Maritime Radio Nets

The Captain's Net - Daily 07:30:00 VE1YAR - 146.730

Weather Net -  Daily (November-April) 07:30:00 **IRG System

White Cane Social Net -  Daily 18:00:00 3.770 MHz.

Newfoundland Labrador Net - Daily 18:30:00 3.740 MHz.

Maritime Net - Daily 19:00:00 3.750 MHz.

PL Net -   Monday - Saturday 09:00:00 3.735 MHz.

Morning Wake-Up Net -  Monday - Friday 07:30:00 *MAVCOM System

Maritime Noon Net - Monday - Friday 12:05:00 VE1HCA - 146.910

Kings County ARC - Monday 19:00:00 VE1AEH - 147.180

WestCumb ARC Net- Monday 20:00:00 VE1WRC - 147.285

IRG Net - Tuesday 21:00:00 **IRG System

Maritime Fusion Net - Wednesday 19:00:00 CQ Maritimes Room #60207

Miramichi Area VHF Net - Wednesday 21:00:00 **IRG System (Central Zone)

Rag Chew / Round Table - Thursday 20:00:00 3.727 MHz.

EMCOMM Net -     Thursday 21:00:00 **IRG System

Fredericton Fusion Net - Friday 20:00:00 CQ Maritimes Room #60207

Yarmouth ARC Net - Saturday 20:00:00 VE1YAR - 146.730

AM Round Table Net- Sunday 07:30am   3.735MHz.  Pre net & Tune Up 6:30am

Old Timers Net - Sunday 08:00:00 3.750 MHz.

IRG Net - Sunday 21:00:00 **IRG System

Exercise Handshake - Last Tuesday of Month 19:00:00 *MAVCOM System

Moncton & Area Nets  


Sunday 7:30pm - Moncton Fusion Simplex Net on 147.525 Digital  

Sunday 8:00pm - Moncton Area UHF Net on 449.325-  

Sunday 8:15pm - Moncton Area VHF Simplex Net on 146.520  

Sunday 8:40pm - Moncton Area USB Net on 144.200 USB  

Sunday 9:00pm - Moncton Area VHF Net on 147.345+  

Sunday 9:00pm - IRG Net on 147.090+  

Tuesday 9:00pm - Lazy Net on 147.090+  

Wednesday 9:00am - Morning Get-Together Net on 147.345+  

Wednesday 7:00pm - Maritime Fusion Net on 146.625-  

Thursday 9:00pm - IRG EMCOMM Net on 147.090+  

First Friday of the Month at 9:00pm - VE9SBR/R NET 147.225+  

Weekdays 7:30am - IRG Weather Net on 147.090+  

Tuesday (except last Tuesday of the Month, see below) 7:00pm  

CARG MH & VP Net on 146.880+


International Repeater Group Nets  


Every Sunday Night at 9:00 pm  

Net Control Station rotates weekly with: VE9MTB (Rick); VE1PIN (Bert); VE1VON (Yvon); VE9FCP (Francis); VE1RG (Al) on fifth Sundays  

At 9:30 pm during the IRG net, taking turns each week:  

IRG Swapshop with VE1AIN (Paul) - Listen for or list your amateur radio-ralated gear - For Sale, For Swap or Wanted  

Don Weeks VE9WB Memorial Report - News related to amateur radio - from VE1AKT (Al). History of VE9WB  

The Tuesday Night Net  

Tuesday Night Net on the IRG system  

Net control stations Al VE1RG or Benoit VE9BTB  

Every Tuesday night at 9:00 pm  

Weather Net  

Every morning at 7:30 am, usually November to April depending on weather and flooding conditions - exact start and end dates will be announced depending on seasonal conditions.  

Net Control Stations are Rick VE9MTB and Blair KB1UET - gathering your local observations for relay to Environment & Climate Change Canada, River Watch and others  

Requires no weather station, special training or membership in anything.  

Resources and tips on reporting your weather to the Weather Net  

Miramichi Area VHF Net  

Every Wednesday Night, 9:00 pm  

Net control stations Gary VE9GSB or Ron VE1BCQ  

On Central Zone: (VE1XI Doaktown; VE9MIR Miramichi; VE9SMT Scotch Mountain)  


Every Thursday night at 9:00 pm (that's 2100 hours for you EMCOMM types!)  

Net control rotates weekly with: VE9PIN (Bert); VE9BK (J-P); VE9OR (Charles); VE9MTB (Rick); VE9SDH (Scott on fifth Thursday)  

The net is to promote and practice good emergency communications for amateur radio operators, and to test the operation of the repeater system. It will be a structured net rather than a social net, but all are welcome to listen or participate.