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Latest Episode

12 - Keeping You Company - Lockdown Bonus

Our humble adventurers are using the extra time that was thrust upon them to talk about what to do when extra time is thrust upon you!

Due to the Corona virus that is going around now, we’re all stuck at home. We’ve decided to share our recommendations for a movie, a book, a music album, and one wild card recommendation, to help pleasantly pass the time.

Episode breakdown:

  • We start the episode by talking about being stuck at home (00:01:52).
  • We then recommend a bunch of stuff that you can do at home while you’re quarantined
  • We start by talking about our strategies in choosing our recommendations (00:05:48).
  • We start by recommending movies (00:08:28).
  • We then move to recommend music albums (00:15:07).
  • We then move on to recommending books (00:24:19).
  • We finish by handing out some wild card recommendations (00:31:05).
  • Before we end the episode, we’re recommending a few other things that just shouldn’t go unmentioned (00:38:56).

Here’s links to everything we’ve recommended (spoilers!):

Cover art by​ ​Azeecreations​.

‘Celebration’ theme by Alexander Nakarada​ ​(​www.serpentsoundstudios.com​).

The episode was recorded on March 28th, and originally released on March 30th, 2020.

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About the Podcast

Join our quest to become more learned in the ways of culture! In each episode, we, the three adventurers, will discuss a movie, an album, a book, or anything we may deem fit as we strive to broaden our horizons and explore new lands! Leave your weapon by the door, pour yourself a martini, don a top hat and enjoy our discussions!




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