Welcome to tggEdu,

A Extra Curricular program unlike no other.

tggEdu was designed to prepare kids for their futures, by enforcing leadership qualities, teaching job skills, and topics with "high school" like content.

We make things!

From Videos, to photos, and even Websites, tggEdu has classes to cover all ages and skill levels, so everyone can learn something!

Depicted Left: Videography 1H Final Exam (Summer 2017)

We learn things!

tggEdu has a high school like class structure. This means, we learn, prep, and test. These activities range from group talks, creating videos, and playing games. Everyone has fun and learns team values in tggEdu!

Depicted Left: Photography 1/1Y Exposure Photos

It's always new.

tggEdu offers levels. All younger kids (ages 5-8) take a "Y" course, which is less high school and is activity and group based. Older kids will advance through levels in each class, starting at 1, 2, 3, etc. Each level gets harder, and focuses on a new area of study, whether its creating your own video and story, or learning professional software.

Depicted Left: Cooking 1 Final Product

Ready to get started?

You can become certified* to teach our courses, or access our material for free.

*Becoming certified means you can award students tggEdu credit and gain access to modify content for your classes