The Fantasy Trip Resource Hub

Welcome to the TFT Resource Hub. This endeavors to be a comprehensive list of any information you need regarding The Fantasy Trip by Steve Jackson Games. Welcome!

TFT Discord Server

Lots of activity with over 350 members. A great place to ask questions . Members range from very experienced players to new.

The Fantasy Trip Facebook Group

FB group for fans of the game. Currently very active with 1190 members!

The Steve Jackson Games TFT Forum

Official forum for The Fantasy Trip.

Tales From The Broken Blade Online Virtual Table Top Campaign!

If you've been wanting to play and don't have a regular group, come play using your PC!


This site by Howard A. Kistler not only has the browser-based Shamat tool for making mega-hex maps for use with TFT, but also a Dungeon of the Month featuring 12 TFT adventures that are ready-to-play!

TFT Official Steve Jackson Games Site

The first source for news and information directly from Steve Jackson Games.

Don't have a copy of the TFT Legacy Edition Rules? You can pick them up at

Warehouse 23!

Blog From The Broken Blade

A blog with coverage of The Fantasy Trip RPG Adventures run at GenCon, Origins, and other regional game conventions.

In The Labyrinth Live

Steve Jackson Games Twitch channel group playing on Wednesdays!

Twitch Tales From The Broken Blade

Live stream of the roll20 virtual game showing on Twitch!

TFT Archives

Curated by Joe Hartley. A fan based site that has been in existence for a very long time. A fantastic resource relating mainly to the first printing, but very helpful and relevant for the Legacy Edition as well!

TFT Character cards!

You can contribute your own NPC's to this Flickr album!

TFT Monsters, Creatures

and Beasts!

You can contribute your own creatures to this Flickr album!

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