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Latest Episode

09 - A Thor Thumb - Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Taika Waititi

Our adventurers have bargained for a movie, but have gained a director!

Episode Breakdown

  • We start the episode by each bringing up a character that we want to discuss (00:01:52) - Nina Kulikova (00:02:15), Matthew Murdock (00:07:52), Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader (00:19:42).
  • We move on to the main discussion of this episode, which is about Hunt for the Wilderpeople, by Taika Waititi (00:28:41) - we summarize the movie quickly.
  • We take a stab at analysing the theme of the movie and the interactions between the characters (00:30:39).
  • We learn what Skuxx means and we talk about its role in the movie (00:34:59).
  • We share our feelings about Bella’s character (00:38:52), and its relationships with Hector and Ricky’s characters (00:40:10).
  • We then discuss the score, or the soundtrack, of the movie (00:41:34), which was performed by Moniker.
  • The conversation then turns to focus on Taika Waititi and his other works (00:44:04), we compare them with Hunt for the Wilderpeople.
  • We discuss how Taika has kind of burst into our lives (00:50:06).
  • We summarize our feelings about the movie (00:54:00).
  • We close the episode by introducing what we’ll do in the next episode, which is going to be a Journey Log Episode - A Culture Quest Special! (00:57:43).
  • Stick around and check out Lady Lady Justice Podcast’s promo clip at the end of the episode and go give it a listen!

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The episode was recorded in Jan. 24th, and originally released in Feb. 23rd, 2020.

Upcoming Episodes

Next episode to be recorded (11) will be about Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams (Goodreads), to be recorded on Feb. 28th.

Coming soon

Episode 10 - Journal Log - Culture Quest Special! To be released on March 8th.

About the Podcast

Join our quest to become more learned in the ways of culture! In each episode, we, the three adventurers, will discuss a movie, an album, a book, or anything we may deem fit as we strive to broaden our horizons and explore new lands! Leave your weapon by the door, pour yourself a martini, don a top hat and enjoy our discussions!

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