-- emboldened everybody to keep striving, and showed that it is possible for all to improve if they put in the effort. Even at times of failure, both coaches would

lift our spirits up and tell us how the girls, as a team, will improve and work together. Mr Valerio stated “We came in with a lot of inexperience...our backs were against the wall. Individually we got better, as well as as a team, even though the results weren’t there.” From day 1 of hell week, the coaches instilled in the athletes a mindset that united them and formed the bond shared by the entire team.

This season taught every athlete a lesson: they are all one team, one family, and are in this together. The coaches and athletes all learned valuable lessons that will not be forgotten.

image of the volleyball team
image of someone drawing

Art Club: The Secret Society Goes Deep Undercover

by Reka Weinacht

Art club is not the most popular club out there. It is a pretty small club with just a few members, and it usually does not get too much attention. Nobody really knows what art club is about or what they do, and most people assume that it is boring and inconsequential. So what is art club really? Is it a secret meeting place for a mysterious group or society? No, that is not true, but what is true is that it is a cool hangout place for people looking to develop their artistic skills (But who knows, maybe they’ve formed a secret society and their meeting place is the art club).

The next question that comes to mind is the following: what do people do in art club? Do they just sit in the art room and talk about art (or other things)? Or are they secretly creating masterpieces that no one else knows about, and selling them to museums? The truth is neither. Art club is a place to relax and have fun, but it does (surprisingly) include art as well. Students in the club are given lots of free rein, and can work on almost any project they want. Mrs. Lahovitch, the art teacher who runs art club 2018-19, encourages students to try different techniques and types of art, but lets all students work on their own things. Some people choose to do larger projects that can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, while a few students just attend the meetings and sketch in a notebook most of the time. Fortunately, no preexisting artistic skill is required to be in art club; anyone can join. It meets on Mondays at 2:05 (after x-time) in art room 134, and each meeting is about an hour long. Mrs. Lahovitch said, “My goal for students who join art club is to grow artistically in whatever medium or subject they feel is their strong suit.” There are lots of options in art club; students are free to do whatever interests them, as long as the school is able to obtain the supplies needed.

The members of art club all have different ideas about what they would like to accomplish; club member Anjolique Powell said, “The reason I joined art club is that I love drawing and working with different types of artwork.” The idea is that as long as people like something or other related to art, they are free to join art club. Additionally, since the club only meets once a week for an hour, it leaves lots of time for other extra-curricular activities or hobbies (or secret society meetings).

Yousma Mohsin, another member of art club, stated, “Art club is just all about improving your art skills and challenging yourself.” That is what the club is for, after all: to help students get better at what they love to do!

image of athlete racing in track

Winter Track Preview

by Ryan Bailey

“My plans for this upcoming season are to have to athletes run in the States Meet and to contend for the league title, ” said Coach Posnanski in discussing his plans for the upcoming Winter Track and Field season. “We have a lot of great talent on the team, and by using that, I think we have a good chance of being a contender for the league title.”

Coach Posnanski elucidated his plans for this upcoming track and field season by taking a general approach. With using his 24 years of coaching background of track and field, this year, he is going to try to build a stable and superior team, in hopes of being a contender for the league title. Posnanski is also going to work on making each athlete the best track runner they possibly can be, while having them have the most fun they possible.

“We are constantly making adjustments with the team, but it is all about which athletes are going to step up on the team and who is going to put in all the effort to improve on the team,” Posnanski asserted. “This season is going to be a lot tougher, we are going to try to make the workouts more intense and more difficult in hopes to get our athletes tip top shape for meets.”

“So far I see a lot of talent and potential on the team,” Posnanski claimed. “As well as having runner return from the last season, I believe we can have one of the best teams in our league.”

Posnanski believes with his past experiences in coaching along with a lot of talent and potential on the team, they, will contend for the league title.

“For this upcoming season I’m hoping to improve on my 300 meter race time and hopefully win the league title,” Jack Indelicato, a member of the track team, asserted. “I have really high hopes with this years track team because we a lot of returning seniors and some upcoming talent through the freshman,” Indelicato stated when asked about what he thinks about this years track team.

Through returning runners, different coaching techniques, harder workouts, and upcoming potential on the team, both the runners and the coach believe they have what it takes to win the league title.

Opinion Pieces

From “Powder Room”, to “Bathroom”, to “Juul Room”?

by Emma Wiermann

Over the past couple of years, an epidemic has been inundating teenagers and their schools across the country, escalating in degree of severity each day, even at present. It is the habit commonly known as “vaping.” At our very own Comsewogue High School, it is particularly prominent: polls suggest a minimum of about 40% percent of the student population have engaged in the act, this most often taking place in the school’s bathrooms. But how are students managing to do this without being caught, and why with such adamency? Well, "vapes," or “juules," (the devices utilized to employ the vaporization and inhalation of liquids or vapors) are quite small, easy to conceal, and resemble everyday items, such as pens or flash drives, making it an arduous task to spot them. Moreover, besides the fact that it is easy to do, many youths (and individuals of various other age groups) vape simply because they cannot help it, as they have become addicted to the concentrated proportions of nicotine contained in them. Companies even go to the means of marketing their vapes to appear cool, innocent, and appetizing, labeling them with flavors such as “cinnamon”, “vanilla”, and “buttery popcorn”, all in an effort to hook more kids on their drugs and keep the waves of cash rolling.

The poll included 129 different students of various ethnicities, grades, social groups, and both genders, with the following question: “Have you ever vaped before?” Few were wary to answer, but The Warrior assured them that their answers would remain entirely anonymous. The tally totalled out to be that 52 students asserted they had, in fact, vaped before, while 77 denied ever doing so, numbers that translate to the statistic of 40.31% percent of the students in Comsewogue High School having vaped before. However, multiple students, when presented with the paper which listed the question and data, and upon observing the

dramatization of vaping in the bathroom

majority of the tallies to reside on the “never vaped before” side, they exclaimed assuredly: “Um, yeah…...a bunch of those kids are definitely lying,” which is understandable, despite the fact that participants’ identities would remain anonymous. So, in other words, it is quite possible that a much larger percentage of the student population have vaped or currently vape than the poll displays--perhaps a more accurate statistic would show the majority of students in the school to have vaped before! In such a case, “epidemic” is hardly a phrase sufficient to describe what is occurring across America. No matter, these are simply guesses. Continuing, quotes from both vaping and non vaping students, as well as a teacher and an Assistant Principal were collected. As for the teacher, Mr. Brown answered avowing, “I think vaping is extremely dangerous.” Next, a non-vaping student, Alyssa Pelella, stated the following: “Vaping is stupid,” a frankly put exclamation, though entirely accurate. Furthermore, an admittedly avid vaping student babbled that, “Vaping causes cancer,” affirming the fact that there are students who vape although having a vague understanding that it is highly hazardous to their health, perhaps because they cannot help but do so, being addicted. Lastly, the final student from whom I collected, or, more accurately, attempted to attain a quote, said, “Uhh………….I don’t have a quote though……..” Thanks, Matt--very enlightening. As for an adult in a position of authority in the school, Assistant Principal Robert Cassagne offered the following: “It is the faculty’s

