The Linen Closet

Providing Comfort, Hope, and Dignity through Linens

We are a Christian organization that provides new bed linens to transitional housing organizations. People enter temporary housing organizations as they navigate challenges. Join us in supporting the efforts of individuals to lead healthy and flourishing lives.

The Vision of The Linen Closet

To create a sense of home, security and well-being to those that experience hardship.

Our Mission

We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide comfort, hope and dignity to people in need by donating new linens to transitional housing organizations. We collect donations to purchase linen essentials and accept donations of new linen essentials to deliver to organizations that provide shelter, services, and support for individuals and families in crisis.

Who is The Linen Closet?

The Linen Closet was created in 2018 by a mother-daughter team to share the love of family and home with those rebuilding their lives. The Linen Closet is one way we serve our community. The Linen Closet reflects our shared passion for caring for others. Our hope is that through The Linen Closet we can help others establish nurturing and safe lives for themselves and their families.

Why this Matters

Helping people in our communities rebuild their lives is important for families, and it restores the dignity of individuals and their ability to let their light shine.

The Scope of the Problem

Hundreds of people in our communities are without permanent housing. On any given night people are sleeping in temporary housing provided by organizations. People in transitional housing can be coming out of incarceration, rehabilitation, human trafficking, physical and mental abuse. Many people in transitional housing have physical and mental health challenges, many are veterans. Frequently all of the above are coupled with financial challenges, anxiety and loneliness.

How you can Help

We would greatly appreciate your support! You might consider:

Making a financial donation, donating new sheets, comforters, or pillows.

Spread the word, follow us on Instagram, read our newsletter, or collaborate with us!

One-time or recurring donation options now available via PayPal!


Learn more about upcoming events and how you can support the homeless community members through The Linen Closet by signing up for our quarterly newsletter.

Partner with Us

Would your company, organization, or group like to help? Please contact us with your ideas.

If you are an organization that would like to receive support from The Linen Closet, please let us know. We want to collaborate!