Behind The Scenes

Bob Wright is a one man band. He plays guitar, banjo, bass-pedal, drum-box, maracas, tambourine and harmonica. He writes, sings, plays and records all his own material. On all Bob's albums, what you hear is Just Bob.

The basic song structure is recorded on Bob’s 8 track - drums, bass, rhythm, vocals and lead breaks. This is then transferred to Ian’s 24 track digital workstation for processing, overdubs and mix down.

Bob’s background is as colourful as his recording technique. Born in Norfolk many years ago, Bob Wright left school at 15 and went from job to job through the 50's & 60's Rock 'n' Roll years. For many years Bob played throughout Norfolk, in bands and as a solo artist, playing songs by Elvis, Chuck, Buddy & The Everly Brothers; artists that influenced most of his generation. His music career was nearly cut short when an accident at work left him 4 fingers short on his right hand. Luckily he could still strum his old guitar.

Later, Bob bought a newsagents shop in his home village, but still found time to gig in the evenings. He finally sold his shop in 2000, taking very early retirement. Bob was a late starter in the song writing game, but within a year of retiring he had completed over 25 songs most of which are about life and everyday events, drawn from personal experience. Now, ten years later, the total is more than two hundred songs and counting.

Bob's unique blend of country, blues and rock 'n' roll effortlessly reflects the formative events of his life. Like many of his generation he looks back nostalgically to times past, when life seemed more carefree and easy going than it is today. No stranger to grief, Bob lost his younger brother and his daughter in car crashes. For Bob, sad songs seem to come easy, but through it all he never lost his sense of humour.

For Bob the good years out weighed the bad, still having 2 kids and his wife Sue (his right hand). Bob will keep rockin' on for years to come.

In The Studio

Ian’s studio in Fakenham where all Just Bob’s CDs are given the final mixing treatment before releasing them to Bob’s many fans.

In The Studio