image of dramatization of kids vaping in the bathroom

responsibility to look after the well being of students while they are in school,” as a reason for why vaping is strictly prohibited in school. In fact, he enumerated the school’s stance on the subject: There is 0 tolerance for vaping; it is completely illegal in school. The punishments are: 1st time caught--2 days suspension, 2nd time caught--5 days suspension. If there are more issues, or if the problem is escalating, there will be superintendent review to see if greater suspension amounts, like the entire year, should be applied; if it is confirmed that there are, in fact, chemicals such as tobacco, menthol, or nicotine present in the vape, there will be an automatic 5 day suspension.

As for the practice of vaping (juuling) itself, what exactly is so bad about it? Why are such strict rules in place within our school? First of all, converse to the marketed idea that vapes are devices helpful to those attempting to quit cigarette smoking through a gradual process, many professional studies have ascertained something entirely different: "Flavored cigarettes are a gateway for many children and young adults to become smokers," once proclaimed Margaret Hamburg, commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. Studies clearly display that teen vaping directly leads to cigarette smoking, which, as vapes are continually escalating in popularity, may very well be the demolition of the so-far-enduring U.S. decline in smoking. Not only that, studies show that vaping readies the brain for addiction to drugs other than nicotine, such as marijuana. Even so, some individuals are already worse off consuming the liquid in vapes, considering that extra-strength cartridges containing a higher concentration of nicotine are available for purchase, and users may also augment the e-cigarette voltage in order to inhale larger amounts of vapor, therefore leading teens who vape to consume even greater proportions of nicotine than cigarette users. After all, one Juul (a popular electronic cigarette company) pod contains nicotine equal to that within a whole pack of cigarettes. Furthermore, a recent study conducted by the American Heart Association proved that the contents in nine popular vape juice flavorings are threats to endothelial cells (cells that line blood vessels and lymph vessels), in that high concentrations of each led to not only a sign of bodily stress known as reactive oxygen species production, but also to cell death. Meanwhile, some specific flavors of the group inhibited cell function and cause cell inflation in cardiovascular regions, therefore demonstrating the substances' detrimental effects on cardiovascular health. Finally, vaping poses a health risk not only to those engaging in the act, but to those around them, by means of unintentional, second-hand smoking. As vape users exhale their plumes of lethal carcinogens, the air breathed by surrounding individuals is tainted with the harmful chemicals, and there is simply nothing they can do about it. As for those who vape themselves, results as to the effects on their physical health in the long-term are yet to emerge, though logical inference says they are not going to be all-too-positive.

Now, location specifically, the so-called “hot-spots” for vaping seem to be any of the bathrooms throughout the school, to the point where they are more commonly referred to as “Juul rooms” than “bathrooms.” Apparently, the room meant for privacy now has its very surrounding air invaded with fumes of chemicals of varying toxicities (Personally, the number of times I’ve entered the bathroom without seeing a seriously eerie, almost seance-like circle of dazed kids puffing their lives away while making the air into a potent fog, can be counted on one hand.). For some kids, simply going to the bathroom is now a more-anxiety provoking

experience than it should be, and they feel that the right to breathe air free of harmful carcinogens, while simply using the bathroom is one that should be retained. Although, for obvious reasons, cameras are not an option in the bathroom, innovative technologies such as Enhanced Fly Sense™ Vaping Detectors for Schools and Workplaces Introduced by Soter Technologies, can do the job of detecting any vapes and reporting to administrators, or more efficiently, the bathroom monitors right outside the door. This would solve the need for awkward social situations in order to enforce rules, and quite literally eradicate vaping from school grounds and perhaps lead to a decrease in those becoming addicted.

In the results of a survey, nicotine negatively affects adolescent brain development, as well as comes with the side-effects of increased heart rate and blood pressure, spiked adrenaline levels that may lead to heart attacks, lung disease, chronic bronchitis, and insulin resistance leading to type 2 diabetes. It is classified as a “potentially lethal poison,” one that many teen vapers are exposed to in toxic levels, and who are likely to develop a lifelong dependency on, as nicotine in e-liquids is highly addictive, as much so as heroin and cocaine in select individuals. Not to mention, nicotine primes the brain for addiction to even stronger, brain altering chemicals--it is a gateway drug. Even so, many kids will argue that “the vapes without nicotine are totally okay.” However, they are so devastatingly incorrect. Aside from nicotine, the number of toxic chemicals unearthed through multiple studies to be present in vapes is horrifying. A few are as follows: formaldehyde, an antifreeze ingredient, acrylonitrile, acrolein, propylene oxide, acrylamide, diacetyl, propylene glycol and glycerol, and crotonaldehyde. To delve a little deeper into exactly what a few of these chemicals are and the threats they pose--acrylonitrile is a highly poisonous compound used to create plastics, adhesives and synthetic rubber; Acrolein is toxic to humans following inhalation, oral or dermal exposure, and some studies show it can play a part in bringing about lung cancer; Diacetyl is the chemical blamed for causing “Popcorn lung” (also known as bronchiolitis obliterans- a condition destructive and scarring to the lungs' smallest airways) in workers at microwave popcorn packaging plants; propylene glycol and glycerol are toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer, respiratory disease, and heart disease. Additionally, researchers found that many unhealthy, injurious behaviors among high school students, such as violence, substance use, and sexual activity, were more common in kids that vaped. Overall, not one bit of good for teens has come of the invention of a vape. Rather, it is yet another tool by which one can bring the aspects of their social, mental, and physical lives to collapse. In our school district especially, this ruinous issue is extremely prominent, affecting more and more individuals every moment--spreading from the High School, to the Middle School, and eventually, if measures of prevention are not taken, the elementary schools--toxic chemicals simply climbing down the ladder, beginning to absorb and control and stunt the minds of this generation at ages younger and younger. If the vaping trend continues the way it has recently,( vaping reportedly increased by 900 percent between 2011 and 2015 in U.S. high schoolers) and nothing is done to counteract it, the anomaly may soon be seeing a bathroom not shrouded in a cloud of pungent haze.

image of dramatization of vaping
Staged images featuring Emma Wiermann, Baraan Taghavian, and Taylor Bendfeldt-Marshall (no actual vape is being used)

Add Nap Time

by Alyssa Maiero


Students all around America are either failing or doing poorly in classes because of a lack of focus. Children cannot focus in class for many reasons, but the main problem is the amount of sleep students get. Kids are falling asleep, dozing off into space and just overall not paying attention. This can lead to failing grades and students possibly having to retake a class. Sleepy students are a problem worldwide, and America is in need of a solution to give children a better and easier learning experience.

