How I Rate

I give a 0 to 5 star rating, and each star represents one out of five aspects. These are the rankings and there aspects:

Natural Beauty

First Star

The first star is natural beauty. This includes how beautiful a places nature is. This ranking goes from New York City Sewer(no star) to Yosemite National Park( definitely a star).

Human Made Beauty

Second Star

This Star is based on a locations Human Made Beauty. Places that would get this star is like the Golden Gate bridge or the Eiffel Tower. A place to lose this star is a Sewer System(the not so beutiful thing of humans).


Third Star

Places of this stature must have a unique and amazing history. These include as the Boston Massacre Site and the Roman Colosseum. A place to lose such a star is a town so new or location so unused that a even cooler place can have this history, but luckily most places won't lose this star.


Fourth Star

Like many places culture has influenced it past, present, and future. Culture is classified by festivals, jubilees, peoples heritage, religious beliefs, and finally, the way the cultures influence the places buildings, clothes, and it's people.


Fifth Star

This star is based on how people act around each other, towards others, and their beliefs. The higher a person's authorities the stronger they influence this star.