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Latest Episode

20 - Four Aging Queens - Queen, Live at Wembley Stadium

Our humble adventurers get to know Queen, a band that they either kind of liked or really loved for a long time, by listening to one of their more iconic live shows.

Episode Breakdown:

  • In this episode’s Tavern Talk Segment we’re talking about the movie-going experience (00:01:28).
  • We then move on to talk about today’s topic - Queen’s Live at Wembley, 1986 (Allmusic) - we start by introducing the live album (00:16:21).
  • We discuss how familiar we are with Queen, the band (00:17:13).
  • We talk about our favorite live bands and our thoughts about live albums and concerts (00:26:22).
  • We segue from talking about our favorite performers to talking about our general thoughts about Queen’s performance on this album (00:30:46).
  • While talking about our general thoughts, we went on a tangent in which we talked about the differences between Queen’s history and the story told in Bohemian Rhapsody (IMDB).
  • We then talk about Queen’s performance on the album and our favorite songs from the concert (00:37:15).
  • We mention bits we didn’t really like too much (00:44:42).
  • We talk about the two speeches that took place throughout the concert (00:46:43).
  • We bring up a few songs that we were disappointed or surprised to find out that they weren’t on the setlist (00:50:43).
  • We talk about the six-songs encore (00:57:31).
  • We discuss whether we prefer listening to Queen’s material from the ‘70s or ‘80s (01:01:01).
  • We close by summarizing our feelings towards this album (01:04:01).
  • We close this episode by previewing the topic of our next episode - Flight of the Conchords (IMDB) (01:07:40).
  • Stick around and check out the promo clip of the Controller Disconnected podcast (@condisconnected) (01:11:11).

Queen’s Killer Queen & I’m In Love with My Car - Live performance - YouTube.

Brian May’s Red Special - Book - Goodreads.

The episode was recorded on May 1st, and originally released on May 31st, 2020.

Upcoming Episodes

Episode 21 - Flight of the Conchords (IMDB). To be released on June 14th.

Episode 22 - Woody Allen's Annie Hall (IMDB). To be released on June 28th.

Episode 23 - Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park (IMDB). To be recorded on June 12th and released on July 12th.

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