With extremely early times to begin learning, especially in high school, it can be very difficult for young minds to be able to work efficiently without being sleepy. Tired minds go blank and struggle to stay away during all six hours straight of trying to work. “My brain hurts after just two hours at school, and we have six!” said Comsewogue High School student, Sofia Greco. Students’ minds need to be fed with enough energy in order to proceed on with all the thinking and hard work we are expected to do at school.

Adding periods of time in school to allow students to sleep could increase the average of students’ grades greatly. School should be starting at the same time so that kids can still get home at a decent time of day, but little time should be subtracted from each period so that schools can add a time when students can energize themselves to have more focus and understand better. Children all over the world miss what the teacher is saying due to striving to close their eyes and be able to fall asleep. It is scientifically proven by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that naps can help students commit what they have learned to their memory: “Napping can boost one’s focus,” Claimed 9th grader, Claire Clarke.

It is understood that sleeping in school may be a waste of time, but kids desperately need it. Do you think students would rather get a little less time in teaching a class or have students falling asleep at their desks and getting terrible grades. “I cannot pay attention when my eyes are slowly shutting almost all the time,” said Seyma Ikizoglu. Kids are being forced to be sent away from home without their beds and enough sleep to get on a bus to arrive at school before the sun has even risen. Not enough sleep is given to kids' bodies to function well for another six hours.

This problem needs to be solved soon so that more generations of children can learn better and have better futures. All people need to do to turn on the brains of students is to give them extra time to take a nap. As children get older, naps are needed, and without them, work is slower. The solution is not difficult, students just need to be able to close their eyes longer.

image of student sleeping in class

Swim Team Article

by Ariana Adelman

Comsewogue High School has an independent swim team! What is an independent swim team? An independent swim team is an untraditional form of a swim team that has no formal team practices. Everyone on the team practices at private swim clubs, but they go to meets as a team. This is because Comsewogue does not have a formal swim team, and swimmers wanting to compete in the county and state swim meets can only do so through school.

The coach, Mrs. Washington, said , "My job is to make sure the kids on the team go to six independent swim meets, so they can compete in the county meet and possibly the state meet." Mrs. Washington has been the team coach for three years, but her job is not a formal coaching position, it is more of a chaperone. Matthew Chan, Jake Vecchio and Noah Giunta are the swimmers on the team. They all made it to the county meet last year.

At meets for independent swim teams, swimmers compete for times. Independent swim teams only compete against other independent swim teams.

image of pool

More Instruments At Comsewogue

by Baraan Taghavian

Music is a big part of many people’s lives, including the lives of the students here at Comsewogue. The orchestra and the band are both filled with many young kids who have a lot of potential. So would offering more instruments benefit the school and its

image of trumpet
image of words saying Music Appreciation
image of musical notes

students? Would more students participate if they were not limited? Maybe offering lessons for instruments such as guitar, piano, and ukulele would encourage kids to have a greater appreciation for music, or at least help students who are already into music grow and learn new instruments. Also, a lot of the current music teachers already know how to play other instruments like piano, so maybe finding instructors to teach the new instruments would not be that difficult.

In order to see how people feel about the topic, students here were asked their opinion on it. They were asked if they would consider learning an instrument if more were offered. Emma Wiermann, a freshman here said, “I already take piano lessons outside of school, but if they were offered, I wouldn’t have to.” This seems to be the case with a lot of students. In order to learn an instrument like piano, for example, they have to take lessons outside of school. “I would like if they offered more instruments than they currently do,” was what another freshman, Stephen Larsen, said. Many students said that it would be a fun experience. “It would be so fun!” said Emily Dilieto. Assistant Principal Mr. Dornicik answered, “I like the idea, and I know it might be an issue when students have to practice at home, or without an instrument.” There were a couple of students who were not really interested, or prefered to focus on studying. So while the results were kind of mixed, most people were in favor of offering more instruments.

It could definitely be a positive addition to the school, and would set them apart from everyone else. It is understandable that music is not everybody’s thing, but the vast majority of people appreciate having an outlet to express themselves or escape to. Not to mention, playing an instrument looks good when applying for colleges, and it is not a skill that everyone has. It can even become a possible career path. To conclude, it seems that Comsewogue could benefit from offering a more diverse selection of instruments for students.

“After music theory was taken over by a new teacher, I wanted to start teaching an elective about music,” said Mr. Wilbur on talking about the elective music appreciation. “I started teaching this elective 4 years ago.” Music Appreciation is a great elective, considering it has been running for 4 years.

Music appreciation is an elective where the students get to learn about music and the culture of music. Also they get to learn all about different bands and the background of the musicians in the band.

Mr. Wilbur did say that he loves to teach students about music. Also he wishes that the students could have a 9 period school day so that kids can have an elective fit it in their schedule.

A former student said “ It was one of my favorite classes to be in, but since I took other classes, I couldn’t be in music appreciation anymore.”

In this elective the students are taught about the importance of music. They get to learn all about different genres of music.

Most of all Mr. Wilbur said he likes to listen to Jazz and Metal : “Its tough to pick what music I listen to the most, but if I had to choose, metal and jazz because for both those genres you need to be able to play an instrument very well,” he added.

Mr. WIlbur thinks that music is a part of culture because, “When you listen to music, you are able to identify what part of the planet it comes from based on how it sounds.”

Music is Mr. Wilbur’s passion, and he loves to teach people about music anytime he can.

“I feel the elective is definitely popular because it is still going on, and also I would hope for more students to join over the years,” he added.

Mr. WIlbur is usually found in the band room if there is any confusion about the elective.

Air Conditioned Classrooms Help Improve Academics

by Karla Bautista

What would a student during the very HOT days during the school year of Comsewogue prefer, hot, sweaty, smelly, and humid classrooms, or be focused to learn? Would students much prefer a cooled classroom where they are not sweating in their clothing and actually learning, and not having to worry whether they smell or if their clothing is soaked in their sweat?

