Shared Task on Explanation Regeneration

We are excited to announce a shared task on Explanation Regeneration! The resulting papers will be peer-reviewed by participating teams, and accepted system descriptions will be presented along with the main workshop papers.

Brief Overview

Multi-hop inference is the task of combining more than one piece of information to solve an inference task, such as question answering. This can take many forms, from combining free-text sentences read from books or the web, to combining linked facts from a structured knowledge base. The Shared Task on Explanation Regeneration asks participants to develop methods to reconstruct gold explanations for elementary science questions, using a new corpus of gold explanations that provides supervision and instrumentation for this multi-hop inference task. Each explanation is represented as an "explanation graph", a set of atomic facts (between 1 and 16 per explanation, drawn from a knowledge base of 5,000 facts) that, together, form a detailed explanation for the reasoning required to answer and explain the resoning behind a question. Linking these facts to achieve strong performance at rebuilding the gold explanation graphs will require methods to perform multi-hop inference. The explanations include both core scientific facts as well as detailed world knowledge, allowing this task to appeal to those interested in both multi-hop reasoning and common-sense inference.

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Shared Task Overview:

Competition on CodaLab:


Participating systems are asked to perform an explanation reconstruction task, a stepping-stone task towards general multi-hop inference on large graphs. The task is as follows: Given a question and known correct answer, build a system that reconstructs the gold explanation. For ease of evaluation (and to encourage a variety of methods, not only those involving graph-based inference), the task is framed as a ranking task where for a given question, one must selectively rank facts in the gold explanation higher than facts not present in the gold explanation.

Important Dates
  • 13-05-2019: Example (trial) data release
  • 17-05-2019: Training data release
  • 12-07-2019: Test data release; Evaluation start
  • 09-08-2019: Evaluation end
  • 23-08-2019: System description paper deadline
  • 09-09-2019: Deadline for reviews of system description papers
  • 16-09-2019: Author notifications
  • 30-09-2019: Camera-ready description paper deadline
  • 03-11-2019/04-11-2019: TextGraphs-13 workshop

The dates are specified in the following format: day-month-year.


Please submit your solutions via CodaLab:

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We welcome questions and answers on the shared task on GitHub: