The Shy Guy

Art taken from IMGbin

Project Overview

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Siobhan, the Shy Guy! Siobhan is an octopus who loves to dance, but only in the privacy of her marine tank. As she dances, Siobhan puts her hands in the air and moves her head up and down and side to side; but when someone approaches to watch Siobhan's moves, the octopus stops dancing and watches the intruder until they leave.  Her arms are powered by eight servo motors which work mechanically similar to animatronics. Her head rotation is powered by interlocked gears and her head moves up and down with a crank mechanism. In the coral at the front of her tank a servo rotates a sensor. When it detects a person our code communicates to the motors to freeze. Read more on the tabs above. Watch her dance below!

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