Comsewogue has the money to replace perfectly quality lunch tables, but does not have the money to get quality air conditioners for each classroom. The point is why have new tables, when the old ones were perfectly fine...yes the new tables are kind of nice, but some students still think the school could have used the money to buy (not in every classroom) quality air conditioners in some classrooms.

Freshmen, Alex Goodman agrees: “I would feel better to work in an environment that is much cooler and not having to worry about how my forehead feels.” Sophomore Veronica Smith added, “I would be able to concentrate with a cooler environment.”

Rachel Nunez asked, “If we are at least going to have air conditioners, then can we please have quality ones?” According to Mr.Coniglione, the school does not have the money to buy new air conditioners, and the school was not built to build in air conditioners. He recently said that he is just now getting an air conditioner in his office (which won't be his for long unfortunately!). He also mentioned that it would be irresponsible to put in air conditioners in every classroom because it would be a ton of money. This is very understandable, maybe not in every classroom, but in some of the classrooms.

After all, we should be able to get better quality air conditioners in the classrooms that we can. Studies have mentioned that teachers teach better in a cooler environment. Students have shown to do better academically in a cooler environment. This is what the university studies show: “We provide the first evidence that cumulative heat exposure inhibits cognitive skill development and that school air conditioning can mitigate this effect. Student fixed effects models using 10 million PSAT-takers show that hotter school days in the year prior to the test reduce learning, with extreme heat being particularly damaging and larger effects for low income and minority students. Weekend and summer heat has little impact and the effect is not explained by pollution or local economic shocks, suggesting heat directly reduces the productivity of learning inputs. New data providing the first measures of school level air conditioning penetration across the US suggest such infrastructure almost entirely offsets these effects. Without air conditioning, each 1°F increase in school year temperature reduces the amount learned that year by one percent. Our estimates imply that the benefits of school air conditioning likely outweigh the costs in most of the US, particularly given future predicted climate change.”

image of thermostat

Got Water?

by Gabriella Tommaso

Everybody has had the school milk once in his/her life, and it is not that bad. That does not mean it can go with every meal, or is a suitable drinking choice for kids who are lactose-intolerant. So should the school allow a substitute for milk, just the same as they do for food? One suggestion is water, which does everyone good in one way or another.

Not everyone can drink milk because some people are lactose-intolerant, which means they have an inability to digest lactose, a component of milk and other dairy products. As said by Amanda Smith, who is lactose-intolerant, “ I don’t throw up everywhere.” Yes, kids can bring in a water bottle and refill it with the water fountain, or drink directly from it. Unfortunately, there is always gum, pen markings, etc. covering the fountain, and no one wants his/her face near it. The reason that kept coming up with the lunch staff is,”There is no nutritional value in water compared to milk,” as explained by Lisa Schlueter. When kids pay $2.75 for a typical school lunch, it includes a drink, and an 8 ounce plastic bottle of water will suffice, which many on the lunch staff have suggested before. “I wish they would; that’d be great. I don't really drink milk,” commented the well-respected and beloved Mr. Kingsley. Also, LeeAnn Grzin said, “Milk doesn’t go with every meal,” and most kids throw away their milk untouched. “Milk is freaking nasty,” as Gelissa Ware put it.

Having water as a substitute for milk is a healthy, inexpensive, zero-calorie beverage. It is good for everyone and goes with all meals. Comsewogue, let’s give our Warriors what they want and need!

image of water and milk

Is The Need For Libraries Decreasing Due to The Advancement in Technology?

by Courtney Levine

“I think there will always be a need for libraries,” said Mrs. Svoboda, the librarian at Comsewogue High School. She mentioned that libraries hold much more than just books in store for students. “There are ebooks as well as digital audio books for students who like to hear the book read

image of library

aloud. There are also resources to help students with research projects, from notetaking to putting together a Works Cited Page. There are research databases to assist with research.”

Mrs. Svoboda admitted that she has noticed a decrease in the number of books being taken out from the library. She also went on to say that with all the schoolwork students get, they just do not have enough time to read for pleasure anymore.

“I don’t see students using their chromebooks to read books, although I think that would be great,” Svoboda stated. Students do not have time to read books on top of all the work they are required to do for school. Balancing a book on top just for fun is just unrealistic. This does not mean students do not read though. Some English teachers require their students to read as a part of homework. One student, Nathaly Palta, agreed saying that “schoolwork does take up a lot of my time after school.” She continued, “I’d much rather being doing things I actually enjoy, such as reading or hanging out with friends.”

Although kids may not be using the library for its books as much anymore, there are still a bunch of other uses the library has.

“This is my fifth year of hosting a student book discussion group,” Mrs Svoboda wrote. “The students tell me they look forward to meeting once a month to discuss what they’re reading.” She also mentioned that she is trying to expand her collection of puzzles and games. “There are STEM materials available for use: LittleBits, Ozobots, 2 3D printers, K’Nex. There is so much more to libraries than books.”

Libraries are still a huge part of any community. As Neil Gaiman, an English author of short fiction once said, “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.”

New Ninth Period?

by Stephen P. Larsen III

How would you feel about having nine periods instead of eight? A ninth period would provide a lunch period to those who do not have one available, as well as the opportunity to participate in elective classes. Many students at Comsewogue do not have a lunch period and are not allowed to eat in their classes due to allergies. According to Rosaely Santiago, “I wish we had a ninth period because I don’t have a lunch period. I would much rather shorten our periods to 40 minutes and have an extra lunch period.”

An extra ninth period would most likely result in increased GPAs for students. It would give them more time to study with extra free periods provided. Justin Coates said “Five less minutes of my class would not affect me. An extra period would allow for me to study more and stay more on top of my assignments; maybe I’d even have time to do extra credit.”

Yerli Baez admitted, “I’m not able to take an elective class right now because my schedule is pretty packed, but with a ninth period, I’d take advantage of an elective class, such as photography, because that is something I find very interesting and I’d like to pursue.”

People also disagree with the addition of a ninth period. Jake Wacholder claimed “A ninth period is not needed. School is fine as it is. We get our work done easy, and more work would be unnecessary.”

Principal Mr.Coniglione said, “I would love to add a ninth period to our schedule; it would provide a lot of opportunity and choice for our students. The problem with a ninth period comes in financially. Comsewogue has definitely considered a ninth period, but for financial reasons, we’re unable to at the moment.”

Overall, a majority of students agree with the addition of a ninth period. Statistically over 90% of students want a ninth period. The students would be able to work harder in school, raise their averages, participate in elective classes, and eat in their own lunch periods.

image of students in cafeteria

Passing Time

by Anthony Spano

A tragedy has struck Comsewogue High School. The time in between periods is 3 minutes, and the school is crying for more time. “I don't have enough time to go to my locker and exchange books,¨ claimed Mason Oak.

