Eco friendly Radha Krishna, Ram Lalla , Baby Krishna & Baby Ram soft toys  

Revolutionize your child's play time , for a happy , healthier , memorable childhood !

Boosts creativity & imagination for an artistic career ahead 

 Improves motor skills with active hands on play

Keep harmful gadgets away from your child ... Gift Eco-friendly toys not plastic 


Bendable body - Child can create sitting, crawling, holding postures !

Easily changeable dresses 

Nature inspired Play Accessories 

Washable - Hygienic - Cotton Doll - Soft on skin

Fluffy Wool Hair - Crochet Flowers decor

Jewelry made with Natural Materials

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Keep children engaged for hours with our Play accessories set 

Hours of fun with Krishna !

Krishna 's first day to school !

Make the right choice - Strengthen culture & values in a child through play dolls

Toys play a crucial role during growing years of a child. By introducing value based toys from young age, child develops positive qualities unknowingly while playing thus growing into a cultured teen

Khel Khel mei Sanskaar ...for a happy childhood & positive mindset !

  Made with love ... Play with Love . Treat your divine dolls with respect & care !

Mother Earth friendly return gifts for Vara Mahalakshmi & Diwali 

Disclaimer : Doll stuffing is polyester fiber . Minimal plastic beads are used in jewelry . 

Swadeshi - Hand crafted in Bharat . Our culture has always taught us to respect & co-exist with nature.  Always choose Eco-friendly gifts ... a step towards protecting Mother Earth for our children and all living beings !  

These cotton Dolls are super soft for kids to play with. They are unlike other soft toys in market which are tightly stuffed & feel hard. My kid with sensitive skin spends hours & sleeps happily with her soft squishy Kanha & I don't have to worry about rashes ! 

* Doctor & Mom of 4 yr old  

The changeable dresses, play mat, blanket & baby wrap keeps my little one engaged for hours ! She loves to put Kanha in swing, makes him wear bib & feed butter ! I am glad I invested in entire set which is totally worth it ! Best part, she is away from social media & gadgets... a wise choice with my hectic work schedule. Its lovely watching her play like in my childhood days :)  

IT professional & Mother of 6 yr old