Who we are

We're The Tutor Collective, a not-for-profit group based in Borehamwood that connects local child-focused businesses to each other and their communities.  

"The best networking group I have ever attended."

 Jayne Hardy, Stagecoach Stanmore & Borehamwood

"Brilliant group  - I have met fascinating business providers, and attended really interesting and informative sessions"

 Barbara Kay, KidsArt

"A fantastic group to join. Full of valuable connections, and amazing tips and tricks to take away."

 Ali Nemati, Software Academy

"A great group to be part of. Really interesting people running awesome businesses." 

Zac Newman, Newman Tuition

Why join us?

Support & Advice

Most of us are either solopreneurs or have small teams. These meetings are  the perfect opportunity to get out and meet like-minded people who can celebrate your wins with you and also empathise with the difficulties we all encounter from time to time.

More Business

Once we get to know you, our members will likely refer and recommend you to their network. Unlike BNI and some other organisations, there is no pressure to pass referrals and all business passed is completely organic and voluntary.

Masterminding Sessions

Each meeting, we have a formal group discussion topic, sometimes bringing in expert speakers such as branding and marketing gurus, employment lawyers or accountants; helping us develop and gain insights into specific areas of our businesses

Exclusive Offers

We are sometimes able to offer our members exclusive offers through our network and guest speakers, such as 70% off legal advice or 10% off design work

What happens at the meetings?

Attendees will have the opportunity to introduce their business to the group and to learn about each other's businesses. We discuss ideas, collaborate together, refer businesses to each other and of course...socialise!

The meetings are 60% structured and 40% casual to ensure we get the most out of each event but also have the time to network openly and have organic conversations.

Meeting Structure

0915 – arrive and mingle

1000 - make payment for brunch at the bar (£15)

1010 – meeting officially starts 

1015 - 1-minute introductions

1050 – announcements

1055 – short break

1100 – group discussion

1130 - brunch

1200 - open networking

Current Businesses

See full list of members

Is the group right for me?

If your business mostly serves children and you're passionate, experienced and established at what you do, we'd love to see you at a meeting! 

You can see find out more on our FAQ page

What does it cost to join?

Membership is currently free. In the future, we will begin charging a small annual membership fee to cover running costs. However, we intend to keep the group as a not-for-profit so this will be a modest fee and a fraction of comparable groups.

Meetings currently cost £15 to attend including brunch, payable at the bar on arrival. 

When and where are the meetings held?

Our meetings are held roughly once per month during term time on Fridays from 0945-1200 at The Hertsmere, Medburn Bridge, Watling St, Elstree, Borehamwood WD6 3AA

See our "Events" page for more details.

How it all started..

Hi, I'm Peter Elliot, the founder of The Tutor Collective. 

Having attended networking events for years, I've always really enjoyed networking and believed in the principle of it; meeting interesting, like-minded people and forming business and personal relationships that were mutually beneficial. 

However, as the director of Guitar Teacher Bushey, I would find that whilst I would meet a lot of interesting people (accountants, lawyers, plumbers etc.), I'd rarely meet people whose businesses had synergy with mine.  

I have often been asked to recommend piano teachers and maths tutors for my students but never insurance loss assessors.. Who would have thought?! 

Because of this, in April 2023 I decided to reach out to a few local child-focused business owners and invited them to meet up with the aim of exchanging ideas and eventually to refer and recommend each other, once we had get to know, like and trust one another. 

Our first meeting was in my house on the 11th of April 2023 and had an impressive turnout of.. 5 of us. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the meeting (you can see some later meetings on the left), though I assure you, we had some excellent coffee! 

Over the following few months, we'd meet up intermittently, roughly once per half-term, and it was reassuring to see the same happy faces looking forward to and continuing to attend the meetings. Slowly, the group started to grow and I decided to establish the group more formally as our community continued to flourish. Thus, The Tutor Collective was born.

We found a home at The Hertsmere in Borehamwood in January 2024 and have been there ever since. We now have roughly 20 members who attend our meetings and hopefully, we'll see you there soon too.

Attending a meeting

If you'd like to attend a meeting, please complete this form and we'll be in touch.