“Yes, I would like the time between periods to be longer. I would like it to be 4 minutes long because some teachers make you work until the bell, and us students need that extra minute to pack up!” claimed Antonia Harvey. Teachers require many books and binders, and it really hurts your back to carry these in a backpack all day. 10 people were asked if they would like more time in between periods, and all 10 said yes.

We asked Assistant Principal Mr. Dornicik how he would feel if he would consider increasing the time periods. “ No, I feel like the current amount of time is sufficient.” He would not consider increasing the time, so as of right now, we will be stuck with 3 minutes for the rest of our Comsewogue career!

Another thing that could defend the time 3 minutes is if we added a minute, that will add eight minutes to our day, and people would prefer 5 minutes in between periods, which would add 16 minutes to our day. Most people think the school day is long enough, so they would not like a longer day. This would also change the time the periods stop and end, and this would probably cause confusion.

image of Antonia Harvey and a clock
Image of a clock

Forming a Gymnastics Team

by Taylor Bendfeldt

Comsewogue provides many different sports to students that include, cheerleading, football, lacrosse, soccer and many more. One thing they do not provide is gymnastics. Ariana Adelman was a gymnast, and stated not having an option to join a gymnastics team was frustrating. The closest thing to gymnastics is cheerleading, but not all gymnasts are willing to become cheerleaders, just like how some cheerleaders are not willing to become gymnasts. This makes some kids decide not to do a school sport.

Our school should provide a team to give students the opportunity to try gymnastics. This includes the people who may not have enough money for regular classes, people who want to do it with their friends, or kids who got cut from other sports and want to try something new. It is also a way for people to meet others, and it pushes people out of their comfort zone. Gymnastics could boost students' confidence, and not only do kids meet new people while having fun, but they are exercising at the same time.

Gymnastics equipment could cost an abundance of money due to having to buy different kinds of mats, a vault, beam, leotards, and more. For just a single 19 foot air track, it would costs $540, and one 10 foot gymnastic mat would cost $209. The school would not be able to provide for all of it. One way the team could get money is selling edible cookie dough, candy, school supplies, and even shirts with our school name on it. The team could have a school car wash or hold an ice skating event and charge money for each person. Another way is having the team pay half and the school pay the other half.

Gymnastics is an all year round sport allowing the school to have it any season that has extra space available. Practice could be held in the wrestling room, gym or cafeteria after school each week.

When asking people their opinions on having a school gymnastics team, some did not care, while others said it is a good idea. While speaking to Baraan Taghavian, she admitted it is a good idea, even though she is not allowed to do gymnastics. Others including Emma Papile and Anthony Spano said it is a good idea but would not be interested in doing it. LeeAnn Grzin said “ It would be interesting and cool to bring back a gymnastics team.¨ Others like Sofie Ellis and Emily DiLieto both guaranteed a lot of people would join the team and have a good time. Alex DiGiovanna responded, “Why not. Some kids prefer gymnastics over cheer and more people who probably be able to join. The past team was undefeated for 1 year and were league champs for the other 4 years. Obviously they were doing something right.¨ As a result, it pretty clear people say it is a great idea, even though not all of them would join--plenty would.

image of gymnast and championship banners in the gym

Are Field Trips Wanted?

by Francisco Gray

Field trips were an event that people loved and always looked forward to, so why did they stop?

Were field trips appreciated? Were they enjoyable,were they exciting, did they make people look forward to the next one? Field trips were usually a highly anticipated event in elementary school. Everyone loved these field trip days: there was no school, no homework, nothing that could stop the joy of this day. ”Field trips would let us escape a boring day of work,” voiced Caelem Pilkington. For some people, they made great memories by learning from these spectacular trips people went on. Soon though, as more time passed and elementary school flew by, they were slowly stopping. Then the real question is, why? Some people were absolutely heartbroken when they would not be taking an annual field trips anymore. When people were asked, they said,” It horrible, I always loved field trips, and now we don't have them anymore,” said Steven Larson.

While most people still love field trips, there was always an exception. One person responded about field trips by saying,” It’s a waste of time, money, and school days to take trips to places, when we can always easily learn from inside the classroom,” responded Hannah Kosak regarding field trips. Though this is good point about field trips, there are also many other positive reasons to have a field trip. Field are just another way to learn without staying cooped up in a classroom. This method of learning is seen as fun and is always looked forward to even if learning is involved.

Principal Coniglione asserted, "Though we don’t particularly take field trips, unless it’s for a club, an easier way we could afford a trip is to have a fundraiser.’’

image of buses

Comsewogue Starves Kids?!?!

by Caelem Pilkington

A terrible problem is occuring throughout Comsewogue with all these new allergies popping up. If feels like kids cannot eat anymore in classrooms. It is becoming hard for students to get energy throughout the day because food is being banned in some classrooms, forcing kids not to eat if they do not have a lunch. With all the classes kids are taking, it is now common for kids not to have a lunch, which is making it hard for those kids to eat.

Teachers banning food inside classrooms is very harsh to the kids. They are supposed to care for these kids, but starving them should not be allowed. Frankie Grey said “It is very rude and inconsiderate for teachers to ban food in some classrooms because they can starve and suffer if they don’t get their food for energy.” This is definitely true because the teachers are only thinking about themselves instead of the 100’s of kids they are teaching with no lunch.

People around our school and in other schools have been losing their class time to go to the lunchroom to eat because of their loss of a lunch period. Why can students not just eat in class? John Morales, freshman at Comsewogue High School said, “If you don’t have a lunch period, you need to eat at a certain time since nutrition is very important, so they should allow food inside of classes. According to, skipping lunch or not eating during the day can make students feel tired and give them headaches. Many kids experience these effects throughout the school day, and simply, it is from the lack of eating, but that can be fixed.

Other people might say that eating inside of these classrooms can be harmful to people with allergies. Allergies are becoming such a problem in the world today, and soon it could be that people are allergic to many of the things people eat today. The school nurse agreed: “I feel the same way as all of the kids feel; It is not fair that you can’t eat lunch when everyone else has a lunch period to do so. I think that there should be an extra period added, and everyone should have a lunch period.”

Kids cannot eat anymore, and It is hard for kids these day to get energy in school for learning. Nutrition is very important for kids, and it is hard for kids to retrieve it when they are not having lunches and being forced not to eat in class or miss precious class time to eat.

image of warning on classes about no nuts in class

School Stress

by Ryan Carnaxide

For centuries, many children have been complaining that school is stressful, and that it is the worst time of their lives. On the other hand, some students think school is a fun, stress-free journey, in which they make many friends, and obtain an education. In a new poll conducted here at Comsewogue High School, students agree that school is no stress-free breeze. With stress, there are lots of consequences.

