Family Newsletter

October Issue

Volume 2, Number 2, October 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It's been a wonderful first two months of school! We've very much hit the ground running with new programs, classes, events, and activities for your students. We're committed to making this year the best ever here at APPA, and look forward to continuing to partner with you to make that happen.

In this issue, you will find photos of recent events as well as information about upcoming important dates. Please also note the parent resources put together by our CBO partners to support and healthy and safe Halloween.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any quesitons, comments, or concerns.


M-J Mercanti-Anthony, Ed.D



Estimados padres y tutores,

¡Han sido maravillosos los dos primeros meses de clases! Nos hemos puesto en marcha con nuevos programas, clases, eventos y actividades para sus estudiantes. Estamos comprometidos a hacer que este año sea el mejor de la historia aquí en APPA, y esperamos continuar asociándonos con usted para que eso suceda.

En este número, encontrará fotos de eventos recientes, así como información sobre próximas fechas importantes. Tenga en cuenta también los recursos para padres elaborados por nuestros socios de CBO para apoyar un Halloween saludable y seguro.

Por favor, no dude en comunicarse conmigo con cualquier pregunta, comentario o inquietud.


MJ Mercanti-Anthony, Ed.D


This Month's Important Parent Announcements

Parent Portal

Please be sure to click here to register for the city's new Parent Portal. You will need your student's OSIS number to register. If you have any issues, please reach out to our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Williams, here at the school

Fall Festival

This month all APPA students enjoyed a fun afternoon on the field to celebrate the new academic year. Thanks to all the families who were able to join us! We'll welcome you to another event out on the field when the weather gets warm again this spring!

Middle School After School Program

All families of students in grades 6-8 are encouraged to participate in our completely free afterschool program. Run by the YMCA, students will engage in academic, enrichment, athletic, and other actives each day through to 6 pm. To register, see the flyer at left or click here!

  • Anime Club with Mr. Omar Disla

  • Health and Image Club with Ms. Rivera

  • Gardening Club with Ms. Robinson

  • Art Club with Ms. Robinson and Mr. Angel

  • Creative Writing Club with Ms. Torres

  • Hip Hop Club with Mr. Cadet

  • Chess Club with Mr. Munoz

  • Video Gaming Club with Mr. Chowdhurry

  • Dance Club with Ms. Brianna

  • Step Club with Ms. Bush

High School Afterschool Program

We're excited to be able to offer the Afterschool Clubs listed at left! Students can sign up for clubs through this link Ms. Castillo sent them.

Parent Resources from our Community Partners Astor and the YMCA

Middle School Uniforms

Our middle school students look great in their black polo shirts and khaki bottoms. After hearing from many students, we've relaxed the dress code slightly. Student must still wear slacks, but they can be any color, not just khaki. Students may not wear jeans or sweatpants.

As the weather gets colder, students may wear hoodies with a front zipper. They may not wear pull-over sweatshirts that completely cover the uniform.

Parents may purchase uniforms wherever they wish, including the Cookie's APPA Webstore.

Personal Devices

Please note the chancellor's regulations linked here pertaining to personal devices in school. Students may not enter the building with Apple Watches, laptops, tablets, ear pads, or other devices.

Parent Association

Please join us for the next parent association meeting, November 15th at 6 pm. A meeting link will be sent out before the meeting.

November Calendar

Contact Information

Ms. Vivian Williams, Parent Coordinator 718-824-3152 ext. 12901

Dr. M-J Mercanti-Anthony, Principal 718-824-3152 ext. 22857

Adam Waterbury, Assistant Principal 718-824-3152 ext. 22903

Lissette Castillo, Assistant Principal I.A. 718-824-3152 ext. 12471

Maria Muniz, Middle School Counselor 718-824-3152 ext. 12483

Martha Falconi, High School Counselor 718-824-3152 ext. 12981

Raquel Smith, PA President 718-824-3152 ext. 12901

Important School Links

Parent Resources