Here we celebrate the little "extras" in our ordinary lives.

And really, nothing about living out our lives under the authority of the Word of God and in the power of the Spirit is ordinary. It is extraordinary. However, sometimes amidst the diapers, FAFSA applications, driving lessons, tadpole catching, laundry, and general every day life, we don't pause to see the little extra something.

It's the twinkle in your kid's eye as he shows you what he made in art that week. It's the silent tear that you barely catch a glimpse of when she walks through the door. It's the never-ending bedtime questions that might be a stall tactic - or it just might be the moment he knows he has your undivided attention for the first time that day. That's the extra. That's what makes the ordinary stand at attention. It's what makes us say, "Thank you, Lord, I almost missed this."

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What the photo doesn’t tell you:

The fact that my hair looks better unshowered if I’ve put enough product in it the previous day, so that’s my excuse for
neglecting hygiene (not the lack of 2 minutes of alone time while raising 3 lively children);

the sheer volume of cups of coffee it took to get that smile up and running;

the fear coursing through my mind as I’m trying desperately to remember if I had turned the crockpot on hours earlier...

There you have it. Now we can be friends!

our statements of faith:


  • All Scripture is God-breathed, infallible, and the ultimate autohority to which we need to submit our lives.

  • We are made in the image of God and therefore every man and woman has dignity and value, but there are no other options outside of male and female.

  • Marriage is between one man and one woman.

  • All people are sinners and need a Savior. That Savior is Jesus Christ who died and rose again so that we might have life eternally and life abundantly on earth. Jesus is the only way to Heaven.