The poll involved 100 students who were all asked the same question. That question was: on a scale of 1-10, how stressed are you, on a daily basis, due to school/school-related activities?

Eighty-two percent of the students polled said that their school-related stress was a five or above. This means most of the students are not feeling relaxed during school at all. When polled, Caiden Hardy said, “Are you kidding me, school, that’s an 11 out of 10 for sure!” Another student, Luke Myers, explained, “I have so much homework and so many tests to study for; it’s like I have no time for anything in life, other than school.” Also, the most common, average answer was a 7 out of 10. Finally, only 18 percent of the students polled said that their stress level due to school was below a 5.

Stress is not just something that is “a part of growing up.” Stress has many negative effects on the body, someone’s mood, and behavior. As stated by the Mayo Clinic Staff, “Stress symptoms may be affecting your health, even though you might not realize it. You may think illness is to blame for that nagging headache, your frequent insomnia or your decreased productivity at work. But stress may actually be the culprit.” Physically, stress can also cause chest pain, fatigue, a weakened immune system, and an upset stomach. To one’s mood, stress can cause anxiety, restlessness, anger, and depression. Finally, when looking at behavioral changes, stress can cause overreacting, angry outbursts, drug or alcohol abuse, tobacco use, withdrawal, and wanting to exercise less often.

This poll reveals that school may be too stressful for high-school students. Most of the students reported that school causes stress on a higher level than a five out of ten. Other polls have had similar results to this one, and in all of the polls, including this one, the theme is that maybe measures should be taken to reduce school-stress.

stock image of a graph and a kid with sign saying help

Is Starting School At 7:10 Too Early?

by Samantha Graves

Is starting school at 7:10 in the morning too much for students? Studies show that the average start time for middle and high schools is 8:03, and more than 80 percent of school districts in the United States have start times before 8:30. However, there are a plentiful number of school districts that start earlier than 8:00. With the excessive amount of homework and studying students are given every night, it is difficult for kids and teens to be able to get eight to ten hours of sleep, which is needed for functioning at their best. Most teens do not get enough sleep. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey in 2015 showed that seventy-three percent of U.S. high-school students get less than eight hours of sleep on school nights. With more than forty percent of public high schools starting class before 8 a.m., polls of teens show that a third of teens report falling asleep at their desks. Not only does this create a problem for the students, but also for the teachers. When falling asleep at their desks, the students are clearly not learning anything--which is the whole point of going to school, right? Teachers get frustrated with the constant tardiness, and students are not able to pay attention and get their work done.

“My brain is not fully focused at 7:00 in the morning, and it’s hard for me to give my full attention to my teachers,” said sophomore Jocelyn Richter. Most teens attending Comsewogue High School feel the same way, considering it does start at 7:10 in the morning. The idea of starting schools later is to improve the odds of adolescents getting adequate sleep so they can thrive both physically and academically: “If you’re going to start school so early, you should not have homework because people have other important responsibilities like work and other things around the house. If you’re going to give homework, you should start school later so everyone could get the right amount of sleep. Students’ brains aren’t able to function that well that early in the morning,” claimed junior Matt Mirabella. Both the Center of Disease Control and the pediatricians’ group cited significant risks that come with lack of sleep, including higher rates of obesity, depression and motor-vehicle accidents among teens as well as an overall lower quality of life.

Although there are many negative aspects of starting school so early in the morning, there are also many positive aspects. “Although it’s hard to focus so early in the morning, I would rather start at 7:10 and get out earlier than start later and get out later,” admitted sophomore Ryan Freda. Starting the day early also means more time for after-school needs--like tutoring and sports. Sports needing to practice outdoors have more daylight, and students walking home from these activities can take advantage of the extra daylight for their safety. In some cases, students may need to travel, and an early start and release may mean more time in the evening for homework and family. High-school students also have more time for after-school jobs. Also, schools may be able to save up to thirty percent on transportation costs by starting some schools early and staggering start time throughout the district. This method saves money by allowing drivers to run more than one route at a time, so fewer buses and drivers are needed. Many schools have said they have saved thousands of dollars a year by starting school earlier. This schedule also means shorter bus rides for students and less time sitting in traffic. Another benefit of starting school early is that in some cases it is better for parent schedules.

There are specific advantages for parents if younger grades have early start times. Starting school early may eliminate the need for morning childcare if parents are able to drop off their kids before work. Kids can be dropped off at daycare after school where they will then wait to be picked up by a guardian. “My school starts at 8:24 and ends at 3:00. I hate it because with sports after school, it’s already practically dark outside when I get home during daylight saving. I don’t have that much time to myself after school or even enough time to finish my homework, shower, eat dinner, and spend time with my family before it’s time to go to sleep if I want to at least get 7 hours of sleep. Also I haven’t noticed that starting later has improved my grades at all. Overall, I would choose starting early than starting late any day,” stated Gabby Diaz, a sophomore at Marlboro High School in New Jersey. So, is starting school early a good or bad thing? You could say it is both, considering it has negative features and positive features to backup whether or not schools should keep their early start times or push it back a little bit later.

image of tired kids sleeping at lunch

Participating In Gym While Playing Sports??

by Mason Oak

If students play a varsity or junior varsity sport, should student athletes have to participate in gym class? Many student-athletes at public high schools already participate in sports that require rigorous physical activity and also require them to participate in gym class. Just like Comsewogue High School, if they are a student athlete, they still have to participate in gym class. If students participate in sports, physical education should not be required.

If students are playing a sport, there is no need for them to be injured in an activity during physical education. One little activity that is not needed can ruin their whole season or maybe even other seasons. Aiden McCaffrey, a student athlete at Comsewogue High School said, “ There is no reason for an athlete to get injured during physical education. If an athlete does participate in physical education, it should be an optional class to take. Athletes should also have the option to focus on their schoolwork instead. ”

If the school does change the rule about gym, student athletes should not have a free pass to do whatever they want. Guidance counselor and football coach at Comsewogue High School Mr. Tremblay said, “ During a student athlete’s season, they should not have to physically participate in physical education. However, they should be responsible to do some sort of Sportfolio. When they are not in season, they should have to participate in physical education like everyone else.” Even if it is not a Sportfolio, athletes should have to do some kind of work for a class.

