Liquid Syllabus:

The First Step to Making a Connection and Reducing Student Anxiety

Session Facilitators

Kim Carter

Professor, Conestoga College

Lisa Koster

Professor, Conestoga College

Marie Rutherford

Professor, Georgian College

About this Session

“Online students often feel isolated, which may decrease motivation and increase attrition. When learning occurs entirely through computer-mediated instruction, an important part of the instructor's role is ensuring the learning environment is "people focused" or humanized” (

In this new world of education that we now find ourselves in due to COVID-19, our students are more nervous than ever about starting a new school year. Many students would not have chosen to learn remotely/online but are now having to which is adding to the anxiety.

This session will show how three college faculty members implemented a liquid syllabus to help reduce the student anxiety and promote student success. We will share what a liquid syllabus is and how it supports student success. Three examples that were used for Fall 2020 will be shown, challenges and workarounds discussed and the feedback from the students will be shared.

Participants will receive links to sites/resources on how to get started on their own liquid syllabus.

Learning Outcomes for this session

The attendees will

  1. Discuss the benefits and challenges of using a liquid syllabus

  1. Analyze real time live examples from Fall2020 classes

  1. Hear what the students had to say about the experience

  1. Learn how to get started with a resource starter kit

What challenges did you anticipate before the semester began in engaging online/remote learners?

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What is a Liquid Syllabus?

Watch this short video created by Michelle Pacansky-Brock

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Template for getting started:

  1. Getting Started with Google Sites

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More information on Humanizing Pre-Course Contact with a Liquid Syllabus

Lisa, Kim, Marie’s Liquid Syllabi


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