Some may say that even if students are athletes, they should have to participate in physical education. Teacher and lacrosse coach Mr. Michalec at Comsewogue High School said, “ Participating in gym class is very important. It can introduce students to different sports that they could like or have a talent for. Also, they may want to become a physical education teacher.” There may be some positive aspects towards participating in gym class, but the percentage of people who are athletes know what type of sports they like to play. Also, there are not many students who are athletes that will become a physical education teacher anyways.

The requirement for student athletes to participate in gym class or physical education needs to go!

image from gym class

Why Students Should Be Allowed To Change Chromebook Backgrounds

by Matteo Schwarzmuller

In the 2017/2018 year at Comsewogue High School, the 9th graders of class 2021 were given chromebooks in order to perform schoolwork. A nice thing about having chromebooks is that the ability to personalize backgrounds was available . People had many types of backgrounds, Nice Artwork,Photographs, favorite TV shows, bands, movies, and video games (I personally had artwork of a synthwave-like mountain).

Then at the close of the school year something happened. At the time it seemed minor, but this issue would soon be known as the Great Background Change of 2018. One day the normal, everyday background, and the next day they were changed. We were greeted to a message over a white background. “HELLO 9th GRADERS, WE ARE COLLECTING CHROMEBOOKS FOR THE SUMMER, FRIDAY JUNE 8TH, PLEASE BRING IN YOUR CHROMEBOOK AND CHARGER, WE WILL VISIT YOUR ENGLISH CLASS TO COLLECT THEM IF WE MISS YOUR CLASS YOU CAN RETURN IT TO THE CHROMEBOOK OFFICE IN GUIDANCE, THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION, ALL CHROMEBOOKS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN RETURNED WILL BE DISABLED FOR THE SUMMER.” While a good way spread to the word of chromebook return when sending this message, there was one flaw. Backgrounds were unable to be changed. At the time this was not that big of a deal; it was the end of the year, and students were able to deal with this background for 3 weeks.

The school year ended, and in the blink of an eye, the 2018/2019 school year started up and students got their chromebooks back. However, the same background was present on the computers, and students were unable to change the image. 3 months have gone by and still the population of Comsewogue is unable to change it. Although there are many issues in the school, and this is a minor issue, it is one that can be easily fixed and would greatly improve the overall student experience.

In order to understand why we are unable to fix our backgrounds I went to the chromebook office to talk to Mrs. Blam, the worker in the chromebook office about the issue: “They are pushed down by policy."

This was very interesting, why? What policy is there that students cannot change their backgrounds. It seems that there are powers from above that are preventing the students from changing the background on the computer but for what reason? It seems that the students will have to wait and see for the future and hope that one day the population of Comsewogue can maybe be able to change the backgrounds once again.

image of sunset

Graduate to Marine

by Jordyn Weaver

“I decided to go because I wanted to make my family proud and do something big and exciting with my life,” said Tyler Lenox, graduate from Comsewogue and now, an active member in the Marines.

Tyler believes that it feels different everyday in the Marines. As he stated, “It’s always different. One day, you’re happy, you’re a Marine, another day you’re like ‘ what am I doing with my life?’” Although it can be hard in the Marine Corps., Tyler wants to stay for another 20 years to get his pension.

To keep himself busy, Tyler likes to play the guitar, goes to the gym, and watches movies. In addition, he has a job for the Marines. Working as the supply, he keeps custody records and maintains necessary accounting and supply documents. He says his job can be stressful sometimes, but he would rather that job than the others.

Tyler’s transition from normal life post-graduation to the Marine Corps was challenging. He explained, “It was hard because I could control myself before the Marine Corps., even at work. I kind of just did whatever I wanted to do; if I had a problem with something, I said it to my boss or family. Now I lost so much freedom, and there are big consequences.” He believes his transition was hard but worth it.

Tyler trains everyday to learn more about his job, and he trains physically every day for combat. Tyler likes New York a lot better than North Carolina: “North Carolina is different because there’s so much going on in New York. No one really does much, and there’s no drama over here. On weekends, no one's busy. It’s just boring.”

On the wall downstairs by the gym, with all the other people who served, Tyler's picture stands proudly.

image of Tyler
image of Tyler and Jordyn

No School After Halloween

by Julia Moran

The day after Halloween at Comsewogue High School, the students should have off and have a Superintendent’s conference day because the students should be able to enjoy Halloween without having to worry about waking up early the next day for school.

At CHS, many students would love to have off because many feel that they cannot go trick or treating and hang out with friends for long because of the fact that they have school the next day.

Sophomore, Emily Cooney, stated, “We should have a day off because kids are going to be tired the next day and not be able to work to their full ability.” Many students would like to go trick or treating longer, but some feel they cannot go out because they do not want to be tired for school, and others’ parents do not want them out late on a school night. When Mr. Kingsley, a teacher, was asked if he has seen what Cooney noted, he answered, “Yeah, the kids definitely are a little more dragging.” Mr. Kingsley and some of teachers realized that their students seemed more tired than normal, and the number of students that attended class that day was indeed lower.

Many students like to go with a group of friends, but then when it gets late, they like to go to their friends’ houses and watching scary movies. Some are not able to finish the movies because it is a school night, and their parents want them home for school the next day. Others that do stay and finish the movies just do not go to school the next day.

Senior Sophia Cuiffo added, “I think it could be a good idea only causes a lot of kids do not come into school that day anyway.” The students that do go out late during Halloween usually do not come to school. The majority of the students that stay out late come in late to school and miss some periods. If the students have off the day after Halloween, many students could enjoy Halloween and not be worried about being too tired and missing out on school work the next day.

To make Halloween more enjoyable, the students of CHS should have off. CHS, instead of making Halloween like a holiday, they can have a Superintendent's conference day. That is the day where all the teachers come in, and the students have off.

image of pumpkin

Extraterrestrial Object May Be an Alien Probe from Another Galaxy

by Jake-Henry Deptola

An interstellar object spotted tumbling through our solar system last year may have been an alien probe from another galaxy, Harvard scientists say.

Scientists and astronomers have named this object Oumuamua (Om-am-om-ah-moo). Oumuamua means “A visitor from another galaxy” in Hawaiian.

On October 19,2017, Robert Wreyk looked through the Pan-STARRS telescope at Haleakala Observatory, Hawaii to observe this object. He documented that it looked like an asteroid but its elongated cigar shape was highly unusual for one. Oumuamua is 400 meters tall, and that's around the same height as the Empire State building.

Miguelanje Reyes a sophomore of Comsewogue High School taunted “If Harvard is hiring scientists that think an asteroid is an alien probe, then this might be the perfect time to apply there.”

Another sophomore, Richard Clarke proclaimed, “I personally looked into this further, and I found some compelling evidence that this truly could be a alien probe.”

Mr.Mitchell a science teacher at Comsewogue High School has added his own input: “Why would actual scientists think that a rock in outer space would be a Alien probe. How would they know what it looks like?”

In conclusion it is very hard to know what exactly this thing is, but Oumuamua is definitely an exterrestrial object from another galaxy.

image of asteroid

The Blue Lips and Seizure Mystery--From the show, Riverdale

by Alayna Bieler

It has been reported in the last four weeks , that there are four students from Riverdale High School and one adult who were hospitalized. The first student, Elizabeth Cooper, had a seizure but did not have signs of having epilepsy or any type of condition to cause this.

The second case were two teenage boys, Dilton Doiley,16 and Ben Button, 17. Both boys drank some type of poison and had symbols carved into their backs. The cause is believed to be that they consumed some type of poison mixed with a blue raspberry flavored sports drink called Fresh Aid. Only one of the two boys, Ben Button had survived. He was ferociously ill and put into the hospital. Dilton was not classified as a murder or a suicide yet because they are still researching further information on what happened, to cause his death. Later that week, Ben Button, after being hospitalized for two days, had committed suicide by willingly falling out of the hospital window.

Two weeks later, a teenage girl, Ethel Muggs, 17, was hospitalized two times, the first time, she was put in for a seizure; then she came back a week later with the same blue lips as Dilton and Ben. She also had consumed the same toxicant drink that her fellow peers had guzzled.

The following week, Warden Norton, owner of Riverdale Juvenile Center, had consumed the same drink, but it came from a special cup that looked similar to Dilton and Ben´s. The detectives have discovered that the blue poison came from a cyanide capsule, and he was diagnosed with cyanide poisoning. They are still researching if that is what happened to the three teens that were poisoned. Doctors believe all this may be connected, but they are still discovering further research. Here is an opinion on Fresh Aid and everything that's going on.

"They should stop selling Fresh Aid in stores"--Natalia Bieler.

"It's a mess!!!!" --Beatriz Hart.

image of cups

Juvenile Center Escape!!! From the show, Riverdale

by Alayna Bieler

It has been broadcasted that Riverdale's perfect boy next door, Archie Andrews, is not so perfect after all. Archie Andrews has been in the courtroom all summer because it has been disclosed that he is guilty of murder. In the beginning of September of this year, he pleaded guilty after being in the courtroom for almost three months, and he was sent to Riverdale's Juvenile Center For Boys. He has been in there for two months, and he has recently escaped by jumping into a drain and going through the sewer system and somehow breaking through. He is very dangerous, and if anybody see any signs of suspicion or see him, call Riverdale's Juvenile Center for Boys. Here is quote from a close friend of Archie's and was in court: "Archie Andrews is an innocent man, and he confessed to a murder he didn't do, and they had no evidence he did it"--Delia Hill.

image of Archie

Gryphons and Gargoyles From the show, Riverdale

by Alayna Bieler

There is a new trend in the town of Riverdale! An urban legend called Gryphons and Gargoyles has been taking the town by storm. Almost everyone owns a manual to this game, but it has been rumored that it may be the cause of citizens being hospitalized and becoming diagnosed with mental illnesses because they are taking the game off the board. There are more and more teens taking quests to meet the so called Gargoyle King, so they can ascend and be considered above all people. Mayor Hermione Lodge has noticed that there is a state of uncommonness in Riverdale,so she has declared that if anyone gets caught playing the game, their manuals should be confiscated, and they should quit immediately for their own safety. Here is an opinion on what is going on in Riverdale with this new trend.

"Gryphons and Gargoyles can stay away forever better yet be burned in a fire where it belongs. I think it's so twisted and disgusting how these kids think that playing the game is 'fine'. It probably started off fun but then gets so messed up as you keep playing, it's creepy! It's literally a cult and in philosophical sense it kind of comes to show how addicted people can get to certain things that start off 'fine' but progressively get worse the more people use it the more believe it"--Makenna Cordts.

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Barber Shop Center of Drug Ring

by Aiden McCaffrey

Three men have been arrested in connection to a drug ring run from the back of a barbershop, late last month. The leader, Juan Lopez Enriquez, is the barber and alleged ringleader of the entire ring. Two other men, Carlos Encarnacion, an employee, and Santiago Taverez, an apparent “customer,” were also involved. Police seized drugs such as Cocaine, heroin fentanyl, and weapons as well. “Everytime I drove past that place, there were sketchy people high in the parking lot,” said Brendan McCrary, a sophomore at Comsewogue High School down the road. He also lives locally in the area, as well. “ I always knew something was up around there, I just never knew it was the barber shop”, he said.

Mr. Michalec, a teacher at Comsewogue High School, got his hair cut there: “ The haircut was a pretty good price, and it was pretty good overall. The place was pretty clean, but it just isn’t a place you would want to hang out at on a Friday night,” he said. Police did not specify about the quantity of drugs that were being held at the store, or what kind of weapons were being sold either. “I never thought that such a thing could happen in my town, so close to my home,” posited Mason Oak, another student at Comsewogue High School. Both Lopez and Enriquez face up to 20 years in prison, while Tavarez faces up to 10. More about this situation is developing, as the investigation continues.

image of barbershop

A Fashion Comeback

by Gianna Denapoli

High-school fashion from the 1990’s has been making a comeback. Students everywhere from the corridors, to the cafeteria, and even when you are sitting down in class are showing off their old-school style.

Although the 90’s seem like they were just around the corner, it has already been almost 2-3 decades ago! Students are wearing more plaid, mom jeans, turtle necks, tube tops, overalls, jean jackets/skirts, and more. Seems as if it all happened so abruptly, and no one really noticed until there were tons of people wearing it. Other students would say that seeing this new but also old wave of style is revitalizing and cannot wait to see more. Kaitlyn Becker concluded that “Walking through the hallways and seeing everyone from freshmen to seniors wearing vintage clothes is really cool; I am glad things are changing up."

The comeback is real! 90’s fashion is back and will be here to stay, for awhile. Students have started to change things up and wear something new, but also old. The style ranges from grunge to the girly side of the 90’s fashion. Walking around the halls, you will spot it everywhere. No one really knows where the inspiration came from or why everyone started bringing back the trends, but no one is complaining. Emma Budriss said “Seeing students finally changing up the stereotypical way of what they wear to school is refreshing; I like how everyone is bringing back old trends we were not alive to see.” I am glad students are deciding to go a different direction with clothes and what they wear to school rather than what people would typically see.

image of 2 girls on cover of magazine